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The Stepwise Tutorial to Where To Send Ds 5504 2016 2019 Form

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Find out How to Write Down the Where To Send Ds 5504 2016 2019 Form

okay we're on the air before you start a.career after question about doing his.ds-11 form if she should sign it a.specific way last name first give a name.and then first name or just mr. blah.blah blah that's all well I'm seeing.that most of the time Patrick signs.which has now the list of his master.Baylor but yeah on this is two new.documents it's not that way.to the facts I believe was just.authorized representative oh boy I mean.after the name authorized representative.oh wow let me look at the one here yeah.I'm also looking because on line 17 do.we fill out line 17 for permanent.address well I'm looking at the tracks.surrender US citizen Passport do I take.part.okay yes Patrick come on the line now hi.Patrick.yes they're asking about the different.ways that you're signing these documents.okay how are you want to sign it it's up.to you.okay you can sign it as Lucy will see.the ball I don't care okay you're.signing a document how do you do it the.bank okay how do you sign an account you.said account up with a certain name then.you sign that name okay now if you want.to put mr. or mrs. in front of it yes.you can do that no problem with that.that's just giving you like doctor a PhD.or whatever you want to do okay that's a.writer that they don't have that on the.on the form to put those things in.because they don't give a [ __ ] whether.you're a doctor or quack or what yeah.okay.now there is a key thing about this.whole process and they see I posted up.there to a couple people day I didn't.know your your beyond not to not conside.incentive yeah I got back about an hour.and a half ago and you send me the files.and I've already posted me up and.basically it was uh the one item from my.1985 passport okay I highlighted three.items on there yes okay well I'm not.that good at very beginning it says that.this is the property of the United.States government well the property is.the paper because later on it goes on.down in there and it has a skill it goes.on says your top item it says your.passport is a valuable citizenship and I.get a key document.well that's valuable that means there.has to have value to that and they see.they keep referring to citizenship well.basically we know that they came out.with the up shipping act in 1920 and.also set up the.title 46 the Shipping Act okay.and that is where they've identified our.cargo.now when you had your certificate of.life proof registered it's like going.down to the bank and setting up a task.book savings account okay that's the.application so they've got the account.set up now the passport is the signature.card for that account if you don't give.them the signature card for that account.you've got the application they've.already got the account number and.everything sector there's your sister.you haven't claimed it so the very first.thing you have to do is get a US citizen.passport in claim that then you turn.around and do another the d/s 5504 form.and change that out from being a US.citizen passport to a non citizen.national let the say that the passbook.savings account has been sitting there.nobody has claimed it and if they have.not gotten a US citizen passport first.does that make sense to you people yes.very much so.so it's like a stepping stone you do the.regular one and then you do the national.yes you have to get you have to have.done your claiming first okay then you.kill the citizen okay.and then you resurrect in the other side.it's a three-prong deal okay so you have.to claim it first so if you've never had.a passport you have to first get a.citizen passport claim it as yours and.then you do your expatriation away from.the system okay any questions on that.any comments looks pretty clear thank.you my question is so if I've never had.a passport I have to get a passport and.into the 509 vs 85 on that I've done.outside of the Tweel of you have to.first do the TSO evan get a passport.okay.don't argue with whatever you busy fill.that out get the DSO the US citizen.passport then you turn around and you do.the D s 5504 form you do your affidavit.and supply all your other pertinent.information then you send that one in.see now you don't have to sit and argue.with these people you just sent it in to.Philadelphia but you first have to claim.your passbook savings account or.passbook account at Detroit at the.federal treasury country if you don't.claim it then they see you're not going.to get anything.here Patrick the the noise in the.background building up again from the.people or one person who has everything.on speakerphone from do I'm going to.mute everybody out and then you can come.back in.okay.okay yes I hear you.and then basically also when you have.that okay you can turn around and do a.federal a citizen ship bill exchange you.have after you've done got your passport.now you have your account number okay.then you can either use your bank.routing number as your social security.or I would strongly recommend that you.do if a I get the estate.iin kill the fiction then you can.basically use the bill of exchange with.the bank routing number as your EIN a.state a IM i sent one of those into that.court of international trade along with.my other documents affects the one item.in about the passport here I'm.surrendering this passport and and I was.crucified it and I said that I have that.end with the national passport.processing center my originals there so.now they should be able to terminate.that damn account but I sent a bill.exchange in there because I'd record.requested off did a relief.motion and therefore 250,000 dollars so.I gave them.a bill exchange to cover that using my.passport a my estate iin number so you.can take those items that I had up there.before and modify them so the passport.is the routing number and the estate ein.is the account number now okay.wrong yes wrong Tom I've told last night.and tonight both I told you the passport.number is the account number the social.security number or the estate.EW and is the routing number bank.routing number.hey preggers your question look at your.checks okay.the bank routing number is Naaman past.three groupings in it yes.a dash in between the three of them okay.what is the social security number it's.got three groupings two dashes your.account number at the bank.how many dashes does it have it most.cases none the number on the soap on the.passport has no dashes at nine digits.this is all about banking like I said.last night you just have to think