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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to write COMcheck Software Version 394 Mechanical Compliance Form

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How to leverage The COMcheck Software Version 394 Mechanical Compliance Form?

well good morning everyone.uh this is steve stelzer here and i've.got.my presentation ready to go.and uh it's ten o'clock.we'll uh give another minute or two.for people trying to uh have you ever.tried to get on to one of these.online presentations and you know you've.got on your calendar and you're gonna.partake and now it's about that time.let's go ahead and get on.and then you have the it moment.oh i think it happens about a quarter of.the time to me i mean it just.cracks me up okay let's go yeah all.right.boom what what's going on here wait why.is this not working.i've been on 10 other ones this week and.this one's not working so yeah.we'll uh try to give people a couple of.uh.moments to take care of an i.t moment.anyway i'm here at the permitting center.in the green building resource center.and uh been really working on the energy.code lately.and training our people in building code.enforcement.so building code enforcement has opted.to.improve the way we review comp checks.so here we are.and uh we'll start outlining it for.people.and we're recording this so that we can.actually.have um anyone else.um download this and and watch it online.and it won't be live of course when they.do that but they'll be able to see.what uh you're seeing now so if.you have any colleagues or anybody that.you feel would benefit from seeing this.it is going to be available on the.permitting center website.and uh um.i don't have a slide on that uh link but.we will uh.make that happen uh i think we can put.it in the chat.or the q a uh before the end of the.presentation and uh make that available.to people.all right well got 1002.so let's go ahead and get started.we're good talking about the current.code here.2015 iecc international energy.conservation code.and its comp check workshop.just a quick bit of uh history the uh.origin of the codes basically started.appearing in the 1600s.i love this boston prohibited chimneys.made from wood in 1630 is that great.what an idea then we have the american.society of heating refrigerating and air.conditioning engineers.which was founded in 1894 i didn't.really know we had air conditioning at.the time.and they probably had uh perhaps a.different name in 1894 but at any rate.the big one came out standard 90 in 1975.and then the model first model code for.energy conservation.came out in 1981.and uh 30 years ago there you go.but who's counting and in a local.ordinance.situation texas adopts international.energy conservation code.2015 as state law in 2016..okay so we've had this in effect for a.few years.local jurisdictions are responsible for.energy code implementation and.enforcement.of this law and houston adopted it.in as well in 2016 and then building.code enforcement.enforces the city of houston.construction codes for both.residential and commercial construction.we're talking about commercial today.so why are we here beginning january 1st.in a few months plans submitted with.incomplete comm check reports.will be rejected at pre-screen by our.permatex.as they review for the completeness of.the plan submittals before sending the.plan review.pre-screen is looking for quantity not.quality.if you have enough quantity then plan.reviewers will judge the.quality of the reports.so disclosure here this class is to.inform you about com check reports.and how houston plan review will review.them.it is not about how to completely.navigate comcheck.and the good thing is informing about.comcheck will inform you.about the commercial energy code.somewhat.and this is not about teaching you the.entire g.entire energy code but you might learn.something.you don't already know.so why we're here again um we enforce.the city of use and construction codes.and training is necessary for that.so for a comprehensive plan review all.code requirements should be incorporated.in the design and construction documents.this is coming from the uh the.commentary of the code.all of the project information including.specifications scope calculations and.detailed drawings.should be submitted so that code.compliance.can be verified so that's kind of the.process.so we uh in an effort to be clear with.everyone.a statement on the construction.documents such as.all insulation levels shall comply with.the 2015 edition of the iecc.okay so let's just make a note say hey.builders looking at the plans.everything's going to comply with the.code.nope not an acceptable substitute.for showing the required information in.the plants.okay.in fact a certification on the comm.check documents with the designers seal.is also not an acceptable substitute.for completing the inspection checklist.so real quick the structure of the.commercial provisions.there's six chapters although the sixth.one reference standards.is you know yeah it's a chapter but not.much.uh information there for you basically.it's five chapters of.information so chapter one.is very clear that certain information.is to be included on the construction.documents.they have a list of 12 items.uh and of course we may need more but.these 12 items are required by the code.to be.included in the drawings and it's not.the least bit unclear.and so they're to be delineated and.delineation includes stating.why they do not apply due to an.exception or exemption.from the code provisions and we'll.explain that.more