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listen up you're here because you want.to know how to play.legend of the five rings you know that.samurai.fantasy rpg that has an amazing world.did you read the book i'm sure some of.you are here because that chore is.just too much your game master said they.were running it.and you want to play but can't be.bothered with a massive tome of rules.others are here because they want to.preview the rules to see if they.even want to play the last of you.well the last of you have my sympathies.you're the reason i'm making this video.you fellows read the book.and notice that the rules are just.difficult to understand.i do not begrudge you i've been running.this game since 2018.and it still throws me for a loop so for.the curious.the lazy and the befuddled.welcome to the l5r dojo.today we'll be talking about some of the.basics.dice rings and skills these three things.are inherently intertwined so it's.difficult.to talk about one without discussing the.others.still we have to start somewhere and of.the three.i think the dice are our best bet look.at these beauties.i know what you're thinking what are.those strange symbols on each side.do you think they're neat would you.rather have numbers.well too bad first notice that there's.two types of dice.a d6 called a ring die and a d12 called.a skill.die when you roll these you roll a.number of ring dice equal to your ring.and a number of skill dice.equal to your skill there are four.unique.symbols you can find on every die this.first symbol is the most important.this is a straight up zen circle the.foundational symbol of.zen buddhism when this symbol appears on.your die.you can keep a success successes.are the core of the game when a.character wants to accomplish a task.the player needs an amount of successes.equal to the target number or tn.i'll be calling target numbers tns from.here on out.any number of kept successes less than.the tn.results in a failure of the task if the.player has a number of kept successes.equal to their tn they will succeed at.their task.if they have more successes than their.tn they may gain.extra effects be aware that sometimes.these effects are for each bonus success.or for every two or three bonus.successes.and not every role will benefit from.bonus successes.so be aware of this when it comes time.to keep your dice.tns and l5r tend to be low with the tn.of one being easy.a tn of two being average and a tn of.three being difficult.but they go all the way up.and depending on how a character.approaches a task the tn.can change the next symbol will probably.become your best friend.this is the karmic wheel of rebirth.the dharma of zen buddhism but here in.l5r.it's your explosive success.explosive successes are excellent.because when you keep one.not only does it count as a success but.you may roll.another die and keep it as well if you.wish.so even if the tn is greater than the.number of dice you roll or keep.you always have a chance of succeeding.the only caveat is you have to keep 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i'll.quickly reiterate.why every time a player rolls a die.they're gonna want to check.every chart every technique they have.for the perfect way.to spend that opportunity and with every.new book there's a chance for a new.table.of new opportunities so with every dire.role.the game could come to a crashing halt.as players try to optimize their.opportunities what you gonna do.this mechanic is so core to the rules.you can't easily ignore it sometimes.if you're a clever gm you can streamline.it here and there.but of course that comes at the expense.of players determining the outcomes of.their own roles.which can lead to players feeling robbed.of an effect they.want so either.the game slows down and you got a bunch.of players waiting on somebody to look.through all the books.or you got a player being cheated.[Music].it's a catch-22 i hate it i wish it was.changed.we'll have to wait for next edition all.right let's.let's get out of this.back to teaching you about l5r where was.i.oh yeah the last symbol this.little w actually it's not a w.at all instead it's supposed to be a.cherry blossom petal.do you see it i mean i guess.what's weirder is what it symbolizes.strife.strife is basically stress i'll talk.about strife in more detail.in the next video but here just know.that while the book says stripe.isn't inherently bad the effects of.having too much strife.are lower die rolls and unmasking.causing losses of honor.and glory all things that are you know.kind of important if you keep a die that.has a strife symbol.you'll gain a point of strife why would.you want to keep a die with a strife.symbol.because strife always piggybacks on more.useful symbols i'm sure you've noticed.by now i use the word.keep and kept over and over again.when talking about dice that's because.this game uses a.roll and keep system when you roll your.dice you don't simply add them all up.like other games.instead you have to pick and choose.which dice you think will give you the.best chance in the game.this means you might pick more.opportunity over successes.or maybe don't take that extra success.because you can't afford any more strife.the way you use your dice can be very.strategic giving you.short-term and long-term risks and.benefits but how many dice can you keep.well that's up to your rings and there's.no better time to talk about rings.than right now so what are rings well.they're right there in the title look.look there they are legend of the five.rings.there's all these little symbols.right there legend of the five rings.gets its name from the book of the five.rings by both legendary and historical.boy.musashi miyamoto i'm i'm sure.the japanese love me calling him a boy.