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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Completing Retailer Receiving Direct Shipments Summary Report Liq Wa Online

CocoSign facilitates your business by helping manage document workflow and optimizing business processes. Keen to know more about the Retailer Receiving Direct Shipments Summary Report Liq Wa ? Read on to find out how to sign and fill your form quickly and easly.

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The Definite Guide to Retailer Receiving Direct Shipments Summary Report Liq Wa

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Discover How to Fill Out the Retailer Receiving Direct Shipments Summary Report Liq Wa

[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].hello hello welcome on into another.episode of the whiskey Crusaders I'm.will I'm Sarah nomads today we are here.at ROG fine spirits and Kali they'll one.of our favorite liquor stores here in.the DFW area talking about how to pick a.liquor store you what to look for and.what's important to you and to build.your relationships and figure out where.to shop and find a store just like it.would hopefully come down here to Mirage.fine spirits and check them out.especially going to DFW and it's worth a.drive from other states we have so.people that do so I come around here and.check it out or come down to the.bastards ball I mean you're coming for.the north or south or west streets come.down comes up here as well we're here.with William and Henry that are the.owners and operators of Mirage and we're.here because they are our favorite.liquor stores so if you guys could tell.us a little bit about yourselves and you.know how you got into the business.my name is Henry McCain I'm the owner.and the founder of the store.I started in wine business since 1995.then when the city of Solomon went what.I took the decision to change and put.liquor in the store took my restaurant.and my car wash down and put the liquor.store experience-wise yeah I didn't have.any experience at all but I thought this.is a good chance to know more people.know different ideas and instead of just.liking liquor maybe I know how to meet.other people that they like it too and.provide them was what the they were in.nineteen I'm in 2013 we opened the store.two days before Christmas.was I mean it is like filming opening.two days before yeah yeah yeah maybe an.early Christmas time yeah for sure so we.get my kids my two girls came over here.and scan the whole store put it on there.on the cash register and they said we.will open before Christmas I wasn't I.wasn't sure about yeah and for sure we.open and we start opening the door and.stuff customers coming to William we.were working together but on on the gas.station side then when we open over here.he moved over here with me none of us.were having any experience about liquor.and all the brands and all the stuff and.we start tasting each other do you know.the difference between bourbon and.scotch and well what about bourbon and.whiskey.what about tequila how do you make.Brendan how do you make this every day.we every one of us will taste the other.and we start getting the experience one.by one talking to customers to help the.law talking to Silman help the law and.suppliers stuff like it's zoom rare that.liquor stores will actually even do that.no Suhani going they don't know anything.like going to Walmart anything about.paying the store to like I don't know is.it brown it's right section.I mean I'm somebody that puts in the.time to learn what you're selling.exactly exactly so we tried to educate.our self about what we are sitting and.to be honest with you was our.geographical spot NICUs to one of 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Oh.William we tried this and it's very good.if you can add it to your selection will.be great and this is how we built this.selection and this is maybe why we are.one of the few stores in the area having.this big variety of bourbon of this.culture we do get out serve and we love.deserve field which you are working in.and we loved our customers we and we are.trying to do our best every day to.provide them the metal surface with.better prices what is it you do we.distance ourselves from competition yes.we try to find how we can do that we.found that most of the big stores they.are lacking customer service mm-hmm.victimized more on customer service.we found the big stores they don't.deliver we said okay we can deliver the.stuff to 6 mile radius and this is a.little bit distant ourselves.yeah I mean right up front you see the.giant we deliver we do that and he's got.a draw people in yeah one nice niche.also we did and one of the events back.in 2015 we host an event about customer.requests actually.customer came and stopped by William.last year we stopped by ABC whatever the.store and they do engraving event and I.want to through a lot of cases to be.engraved for my business he want to give.away for his customers a bottle of.liquor engraved with his.three things for Christmas do you have.something similar to oh yeah we can try.I tried to get the lady to do the.engraving was the supplier and it was.supplied and we did the event it was.very successful but I didn't stop at.this point and I looked for to have my.own engraving machine and what I said.was all year long so whenever you want.to provide your friend very customized.personalized gift we offer and get.something for me right from bottles.right down to glasses which are not.exactly yes.what we are trying to engrave in once of.different materials we can do blouse.metal acrylic plastic good so what you.need to be different than yes and that's.one of uses yeah oh yeah yeah well my.favorite things you guys do is that you.have so many different tastings that.come through here yeah you guys try to.get bottles from the reps to be able to.do was this is the one who's always.which I've found it is the easy way to.convince the customer as a quality by.applying something called to try before.you buy.mmm-hmm so you want to spend a decent.amount of money so why you didn't try it.before you buy it a lot of people are.deterred when they don't know what it.tastes like and I tried it before and.taking just a word of somebody else and.to be honest with you this is gives us a.little bit our niche by having some.customer Oh William we hear that you.have some samples can you try and.whenever they tried actually compared to.some other stuff side-by-side oh they.have the full understanding of what they.are choosing and why you easily choose.it what I found actually is respect to.your customer knowledge talent and.mentality.don't try anything for them just this is.what I hate.we are not sellers we are service.providers let me understand your taste.profile I will recommend to you.something comparable to your taste your.life because it will not benefit me if I.advise you or something exactly I am.looking for you to come back yes right.this you've already touched on a lot of.it but what do you wish more people knew.about in stores like