about.this as being a standard run-of-the-mill.commercial banking system to go in you.fill out an application well you better.give them your to put money in you.better give them the signature card so.that you can access that money because.without the signature card you're not.going to be able to access that money.and that's what the passport is all.about it is basically the signature card.for that passbook account the.instruments are normally the Social.Security or the certificate of live.birth certificate library really or the.military dd-214 the Social Security is.normally just a bank routing number just.like the estate he I n number.and then after you've got that then you.turn around and you correct it and come.out of a system as a non citizen.national over the age of 25 or over the.age of 21 should have been able to do.this when you turn 21 that's really what.needed to be done you surrender the one.killing off executing and then resurrect.back into the living world as a non.citizen national least that's the way I.see it that's up to you guys okay open.up the questions whatever anybody wants.a comment star-6 I'm done talking hey.Patrick yeah I was I was looking at my.old passport and it has a number that.gives you and then the new passport has.a different number you know of your name.and stuff but on the back the last page.has a barcode with a totally different.nine digit number does that mean.anything the front has your picture with.all your ID profile and it has the.passport number and then on the last.page it has a barcode with another set.of nine numbers rather okay yeah I got.it an O six here in California okay girl.I just go with the passport to nine.digit number and this you're going to.surrender that one and do your affidavit.and your other supporting documents that.you are of age and that your has.terminated other VD I am number and.you kill deck citizen Hawk now you want.to resurrect as a non citizen national.right okay just checking.okay anybody else yeah pass for example.that you put on on the site with the.above you will pass world I I've been.different.how do I get it how do you like get a.passport the application me an example.of what you've done given the example to.to us to look at so I went on the other.date and try to download it and I have a.difficulty to downloading it and.retrieving it though.well basically I haven't put an example.up there to fill out the ds-11 or.anything like that okay that's just.common sense.okay alright okay if you have any.problem go down and talk to one of those.tasks for people and just get one okay.give them the information they need.normally you can get that at the post.office the postmaster or whatever will.help you fill out the form if you can't.understand it by reading the.instructions to get a US citizen.passport first then the ds-11 should be.able to handle that one and they see.your problem is in a page two of that.and download the one off the site off.the Secretary of State site to get the D.s 5504 so you got two correct form 2013.and then listen to the audios I said.that you need to correct your.identification or your identification is.also your status it doesn't have weather.on there but you're going to run out US.citizen on that one and citizenship.because you want to come in now as a non.citizen national on the process and have.your national ship okay thank you food.okay if you have any other questions ask.the site don't be afraid to both.messages on the message board that's.what the thing is all about it's not.just there for Tom to say hey we got a.new file posted it's for you guys to.talk back and forth okay any other.questions.you.no more question for ready to go do this.now Patrick yeah Marshall Marshall have.the answer D this question on the new.passport that the issue the regular one.the number is the second in the front as.in the back I just just mine okay very.funny macho macho LM looking at mine.right now they're all gotten in oh six.and the front you know the first page.has your picture and then just paddle.number mine starts we all do one myself.or to 1/8 and then I look in the back.the last page with the barcode it starts.with one five for the mine is different.right no one they are issuing now a.numbers are game okay so this is a no.six when I got it I cope thanks yeah we.just like got ours on Monday and Tuesday.we went around and around with them but.we're working with it that's good you.know regular citizen while you at.citizen right right they will give me.the other one they give us the runaround.so we'll do the mailing end of it right.that's what patrick said do step one and.then step two for parade but I just.wanted to answer your question on a new.one this is why it is working on a new.one okay thanks okay yeah state marshal.got a sort of a hassle problem that in a.sense they're doing their job correctly.okay we were coming in they're operating.under the wrong presumptions yeah I had.already gotten a US citizen passport out.here but if you've never had one first.you have to claim your count at the.federal level and then move it out of.there over into.national process because when you swing.your parents or whoever put that.certificate of live birth in okay the.certificate of live birth was just an.application form there had to be a.vessel set up and that was this.citizenship to hold your goggle and now.they see is called your passbook account.okay then you claim your cargo now you.can't execute it turn that ship in and.get a bigger ship as a national ship.one is protected by the nation instead.of by the federal communist government.CS what back in Moses is time okay.they killed off the cap and then.basically they gave you everybody their.inheritors but Moses made them walk.around the desert for about 40 years.until they started getting their [ __ ].straight.come on people you got any other.questions if not I'm done Patrick I'm.going to also tell them when I was down.there since I didn't have a driver's.license they also have a list and it was.dated February 27 14 that they needed.five or more additional items so like.they wanted ordered with photographs.valid.or expired so you could use driver's.license that were expired you could use.school yearbooks photos with your name.and photo also the school and the name.and the year on on it that it was issued.so you'd have to maybe take your annual.end or a US passport that was expired.newspapers magazines articles with your.photo name newspaper print and names and.dates on it and then they also had.record of either photograph or signature.but it must have a date of employment.identification cards professional.license etc nurses pilots mechanics etc.federal