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How to Write the Application Immigrant Visa 2015 2019 Form under Instructions on the Laptop?

CocoSign helps out each user to simplify the workflow and amplify work productivity by having a better management of the files. Comply with the below steps to have a better understanding of how to customize Application Immigrant Visa 2015 2019 Form more skillful.

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  1. Select the unoccupied form and click to read the whole document.
  2. Look over the whole document and find out which part you need to cover.
  3. Write down your personal data in the blank form.
  4. Press a form field and include a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. Review the whole form once again to see if there's anything you miss out.
  6. Select the sign tools to include your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by ticking "Done" button.
  8. After customize the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any doubts, please speak to the support team to receive more info.

By putting to use CocoSign, you can fill in Application Immigrant Visa 2015 2019 Form and include your digital signature immediately. It will definetely amplify your productivity and make your life much easier.

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Get Your Application Immigrant Visa 2015 2019 Form Signed In an Instant

in this video I'm going to be talking.about the 12 steps of the immigrant visa.process and specifically submitting your.documents to the National Visa Center.and preparing for your interview at the.Embassy abroad make sure you stick.around to find out all of the.information you need to know regarding.submitting your documentation to the.National Visa Center and preparing for.the interview at the u.s. embassy hello.everyone and welcome back to another.video I get a lot of questions regarding.the immigrant visa process submitting.documents to the National Visa Center.how long processing typically take I.want to answer a lot of those questions.here so what I'm going to do is go.through the immigrant visa process from.start to finish just so you know what to.expect okay so let's get started.in order to be eligible to apply for an.immigrant visa at an embassy abroad you.must have an approved immigrant petition.with USCIS first be an i-130 an i-140 or.in I 5 to 6 now I want you to be very.careful when it comes to filling out.those immigrant petitions because that.will dictate whether your approved.petition gets sent to the National Visa.Center in the first place so with every.petition there is a section that you.complete that either says that you are.in the United States and you're going to.be adjusting status or you are abroad.and you are going to be consular.processing.if you intend to consular process it is.absolutely critical that you check the.correct box on this petition if you.don't put that you are applying for visa.abroad at an embassy then USCIS will.never send your approved petition to the.National Visa Center you will not get a.case number and then you can't obtain an.immigrant visa to come in.you would have to file an ia 2 4.application for action on an approved.petition in order to have USCIS send.your case to the National Visa Center.aside from having to pay an additional.fee just for the ia 2 4 form the.processing time for it is substantially.long about like 8 months or so this is.why it's so important to make sure you.check the correct box the first time so.USCIS sends it to the National Visa.Center automatically or else you have to.file that extra form pay the extra fee.and wait an additional 8 months before.USCIS can send your case the National.Visa Center.after USCIS approves your petition now.assuming you check the correct box to.apply for a visa broad within about a.few weeks USCIS will send your approve.petition to the National Visa Center for.processing once the National Visa Center.receives your case they will assign you.a case number.now keep in mind the case number is.assigned to the beneficiary of the.approved petition so it's going to be.under the name of the person that will.be actually applying for the visa abroad.at the Embassy you will receive an email.or a welcome letter in the mail letting.you know that a case number has been.created for you.due to the Cova 19 pandemic the National.Visa Center is currently working with.reduced staff so the time between your.approved petition with USCIS and receipt.of the Welcome letter or email from the.National Visa Center could take a little.bit longer it's going to vary so with.the fact that they have reduced staff it.might not be a couple weeks it might be.longer so keep that in mind if your.priority date is current according to.the Visa Bulletin then you will be.eligible to submit your fees and.supporting documents to the National.Visa Center right away if your priority.date is not current then you will be.notified that a case number was created.for you.however you are not eligible at this.time to pay the fees and provide the.supporting documentation once your.priority date becomes current and an.immigrant visa number is available to.you then the National Visa Center will.contact you again at that time to let.you know that you can start the process.now be aware there is a one-year contact.requirement.which means from the time that the.National Visa Center notifies you that.you can start the process you can pay.the fees and submit the supporting.documentation