clearly these 12 requirements.are indicated in comm check so comm.check is.very helpful for making sure.that those items are included in the.documents which the code requires.so uh let me repeat delineation includes.stating.why the requirements do not apply to.your project due to an exception.or an exemption from the code provisions.and people will want to use exceptions.and exemptions.all right right after that the code.requires.the building thermal envelope depiction.and quite simply says that she'll be.represented on the construction drawings.it's not the least bit unclear the.depiction is required.and uh come january 1st we're going to.be rejecting them.until they show compliance so this.little sketch is.uh kind of residential um yes this.this is required in both residential and.commercial codes.so that's the expectation here.oh wait you people have never rejected.me for that before.why are you suddenly doing it now this.is not fair.well okay let's just think of this as a.grace period.you've had since 2016. and psy.it's coming to an end okay.from the top to plan review.here inside enforcing the law.you do not need permission or direction.from your supervisor to enforce the.building codes.that's what you were hired to do and our.people will be getting trained.between now and january 1st thoroughly.on this particular subject.so moving forward the commercial energy.code we want to understand the code we.want to understand.comp check and then we want to enforce.the code.with the result that buildings are built.to perform as they should.okay chapter three.shows us how climate zones.affect the code so here's the map of the.u.s.and you can see um climate zones one.through.six a seven and then you kind of don't.see because they don't have a map of uh.alaska climate zone eight okay.so basically um.we have texas pretty visible here.um with actually three climate zones but.houston.down on the coast is in climate center.okay.so then when you go through the various.uh listings.they have the state listing and the.county listings.and we can clearly see that harris.county is in climate zone 2a.bill moving forward this is very.important.many energy code provisions are specific.to the climate zone.okay and many energy code provisions.have.exceptions and exemptions based on the.climate zone.so we want to tune into these it.can have a benefit for doing.less work at any rate the main body.of the code is chapter four.and there are uh this shows the.the three uh pathways.and the fact that all three of them have.mandatory requirements.so the top right um ashrae.90.1 is an energy standard.and comcheck has an ashrae version.then the prescriptive uh provisions.in the code um is the middle one.and that has a comm check that's the.kind of the normal.comm check and then there's a third.pathway which is a complicated uh energy.modeling software.and probably only about five percent.of projects in the city in building code.enforcement.use the approved energy modeling.software.okay so we're here to talk about.comcheck this is what the code provision.looks like.oh how boring um but there it is one.two and three those are the three.pathways we just talked about.okay now what we need to understand is.we pick.only one approach so for people using.comcheck we have the.iecc version and we have the ashrae.version okay and that will be evident um.in the reports which version you went.okay.provisions within the pathways are not.interchangeable.um but you'd be surprised how similar.there are okay.but at any rate there are some slight.differences they're not interchangeable.applicant must make a choice and take it.all the way through.either in ashrae or iecc and.like we saw in that diagram all three.pathways have mandatory requirements.which are not tradable okay comm check.can do some trading.and uh some things though are not.and the mandatory items are not.so this is what uh you know kind of the.story is in the ashrae.uh publication just you know there's a.little visual.showing how things work they're not.super important.now here is our commercial checklist for.permit application.okay this is basically on the right.i've got uh you know which is kind of.hard to read is the checklist and then.i've got a blow up here.that kind of uh you know goes over part.of it but our permit.that are using the checklist.as our pre-screen okay so this we're.talking about at prescreen.and you can see um energy code software.is required for building projects and.where proposed scope of work is exempt.indicate on the plans why exempt.so you are already.having your plans rejected if.check is missing all right everybody on.board.that's already happening you gotta have.a comm check.so um.what we have kind of been you've been in.a grace period about.is indicating on the plans where.proposed scope of work is exempt so but.that is required.it is in there and come january uh.january 1st.it's going to be a major issue okay.so now let's talk about uh briefly here.uh project docs okay where does the comm.check.belong okay so on the right.you can see your screen version.of trying to put stuff in the project.docs and then.blown up on the left you can see.up in the uh very top part of documents.pretty much right away we have forms.and then when you click forms there is a.folder called energy forms.dash codes okay everybody see that.that's where.we expect the comm check to be.okay so blow up.place the comm check in the energy forms.codes.folder in project docs this is where it.will be reviewed.in pre-screen i've highlighted that in.yellow and i'm just reading to.kind of like make a you