state or municipal ID cards.military identification student.identification cards also listed Bocking.identification items like the dd-214 the.Selective Service registration card.Union membership varying a name and.signature or photograph issuing day.medical or health Medicare or health.insurance cards welfare cards marriage.certificates medical records voter.registration card children's birth.certificates social security cards.traffic tickets.um and then the other one and if you'll.raise abroad foreign documents and stuff.like a foreign passport foreign school.records foreign driver's license or.foreign government issued so if you.don't have a current driver's license.they might give you a hassle on it.these were other items that I had to.make another trip back to get to prove.who I was they almost all those.documents that you listed are all dead.documents okay Ronald a lot yeah yeah.they're all showing you they see in.their system the ones the two documents.that they wouldn't accept tell them what.they were they won't accept my live.birth record Ohio entry right okay hey.they want to get all the living.documents so basically this is the dead.world out here something that goes you.are really alive okay like your hospital.birth certificate with your feet on it.and it says right on there that.basically that document can be used for.passport but it can only be used for a.national passport because that's in the.living world this other in the federal.system is in the dead world just like.the Pledge of Allegiance I want you guys.to pull up the OP Pledge of Allegiance.and they see I don't know what gave that.the post up on the site or not out of.Wikipedia Tom but it's got about five or.six of the different transactions or the.Pledge of Allegiance.from the initial time when it started in.1892 is a present of Pledge of.Allegiance yes you have been makes it.very obvious that you're making a dual.pledge one to the flag and then one to.the.as a very last word was they put under.God well you know what God is then.you'll understand that this is a dead.man's pledge because they seek under God.is under your grounds of Dominion so.it's the underworld pledging I mean in.many movies about this all over the.place about the vampires and about the.Living Dead and all these other things.and I mean they've come out with a bunch.of brand new it's about the Walking Dead.and all these dead zombies and.everything out here I mean come on.people wake up that's where they owe you.all this one of the documents that when.you have a passport already with the SS.5504 you have that filled out you Mark.you Mark through an initial what other.documents do you ask them to take the.payment poured you do we have just write.in say take my payment for my passport.you will write a cover letter to them.addressing that this is a no feed.passport now the government is obligated.to basically give you a document for.safe harbor and safe passage in the.living world okay they if they have to.have a fee okay.they've already they're being paid for.their job by the tariff taxes in the.country.okay that is your government is now they.need to have a feet then they turn.around and process one into the.Secretary of State for to cover those.items for that department that.department is the one is liable now to.make the request to the Secretary of.State to get the lawful payment from the.tariff cash.before the tariff taxes are divided up.and put into the weeds of people.Treasury account that's the way that.government was supposed to function.okay any other queer.kind of goes back to people have to know.where they're standing right now whether.they have a passport or they don't have.a passport and it different steps that.you have to go through so you need to.know who you are at this point in time.yeah and they see you go into court you.you're going people note that you've got.you're going into a foreign jurisdiction.okay everybody out here all these gurus.have talked about this or they don't.hear us that's because you don't have.your passport so that they can hear you.it's all about the banking instrument if.you go into a bank and you don't have.your account number the bank ain't going.to listen to you do you think we could.get this court to stamp our passport you.can either do that or the postmaster.will okay yep that initial ds-11 after.that you don't need the court to do this.you sent it into this national passport.center with your affidavit that you get.the affidavit notarized okay no I mean.if you went into court like how you get.stamps when you go into a foreign.country could you get them to stamp it.somehow yeah well you can give them a.copy of your passport and say here's a.copy of my passport basically take all.the charges off of this account oh I got.okay yeah I mean that's the only reason.you're going in there to court is to.settle charge right right yeah so you.give them the account to take the.charges from it's like you get an.overdraft at the bank for your checking.account.so what do you do you walk into the bank.and say okay here take it out of my.passbook savings account transfer the.fun okay that makes sense.that's what we were missing the whole.time was they speak people that I said.this all along is that people need to.know how the monetary system really.function and this banking a federal.process works no different than a.regular bank they're both commercial.they're both in the dead world.they're just ones using a bigger system.than the other but your funds are.sitting there in the golden cap or in.the kafir' accounts do you need you just.have to come in and chip away at that.little calf golden calf.okay go ahead would you need to use a.bill of exchange to tap into them them.with now you can put a motion into the.court basically if you've given them.your passport or the dd-214 the the form.to ten ninety six or ten ninety nine or.ten a B or C whatever form you want to.do okay okay all right and we can use.our existing passport until we get the.bigger our bigger ship right yes until.you get your form D S 5504 submitted in.okay you cannot basically utilize your.previous passport I ask you have an.expired passport okay you may not want.to build using it until I submit one in.using my C mine expired in 2004 1995 and.but I want to add and put that number.down as my account number because it's.it has never been re initiated under a.new account number so that account.number still should be still sitting.there okay mm-hmm no my trance not gonna.expire until July of this year so it.should still be good yeah but and then.basically in that meantime you can turn.around in to settle them but get that.other one into the national