because an immigrant visa.number is available to you and your.priority data is current you have one.year to pay the fees and submit the.supporting documents otherwise the.National Visa Center will terminate your.case you will lose the benefits of that.petition that was approved by USCIS you.have one year to start the process with.the National Visa Center once they have.contacted you and let you know that an.immigrant visa number is available to.you and you can start the process.so once you've received your NBC welcome.letter letting you know you can start.the process the first thing you have to.do is pay the processing fees for each.beneficiary that is going to be.receiving an immigrant visa so depending.on the type of application there could.be one or two fees there's an immigrant.visa application processing fee and.there's an affidavit of support fee if.you filed an i-140 there's no affidavit.of support to be submitted and no.affidavit of support fee if you're the.beneficiary of a family sponsored case.then you will need to also pay the.affidavit of support fee and submit that.appropriate form in order to pay your.fees you will log into the c-axis tum'.with your case number and click pay now.for each of the fees that you have to.pay be aware that the website won't let.you pay both fees at the same time they.will require you to pay one fee at a.time so just be aware that you could.only pay one at a time in order to pay.your fees through this system you must.use a bank account number and a routing.number to pay it you can't pay it with.credit card you can't pay it by mailing.a check you have to submit the banking.information directly online.the NVC prompts you that you have to.wait up to about a week for the fees to.change from in process to paid then you.can upload the necessary documents.after the fees are paid you can now.upload the executed affidavit of support.evidencing that the sponsor of your.petition has sufficient household income.and/or assets to sponsor your immigrant.visa this step only applies if you are.required to submit an affidavit of.support but if you're not required to.submit an affidavit of support then of.course this step does not apply to you.and you would skip to the next step.if you were required to submit an.executed affidavit of support you would.also have to submit the proof of taxes.the evidence of the income proof of.assets if necessary if the income the.household income was insufficient then.you would submit the proof of assets you.would also have to submit proof of your.sponsors us status so whether it's their.birth certificate their naturalization.certificate passport or green card.here's where you would submit the.documentation for your sponsor.you cannot begin completion of the ds2.60 until your visa fees have already.been paid so as soon as it appears as.paid you will be allowed to start the.ds2 60 application at that time this.application is to be completed and.submitted online you don't need to print.it out and sign it you should definitely.keep a copy of the entire application.that you submit after you have completed.it and submitted it make sure that you.save a PDF version of your application.just for your own records you're not.required to take it with you at the.interview you're only required to print.out the confirmation page and take the.confirmation page with you to the.interview but it's very important that.you keep a copy of the entire.application for your own records just in.case you have to complete another one.after completing your ds2 60 you and.each family member that would be.immigrating with you must retrieve and.submit the necessary civil documents for.your application the Department of.State's website provides detailed.information on each civil document you.must obtain and it tells you how to.obtain them what they should look like.who they should be issued by so all of.that information can be found on their.website a good tip is is that if you.know that you're going to be consular.processing even before starting the.concert process you should definitely.take a look at their website and review.the documents that you will be required.to submit in the future that way you can.obtain the necessary documentation in.advance if you're able to I do want to.caution you that some documents may have.an expiration date but certain things.like the birth certificates marriage.certificates divorce certificates those.can be obtained in advance they are not.time-sensitive so definitely take a look.at the website to see which records you.need to obtain and figure out if you can.obtain them now or if you have to wait.until later on.unless specifically directed to do so do.not mail any documents to the National.Visa Center you must scan and upload.them to the siak website sometimes the.National Visa Center will ask you to.mail them a document directly however.you must scan each document that you.have and save it to your computer so you.can upload it to the siak website.once the documents are scanned and saved.into your computer you'll be able to.upload them to the siak website if the.National Visa Center determines that the.documents you submitted weren't correct.or were incomplete you will receive a.notification to upload the correct.documents or the missing documents after.you have submitted all of the documents.and the National Visa Center reviews.everything and determines that you've.paid your fees and submitted all of the.appropriate documentation then you will.receive an email