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[Music].live from Studio B at the TWRA.headquarters in Nashville Tennessee wild.cast is on the air with your hosts Doug.and Jason all right hello everybody and.welcome to this edition of Tennessee.wild cast I'm Jason Harbor and right.next to me is mr. Doug marker man we.have mr. Don King in the house today yes.pretty cool music huh who's that on the.drums.that's ik that's a guy we well I met him.on the road Jason's our our star drummer.on this on this track as a matter of.fact yeah yeah we got together at the.studio and and laid these down actually.just about a week ago and got some sub.of session musicians stopped by and real.talent is rich guys yeah we we had a.good time with it and hopefully it'll.it'll showcase the wild cast ya hear.that accused hear that acoustic guitar I.do hear ya a little rhythm I reckon mr..Don King but yeah great too great to.have those folks jump in there and help.us with this track and I think y'all.will enjoy the new theme music some cool.licks in there it's something about TWA.there's always been for those don't know.nostalgia been long musical talent.around here.way back yeah of course Dawn's continued.it you and think whatever it did alive.he sure did Brandt and I'm we get along.yeah sounds really good sorry there you.go.put that on airplane mode speaking of.airplanes do you have a good time in.Denver yeah I just got back from Denver.so Denver social media conference out.there government social media groups met.some other wildlife agencies out there.other county and city government people.and learn a little bit about social.media and what we can do better on our.social media here in Tennessee so when.you go to Colorado now what do you bring.back as a gift for being gone that's.sort of a trick question.don't eat the brownies though learn.about social media and we missed y'all.but it's pretty quiet usually when all.y'all go out of town everything breaks.loose across state yeah it was it was.where the Gators in the way the Gators.gotten away a little bit alligators I.know all of y'all are loving alligators.out they were helping you with those.posts I just wanna let everybody know.weird was that there was that bump in.the road we were just joking with you.guys trying to make a little make light.of the subject but you know there are no.Gators in the East Tennessee right now.that we can confirm and they're not.trolling us you know the Florida Gators.is not sent there they're abandoned.Gators are here to troll us and.alligators coming next but he's a lot of.fun and we got a busy show for you today.Don could talk about some things coming.up and Jackson and me and the Commission.just said they didn't set the season.they heard proposals for the hunting.season coming up this year Don and it.was pretty long meeting the other day.and they'll meet again May 17-18.here in Nashville Tennessee yes right.right down the road from where we are.right here at Studio B and they will set.the season not for just one year but for.two years for two years for a while for.for hunting this this next if you don't.wear that out there folks that's why you.really need to comment when we ask you.because it's two years now yep hunting.and fishing the fishing won't be said.again until next time October or.whenever they're set but it'd be for two.years when we do and the good thing is.get used to the regulations for you know.that once they set them then we're good.for two years you don't have to really.worry about it for the following unless.some emergency comes up you know they.still have the option to not going.wooden every other lucky thing if we do.if we got CWD things with James right.that's just an example we'd have to go.in there and it'd have to be something.really dressed right okay so speaking of.drastic stuffs not a drastic but we want.to say hello to some new folks it's.drastic for what we're doing right W zyx.radio the Eco radio in Cowan Tennessee.we're gonna be on the Eagle radio this.Saturday at 6:05 this show and listen to.it a new partnership this show will be.airing right there on w IX 6:05 after.the news on 94.5 95.3 and 1440 a.m. okay.franklin county will have the folks down.there and they they're outdoorsmen.supreme that whole community is an.outdoors community and glad you're.listening to the Tennessee Wildlife.Resources agency's broadcast yeah yeah.we're excited about it and hoping some.other stations will jump on board soon.and won't be able to reach the whole.state.yeah wzy X is our flagship yeah the.flagship station love it Eagle he's.gonna fitting that it's Eagle radius.right the bald eagle or is it I'm.guessing Baldy okay alright okay.hey but you never know what you'll hear.they say you never know what you're.healing that here next they got a great.variety of music and then you can listen.in W ZYX radio dotnet as well I'll.listen to you listening to it I'll go in.there and you'll have it on it right.yeah really is yeah they're very.involved in the community and that's.what I miss about some of our radio here.in the night big city of Nashville.yeah I love that community