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after running the big Cathedral port.head test I didn't do the same thing for.the Rick port guys so I grabbed a set of.ls3 heads and we compared them to a ton.of different ported versions I even.threw in two bonus tests so let's get.going if you take a look at the big.cylinder head test I did on the.cathedral heads if you haven't looked at.that video check it out it's right here.but if you look at that video you'll.find I used a 408 stroker test motor and.the reason for that is I wanted to make.sure we had enough test motor to take.advantage of what the ported heads had.to offer and as important as that that.was on the Kathi's report heads it's.even more important on the wreck board.heads.so why you asked well if you take a look.at the flow rate of a factory ls3 head.it flows between 315 and 318 CFM that's.enough to support a lot of power a lot.more than any factory ls3 makes but in.our case on our test motor we were able.to make almost 700 horsepower with the.factory cylinder head that's right we.made 691 horsepower on our test motor.with a factory ls3 head and it just goes.to show you how much power there is.hiding in the factory head but it also.shows you how important it is to have a.test motor to take advantage of not only.what the factory head has to offer but.also what the aftermarket heads have to.offer I mean they flow even more than.the factory head so you need enough.motor so let this into perspective if we.run a set of 600 horsepower heads on a.500 horsepower motor that's already.enough head if we add this head of.cylinder heads that will support 700.horsepower on our 500 horsepower motor.it's not going to make much difference.because they already have enough.cylinder head so we put together a.combination that would take advantage of.what all these ported heads head off.into my opinion what they showed the.factory head works pretty good let's.check it out.in the introduction I covered a little.bit about why we wanted to have such a.powerful test motor to utilize the.cylinder heads so now let's go over the.test motor specifically this was a 468.inch stroker I started off with an ls6.aluminum block and then we had things.lead by dart so that we could run a.longer you know crankshaft the last.thing you want is the pistons coming out.of the bottom of the cylinder so if the.sleeves are stock lengths that can.become a problem so here I knew we're.going to run a lot of power with this.thing so we had darkman make some.sleeves for this and press them in you.know do all that stuff.so we have a sleeve block and we had a.four 185 bore and a four to fifty stroke.crank so it's a good combination we also.used it's a flat top piston so it turned.out to be around twelve and a quarter to.one so we had lots of compression.naturally ran a big camshaft I just kind.of went to the bottom of the page on the.comp cams catalog and we put in a.camshaft it's still a hydraulic roller.6:24 lift with a 1:7 rocker and that.would be a 661 left with a 1.8 rocker.which we would use on one of the sets of.masts heads I think that was a 624 lift.to 55 to 71 degree duration and 112.degrees low of separation angle so it's.a pretty healthy hydraulic roller cam.but you know it's a big motor now that.we also have a mile Adana oiling system.on twitch work really well and then.obviously we had the various cylinder.heads now for induction system I chose a.massed CNC ported split single plane.intake with a 4500 you know Dominator.flange on again we want to make sure we.had enough intake to feed all this but.stick around to the end and I can show.you what happens when we put a fast in.take on this compared to the single play.so how well does a fast intake which.obviously was never designed for a 468.stroker motor do compared to that big.single plane especially this much.camshaft and displacement stuff it's.pretty interesting on that single plane.intake I also ran a 1050 ultra Dominator.Holley carburetor naturally we dialed in.the air fuel and timing and all these.combinations to make sure that they ran.well we ran because this was 12 and 1/2.to 1 we ran this on a mixture of 91.octane and.under pump or pump gas and race gas.mixture so we're all worked out well so.to get things started we started off.with a factory set of ls3 heads.obviously all these things had valve.springs on to use with this particular.camshaft so cook with the factory ls3.heads this thing produced 691 horsepower.for 68 and 625 foot-pounds of torque.incidentally if you take a look at how.much power this thing makes with the.factory head this is exactly why we.chose such a big combination to test.these ls3 heads and why I didn't just.run a stock 6.2 liter so if we take a.look at this power output 691 horsepower.compare that to the airflow offered by a.factory set of ls3 heads we get 691.horsepower divided by 315 CFM that means.we're producing 2.19 horsepower per CFM.which as we know any time you're over 2.you start getting into a point where you.can probably get some good power gain so.let's take a look at our first set of.cylinder heads just have a cnc ported GM.performance parts heads and you can see.we picked the power output on the CNC.heads jumped up to 720 horsepower peak.torque was only up slightly to 629.foot-pounds of torque as you can see we.gained power from you know 40 300 or so.all the way up to 7,000 rpm which as.high as we ran this motor but it's.interesting to note and we'll see this.that you know if we go from 691 the 720.that's not a huge gain in power just.shows us that the factory heads because.they flow so well we're already working.pretty well and why it was probably a.good idea not to just try to test all of.this on a 6.2 liter factory ls3 let's.take a look at our next set of cylinder.heads next up on the list of ls3 heads.we ran through our 468 after running.those GM performance parts C and C heads.I want to find out how well they said.ported factory heads would do so we sent.a set over the guy's a total engine.airflow way.back in the day and they work out pretty.well here's what happens when we ported.a set of factory stock ones that's a.total engine airflow power output jump.from 691 this 