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The Instruction of Finishing Tennessee Housing Development Agency Thda on the Internet

Get and personalize the perfect Tennessee Housing Development Agency Thda in the CocoSign template library to fulfill your needs and save your cost. If you are still wondering how to fill out Tennessee Housing Development Agency Thda , you can check out the below tips to start.

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How Do You Get Tennessee Housing Development Agency Thda and Sign It Online?

a new project introduced to we started.rolling out March 1 and right now we're.very excited we have now made 550 new.households borrowers homeowners in.Fayette Tennessee in this product so.we're very excited about that.let's go to hear the PowerPoint here the.funds that we're using for this HHS EPA.is some of the leftover tarkman I'm not.sure if you got familiar but we had a.hardest hit fund program that was money.that were given to us our federal.government to administer throughout the.state of Tennessee to people that our.reduction in the income or who lost.their jobs during the crime we were able.to let me take the last application for.that program in 2015 and we're excited.that there were a lot of other states or.whatever reasons put money back into the.pool and we would go in and come up with.program to utilize some of these funds.to help stabilize communities throughout.states in the same what we do is we go.in and we out for a fifteen thousand.dollar downpayment assistance to 55.different zip codes throughout the state.I want you guys to understand that these.55 big codes are not in distressed or.poor areas where a lot of people think.what I like to say is is to help.stabilize areas that have not quite come.back from the crash because some of.these it code you guys will see today on.strong areas okay these need a little.bit more help to get us to the place it.naturally is in some places of Knoxville.and some places of charges any there is.a Memphis they have done well what we've.done we take any zip code we put these.funds in there let's go ahead and go.here it is a second mortgage $15,000 the.tear year term with 20 years forgiveness.there is no payment and no interest on.this.okay no payment no interest okay since I.did not get the enthusiasm I cannot say.it for no interest and no payments I'm.going to go back let's really feel like.an immigrant when I say you get a little.bit more right Fredo said before get in.your term 20 years forgiveness to you.six through ten no payment we're not.failure goes up I say that because we do.not have used that in their ratios so.this helps people a qualify for more.house okay their down payment closing.cost they can be used for and I like I.said can 55 zip codes all right then.let's talk about for our great choice.plus mortgage program it must be.purchased as an existing husband can.target zip codes new construction does.not qualify new construction of course.you guys know we're not eating really.much stabilization okay so we don't use.those funds for that pre and post.education is required and when I say.post here post means the education that.they will receive for home ownership or.what they expect of home ownership.estimate by don't take this as close.meaning that they have the other changes.after it not home okay so we've done is.on our free education because not.familiar all education is required with.th da and mortgage run and those are.study done at Vanderbilt a few years ago.that prove that their skin in the game.that people have a forty five percent.less likely chance at foreclosure by.going through the homebuyer education.course I highly recommend that even for.people.even for people like us.okay great and the Revo I want to go.over this is because in that post piece.the pre education about six hours the.post does add additional two hours okay.and there's a little bit of a cost added.to them it is required for work now this.is the criteria that we're looking for.they must be a first-time homebuyer they.must meet our household income limit and.here in Shelby County.it's about $260,000 the acquisition I'm.sorry how can income them it is about.fifty thousand dollars for one to two.persons three plus without families and.we're round that the acquisition cost.limit is to $250,000 it must be a.single-family residence only occupied.property a score of 640 within that's.ratio of forty five percent so it's.pretenders okay these are the targeted.zip codes here throughout the state of.Tennessee this year's for East Tennessee.which will move on this is the Middle.Tennessee and this is for West Tennessee.you guys see here Madison County I want.you guys to know that Madison County has.to be one of our target intelligence.many years ago probably around the 1980.they would have areas in which they try.to incentivize home ownership the.Madison County had to be one of those.and because of that is what we consider.target county where you do not have to.be a first-time homebuyer because so.that means someone that should be living.in anywhere extra but they live in.Madison County sell their home turn.around take advantage of this product if.they buy in those zip codes in that.County okay so it's very strong product.in a area like that now keep in mind.there are some of these other zip codes.that may be in what we consider census.tracts and tensors track our areas.within these zip codes that may be what.we consider distressed one time.and those people are also exempted.there's a place on our website where you.can find those but I don't I do know.Madison County as a whole you do not.forget first time home line your.question complaints in Mattoon tempo -.where is Jackson.yeah right okay so keep that in mind.you worried all right then that's what I.was talking to you guys about this is.the IRS target area base camp from the.first time homebuyer rule is what you.got to understand that those zip code.that I had up there doesn't necessarily.mean they're exempt just because they're.up there what that means is those are.the exists codes in which you can take.advantage of this $15,000 that does not.necessarily mean that you can give body.or exclude yourself from the first time.homebuyer rule only in census tract.areas and like I said a medical powder.so please keep that in mind you guys.have any questions about that contact me.and I'll be more than happy to find out.if you can one of those a census tract.or i'ma target area when you say the IRS.target area exemption was to that what.it was an IRS many years ago like I said.about 1980 they actually in around the.country and looked at certain areas they.want to send about some ownership in.rural and urban communities and what.they did basically and said hey we.there's the push so we're going to be in.touch first-time homebuyer product and.offering those areas you do not have to.be a first-time homebuyer okay.so they exist them from that rule.probably rated it back to 1980 never.been changed so times even example in.Davidson County and national I'm from.there's a lot of these census tract.areas around Tatum County they're in.gentrified areas so they're hot areas.today that they may not have been back.in 1980 so needless to say a lot of.people are taking advantage of this.product in those areas because in.Nashville the acquisition cost them.three.define and the income limits are also.hired