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Form 943 2017 : Draft, Finish and forward

[Music].thank you for connecting in to our.webinar on the quarter in your table.process that relays most of you have.already gone through the quarter closing.that we'll review briefly in our process.today the first thing that we're going.to do is we're going to review some prep.work that you can start doing now if you.haven't already to make the Aryan.closing process a little bit easier so.I'll go ahead and run through a few of.these items.if you haven't already you'll want to.make sure you order your w-2 and 1099.five in our webinar today.but there is a complete training video.of that process in the human resource.management section so you can view those.videos and the PDF documentation for.that.the w2 ordering information if you go to.our support training you can go to the.support blog.and then if you just scroll down a.little bit you'll get to the w2 ordering.information.and that has all the form numbers that.are supported for w-2.never know how many w2's do I need.you can go in on your.Tirol menu under year in tax reporting.and then count employees with w-2 wages.and you would select the employee file.since we haven't closed out yet and put.in your year actually you don't even.need to do the year if you're doing the.employee file and that will give you the.total number of employees that have.year-to-date.wages now you always want to add in some.extra for reprinting or if you're going.to have more employees that are going to.be hired the next couple weeks factor.those into the number of w-2s that you.order.now we'll mention on page five it just.mentions a year-end update file that.will be updated with changes and new.documentation for the year-end process.so as that's updated you'll see that pop.up throughout the program some people.have been asking about that sometimes.when you open a window you'll get the.help screen pop up immediately that is.because there's changes or program.enhancements involved in that particular.window that we'd like you to review but.you can also go right on your help menu.to year-end help and that will give you.links to the latest changes and then.help on specific form.now the next thing that you can use to.start prepping for the year-end is.reviewing your employee information.what we have started doing is when you.archive your quarters in your year-end.you will receive a report that will tell.you if you have any problems with.employees social security numbers any.figures or characters and their need or.mailing address that's not allowed in.the electronic files or if there's any.missing pieces of information but yeah.you can review this ahead of time by.running the Employee List.so the employee list is available on the.payroll menu employee list and then you.can run the abbreviated detail list.and select your order and then we would.wanted to just view employees that have.year-to-date wages.a first we want to see who doesn't have.complete or valid social security.numbers you can select the invalid.social security numbers and preview that.and then if those employees are working.you can see the check date current check.day last check they received then you.can try and gather and get that.information corrected before you get to.doing w-2.now sometimes you also have the issue.where you have an employee in the system.and they have a duplicate account maybe.their social security number was.transposed or they didn't have a social.when they came back with a social and.new employee account got entered instead.of the original account being edited so.sometimes you may want to be looking for.duplicate employees.so something that's helpful to sort your.employees by first name or by mailing.address or by phone number to locate.duplicate employees a little bit easier.so the best way to do that is to use the.custom option and export the employees.to excel and then use the sorting.features in Excel to look for duplicates.so the way you do that is when you put.custom it will open up this customize.button.and then you can put in a title the.employee exported probably have done.this before so I'm missing number two.and then you click on the columns button.and select what columns you want.exported.so maybe I want to go ahead and include.the first name and middle names as a.column and the last name.you.or maybe I want to do their phone or.their i-9 number.and so then when I hit okay I can come.down and select where I want to save the.file so I'm just going to go ahead and.put it in my document.and then when you preview your excel.file will be created.you.so now I can hit the control 18 or you.can highlight your columns and then you.go to data and then sort.if we want to say let's sort on the.first name now I can go to their first.name fields you know this guy here an.extra space in there that he shouldn't.have I may want to fix that and then I.may want to look for employees with the.same name and maybe the same last name.then look to the Social Security numbers.and see if one is blank or if one is.transposed if those employees are.actually the same account and in just a.moment on the show you how to merge them.so there's a question that came in how.do I fix 900 looks like the social.security number.you may have to check with the IRS and.see if that's a valid number they used.to not allow Social Security numbers to.start with a nine.I'm not sure if they have changed that.is it on here.so numbers with all zeroes as Wikipedia.somebody just might not be right but.just briefly we didn't want to search.the IRS website for that numbers never.have all zeros in any group numbers with.666 or 900 to 999.in the first digit group so if they're.starting with 900 that is probably not a.valid social security number.so you can let the employees know and.see if you can get a corrected number.if you do not get a corrected number the.program will not print the social.security number on the w-2 that's one a.very common support call in January is.customers calling and asking why there.is no social security number on a w-2.the Social Security has said in their.instructions if it's not a valid number.so got zeros in there or if it starts.with nine hundred then we will not print.that social security number.so now you may have located some.employees may be that you need to merge.account and combine them together for.the w-2.and another question just about that.social security number issue no you.would still Adriana go ahead and view.your filing it will in the electronic.filing it will just not include any.social security number so the employees.you know may have issues you know they.you know should have a valid number you.know they're not going to have those.wages recorded the only thing that.happens is if you get too many in a very.high percentage I think it's I don't.know exactly the number but I think it.used to be something like I feel 75.percent of your social security numbers.were bad then the IRS would get to get.on you about getting those audited but.they will accept files with them blank.we just you know want to have as much.correct information as possible when you.do file and the other thing about that.is to is if you know now that's not.right if it wasn't mistake on the.employee's behalf if it's corrected.before you file then you don't have to.do an amendment and so that's why the.idea of doing this prep work now trying.to get as much information corrected now.it's helpful because if employee comes.back in March and certain my Social.Security wasn't right then you're also.supposed to file an amendment you know.of the w-2 with the IRS so correcting it.beforehand so they do that hassle of.having to do amendment.any other questions on just the social.security number issue or exporting to.excel.on page nine of the PDF it just mentions.one of the other tools in Excel is.highlighting duplicate values and that's.on the home button.under conditional formatting there's a.highlight cells rule and you can sort.duplicate values.it will put in red those that are.exactly the same that may not help you.so much on the names but sometimes you.have customers do that on the mailing.address or the i-9 this season maybe.those they can identify duplicates that.way.okay so now on page 10.we have the