know.presentation here uh hopefully.you're not being insulted um now what i.did find out is that some.drawings some plan sets.have had the comm check put on some of.the drawing pages.okay that's fine but.make sure the comm check is in the.folder.okay so you can have it in the drawings.which actually we're happy that you have.in the drawings that's great.maybe that'll facilitate people on the.the construction site looking at them i.don't know.but um for pre-screen purposes.we definitely need them in the energy.forms folder.the permatex are not going through the.drawings.okay so they aren't going to see them in.the drawings and so heads up.all right so let's start with the.building envelope requirements part of.the code and.quite simply just give you a brief uh.overview building envelope requirements.are walls roofs windows.and leakage okay that's what we're.concerned about.in the energy code all right this is one.of the tables.in the code showing um r value.for insulation for the various.components roof.walls walls below grade floors slabs on.grade floors.and uh whatever's on the bottom there.that i can't even read um and then you.can see.the uh climate zones run along the top.so we have one two three four all the.way to eight.along the top see that and then for.instance for an.instance on roofs i've circled.insulation.entirely above roof deck for instance.okay.and you can see where it intersects.under uh climate zone two.we need r25ci.for group r and all other.um occupancies okay all right.so that's kind of an indication for you.of.climate zone and the various different.requirements per.climate zone so you can kind of look.around in here and see there's different.numbers.um in the different uh concerns in the.different uh.climate zones all right.then this slide indicates um.kind of the first provision where.there's an exemption.all right so low energy buildings.are allowed to be exempt from the.building thermal envelope provisions.so we were just talking about for.instance the roof insulation you would.be exempt from that.if the energy usage is less than three.bturs per square foot.or one watt per square foot okay.and you don't have to worry about.insulation on the the walls and the.roofs.for number two those that do not contain.conditioned space.so you've got a carport no you don't.need to insulate your roof.for a carport it's wide open to the.atmosphere.okay and then greenhouses okay we're not.typically greenhouses don't use.any conditioned space they're just kind.of protecting the plants.so those are allowed to be exempt all.right.now here's another one equipment.buildings um.and they uh if you have meet all five of.those.uh provisions then you are exempt from.building thermal envelope provisions as.well so.reminder on the left if you want to.claim an exemption you must state it in.your.comp check submittal okay so that's.we're going to be looking for.you find the exemption and you state it.and then we're going to be happier.so let's just look at uh here's some of.the uh.items in the code that you would need to.show on your plans.eyes glaze over okay nobody really.uh wants to be dealing with that do they.then it gets worse.um here are some other components and.equations.and this is uh not my idea of fun.okay so this.is why you want comp check.you plug these numbers and values.into the comm check and it's a win-win.you want it and so do we all right.the uh international code council likes.comcheck.free and easy to use software program.did i mention free.yes code official must approve the use.of specific.computer software such as comcheck yeah.not only do we approve it we require it.um the user inputs building areas.efficiencies.and other specifications for the.building envelope mechanical systems and.interior and exterior lighting systems.okay.and it generates a compliance report for.the approved plans and a customized.field inspection checklist.and it's available for ashrae and iccecc.and some states not texas where.they've worked with comcheck to come up.with a particular state version okay but.we haven't done that.okay so let's start looking at one.here is a compliance certificate there.are four types.okay but first time out some info from.the u.s department of energy.who really helped uh with this comp.check development.the designer inputs into comp check from.the plants.okay so contrapositively that means if.we see a comm check item with nothing in.the plans.something is wrong okay.fair warning.this is what comchick looks like when.someone is inputting the info from the.plans.okay so you see these components.uh you know up at the top uh sort of you.see project.envelope interior lighting exterior.lighting and mechanical.so this uh scene they're in the envelope.and um they've got roof skylight extra.wall window door basement floor.and they have to input uh area square.footage.construction details what the assembly.they pick an assembly.and what have you so you're inputting.things from the plans.into this program and it's quite complex.okay.so this is what it looks like all right.now back to com check.so this is the first of five comm check.reports.envelope compliance so right off the bat.the energy code.gets entered right away 22 this is 2015.iacc it could also be ashrae.the climate zone see that thumbs up 2a.also top right we want to we're going to.double check the version.so if you're in version four at this.point in time you're good.and then asterisk now at the bottom a.tenant build out may not have any.envelope items.okay so again this is the first one five.then the second of five is interior.lighting.very