stuff yep big.yeah they were able to recommend a great.place for us to have lunch after we.after we had our meeting with them a few.weeks ago so yeah you can tell they're.they're very involved in.you know the listeners appreciate it and.they they they love to hear from their.listeners too so if you're listening in.and you you like what you're hearing you.know let the let them know Jason said.when y'all went down there the first.time they said that's Don gets the force.TW yeah I was with stardom there's like.yeah voice it for us now I'm Don King.for your Tennessee Wildlife Resources.Agency reminding you to put the plug in.your boat before you launch it this.spring since about 1975 Wow so a long.time it's a long time yeah happy.birthday hey thank you I don't you think.you could do that again with a little.little music sure we got hi this is Don.King for your Tennessee Wildlife.Resources Agency reminding you to put.the plug in your boat before you launch.it this break makes for a lot less.embarrassment oh yeah visit Tijuana or.I'm gonna tell you some more oh I'm.gonna try not to embarrass myself.I haven't been fishing since October oh.man so tomorrow that's where I'm gonna.be I'm saying you know that okay all.right I didn't get invitation.I might be doing that a lot of your.let's talk about let's get back to the.meeting Don there is a whole lot of.stuff that went on this week and one of.the big recommended changes is the elk.I'm easy we'll get the help to is the.deer antler limit the length limit again.own antlers right so you know me explain.here you were carrying well I can just.kind of give you the 30,000 foot view.basically going back to what we had.before.several years ago am I correct incorrect.yes sir.we've had two years we went without it.was just above the hairline but the.traditional hunters that are made and.and way back way back and and I'm not.quite as me these birthdays is done but.I'm right behind you anyway as far back.as I can remember too easy for that yeah.in time to probably sitting here we're.gonna go back to what a lot of folks.would think is a traditional limit on.antler right and what was.many years ago is the the the the agency.and the Commission created a three sort.of a three inch give you an opportunity.to mess up three inches of angular right.and the three inches if you if you kill.anything or harvest anything that has.that much below three inches it was.always counted as an antlerless animal.right put it with your dose right more.or less that was changed two years ago.the Wildlife Division was trying to do.some things that would protect some of.the Bucks more and and it did some of.that but it didn't predict as many I.don't think as they they didn't protect.as many young bucks as I thought it.would and it didn't I also might have.put a little more pressure on the.dough's they're thinking and nothing.devastating of course but but there's.also survey with sports when they did.and sportsmen said we really like to go.back so they have recommended going back.to the three inches and there you go.there's the comment period you know we.always invite folks to chime in and let.us know what what you're thinking in so.that was that was time that the comment.period really you know I think carried.they listed some weight with our.Commissioner yeah and and we that's why.we asked and you just can't do.everything everybody wants done that's.right so many people wanting so many.different things and then in the end.you're still trying to look at the.resource but the resource is in good.shape in icing so we can do a little bit.of different stuff but it's not done yet.we got to iterate and reiterate that.this is a proposal right and it's still.two weeks away three weeks away for the.Commission meeting again inevitably.seventies the next thing correct and.they'll decide then and set it again for.two years but it looks like if the.proposals go is that goes it is we're.going to go back to three inches so you.kill something in under three inches it.goes toward your at understand amore you.still got your bugs right okay no.changes in the buck limit you know as.far as statewide goes it's gonna be two.again and then you'll have to look at.your W maybe one of the things we're.going to do Jason and I when we were.done with a show today is work on.posting some information about our.wildlife management areas there was a.long conversation on some changes on.some of your favorite WMAs out there and.we're going to post that today I think.we can easily make your make it easier.for you to find exactly where in that.clip to watch it and you can go back and.watch the meeting and and follow along.with the PowerPoint and the presentation.and hear all the comments and.10,000 foot view come on down you can.follow along it was an interesting.meeting and other stuff happened there's.talk also and some called manner and.means which can and can't do maybe.creating an air bow making it legal.certain situations during the gun season.the modern gun season and during the.archery season for people with.disabilities right accommodation for.those folks that couldn't use any