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The Information Guidance for Oer Character Bullets Form

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you.sumir I hope to tail off this entire.year and I got a four this is funny.yeah I'm trying to program this new.phone you got me no I'm good I'm good.there's nothing going on here I worked.really well no I'm gonna get off pretty.early so yeah I won't be hey how you.doing good you have a minute uh yeah I'm.not doing anything come on it come on in.hey yeah let me let you go yeah I'm.gonna get off early like around maybe.one o'clock there's nothing going on so.yeah I'll see you later.hey talk to you real quick.yeah sure my epr I'm not doing what just.nothing going on here at work you don't.want to leave early so how are you.leaving early none of my business you.know what that's cool um no seriously.though I just got my car back and I'm a.little disappointed because I got rated.as a four really yeah and I've worked my.tail off this year and I was reading.through it I just don't feel like it.really articulates all of my.accomplishments over the last year can I.take a look at it real quick yeah of.course I mean yeah I got my car earlier.this week and I got a five but I mean I.I think I know I haven't done nearly as.much as you do around here but I mean.actually I happen to know my supervisor.writes really really good bullets so I.mean I don't know what to tell you but I.mean it kind of stinks for you but so I.mean you want to mint no I prefer.supervisor who had strong bullet writing.skills thanks though.hello I'm not sorry Keith Cavanaugh and.I'm a sergeant Veronica Roth's.recognition of our personnel for their.achievements accomplishments or daily.tasks is essential to the morale of our.units and effectiveness of our mission.and the Air Force today as you could.tell there might be problems out there.that cause the wrong people to get.recognized or the right people to miss.out on due recognition so we're here to.help you learn how to write the right.stuff nice first we need to remove.barriers the barriers I'm talking about.is not gathering information.procrastination which is my personal.fave and just not taking the time to.work on writing bullets next to help.alleviate writing fears we'll focus on.how to construct a bullet the main focus.will be the act fact and impact alone.with ensuring it's accurate brief and.specific third will help show you how to.standardize your writing style - the.writing style across the airforce.you know a lot of time can be saved by.standardizing our writing effective.leaders ensure the right people get.recognized by ensuring your personnel.are recognized for their hard work and.dedication you're creating a positive.environment that can only result in.higher morale and a willingness amongst.personnel to work for you to achieve our.objective today here's an overview of.what we'll be covering first we'll.identify how to gather information and.how to sort out what's important and.what's not next we'll give you some.writing tips to think about as you draft.your bullets such as using fluff Wars.and avoiding too much white space and.finally you will have an opportunity to.practice and compare your bullets to.what we've prepared for you.so son Ross why is important to write or.construct bullets that capture what our.Sabourin is we're doing well I think.it's important for personnel to get.recognized that's the most important.thing if they're doing a good job let.them know tell them that you appreciate.their efforts we can express our.appreciation for their hard work do.instructing effective bullets that.conveyed their accomplishments.specifically in their EP our and OPR.gathering information is critical to the.success of constructing a bullet the.first step is to gather as much.information as you can be sure to.include the who what where why how much.how many time or money saved but get the.numbers in there.the more comprehensive you get with the.information the more information you.will have to work with when constructing.the bullet so with all this information.who is actually responsible to gather.gathering of the information in my.opinion and what I've seen across the.Air Force is both it comes down to.communication between the supervisor and.the subordinate the subordinate is.responsible for informing the supervisor.of their accomplishments but the.supervisor is responsible for telling.the subordinate that they want that.information a lot of times our airmen.don't have a great understanding or.concepts about a strategic vision or.what it takes in order to make a bullet.so you need to tell them what you need.the information.the comprehensive everything in anything.so that you can write an effective.bullet so that their EPR or OPR says.exactly what it is that they have done.throughout the year so I'm telling you.now supervisors you will need to stay.engaged one way you can gather.information is to simply talk to your.people find out what they're doing and.simple conversation it's easy it's.sincere and it doesn't take much time.something wrong for us yeah you see in.you're talking about talking with your.people yeah well I remember on Monday.when you stopped to talk to sergeant.Sanchez I don't think you're necessarily.getting all the information you need.from your airman hey you sorry Sanchez.how are the kids.I don't have any kids awesome tell him I.said hey all right good job.good morning starting Sanchez good.morning son Roth so what did you do this.weekend well you know actually this.weekend we worked with Habitat for.Humanity there was a team of 15 of us.from the TEC we put in about 16 hours.total work Wow sorry Sanchez that is.really amazing.so you said 15 individuals yeah in 16.hours yes ma'am.did you actually help organize it or did.you just volunteer for it well you know.I organized it I coordinated the whole.event with Habitat for Humanity that's.really great stuff starting Sanchez.thanks you have a great day thank you.ma'am you too.point taken so now that you know how to.gather information let's look at some.writing tips that can help standardize.the bullet writing process here are some.condensed words that are used across the.Air Force use these condensed warriors.to prevent you from having to remove.critical information however do not use.too many condense