clear up at the top interior.lighting compliance certificate.third of five exterior lighting so.they've got a pretty similar format.as you can see fourth of five mechanical.okay and then finally fifth of five is.the inspection checklist.which is what we're gonna be talking.about at length.okay nothing new with the code nothing.new with com check.plan review we'll be reviewing them.differently is what is new.okay so we've not pulled any fast ones.so let's walk through some comp checks.you'll see what the report looks like.and what plan review will be looking for.okay so here we go this is.one of the this is envelope compliance.and so let's start off with roof.um the assembly is uh that's what comes.out of comm check.okay um so we check the square footage.and then right off the bat over on the.right.the continuous r value is 20. reject it.okay right off the bat.in the envelope compliance report com.check shows us a roof r value that does.not comply.projection number one so then next is.the three year.age solar reflectance index of 64.is required and there's nothing in that.blurb right there.about that so we have to look somewhere.else.so we go to the checklist and so on the.left.column of the checklist is the provision.uh which comcheck does you did not have.to type that in.then next to it is the complies you know.kind of the check boxes.well that contract is the user does not.do that.com check thinks that's for plan review.or inspections.over on the right are the comments and.the user inputs the sri and references.the drawings.here okay which you can see um.the blow up is where where i've input.that note.and um the full scale on the right.there was nothing okay.so on this particular project i went to.the drawings.and so you can see the kind of a roof.plan.on the right hand side and uh there's a.note.and i've blown that up and put it up top.and so it says the note 21 says duralast.single ply roof membrane.over minimum r20 rigid insulation board.blah blah blah.nothing about the sri okay.is mia missing in action so i went to.the internet.pulled down the duralast information.and lo and behold there's some solar.reflectance index information.that would have been good to have been.submitted okay.um so here we go envelope compliance.failure comcheck asserts the roof.complies with the code but the plans.don't show compliance.the plans call for a duralast roof.duralast has three types of roof.membrane and four colors.the roof color is not mentioned the sri.is not mentioned.the sri depends on the roof color is it.the plan reviewer's job to pull the.manufacturer's cut sheet from the.internet to determine code compliance.uh cut to that chase no is the.applicant's job to show compliance.on the plans all right so here's the.inspection checklist let's kind of take.a look at what comcheck expects.up at the top there is this blurb that i.blown up down at the bottom.requirements 0.0 percent were addressed.directly in the comm check software.text in the comments assumption column.is provided by the user.in the contract requirements screen for.each requirement the user certifies that.a code requirement will be met.and how that is documented i've.highlighted that in yellow and how that.is documented.or that an exception is being claimed.okay notice or the exception is being.claimed.where compliance is itemized in a.separate table a reference to that table.is provided.so you could provide something at the.end of the comm check and you can refer.to that.in the comments and assumption column.okay.okay so when we look at that.blurb up top on the report.and it has 0.0 percent that means.no comments were input in the comp check.which is a pretty low effort task okay.this is going to be an automatic.rejection by the permit tech in.pre-screen.zero rejected adios.all right so let's take a look there's.about what six to.seven pages or so of the comm check.inspection checklist.okay multiple pages that address.envelope mechanical.electrical plumbing and commissioning.okay very.helpful very good.so if you don't complete the comments in.the inspection checklist then prepare to.see this rejection comment.a completed inspection checklist is a.required component of the comm check.submission which is required for a.building permit.for each inspection checklist item the.applicant explains how the requirement.will be met with.how it is documented in the plans.or which exception is being claimed.okay got a choice of two.pick one and put it in there all right.we uh just you know we've done this uh.updated the residential checklist for.single family that energy report.inspection checklist is required and we.will be.updating the commercial as well.okay so now that was envelope that we.already went over now we're going to get.into building mechanical systems.okay which is five parts general.economizers.hvac hydronic and multi-zone equipment.and refrigeration equipment okay.so this is what uh one of the first.provisions are.regarding that and that is design loads.that need to be uh determined in.accordance with another ashrae.standard 183 and so.let's look at the mechanical compliance.certificate uh.again the energy code stat for this one.was 2015 iec.it could be ashrae and so there's some.mechanical systems here i've blown it up.on this slide.and you see that they are uh for heating.and cooling.we have uh a capacity of 150 000.uh btuhs with an approved a proposed.efficiency.blah blah blah so this is indicating um.somewhat of capacities regarding the.building.loads all right so then we go to the uh.inspection checklist and we see.that part of the code that.on the left