instruction on moving.payroll checks.there was just a note that somebody.mentioned that there's a social security.number that starts with 900 for DHS news.but it's not a valid social security.number if it's on a social security card.so I'm not quite familiar with that but.so there could be some some caveats to.that circumstance you might check with.the Social Security Administration if.there's any questions on those 900 to.999 social security numbers.okay so the new payroll checks option.is located on your payroll menu under.cheque.and then move checks to new employee.usually if you're doing this for a.year-end purposes you're going to use.the move by date option the move one.check is if you'd issued a check and.just that one single check and different.employee took that check and cash they.like if they had very similar names they.got mixed up.but the Mumbai date allows you to select.an employee.put in your dates for the year.and then select the employee that you.are moving it to.so maybe one Garcia was really one.Martina and I want to move all of those.checks.so we can hit the move check button.now we just get a reminder that you have.your intern dates that include prior.quarters so if there are wages in those.prior quarters he's already filed you.need to DeMint amended return.we can go ahead and say yes.and it will new text as it finds during.that period.so then you would want to go ahead and.read.evaluate your quarters it's telling you.it's moves and totals for quarter to.2017 in California as well as quarters.three.so those quarters I would need to do an.amended state return in California.and there's a link to that in your PDF.document that takes you to the.adjustment instructions and then you can.get to the form to fill out the.information that's being corrected.actually that's the de 9z not the.adjustment right here.so this has you put in the totals.reported and what they should have been.which does it typically be this thing.because we're not changing the totals.we're just changing which employee has.those totals changing a social security.number.I always mentioned that it's easier to.do this online so yes I just I don't.have very DD login information with me.so if you want to log into the EDD.website you can go ahead and do those.adjustments online as well.any other questions on the new payroll.checks.if you have done that and you want to.delete an employee.you can call our support department with.assistance of just making sure all of.the archived records are deleted out of.the employee files that the checks were.moved off of and then as long as there's.no archived file records or current year.checks you'll be able to delete the.duplicate employees.okay so the next reminder is if you have.any fringe benefit.so people like some water fringe.benefits these can be a benefit to the.employee that they need to pay tax on so.for example if an employee has a company.vehicle.and they use that company vehicle for.personal usage they should pay tax on.their personal mileage.there could also be some things that the.company pays on behalf of the employees.that the employee needs to cover taxes.on so the fringe benefit doesn't pay the.employee anything it just records those.of taxable wages so that the correct.amount of taxes vikon Medicare.withholding are withheld.so what you would do is first check if.you're new to the system and you haven't.already set up a fringe benefit you.would check your wage height.we should already have a default in here.for fringe benefit.and this would be a memo wage meaning.that we're not adding anything as far as.paid wages we're just adding them into.the taxable.so we would go ahead and set on the.other income that it's a taxable French.benefit.so when you do the employees last check.and sometimes a lot of our customers.will put in like a year in bonus and do.this on that check because it's going to.do the taxes.you just go ahead and like cost ID here.we would add a line item with that.fringe benefit code and then the amount.that needs to be added into their.taxable wages.so their gross wages still paying a.thousand but their taxes the subject.wages is adding in that fringe of eleven.hundred into the amount that their tax.bond.now if there is anything else that needs.to be recorded let's say the employers.made contributions to the employees HSA.account depending on whether or not.those are tax usually the health savings.contributions aren't taxed but they need.to go in on the w-2 then you can also.put those on the cheque and then mark.the code that needs to be in box 12 with.an employer health coverage action not.the DVD that would be the W employer HSA.this can also be done to you we'll cover.in a little bit the editing of the w2.information for some of the custom codes.that go into box twelve.but if you do a wage type and you put.those on an employee chest and it'll.update that box at 12 automatically.so if you have any other special.circumstances and you should review the.w2 instructions and what these various.codes mean what types of plans to make.sure you're using the right code.so if you do a 401k for example on our.4k deduction if you use our standard one.if you have one set up you'll also want.to double check this box twelve code.so that will be our free.benefit let me go ahead and save.you.i'ma get into the w2's later then I'll.have that on there.now the.any other pre-tax deductions that you're.doing should already be set up with.their pre-tax wage type for your.cafeteria plans.so if you have a plaque or anything out.that's pre-tax those should already be.handled because those are creating your.pre-tax adjustments on every check but.that's one of the other things that we.have on our.checklist.is making sure that our pre-tax totals.match our deduction total and so this.can happen if you started taking out a.deduction and maybe didn't realize that.it should have been pre-tax.or is something got edited and.improperly and the line items did not.get adjusted to match the deduction.so in part of your prep work you can go.in to your employee earnings records.and run.you're a port for your year and include.totals by wage type.the only thing I'm kind of funny because.I was close I was reviewing the size.acts and the programmers I have some.employees with multiple deduction so.here you can see this Iowa John.she's got child support lost tools 401k.IRS garnishment so these are the totals.for his year-to-date so that 401k total.is a hundred and eight ninety-eight.well his total for his wage type is 83.85 so I know I have a problem but I.don't really see on here which check it.is you'd need to go back and review the.checks if you want to actually locate.what check caused the problem again it.may be that I had the deduction set up.before I put that code on the deduction.so deduction was taken out that wasn't.didn't create our pre-tax lines.so what you can do if you catch this.before your last check that's one of the.things I were doing our prep works here.is I can go ahead and take the.difference.you.so that is 25 13.and on his next check his last check of.the year.I can go ahead and make a correction.after I do here I have his salary so I.can go ahead and add an additional piece.work subtract out that 2513 that we're.going to back add back in with our 401k.code.so that we now have our year-to-date.imbalance.you.now if you want to go back and find the.actual check.go ahead and stop on.like that it's doing an audit on it's.not gonna let me fix it.you can go back to the employee file.and use the look up on the last check.number.to go through and review.an employee checked.one that has the problem maybe I brought.up a different employee and then you can.call the support department and we can.assist you through the Edit check header.to add those lines on to the actual.check that had the problem.the other way of doing manual.adjustments on your own is to use the.the fat payroll.this can be used for adjustments on 401k.but if you're adjusting a cafeteria plan.that has adjustments that would affect.fighter or Medicare then it's best to do.it through the check entry or through.the check header.so that we can adjust the employees.totals and if it's on the current.checking you're making an adjustment on.the current check and then they get the.difference