so keep that in mind is that it's.a very strong program for those people.that are in those areas all right like I.mentioned earlier we have the pre and.post education is required if you are.harder closing you can take it a lot of.in-person if you take it in person you.will receive your certificate today that.you finished a completion now what will.happen is if you have to take the pre.and the post for this program then you.will need to add an additional two hours.usually our free is about six and then.we act another two hours a day for the.post seats okay if you take it online we.will help in most cases you will have to.you will not receive your certificate.until you have gone through a one-hour.presentation or actually it's a one hour.would you have a meeting with your.counselor okay so what they will do is.they'll call you down and followed via.Skype or in person and that's just for.one hour you receive your certificate at.that time and you'll be another two.hours after that yeah of course for it.is United housing part of the education.for CSA where else do they you have.glasses.we have them throughout the state and.air on our website not sure exactly.where it is here today and the Memphis.area do I do in Nashville what I would.do is when we leave here we're going to.site and I'll show you guys told okay.all right.so again it's an additional two hours of.Education for the post education it is.$149 if they take it online okay usually.it's about ninety nine dollars for the.online class.and it's additional $50 for the.additional complication okay now if they.take it in person that varies the cost.could be some info areas is three so.there is $25 from area maybe $50 just.remember even how to add another $50.that cost for the post education okay if.if they and if you get added to the le.they can get those funds when are you.aware that le is about in there.if it added to the loan estimates then.get those that education money back and.close that just like we were the plays.or credit report all right no net funds.Jabara closing and ask if it will be.issued for you the certificate issue.actually will state on it that is for.the pre and post education okay because.again we have another program right.birth to his blood which just takes a.creation.let's see here we've got gone over this.here one our counseling like I just told.you god they're going to ask you to test.questions on it what our counseling and.think about budgeting that's what that.still is if someone takes online we want.to be sure they actually going through.ok and I just mentioned you guys that I.eight hours total on our website it will.state combo if you have to take the pre.and post so keep that in mind if you.take if it's for free for the great.choice plus it'll be on there as just a.home buyer education class you'll say.combo it is for the premium post just.like this here alright and that's a.certificate kind of an example of it.alright this here we don't have to worry.about now but at the time if someone.would have taken the pre education a lot.of people know this but a th-th to take.pre education is good for a year so.someone's taken that say six months ago.they don't have to take that again they.just take the $50 post education fees.and these are some flyers and so forth.that we do co-branding with and the.reason why they're updated cause any of.you there in the real estate and.mortgage business keep in mind that.Treasury monitors these these funds here.and they make sure that we you like a.certain type of marketing materials so.be sure you contact me if you need any.type of to an auditor for this program.all right customer account managers Ella.Harris is no longer that she just.retired I'm Darrell Robertson and to me.Stacey is when it works in national I.just hired not sure if you guys familiar.with Lydia Smith she is now on board.with me she's from Memphis area and.she's one of the customer account.managers here okay but if you need to.contact anyone right now you.the about this close okay now is there.any questions about this program - which.minion sing attach 80 and over I don't.want my mother allowed to be a co-owner.I don't want on my son or daughter to be.a co-owner than a vine.I'll keep this in mind that is the.question yes so if we count all.household income on those income levels.I'll charge you guys about and count all.that household income everybody's in the.hell absolutely.towards our income limit so if over to.age 18 if someone is overtaking it's a.son or daughter someone over the age of.18 if they're in college full time or a.subpage of high school full time we will.exist then we will not count their.income but anyone else we will count.their income of 18.can you define her some homebuyer in her.first year in action very good the first.time homebuyer someone who is not only.occupied their primary residence in the.past three years the keyword is occupied.so let's take an example you had someone.that moved here from Detroit they could.sell their home up there but they lived.here in Shelby County for the past three.years.we say if we can prove they have lived.here for three years.they could have to take advantage of our.program a great choice and a great.source and our h hf d PA program okay.you need a minimum credit score.community for you so if somebody does.not have good credit might they be.reluctant to take the class although the.class gives them great credit skills no.an anti-age it's I'm glad you brought.that up I get a lot of calls from a lot.of people who have actually taken the.class not knowing where their credit.score was I guess sometimes they think.they take things out of order they take.a class they call me back found out.later that they cannot qualify and they.talk all totally this is the best class.I've ever taken.okay this class is very good to teach.people about but I just.it's very good keeps people got.prioritizing and so forth so I highly.recommend a class I told I tell people.this all the time if it was less up to.me I would require this class for every.first-time homebuyer no matter whether.you're going FHA or conventional is a.wonderful program release if they're.precise the class of the education.classes do you have a credit counselor.there that that can be called for any.type of Advisory moves we have we have a.department there at th da that handles.it now push the administrators program.through our partners but any questions.you have on that I'll give you their.name and number there's actually Janet.Johnson she handles those that division.there at thdhe any questions that's our.signature program okay do that could be.a first-time component you have your.first-time homebuyer you yes the.criteria was training for the great.choice plus as it is the HHF program you.get 5% down payment systems and that is.a 30 either second mortgage with no.interest in no family okay so you sell.or refinance in the next 30 years you.have to pay that back this would here.start the interesting 2000 the 15,000.that goes starts going away after year.city I know your Diana goes away yes you.have to chain your turn this is a great.choice but is it so - your turn.were you going to buy for shared yeah.Oh hahahaha this card here on the back.you flip it around show you how that.

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Tennessee Housing Development Agency Thda FAQs

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