that comcheck.puts in hvac systems and equipment.capacity does not exceed calculated.loads.okay so it was blank but this is where.the user would put the page number where.the load calcs are shown.or potentially following the comm check.okay.the loads could be in you know just a.tabular form or something you know.whatever the engineer used.all right so uh.back to this chapter one item i'm going.to be referring to this a few times.these 12 items are required by law to be.clearly delineated.okay and there you go item four.mechanical system design criteria.okay that's what the loads are right.so are we going to double check your.loads well.let me say this we are expecting you to.professionally establish the loads.we expect to see information on the.plans to comply with the law.and is that enough of an answer.so here's another one pumps pumps that.circulate.water between a heater and a storage.tank have controls.that limit operations from startup to.less than or equal to five minutes after.end of heating cycle okay so that's a.code provision that i.didn't show you but it's in the code and.that's how.uh comcheck deals with it and on this.particular inspection checklist we got.exception requirement does not apply.well bad news there's no exceptions in.this code provision.so i can't even believe that was there.anyway.then for this particular project guess.what there's a heater and a storage tank.in the plans.so how did that happen requirement does.not apply.so that is bogus so this one's going to.get rejected for that.so let's uh kind of keep going through.examples.you can see we're talking about uh.heated water supply piping conforms to.pipe length and volume requirements.referred to section details.says the comm check on the left so.we have a uh note exception requirement.does not apply.com check does that they have this.exception you know.throwdown that you can put in there and.that is not sufficient.okay what we're asking is which.which exemption so you're going to type.that in there.you want an exemption type it in which.exemption it is.now next on the uh.after that is location on plans slash.spec.uh m 1.0 mechanical specs and m 2.0.schedules and layout.that's a good comment okay don't have a.problem with that.the reviewer will now go to sheet m 1.0.and m 2.0.and they're going to look at that and.they're going to see if there is some.sort of notation.about the heated water supply piping.okay.there's going to be the engineer is.going to have something that's going to.convey.that this project complies with that.part of the code that's what they do.now the meanwhile for for some reason.there there was.two of these items as you can see.they're duplications.and on the second one it says.requirement will be met.okay comm check does this and fyi.it is not sufficient that is not going.to cut it.okay so here's here's a really.interesting inspection checklist that we.had.and it has 100 percent were addressed.directly in the comm check software.pre-screen is gonna go good to go okay.they're not gonna reject this comm check.we have an inspection checklist.and it shows a hundred percent we're.addressing the comm check.now if you were to do this requirement.will be met.requirement will be met thing then the.plan reviewer.is going to bounce you okay it's not.sufficient.that is not indicating where on the.drawings.this is showing compliance okay and.requirement will be met is an assertion.where you need to.show actually show the compliance so.this is a perfect opportunity for to.fill in.the uh comments to show.compliance all right so repeat.requirement will be met is not.sufficient you need to type something.else in.that is not gonna fly all right so let's.uh anatomy of a failure let's take a.look at some of these.here's the one about the load calcs.requirement will be met.nothing else rejected ours my suggestion.note which sheet has the load calcs or.note their location after the comm check.in the energy forms.folder okay here's the uh.interior lighting power calculations.blah blah blah.requirement will be met nothing else.fail.suggestion note which sheets have the.electrical info.okay all right um.c406 the additional energy efficiency.package options.requirement will be met we're not buying.it nothing else rejected.suggestion note which sheets have this.info.okay all right pumps that circulate.water between a heater and storage tank.we've gone over that already requirement.does not apply nothing else rejected.state the specific exception or.exemption in your comment if you're.going to go that route.all right so um one of the things that.you see.on these lists are things like that a.little bit diversionary plumbing.roughing inspection okay guess what.this is now also plan review.not just inspection so we need everybody.to.hopefully retain this idea that it's.called.an inspection checklist but it's also.now.by the city of houston a plan review.checklist.as well okay everybody on board so.heated water supply piping conforms to.pipe length and volume i mean some.people might not even have had to.explain this before.okay you're gonna have to now we need to.see that you have complied with the.provision.how can you succinctly indicate that.okay.so requirement will be met is not gonna.get it and.i would you know if i was an engineer.i'd have to have a standard note.and i would put it on my note sheets or.something.and then in comp check i would put the.location for that note in the plans and.then our plan review will look there and.double check.to be clear our inspectors have been and.will continue to inspect the project to.compare with the