of those taxes.you.we're just asking about the screen size.I can meet my the screen the program.larger but some of the windows that you.know they are kind of set in the size.some nice shirts you're viewing the.GoToMeeting in full screen and hit the.fullscreen button and then you know if.you have a decent size 1719 you know I.might get monitors 24 inches then it.should mirror my monitor exactly so.that's the best thing is if you can make.your GoToMeeting beyond full screen on.your screen.okay any any questions on items so far.okay so the next thing you are going to.have some additional payments for you.know your last few payroll but this.might be a good time to just review your.payments and see if there's any issues.so for example I was out of the.customers on Saturday.doing the same cut prep work for a year.in and on their 943 taxes which their.total liability was in you know 5.million dollar range well they were off.about fifty thousand so they're going to.go back and review see if they missed a.payment somewhere or just if it didn't.get recorded or you know what happened.and then make that extra payment up.before they prepare their 943 forms.so if you are using our system to track.your payment you can go on the payables.menu to inquiry and then go to checks.and then pull up the vendor that you use.to record your payments.and then you'll get your checklist now.something done you know your first.payment in January maybe for December or.you might have you know to go through.your first payment in 2018 you may need.to change your starting and ending dates.but you would start there to review your.total payments.then you can go on the quarterly tax.reporting menu.actually don't like the best one on the.reports menu the tax liability reports.and run this for the year.and this is going to give you each.payroll check date that was issued.throughout the year.the last page will have the total you.can see your totals on your 99 43 should.be 18,000 487 if I didn't pay all that I.can go back through each payment and see.what was missed or what didn't match up.and do an audit.on line make my payments and get.everything squared away before January.you.you.Karen I'm not sure what's happening.on your audio it should if you go to the.audio and go to the phone call just try.that number again or you could try.switching back to your computer audio.don't have control of that but I can.report it to the that GoToWebinar.application is.you still have any problems let me know.so that.reminder oh I didn't cut was an.identification so on page 12 has that.audit on your pre-tax wages checking.your totals on the earnings report and.then our tax liability report reviewing.our payment.there's just a question about the tax.liability report yes there is both state.and federal on there let me bring this.back up.the first four columns is unit if you.have 941 employees.so those are the regular 941 classified.employees the next section are your 943.the next column at UI is your 914.and then you have your state so you.would do the same thing run your vendor.checklist or inquiry on the state your.EDD payments or whatever state you're.and I know we're not better.not everybody's California.you'll run your state and then check.your totals here make sure you're up to.date with your state payment.now this report the Sui was never.changed to include the credit reduction.and we'll talk about the credit.reduction which may finally be going.away but for the 1940 which is the next.item in our book on page 14 is renewing.your 940 payments in California this.doesn't apply so much to Washington.Oregon Arizona other states where you.don't have the credit reduction.but in California where we have the.additional credit reduction you can go.on your quarterly tax reporting menu to.the quarterly state report.I'm sorry I'm going on autopilot here.next one down taxable wages by quarter.so when you run this for your Sui you.can run it totals only just to see your.totals for the year.it will give you your base rate 0.6% so.that was the 365 that was on our tax.liability report and then for 2017 the.credit reduction which basically means.we don't get as much credit for our.state unemployment because of the the.loans that California owes to the.federal government so these are the.additional taxes for each quarter so if.you haven't been paying this throughout.the year.you need to make this additional credit.reduction payment with your 1940 payment.in January.and so there's a question about that.what's going to happen with the credit.reduction next year.um I don't know yet so I was doing a lot.of research on this because California.was very close to paying off those loans.to the federal government and I found on.a particular tax news website which.again it's hard because this is not an.official website so we kind of are like.well this can change and we haven't.gotten anything from the Department of.Labor or the IRS but California had paid.off their loans and that could of.eliminated our credit reductions for.2017 but then they borrowed more money.so we ended up still having the credit.reduction for 2017.what this website said is they're.expected to pay that off again mid 2018.so 2018 may go back Allah may eliminate.the credit reduction.but we don't know and this is kind of a.situation that we've had the last few.years of you know trying to decide how.to handle this large additional tax we.don't know for sure if we're going to.have to pay it.I believe the max credit reduction maxes.out at 2.1 I don't think it goes up to.2.4 but it may go away all together.so we will try to find other sources of.information and get more information out.on our blog about this whether or not.you if you have been paying it.throughout the year whether or not you.want to continue to do that in 2018 and.you know how that affects you know labor.contractors and their commission rates.to growers.you.so the additional.Barbara is 2.1 for the additional for.2017.um so we.I don't know if the programmers had made.a final decision yet.if we're going to lead this in the tax.rate tables or not for 2018.and what we may do is leave it but again.put that note out there let every.customer know the situation decide.whether or not they want to continue.paying that or take the few sources that.we've gotten to expect that those will.finally be paid off in 2018.it seems.any other questions on the 9:40.okay the last item I am NOT going to get.into in too much detail in this session.because we don't have that many that do.multistate based on where they work.instead of the employees home state.but there's a few that do split between.Arizona and California.you can archive your year-end file and.review the California and Arizona totals.and make sure that nothing needs to be.new we always have that where a check.it's issued to California and they.realize it should have been Arizona and.so there is SDI and it shouldn't have.so review that now look those reports.over and you know if you can find it.it's much better to call our support for.assistance next week then the first week.of January.you.okay there was just a question about the.credit reduction that they had not been.paying them with their regular payments.is there way to how the program tell.them you know what that is going to.accumulate - and yes that's an option.we've had for several years in the.program set up.on the payroll tab this accrue credit.reduction tax with Sui setting as long.as this check mark it will accrue those.and put that include that in the.liability and then it will also show.that on the wage and tax summary.so the wage and tax summary is on the.payroll reports menu you could go ahead.and just go in and check that and run.this report to see your year-to-date.totals.now if you have a lot of payroll our.large labor contractors this report can.take a few minutes because it's.compiling year-to-date.information.but you can see here under the 940.section it has the year-to-date column.so the base is 365 our reduction is so.high three three times more than three.times that four times twelve seventy.eight forty so our 940 total is 1600.and again like I mentioned a customer I.was working with recently as well their.additional credit reduction that they.hadn't been paying throughout the year.with over three hundred