other.yeah we've seen a lot of comments on.Facebook about that people want in those.air bows or in the no can I use an air.bow or an air gun or you know and if you.don't know is go look it up it's easy to.look up it's a pneumatic it's a it's a.pneumatic I don't somewhere between a.crossbow to fire yeah it's small boat.it's about a pneumatic you pull trigger.and I don't know for the pass or not.there was at the end of the meeting the.other day there was talk about there was.a talk about do they fall under.pittman-robertson rules did allow some.taxation on firearms and would it be.fair if they don't or do and so I don't.know how that's going to turn out yeah.apparently they don't at this point so.so I think there's some you know.hesitation on some some people's Park.because because of that and you know it.may seem like it it might seem like not.a big deal to some folks but when you.think about all the folks out there all.these manufacturers you create the guns.and archery equipment other and they're.paying their fair share to what goes to.spread across the country to help pay.for hanging opportunities and property.and all that kind of stuff it really.makes sense yeah that they're that.they're looking into that yeah sure does.so we'll see how that goes then also it.looks like there's going to be you're.not going to be able to use natural.urine own for an attractant deer deer.urine for attracted that's been proposed.because of CWD concerns right right and.that's just just you know the Commission.taking this thing really really.seriously and that's just another part.of it yeah right and speaking of CWD you.know it wasn't discussed the other day.at an earlier meeting this year Jason.you know we're talking yesterday the.Commission voted to make every state in.the country subject to Tennessee's until.our laws are bringing deer into your.entire transport laws to Tennessee right.it's not on the website yet I've had.several people ask me about.not being on the websites not there yet.because it's a rule that has to go.through the review process from the.Attorney General our state attorney.general and so once that's done then I.look for every state in the country to.have to whether they've had CWD or not.if you're going out to hunt mule deer.deer elk any of those animals out there.and you bring them back to Tennessee.you're going to follow the import.restrictions which means cleaning their.teeth cleaning their antlers coming back.debone clean skullcap everything cleaned.and all that's on our website you can go.to our website and there's videos out.there and all that stuff so might as.well be getting used to that because the.map that's out there now it's got yellow.for the states that have had city where.our yellow well this goes through every.state come to yellow so can we go back.to that urine thing I sure I wasn't at.the meeting I was at the conference this.past week but does that mean you can't.use like pink 69 or what what is that if.it's a natural and a natural around yeah.and it's a matter means I need to look.at a little bit more too and see if it.also I didn't study to see if it also.goes for any urine out there even even.the ones that are I guess artificial I.think it's he just doesn't include the.artificial yeah I think it's just the.nation just whatever is natural I don't.know what tanks is that's just what I've.heard of and I've used in the power yeah.if it's natural tanks is famous I mean.it's good and it's not going to be it.won't be allowed if they accept their.proposal yeah so this is all ifs all the.ups and come two weeks May 17th.that's right so it's your chance also.they're taking comments right now dawn.right right so you can just you know let.us know via oh you guys have experts on.there let us know there's a comment you.can go out on our website and find at.least put out a press release in fact I.have it right in front of me on one of.these and and we'll give you the.information but it's only in our.newsroom at tea and wildlife org just go.down and look in our newsroom and you.can find exactly what the comment is so.I know a lot of folks like to comment on.Facebook too and and and we'll take.those and consider on but yeah that's.not that's not the official way official.way to submit your concerns or comments.so try to get to that press release and.it sends an email yeah and those those.official ones get get you know tabulated.in a spreadsheet and I mean the guys.really analyze those and take them to.heart so you have to look on our website.because I'm doing a lousy job and this.is it right here yeah just go on our.website T my life org and there's a TWA.dot so-and-so comment and we'll take.your comments yeah okay that's the way.to do it it's out there I promise.let's talk also and I'll keep looking.for that while we talk let's talk about.the raffle ticket yeah yep this year.instead of auctioning the one elk tag.traditionally what we've done in years.past is offer that up to a non-profit so.that they could help raise money with.that one tag and over the years we've.we've done basically an eBay auction to.attract folks to bid on that and