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Zoning Board Of Adjustment Application Town Of Hooksett Hooksett Form: Personalize, Finish and save

[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].I'd like to call the meeting of August.14th to order the Zoning Board of.Adjustment is a quasi judicial board.created by the city of Ames the board's.purpose is decide on applications for.home occupation permits special use.permits exceptions and variances to the.zoning ordinance application for.conditional use permits in the.floodplain requests for reasonable.accommodation because of a handicap and.appeals of the decisions of the zoning.enforcement officer as a board of the.city we welcome all testimony we make.our decisions based on the facts and.evidence as allowed under city code and.presented an open meeting testimony.before the board must be given under.oath or affirmation if the proceedings.become lengthy we may ask that testimony.be focused on new facts or evidence not.already presented we ask that you come.to the microphone up here if you wish to.speak so that your testimony will be.audible and maybe record it before.speaking please complete an orange card.on the table by the door and hand it to.the recording secretary when you are.testifying please address your remarks.to the board we also ask that the.proceedings be orderly the Zoning Board.of Adjustment is an independent.volunteer board of citizens we are not.part of the city administration we are.served in our efforts by Jane Chang.assistant city attorney tonight Aloise.saul strim and Justin Moore City.Planning planners and Jackie Higgins.recordings.for Terry the first on the order of.proceedings for each application will be.as follows first an oral statement.summarizing the issues and procedural.steps will be presented by staff second.testimony and evidence will be presented.by the applicant third testimony may be.heard from any members of the audience.who wish to speak in support of or in.opposition to the appeal next the board.will be will give the applicant and the.city staff an opportunity to present.concluding summaries and arguments and.finally the board will discuss the.issues and evidence and come to a.decision okay so the first item on the.agenda agenda is approval of minutes.from the meeting of January 26 2019 are.there any Corrections I move to approve.the minutes of June 26 2019 okay do you.have a second so we have a motion to.approve the minutes and a second all in.favor say aye.all right all opposed same sign the next.item is a request for a special use.permit to allow the construction of a.memory care building at Northridge.village a senior living facility at 3301.staying drive.eloise aha there it is all right this.some agenda item will look familiar to.you because a few months back they came.before you for the approval of a.pavilion and garden the zoning for this.area is floating zone residential medium.and you could see that it has village.zoning to the south and residential low.density to the west the request tonight.is for approval of a memory care.facility so this is the campus to.Wes is the existing Northridge village.building that includes all facets of.senior living including assisted living.memory care and some independent.apartments on the east side over here is.an existing building that is independent.living apartments and what they're.proposing the per million you per you.supported last time was right in here.the garden and the pavilion so tonight.the item before you is for a proposed.memory care facility here that would.include 16 beds the addition of a memory.care facility.and the numbers of beds was approved.back in 2013 with this master plan so.you can see that on this side of the.site on the east side of the site it.said memory care our independent living.units and so they're moving along as.they had planned and so tonight we have.a memory care and here's a copy of a.close-up so in the facility with the.landscaping.this shows the facilities a one-story.facility the architecture is similar to.the architecture of the other buildings.on the campus creating a campus affect.the sidewalks tie into this sidewalk.network they're proposing landscaping in.accordance with the requirements of the.code I will make one comment that this.tree that's located here will be shifted.over just a bit it won't change the.number of trees or the number of shrubs.and grasses but that tree will be.shifted so that it doesn't conflict with.a light pole and so we we staff supports.this request for a special use permit.the reason it does have to come before.you is because of the RM zoning that.says this use always requires a special.use permit so every change to the plan.has had to come before you for approval.but we do support the the approval of.this plan and I'm happy to answer any.questions are there any questions for.staff I just have one is this the same.was there a condition on the garden.pavilion is this the same condition.that's recommended by staff it is the.same condition the reason being is that.the garden pavilion really wasn't going.to require a letter of occupancy and but.this building will so before they can.get their occupancy they will have to.show that the easements have been.recorded okay if there are no other.questions for staff now it's time for.the applicant to speak to their request.if you could give your name and address.hi I'm Jordan Anderson I'm a seed.development we are the managing partner.of CCRC of ames doing business as.Northrop village okay hold on I have to.swear you in one second do you swear to.tell the truth I do great thank you.my address is tu-114 West Sheridan.Street Olathe Kansas so although you did.a pretty good job kind of summarizing.what we're doing just to give you a.little bit better idea about the project.and what what we're hoping to get out of.it we have an independent living.assisted living in skilled nursing.campus currently we don't actually have.any memory care on our campus and.because of that when individuals happen.to get Alzheimer's we're needing to send.them somewhere else we'd like to be able.to keep those residents on the same.campus and not have to turn them away.also we've done a lot of research on.memory care because this has been an.issue for projects that we have all the.way across the Midwest.and we really wanted to do it right and.we've come to realize that these small.buildings they look as much like a house.as possible really is a calming effect.for individuals with Alzheimer's and is.really effective in keeping them in a in.a pretty happy state despite their.mental issues well our disease.that'll be staffed with four to one for.staff or for residents per one staff and.primarily those will be universal.workers.that'll be overseen by an RN that way.when I say Universal that means that.these folks will cook clean they'll.really be a part of the family that.these people are in in a in a house like.situation so it feels like they're at.home so that's what we're really trying.to create here I really appreciate you.guys giving me the chance to talk if you.have any questions I'm more than willing.to help answer also we have Mickey Neil.here shows you all the engineering.questions okay are there any questions.the applicant okay.we're good thank you other members of.the public wishing