words in one bullet.there is a couple of other writing tips.that you'll want to keep in mind when.constructing your bullet such as do not.over exaggerate what your personnel have.accomplished here is one example of an.overly exaggerated bullet the solution.to all problems they broke the code to.making things happen they invented water.walked on it and turned it into wine to.be honest this is actually an OK.statement to say about your personnel if.it's truly what you think about them but.use it in daily talk with your commander.or your superintendent don't use it in.an EPR OPR basically when you use an.exaggerated statement like this you're.telling the reader that your walk on.water airman.did not do enough in 365 days to write.one bullet about let's look at another.bullet here the second one remarkable.breadth of experience and technical.wisdom multi-talented senior NCO with a.great range of capabilities now the.first bullet is a personal favorite of.mine because I wrote it however it's.definitely exaggerated unless you're.from biblical times however the second.one is more believable but this is what.we consider a fluff statement because.there's no accomplishment or impact the.unintentional consequences of including.statements like these is the reader will.assume that the individual hasn't done.enough or you as a supervisor don't care.to take the time to compose a good.bullet either way the subordinate loses.out so let's look at a bullet that has.an accomplishment and an impact all.right so we have expertly directed.audio-visual needs for Civil Air Patrol.resulted in successful professional.event we have an accomplishment and we.have an impact so we basically have a.bullet statement but there is still some.work that needs to be done take a look.at the accomplishment and the impact.note the expertly and how the bullet.leaves a lot of white space at the end.when you put in the word expertly we.already know that the bullet should.leave it imply that your subordinate is.the expert and so by effectively.constructing a bullet you need to remove.that expertly directed and just put in.the directed and fill it in with more.information that supports the.accomplishment at the very end after.event on the impact that's what we call.too much white space you need to find.another way to rework this bullet so.that you take up as much space as you.need to convey the message of what.exactly it was that your airman did.look at the fourth bullet here directed.audio-visual productions for Civil Air.Patrol conference enhanced experience.for 67 senior officers and enlisted.notice here we removed the fluff word.expertly and spelled out conference.which eliminate the white space then we.included the who and how many which is.your critical information and condensed.the wards officer enlisted to give us.one effective bullet eliminating the.fluff and white space along with.condensing wards or some valuable.writing tips another tip to spark some.ideas is to simply share bullets sharing.bullets is one of my all-time favorites.you can have multiple people in your.organization taking on a volunteer.opportunity you have one that organized.and the others that participate in it so.you can take one very effectively.written bullet and share it across the.organization make sure you're giving.individuals credit where credit is due.if one person organized and one person.participated you can't have the.individuals that participated organized.so that's what we mean by gift credit.where credit is due in this bullet we.had one individual that organized 300.volunteers to help bring home a fallen.heroes remains and provide honor and.service to a marine then everyone else.who were those volunteers were the.individuals who participated by using an.effective action verb of organized or.participated you're able to give people.the proper credit so now that we've.covered the writing tips let's start.working on how to construct bullets the.first type is the bullet format using.act fact and impact remember when you.are focusing on acts fact and impact.you'll want to make sure it's accurate.it's brief and it is specific meaning.keep the exaggeration out of it and get.rid of the fluff when we're composing.bullets one format is using the three.part bullet the three part bullet is.comprised of the act fact in the impact.the act is a single action described.with an action verb for example.instituted training program for 300.personnel the fact is what is used to.support that action authored and.delivered 10 training guides the impact.shows who or what was affected such as.the individual the unit the wing or the.Air Force with this one we have.decreased average production time by 1.hour put it all together and you can.have instituted training program for 300.personnel author delivered 10 training.guides decrease average training time by.1 hour remember though when you are.conveying the impact look at who or what.the impact affected did it affect the.individual the unit wing or Air Force.don't exaggerate but make sure you give.credit where credit is due so let's go.ahead and take a look at how this bullet.actually looks right now looks pretty.good but if you note at the very end.after the impact there's a quite a bit.of white space in there let's see if.what we can do to fill up some of that.white space you're right and it's very.easy if we just spell out our we could.get rid of the white space but there's.something wrong there's a bullet let's.see here.Institute a training training author.delivered training decrease average.training Oh honestly this is too many.times you should never use the same word.over and over like this it can detract.the reader and actually take away.credibility from a bullet so let's try.to switch out some of these words of.training yeah not only that but I.remember the information provided.originally stated that production was.decreased by 1 hour not training so this.one different looks better and it's.accurate brief and specific that's like.how you took out the training guides and.put in 10 guides and that's how you were.able to get in the.decreased average production time.exactly really good way to rework that.bullet quick note here you can also show.the decrease in production as a.percentage meaning if the original.production time was two hours then you.could state decrease