the it.was suggested a year or so ago that.maybe a raffle might be a more.cost-effective way to raise more money.with this one tag that we're using for.this purpose I like how fair it's gonna.be yeah and so everybody has exactly the.same chance and it it's just $10 purr.purr purr try really I mean and you can.buy a feeling about a hundred a thousand.ten thousand you can buy hey I do have.to email that one but anyway that's it's.nothing you need to go Lee Wilmots.putting out a lot of good releases go to.our newsroom on our website didn't sell.that and and there are a couple of ways.to do that there are foundation of.course they've been the ones that have.have headed up the auction in years past.they're also they have also been awarded.they they submit an RFP and all the.official stuff and and they were awarded.the opportunity to market this this.raffle as well so and they're their.website is twr fnet you can go right to.their homepage and there's a button.right very very visible right on the.phone page you can click on it's just.elk tag ten dollars and you click.that and it'll take you there and if you.haven't bought your license yet there's.another opportunity through go outdoors.Tennessee so if you're if you're a.little late and buying your license for.this year you can make that a part of.your package when you when you purchase.your license so so either through the.app or online you can you can log in.there and you know just change that.number to however many of those chances.you want and that's what I like about.that there's so many opportunities I.mean you could buy 50 of these you buy.100 they you can buy one of these but.everybody's got the same pretty much the.same opportunity okay but we want to.make sure you understand - they're still.gonna be the same quota hunts - you.still you can apply for quota hunts.still apply okay yes what 11 or.something like that total but this one.is just it's a chance and and it is a.rival tag yeah correct right yeah yeah.Donnie speaking of that Jason just did.you already mention the different things.that's also involved in you know but but.that we can show a picture a rhino.package is a part of that and for for.our listeners we were showing a little.picture here you can see though those.images online if you're if you're.listening just to the audio portion of.this program but there's a and this is.new to me I'm not familiar with this.model gun tik ka how you say that okay.okay.it's right there if you're watching you.can see it but it's a t3-x like.stainless steel bolt action rifle and a.seven millimeter it gave me ten Matic.with it yeah and an oculus ProTeam HD.rifle scope so your chances are up to a.thousand dollar package right here if.you win this that's right get into hunt.you're getting this gun scope and and.then finish a Bass Pro they've partnered.with with our foundation to help sweeten.the deal on this package so yeah and so.anyway yeah it's a good thing it is a.good thing and you folks down at wz YX.again if first time you've heard it's t.in wildlife dot org the things that.we're talking about you can go see them.all on that or you know we can help you.link to some of these other side I found.a.she's easy to find it's Tennessee.Wildlife Resources Foundation and.informations out there and we're going.to try to make as much of this available.as possible on our on our website and.also keep up with our Facebook there's a.tremendous amount of information that.goes on which you can also link to from.our websites and that website that.Facebook is constantly turning with.information all the time we've got.twitter account also and Jason's got our.Instagram going good and so we're trying.to talk to y'all as much as possible all.across the state but including you folks.down there in Franklin yes we're talking.about I'll throw it up on the screen but.there's LR alright website and social.media platforms to connect with go ahead.and say I'm real quick Jason domine.rattling often wildlife so RT and.wildlife org is our website Facebook if.you want to find our handle there it's.at Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.twitter our handle is TN wildlife and.instagram is at TN Wildlife Resources.Agency so that's how you find us on.those different platforms I'm going back.to the meeting to a lot of discussion on.our wallet imaginaries that's what.Jackson are going to work on today after.the show is over and you'll see it this.weekend and on through the next week but.the WMA is our wildlife management areas.I mean if you can this right here is.pretty much it these are the changes.that have gone on or been recommended.and summer changes and some are.traditional but it's long but all the.guys that presented during the meeting.we call them our program manager they.did a great job telling things that are.going to be happening that they want.different to happen on their WMAs and I.know Cheatham WMA here in Middle.Tennessee they're working real hard to.get people to come back there was a kill.there was a die-off a few years back.about 10 years ago an eh D kill off of.the deer deer went away people went away.Nell