719 peak torque was up to.631 it's a ton of 31 foot pounds so.again you know gains kind of through the.whole curve but it wasn't out until here.at 7000 rpm where we went from 682 to.720 so you know substantial gains out.there but you know not huge down low and.stuff this Factory I lost three hints.are really just tough to beat let's take.a look at our next so silver heads next.I report heads came from the guys over.westcote cylinder head we use those in.our Cathedral Point head tests and so we.talked to him again hey can you guys get.sassette over for our ls3 head test yeah.no problem man.we'll take care yeah let's take a look.and see this our factory ls3 head here.our West Coast cnc ported ls3 heads and.they did well picked up power everywhere.push the peak power up to seven hundred.and twenty six horsepower peak torque.was up to 630 horsepower 3630.foot-pounds so again these did will but.if you take a look I mean we're talking.about 691 to 726 I mean you know that's.a decent game or show in there but again.just goes to show how will the factory.heads do but I mean they flow it tell.them they already flow 315 CFM so ported.heads are working let's get to our next.set the next head heads came from the.guys at then Pro Comp and now they're.speed master so let's take a look at the.set that they offer I actually have two.sets one set from them directly supplied.by them I also have a set from dr. J.from Bryce over there dr. day when he.was doing that he used their as cast.piece and then did his own program on it.I'll show you both of those but we'll.get started with the one supplied by Pro.Comp.so they did pick up a little bit of.power not quite as much as the rest of.the guys they produce 717 horsepower.torque was almost identical at 625.foot-pounds but as you can see through.most of the Gerber's matter-of-fact down.low the factory heads are a little bit.better and then they picked up power.from about 5400 on up so these are the.heads supplied by the guys from speed.master now let's take a look at the set.that the guys from dr. J stood after.running the set directly from Pro Comp.or speed master let's take a look at the.set that the guys from dr. J's tuned.back when back with Bryce when he was in.business so look but quite a bit better.gains from this combination he obviously.spent some time making these things work.and cope with this ported version of.that pro cop head it's 730 horsepower.peak torque was up to 629 foot-pounds of.torque so we got good gains from you.know starting at about 43 or 4400 rpm as.with most of them the best gains of the.biggest difference between the ported.head the factory head we're out at 7000.rpm or we saw 682 versus 728 so we've.got some good differences out there but.obviously that fact that casting that.the Speed Minister has can work pretty.well you just got to apply yourself to.those guys from dr. J's did a good job.let's check out our next set of head.next set of heads came from the guys.over at Skagen D key performance center.I've been doing this a long time and.they they know how to make power they've.got a good set of heads and we tested.those and make sure to take a look at.the end stick stick around to the end of.the video I'm going to give you all of.the data on all of the hits just like I.did with the Cathedral port hit test we.give you all the specs on all the heads.we give you all the intake air flow data.all the exhaust flow data so you can.compare all of those directly to each.other so much easier format here is our.factory ls3 head and here's what.happened after we replace those with the.CNC ported hits from Scoggin biggie and.this was one of the first instances.that we ran into with this testing where.we picked up power basically everywhere.now I'd like to go back and look I want.to make sure that that this isn't a.function of temperature but I don't.think that it is we are pretty stringent.about the test procedure on this thing.it's just interesting that we got you.know power gains everywhere throughout.the curve which is nice I mean the.Skagen dickey performs heads produced.722 horsepower peak torque was 635.foot-pounds of torque so they did really.well and even picked up a little bit of.power down here at the 3500 RPM range so.all in all a good combination I like.getting extra power at the top which is.fairly easy with Moorhead flow or more.camshaft but I like it even more when we.get power gains throughout the whole.curve let's take a look at our necks it.heads since we were running a cellar.grant test on an LS and this particular.one ls3 base stuff actually we contacted.the guys from a Lingenfelter performance.and they supply the set of cnc ported.ls3 heads their heads produced 714.horsepower torque checked in at 627.foot-pounds have just good gain here in.the 4500 rpm range then like the others.they picked up power through most of the.rest of the curve and the same down here.down low pretty typical of the ported.stuff those guys know how to make power.let's take a look at next set of.cylinder heads I also the heads we ran.on our ported ls3 head test came from.Mass this one should probably get the.most comments to let me know what you.guys think these heads were the large.bore ls3 heads because we saw we tested.the small bore versions on the cathedral.port head test so this is a large bore.mass ls3 heads and they had one.difference from the rest of them these.things utilized factory 1.8 liter LS.seven rocker so these things had more.lift than all the rest of them and they.definitely made more power so I want to.know what you guys think when you see.the power results.it was just a function of the.I did lift because we the lift jump from.624 to 661 with 1.8 rockers let's take a.look at our masthead see it was quite a.bit different than the others with the.mast said this thing produced 761.horsepower and peak torque checked in at.645 foot-pounds which is you know pretty.stout I mean pretty big gains started.picking up power even down as low as 40.100 or so but had big gains and you know.that's a big peak power number so let me.know what you guys think I mean I the.mast-heads I'll always work well we've.always made good power if you take a.look at the