passport.center and then also get your court case.into the federal court of trade and tell.them to see all thought that damn Court.is is basically an adjuster or an.appraiser to appraise the account or.just their cat.that's what those streets are those nine.judges are already about there are the.old customs house and basically customs.is basically the customs of the land or.the cut mosaic custom our guide in the.temple to adjust and basically cut away.the fat and the bad stuff away from the.cap and give you the good meat back that.was a metaphor they used back in Moses.this time yeah I remember you're talking.about that hey Patricia when you sent.you to 5504 did you send you original.passport and kept copies of it yes I.just kept copies of it and basically set.the original passport back in yes what.it does is do your most recent passport.surrender it you surrendered and.basically you want to crucify it and.come out the other side death.crucifixion and resurrection Jesus right.over what to do okay after we used to.winger the initial public passport do we.have an idea how it's going to change.the works of that passport when we.become a non citizen national well look.at the passport you have presently and.basically it says United States of.America in all capital letters on your.identification page what is missing.duh-duh-duh okay if you go to the.Articles Confederation it said the name.of the nation will be the United States.of America it didn't say you know.the states of america because that's the.copyrighted r1 that they set up in 1871.proud of that time everything that was.in the books that was just United States.okay was referring to the government for.the cup nation and the government was.basically a non-for-profit government.out here but the 1871 copyrighted United.States of America became a for-profit.government and then under Wilson.basically in that timeframe they turn.around and brought in the communist form.of United States government.you.yeah I wanted to Osprey the word to.about another movie that I haven't heard.brought up was the site game the series.the zeitgeist I'm kind of surprised ever.that mentioned it all is a really good.movie okay yeah.now you guys need to sort of talk back.and forth and get out here and start.interfacing there's couple new people.who called and talked to me and I told.them eight get on here I was a lady.there today and I told her oh yeah.there's a couple other ladies on here.and I sit you girls need to talk back.and forth because sometimes I just can't.communicate uh everything on a female.standpoint.sometimes you girls need to talk over.things yourselves you don't want to 12.girly talk with us you have to tap into.your feminine side right thanks Patrick.okay any other questions given us a lot.to work on.yes I know exactly what I needed to do.well the other thing I'm sitting here.thinking about is if we go into court we.tell them to take their money out for.their fee we might as well put in a bill.and tell them to give us our money then.- for appearing right and see that would.be - your parents bought okay I'll make.everybody happy.yeah makes you want to kind of take a.trip abroad and um get stranded I'm just.saying in the part that we're in right.now that you have to have your own.the.de Levante okay you want your money I.want my money - I don't know Marshall.but you have to have your passport to be.able to access that okay yeah I'm kind.of readership passport to access that.okay that's the thing that we were.missing yeah well your day is bad yeah.and I just surrendered it into this.other core Google then a I'm crucifying.this thing sell the thing I want out of.your system then basically all these.codes do not apply anymore to a.non-citizen national and you will have a.completely different passport saying.that you're above ground and you're not.underground just like I said last night.the flag of the people was set up back.at the time of Adam and Eve when the.snake.gasps down out of the tree down to the.ground because just like in the flag.that has the snake on it and then.underneath this says don't tread on me.that means the state now has to be.underneath us the snake cannot be over.us so that's the we the people's flag of.this country not the red white and blue.stripes that's the government's flag so.stop swearing allegiance to the.government there are our public servants.we're not to be their servants they have.to swear an oath to support and defend.us not the other way around and that's.what the Autopia n-- socialists have.perpetrated upon the people is the turn.about to get you on the other side of.the looking glass same thing with all.the churches out there there are all.communist organizations anyway that 90%.of people can't see that that's why they.keep going to the damned places and.basically all they're doing is just.going to them to basically as a.feel-good scenario almost like going to.rock concert.Patrick do we want to talk to the group.of all of the passport card yeah you can.go ahead and talk to them better so.we're thinking that maybe that could be.used as the driver's license or.identification because on the back of.that I got that also it says valid for.international land and sea travel.between United States Canada Mexico the.Caribbean and the and Bermuda well let's.see.you've got the US citizen one okay so.now as still as a US citizen you are.required by certain state to have other.citizenship documents okay so you're.still under the codes of that state by.having that US citizenship Passport okay.so don't fight it when you get your non.citizen national passport then that card.and passport would be able to be.utilized as your non the right to have.no driver's license right but what I'm.trying to indicate to the people is that.we might want to consider when you apply.for the non citizen that you also get.the card with it you get both yeah you.can get both okay well that might be.your driver's idea or whatever because.of what it's saying but we want it to.say non citizen on it national are based.here yeah it will be flagged somehow or.other your number when they run it into.the system will come up that you are a.non citizen and they see you're not.under the codes and regulations to have.a driver's license a dead man's license.so if you want people need to have.driver's license our will the Living.Dead okay.I mean to come up out of grave and drive.you need to have a permission to operate.above ground one that's above ground.will be doesn't need to have a license.they have their full rights but if you.haven't dug yourself out of the grave.yet then you have to have permission to.come out during a daylight Patrick yeah.it's Chris did