deer about and people aren't back.and we're trying to get folks to.understand it's really good so they're.gonna propose to put it back in the.quota system and get it out people all.fired up and maybe create some trophy.style hunting on Cheatham WMA over on.president island I believe they're.reducing some number of.antlerless hunts to create more antlers.hunts if I understood that presentation.right yeah and but that's going to be in.their presidents Island you almost don't.have to talk about that people know it.it's over in West Tennessee and.everybody wants to go but only a few.dates it's not quite as hard as the elk.grapha but it's pretty close in some way.but it's a great place just about.in region 3 they're working real hard on.their WMAs and region 4.there was one of the hits in 3 or 4 UT.WMA when they they got all kinds of.stuff going on yeah over there I believe.that was region 3 just talking about.that that's Kirk miles and then John.Mike took care of region 4 and they got.some great ideas to to really make some.of their WMAs more more enjoyable for.everybody huh so that's what we want you.to come and see in these WMA is our.public land so if you don't have private.property you're like me you don't really.have any private land to go hunting.right these are great choices for you to.do and if you spend some time studying.the guide and what's going on you really.can find some wonderful opportunities.your scans yep so that's what we want.you to see out there did they hit on the.turkey study at all this last meeting I.know some folks probably think they can.they voice their concerns about the.turkeys and they did.Joyce Wade he came up and spent a few.minutes out of course you had her own a.couple weeks ago did a great job with.her Joey talked about it briefly there's.a there's a study going on in southern.Middle Tennessee to see what's going on.with some of the turkey numbers there.and I think folks might be confusing.that with we don't have turkey our.numbers are down across the state where.numbers don't show that we got a good.turkey population we got some issues in.southern Middle Tennessee that they're.working on only entering like the second.year of a six-year study right so.there's a long way to go on that but.overall the turkey population is good.numbers may be down this year right now.but you know wait to see before it's.over there's a lot of things too that.play into that I mean whether it's been.different like April was February this.year or something I don't know.so it's betting snow near yeah so it's.just different but overall it was good.and I think the good news for sportsmen.is there wasn't a recommendation to.change the bag limit during the spring.hunts and for statewide bearded Birds.and it didn't change so that tells me.the biologists think we're in pretty.good shape.the fall season changed a year or two.ago and went from a fairly liberal limit.in a lot of counties to one everywhere.that went either six and that's going to.stay the same this year if the.Commission that saw the proposal they're.being made it's hard for me to believe.that there's I mean there may be some.issues in parts of state but I'm seeing.more turkeys in Wilson County these days.than I have last year so I don't know if.they're out in the fields here when I'm.driving to work and I.or see him around - it's like only why.my work took a photograph going to do a.talk the other day and I was out in.Williamson County and saw some birds.doing their strut and stuff and just.stopped with a fill phone took a shot is.okay shot nothing fancy but it put it.out on Facebook and everybody's happy.yes it's all there was a strutting.turkey on a country road and people love.sitting never gets old does it doesn't.it doesn't of course if I'd been hunting.that bird I'd never seen it that's just.the way it goes anyway a lot of stuff.going on with the hunting season I want.to talk about fishing here in a minute.rifle we good with that yeah I think so.and we'll repeat it more and again I.want to leave people to our newsroom on.our Facebook it's easy to find on the.home page leave one my puts a lot of.great stuff out there and he's loaded.this up today and you can find all that.contact information about the rifle.ticket out there for the Elkhart I guess.just to wrap that up the finality will.be on the 13th.that'll be August 15th you'll be able to.to enter the raffle.let's see 15th and I guess it'll end at.midnight on the 15th central times just.make note of that and don't miss it and.and then the the selection will be made.via computer you know very fair deal and.then on the 24th that that lucky winner.will be announced at the August 24th.meeting of the Commission very good and.small game hunters your seasons got set.to I don't want leave a small game out.but there's pretty much the same as last.year and fur-bearing and all that stuff.and again this is for two years so when.you see a press release that you still.would have said 20 18-19 this one's.going to say 28 days 20 so remember that.and I hope this rifle works dawn I think.it's really like that everybody's got an.opportunity