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The Advice of Fulfilling Ncbe Character Report 2015 2018 Form on the Computer

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youtube video

Ncbe Character Report 2015 2018 Form Appeal Advice

thanks for clicking on the link and.watching my video I just want to talk.very briefly about the different exams.that are offered by the National.Conference of Bar Examiners the NCBI.on different state bar exams I really.had no idea until I was studying for the.bar exam that each state exam would.share certain portions with each other.that a multi-state in scope it wasn't.until I started studying that I realized.that my test had both the MBE and the.MPT and I didn't really know what that.was I didn't know where to look for the.directions or the format of the overview.the website for the NC B isn't the best.and if you go to your State Bar Exam.website they're usually pretty terrible.so I didn't even know what the NC B was.until late later in the process but it's.actually they're actually kind of simple.very basic and if you know what to study.and the format it will make it a lot.easier for you you can streamline what.you're doing and have a better idea of.what goals to set I have a lot of good.links on the website and I've put a lot.of the information together I have a.Excel document that shows individual.states and the sections that are on your.exam so you can see what what you'll.need to study and it also goes over all.the subjects and the different topics.that will be tested on each of these.exams now before we get into each.individual one it's worth talking about.what multi-state law refers to this is.when you tell family and friends that.you don't actually learn the law in law.school well these exams test you on that.fake type of law when you take torts or.contracts and you're learning.hypothetically what a certain tort is or.hypothetically what a contract is but.you're not talking about your individual.state that's what's going to be tested.these basic concepts what is.consideration.what is causation things of that nature.so the more general the more basic the.more mainstream the more majority the.more likely it's going to be considered.multi state law and I know obviously.different states have a minority.approach or a majority approach or.unique different takes on some of these.concepts the exam however is going to be.testing the very broad general principle.if you think question is confusing.because your state does something very.different than others and to forget.about that go with a much more.generalized common you know the type of.things that you'd be reading in your.case book when the cases are coming from.many different states but by and large.these exams are going to test things.that are very general very broad and.that shouldn't be too much of an issue.and one of the thing about studying is.and again these are on some of the.documents I have on the website and.links below you'll be pretty surprised.at the percentage of your state's bar.exam that is actually multi-state so.much so that I find for me this is the.case and this is something that I'll.recommend is that you master the.multi-state portions the MBE which is.almost always 50% of the exam right.there and then the other 50% part of it.oftentimes is either the M EE or the m.PT and then some states just test the.uniform bar examination so the whole.thing's multi-state but what I'm saying.is if you're from New York or I don't.know I see some other you know even.Virginia some other states and if the.bar if the MBE is half or almost half a.solid score on the MBE can practically.get you a passing grade now remember.about the most states between seventy.eighty sixty five somewhere around that.that's the percentage of people who pass.so half of that exam if you can nail it.you'll definitely be in the top half and.earn a passing mark I know a lot of.times these state distinctions are very.esoteric very particular and to sit.there memorize the distinctions for your.state when you can be drilling for the.MBE I think is a waste of time.especially because even using multi.state law you can still probably get a.great score on the local portions you'll.just miss those state distinctions but.you'll still get a very good score that.will go a long way the most common.multi-state exam this is in almost 40.jurisdictions well here this is the.document that I have a link below and.you can get on the website have some.good links where you can get some sample.questions general information there the.full booklet that goes much in more in.depth about the exam I just have the.highlights here these links are in the.this PDF it's given on the Wednesday.during the bar exam so oftentimes your.exam will either be on a Wednesday and a.Thursday or Tuesday and a Wednesday it's.two days for the most part and that.Wednesday is the MBE for everybody that.way half the nation doesn't take it a.day early and then they'd have the.answers everybody takes it on Wednesday.it's just a matter if your state portion.is on Thursday or on Tuesday so as I.mentioned earlier it's developed by the.National Conference of Bar Examiners.there's no local law tested on the MBE.but it's given as part of the local bar.exam in Omo it will code it counts for.half in almost 40 jurisdictions and it's.at least a significant portion in almost.every jurisdiction so I was wrong it was.it's not if there are 40 jurisdictions.where it's half or more and then almost.every single jurisdiction tests it for a.significant portion of the exam.here it is Louisiana and Puerto Rica are.the only two states or two jurisdictions.I should say that don't give it so.studying for the MBE is a must and here.and I have this link here on this.document where you can see this your.state and the weight that they give to.the mbz MBE on the local bar exam the.format is about 200 about is 200.multiple choice questions that you'll.take the reason I say about is because.only 190 of them actually count for the.exam it's sort of like on the LSAT where.you don't know that one of the sections.is an experimental here you don't know.that ten questions are experimental only.190 or scored you get an actual score.between 0 and 200 