[Laughter].but he's my boy it's basically a how-to.guide on swordsmanship for samurai each.chapter in the book is named after a.classical element with the addition of.void as the fifth element.that's right boyd not heart.not bruce willis boyd it's.everything and nothing a source of the.spirit so it's 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comfortable a character is with a.certain way of thinking.and doing i'm going to give you an.example here ken.is trying to convince the judge to let.him into a street fighting tournament.he starts by deciding exactly how he's.going to convince the judge.in l5r this is called your approach he.sees several ways to approach the.situation.first he could reason with the judge.stating that.he's an alum that has been in many.street fighting tournaments already.reasoning is an earth style approach and.he would use that ring in his role.alternatively he could bribe the judge.into letting him in.this form of trickery would be an air.approach.another way would be to charm the judge.perhaps by building a rapport with him.over their common love of fighting.styles.charm is a water approach ken.could also cry fouls stating that his.senpai rio was allowed in.so it would be unfair to exclude him.this approach.attempts to incite an emotional reaction.and falls into the fire ring.lastly ken could quote his old master.saying that the fighting spirit begins.with a single spark.and that he wishes to prove that he is.that spark.to fall back on enlightenment is the.essence of void.when used socially you can see your.rings use more of a measure of your.personality.are you more charming or scheming more.analytical.or feeling but rings are not just social.they have a physical side.a practical side even a magical side.it's all dependent on the skill you're.using.so let's get into skills if you want.something that resembles traditional.rpgs you've played.you can't go wrong with skills they are.what it says on the tin.you want to hit a guy with your sword.martial arts mealy.you want to play your musical.instruments performance.but we're not going to get into the.nitty-gritty of what each skill does.instead we need to take a look at skill.groups.every skill can be put into one of five.skill groups.artisan social scholar martial or trade.this chart here basically tells you.what goes where but what we really want.to zero in on.is this final column way over there.this is the approach you see here that.your rings interact with each skill.group differently.for example if you want to put a torn.note back together so you can read it.again.you should use composition earth if.you're interacting with a new poison.and trying to figure out whether it's.deadly or not you would use.medicine fire i'd like to point out that.this list of skills does not have any.sort of investigation skill on it.in other games if you want to gain some.sort of information you can just roll.investigation to find a clue.well as any sherlock holmes fan can tell.you investigation.isn't its own skill but rather the.combined knowledge.of many different fields if someone.wants to know something about a strange.letter.well they better know something about.composition and if they want to know.what kind of weapon would make a.specific mark.well they'd use martial arts melee.here's another time where you should be.asking an important question.if i'm using martial arts mealy to.investigate well.the marshall skill group approaches make.no sense.what do i do it's okay if a skill is.used in a different or novel way.you can shift around the skill group.approaches until you find one that.matches the intended use of the skill.just keep the rings the same and use the.ring for that approach.some of you can inherently see the.advantages and versatility of this.system but for others.this isn't enough you need to know just.how strong your character is.how else would you be able to describe.them well here's the beauty.you can describe them however you want.you don't have to rely on a stat to be.big or small or pretty or ugly this is a.game.where the small guy can beat a big one.just by having a better approach.you can out think and out maneuver your.opponent with your way.your own dough now let's put everything.together.dice rings skills.remember these dice these black.six-sided dice.have more strife on them these white.12-sided dice.have less strife on them when you make