to get on this thing yeah.it's it's a different wrinkle and and.like you said you know everybody can.afford to to pitch you know put their.put the $10 in and in and be is have as.equal a chance as anybody else and you.may have said this while I was funneling.through notes trying to.find that darn email address copy we're.just gonna have to go on there to find.it.but this $10 the other money goes to a.nine it goes to a non-profit our.foundation is a nonprofit organization.that money will turn around be used.funding the benefits fortune yeah the.the foundation is is awesome they they.exist to assist our agency in the in our.endeavors and they do an awesome job of.controlling basically what what are.called restricted accounts and that all.the monies from this this effort will go.into a restricted account that's.dedicated to ELQ restoration so that so.that'll be used of you know to to.further the cause as far as I don't go.in Tennessee okay that'll be on our.Facebook this week to everything that.you just talked about we'll put it out.there also fishing it is fishing season.I've heard there's a lot of fish getting.pictures I'm gonna just prove that.theory but I'm here I hear that they're.being called all across the state we.have had some high water and you got to.deal with that and so be careful with.the hot water should become a known back.down now but a couple of things I've.note how free fishing day events are.already listed and not all of them.they're being added all the time but.again if you come to our website in T my.life dot org and you look under the.fishing menu at the top you'll find kids.events because these are designed for.kids free fishing days for everybody.these events are my primarily for kids.and you'll see where they're being held.East Tennessee West Tennessee Middle.Tennessee cover and plateau yes.everybody's going to have events and a.lot of opportunity out there a lot of.these places get stocked with catfish.and it just is a really fun day and the.the day itself is June 9th it is this.year but you know there's like Doug like.you said there's a lot of other events.that you know it might be a week ahead.of that right week after it but but.that's kind of prime time for for those.kind of fish and rodeos and it is there.there was one last weekend and one a.couple weeks ago and and you got to be.careful those because they're their.events their fishing events but they're.not necessarily free fishing right so.make sure you you have the licenses if.you need them you know depend.major your kid and whatever and then.there's some after free fishing day.uh-huh so we're just listing them in.there out there and don't forget our.tarp program yesterday Mike rambling.upstairs sent a photograph of a young.kid I won't put it out on Facebook if I.could permission yes shell cracker about.that long Wow if you can't see that the.hands are out there about two feet.that's so it was I think it was like 16.inches over for a shell cracker wow you.got a tarp is a-- is an angular.recognition permeate where you can.recognize the catch and stick it on your.wall and right now we've got it on the.homepage to tell you all about that.program it's a lot of fun and people are.really participating in it you can move.up in patches yeah basically it's a you.know you can like you said you can earn.your way and you submit photos right we.do and we'll put you on website yeah.yeah whether you're with your fish and.so anyway certificate and yeah it's a.it's a fun deal for kids it's if you're.a catch-and-release person it's a great.way to recognize your edge get a.certificate and let the fish go if.that's what you like to do May 24th a.bit also a big day May 23rd and 24th.we're gonna go west here a little bit.Don you're gonna be at the 2030 vent.honoring a good friend of ours he's not.looking with us anymore be as a.wonderful human right Shane Hall he was.so helpful so instrumental and he was.confined to a wheelchair for a big part.of his life and but he he didn't let.that stop him you know you know he was.he got recruited by one of our.Commission members as a matter of fact.during that time and and he he did some.great work while he was with us in in in.helping with folks that need.accommodation you know that are.wheelchair-bound that help get some.blondes yep fishing piers and especially.duck blinds and some fishing piers and.even in region 3 there's a some fly.fishing opportunity where a plateau.right over right over the river so but.but yes we're gonna we're gonna dedicate.a a boat ramp a launching area in his.honor.on the 23rd real foot like rep yeah over.a real fluent like wonderful place I.have been there in years they're going.to be at that one.I'm gonna be the next day with Jason and.you're gonna come over to our gonna go.on your West Tennessee tour go play some.music while you're there playing Tipton.he'll break out this new music for our.show Tiptonville.anyway next day be over at Paris all you.folks that are interested in Asian carp.Frank fish is going to be there Tim.Broadbent representing the agency we're.going to try to live life live stream to.Facebook that