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The Information Guidance for Tbor 1 2019 Form

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Guide of Tbor 1 2019 Form

he's back to the bomb site 30 seconds.left yeah they need a hero performance.out of Apex right now otherwise this is.gonna be another bomb site lost for them.he's so flashed inside we're gonna be.there to try and pick it up does get the.second kill and somehow turns it or he's.get one more headshot to take down.Stanislaw and finally surrogates gotta.be there 14 seconds left behind the.pillar waiting it's gonna be so quick.that's the quad kill site will saving.them that was a bit of a coin flip.wasn't it up there.it really was especially when he looked.away but this one should be a coin flip.it's gonna be an easy kill for zero the.good double kill for him and now it's.all on cyber here 14 seconds left oh oh.no the bomb plant it might be right in.front and now we just need to wait they.can't find the bomb any more tearing us.in the last possible second and psy was.back for more looking for him already.with the triple just needs one more.clicker desk open Tarek is hiding behind.tetra side windows who's got two back to.our kills winning it for vitality you've.never seen anything like him keep that.away from Jame as long as possible and.even up the score line you've got a.bunch of SMGs that you can play around.with in this round three of them go.through the underpass and see what.having a pretty good charming oh he's.gonna shot every single one down this.would be such a historic comeback Oh.Marsha Pete it's a classic KITT fighting.they never stood a chance pharmacy win.the fight he's out in the open chest out.fighting every single one and somehow he.comes out way on top side whenever.trying to fight his way back and he's.gonna have to get the ACE to try and.shut this round down and bring his team.maybe finally back into the game a.little bit he's got the right idea but.ad rent again is such a smart player.he's been playing forever and he's.sneaking up behind sy who still can't.get the kill and now Dungey ready and.waiting so he's just tapping away at the.door he wants to fight is he gonna be.able to get it still alive and only at.56 health s not a lot against that US.beef he fakes the bomb a single timer.he's got.[Applause].that is such a short wave only shooting.through the smoke and so far nobody.finding any lock 25 seconds left and yet.they're gonna be collapsing right on the.bomb site RPK still waiting back here oh.that's a big opening a head shot and.just needs one more but he can't find it.and they're taking down a PK so they.know cyber was still back here that.actually gives away a little bit of the.trap but otherwise four kills all of.them headshots and I mean that is the.secret weapon that they have isn't it.drop the first two players and that was.the main aggression out of the bomb site.and from there look at that's beautiful.and then obviously our PK going.downwards I was just able to hold the.angle that's actually they've gotta try.and save Alex brought down to 20 HP and.I was gonna have a fighting retreat but.he's been worried about the fly he knows.that asteroids has been working this.maps so well there's one shot Vegas not.gonna be able to punish him good.follow-up from zero but they're still.searching and he's got another that's.three kills in the right he can go for.this he can go for this no I don't think.he's gonna win it.oh sure all us over then and I was.pulled something out of nowhere need it.to be a double I want to same 45 seconds.now yeah they have time to change the.plan if they'd like to ooh getting.aggressive this could be massive he's.gonna peak the corner glyphs not ready.for wave goes down he's trapped oh and.he's got my spec in the follow-up Magus.just trying to walk around the corner.and I ruin for Joe who he back stall.that's huge and look at the pushing.lower dark shocks is gonna be the first.one he just spotted the head of zip.that's gonna bring sailors attention.back and he's got a triple and device.nothing you can do four kills purrs I.will to keep the map alive for vitality.very Swift round from energy they're.gonna use that opportunity to make their.way all the way towards the a site stock.is so aware he's not gonna hit this shot.he was ready for it as I will will take.him down its back to the Fallen 4-0.utility but as I was in one of the most.overlooked positions in csgo we'll see.if that speaks about it he does should.be afraid everything oh my god how is he.getting away with.it's the ace in total and that is why.he's considered one of the hottest.prospects in csgo right now absolutely.unbelievable.breezy just about the perfect setup.Ethan there on the crossfire they've.been amazing in this bomb site and Brees.got to do it again taking down apex all.of the advantage gone now it's on site.were to try and save it it he's picked.up the one almost chasing for the smoke.that would have been if he's got a.minute he can go a lot of places with.this he could go towards a nice toe he.could fade this out there both toward.Shore Preeti's low as well and these are.the sort of rounds I wear as a.specialist said for the grenade is.beautiful to his name this guy is.something special it's not clean but he.does get it goes to the AWP both players.towards Shaw he can find one doesn't.quite have time to find the shop its I.wound now and he's been when it clutches.all day long he gets the first kill it's.up against taps now who will blink.person's eye were just so precise as a.clinical two versus one.he looks so calm in every aspect of the.game.where is he still he's on 34m everyone.else nitro needs to make up for the fact.that they lost me last time or Peking.goes down at least with two nights left.back out again and sigh were to get the.bomb back again we said double overtime.he's an out a possibility is an.unbelievably impossible but it might be.was I who finally an exhaust like that.as he stepped back into the door anyone.plants there's no rush slow it down as.now.the second map for vitality littleit's.and Elise gets damaged on its nature the.holds inside of the site twisted said if.anybody can't he smoked off so nitro.goes down only hitting one but fortunate.we even get that considering they were.on the wrap have they considered the.twists is still in paint they have to.check this they jump through he manages.to