a.check.you roll a number of ring dice equal to.the appropriate ring for your approach.and a number of skill dice equal to your.skill.you create your dice pool and roll.you re-roll any dice your special.abilities allow and then keep a number.of dice.up to the ring you used but you must.keep.at least one then you roll an extra die.for every explosive success you kept.then you have the option to keep the new.die if that one is an explosive success.you keep it and then it explodes again.and so on until you stop rolling and.keeping exploding dice.next you tally up all your strife.and you log in on your character sheet.then you spend your opportunities and.finally.tally up all of your successes together.to see.if you've accomplished your task let's.get back to our example of ken.ken wants to enter the street fighting.tournament so he decides to talk to the.judge.this is his declared intention next.he has to determine the details or more.accurately.choose a skill in his approach the gm.states that the proper skill is a.courtesy check.as a fiery guy he decides he's going to.berate the judge with how unfair things.are until he gets his way.the gm states that this approach is.difficult to pull off so the tn will be.3..what the gm doesn't say is that a more.reasoned approach would have been tn1.and all other approaches are tn2.ken has unknowingly picked the hardest.approach.it's now time to assemble his dice as.stated before for obvious reasons.ken is pretty fiery and his firing is a.three.but he hasn't learned much in the way of.courtesy it only has a skill of one.this gives him three black dice and one.white die.he rolls them and gets this result next.he is allowed to modify these dice if he.has any special ability that allows him.to do so.he doesn't so we're going to move on now.he must decide which dice to keep.since his ring is three he can keep up.to three dice.he decides to keep all of his dice.except for the one with strife on it.he hasn't made his tien yet but there is.an explosive success.which will give him an extra die and he.hopes that will give him the success he.needs.now we'll resolve the dice starting with.the explosive successes.he rolls and boom a success.paired with a strife now he gets to.choose if he wants to keep that die or.not.while strife isn't something great to.have he'll take it for now because he.really needs that success.next thing he does is record the added.stripe on his character sheet.then we come to the last you opportunity.and total successes.look the book says to resolve.opportunity first but many times.spending opportunities depended on.whether or not.your role was successful in my.experience you should just use your.judgment on which to resolve these first.and second.i usually resolve opportunities second.in my games.just because it works better for me.ken's opportunity is used to make the.judge.cower and stress out the judge gains two.strife.finally we total up all of ken's.successes and explosive successes.and hey they equal to the end of the.role.the judge backs down and lets ken enter.the tournament.now i bet this seems like a lot to put.together.but in practice it works much more.smoothly the tournament is full.that's unfair ryu gets to fight so.should i.i go to the judge and give him a piece.of my mind.okay make a courtesy check i'm pretty.heated.so i'm going to use my fire ring the.judge is trained to be cool with hot.hands like you so it's going to be a.difficult role.tn3 right i keep three of these.and an explosive success i get to roll.another die.before you roll just tell me what you're.keeping this success.and opportunity as well okay uh what's.your new die.it's a success with strike yes i'm.keeping it.okay record your strike the judge he's.gonna back down a little.and let you enter the competition all.right.and just to shove it in his face i'm.using the opportunity to give him.to strife he gets a bit anxious around.you now this might.help you out during your bouts and there.you have it.it took quite a while but we made it.through the basics of legend of the five.rings.we learn how to use rings and skills.when it approaches and how to read dice.oh and the steps of making a check next.time.we'll talk about derived attributes hit.the subscribe button.and the bell so you'll be notified when.it drops and if you found this video.useful.hit the like button this video is.brought to you by my patrons choirs and.nights over at the order of the dead.unicorn.there you'll find l5r adventures and pcs.and new rules.all for free we're also doing a patron.drive in hopes to create the.ultimate l5r character sheet for roll.20..if you're underwhelmed with the.character sheets there consider becoming.a patron when we hit 100 patrons.the work will begin but if you play.online or offline i hope you found this.video enjoyable.and i'll see you next time.

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L5r Character Sheet Form FAQs

Discover answers to questions about L5r Character Sheet Form. Check out the most popular topics and more.

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