approved plans.so it is going to be used as an.inspection checklist the completed comp.check.which is based on the plans will be part.of the approved plans.an incomplete comp check will not be.approved nor will the plans.until the comm check is approved okay.so comp check is going to hold you up.let's take a look at a kitchen exhaust.hood from the drawings pretty.entertaining so there's kind of that.story there's like a cut-through view of.it blah blah.so this one had the model number and.exhaust cfm.and supply cfm etc.in the provision it says replacement.error introduced directly in the.exhausted cavity shall not be greater.than 10 percent.of the hood's exhaust airflow rate so.back the napkin here exhaust cfm 1170.supply cfm 900 looks like.77 percent of exhaust that's way more.than 10.and then uh for more i went to the.internet because for some reason it.wasn't submitted.the model and it's shown to be exhaust.only so.total fail uh go to the.uh comp check uh inspection checklist.and this engineer this is hilarious um.went ahead and printed out the reports.so that he could put hand uh x.you know uh check box and that's not the.intention of comp check anyway.didn't type in anything and this is.where.we would need a commentary clearly.articulating compliance with the code.section.as the unit is labeled exhaust only and.the drawings indicate excessive supply.so that is going nowhere uh here's.another quick one just looking at.you know provisions and stuff duct and.plenum insulation.uh we need r6 insulation um.etc and so we would look.on the inspection checklist find that.provision.about the insulation of ducts and.plenums and etc as you can see.no comment okay so duct insulation.levels are not mentioned here.or on the plant so that would be a.rejection in spite of the engineer.saying it complies.okay the fact that you say it complies.or um ref uh whatever will be met.is not going to get it all right back to.this uh.the 12 items look at that duct sealing.duct and pipe insulation and location.required on the drawings.all right here's another one that's.really getting to the weeds.motor nameplate horsepower it says right.in the provision to be.indicated on the construction documents.okay nothing ambiguous about that.why total fan system motor name plate.horsepower in the commentary it says.these calculations are typically.completed by the mechanical engineer.record and should be verified during the.plan review.okay so we need this we need this to do.our job.all right now let's look at.refrigeration equipment.refrigeration equipment shall have an.energy use in kilowatt hours per day not.greater than the values of this table.here.okay so at the risk of uh you know.getting in the weeds with that.here's a submittal that was with a uh.uh fast food restaurant uh manitowoc is.the manufacturer and they had a i think.it was a three page.or four page submittal which was put.into project docs.completely absent from this sheet.was anything about kilowatt hours per.day.absolutely absent so that is a fail i.can't believe that a manufacturer would.actually do.that go to the plans and there's.something in the.mechanical drawings about a.refrigeration but this is more like.about refrigerant.and a freon leak detection system and.not a word.about the refrigeration equipment uh.kilowatt hours per day.completely absent so adios this is a.goner.oh how could we possibly detect that.something's wrong.there's the freezer and there's the.cooler on the plan okay.all right so uh then to really go on.this walk-in cooler freezer refrigerator.here's two of the provisions here's.three.through five okay uh with a couple of.them being the r value of the walls and.the floors.and back to the um that the.the information sheet um it does.actually capture the r values of the.walls.and the floors yay as we keep going.uh nine here anti-sweat heaters need to.be no more than 7.1 watts per square.foot.the um the handout has this.does show compliance with that hooray.then finally we get down to the 11th and.last provision.so the health submittal sheet addressed.three out of the 11 requirements.is that sufficient to indicate.compliance absolutely not.that's a fail go to the inspection.checklist.for where they could have you know.indicated something and the engineer.said it complies.oh my gosh um now sadly.uh he this is actually.not there so he was saying something.else complies the economizer sorry.uh the inspection report actually skips.those part of the provisions.okay so bad news.wow com check doesn't seem to have an.inspection checklist item for the.coolers and freezers.uh-oh unfortunately you or someone will.have to make up for that they must be.shown to comply with the law if the.mechanical.consultant doesn't somehow doesn't do.coolers or freezers the project will not.be improved until someone does so.oops now you could actually.put that you could inject that into uh.comp.check so here's this one about the load.calcs.right how about adding a note.about the refrigeration equipment you.put that in there.all right then our plan reviewer will go.there.and check okay why refrigeration.equipment works much.the same way as an air conditioner.except instead of depositing the heat.gain.during condensation outside the building.the heat is deposited inside the.building.okay there's usually no flu from a.cooler or freezer or.you know a refrigerator to the outside.so you are dumping that heat.into the building and then the.mechanical system has to deal with that.and the loads are increased and we need.more air conditioning okay.so then we get into fan control that's a.thing.fans