read that and catch out Alex without.losing HP continuing to try and find.more ground continuing to try burned.around to a crisp as I move as to shine.through and a woman to he's got the bird.create exactly where Alex was hiding our.peak a good response now that the smokes.have left he packs actually the only one.to get the kill I thought harpie Kate.did more damage than that twist who.stays alive stays the Lyman stays very.well to go again sigh whew the two top.in this series so far Seibel punches.again to be a bounce out to try and peak.off its I whoop goes out and catches out.Alicia merely could as they got back.through the archway and the side wood.tries to elevate up above nitro holds.off from sandwich and I we can't see.that angle so we asked about beforehand.Nitro goes down and Stewie has to do it.alone good patience to catch out apex.but that gives information to his.teammates and he's rushing he's trying.to beat him he's trying to wrap around.the connector just to get the line up to.get the diffuser but I who's there again.hey so spa regardless of what bomb site.they opted for sir sighs she's gonna.drop down this might caught it catch him.out go he's actually gonna get the dog.on RPK but see where they're quick to.respond.I mean that's one of the first kills.FERPA Zone in it quite a while at this.point in time he does finally have the.orb over on the T side and okay now.maybe we're starting to see those I we.we wanted to see a second kill comes.through here loaded he's gonna get awful.highway with a third there we go.speak of the devil that's what we wanted.to see bomb planted for short and two.players there no smoke over on the side.of NRG so they have to be winning these.gunfights in sigh whoo he's the point.man and he use a little bit more than.that tarek one be free but move the hat.trick.so using every page of the playbook once.we get into ot and also he's definitely.feeling it right now.sigh whoo that's it bees his up until.this point yeah this is you know one of.the things that we highlight if you.don't set up a no doubt in this school I.did.now might be the only cup where they.have in this round it's already strong.desire double from him triple in total.lie into that that's probably could have.dropped it but they want to keep it it.easy and MBK with the aggression in.underpasses Ohio over towards a finds.two opening frags for vitality and I.think now you know if you're a I clean.you look at this they they haven't been.giving anything up.to see T's to receive the flashes are.good can they get across alpha K towards.balloon he's staring at it that's gonna.be a weapon if they can get away with it.Dex it's got full health with it he can.catch Alex Greyhound they're making a.good go of this Zoe was caught off in LA.but I don't think he's the one that's.caught off they're locked in here with.him and that's you from psy whoo do not.count along we spot a few and falls back.they never slow down though I feel like.I was using hollow points his bullets.just seem to do more damage and again he.connects he doesn't stop he cannot be.safe is his hunger from zero he's got.three you wouldn't dare he got an ace on.the first now four in quick succession.he's time to get out he once in a net BK.you thief assisting them that's gonna be.Dexter for now he throws a flash I think.this is then going in flashes decent ah.be careful backing yeah he's gonna drop.that smoke to try and play around a bit.already as I was kind of done all the.heavy lifting.he's gonna get one hand thinks he picks.out before class get all quit you hear.the call immediately come out from apex.a bit of a scream the Aysen just the for.like seven tags another before sicko.finishes just sigh whoo then to go one.versus two to shatter the dreams of an.impressive round for greyhound and he's.got a real shot at it sickos dancing.with him on the site but it's not for.long.Molotov keeps dick Stacey at bay for.bomb retrievals I was playing this.perfectly smokes off the library side.we'll get the bomb down that can't be.peaked immediately from short now.holding the line oh my goodness take.Stacey can pull this one off it'd be one.for the ages Versailles Road.always so good in this position he seems.to have a solid understanding as to.where dick Stacey's positioned his.crosshair tracing it around and he.absolutely nails their headshot that.till his teammates can rotate but there.won't come fast enough RPK taken out now.and so it's got a crotch this one versus.free on the side of the creek rattling.off some shots the player in mini pitty.gets the quick kill two more players.against Timmons I would it keeps on.going into the 1v1 s attacks been good.so far in this game but syru goes back.to the author outing the corner going.for the fight and syru is showing up.here on inferno he may have been quiet.on vertigo but this man's not going to.be quiet and back-to-back maps run he.continues to struggle in this game.trading back to a 3v3 on the B bomb site.as vitality set up the retake Alex.peeking towards the cockpit can raise.the alarm for his teammate Perkins I.would deliver the second kill inside.jumping to avoid getting head shot but.that doesn't give too much for his.accuracy valleys broke alone one versus.two.he needs fast headshots he will have.close range most likely with the clock.they're putting a smoke on the bomb to.try not draw him out but as I we will.draw in his face at the USP and that's.pretty painful.the pistol gave some vitality apex just.making some noise from sight.that's 30 it's good news for xilu and.Henry grew another kill enough another.one Wow.more kills yeah another one this is.unprecedented we are gonna have zywall.alive we're looking to get to Moorhead.once that dress on is we get another.Stargate will be drawn it your kills.what's the total what's gonna win the.rounds I'll take make sure you close it.out now boys oh no come on man it's done.you really cared about this for so long.now that we're like we shouldn't forget.the pipe of a struggled massively on.their t side as well well they're.anticipating banana from the looks we.got rings out first he's had enough he's.gonna keep going through it he doesn't.really care vitality just have the skill.in boxing space compared to these guys.all this time without multiples going in.his favor but sigh whew it's still there.still as they all apex he's gonna push.this rotate it around to at least