I catch you saying that.you want us to become a citizen by fire.in deists 11 you have to first claim.your account so you have to first file.ad s 11 as a US citizen claim the.account then you can terminate the.account by going and becoming a non.citizen national they'll see this the.people should have gotten their initial.sport when they were under 8 the see.people don't know the importance of that.passport.okay and let until you claimed your.account first and then kill it off and.then resurrect back into the living.world with as a non citizen national.basically that other one is still going.to be sitting in the grave you haven't.dug up your treasury yet follow me Chris.Chris yeah I was muted out I didn't want.to make any noise in the background.I got what you've got to say I'm going.to have to think about that one that's.an interesting perspective you got going.on there well it makes all sense just.think about it yes it may anoint you a.regular bank you do an application for.and you put money down with the.application to set up a passbook savings.account now you cannot access that.account until you give them a signature.card.so when you say utilize the passport on.the 550 500 for would you be using the.retired one when you finish up with the.ds-11 no you're taking on the ds-11 you.have to get an initial US citizen.passport so you have to give them the.initial signature card so that now you.can go into the bank and access your.account and close it down pick up your.money and move it over to another bank.as a non citizen national all right I'll.think about it.sounds right don't think about it too.long because basically this is all as.it's just standard thank you and if you.don't want to do the US citizen.a sport you're walking away from that.one day and leaving all your funds there.and now trying to go over and set up.another account at a different bank you.mean you mean by not doing the 5504 by.not doing a deus eleven and claiming.your initial bank account you have to.claim that bank account first then you.can move your bank account over to the.National Bank you're coming out of the.federal bank and picking up your assets.in the federal bank but you have to do.it with a ds-11 form and then close down.put your termination document in and.that would be in the process of saying.hey you're going over to this other Bank.to the National Bank you do the ds-11 or.the DS 5504 form and you surrender your.account over the other bank they will go.over and communicate with the other bank.and transfer your funds over to this new.bait so the lawful money run you mean.don't worry about the lawful money.that's just transfer your funds okay.okay now get it converted okay yeah.it'll make the conversion that's what.the dam ah adjusters basically the.custom a clearing house was to do okay.the appraisers and the adjusters and.that's all at that international sport.of trade is due to their to probate the.one account over to your new account I.recommend read one line out of the.passport here it says lost or theft and.tells you you're supposed to report it.to the police or Authority or splash.port services but the last sentence says.your passport is a valid valuable.citizenship and identification document.it should be carefully safeguarded yes.and that's what I said earlier.it says valuable citizenship ok and that.means it has value and it is a ship a.vessel and a count ok so it has a value.account attached to it and then it has.your identity see the Social Security.has no identification markings on it.just your signature your certificate of.live birth has no identification marks.on that they use it in their dead world.as identification because it's a dead.document ok and then also the dd-214 it.has no identification marks on it.nothing from the living on those they're.dead instruments okay now the passport.the Circuit said US citizen or a.citizenship passport does have.identification on it it's got your.picture.and it's the picture now that's the.identification or the signature card for.the federal treasury the value is yours.just like the Social Security card the.value that is under that Social Security.account number is yours they only own.the paper you have to start learning to.read between the lines in what they're.saying on some of this stuff and don't.try and analyze it to game us because.that gives a lot of people in trouble.trying to do reanalyze something that.basically is so damn simple want to make.it as complicated as hell I mean it.as the old mentality of America here is.a something that works let's [ __ ] with.it so that it will make it not work.something like mating elephants Patrick.yeah you can tell I'm your dolphin story.some fun process some processes are like.elephants meeting it's done at a high.level with a lot of moaning and groaning.and then it takes two years to produce.something okay I think that's how long.it takes a elephant to incubate right.yep hey you got it I think it's two.years or so easy for them to have their.incubation I think this has been a.20-year process all for you Patrick.right well it's uh I mean big if there.was more people that really understood.the Bible out here that's the biggest.problem okay.people have tried to go out there and.listen to all these ministers and.everything that have been out there to.deceive you into the whole misguided.system of what the Bible is really.saying okay they looked at these things.as being metaphors and basically to do a.comparison of the different metaphors.because they're all in a lot of cases.telling the same stories so you have to.look at the comparison between the.metaphors then you can start breaking.the story down as seeing what they're.really saying but the priests and the.ministers out here they don't have.enough common sense to do that their.only goal out there is to try and.control their.group of people so that they don't have.to Buster but they live off you there.they're leeches they're no better than.all the damp attorneys and the 90% of.the government officials out here that.are all reaches they couldn't do an.honest day's work in their life then.you've got all these enforcement agents.running around that basically they think.that they're really supporting this.nation I mean their minds are so damn.screwed up that is ridiculous and.they're scared to death to go out and.break away from their masters.this.yeah the ones that are afraid to break.away from their masters and basically so.while your family members and everything.else they're afraid of the truth and.they will be your worst enemy out here.your most dangerous enemy so you have to.be prepared to just totally avoid them.don't antagonize them okay because.they're