thousand and so.that side the last few years we didn't.you know doing these webinars and trying.to tell cuz a lot better if you turn.that on and pay that throughout the year.then you know let it accumulate but.again for 2018 we have limited.information to know you know what what's.going to be the best course of action.any other questions on the 940 or any of.the prep work.oats you can type in if you have a.question but the one thing that I didn't.bring up was on the HR side.reviewing the health benefit records.the w-2s and box 12 you have to record.the cost of the health insurance what.the employer is paying out for the.health insurance it's not taxed it.doesn't affect the employee that's.designed to provide the employee that.information they see that benefit that.they're getting of what you're paying.for their health insurance.so this review was kind of recent some.emails out to HR customers about getting.ready for the year-end on 1095 so this.is already kind of within some of those.posts about prepping for 1095 you can go.into your benefit eligibility review.I don't have a lot of information here.in these files but you would select like.your January.and make sure everybody that's listed.here that has coverage and what's your.coverage matches who is actually covered.that's something we recommend doing.throughout the years actually to.coverage as I'm sorry so I'm not as.familiar with these windows.that these match who was actually.enrolled and check it against you if you.get an insurance bill itemized in each.employee go through and double-check.that and then also double check on the.setup.and then your medical plans.the cost so what the program does is it.takes the annual cost.and then figures out what the monthly is.and depending on how many months the.employees were covered it figures out.what amount needs to go on that w-2.and this is design you know especially.with the ad where an employee may come.and be enrolled for three months and.then be gone and not you know have any.more coverage to easily pull that amount.from the HR health insurance records to.get onto the W tube.so if there's any questions on some of.the HR sides you can email our HR.support email and that's just that HR.support at Datatech addcom.and we will get to in just a moment when.we get to the w2's there's a question.about what would they do if they don't.have the HR system so there will be a.place where you can manually put those.and that will get you.all ready you ready to get down into the.closing.most of you done the quarters already.I'll run through the quarter fairly.quickly.again we use on our payroll menu the.payroll tax reports Control Center.go ahead and put in our ears and our.quarter.and then we hit the preview on the wage.detail now the wage detail what that is.is every time we do payroll.the program updates these totals on the.employee file.then the payroll journal is the check.file.so this is going to read through the.check and it makes sure that those two.total match before we close out the.quarter.if they don't match its going to come up.with a prompt and say hey you need to.run a fix on the quarter and it will.read through the checks and update those.totals and then you can run the two.reports again to make sure they match.once we've done those those two totals.match we just hit our archives print.clear.as I mentioned earlier you're going to.get your report of the ones that have.invalid Social Security numbers or.issues with their name or mailing.addresses.and now we close the quarter.now you do that each of the reports are.previewed behind if this is new to you.and you haven't done this process as you.go through those each of the reports pop.up in a preview and then you can click.to the preview to go ahead and print out.your copy.now since this is our last quarter.before you do any of the form then you.can go ahead and click on the year-end.closing.it will have already filled in the.year-to-date.and then we just go ahead and hit.preview I've been playing with document.management so if I'm getting this error.about the document management don't.worry about that.and so now we have our totals from the.check file.and we do the same thing archived print.and clear I've run through this before.so I'm getting a notice that there's.already entries that have been archived.and then I'll go ahead and say yes to.overwrite them and again we get our.report of problems with the file.so now you are good to go that you can.do checks for 2018 we don't have the tax.race yet but as soon as we have the tax.rates you'll see those updates and.you'll be good to go to your payroll.when you're ready to do all of your.reports you just come back to the tax.reports control center and just plug in.your quarter in year again and then you.can use this as your home page for.running all of your reports.you.I'm just going to look at the questions.real quick there's a question about the.1095 a little off topic that yes you.have to send 1095 to all of the.employees.that were full-time you need to send to.all employees and there's a code on.there that indicates they declined.coverage and then shows that they were.not covered at any point by you.you.looking at the other question.you.there is another question about the 1095.forms if you go on our blog we have some.information on the preparing the 1095.and some of the different options there.we do have some blank paper options.so you can review those and if you have.any questions go ahead go to their our.HR support since we're not really.covering in the sesh session the the.1095 progress.okay so let's get back to our quarterly.and we'll run through the quarterly real.quick and then we'll do our year-end in.California and Arizona.some of our other states we print on the.specific form and some we do electronic.files.so in California we just go to the state.reports button.and everybody over 10 employees have to.do an electronic file and then next year.it's going to be all employers so you'll.select the generate electronic file.option.and then you will type in your previous.payments again you can run your.checklist for the e de.and then it'll verify your contact.information.and then it's going to create two files.the de 9 and the de 9 see.so the de 9c is the detail of each.employee and then the de nine is the.reconciliation of the total wages.unemployment tax disability and your.total taxes due.and again this is a quarterly report so.most of you have done this each quarter.if you've started up recently this is.your first quarter this is your paper.copy and then it saves the file.automatically in the directory where the.data is stored so the last page prints.out the location of the files.and the totals and number of employees.that you'll be prompted to enter when.you upload this file to the EDD so we're.not going to do the actual process of.uploading this to the EDD but if you.need if you haven't done that before and.you want to look at the process you can.go on the quarterly closing and report.and the state's website recently changed.a little bit so we re updated the video.when we did our last upload so you can.see the prompt throughout the website to.upload those two files.there's a question from Susie yes you.can do the four the fourth quarter you.can do the year-end immediately after.closing the quarter and do them at the.same time get your clothing done and.then when it's convenient after you've.gotten your first payroll done you can.come back and review all the reports and.go through the report.now those states that we do a blank.paper you'll have your state and then.you'll have the print heading data to.print the form or if you are doing an.electronic filing in Arizona Florida.Georgia Michigan North Carolina New.Mexico Oregon or Texas you'll use the.electronic filing button.and then it'll do the same thing and.default the location to your data folder.and then create the folder called mag.media this the year and the quarter.so when you go on whatever respective.website to do your upload you'll find.your data folder.Daniel C mag media that media's the old.term magnetic media was you know the old.Spartacus.and then you'll go to state and year and.then you'll have your quarterly folders.so for California when you go to upload.you'll upload the zipped file of the de.990.if