when it's scaled but.only 190 questions are counted to go.into that raw score you'll go in and you.take a morning in an afternoon session.they're each three hours long and a.hundred questions you can't go back.there it's almost like taking two.separate tests so you have to sort of.pace yourself twice when you take the.first section it's good because it's a.hundred questions you can easily map it.out each hour you want to do about.thirty three and when you get to the end.you can tick off the questions that you.want to go back to but you buy that when.that three hours expires you need to.have all hundred bubbled in and ready to.hand them in you cannot go back and you.use this the bubble sheet just like on.the LSAT or other stem standardized.exams now here I write that each.question takes a little less than two.minutes to complete on average now if if.it was a shorter exam a section on an.LSAT a lot of times you want to try to.knock out each question in an even.amount of time like that but the MBE.you're gonna see that some questions are.extremely long and some questions are.very short some questions you'll.recognize because they ask the same type.of material over and over again the same.just like sort of.again like the ELSA there are certain.questions you'll immediately recognize.and you can answer those very quickly.with with 200 questions it's it's better.to get a good answer and move on than.waste time double and triple-checking.you will be happy that the end of the.exam that you have enough time to get.through you'll be very mad at yourself.if at the end of a section the time is.about to expire you have up 20 questions.to go and it wasn't worth going over.those questions earlier in the exam.unnecessarily you want to get through.all the questions you want to get to a.point where you can take a very good.educated guess or a very solid answer.but don't go crazy it had be confident.yourself and been move on yeah here I'm.when I took the MB I made a note of the.hard questions and my initial answer for.them and I did this sometimes I put a.dot on the bubble sheet I thought was.good that way if I do end up going with.my if I don't have time to go back I'll.just then fill in that dot for real.otherwise I'll go back come up with a.better answer mate potentially erase the.dot and then put in a new answer but I.didn't if I if I wasn't sure I wouldn't.circle all the way because you know it's.not necessarily easy to erase and that.might count I just and it also signifies.the ones to tell me that I want to go.back to so I thought that was a smart.strategy for me the the question so.here's an example right here you're.given a prompt where it's like a mini.fact pattern essentially and then you'll.get some a legal question to answer.based on the multiple choice so there's.four potential answers just guessing you.have a one out of four chance really the.goal is to at least get it down to two.get go from 25% to 50% and then.obviously if you know the answer and.you're confident go ahead and take that.now one thing here before I get to the.scoring is that I'll I find sometimes.that law is you know laws and I I.personally do not think is a subject.that is tested very well through.multiple-choice there's always different.nuances in and it's always very very.oftentimes impossible to fully explain.something in just a sentence like here.being totally clear so at least for me I.found that a lot of times I wasn't it.wasn't smart for me to read then come up.with an answer and then look for the.answer I would read these and pick the.one that I thought was the best because.they these answers oftentimes weren't.the answer that I had come up with in my.head originally and and obviously you.can't write anything in you need to pick.one of these so I think a good strategy.is to read through these and then pick.the one that you think is the best out.of those as opposed to the one that you.but as opposed to coming up with an.answer that you think is right to start.with and then going through these.because your answer might not be in in.here the exam as I mentioned before is.score from zero to 200 and it's scaled.so if you get a score of 150 on one exam.it might be scaled down to reflect the.fact that it was easy compared to other.exams or it might be scaled up just.again like the LSAT that way 170 means.the same exact thing on every single.exam for the LSAT the scores of the MBE.all mean the same thing for each.administration nor for every.administration there are six subjects.and there's a fixed number of questions.for each subject and for some of the.subjects when you look on the outlines.will even tell you the frequency of.different broad topics within that.subject and in February 2015.I hope you're not looking that far in.advance well you know Miss I'll have to.update this video and that comes out but.that's not for another year at that.point in time the MBE will also include.Civil Procedure but it will still only.be 190 questions they're just going to.update the breakdown between the the.subjects and here you go.technically torts and contracts are the.most common but you can see it's only by.a margin of two questions everything is.either 33 questions or 31 questions.there's torts contracts criminal law and.procedure so it combines the two it's.essentially criminal investigation.criminal law search seizure and things.like homicide and whatnot.evidence real property and.constitutional law the next exam is the.unifor uniform bar examination now this.exam is unlike the MBE which is a.standardized test that is part of many.different local bar exams the uniform.bar examination is an examination itself.some states such as the ones here I.should say jurisdictions last Skye.rizona Colorado Idaho Minnesota Missouri.Montana Nebraska New Hampshire North.Dakota Utah Washington Wyoming if you're.from one of those jurisdictions watch.this if not you can skip ahead your.jurisdiction instead of creating their.own local bar exam and then having the.MBE on the second day they actually.administer the uniform bar examination.as their bar examination and then you.take the MBE as well the good news for.you folks in these jurisdictions that.you do generally do not have to bother.learning any new