crazy they're oh they're not.there.it took we have to do this on a stealth.mission.and that's why you need to sort of.communicate back and forth on the group.term okay.that's your new family okay Patrick yeah.you mentioned on the no-fee passport.that there was a title is is there a.statutory turtle somewhere you mentioned.about a title to that being to be able.to be a snow feed passport well they see.when you send it in as a non citizen.national that would be a no feet.passport you're coming in it's a.national the government is obligated to.give that to you as a national okay you.meant you mentioned a title I thought.you said something that it was in no no.I was talking about the United States on.there and basically on that Passport.I would think that here's your come in.as a non citizen national the heading on.that passport would have done in front.of United States of America right it.would be just a small difference that.most people wouldn't see.now I mean how many people really gone.out and read the Articles of.Confederation and know that the articles.articles confederation are still in.effect that you're treating that.everybody needs to be operating by.that's the tree between basically.setting up our the nation the land and.the people okay.then the Constitution is basically a.charter with goodies of people and the.government but the government can change.and it has we've had three different.governments in this country right now.the present one is the Communist United.States government or the utopian.socialist utopian government for profit.to where they try and claim ownership of.everything to dictatorship.well another dictatorship is just a.utopian communist membership okay to.where you all good little communists you.have everything to mother.communism who owns every claims.ownership of everything but really does.it own everything and then they turn.around and give you privileges they've.taken your rights away and give you.privileges now the second odd form of.government the 14th amendment government.for profit did not take your rights away.from you.okay you still have those that they were.operating for profit and they were using.the dead monetary system by they brought.in the postal monetary system at that.point in time has started getting the.people to deposit their money into.postal savings accounts and then the.government would borrow against the.postal savings account and pay them back.some interest but the government kept.wanting to get bigger and then basically.they kept wanting to fight more and more.war so the war machine and basically the.corporation's can make more money and so.they needed to have more control over.you so basically they just sucked in.more of your assets away from you under.the utopian system see this is what.Abraham Lincoln do vet the Autopia.socialist utopians.were on the march way back in before.Abraham Lincoln ever took office but.they really didn't start putting all.their play into force until a late.18-hundreds.see this is the history that nobody.really goes out and really checks out.okay you don't have to do too much just.to see some this stuff you don't have to.go into all the damn little details and.everything in the process you don't have.to read all their damn stinking code.okay you can see it in the statutes.that's what you really need to look at.stay away from those damn codes those.will confuse the hell yeah that's what.they're there to design to do I mean.he'll just the agricultural codes out.there base key I mean it's ridiculous.the code of federal regulations for.nuclear power plants I mean there's.about 12 volumes of different codes for.the CFR's that's not counting the u.s..codes and then the state codes that they.turn around throw in there too but you.have to know how to read those codes you.have to know what the work should and.she'll and maybe knee.when and basically 90% of this stuff is.garbage it doesn't have to be done when.you know how to read the codes and stand.up to them.Patrick is it go ahead when you were.talking about the passport and a card.what is that card we're supposed to ask.for I don't remember hearing anything.about that before it's on the form oh.that's when you asked for it yes you.either you get the passport book okay.and then they also have a passport card.I didn't know the passport card cannot.be used for international travel it can.only be used like for travel between the.Caribbean Mexico Canada and something.local in the local northern hemisphere.okay but it can't be used for going to.France or anything like that I see I.didn't ask for the card my passports.five years along the ds-11 or D s 5504 I.didn't my passport is five years old so.I didn't do any of this okay then you.basically you've got the US citizen.passport don't worry about it when you.do the D s 5504 form and surrender that.US citizen passport when you go for the.non citizen national passport now with.the D s 5504 more both of them say both.okay read the instructions on the forms.okay it's right there I mean these forms.are not that complicated a two-year-old.can do these probably better than most.most adults out here.adults turn around and try and screw it.up where a child and basically that's.how we were told to read the Bible as a.little child so that we didn't screw it.up.because an adult tries to analyze every.damn thing Under the Sun.mr. Spock would have a heyday with many.percent of the adults in this damn.country.because they're all operating.illogically they have no common sense.they have no logic.they're trying to operate under the same.mentality as basically all the.government officials are out here.mindless idiots or as one of the foreign.national leaders there stated in.basically about that we've got a fool.for a president but he said he's the.president of a nation of fools because.the people in this country are all fools.for ever awakening to begin with and.he's right on this country is full of a.bunch of fools.but that was all rigged anyhow or we.don't have with elections yeah it's a.communist boy okay they're trying to.keep the facade out about that the.government is still a for the original.charter it's not it's a full new.communist government it's just like.Clinton ah Khrushchev and everything in.front of it Russia over there.he was just a front man okay it was the.Communist popular Bureau that was really.running the country.the men in the background that you don't.see and that same thing is running this.country right now the Communist.membership that you do not see and it.ain't the Queen of England or anything.like that she's just a damn nitwit just.like the Pope is a nitwit he front man.hey Patrick this is Steve