you have 941 employees you'll click.on your 941 and then again select your.quarter and year and calculate totals.that will bring in the amount for.gesture 941 employees.and then in.Fox 13.you'll put in your penis.now you can see in part two we have our.liability and there's always a little.bit of a rounding difference here on our.liabilities so what we do is to to.adjust and that will adjust the last.month to make your liability match your.total taxes.if you don't see your liability updated.here you hit the update tax liability.button that will read in the tax.liability and then you hit adjust.then if you don't have any payroll that.particular time you can mark a seasonal.only if you closed you do the closed and.then if you are preparing this for.somebody else but you're the payroll.service then you would put in your third.party information that you are a.preparer and if you're a paid preparer.then you can put in a paid preparer info.and I don't know why I don't have my.form on here but my authority won't.download because of the network but.typically when it prompts you with that.it will download the current forms from.our servers.now if you were a monthly source in my.weekly then you change those in part two.if your semi week reason you would come.and click on the schedule B and print.the schedule D which let me go ahead to.change my year here so I can get show.you though it's get it in the right form.so this is your typical form the lines.have changed slightly I swear they're.not lining up and then your Schedule B.shows each check date and what your.liability.and so most of you are AG and you're.going to have most of this information.on your 9:43 so we will get to that in.just a minute.if you don't have any 943 employees all.you have to do or state and you're done.with the quarter.any questions on those we're going to.cover and it in just a few minutes on.reopening and the quarter in the year.and payments do not affect the schedule.D so that's fine if you don't put the.payments in our system you'll still get.your Schedule B this pulls from the.actual check file and based on the.checks that were issued.you know.you.okay so now if you have the material if.you're just looking at the PDF on screen.well if you have it printed out and.you're one of those that mentions your.you need to do your health insurance.manually and not from the HR.on the year-end closing tab.you'll hit your w-2 information buttons.now go ahead and enter through the year.and it will display all employees that.had wages that year.if you want to select by Department you.can change by Department.you can see that friend you benefit that.we did earlier are automatically plugged.that in that 401k that I had.automatically plugged in my 401k.and if we scroll over here we'll get to.the column for the employer health.coverage.so you say well I don't want to deal.with all these other columns how I make.this simple simply says simpler down.here in the lower left corner you can.click on the select columns.and then you can go ahead and take out.which items you don't need to view so.new if you don't have any pension you.can take the pension off you don't have.raw third-party sick pay.this keyless HRA is a new field.this is for a health insurance.reimbursement program where you let to.reimburse employees for their co-pays or.other health items we haven't had.anybody mention that directly to us but.it's in the new w2 instructions so we.added that in so if there is anything.that you do there is a new field on the.wage type.or that QSP HRA reimbursement plan so if.you have anything like that that would.be something also that you'd want to go.ahead and put a new wage code in and put.that as a line item on their last check.with all of the taxes and everything.unchecked so that we can bring that in.automatically for you onto their w2.so those few people that commented that.they just need to type in the employer.health coverage so you take whatever.your health insurance report are getting.year-to-date report and this column.would be what you paid out each I'm not.ear for the total for the year for their.health coverage.now if you have the HR program.what you will do is you will click on.the compile DB amount buttons.that will give you a report each.employee the months they were enrolled.so you can review your again your health.insurance record that's why you can do.this ahead of time to make sure that.everything's in before you go to do your.w-2 and then this will ask you to on.update to health coverage amount.so on that employee it's now filled in.the amount from the HR.if you have an HSA and you've made a.contribution you can also do your HSA or.any of the other special code that.need to be reflected on the w-2.so Amanda I hope it answers that from.the hrs compiled DB amounts will read in.the health coverage and update.that total okay anything else on the.'edit.how do you choose.um if you are using you pull this up.here I forget which is actually which.companies.you can make a note Amanda or anybody.else with HR on page 39 has the compiled.DD amount.on the import coverage button.you.we added this last year for you ADT and.Western Growers / pinnacle where instead.of going through and doing an audit we.had a few customers just wanted to.download an annual file and import that.in so that's what this import coverage.does.we just make a note like a caveat on.that you abt changed their file format.from the first year to the second year.we did this and so we had to do some.programming actually I was in the middle.of a sentence didn't finish that.sentence then so.um customers that made use this last.year just 15 down to a downlo just check.it against the fire last year if it's.different you need to let us know so.that we can make adjustments to the.program.so here it's automatically pulled in my.401k and the deferred compensation is.for any reason you need to run the.compile again there's changes organ for.the entry make some changes to the wage.code after archiving you can use the.compile.to go back through and re-run the.deferred comp totals.you.now this print report doesn't actually.print a report of this screen that's.another thing I'm checking with the.programmers on if you did something they.started and didn't do so this prints the.archive file but will let you know if.any updates to that.yeah there's a question from Debbie on.the import coverage yet you would have.your insurance company generate an.annual file if you use one of the two I.mentioned I can see if we can get the.format from the programmers of what we.had done last year what the file looks.like I don't have a sample of it but we.can probably at least get you the layout.that we had proved previously received.that would work with the import.yeah if you do use Western growers then.if you let them know that you know it's.a file to get the annual totals for the.w2's so how will we know what if which.file is.Lewton question about the questions.being asked that doesn't pop up on.everybody's screen it's just in a little.window that I have that pops up on my.screen so we can there is a way of.printing out the questions and I can do.it like a little frequently asked.questions to cut to write out the.responses to the questions that I kind.of conclude when I do the video and send.out the video link of the webinar.okay any other questions on just editing.the w2's and I'll get to printing and.the other forms in just a second.okay so.when you are ready to print the w2's I'm.just going to go there first since we're.already talking about w-2s and then I'll.come back to the other two forms you'll.hit the print W twos buttons.and then it is good yet reminder of.making sure you've done any editing on.the deferred compensation or clench.reimbursements what we just did in the.w2 information.now the biggest things are things I.don't know why it's the default but we.always get called to our support.department my w2 is aren't printing and.most the time it's because they're all.regular I mean they're all ad and not.regular so this was about that type of.employees if you're all regular switch.that over the regular.now we recommend if you haven't already.purchased forms.we recommend doing the three or four per.page.if you file electronically.and that means that just one employee