be.inside of the same side would gets one.city doesn't take the paper does in the.second old Freiburg not come away with.that one we seen him do some pretty.remarkable things as a desert eagles so.far in this half can he do anything with.the egg I thought that was it killed off.the shores I was so quick these on tour.day originally pushed back the bathrooms.and now head tour be inside of the smoke.that could have caught Treiber but he.was ready for its I will goes because he.had the information gray screen or.otherwise he knew where to fire like.gave overrun the site I guess himself in.a prime position blame F at this stage.finds himself a graffiti remember like.you said he's low no kid no name 20 HP.just yeah not gonna happen if I were it.delivers that pushed you into as Miller.we are gonna see the opening kill all.the C T's but north along s tag now he's.been great but i say instant ray from.xilu they opened it up so much but he.nails it and this could be a 1414 game.after the momentum was stopped four.rounds to start the half and then five.the other way.it's xyu though and it is a creek it is.that's the problem the fact is that's.the name they're up against is a real.problem he's at least knocked towards.long they might not be aware of.everything like this they're in trouble.they didn't even consider it is it the.4d views they're going for it it's an.old classic and I was gonna check it and.unfortunately it doesn't work out and.they not lost to anti-eco situations.would be leading right now with the.advantage on the CT side in their favor.even at 8/7 we'd already be tied and.they could take the lead here but now.they're still struggling to get back.into it to go 9 9 sorry we've got 5.kills in the first half he just got 4 in.the first round of the second and they.kept three alive in the previous round.so they're fine what's fast again they.are gonna do the exact same thing.they're not gonna stack it twice why.would they it is almost identical play.difference being there was no Molotov to.work quad side this time so as I was.able to get back inside of the site NBK.holds his own he's gonna here Stalin.coming but as the tag.he hasn't down which means balconies.open somehow he turns to pine because he.saw were just such a lack of in so he.has no idea how close they are so he's.got a hit a flick that's enough at least.get some intel that no one will be in.that position but he's gonna go down to.AZ side we're in the corner almost.sprays it down did not save him Alex as.well he should have been dead the minute.he walked into that window and instead.he crushes the entire offense and he.wanted more I can't even blame him I.think it was just hyped up for himself.there the bomb will go down and it's.like trying to be flashed through and.stiver will deny it instead and they're.not letting him see anything this is.frustrating.he's trying for it and as soon as he.peeps they get him it's a quiet kill for.stable one player you can't really count.out on the side of vitality it's going.to always be Zoe it's not have the.strongest game so far but what's up.ahead yeah.thanks E power eliminated that's the.first of what could be many more there's.a man who wears a cape on a server it.gotta be sighs whoo body shot coming.down to Al mazor that's the second and.he's starting to build up the pressure.for force op is the magic stick you want.to see the fir'd Frank found and he's.hungry for more he seems to have.somewhat of a realization what's about.to happen.as Jerry comes in and sneaks very slowly.to get closer and closer to the a site.both seems to be frozen in staying there.and waiting patiently as now it is only.a move from xyu to turn things around to.smoke has land its Howard CT face crack.is going to approach back over toilets.Syme who has the read he has the.understanding and he has the interest.afire cutter.hungry for more and is this man cannot.stop getting them down one by one by one.it's the final frack he needs together.and it's Jerry taken out as well sign.will Europe East your maniac and your.personal Grim Reaper a fatality who's.humiliating the ball can't be aggressive.and that little bit of utility they have.the smokes they want to try and deploy.the p'raps they should have sooner apex.find that shot angle he needs it now.finally puts him down as Alex faster.hold from log the retake needs to be on.if the ball we can get far enough.remember it's not fully committed and.it's down the top the site Stewie's the.last of life he's gonna look back over.the fires I hope sigh whoo 1 vs. 1.against Stewie 2k will see there's any.chances.bomb can get planted in this point it is.down on the site and there we ABS I were.looking towards long yes composition now.and that's a hell of a shot could choose.through the Frenchman but time will tell.as they do get their footing on the B.site the bomb will certainly be planted.or you'd think and JW can just hold this.for a second so yeah now he's stuck in a.place JW can catch the bikes I won't get.the kill that should not have happened.Crim's however has made his way up or no.way he's gonna want to take this fight.for no reason he gets in heavens i Wu is.gonna come out of the vent will he come.up right away he will this is a chance.that's a we could win the round and he's.walking around so Crim's how how why.does he go and Willy spot this and he.looks like he does.he almost can't get the kill oh my god.sy comes out with the win 1 versus 2.that Palmas only just planted there's.plenty of time they didn't have a kit.right now there must be one of the bonds.out I'm thinking but can they follow.that way he is they need to get on him.right now they have a smoker swell on.Magus and he's just crouching back in.he's realized no one's in the middle.Magus you're gonna put up that smoke.when he's jumping on top it goes for the.kill.takes it down device in the corner.taking him down vitality to pick it up.they came in towards the a bomb site.this time I'm getting planted apex will.sit back towards the point can always.check for the other side but not a.single kill coming in all that steps up.worry Joe sobral word as I will.eventually drop him on the floor but it.has to be the one before quad rings I.would need to come same barely enough.health to survive here on parole them.both sigh he wants to kill there's the.headshot pulled the back.your birds always got the triple cribs.is the last man standing and