meeting so hopefully May.24th you I want to tune in ask questions.we'll try to take some of those if we.can and and relay them to to Tim and.Frank it's gonna be at the Enoch.building and in the fairgrounds in Henry.County and we know not everybody can go.to the mountain building ferret so we.want to try this Facebook stuff and get.y'all involved in it and let you see.other guy there's agent carp is a.serious serious issue for us we've had a.lot of serious issues the deer has CWD.and the fish have Asian carp morlin.disease and there's a lot going on with.it our agency's been involved with it.since gosh the early 2000s and and but.it's just kind of come to the front.forefront here more recently think some.folks are just now discovering yeah that.we're just now discovered it when we.discovered it a long time or something.like that and we want them to know that.we it's in our heads we're working hard.and get for it dawn to try to to curtail.it stop it slow it down we're not sure.that you're even reproducing and I we.just know that there there's a lot of.them coming out of Mississippi River.come out the bars and we hope they're.not reproducing they may be but there's.a lot of work there's a big bow hunting.tournament going on in in June and we'll.talk more about that in the future it's.been posted on our Facebook and don't.don't think that we're thinking bow.hunting is how we're going to stop the.Asian carp invasion bow hunting them is.a way to bring attention to the.situation right and get folks out there.to take some of them out of the water.teach some of them that even learned how.to clean them that they really taste.good if you fry them up there they're.excellent that's right and the thing I.hate most about it well I hate that.they're here but I wish they'd bid a.hook they're not hook biters so most of.you got a net them or shoot them because.they're filters they're there they.filter the water and that's a concern.they're taking out all that plankton.that are that are gang fish like to eat.when during the early part through their.life cycle so that's what we're trying.to do we're trying to bring attention to.it and this May 24th.they're going to talk about.Cartman Tim Broadbent he's know so much.about Kentucky Lake and Berkeley low.you'll be talking about just other stuff.yep that's going on over there so if you.want to nin May 24th the meeting starts.don't help me do it right now I think it.starts about 6 o'clock but we'll have.plenty of time to tell you exactly when.it starts yeah.and if you want to learn more about them.before the meeting TN wildlife tour we.say this all the time but TN wildlife.org on our homepage agent carp.management efforts it's right below the.turkey hunting info WMA Maps right there.so visit our homepage click on that and.you can get all the information thanks.to Lee it's right in front of me 6:30 in.the enoch building and that's 517 Royal.Oaks Drive in Paris again this is on our.website and right into our newsroom the.newsroom I'll slide up and show them.that well while we're there home page.and use rumors right there on the home.page and and you can see all news by.clicking the little blue button under.the news room or the top three stories.are there as well all right all right.so you folks down in Franklin County.we're having to talk to you a little bit.more well said you can't necessarily see.anything when you're listening to us.early in the morning but you can go out.and see our show in other spots too if.you physically want to watch it at some.point yep and we're glad y'all are.tuning yeah all right what else we got.we've talked to tell them a lot today.Tom what else you got your your older.and wiser you should know more oh man.you caught me Doug I got nothing right.now.well we've sort of talked it out Jason.you hang about getting great tips from.different we're gonna make our social.media a lot better for you.we're working hard on that and and.follow us on those channels because.that's where we're trying to get our.information out to you it's an easy way.for us to communicate and everybody's.also just talk to us guys we're trying.to work for you don't get mad at us.we're working hard to try to help make.Tennessee a good place to hunt and fish.and look at wildlife and I'm doing every.we get we work with all wonderful people.over here we've got.same goes in - make stuff better so.that's it.all right don't forget to listen to us.on w-with zyx and cow in tennessee love.the music thank you Jason thank you John.thank you very bad as always typical.dawn kings - our pleasure.all right everybody Todd thank you for.hanging out and we'll be back with.another live show next week we just.don't know what don't yet yep we'll see.you next week though yeah next Tennessee.Wow.all right y'all have a go thanks for.tuning in stay connected with TWRA by.visiting our website at T and Wildlife.dot org and follow us on Facebook.Twitter and Instagram.hey it's all about Tennessee Wildlife.it's what we do.Tennessee wild cast we'll be on the air.again next week we'll see you then.[Music].

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