to speak on this case.okay.so I'll close the public hearing then.board any additional questions for the.staff or applicant okay and any.discussion if not entertain a motion I.move to approve the request for special.use permit to allow construction on a.memory care facility within Northridge.village continuum of care campus in the.fs arms own industry 3301 stain road in.the following condition all these means.for public utilities on-site will be.recorded prior to the CD issuance of a.certificate of occupancy okay it's a.motion by Perkins second by Bowers um.any discussion okay roll call vote aye.the motion is approved any person.desiring to appeal this decision to a.court of record may do so within 30 days.of the.of this decision okay um the next item.on the agenda is a request for an.exception to required parking lot.dimensions for a drive aisle width at.120 Lin Avenue Justin thank you the.request for this Drive aisle with.exception is being brought by Delta.Omicron House corporation 120 Lin Avenue.is the address and the zoning in this.area is high density residential it is.also in the university east impact.overlay district the site is a 0.61 acre.site which the owners are in the process.of seeking site plan approval on the.site will also require the project also.require a demolition permit once the.site plan is at an approvable state.which will be considered by the City.Council prior to final approval of the.demo permit the proposed development is.a three storey 66 bed sorority house.there's parking located on the rear the.east and also to the south along the.side of the sorority house with the.drive aisle in question running along.the south side of the house from Lin.Avenue there which is out front so the.requested exception is for reduction in.the required drive aisle with from 24.feet to 22 feet and this is in order to.accommodate the developer's desire for.the proposed house as well as to meet.the required zoning setbacks landscape.planter beds and minimum required.parking stall depth the parking stalls.that are proposed are a seventeen and a.half foot deep stall.they abut a 7-foot wide landscape.planter along the south side there as.you can see the 7-foot depth is the.minimum required to have healthy.vegetation healthy trees there is then.as you see that proposed 22 foot wide.east to west drive aisle they're running.along the south side which runs all the.way over to the east not to the property.line quite but in line with the backside.of the trash screening area the I'll.just run through here real quick our.analysis and our analysis is based on.the ability to adequately maneuver.trucks vans and full-size passenger.vehicles I should add that the fire.department has deemed that the drive.aisle is wide enough to accommodate a.fire truck and also to accommodate the.turnaround of that truck here at the.back so the fire truck will come in one.way will turn and then it'll do a.three-point turn and that has been found.to be adequate by the fire department.the proposed drive aisle width is in our.view adequate to the maneuvering of most.trucks full-sized vehicles.this is not a site that will have.day-to-day public access like commercial.or even busy industrial sites well it's.residential primarily designed for the.sorority members who live here there.will be the occasional delivery truck.garbage truck however we don't.anticipate a traffic level like that of.standard commercial retail site or a.larger busier site where you have a lot.of come.and going day and night or every day.with that in mind I can entertain any.questions our recommendation as staff is.as you see there for alternative number.one which is to can be found to be in.support of the request for the exception.any questions for staff nope.can I just ask what the layout of the.site is currently what the house is.there an aerial imager why don't the way.to drive at Mile now yep so currently.this probably isn't a great one it's.kind of faded but I'll try to zoom in.here best I can so there's the house.currently where you see the label right.above it so the house there currently.does have the drive aisle on the south.side still however it's angled parking.that faces the building with a larger.new driveway there in the front okay do.you know the width of the drive aisle it.doesn't come to mind.okay right at the mall that's okay I was.just curious so alright now it's time.for the applicant to speak to their.request thank you for providing this.opportunity.um one thing when we're looking at an.old sorority or old fraternity is where.you in first.I'm sorry so who's your name and address.first so Mike Bell live in Des Moines.Iowa okay and what's your address 701.53rd Street okay and do you swear to.tell the truth I swear to tell the truth.thank you okay so when we take a look at.the old the existing site plan I would.contend that the parking width the drive.aisle the parking in front of the house.none of those are conforming right now.at all and so the only thing that can't.move is the property limit we even.looked at possibly doing that and we.something that just we couldn't do so we.wanted to conform as much as we possibly.can.there's a need to meet a certain number.of beds in order to pursue those beds.because it's financially viable to keep.that number of beds so that they can.make the numbers work we needed to have.so many parking stalls and then we.started working our way from both the.north side and the south side and we got.to a point where we gave up a little bit.on the threshold to walk into the house.but we couldn't give up anymore because.there just wouldn't be enough room to to.clear the door and so that's what got us.to this 22 foot width rather than the 24.foot width.other than that I believe that.everything's pretty much straight.forward it's a nice sight plan nice.building plan and I think that it will.add not only to the neighborhood but.it'll add significantly to the.experience that those women will spend.during their four or five years at.college okay questions no should we take.up I think was probably to you break him.so he can get back okay um let's take a.5-minute.that's apologize.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].back into session and are there any.questions for the applicant no okay.thank you um now it's time for any.members of the public who wish to speak.on this issue okay and seeing no one.moving to the podium I will close the.public hearing.board dweet you have any additional.questions for staff or the applicant.okay I'll entertain a motion is request.for an exception of the zoning ordinance.to allow for less drive aisle with.require the second second so that's a.motion by Bowers the second by Perkins.just for discussion purposes I will add.that you appreciate knowing that there's.non-conforming issues at the property.currently and that the applicant also.looked into adjusting the property lines.as an option.so with that I'll have a roll call vote.aye aye motion is approved any person.desiring to appeal this decision to a.court of record may do so within 30 days.after the filing of this decision and.that is the last case on our agenda so a.motion to adjourn.I'm neutral I'll second that's okay.all in favor say aye hi meeting is.adjourned.[Music].[Music].[Music].

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