there's.time for the tea fuse so ever wants to.smoke the bomb if you're crazy stirred.and cyber wins it that is unbelievable.from the young Frenchman as team.vitality will get 1/16 closed with the.mp9 BK's I was gonna love it actually.they don't clear left they look towards.the bombs light NBK gets caught off.guard but it leaves them all open for z.wu r PK and the pop dog drops snappy as.he comes out late after flashing I'm.going down but vitality already inside.of the site RP k has no fear but maybe.you should have style taking him down.goosh by KD and Shox is now all over.sigh whew he's still kicking in the.sandwich he has someone locked in stone.dropping Alex this is a mess I won't oh.he's making it real he's making it.happen for vitality but do they have a.kid do they have a way to get on that.bomb because it's so far ticked tapping.on it s ty gets baited in and zai woo 4.kills on that pistol round there's just.something about French teams and buying.up loads of warps they love it but it's.it's Alex getting the double initially.in sigh whew helping out oh yeah.[Music].you know use a smoke swords like so.maybe they will just try to burst onto.the a-bomb but there are three people.here basically but they're going from.flank as indicate pushing through the.smoke he's got side we for support in.the graveyard position as well filling.all the coffins of the Spirit players.headshots rose oh my goodness NBK pre.fired it walked out Alex already hit it.and immediately they're gonna take the.pursuit of trying to chase down a Liu he.drops off it this is vitality just.opening up the a site with a wrap back.through lower good fine from Sergei.that'll at least segregate one player.but zhamuhe being that player could just.sit the tunnel.hold them off if they want to try and.flank out from Kat he's done exactly.that oh my god has he ever today I.thought it was all as I will carry this.time they've got Alex on board and what.a turn of events I was thinking in my.head come on at oh really.nobody getting a little bit too big for.their boots so with the two smokes and.two flashes one flash of beat three.Pizarro as he lights up the scoreboard.and B is open how does he possibly get.three on that as they all line up.outside of the bags you're right not.even any damage done they had three.players there for that reason Sergei.he'll at least get one back but that's.well and truly removed from the action.over toward a he pushes mid.Allura already won out his tool don't.for the AC as I live and he'll take it.on it five kills that start off the.pistol talk about having no remnants of.the one point six is the condition zeros.sources the world they just know how to.play csgo and boy do they make it look.phenomenal here as we get a replay of.zeros lovely ace to kick things off.that's both pistols in favor and we are.back in the game just let me to I just.couldn't think of a better answer at the.time so I thought I'd just say that let.me let me get back to you on that one.all right as I was not gonna wait though.how about that he goes down to fourteen.that's gonna make things a little bit.problematic sigh we're supposed to.flashing along you want to hold this.cave and oh my goodness will he ever.down goes next I'm not a big fan of.darts yeah that's fair I would actually.just totally triple that on the round.four and totals head for it next gets.the best of him tizzy and elsewhere is.gonna win that duel on long so I we will.be pressured from both directions and he.knows it oh he knows that he welcomes.the challenge he welcomes them in and.even then continuously hits these shots.just keeping up that damage despite big.closing the gap and getting closer the.time is dwindling great movement.together as well and gets back up apex.cleared long for him and he knew he.could cross back over and reset his aim.he couldn't afford to go that direction.without having a rifle to cover off long.I know in certainly it's situational I.think at this point I'm gonna say it I.think it should be choosable in game you.shouldn't have to select beforehand.because I think there are different.roles that can be played with it.certainly smokes that comes to mind good.flash into the apartments tae-woo does.get one back MP now he's gonna be so.careful because the 8k is a wrap Bing.but he was aware of it and Mark didn't.look in the right direction that gives.him a head shot and a K to play with to.the elect to go for it but he's just.gonna farm cash at this point in time.which is great for the offer that ranged.I was on for a great start I think he's.up to what four kills that round he's.gotta be at 7 yes 7 indeed some pretty.solid start.oh it solvent pit destroyers actually at.the stairs graveyard this time my peak.that is a stall a job because apex had.the angle on two hymns I who has to.recover this 13 HP eight seconds has to.give it to the plants immediately it's.still in one on two so don't rule it.done just yet.interesting angle in fact these can go.all the way up to the door and get.inside of the apartments very Swift but.I'll reiterate 13 HP he expects.rightfully that they'll be working.together and looking for the three.there's no reason for them to spread out.at this point he's heard an A K and an M.for fire so that is now confirmed and.he's strictly going to play the time.strictly going to play the bomb finds.the first now the advantage firmly with.him is he really considering Rose.hitting back around that is impressive.because this is a fake defuse if they.held that which I suppose typically.speaking you never would he would have.caught them out the flash Oh missed.throw and Furion blinded himself and.pink we're having that discussion and it.means it's not quite as crazy but it was.very fast-paced you don't like it it.sort of feels like they should know you.know they should be like yeah we kind of.remember what it was like playing like.this I think going for this that would.be told if they went for it.Molly who's going through it he's got.another one he's gonna face the whole.way through it fer kill oh my Carter how.did he make it through the first place.he almost taxed him right through the.smoke as well now he's picked up the a K.instead that ball where's Ross pink no.they need to move very quick in it ah.coming through the smoke taking down.another one sigh whoo he's got a quad.kill he's gonna tap the bomb but I mean.even with him with the defused kid