production time by.50%.I like the decreased production time by.50% I think that's better it does look.better now we covered three part bullets.let's start working on how to construct.two part bullets this format uses act.and fat combined in one statement then.the impact remember we still need to.focus on accuracy brevity and specific.keep the fluff out and white space to a.minimum so here composing a two part.bullet you have the act and fat combined.into one statement for example processed.over 300 records with no error during.unit mobility exercise now what's the.difference between the the two and three.part we just took out that semicolon and.we combine the two the impact is no.different than a three part bullet.impact one of the most important parts.of the bull is the impact so we need to.look at how did the action affect the.individual the unit the wing or the air.force in this case we went with all.personnel met scheduled chalk time so if.you look at the bullet that we have down.at the bottom process 300 plus records.with no errors during unit mobility.exercise semicolon.all personnel met scheduled chalk time.so if we were referring to two or three.part bullets you can easily determine.which is which just based on how they're.separated in this case you only have the.two parts so separated by a semicolon.there's no - - so let's see how it looks.on the actual form itself alright.process 300 plus records looking good.and whoa if we thought there was too.much white space and the bullets before.that that is way too much white space in.this instance the first thing I'm gonna.do is I'm gonna start reworking this.bullet I've got to figure out what I can.rearrange throw in another word I might.even open my thesaurus up open on my.word document but I've got to figure out.some way to get rid of all this white.space in order to lend credibility to.this bullet sorry Ann Cavanaugh how can.you reword this bullet in order for us.to get what we need.BAM processed over 300 records with no.errors during a unit mobility exercise.all personnel met scheduled choc time by.by whitespace brilliant what we did was.we took out the plus sign and add it the.word over it's the same meaning we just.got rid that whitespace Mary nice very.nice if you notice though that this.impact is still focused on the unit.because some of the processing of those.records have had an impact on the wing.well look at that absolutely and how do.we get this information here process 300.plus records with no air stirring you.don't build the exercise so again the.confident that really didn't change.contribute to wings outstanding rating.well how do you find this out by simply.going to the out brief point being here.folks.supervisors we have to go out and seek.this sort of information you know what.have you heard I heard that the record.processing procedure was named best.practice and it's being implemented Air.Force wide so we can rearrange this.whole bullet and if you find out that it.is going to go further than just the.wing get that information and rework the.bullets now we have in the whole same.action the whole same accomplishment.only we were able to rearrange the.impact and put in procedure adopted.slash implemented Air Force wide so keep.this in mind it's this all four bullets.have all the same accomplishment it's.just the impacts that changed we went.from the unit to the wing to the Air.Force keep that in mind this is why we.have to make sure we gather as much.information as possible because the.impact can always change.okay everyone now that we've discussed.gathering and sorting information and.the numerous writing tips such as too.much white space leaving out fluff words.and not exaggerating but giving credit.where credit is due now it's your turn.to apply these techniques and construct.the bullet we're going to post a.comprehensive paragraph for you to sort.out the information and construct a.bullet you can use a three or two-part.bullet format so pause your video and.when you're ready push play we'll come.back and discuss the possible bullet so.you could have developed from the.information provided so strap on your.thinking caps because it's now is your.turn to practice.you.welcome back we hope you were able to.construct the bullet with an.accomplishment and an impact so let's.look at some possible bullets that you.could have constructed with the.information provided one example that we.have here for you is you could have used.selected by the 18th Operations Group.commander for the initial response.readiness inspection prep team they.validated a 10 item interest area.checklist and it was published in the.base paper we have an act we have a fact.and we have an impact so if you haven't.caught on this makes it a 3 part bullet.note the impact is focused on the.individual meaning published in base.paper it's only giving recognition to.how it helped him or his career it.doesn't show the impact on the unit or.the wing or even the Air Force but I'm.pretty sure that there was more.information in there that we can.actually improve on exactly who or what.was impacted here's another one same.accomplishment didn't change but the.fact changed here all we did was we used.the 26 squadron compliant and staff.taskings now the impact first one.published and based paper which was the.individual however in this second one.here we took it to the next level which.is the wing the wing personnel were well.educated based on this person's action.we didn't exaggerate and has more of an.impact because it's had an impact on the.wing versus just the individual.themselves as supervisors when composing.bullets we need to think beyond the.individual if possible without.exaggerating in this case we took not.only the fact that we had 26 squadrons.but we ended up saying how many of the.base personnel were affected when you.overhaul some contingency operations you.are going to ensure that your personnel.or wartime ready so if you go back and.you look at that comprehensive paragraph.we gave you you would have been able to.pick out this information earlier we.told you the who the what how many this.is where we are gathering the how many.the 26 squadrons.that's important you'll want to show.exactly how many squadrons were affected.the 9.5 thousand and thousand is.represented here with the K 9.5 thousand.base personnel