that.self-evident you know yourself evident.remarks are really good but the real.good one did it begin with and I still.think it's so is real strong anyhow is.the card of trover the the Mandel.Colonel Mandel houses admissions is is.self-evident to that they are conspiring.to enslave us yeah and I mean that all.that's classic yeah and that's the whole.agenda all in one little document there.and then literally yeah and that's one.they started bringing in that US.citizenship under the Shipping Act of.1916 and then under the shipping code ok.the modified shipping code title 46 and.I put that out your two ago basically.going over everything on title 46 said.here it is it's all in shipping well.what do they give you a citizen ship.that has causal valuable cargo an.account.and you have to move that account out of.the federal treasury or bank over to the.National Treasury Bank it's like you've.gone down to mom Paul bank moving your.accounts out of that Bank another Bank.and you can do a transfer in the process.a wire transfer to do that and basically.that's all we're doing with the form are.5504 form when we surrender the.citizenship passport for the federal.bank and trying to come over onto the.other side with the National Bank as a.non citizen national it's all about.banking simple don't read anything more.into it you'll screw it up.okay any other comments the cookies I.mean you could draw comments out here oh.I listened to this girl over here and.they skied off on this tangent and I.think we ought to follow it up go ahead.and say it.no we're past that stuff yeah get away.from those damn YouTube videos and all.that garbage because it'll screw your.line up well I'm gonna listen to.recording I know you had something.important to say about the passport and.something about getting it did you I.guess you're saying it you have to open.it up as a u.s. resident and then change.to an American national so that you.don't have to open up as a US citizen.okay yeah I citizen okay you have get.your citizenship you have to claim your.vessel your son you always got to be.reporting on yeah until you claim your.citizenship okay you're going to abandon.it okay and you don't want to abandon.your citizenship this got valuable cargo.on it I mean that's like taking your car.out you just bought a brand-new Mercedes.and basically you take it down downtown.and you walk away from it these are keys.it and just walk away now you want to be.locked up and put in an insane asylum if.that's what you want to do okay and.that's the way around these damn.Patriots out here they're crazy they.belong in the left.somebody ran in a rental car over at the.San Francisco International Airport.probably ten years ago they opened the.trunk and there was millions of dollars.there instead of keeping his mouth shut.he turned it in yeah oh that's a jackass.yeah I mean baby yeah yeah keep your.mouth shut.see if the feds show up basically it was.probably a stinger something like that.that and the wrong car got put in the.wrong pile now the guy probably could.have gotten as soon as he got it out of.there then he probably would have had a.bunch of drug people come down upon him.because you never know who's monitoring.those cup study too right LA I mean.there's so much of that stuff going on.right in the open you never know when a.Bandhan it happens at the same time a.Lear jet exploded on takeoff and I think.somebody grabbed the wrong briefcase or.somebody gave somebody else the wrong.briefcase you know yeah now there was.some pissed-off people that the money.ended up in the wrong place and.basically there was paybacks going on.there I mean there's a lot of stuff in.the movies that basically tell you a lot.of this stuff to make you sort of.prepared for these other guys out here.that are operating and the drug.trafficking and everything else you know.probably probably the one of the guys.that was on that jet that exploded was.the guy that rented that car was left.his left his briefcase in there on.purpose something I don't know is this.some stranger okay any other questions.about this.just one question yeah I've got it so we.send this the non-citizens passport or.this 5504 into Philadelphia address the.things that we did the ff4.no it's a on the instructions for that.DS 5504 it goes to the national passport.processing center and just sent it to.the one address not to see there's two.addresses there for that Center one is.for expedited passport and I wouldn't.you what I just sent it into the normal.one okay okay since you're going for a.non uh T passport C face key what other.passport would have a non feast the only.one that I could think of it talks about.three different types of passports their.diplomat and I forget what the other one.is and then it says non non fee well the.only one that I could think that would.be a non feat would be an American.national one who is born of the nation.and basically it's now an obligation of.the nation to give us that.identification because the people are.the masters you don't charge the master.right ladies come on let's have an amen.come on and be like yo administer.Alleluia brother amen yeah come on guys.you guys are don't like a dead lump out.there I mean show a little life I mean.otherwise yeah you might as well just.stay as citizens if you don't want to.show any light.hey Matt okay okay any other questions.or anything thanks Patrick.okay yes so much okay we'll talk to you.down the road there okay all right being.posted if I hear anything out of either.the International Court or out of my.passport and hopefully they get.something gone in the next day or so.that'd be great yeah I did email Roger.on his site to see if he could send me.any information of what the passport.looks like for the non citizen he hasn't.replied that I know if I do get.something I'll let the group know and.I'll let you know okay good thank you.again thank you for all your dedication.and persistence on this Patrick Jane.Mandel you know you might get if you're.there if you're in communication with.him you might getting to understand the.rest of it because he doesn't fully.understand the true importance of that.passport what is all about and CIA.doesn't reach oh yeah right he hasn't.responded yet I'll see if he will.respond to the email I thought well I'll.put it out there yeah and see whether he.they speak even picked up his.citizenship account right yeah because.if he did this right he should have.gotten all of his funds out of the.federal bay and moved him over to the.National Bank it will be interesting to.see what happens.okay well okay guys mm okay okay thank.you okay thank you talk to you guys.later okay.[Music].hello yeah.