from the National Visa.Center letting you know that your case.is complete and they will be.coordinating with the respective embassy.to schedule an appointment for you based.on the Embassy's availability you were.once your interview has been scheduled.you can then schedule and complete a.medical examination with an embassy.approved doctor in your country based on.the embassy that you will be attending.the interview there are special.instructions regarding the medical exam.the doctors that are able to perform the.medical exam and so you must contact.that doctor scheduled your medical exam.and either the doctor will directly send.your medical exam results to the embassy.or they will give you your results in a.sealed envelope so you can take it with.you to your interview so you cannot.schedule or complete the medical exam.before you have an official interview.date and it must be in that country you.cannot for example perform the medical.exam in the United States and then.attend the interview abroad.so there are specific instructions on.who can perform these medical exams for.you in that country so you would have to.contact them directly also before your.interview you should gather all of the.civil documents that you had all of the.documents that you uploaded to the siak.website and definitely make sure you.have the original and/or certified.copies with you because you will be.required to take those with you to the.interview you will not be required to.take with you the i-864 affidavit of.support or the sponsors financial.information you only have to take your.own civil documents your passport your.birth certificate your marriage.certificate your police certificates.everything that you were required to.upload and submit that is what you must.take with you to the interview and of.course the medical exam if the doctor.didn't already send it to the embassy.and you also have to take with you the.photographs that were required to be.submitted as well also you may be asked.to present the public charge.questionnaire the D s 5540 so on their.website you're able to download that.form and complete it and take it with.you if you are asked to bring it.when you attend your interview you must.bring the appointment letter from the.National Visa Center that tells you the.date and time of your interview you have.to bring your passport and make sure.your passport your current passport has.a validity period that exceeds six.months beyond the date of entry so you.need to bring your unexpired passport.that is valid for six months beyond your.intended date of entry into the United.States you must bring the two identical.color photograph for each person your D.s to sixty confirmation page and the.original or certified copies of the.civil documents that I mentioned.previously.if your immigrant visa was approved you.will receive the i-551 stamp in your.passport the stamp will have a validity.period of up to six months so.essentially you have six months to.prepare all of your belongings to move.to the United States and you have that.six months to enter the United States as.a permanent resident for the first time.before you travel before you even get on.a plane to the United States you must.pay an additional fee for each person.that that received the immigrant visa.this is specifically to produce your.green card the physical permanent.resident card you will receive if you.don't pay that USCIS immigrant fee after.your interview and before you move to.the United States you will not receive.your green card in the mail either the.officer will give you the instructions.but typically the instructions on how to.pay that fee will be in a big yellow.envelope that has your passport with the.visa stamp and instructions so the.instructions will be there it'll direct.you exactly how to pay that fee so you.will go to USCIS as website pay that fee.for each person and once that fee is.paid you will receive a receipt number.it starts with ioe you need to keep that.receipt number for each person.screenshot it write it down save it in.your phone do whatever you have to do to.make sure you keep that receipt number.because that receipt number is what.you're going to use to track your green.card once you move to the United States.after you've paid that fee and then you.travel to the United States and enter as.a lawful permanent resident within two.months of entering for the first time.you should receive the permanent.resident card in the mail at the address.that you indicated on the dstwo sixty as.I mentioned you can use that IOE.receipt number for each person to check.the status of the green card on USCIS.website so there you have all of these.steps for the immigrant visa process.with the National Visa Center and the.interview at the Embassy abroad after.your petition has been approved with.USCIS if you liked this vid.and you found it helpful definitely give.it a thumbs up that way YouTube knows to.share it across the platform thank you.for watching and I'll see you in the.next video.[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the Application Immigrant Visa 2015 2019 Form online

You must be keen on a useful solution to electronic signatures for Application Immigrant Visa 2015 2019 Form . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Seeking, a single online program that does not need any additional installation.

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Application Immigrant Visa 2015 2019 Form FAQs

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