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Form Copyright 2012 2019 : Revise, Finish and save

hey guys today we're going to talk about.getting your material copyrighted and.how to do it the easiest way and the.cheapest way and that includes how to.copyright a large number of works under.one filing so that you don't have to pay.tons and tons of money to the Copyright.Office just to get a few songs.copywriter so that's we're going to look.at today so the first thing we're going.to want to do is go over here to.copyright gov and this is the government.copyright office and then once we do.that we're going to come down here and.we're going to go to register a.copyright now we're in the Copyright.Office and now you're going to have to.login yeah so you click here to login.and if you have not created an account.already you're going to have to create.your account and you will do that by.clicking here if you are a new user.click here to register by registering.you'll create an account with copyright.gov where you'll be able to then.register your copyrights under that.account I do already have an account so.I'm going to go ahead and log in with my.account and so we get logged in alright.so then we log in we're going to end up.on this page right here if you have some.things already being processed you're.going to see them listed under here.obviously you see no records here so.I've got nothing being processed right.now so what I want to do is register a.new claim so I'm going to click here and.I'm going to say no I'm not registering.one work is on registering more than one.I'm going to be registering a set of.works are you the only author and owner.of the work I'm going to say yes here.because when I'm registering is all my.own material there are no other authors.on any of the songs so if you have one.song that's by you and another song.that's by you and somebody else you're.not going to be able to file them in the.same go when you file multiple songs all.at one time they're all going to have to.be the same authorship you can't really.mix and match when you do multiple.filing so there tends to be all the same.works all under the same authorship let.me give you a quick example of that so.you know what I'm talking about at one.point I had registered an entire set of.songs from a CD but there was one song.on the CD this one here which I wanted.to share authorship with so with another.writer so all the songs on this CD were.written by me except for this one so if.you go over here you'll see I had to.make two - fees or make two payments in.order to register all the songs on that.CD because this is like all the songs.except this one which actually was.written by me and somebody else so.that's what I'm talking about that's.what we're trying to step around here.with what I'm showing you today so you.don't have to pay more than once for all.your songs from that collection and they.ask you again does this work you're.sending contain material created only by.this author and I'm going to say yes.okay so then we'll start the.registration now here's a point that a.lot of people don't get right and it's.really really important and that's the.type of work now a lot of times you will.get advice from people that you should.just file the sound recording and in.some cases that's correct but if you're.trying to protect the actual song the.notes.towards the lyrics whatever then you're.actually going to have to use the PA.work of the performing arts now what.that will do is protect the underlying.work let me drill down a little bit.deeper into that point so you understand.it really well okay so let me just make.a disclaimer that you know I am NOT a.lawyer and I don't play one on TV.but I kind of know my way around these.laws a little bit so let me try and help.and explain it to you now there's these.two different kinds of recordings that I.just mentioned there's two different.kinds of copyrights that I just.mentioned one is form PA and the other.one is form SR PA stands for work of the.Performing Arts and SR stands for sound.recording there is some confusion in the.industry as to which one to use to.protect yourself and to be honest you.should use both of them but at different.times what you need to start out is with.is PA work the performing arts so what.the work of the performing arts will.protect is your composition or your song.and that includes the notes the chords.the melody and the lyrics so that when.for example someone else wants to record.that song and put it out on a record you.will get paid as a writer of that song.so you'll receive the writers royalties.if you have copyrighted your work under.form PA it doesn't matter who records it.or puts the song out you will get paid.as a writer so it's important to have.the PA copyright on anything that you've.written regardless of whether or not.it's the final product so what you.should really do is you can you can't.upload a recording of your material.under form PA and that can serve as the.notes chords and melodies and lyrics of.the song you can also upload sheet music.and lyrics on a txt file or whatever so.you actually can do all of that and ID.definitely recommend adding all those.files to your filing when you do your.upload so that you get all of those.things protected under your form PA now.if you do have a copyright of form PA on.a song that you've written that means.that you will then own that song and if.someone else tries to put the song out.they are going to have to get permission.from you first and usually that's done.in the form of a license under a.publishing company so if you own the.copyright then you can register your.material with a publishing company.whether it's your own publishing company.or another someone else's publishing.company and then that publishing company.can license the rights to the song to.some other artist or some other record.company that might want to put the song.out so that's why it's really super.important to get form PA filed first now.the SR is also important but what it.what you need to understand about the SR.form.copyright is that it only protects the.recording it only protects the master or.the recording so after you go through a.bunch of headaches you know