is.on the page you would just fold it put.it in the envelope.you don't have to do any sorting.so the three is three horizontal the.four is.to across.ooh damn.and so the employee just receives that.poll page now if you're doing paper.firing and you do the two per page.they're different employees so you have.Jose hey Suz and then John Ayala and so.you have to print all your four or five.copies and then custom perforate them.tear them out of preparations and sort.them together copy ABC so one of the.solutions like if you go through a.company like advanced group that we.recommend you get your forms from they.can tell they can get you three or four.per page to give to the employee.and then you could you just the IRS.coffee and get just the red coffee that.you're sending to the IRS and do that.too per page so that's mentioned on our.blog where we have the w2 information I.close it out but on the the w2.information on our blog gives you those.options that you could do for the.employee the three or four per page and.then the two per page for the IRS.then for your employer copy we will do a.blank copy if you want so then you don't.have to actually purchase a form for.your copy the reason we don't do the.employee on blank paper is because.you're supposed to print the.instructions on the back so this is copy.d4 employer you would do the employee on.the other copies.and if you are a paper filer then you.will print the w3.to send along with your paper filing.there's just a question right now about.when they go in and try and print right.now it's not printing anything and it's.yes you have to at least archive.Veronica so you don't want to do the.full closing and close out the year if.you not finish with your last check but.if you want to do a temporary archive.just to see your w-2 you can go in on.your year-end tax reporting and use the.archived year-to-date totals options.that will create an archive file with.the current totals and you can run these.and then when you do your final closing.it'll come up with that same message.that it asked me saying hey you've.already got an archive file do you want.to overwrite it and you just go ahead.and say yes.now when employees come back and you.need to issue just one w-2 you can.always come in single and select an.employee to print.you.any questions on just the printing of.the w2's.and a lot of times what you know we we.kind of mentioned depending on the.filing deadlines for the w-2.they've been moving it up to try and get.it in January I don't know it is yet.[Music].yeah they have been.let's see what charming.you.thought there was a later date for the.electronic file.[Music].the electronic w2's is what will create.the electronic file to upload to the.Social Security.if you get your w cheese out you don't.have to do this immediately but you have.to do it before the deadline well I'll.try and send out a blog look up the.deadlines for this year and all the.forms but you can also get them from the.Social Security website so this will do.the same thing as our quarterly.electronic file it will put a pass in.with the magnetic media folder and then.2017.my payment.yes.you want to make sure all your BSO ID.your PIN for the website and everything.are entered in there and then you're.going to get your w-2 report file same.thing is our quarterly with the location.where that file was saved.so then you can click on the BSO login.when you're ready to go do your.transmission and login I should have put.this in the prep checklist you do have.to change your password every six months.on the DSL website so you might want to.go in and make sure you have a current.password that you're logged in and that.you have the option to upload a w2 file.if you're a new user on their website.they actually send you a code in the.mail and you have to go and enter in.that code to get the final or get the.options to be able to upload a w2 file.so you don't definitely don't want to.wait to the end of January or to your.deadline you want to make sure that you.have all the options you need to upload.that file.another things I mentioned to you on the.paper filers the the limit is 250 before.you have to do electronic filings but.there's nothing that prevents you from.doing electronic filing so if you have a.hundred employees and you're tired of.doing all that paperwork and sending in.the paper to the IRS you can create a.log into the business services online.and start doing the w-2s electronically.just like the state and I wouldn't be.surprised if they lowered that limit and.eventually required electronic like the.state does.now some states also require a my annual.file California does not the one that do.Arizona and Georgia and Oregon.have annual files.so you would also use this to generate.those state files so we've added.Virginia as well.so it'll do the electronic file you'll.put in your state and.you can generate your file for your.annual state reporting.any questions on the the w-2 printing or.electronic files.okay so we'll come back on page 43 is.our 943.so this is going to be similar to the.941 I just had up a moment ago this is.our Social Security Medicare and federal.income tax withholding.down on line 14 is where we key in what.we have paid and let's say our payments.were just slightly off like committee.you know we their five cents different.in line ten we have our adjustment so we.can do a negative five cents there that.will reduce the total taxes and then.make our payment.balance.you.then we have the same options with the.tax liability if you haven't run the tax.liability report then you would hit that.update tax liability and it'll read in.the tax liability and again this is from.check so it doesn't matter if you see.you haven't done your payments.and then be adjust you can see our.balance here is 487 52 we hit the adjust.it will adjust to line 13 and just take.those few cents off the last month.then we select whether we were it's in.my weekly or monthly schedule depositor.so for semi-weekly then you will do both.form.so we'll have the 943.if your monthly it will fill in the.amount on the main form and you don't.have to do the Schedule A if you mark.semi-weekly then you would also click on.the 943.to get your schedule a.and again if you didn't hit the buttons.that you know you you want to make sure.you're reviewing everything that this.total liability here on the last page of.the form matches the liability on our.main page of the form.so that's what those buttons are.designed to do but if you don't hit the.button you know you when you print these.out you want to make sure that you check.those and make any adjustments as needed.if they don't match or if for some.reason you don't match when you to find.out why.then go ahead and give our support.department a call but for just the.pennies where it's a rounding issue just.to see adjust.and then we have the same preparer who.prepared the form if you are paid.prepares and you'll do the paid preparer.information.you need questions on the 943.these are printed forms so you would.mail these in we have some customers.that like to go online they just take.the numbers and type them in online onto.the website - you're more than welcome.to do that.so nothing fashion the 9:40 form will.calculate and bring in our total.if you're in California you will have.the credit reduction none of the other.states will so the credit reduction it.will bring that in into 911.and then on line 13 is where you will.fill in your payment.then especially on the 940 you hit your.adjust tax liability and it's going to.add your credit reduction in on to that.fourth quarter and that's when the.credit reduction is news with the fourth.quarter payment.we have the same who is the preparer.your signature line you can type in your.name there.and then if you're paid prepare then we.have the paid preparer info so you're.going to get your main page we are.finalizing these right now there is a.else they dropped on them but we've got.in the final forms we're finishing up.the programming on those and again if.you're in California we'll have a.schedule a with the additional tax for.the credit reductions.any questions on the 940 so these are.all down here 47 is the 940 when we did.the w-2 I'm not specifically doing the.Arizona we only have a few Arizona.people in today