wartime ready actually.translates into nine point five thousand.base personnel ready for an Air Force.wide mission alright hopefully you all.constructed a bullet that was similar to.the ones we developed if not don't worry.just go back and look at the paragraph.again try to see how and where we were.able to get the information to construct.the bullets that we did for those of you.that are ready to move on we have.another comprehensive paragraph for you.again push pause and when you're ready.to continue just push play and we'll see.if you were able to construct a bullet.showing the accomplishment and impact.with the information provided good luck.you.welcome back round two hopefully you're.able to construct some bullets with an.accomplishment and impact if not don't.worry we're still going to give you.plenty of examples to help you along the.way as we're giving you our examples if.you stop to wonder where exactly how did.they get that information or where do.they see the information in that.paragraph take the time rewind look at.the paragraph again and then come back.and try to determine and see exactly.where we've got that information this.must possibly your first time we've done.this for a while so let's go ahead and.let's move on to the bullets that we.constructed out of the paragraph that we.gave you here's another good three part.bullet that has an act fact and an.impact and as at the individual level.decrease Incirlik airbase duis worked.with the commander to develop ten.products one the Air Force media contest.perfectly good bullet but again notice.the impact is at what level the.individual level absolutely nothing.wrong with it but when you come up with.a bullet even though this sounds good I.always think to yourself can I take it.to the next level can I make it better.the impact really not to take away from.the accomplishment or the facts in ER.but the impact is what really has the.the most impact no pun intended on the.bullet itself the accomplishment that.you came up with sergeant Cavanaugh it.was pretty good but I went on a.different Avenue for an accomplishment I.actually went to what he developed the.fact that he developed a broadcast.campaign on DUIs.and that he produced a TV and radio.commercials but I still had the same.impact as you won an Air Force media.contest award remember when you're given.multiple information there are multiple.accomplishments and even potential.impacts that you can drive out of it.that's why it is so important to gather.as much information as possible you.never know what information you are.going to use to construct the best.bullet with yes we had a lot of.information in that paragraph that's why.going back when we mentioned too much.information is not enough the first few.bullets are good but the impact is.focus again on the individual I feel so.the biggest piece of information is the.decrease in duis which has an impact not.only on the individual the unit or the.wing but also has an impact on the air.force in this case spearheaded wing.radio TV anti DUI push that's a pretty.good accomplishment one of the facts is.the number one broadcast campaign in a.2013 air force media contest.another strong fact to back up that.accomplishment and what is the impact.the duis went down 35% so as you can see.the first bullet absolutely nothing.wrong with it it's a good bullet the.second bullet is there anything wrong.with it absolutely not however the third.one is the strongest bullet it has all.the critical information that you need.to make a good quality bullet I'll be.honest the fact that you were able to.get a number one broadcast campaign and.the percentage of duis being down 35% I.have to admit this is probably one of.the best written bullets I have seen in.a very very long time.good job you're welcome remember every.bullet has the potential of being the.best we were able to achieve it with.this bullet because we made sure that it.was accurate brief and specific a lot of.information was gathered we tried to.focus on the who the what the time.percentages numbers we did not.exaggerate the accomplishment or the.impact because we know that the reader.is able to realize or see the.implication that this person literally.is the solution to all of our problems.that they broke the code to making.things happen that they invented water.walked on it and turned it into wine.just make sure you take the time to.finalize your bullet statements bullet.statements do not happen overnight nor.do they happen in one sitting.you'll probably write out your first.bullet walk away.back and relook at it and realize where.you can improve on it as long as you.reduce the unnecessary words the fluff.the whitespace don't don't use personal.pronouns or names trust me you are going.to be able to write effective bullets.and get your individuals the.recognitions they need in their EPR or.the OPR just take your time and get the.facts make sure you've got your act your.facts and your impact okay folks let's.summarize what we've learned today one.of the biggest things to take away is.why it's important to know how to write.good bullets there's only one reason and.it's our subordinates as supervisors we.owe it to them to capture the great.things they're doing and tell their.story if you're serious about taking our.advice then you should begin by.collecting as much data as possible as.far as how you do this is entirely up to.you some people like the old-school way.of business and annotate things as they.happen in their daily planners new.school folks might use Excel or even.some smartphone apps just do what works.best for you once you have the data you.need start sorting out the information.by keeping what's relevant such as who.what where why how much how many time.money saved and numbers numbers numbers.numbers once you have this information.ready you're ready to start writing and.when you do remember those writing tips.we mentioned such as avoiding fluff.words and statements and keep the.whitespace to a minimum we provided you.some scenarios that we hope prove.beneficial to getting in some good.practice you know the expression.practice makes perfect however in this.case your first several attempts might.not be perfect but as long as they're.continuously getting better each time.you're on the right path to writing the.right stuff right.you.