I.mean he had to get that right then in.there.they realize it now they have to move.forward it's the only way out if the.only way to victory and it's just not.gonna happen so I rule with two kills.there's the cz art needs to back off.they cannot allow this escape route to.open up for xilu it's a one versus three.just keep running back with that AWP so.I would desperately trying to find a.trying to open things up and he's done.it now we can get over towards a a.mistake by art and I walk and clutch.this and keep vitality alive yeah well.it would have to be the ace touch.wouldn't it that's what he's gunning for.and if you want anyone left on this.vitality team's composition it's got to.be him 15 seconds plenty of time to put.the bomb down nobody near to stop him.either.and now just peaking out I'm not sure if.he saw that doesn't seem like it smoking.to be going up and after respected.through the smoke he nearly takes down.Vinnie okay so Rada coming in with that.AWP maybe he could wish you could have.find another weapon that could be a hard.weapons Ryan retake with now he's out.past the smokers well they line up for.him pick it up to get my calendar to.eight rounds is rotating there's thirty.seconds on the clock KD ins going for an.investigation towards that V bomb site.you may think it's clear and rotate the.players over there so little time.however creep ahead of it there's a pop.flash from it so his teammate rpki some.quick shot with the desert eagle the.last guy must be on the site they can go.for a trade situation it was I was gonna.creep to playing the same position soon.because he doesn't have a kid of course.they know they play the shotgun all.comes out to play one more plan to go.leaping through the smoke aiding in one.versus one against RPK with the p250.bomb dropped on the floor and cysts all.possible you know for the French as they.continue to find head shot off their.head shot sound cues there but at this.point I just want to plant the bomb and.give himself a post one situation Alex.planting the bomb so I will have.position with a desert eagle and now.he's got position with the ak-47 things.just became a lot more difficult for.kadian he knows I was running her back.but he's open double doors close double.doors open double doors close him again.full armor so he will I mean he's got.the he's what the B aim to do it for.sure looks like so he has slowed them.down enough so far the rotate is.beginning it to come through from Alex.and here comes the aggression Alex has.that one last flashbang for the CT so.now there's a chance of bedlam then.again maybe not.round they've decided to stack that.beast site slightly there leavings I was.all alone on a I think he might just.rotate over at this point good shot on.to the first man so I whew I think he no.no no no I don't know the balcony I saw.the red live red there but it wasn't.from the shot talk about shots that's.quite one an exchange of headshots but.they really want to commit to losing all.these rifles and likely giving Navi some.extra walls I mean if they keep getting.frags now they've got the time to do.this with it with the kits on two of the.three players and in they charged oh.Michael they can actually do this.flamie in the pit now someone's gonna.get on the bomb the retakes ridiculous.they're just running as I were giving.him the kills if there and Wow.pushing through the smoke they want to.do damage they want to just get the head.of this page that has the smoke good.spray but not good enough.finally loud does go down so does that.bomb one close though could contest apex.put some bullets through that smoke and.does so nothing connecting just yet hole.raises they are not really equipped.bumpy start in the first half they were.at 6 to down and I just pull it all the.way back to 9 6 and a fantastic start.here on their tee side remember this is.the pic of hellraisers as well so they.can keep this up 90 seconds and they're.already considering some contact.I'm offering beneath this and look at.this angle they're not to be ready for.that Alex descends from the heavens and.now so does it sir drops off the balcony.to support and he's doing a fantastic.job hellraisers they're not ready for.another as I was double he's come out.with a triple to open up the ace tight.now turns around on its head and Wow.math is such a difficult prospect no kit.and sorry we're just challenging.everything it seems he gets four in.total halves Iowa towards the archway.shocked still in apartments so I was.clearing out closet and working that.smoke forward to the archway catches Ben.tete transitioning back to his rifle.from an aide and now they have CT spawn.control good to see 30 seconds to go.inside Woo's now gonna make him move.back over on arches catches summer at.the time and he tries to transition into.library and now they're encircling the a.site there's not much time left but it.would take the tyloo to get the one kill.but it's not gonna be happening just yet.it all rests on the shoulders of Freeman.he's had a rough game so far and his.difficult game continues the stiff he'd.got a killer maybe it was doable but as.it stands child you gonna have to save.and pull off nine straight rounds to get.us to over top molotov it's coming all.position certainly gets the first back.around the corner ease home inside of.the flames he might as well because the.bomb sits at the doorstep and with that.shot as well a quick peek it's a three.on two advantage it will be Vox ik with.the low HP Carrigan there with the m4 as.well as I whoo you know he hits these.sort of shots and as the first character.now has to deliver with the Sun I've.done before that's not gonna help him.and this one certainly not when as I was.hitting shots like that walking into the.site he's not done there you guys here's.a glimpse on another frag 4-0 off the.leash oh what a flick coming in and.that's gonna save their bacon and I.don't know if they'll be able to recover.now but I was in there with a surprising.frag from the back with the see said is.he now boots off the ramp to try to stop.this defense from working out Shezan he.can't get anything more now as I was.called the or power and he's not gonna.miss over and Rick Hayes be shut down as.well he had a CT smoke down he had a.smoke to cover him from.the main angle that you're gonna be.worried about but instead like I.understand things I was gonna hunt you.down there and