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[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].hello back again okay after a.pay-per-view what have we ever done this.before.no this is the first time we've ever.recorded the day after a pay-per-view we.should try and do two years to do the.show maybe well what day of the week is.the the rumble down undal is the Super.Show yeah but the the problem they had.on this period is awesome for the Aussie.Aussie Aussie oh yeah I liked it.that was great yeah yeah right what the.rumble don't undo it the rumble down.Endell did you just make that out yeah.that's very good I like it.the rumble they're doing and they're.doing a network special in Melbourne.yeah.uh I said it right you yeah they get.annoyed if you if you pronounce they are.Melbourne's no it's gonna be like two.and a half weeks before before I'm in.there for Paxos and I'm like oh oh you.could have gone yeah it's never it's.it's not as bad as when I completely.hecht up the worst I've ever hacked up.wrestling wise mm-hmm was when Kathleen.and I went to Japan yeah I guess almost.three years ago now we we had a direct.flight from Vancouver to Osaka and we.were like we were planning our trip and.we're like okay well we'll we'll stay.the night in Osaka and then we'll.immediately just like head to like Nara.Kyoto we went up to the Alps and did.like Takayama and then Tokyo and then we.spent our last two days in Osaka and.then we flew back out when we were in.Kyoto mm-hmm we're sorry when we were in.Tokyo yep AJ Styles was defending his.end of his New Japan title in at a.massive show in Osaka.and when we were in Osaka beasts in the.East was recording in Tokyo ah.and I didn't know about either of these.before we were there yeah and it was.already too late to rearrange the.schedule and I was like well how's this.amazing wrestling happening in Japan and.I don't know anything I didn't really.like the the new Japan thing I was like.Oh that'd be really cool to see a.wrestling show in Japan and AJ I.remember I recognize AJ Styles from when.I used to watch TNA mm-hmm that's cool.but like I didn't know anything about.New Japan at the time yeah and and then.the bee's knees thing I was like oh no.that was where Brock Lesnar murdered.Kofi Kingston right yeah that's where.Finn Balor won his NXT title yeah yeah.man that's why my bucket list is seeing.a wrestling show in Japan oh yeah really.preferably a DDT show mmm cuz they do.weird stuff that's where Kenny Omega.wrestle the blow-up doll their blow-up.doll was the champion has the Chinese.know that that's amazing it was like I'm.defeated forever tonight on the other.hand yeah we are doing a pay-per-view.that doesn't have any blowup dolls but.it does have a big old cage yeah so.that's fun it is Hell in a Cell I was.hoping your like it doesn't have been.doesn't have blow-up doll but it sure.does have a couple dummies so yeah it's.Hell in a Cell 2018 mm-hmm I guess I.should actually remind you that it is.live from the AT&T Center in San Antonio.Texas which is not where we saw the.Royal Rumble no that with the Alamo dome.yes the 18t Center in San Antonio Texas.and brought to you by WWE champions the.mobile game yeah they always refer you.as WWE champ is the mobile game no I.have it if you have it it's free it's a.free download I downloaded it like a.year and a half ago and I never played.it it's a it's a match three game yeah.basically like a puzzle.it's like Puzzle Quest it's a match 3.game dr. Beach but the top half of the.screen is like wrestling people doing.jumping.huh something I'm cool anyway that's.like Puzzle Fighter kinda yeah yeah yeah.you see the poster for this show.yeah with Roman and bronze looking wise.demons yeah it looked really bad on the.thumbnail in the on the network yeah I.bet I was like wow I doesn't look good.and then I saw like a full version I was.like woo spooky okay yeah that's.sufficiently spooky on the kickoff show.briefly the new day in this case Big E.and Kofi Kingston competing defended the.smackdown tag team titles against the.team of rusev day yep which is rusev and.in English yes who are not split up no.they were just temporarily split up so.that they could do that mixed tag thing.with Lana yeah and now they're back.together which is not good I think this.happened because one of the I think it.was either one of the bunch of blood.your brothers are both of them both of.the brothers got hurt they got injured.that's why they had to have another tag.team tournament okay cuz I was like man.did they just do a tagging tournament.and then I found out that one of the one.of the brothers got injured yeah the new.day defeated them on the August 21st.episode of SmackDown in a no DQ match.yes and then Paige scheduled to triple.threat tag matches yes and the winners.of those would face each other to.determine who would face new day at Hell.in a Cell