state law the reason.why I say generally is because in some.rare instances again this is in the doc.the Excel spreadsheet that I have on the.website in some rare instances some of.these jurisdictions do have a very small.state portion or state si it's very very.small like I suppose you can learn the.distinctions too if you really want to.nail it but I don't see the benefit in.that I think just doing really well on.the multi-state law can get you a.passing grade.he's quite easily although to take that.with a grain of salt because some states.might have a requirement where you need.to pass.every section individually in order to.pass the whole exam so you can in flop a.state essay the ube breaks down like.this the if the multi-state s.examination which we'll talk about in a.minute is where 30% there are two MPT.tasks those are worth 20% so that's half.the exam and then the other half of the.exam is the multi-state bar examination.so just for about everybody the MBE is.worth half of your exam or close to that.it's so MBE is the most important thing.there except if you're in just the two.jurisdictions that don't give the MP I.think offhand that's Louisiana and.Puerto Rico if you live anywhere else or.I should say if you're taking the test.anywhere else this is your maker break.is the MBE to nail that individual.jurisdictions the one thing they do.decide to do when it comes to the UV is.that they determine their own passing.scores and they grade the MEA and the.MPT the MBE of course is graded by the.NCBA themselves they mail that in and.they grade that states don't grade the.MBE but they can determine the passing.score if they want and again as I said.before each jurisdiction may also.require candidates to complete.jurisdiction persists specific portions.that may involve local law that's pretty.rare but it's worth double-checking I.have links to those pages that will show.you that will tell you that and it's on.the spreadsheet as well the multi-state.s examination there's links here the.booklet goes more in-depth and has the.subject outlines but I have those as.well on the website it's administered on.the Tuesday before the last Wednesday in.February so the day that you take the.Emmy II would be before Wednesday and on.Wednesday you take the MBE there are six.30-minute questions but individual.jurisdictions they can choose which of.those questions that they want to put as.part of their individual States bar exam.but if you take the ube.you're going to be doing six of these.but if a state does their own local bar.exam they can do up to.six or they can do less it's part of the.bar exam at thirty-one jurisdiction so.this is quite common they're listed.right here and again this information is.all on the website I have charts the.spreadsheet this subject matter.unfortunately for the M EE is much more.broad than the MBE and there's no.pre-established breakdown you can spend.be pulling your hair out learning.conflict of laws and a business.associations that and that's only a.small small portion or it might not even.be on there and so these are all the.subjects I have full outlines of what.will be tested and you can find that.information as well in the booklet I.have the link up here and on the website.and you can see exactly what these.entail now the the format is that there.is a prompt about several paragraphs.that give a broad overview or give the.facts the basic facts of a certain legal.situation an example here and this is.comes from a practice question is that.two people conspire to dump marbles at.an intersection as part of a prank and.that prank turned deadly when a car.drove through the intersection and lost.control because of the marbles the.prompt are the facts are then followed.by specific legal questions within this.example the question might be whether.they could be found guilty of.involuntary manslaughter you would draw.upon your knowledge of criminal law and.procedure you might explain why or why.not the step that statute would apply to.them and you might also bring up certain.other things about how the evidence.might have been illegally collected.against them and even though the statute.technically would apply to their conduct.due to the fruit of the poisonous tree.the relevant evidence would be thrown.out of court and therefore they could be.found guilty you know things of that.nature there are more examples of Emmy.questions in the information booklet you.can take a look there.a good rule of thumb is to structure.your response by providing a very direct.answer to the question asked remember.there this is not your professor this is.these are graders who are going to be.looking at a lot of things very.mechanically and they want to see a very.direct answer to whatever question is.specifically asked that's not to say you.can't add things that are brilliant but.make sure you directly provide an answer.because they're gonna have a check mark.that's the first thing they're going to.be looking for and the way to do that of.course very logically to state and apply.a relevant legal rule to those facts as.opposed to just making conclusions.because they're going to know what the.rule is or the relevant law they're.gonna want to check that off and they're.gonna want to check off your analysis.and then you can that's where you can.follow up by discussing any.contingencies missing facts or other.legal issues that it might affect affect.the outcome and as I said this is where.you can distinguish your response from.other candidates because they're gonna.have the checklist for the rule for.whether or not you knew the law and how.you applied it but then if you spot.interesting other things other arguments.contingencies they're going to then give.you you know the check plus pluses there.again this is a good way of structuring.it to identify legal issues raised by.the hypothetical fact pattern separate.the relevant and irrelevant facts and.law want something that they love to do.is to give you a fact that has nothing.to do with anything and as a lawyer.you're going to say that that fact is.irrelevant because it does not bear on.the analysis whatever for whatever.reason then to apply provide a logical.analysis of all legal issues in a.well-organized response