yours.digging was.local business oops the city or living.here too oh yes and giving a chance to.the small people you will never know we.have one-on-one service we know.customers by name we know about their.families and stuff like that you ask.them what happened with your son what.happened use your daughter stuff like.that they would never see in big stores.actually yeah we having customers stuff.before they come in whenever they came.yeah yeah easy in easy out I mean you.don't have to park and you walk 200 feet.to get into the store and stand in line.to get your stuff so we take the stuff.to the course and we help them out with.it and stuff like which is 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business as.well it's it's not a giant store where.people are all spread out if you're.standing back staring at the whiskey and.somebody else is standing back there.with you it's it's easier to start a.conversation.and it's fun to sit there and talk about.what bottles they've had or what you.would recommend for them or vice versa.and kind of get that from you know the.small side of the store as opposed to.your big box where you know people are.just going and grabbing and getting out.and there's money you know people spend.more time I think it's perusing over.what you got in a smaller things.actually what I found.they love the discussion oh yeah I get.you yeah I'm always hoping to have a.discussion with somebody you know.standing there staring at the Bourbons.but you know what do you recommend what.do you like exactly oh also when when we.bring something new over here or.something new to the the market we.always have an open bottle or customer.cookies.what is your driving force of what to.bring on next what what to have next.what do you feel like they've done mark.edge and do you look at magazines you.based on market data where the mouse is.just your tastes on it is it that is a.combination from a lot of stuff yeah the.data surveys and stuff like that for.what's number one number two and stuff.like that and we have a lot a wealth of.information on the Internet.second is the customer third it is our.own personal taste and even when the.customer comes for a something new we.know every customer not everyone but.most of them taste profile and say that.will take you coming and try this one.what do you think so this is how we pick.up our stuff and most of it is customer.recommendations and if it passes on our.tasting and other customers know it and.liked it we'll bring it and sometimes.we'll bring some stuff that it made.steak yeah you take the chance yeah.sometimes you have to yeah yes.last one I got for you is including all.alcohol not just kind of limited to 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from.differently yeah and every pick of a.revolt from they've all been excellent.that's what I meant to throw a fifth one.oh yeah so this year we get lucky to.have five store backs all discount 1792.gurus and finish them in combatants and.Elijah take think about it and second.molar actually second molar so.thankfully that the good fix customers.like it yeah and actually as you.mentioned here for the question of what.is the trend would be from whatever I'm.seeing especially with bourbon customers.they are trying to avoid the hassle of.fundings rare to find the stuff so.and I hear that from more than one.customer well you know what we are now.intended to hunt for the goods topics.more than rail bottles and there's a.story known by the god Bix I believe.this is something good for that customer.and would be advantage for the store to.enrich that customer it well what's even.more fun is when you find a store that.does good scorp it is exactly once you.find a sword that you trust their palate.this now you know when they have a store.pick your boy yes this is not thing to.focus on yes would you talk about.allocator bottles being a what people.call them on the pop store it was a big.box store do you have a better chance or.get more of an allocation than say a big.box store no no no as quantity wise but.actually here we are trying to believe.everybody as much as we do it is hard.but we are going to do our business we.treat our customer in this kind of stuff.in three different ways and actually.this is back maybe three or four years.ago we started this kind of idea first.part we do is lottery for bottom's a.good stuff and a lottery for every.customer and the rotary system was us.works like for every 25 who's been in.the store you get a raffle ticket and.you have to attend to their effort to.win winning is to win the right to buy.for the fair market price for me I see.here as saying thank you for your.support to my business I'm offering.views this good butter for the fair.marketplace I love a fair market price I.mean yes and you guys really do practice.what you preach about so we are greatly.yeah thank you enough for that.actually this is obligation on us to.arts our customers to horizons right.surface with the right prices even for.the highly educated and just my word to.my customer may takes me a while to get.it.but I would get it but if I get it I.would give it for as a fair market price.I don't like you to be extra you will.drink it my friend don't worry but be.vision that was me and it would have.I've actually been on the receiving end.of that good sometimes months and months.ago when I was in and I said Joe you got.new well or twelve yes and I said not.right now but you know what a couple.months later you were at an event and.you said I got your bottle for you yes.just come on we are trying to keep in.mind our customer requests so sometimes.they undernutrition Oh William forget.about me let's not forget about you guys.next time.that's another good thing about about.finding a liquor store that is not a box.store and you make your your.relationships and build your.relationships as opposed to going down.the street to your box store they're.gonna remember you and what you were.looking for it you know and asked hey do.you have any of this in the back they're.not gonna remember you and when they get.it next they're gonna throw it out on.the front and mark it up and whoever get.to get yes so another benefit of finding.a family-owned liquor store customers.customer service based liquor store is.is you know it's important and to me our.directives and even just what I believe.in is the Bauer.chemos going forward is one of the.biggest things you know on the outside.you wouldn't know it when you come in.here it's an amazing store and that this.selection you guys have anymore.I mean so many things on those on the.shelf that you won't find at your big.bottle one that had all this stuff to be.honest with you I shot this is a bigger.challenge and this is challenge on us is.big time to find a spot for the good.bottle every time yeah so yes we are a.little bit small in size but this make.us or both us on a challenge to maximize.the space as much as we can yeah and you.maximize the space yeah to make sure.your choice.[Music].[Applause].

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