wanting to take the fight.but you had four seconds left you stick.the part you have a chance you fake it.even if you get one kill.there's no way vitality or giving you.both gunfire there's just no way they're.not gonna do em they're getting punished.for that kind of a thought process and.this is the second time as well we've.seen as I Woo and that DK push up.towards sandbags previously was the.boost over siphon with the off he got a.light shot off of it that Evan became.was able to clear out he got a follow up.spam as well so their economy fall that.next round so they can get a full buy.obviously Sparrow needs to hold onto.this AWP is to have a weapon for the.next round as well sighs ooh that's.brilliant.he goes sitting up for fast aggression.up on short a but sigh boo shutting them.down like it was absolutely nothing I'm.not saying they go back and change up.the entire thing but there definitely.gets smashed right now yeah either way I.pissed around on the cars.finally some sort of even playing ground.but not for long it's nitro falling.first.all right zhamuhe with the Assassin's.Creed approach to Stewie's okay she's.gonna be our pecans I would try to get.back in the site what rag goes for.second Oh landing a second is I was.leaving in leash and that spells.disasters I who after all he's had 100.HP ultimately he has a Glock and he's.pretty close up so he's playing with the.head shot angle there's a chance here no.I'm an open boat race you know that.we're big heart open book all around.good guy really needs to land his as.well because here come the cavalry.crimson cross and he already gets one.the instant trade is always spins on the.spot JW getting deal damage taking the.AWP on the angle that Molly's gonna push.him off though he's got to give it up.and vitality at least have picked up a.weapon on side whoo let's hop back in.and that's actually separated vitality.from one another these two boys it's.really long GW maybe getting a bit.overzealous there with the deagle there.we go we'll get flusher at the very very.least and now that's the rifle retrieved.as well for Alex with the bomb planted.as we were saying open for banana there.is surely no way oh dear.oh hi whoo peak and round the cord at.four kills for him in that round coming.alive once again maybe a second late now.11 seconds Ricky.there's NBK but they must put that bomb.down sigh whoo you know one of us is to.click on one get the beagles trapped in.it it's so close they're open aids on.him that's a big deal if you could have.picked up like anything on the ground.here that would have really made a.difference now it is deaf up there and.sigh whew taps the bomb a single time.deaf wants to go for the peak just his.head close isn't it.stick with the frag around the side of.arch and now Rob's is trying to find.syru.his job is to delay by time he's got no.support so now his job is to kill.absolutely everybody and maybe he just.will with the mp9 it's very unlikely.against walk sit with the ak-47 but sigh.whew he's playing the clock here he's.behavior to absolute genius boxing has.to push voice I've always done it.that's incredible pull the trigger.not much NBK could have done about that.there's got to get back there's no two.ways about it that's a kill that he.simply has to cling on with with both.hands because not really Mouse the.pressure on Forrest the clay I was.waiting he through the smoke can he.decides to just go for it anyway.satisfaction with the open ramp room.FX's position is pretty well-known and.now he's eliminated and I will be the.last one left he gets the one dig that's.not bad but he's got three more to go.three want to go with 50 seconds and no.armor none of it seems doable cratis.faction opportunity there to add more to.this kill list but not gonna be able to.still sign we're in trouble as that org.I think is right on top of him he sees.it and gets the kill and this definitely.should not be happening now so I moves.behind the pillar and actually gonna go.turn T we can relocate that's very very.smart if he does this one versus four.coming back I think isn't it no he's.gonna go for it.bomb plant and Lia's surely even in with.the massive round lead here that's gonna.make you a little bit nervous blowing.out the window and now he just has to go.for it's I wrote down here waiting for.but it'll window.one versus four and that is so.outrageous what a play from sight we'll.get a smoke down for pressure and.they'll fall back but I wonder if Alex.will hear all of this - yeah if you.could see on the radar he's turned.there's nothing going the way of Korea.at the moment that is so brutal but here.come the pop flashes maybe Furyk and.still bullies I will offer this bomb.site well looks like that's not going to.be the case it would take down art he's.got support as well for King to.investigate and see if there's any.presence in the bathrooms furious.slowing things down a little bit but.here comes Iowa and he's gonna get one.of course he will there's no train tahu.it's two shots this time for the two.kills and three unanswered frags going.to wave wise hearty Burien needs.something case errata and yuri laughter.turnip deliver but it's silent all the.way taking down absolutely everybody.chaos of work if you had a little bit.more HP there you might have got.something done those I would continues.to see you later it's gonna be that.finishes it off we'll see how far bites.are you gonna take it before I write my.number in there yeah it looks like it.actually gonna be a really quick.play-doh coming in from sprout multiple.words a mane does a lot of damage he.finishes off from the tree again such a.strong position 30 seconds just make.yourself you can see another defensive.smoke there from coughing how do you.plant the bomb 20 seconds to go gotta.solve this somehow the models of will.miss completely snappy is swinging.through the arch now and config just has.to stay alive for a moment longer so we.will find it though.and now it's up to snappy to save it.again this is very very difficult to.figure out exactly the right way to play.this one he does have a kit he needs.fast headshots for this ak-47 in that.peak frump it's very difficult to deal.with delays so much time and so another.excellent headshot from him listening.with his crosshair basically and saying.okay there's one player moving towards.you on the pass and it's getting ready.over there so I'm taking out KNG