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How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

I am filing for a divorce, and I don't want child support from my wife. Is there a form to fill out?

It is impossible for anyone to answer your question without knowing where you live. Divorce procedure is different in each country, and in each state in the US. In Pennsylvania, child support is entirely separate from divorce filings, so you wouldn’t have to fill out any forms regarding support unless you’re asking for support. Where you live, I have not a clue. You should contact a lawyer where you live and make sure you’re doing things correctly.

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

This question is quite ambiguous. Perhaps the person asking this means to say (a) “How much does it cost for a military person to request leave, thus receive a leave form” … Or, (b) perhaps the person asking this question literally wants to know the monetary cost of an actual leave form….or (c)perhaps what does leave cost in terms of leave accrued IAW the service members Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). I will start by answering: (a) How much does it cost for a military person to request leave, resulting in receiving a leave form (the document that formally authorizes a service member to take Continue Reading

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

The w9 is what an employer uses to get your social security or taxpayer ID. This is perfectly legal. The w2 is what he gives you after he gets the SSN to do yearly reporting to you and IRS of taxes withheld and wages earned

What is a DA 1059?

As of now Group D is merged in Group C. The lowest post, to which you are calling Group D, gets level 1 of 7th CPC. The level - 1 stars at Rs. 18,000/. So the total salary will be as follows:— 1) Basic Pay… … … … … Rs. 18000. 2) DA 7% … … … … … … Rs. 1260. 3) HRA 8 or 16 or 24% of Basic Pay subject to Continue Reading

Why should I fill out my support form when I know no one is going to read it?

You can try out Fill which is currently free and requires no download. Step 1: Save the PDF from your email Step 2: Upload the PDF at Fill Step 3: Fill in the PDF in your browser as the example below If the fields are live, as in the example above, simple fill them in. If the fields are not live you can drag on the fields to complete it quickly in “edit mode”. Step 4: Click the Download button to create a free account and download the completed PDF Upload your PDF to get started here

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