and finally.demonstrate an understanding of the.legal principles so you are identifying.the issue right what is what what do we.need to figure out here and what facts.should I use to figure that out what is.the relevant law and how does that apply.through logical analysis and through.your discussion and through your writing.you're proving that you understand legal.principles the scoring here.unfortunately it's developed by.jurisdictions they do a terrible job by.providing information so I really don't.rarely if ever see jurisdiction that.really explains how they grade rule of.thumb you and Wright tamed Ames right.the most logical well-written convincing.and thorough essay that you can while.using the legal writing skills that you.learned in law school you want to show.that you are a great law school student.that's what everybody is going to be.doing that you can be a great lawyer.now finally the multi-state performance.tests the MPT will have links here again.there on the website this is on the.Tuesday before the last Wednesday in.February in July like all this developed.by the ncb II if you're in a.jurisdiction that administers the.uniform bar examination the MPT is 20%.of the total bar exam score the MPT is.currently administered as part of the.bar exam in about 40 jurisdictions so.this is pretty common chances are you're.going to be taking this exam now the.thing here which makes this a bit.different is that these are MPT items.that have a file in a library you're not.actually being tested on your knowledge.of the law so to speak everything that.if whenever ereefs let's just it.wouldn't happen but say for instance the.question was on Ocean law you're going.to have a file and library that give you.the facts and give you the relevant.statutes or pieces of different cases.about that throughout the applica ocean.law you don't need to know that and you.don't need to know the law ahead of time.if this is testing how good of an.attorney you are to answer a legal.problem when the facts and the law are.in front of you what can you spot the.issues can you learn and apply new law.in a convincing and you know a good.legally logically sound concise manner.the file has the source documents such.as interview transcripts depositions.pleadings correspondence contracts etc.you need to determine what facts are.relevant which facts are important which.are reliable because you know you can't.base.you know the entire case on maybe your.clients own self-serving testimony even.though technically that that it's.evidence helpful it's not necessarily.totally reliable and that might be.contingency that you talk about in your.essay and you also might talk about what.missing facts might have been helpful if.they were there can be found the library.has legal authorities such as cases.statutes regulations or rules a.successful response will identify.relevant legal issues from the file and.use the authorities in the library to.craft a solid legal analysis the you can.take a look at these the NCBA describes.the task of the examinee the the what.you need to do to get a solid MPT score.separate relevant from irrelevant.analyze the library of authorities apply.relevant law to relevant facts identify.and resolve ethical dilemmas when.present now this might not necessarily.be even be in the question this is.something you need to identify remember.they want to test how well you can be a.lawyer lawyers have to be ethical and.they have to be on the lookout for.ethical dilemmas be a good writer and.overall your computing completing the.lowering the lawyer in tasks that you're.given within the time constraints and a.something to point out is that not only.are you given the law of had ahead of.time but you're not even operating.really in the United States everything's.fictitious here usually they call it.Franklin Olympia is something like that.and the Federal Circuit this is.fictitious of course there's no 15th.Circuit of the United States and then.here if you look at the PDF if you want.there's just a little more overview of.what they're testing you your ability to.problem-solve your analysis reasoning.communication organization and resolving.ethical dilemmas one thing here I guess.it's good to point out is to well to.organize your essay solidly as possible.it should be some rambling.stream-of-consciousness it should be a.really well well-written introduction.and then iraq or crack method whatever.is you're most comfortable with.issue rule.application conclusion and then divided.into sections again the reality is that.this isn't a professor or teaching.assistant reading your essay it's in a.bar exam and at bar bar exam grader who.has probably read a hundred already that.day you want to make it as easy as.possible for them to get to understand.what you're saying and give you a good.score you can find out more about the.the MPT the links that I have and.there's practice exams since you can't.really study because there's no law that.they're testing I say this if you are a.rock-solid Law School student you're on.a journal you get good grades normally.you did well in legal writing wrote a.note I would probably wouldn't even.really worry about this section in terms.of practicing if you have a little.trouble you can go through and do some.of the practice MPTs just to get a feel.for what you're dealing with going over.your response to see where your.strengths and weaknesses were I can read.it a friend professor somebody to tweak.your writing tweak your legal reasoning.because to try to get every possible.point on this section if you know what.it's I know it stinks to to write and.read when you're do you want to be.studying you want to be reading it as.you're preparing to go through this but.you know that it really is a place where.if that's where your troubles lie going.over and since a couple times a couple.of practices and seeing where the spots.are that you can improve they might go a.long way that's that thanks a bunch.check out the website and good luck.

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Ncbe Character Report 2015 2018 Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Ncbe Character Report 2015 2018 Form are:

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