in the.meantime he's the only person who's.fragging for int said so that's not a.great start for them pistols for the.four remaining players as they have some.kind of take of mid if you can call it.that.it's mostly with pistols that the frags.have been hired by ntz generally.speaking on the gun rounds they've.really struggled ultimately see.obviously there wasn't much in this.round but that's been part of the.problem quite I thought maybe Kerrigan.would have heard him but didn't seem.like Yen is crosshair right in the.perfect position and now they're gonna.be peaking side with us Kris going down.early again.players at the eight Bob site that's.where you want them to go if you go down.as Alex you open up an escape route for.mousesports and xyu just gonna hang on.to this off the flashbang it works but.not as well as they would have liked a.Paul.Shiro he's got a triple killing around.delivering a cannon jumping up for a.force so quick let's go up on the creek.to just makes life so good can't be.gonna be able to whip around they don't.even look right yes they do sigh whoo he.won't fall for it he will respect the.fundamentals check your corners boys.when you're going through and he does.find that kill so wonderful work there.on his side keeping it a four-on-four.ends I would now at the creek picked up.gonna find what shocks me misses the.shot wasn't gonna go for the reaping he.pays for it.AWP and play here still with you he's.got the bomb as well stuck on the slope.they will commit to the boast at do they.realize I will once again a hero the.absolute beast will hear if they find.him they might anticipate that's it for.the bebop sign so Golden's position can.really come into its own flush a good.for one with a double JW trading back.and now it's only sigh whew he was quiet.all first half long two kills now in the.clutch and a 1 B 2 required still he.needs four kills in total for this round.plugging in those numbers it's an apse.after plant but he's not gonna take that.position instead two leading brolin.looking for number 4 there it is it of.treachery bit of treason and now in a.play vitality fast out the apartments to.trade and it's JW in the position as I.would found success in but instead it's.our success it shines through two kills.on the opener and Shox has been removed.apex and zai woo they've got to keep the.dream alive so I was looking back to.long gets to and he's on for the ACE I.would 5 they keep that dream alive a.knight brown for vitality really.committed here it seems like they are.posturing up to take this beast sight.sorry we're waiting come with the Scout.at the edge there is the kill on two.Hobbit advantage picked up in vitality.would love to get a little bit more here.and so he's got himself a triple kill.with a style cord from Tywin and it's in.two or three v1 inside would see is.incredible stuff from thyroid this is a.really strong start from vitality.considering they lost the pistol and the.follow up suits and his mates.let's see if eyetality can sweep aside.that very poor first half and come back.with a place of glory and be cane so.we're gonna try their best but let grow.and get right gonna be able to get two.kills of their own bombs been dropped on.quadrants I who is now feeling it he is.landing headshots oh my goodness of 4k.and vitality pick up the second pistol.just what they were looking for yeah.that's so good but not for long the.trades just coming back and forward.leaves Iowa alone and he's scared that.there might be someone in the middle.there is there's a flank coming in from.groobie although it's more of a patient.when he catches out RPK instead and.leaves Iowa as the lone man and how had.she has a chance just to go for the.defuser the problem is as you mentioned.there isn't a single kit he's just got a.stick and hope that his opponent doesn't.come back close enough and I think he.may just have it groobie has to go.running in it's too little too late.you'll finish him off in the end you'll.get that final frag the fact this is.Iowa with the balls of steel and a 10.second defuse grubbing through the smoke.does manage to take down to a little bit.more doable.especially when sparrow comes through.and leaves I will allow one versus three.what side we're gonna do not that much.HP needs those clean headshots and needs.that smoke to end up working out for him.using interesting one headshot angle and.he's gonna work it every single time one.one and he's got three sigh whew.you just can't leave him when Alex.playing much closer to mid and wanting.to make vici at least work or has to be.paranoid not playing deep into the site.and giving all that map control over the.kids I will he's still holding the angle.that's beautiful joking goes down he's.gonna go for more he gets it now as I.was stepping up now he's heating up but.he's got a third headshot as well all.four kills to cover them as they work.their way up Lane and this is a mystery.team vitality actually Alex he dips back.towards CT spawn cling in between the.bomb sites he's got to get back that all.needs to do work there's the first kill.off he can't get a peek up but he's.dropped down xyu inside the bomb side.holding strong so we've got to go making.a third side woo single-handedly.the site for a 4k and vitality now have.a map point store the chaos is still at.or to Apex fine his almond jumping out.of balcony but he's gonna get his head.claimed and taken off by Freeman and I.was I was alone be defender has to.somehow paw off this 1v2 clutch.certainly would make his mark in major.history if he pulled this one for.vitality the Molotov also accompanied.him he's not going to decide to throw it.but finally sees three miles won't be.what happen there and now Foreman's.missed his opportunity to take downs.Iowa so he knows where he is he still.has that Molotov outcomes almond and.he's been obliterated vitality you're.gonna clutch it 2120 before they even.get a chance to get into position I.think NP cages weren't they're thin the.herd sigh whoo last player left I found.the first some damage through the smoke.is he really gonna pull this off again.he's already got one B two's 1v3 Stu his.name but a 1v2 will won't be three.clutch to win his entire single-handedly.put eyetality Luke trying to take a.little bit of control into mid and there.are players ready and waiting on the.other side crux the one to take the peek.alongside safe in it it's gonna