creating and.mixing and mastering and everything you.you end up with a final recording a.final master or whatever that might get.played on TV it might get played on the.radio and hopefully you'll be able to.sell records with that so that's.basically you will get paid as the owner.of the SR copyright when the master gets.played or sold so you're going to paid.actually for the recording and if you.happen to be the writer of the material.on that sound recording now if that.recordings out there getting played on.the radio or on TV not only will you get.paid for the the fact that you own that.master but you'll also get paid some.pennies as the owner of the PA copyright.as a writer so you'll get writers.royalties and you'll also get the master.play royalties so you can get two.different kinds of.royalties with these two different.copyrights and if you're a producer then.you need to follow this plant and have.not only the PA performing our copyright.of the underlying work but then you also.need to get a sound recording copyright.on the actual recording that's out there.getting played on the air so you'll get.paid for playing your recording and.you'll also get paid for having written.that song so that's the difference.between the two different kinds of.copyrights okay so now let's get back to.our procedure all right so in this case.I'm going to register my works as a work.of the performing arts and they want to.make sure you know what you're doing so.you click to confirm that you've read.the description you know what you're.doing and hopefully my description of.the types of copyrights will help you be.sure that you pick the right one.so we're going to start with work the.performing arts so I just want to have.my music protected so that nobody can.steal it and rerecord it and put it out.under their own record or whatever so.that's what I'm going to do now I'm.going to continue and I'm going to give.the title of the work so I will click.new because it's a new work so what.you're going to have to do is the first.thing you should do select title of work.being registered it's the first thing.they want you to do so put in the title.of the work whether it's a collection or.whatever it is and then you're going to.select title of work being registered.and then click Save.once I've done that it does Salette come.up under my list of work here and I'm.going to go continue.and has the work been published I'm.going to say no and it's going to ask me.for the year of creation and I'm going.to say hmm I'm going to say 2015 for now.even though I've sort of had these out.for a while I have now pre-registered my.work so I'm going to go ahead and click.the continue button and now that I've.done that I've ended up on this page.here where NAT wants author information.so I'm going to just say add me and it's.either this or that I've got my full.name and this is no wasn't made for hire.and I do happen to be United States.citizen so I'll put that there and.that's you know that's all that's needed.for this page so I'll save this and now.it's going to ask you what did the.author create it the author created the.music and I don't have any lyrics for.these so I'm just going to say the music.and the musical arrangement might as.well say the lyrics to there a couple of.words in there and that's it so I'm just.going to save that until now we've got.the authors on the title so I'm going to.just continue.now it's asking you rather than who.wrote the work it's asking you now who.owns that that work it could have been.the situation where you paid to have.somebody else write the song and you own.it.even though they wrote it but in this.case I wrote it and I own it so I'm just.going to say add me once again all the.same information it already has all my.information here including my address.I'm not transferring anything so that's.all fine I'm just going to go save so.now I see my list of copyright claimants.here and I'm the one on the list that's.all I need for this part so I'm going to.go continue to the next part and now in.this screen it's basically this thing.like limit your claim which means that.if you have any samples or anything that.you need to identify then this is what.you're going to do you're going to.exclude that material and explain what.it is I don't have anything in my.package that's going to require that so.I'm just going to continue on this page.they're just asking you to add a contact.someone who will be dealt with.personally in terms of the business of.the con the copyright I'm kind of.already listed here but just for the.heck of it I'm going to put all my.information in here one more time just.so they know where to contact me so I've.got all my information filled in I could.also juice it just do ad me I think.that's fine so I'm just going to go.continue.and once again it seems to be the same.information here so I've got all that.information filled out and I'm going to.continue now they also want to know who.should we mail the certificate to once.again it's going to be the same.information so I filled that up and I'm.just going to go continue now to the.next one.now this special handling screen is if.you want to pay them a bunch of money to.try to do it more quickly or you have.some special conditions and you can fill.this out otherwise you're just going to.click continue and I'm not going to go.for that I don't think you'll need to.either I'm just going to go continue.we'll go to the next page and on this.screen they're asking me to just certify.that everything I'm saying is true.and that I'm not trying to defraud the.Copyright Office or anything if you do.you'll end up being charged $2,500 so.make sure you don't do anything wrong in.here and put my name and that's all I.need to do here so I'm going to click.continue and as you can see here on this.page it's basically listing out.everything that I've entered so far the.the titles publication completion the.authors and contributors the claimants.limitations the rights correspondent the.mail the certificate and the.certification so it's all about me in.there.all my data is there so at this point I.think they want you to go ahead and pay.for it before you start uploading tracts.so we're going to go ahead and