but we can review if you.need to make a follow up plate with the.support to review the Arizona forms.there's a question about the credit.reduction the credit reduction should.come up automatically because we are.including that in the state tax rate.table that there's a credit reduction.rate and Aaron I mean that California.and the Virgin Islands or the only.states left with a credit reduction so.it would only apply to those in.California and it should mark the Box.automatically for you.when it sees that it's colorful in the.payroll.any other questions.you.okay so the next thing that happens is.you close the year and then you get an.employee again that comes back and needs.you to combine checks or you need to.void checks or add in some extra checks.that should have been processed and so.you want to reopen the quarter in the.year.the instructions for that are on page 60.and you want to make sure that you do.this when no other payroll is being.processed.that is because when checks are created.or your doing batch check entry the.taxes are being calculated with the.current payroll year's tax table.so if you reopen a year and you.something payrolls doing something else.at the same time their checks to get.calculated using the wrong tables.but to do that you go on the six.employee totals off of the utilities.and then there's a button it's a change.quarter year.and then you can say I'm going to go.back and do quarter 4 of 2017 and then.now my payroll is moved back to quarter.4 and I can go ahead actually had a.check in here and think that I didn't do.I could go back and run any additional.checks or doing any other Corrections.but I need.you.now one I have made.all of my Corrections and I want to.reclose we used to just tell you well.you've already done the closing sensor.it's not going to let you do it again so.just go ahead and go to the menu and re.archive manually.well if you have used protect supports.control center to close and you want to.delete the records you can hold the.shift key and hit f2.that will delete that closing record and.you can go ahead and run back through.using.shortcuts on the control center and.there again we get that message that.I've already archived what I want to.override the total and I go ahead and.say yes because I am updating new total.you.and then again if you've started doing.any of your forums you got to make sure.you know you destroy any forms that were.incorrect and now start goes back.through all of your forms again if you.do have that come up.so that there's a few other things that.I'm going to go through just some things.about starting the new year but is there.any other questions on any of the.quarter or year in processes.okay don't see anything coming in but if.you come in I'll just right back around.to it one of the things that we get a.lot especially a lot of the state are.changing minimum wage.so if you have employees meeting you.know most employees are going to go from.10:50 to 11 or some states are already.at 11 they're going to go to 1150.but maybe you have employees at 11 they.may need to go to 1150 or 12 so what you.want to do first to make your little.chart okay people at 10:50 are going to.11 the people that are 11 are going to.12 and so on.then you can use the tool under payroll.and utilities there's an employee file.utilities.and so we can say.on this screen that we want to change.the pay rate but what you want to do is.you wanted to start with the highest.rate because if I move people from 11 to.12 I can't then move everybody from 12.to 1250 because I've already need some.211 so we start with 12 go to 12 15.it'll update those accounts and then I.can go back and then I can now say I.want to move the people that were 11 to.12.I've got 17 accounts changed.then I can say the people that were at.50 are now going to 11.you always start with the highest.so that was one area you have to move.those that are at 11:00 to 1150 is that.to your new minimum wage I'm not sure.which state you're in.I think California is going from 1050 to.11.I don't have we don't have that update.in here yet and I think Oregon is going.in 10 25 maybe to 10 50 or 11 I can't.not the top of my head so just depending.on what state you're doing and if you.have employees some of our customers.already had employees that higher than.minimum wage so that's why saying if you.have some at 11 your we're going to bump.them up to 1150 start with your highest.first.the other thing that you may want to do.at the end of the year is if you haven't.been in activating employees it's a good.time now where you can go through and.set employees that aren't currently.working to inactive that way when you.run any active list you're just looking.at current employees.so in the payroll program you have this.option on the employee file utilities.where you can say set status to inactive.and then we can say anybody that hasn't.worked since October 31st.and then we had 12 accounts set to.inactive I ran that at labor Contractor.that I was working with this weekend and.they had like 26,000 employees that we.set the inactive really helped pare down.their active list now HR users have an.even cut a little bit better option and.that is under your AC a menu on.utilities there's an update date.terminated.and you can actually say okay ones that.haven't worked since.October thirty-first we're actually.going to put in a.termination date not just an inactive.but actually termination date.and that will go through and show you a.report of those employees with their.last check and last work date.and then it will terminate them based on.their last work date.so I like using the option in HR because.it's a little bit more accurate you.actually have have it coated in their.history but if you just have the payroll.module the employee file utilities so.makes it accessible to just inactivate.employees.so yeah marry for your employee rape.again you may want to decide if those.that are moving to 11 are going to go to.1150 before you move the 10:50 to 11.because if you go through into everybody.at 10:50 right now it's going to 11 you.can't go back and say everybody that we.used to be at 11 but not 10 permission.move to 12 because it'll move everybody.from 11 to whatever you put in so you.want to make sure you know what race you.want to change first and start with the.higher rate.so the ones at twelve are going to stay.at twelve then that's fine if you're not.going to change the employees that are.eleven then you can go ahead and do.everybody at 10:52 eleven.the last thing I'm not going to go in.detail today but I want to let you know.what's coming we have had a lot of.requests from customers to start over.they're sick pay each year in January.so just a little bit of background.information on that when an employee is.hired say he's hired in March he has his.90 days March April May so June his.stick pays available and you can start.taking it you know if it's one summer.cool you know whatever it happens to be.then we were typically the next year in.March.that's his year and that's when it would.carry over or reset or clear any sick.pay but customers just kind of wanted to.pay everybody that's been in there we.cannot start out fresh and just rekey.everybody starting January 1st each year.now in that case employee could take.some their vacation pay but if you.restart a plan year from January to.December you neither have to do to carry.over on a cruel or if you're doing a.lump sum you have to give them you know.their annual hours again so they could.get more hours than you technically have.to pay and that's something customers.are aware they understand it but you.know I just mentioned that because it's.something to think about if you haven't.you're thinking to me mentioning this in.the webinar if it's making you think.about it that's one of the cons of doing.this.but what we're going to have in one of.our new updates.is the sick pay is going to be moved to.a separate sick page setup menu and we.have some new fields here.so the first thing is there will be a.new option to change the 5th day.anniversary date.so you can come in and select your plan.and then put in what your new starting.date is going to be.and if you're going to keep the same.plan that's fine but we also are going.to have the option of changing