be an.early trade in his hands when he took.that no fear on the otherwise given the.chance to cross this out 1v2 is.positioning himself into that direct one.short headshot angle he knows that with.his HB doesn't really as I say that he.almost got just Hampus out with a knife.in his hands reposition is now.HS was approaching from behind two.flashes can't really be in a position to.use them he's moved through again he's.playing this so smart both angles and.he's found one of them needs to.reposition and now and be.okay well he's urging on his young star.to whatever capacity he can and Hampus.who decided you know what it's not worth.their to go ahead against the class.master himself we'll go down even though.he was just trying to retreat but he.survives a little bit longer snap chief.to get that open up we've traded our by.and became me who has got very far into.the site and MBK is not ready for that.but still the trades come backwards I.will again in pissed around picking up.frags the fact though it's gonna be down.to the reef taken by the looks of it.this time they don't have a kid however.with a quick kill from Alex maybe they.won't need one the tags coming back in.Simon's around and from behind towers i.I've got this element of surprise but so.it doesn't give it a second thought.held strong at ramp just with the SMG.like you said this player is being.tagged down certainly helping to clean.up the round there for vitality the.whole double for now it's a shooting.gallery.he's done it.that is incredible as I was before five.kills just squishing their heads with.the org hotspot their flashbacks are so.fine if it's they draw away the seat.ease into the more close-knit angles of.bathroom not really where the ops at its.most powerful and be Kane's I were both.feeling this thing but I who comes out.with one looking for a second defines it.through the smoke get rights been said.really laying against the third.unbelievable individual effort from xyu.he is definitely arrived here on.overpass serious shorty what a key st.tomogram misleading the Kamata plant.receive operative civil robot a machine.kappa yo a 13-story camino CNB can't.agree more Pama.guy at Quadra kill with a yacht they.don't clear the corner that's where.Esperanto is gonna strike from and he's.got support all around him back off in.the hands of hunter is good for two and.it is vitality falling being unraveled.at the seams so it seems.until xyu will be attempting this clutch.1v2 and an excellent deagle headshot.it's just hunter off the spam shots are.there but.both players stand in it's around the.corner that sigh who will take it.oh man dodging shots and putting lead.downrange the young gun grabs the club.cat an auto is honing in on this who.wins this duel it would be crucial for.the mid control aha.Sabu bests in 5v3 nexif walking out from.ramp something we've seen regularly the.deep grenade damages NBK a bit not all.to substantial another frag from xilu.nearing 30 at this moment esperanto.finally gonna get a little something.done flashbangs over the stairs and he's.looking for the opera but sigh whew one.step ahead three kills from him in the.first round of over time that's exactly.with vitality Juan that's right yeah a.huge plus a great bull yeah.Percy you naive story so swimming way to.meet you when you poach a so you go away.inside miss George muses infamous a post.misleading when grief you start to drive.it in front Suzy's digit numbers last.night pin Amish Rena what you've a.problem I assume you pistol it cards but.imagine a pair of Asian population you.find up in usually today's no I'm not.that you've got a snap Tampa tides a.process that is that the market subpoena.católica store as my people I'm over it.qualitative station that the background.well I was designing what I was.obviously a very different team three.kills in the yard the bombs dropped.there's no smokes on the cross.Norse try and throw in a fast execute.but well they get executed vitality.absolutely.no killers coming through for the tea.side and it's I we with four kills now.bow they may have dropped 40 back on the.previous map but I was here to play as.well somewhat aware of the possibility.here our PK gotta be the first man in.that she knows I will be trying to take.this fight and the utility going over.there's the openers I was taken down by.out it's the reef Ragan two or four on.four.once again he is falling apart here for.Northam we need a hero to step up easy.does fine wander this bomb part getting.tapped to try and force the peaks I was.picking up everyone and four kills to.close out the map 16 to 5 therefore.vitality we not perishing in the fire.and flame it just yeah and that flash.almost presents an opening frag for him.trying to show that he's not just that.offer.he's very proficient with these rifles.is sigh woo and once again okay second.kill looking for a bit more.sigh woo the young prodigy third kill.hat-trick locked in and he's looking to.try and carry vitality through to a 13th.I was in with a for expecting this and.BK gotta be praying the first point of.contact and let me run this back turn.its I were with an ace now looking at.trying to bail him out now and is dead.has been fed to the wolves I we.double-entry the man II was the staff of.vitality last time on this map getting.off to a big start in this round as he's.somehow walked out to be bomb site with.the bomb pause denied by necks are in.the window being a nuisance so I wound.out animates the peak on in and how much.is that necks are in the window he's.ready to go peak get on through I'm.stuck this time around so I we win with.four he's making this round for that.possible he gets the ACE I'd like.goodness he might have been quiet on.cash but.is roared to life here.you.

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Are there any chances to fill out the improvement form for 2019 of the RBSE board for 12 class?

Hari om, you are asking a question as to : “ Are there any chancesto fill out the improvement form for 2019 of the RBSE Board for 12 class?”. Hari om. Hari om. ANSWER : Browse through the following links for further details regarding the answers to your questions on the improvement exam for class 12 of RBSE 2019 : how to give improvement exams in rbse class 12 is there a chance to fill rbse improvement form 2019 for a 12th class student Hari om.

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