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Where To Send Ds 5504 2016 2019 Form FAQs

View the below common confusions about Where To Send Ds 5504 2016 2019 Form . Reach directly if you still have other queries.

Need help? Contact support

During a B1/B2 visa interview, I was asked to fill out the DS-5535 form introduced recently and was told to send it back by email. The interviewer gave me back my passport (needed to fill the form). What experience have people had with this form?

It is a little bit on the privacy invasive side but nobody is forcing anyone to fill it out. If your visit to the US is important and you have nothing to hide, you just have to fill it out. If not, you chose not to travel to the USA.

On the DS-160 form, how should I fill out the fields where it asks me where I will be staying in the US, if I don't know yet?

If you are going on a business visit, it would be prudent enough to specify your office address. If you are going on a social visit you could provide the name of the hotel / friend or relative's place where you intend to stay during your visit. I hope that answers your question to an extent. Cheers

Is it okay to pay visa fees before filling out the DS-160 form?

No you can’t make visa fee before submitting the DS-160, because once you submit the DS-160 form, it send a email to you with submission confirmation number which is important to synch the payments under your application. Bother how will they ever know who paid for which application.

Who do I send this W9 form to after I fill it out? Then what happens?

Send the W-9 to the business that asked you to complete it. Then the business will have your social security number or employer identification number so it can prepare a 1099 to report the income it gave you after year end.

Can I travel with a mistake on my passport?

It depends on the nature of your ‘mistake’. If it is a genuine misunderstanding or a wrong date, you need to get in touch with the embassy and correct it. If you submit a fraudulent document in support of your visa application, not only you risk having your visa refused and being banned from ever being granted a UK visa but you can also be reported to the police and arrested when you arrive for a visa interview. If this is the case it will be up to the state’s prosecutor to decide whether they want to bring charges against you or just give you a fine or dismiss the case.

What happens if you make a mistake on your passport application form?

It depends on the nature of your ‘mistake’. If it is a genuine misunderstanding or a wrong date, you need to get in touch with the embassy and correct it. If you submit a fraudulent document in support of your visa application, not only you risk having your visa refused and being banned from ever being granted a UK visa but you can also be reported to the police and arrested when you arrive for a visa interview. If this is the case it will be up to the state’s prosecutor to decide whether they want to bring charges against you or just give you a fine or dismiss the case.

Can you complete passport application online?

Other reply like they are living in fully automated country. Truth is, nobody knows exactly how many days it will take to get police verification completed. My first hand experience with RPO Ghaziabad is, even after 34 days, there is no sign of any police verification yet. I filled 4 applications for family members also. I have visited RPO several times so far and I could get them move my file to police verification stage. All other applications are pending with no update. As I can see clearly that the digital India dream is still a dream because of either too much of workload or laziness at the Continue Reading

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