Cathedral port head test.those small bore LS three mastheads work.good these guys know how to make power.there they do it pretty well this head.worked good as a matter of fact it made.the most power of any of these heads but.how much of it do you think was from the.change in rocker ratio let me know what.you guys think so as promised is the.first of our bonus tests these aren't.just isn't they ls3 you know cylinder.head related thing but I wanted to find.out since we had this thing on the dyno.and we were using that big single plane.intake with a carburetor on it.we want to find out what happens if we.run this thing fuel-injected what.happens if we ran it 468 inch motor with.a really big cam and lots of compression.these big cylinder heads what if we put.like a fast intake manifold on the fast.ls3 intake manifold so let's take a look.we can compare the fast intake to the.big single plane massed intake and.obviously on this combination you would.think a single plane would definitely be.the way to go so it's big 4,500 you know.we're running this thing all the way out.to 7000 rpm on this mass when we didn't.run at that high but normally we did on.the other motors so here's what happened.when we ran this thing with a fast efi.intake manifold now not surprisingly the.big single plane made more peak power.it made 761 and with the fast intake we.made 731 so on the surface so use big.win for the single plane intake manifold.30 30 horsepower gain is quite a bit but.as you can see from 50.850 850 all the way down the fast intake.made more power so I don't know where.you'd want to be running your 12.25 to 1.468 inch stroker whether it be more.tuned for the top or the bottom but it's.an interesting comparison this and this.is all just run Erlich like we always.show if you take a look at the the.intake manifold test a big the giant ls3.intake manifold test I did both part 1.and part 2 the efi and the carbureted.stuff this is always the case if you run.a long run or intake on it just makes.more power down low through most of the.curve then the short run or single clean.stuff and this is even more prevalent.when you're not doing it on a 468 inch.motor when you're doing a normal.displacement like a 6.2 liter or even a.7 liter so down low here I mean we had a.change from 618 foot-pounds 578 to 618.foot-pounds so it's a big change in.torque production let me know you guys.think which way would you go would you.go with the single plane on this thing.or would you go with all the extra low.speed power of the long run or kind of.fast intake well let me know here is.bonus test number 2 there's got to be.questions out there guys wondering well.here are all the req port heads all the.ls3 ported stuff versus the factory one.but my question is on a big motor like.this a 468 inch motor does a cathedral.port head work I mean especially a big.one I knew if you take a look back at.the Cathedral board head test.I ran 245 air flow research heads on.which were probably oversized for that.application I mean it was on a 408 but.even on that that 245 be much better on.a much bigger bore and stuff so hey.let's throw those two 45s on this test.motor and find out how well really good.Cathedral port heads were so we did.exactly that let me know you guys think.what do you guys think before we put it.up there what's gonna happen are they.gonna work they're gonna be terrible are.they gonna be good.here's what happened when we ran the 245.heads now we ran the 245 heads also with.a fast intake just like these masked.heads with the fast intake so here's the.comparison well and I think maybe not.surprisingly the mastheads were the best.record heads that we tested so they did.very well.the 245 airflow research has did very.well.they made 711 horsepower and the.mastheads made 731 so I've got.difference of about 20 horsepower and as.we might expect the cathedral port heads.were better down low but down below.4,000 which is what typically what we.see on any kind of wreck Bursar's.Cathedral port head test that's usually.the case usually the Cathie's report.heads are better down there but it just.goes to show you that even you know we.made over 700 horsepower 711 horsepower.with the air flow research head so they.did well on the cathedral port side with.the with the fast intake manifold but.they weren't quite as good as the mast.ls3 heads with a fast intake manifold so.there's your comparison well let's get.to our before get to our conclusion.let's take a look at all the specs an.air flow data offer by all our cylinder.heads here are the specs for all the ls3.cylinder heads we tested.here's the intake air flow data for all.the ls3 cylinder heads we tested.here's the exhaust flow for all the ls3.cylinder heads to be tested.okay guys what do we learn from porting.all of these ls3 heads and testing on.our big stroker motor well here's what I.learned the factory ls3 head is really.good I mean we made almost 700.horsepower with the factory hit and it.tells me there's a lot of potential left.in that factory head and we need a lot.of testimony to take advantage of what.ported ls3 heads have to offer.in fact and I know I'm gonna make a lot.of wreck part guys mad here if I had a.6.2 liter ls3 or even a 6 liter ly6.and I had to upgrade the heads.personally I probably wouldn't because.it already has a good set of heads I.would just concentrate on the camshaft.but if I wanted to upgrade the heads I.would probably put a set of ported.Cathedral port heads and a fast intake.manifold on I did a test recently where.we upgraded the factory ly6 heads and.put trick flow to 25 CNC ported heads on.and a fast intake we picked up a ton of.power on that combination now we picked.up a ton of power down low and a ton of.power up top it basically was better.everywhere so on that smaller.displacement 6 liter or 6.2 liter I.definitely would go with probably.cathedra port heads if I upgraded it at.all now for me I probably wouldn't the.factory heads are already pretty good I.concentrated on the camshaft then add.boost armature hold there guys thanks.for watching make sure to LIKE share.subscribe.ring the bell I'll keep testing.

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