generally the largest energy using.component of hvac systems okay.boom so the energy code is concerned.about this.okay oh back to this page anybody sick.of this slide yet.item number eight fan motor horsepower.and controls.the energy code is deeply concerned.about fans and the sizes and etc.all right moving on to electrical power.and lighting the best is yet to come.so exterior um you know lighting um.we have to develop a budget and.so the you get a basic site allowance.depending on what kind of zone you're in.and then there are tradable services.with this table.the next slide shows non-tradable.services.um you know so you kind of get into this.whole thing and there's.you know increments of watts per square.foot blah blah blah.this is what this looks like in the comm.check screen.it's quite organized and uh.you know the putting this in is actually.slightly tedious but you know.really not that difficult this is what.the report.um looks like the exterior lighting.compliance certificate.so for instance the first one is parking.lot lights.and parking area and you start off with.b quantity and that.is in square feet we need the parking.area and this engineer for some reason.put 11 square feet.whoa so this is the site plan.does this look like 11 square feet of.parking to you.uh no i don't think so it identifies.the exterior light fixtures and.what kind they are and so that part's.good uh.the sign by white speaking of exemption.the pylon sign.like uh whatever fast food organization.this is.that is exempt um so meanwhile uh here's.my version of filling out the form.completely.as it turns out there was 13 503 square.feet of parking area.not 11. so um interestingly.the 1300s from the uh the table you add.up the.wattage of the watts allowed.per unit uh you know indicating the.tradeable and what have you.you add that up uh to 20 95 watts.add that to the 1300 you have a total.budget of 33.95.and interestingly.when um down below because this is a.blow up.the total wattage of the fixtures.actually.complies okay 1032 watts.is very good it's below the 33.95 budget.it would comply but we are not going to.allow.that sort of bogus computation on a.um compliance certificate.okay so that we a rejection note is.going to be the com check was.incorrectly computed for the allowed.exterior lighting power component.please correct and resubmit okay.so then let's get to the uh additional.efficiency package.options so this is where it's called out.in the code.there's six of them um you need you need.a little bit of an upgrade from the.basic code pick one.pick the easiest it doesn't matter to us.um.so here we had for this particular.project.the architect did the envelope and so he.called out the reduced interior lighting.power.okay which is probably the easiest one.then the engineer of the same project.puts in high efficiency hvac.uh-oh then we go to.the inspection checklist and we get the.uh engineers saying it complies and no.comments.and so how in the world could anyone.verify.that co 406 compliance was done.we can't so it's rejected now uh.interestingly just you know tenant.spaces also have to have.with this section c406 with one of these.upgrades.okay so let's take a look at a tenant.space build out because they are going.to take comp checks.all right so the good news is if you.don't touch the.skin or the envelope then you would not.have to submit an.envelope compliance certificate you.still have to submit a comm check cause.there's.three out of four certificates okay so.you would do the interior lighting your.interior build out is probably going to.have lighting i'm guessing.so meanwhile this one did not have an.additional efficiency package on the.front page.like they normally do then uh looking at.the exterior lighting.okay not a word about the additional.efficiency package and then uh the.mechanical compliance certificate.again nothing not good all right.then we go to the inspection checklist.and there's no comment.adios i'm sorry this this build out is.toast not gonna happen.so then we got uh the next and final is.commissioning.okay so.oh incredible exemptions okay and that.is.there's a size threshold basically just.for rule of thumb.buildings uh freestanding buildings.smaller than a walgreens.you know that you've seen all over town.would be exempt okay.so you do not have to con comm.commission.small buildings all right so uh but.we're gonna see your square footage.we're gonna see uh what the mechanical.equipment capacity is.and if it's larger than those you have.to do it so.might as well put it in there so the.commissioning plan.has to be developed by our registered.design professionals so we need to see.something.there not just uh you know joe blow.and so there's more to commissioning.there's.system adjusting and balancing air.system balancing.blah blah blah as you can see down at.the bottom there's an exception.so you know people can take advantage of.exceptions hydronic systems balancing.and some exceptions.notice pump motors of five horsepower or.less.blah blah blah and so you're just gonna.have to get into it i'm sorry.but the preliminary commissioning report.has to be completed and certified by the.design professional or an approved.agency we need to see that.and the acceptance of the report right.here in the code.that the code official receives a letter.of transmittal from the building owner.acknowledging that the building owner or.owner's authorized.agent has received the preliminary.commissioning report okay.and this is to be considered acceptable.for a final inspection.okay adios it's in the code we have got.to do this.as