add it to.cart and it's $55 and we'll go over to.our cart now and you can see that I have.a 55 dollar fee do so I'm going to go.ahead and pay that just click the.checkout I'll use a credit card so I'm.going to click and there's going to send.me over to the pay gov site so we'll.just go over there and I'm going to make.my payment and you'll notice they give.you the option of using an ACH debit.directly from your bank account where.you can go down here and use a credit.card and that's what I'm going to do.okay so I've got all my credit card info.here and we'll just go and pay and if.you want it confirmation you can put an.email address here which I'll do.and click here to authorize the payment.and then submit the payment okay and the.payment successful and now we're back to.continue the registration so just go.ahead and click to continue now as you.can see I've got this wonderful.copyright filing already now for me to.upload all the files that I want to add.to this you can upload them or you can.send it by mail I want to give you a.really good piece of advice right now.before you go in and do this process.make sure that you are not on Chrome.browser ok because I've already just.spent a bunch of time figuring out or.finding out with the Copyright Office.that Chrome is not compatible with their.website so I'm going to suggest Internet.explorer and I have a couple of other.pieces of advice too as we go on just to.save you some trouble that I've been.through.okay but we're going to go ahead and.upload our files now and you may notice.they have kind of the same uploading.system that we have on GRU phonic if.you've ever been there so I'm going to.go ahead and get my music files that I'm.uploading and I have quite a few so.we'll take quite a bit of time to to.upload so got them all so I can select.them all at once and the way that I do.it is I select them on the top and then.I scroll down press the shift key and.select the one on the bottom and that.selects the top the bottom and.everything in between I'm going to just.click open and the next thing you know.we've got all these files listed out in.the upload applet for.the copyright upload now once again.please do make sure that you use.Microsoft Internet Explorer they tell me.that Firefox works Chrome is not.compatible and you'll waste a bunch of.time using it so don't use Chrome to do.this part once you've selected all your.files and I have almost 40 50 files here.there I want to you know say it wasn't.saving a lot of money uploading them all.to one filing for just fifty-five.dollars so let's go ahead and click the.start upload and you can't see it very.well but you'll see that there is.actually a progress bar here underneath.each one of them and as the file starts.to upload you'll see it's sort of.gradually turned green from the.left-hand going to the right until the.whole thing is done just like that you.can see that little green bits start to.appear right there and it will take.quite a bit of time for me that these.are almost 50 files so this will.probably take about a half hour so I'm.going to go ahead and pause this.recording and I'll come back when it's.done and one thing I want to tell you.before I you know pause it do not.whatever you do do not click this button.until you are done with the upload okay.do not click this one until you're done.with the upload because you'll go into.more grief if you do that and I do hate.to say it as you know as producer.engineer and a programmer their website.is a little bit behind the times but.that's just the way it goes so that's.what we live through to get our music.registered quickly online okay so you.can see that these are starting to.upload I'm going to pause the recording.now I'll come back you can see that.these are getting almost done now this.one's almost done when it is done the.green bar will disappear and it will say.successfully uploaded.just like that alright then so we can.see now that the top part of my files.have all successfully uploaded the only.problem is that about half of them came.up with this error and it may just be it.was too many files what I'm going to try.to do is add the files so I just click.again on this button here and I'm going.to select the ones that I haven't.already uploaded and I click start.upload to get everything going alright.then so it looks like finally we've got.everything uploaded so now I will click.this button and now it's telling me the.submission is done.so regardless of whether that last.deposit is showing this list I can click.on this link here that says view.uploaded file names and when I count.them all it's exactly the right number.of files and all of the songs here that.I want to copy right under this.copyright are now listed in this list.and from what I can see there are no.repetitions here they're all you know.separate songs but they're all going to.be copyrighted under this filing because.you can see here it says claim.submission completed no further action.required if I go ahead and I click on.home and then I see my case listed and I.click on the case number again and now.you can definitely see that the third.deposit is now listed below so we are.complete so if we click on open cases.now up here you know we'll see this case.and the upload status is complete as I.click that blue button you never want to.click that blue button until it's all.finished and you you're done submitting.things and then it will sort of more or.less close it it says open so that means.it's waiting to be processed now we have.this one here and it's an open case the.fee has been paid it's now in the the.open case list and it will be processed.by the Copyright Office so here are the.statuses and like I said the open cases.are the ones currently being processed.working cases are the ones that you have.started working but you've not paid for.and so and so forth so ultimately this.will end up as a closed case once the.Copyright Office process is there so.that brings us to the end of this video.I hope you've enjoyed it I hope you.learned a lot about copywriting and if.you.any questions or any comments you like.to make please feel free to leave them.or email us Thanks.

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