plans.then we can say that we want to just.change this to employees that are.currently working so anybody that's not.currently working then they'll be.reevaluated if they need a new starting.date when they are rehired.so that will change actually I should.change this to 18.and there's a new window now.set up edit new sick pay balances.where you can see all of the information.on a grid.and for customers that are starting up.brand-new they can use this as an entry.screen to put in starting to pay.balances.we're considered we're not quite sure if.we want to leave it this way right now.is editable so instead of having to do a.sick pay adjustment you could come in.and you could edit their sick pay.balance and it creates a set pay.transaction as if you're doing a manual.adjustment so that may be something that.may change.this is one of the reasons why I really.want you to put your email in on our.blog because as soon as this is done and.we're work we're working on a.documentation right now we have a new.document writer that's helping us get.our help up to date and information out.quicker to customers you come down on.the blog page put your email address in.and hit subscribe and that way as soon.as you have the documentation ready we.email that put that on our blog and.you'll get an email that that.information is there.there's a question on what how do you.see what sick pay has been paid.you can run on the Employee List the.sick pay report.and there is a column on there that.shows the year-to-date paid.so you can see what they've accrued.what's been paid what's left available.this year.this report also shows you the date.available so you can see when they are.eligible to take their vacation pay and.again this is one of those things where.if you have a lot of old employees you.can run this for active or you can run.this for just a current check date.everybody received a check I don't use.these files very often so I have to go.back a few months but today I just want.to see everybody that reads need to.check since October and see their.balances.okay so there's another question from.Debbie that going back to inactivating.employees.I recommend doing is going into the.tools menu.program setup.on the payroll page.there's an option here let's the O's on.check entry under payroll and then check.entry or entry setting.require active employee to enter wages.so if you use the inactive tool.then when you go and type that employee.in on the payroll it'll say hey this.employee is inactive so that gives you.that reminder hey I need to go activate.him put a new hire date in and when you.do the new hire then it has that little.button there to check the sick pay.so this will go back through and see hey.did he meet his 90 days how much did he.have left.is it still valid or should it be.discarded.so that that's one of the reasons I like.using the actives and keeping employees.active or inactive and using that.required so that you can do that.evaluation as a retire.um so nari this new screen.you're going to need an update for it so.I think it'll probably be released in.the next few days it'll be in the check.for updates.so once you have a recent and get on.that update you'll have a new menu for.sick bay right off the payroll.up above set up the least sick case set.up and then that is set up a new sick.pay balance.you.you.and then Karen I'm not sure which one we.are on when you had the question of.doing that by crew the sick bay report.does have a crew.so let's say you want to run a report.and supervisors can show the employees.on his crew what they have you could put.a crew ID in there to get just those.employees on that crew.we don't have a crew on the Edit screen.but if it's something that's really.needed then we may add those as an.option.the other thing that is going to be.coming in January.and this is for HR users is we will have.a new option on the setup menu for.vacation plan.so um historically you know we did our.stick pay before that fixed pay law we.used to just have the same thing as the.vacation with a sick pay rate and.accrued sick pay when we needed all of.the different parameters to meet the.sick pay law and we created sick pay.plans a lot of customers asked us why.don't we do the same thing on vacation.and have vacation plan so we've been.working on that but something that we.decided was kind of a.not required and some gets more into the.HR side of things so we're adding it to.the HR system first so you'll be able to.set up how they accrue their vacation so.Hammond hours per check that they earn.and then if there's a year if it's a lot.of our customers in vacation they roll.over each January.and then in the HR system they'll be a.planned selection that will be similar.to stick peg and then you can just.change plans when they meet their.different levels of years of service.which is what we found out we did a kind.of a poll of customers to ask how a lot.of our customers handled their vacation.and years of service pretty much seemed.to be a common theme so we may add in.some additional reports to kind of let.you know when somebody's moved up in.their years of service to they're still.kind of working out some of those.features so that'll be something else.that as soon as that's done and in a.final update we'll put out on our blog.and our any other questions before we.close up here.okay and just a reminder we'll get this.video up onto the year-end page and.we'll send out an email but I'll also.send out the screencast video link.when we have a state tax rate if you.asked about the state tax rates the.program will update the state tax rates.automatically so the program is set to.check every few days for tax rate tables.and as soon as it doesn't really matter.this one because we check every few days.in December you have to internally set.in the program as soon as we have your.state's updated you'll see a message.that will say federal tax rate tables.available hit OK to update and then a.moment come up and say state tax rates.available so you don't have to do.those and when it does the state tax.rate tables then you can have you know.your multi-state over enough wood blocks.to select multiple state one of the.comments was that we had the wrong rate.in the file okay so if you have the.wrong state tax rate in your file you.just go down on your payroll menu to set.up.and then you go to state tax rate tables.and then you'll go ahead and pull up the.state in the year that you need to.correct.and the unemployment is on the other.taxes tab and then you just enter it.here.you.and so today it was actually 4%.this is a decimal so you would do point.O 4.okay another question came in about the.stick pay to excel I don't think there's.an export to excel option on here right.now I can ask the programmers is C is it.something that can be added.um.you might be able to save it as a PDF.and convert it most of a PDF programs.that have convert to excel this is.pretty close to where it can separate.out the column but Veronica I'll go.ahead and ask the programmers and get.back to you.okay any other questions.okay and so just remember the support.gets very heavy in January so that.floated kind of trying to do this ahead.of time and give you a source for going.back and reviewing that material and.reviewing our videos and then any.questions or problems just go ahead and.go to the support line or you can email.the support at data tech addcom and.we'll try and get back to you as fast as.possible it is a little bit busier and.what will happen is sometimes that first.week in January everybody's just trying.to close out or start a new payroll like.we have you know 20 new customers.starting their first payroll that first.week of January if you're actually.trying to do reports will ask an ad.scheduler appointment the second or.third week because you know we're just.trying to get everybody going on their.new payroll and closing and a little bit.of time to finish your report so that.may happen sometimes a little askew that.will follow up with you if it's not an.urgent or happen it doesn't have to be.done that first week.all righty well thank you very much for.your attendance if there's any other.questions or comments just go ahead and.send them them support department.

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