building code enforcement and.hopefully there's nothing unclear about.that.okay so there are documentation.requirements.so any project large enough to require.commissioning there's going to be things.in the plans.we need to see if not rejection.okay we don't have to have the whole.plan submitted but there needs to be.documentation in there the code is clear.so uh comm check covers this these are.uh you know commissioning items right.there look at those permissions what.provisions one two three four five six.except yeah one of them looks like a.duplicate.but anyway um so there they are um.if if it's blank and there's no comment.we're out of here.all right so in summary beginning.january 1st.plans submitted with incomplete comm.check reports will be rejected at.pre-screen.okay if you have enough quantity.then the plain reviewers will judge the.quality of the comments and the reports.okay so requirement will be met.is not acceptable exemptions and.exceptions.must be specific and comments.must locate the info in the plans so.those are the three.items requirement will be met.is not acceptable actually by itself.okay.we're not going to turn you down because.that's in there but if that's it.and you're relying on requirement will.be met.that one's not going to be acceptable.exemptions and exceptions.must be specific not just there's an.exemption.not going to work comments must locate.the info in the plans.or probably should have said be.a specific exemption exception notation.okay.so that's it that is.we got uh wow got that done in 50.minutes.amazing let's see do we have any.questions let's look at the chat any.not yet so for the attendees if you.haven't seen it yet there's an.icon with two sort of looking chat.messages and a question mark over it.that's where you can enter your.questions.all right our first question here can.you provide some guidance on what to.provide.for a shell spec building that does not.have an interior build out in the permit.drawings.you're on mute steve.all right yeah well i was trying to.unmute myself i couldn't.good question i did not exactly outline.that did i.all right building shell.all right yeah we must have uh some sort.of process on that.um basically the building envelope.uh would be required and there's gonna.be uh.remember we talked about uh roof walls.uh those kind of things we can you know.so the building envelope is going to.need to be.uh completely shown to comply.uh based on the whatever occupancy.whatever you're able to get uh you know.whatever which.whatever you're trying to permit um.is gonna have to be clearly indicated in.the building envelope.um there could be.for instance exterior lighting if so.then that would have to be submitted um.but.uh i also would would surmise.uh but we will come up with something i.will get with my uh.plan review team and uh in the very near.future.and we will have this on the website um.along with this uh.information what we specifically need.for a shell building i appreciate that.and.i think that's a a very good request.it seems like with the shell building.there probably is some shell.mechanical information so i would.just off hand be guessing that there.would be some information in the.mechanical comp check.okay and uh interior lighting it seems.like.probably not gonna see too much there.potentially uh if there's any common.space lighting that uh that the code.addresses um that we may want to see.some.some items there okay for instance uh.you know.there's a code requirement for exit.signs okay no more than five watts.so that would be an item i imagine.you're going to have exit signs.in the corridors and and exit ways and.what have you.stairwells so those things could go in.okay but um you know i think you want a.thorough list of requirements.and uh we may be able to develop.something like that.all right another question here um does.the contract need to be.in the documents folder if they're in.the plans.yes okay so uh that person.might have missed that slide okay.they can be in that's permissible to be.in the drawings.not a problem with that but that's not.where our permit techs.are checking for pre-screen.no they need to be uh also in.the uh folder in project docs.energy forms okay must be otherwise.you're going to get rejected.and uh that would be highly inconvenient.all right another question here just.about if we're going to post the.recording and the presentation.and where can you find the comm check.software program.oh that was a good idea i wonder why i.didn't have a slide on that.um yes that's the.doe the oe has a uh location um you can.go.uh just google comm check download.and boom you're gonna come up with it um.i it i believe it the best.it may be a couple of different sources.i would be very careful.of some you know third-party looking you.know.weird internet site i would go through.the department of energy.and follow their links and.they have com check and res check.available for free download.okay so depending on if you got a.residential or.a commercial project for energy code.uh compliance you can download either or.both.i have them both on my machine.that's all the questions we have so far.there's still a few more minutes left if.anyone else has any more questions.i think i'm going to put a uh before we.upload this to the site katie i think.i'm going to go ahead and make an extra.signed.uh extra slide with that uh download.uh doe you know come check download.that's a good idea.all right still no more questions so i.think we can.wrap up right on time okay.very good thanks everyone.

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