and so the bar won the first.match defeating the club and the.colognes who exists yeah they're back.yeah the clones are back baby and rusev.day defeated somehow the Usos and Eric.Young and Killian Dane from sanity who.also exists now yes because they they.were after WrestleMania it was like.sanity is coming to Smackdown without.Nikki cross yeah and then not nothing.yeah they just never appeared and then a.couple weeks later they were like there.was just a slide when I went to.commercial being like sanity they're.still coming and then they eventually.showed up.hey what's up hey kids.so yeah they won on the pre-show in the.shortest match of the night at 8 at.almost nine minutes yeah the shortest.match on the main card was 12:05 mm-hmm.this was a this was an evening of solid.matches with the ending to this match.which I saw it feels like they're still.breaking them up because Bruce have.wanted to be tagged in and then evening.this was like no no I'm gonna win this.match and he had a camera but which one.which member of the new day but he had.them in the accolade and then they broke.out in English have them in the act yeah.amen all of them in the accolade and.then in English as accolade is not as.good as Bruce exactly yeah and then a.door then rusev came in the ring to like.help out Aidan English and rusev got.thrown out of the name English got hit.by the trouble in paradise but he keeps.him and then he got pinned so it was.Aidan Inglis is fallen evening just also.tagged himself in at one going to you.did that thing you slap your bones back.and then your partner's like what the.hell man why would you just slap him.back I don't know that's my thing.yeah whenever is if you keep hope to be.really I'm going into this match I'd.like put the foot no no stay stay where.you are you know hey soon there's a.cool-down.it's like they have to actually yeah you.have to actually like grab that little.rope the little bit though you got to.actually get through the ropes and then.do it yeah but there's that little rope.they make them hold yet the corner is.like the tag room yeah there's there's a.lot of tag shenanigans happening in a.match later tonight but for this match.yeah I was ok yeah I feel bad for a.rusev because it's like it feels like.they always want to push him and then.they never do I don't know if they want.to push him we want them to push him cuz.he's great but yeah err err first match.of the night on the main card however.yeah is Randy Orton versus Jeff Hardy in.a hell in the cell match.Jeff Harvey this is Jeff Hardy's.first-ever Hell in a Cell match and as.soon as I said that I thought to myself.oh so Jeff's dying tonight.okay he's tried oh hey also Matt Hardy.is retired I'm actually retired yeah Wow.he was at uh there was a house show in.somewhere I can't remember where it was.but he's like I have fulfilled my.contractual obligations with WWE it's.been a good run I had to go home and be.a family man like he turning the guy oh.wow yeah cuz apparently he's definitely.working through some sort of injury yeah.that's like nine degrees pretty pretty.bad yeah so I think it's like he's like.I got it I gotta go.Wow and that was it geez so Jeff Matt.Hardy's done that sucks yeah it does.suck.we're happy to break the yeah I know.what's gonna happen to Briana yeah I.hope they do stuff they cuz the de.litres of worlds thing was fun anyway.and we got to see some amount of broken.Matt Hardy in the double w/e and it got.to do the ultimate the the ultimate.deleted was sweet yeah which was sweet.yeah so you know at least that got to at.least that got to happen yeah Wow he.gets a televised send-off like.definitely Hall of Fame material oh yeah.hands down I'll go and take nobody is.like no going is the Hardy Boys yeah.yeah I mean though they will go in as.the Hardy Boys but I mean they both had.great cuz like Matt's always been seen.as I mean Jeff has always been seen as.the singles guy right huh.but like Matt already had some great.gimmicks like the the Matt Hardy the v1.the version one version to you and like.Matt the Matt facts like Matt Hardy hits.mustard like that's a really great stuff.still one of my favorite Smackdown feuds.was Matt Hardy vs. MVP for the I never.saw her the US title it was just this.ongoing it was just a series of like.tests of skill mm-hmm.it was just it was a great it was a.great feud yeah so this match yeah Randy.Orton versus Jeff Hardy is happening.because they don't much like one another.also Randall Keith Orton thinks that.Jeff Hardy.isn't grateful for the the path that.Randy paved.nothing for every other superstar like.he does he's like he is as a general.thing yeah but he's like everyone does.always overlooks like man this was the.match where I watched you and I was like.man Randy Orton's a good wrestler.I never thought I'd like Randy Orton he.just I don't know he's kind of he's.always kind of there for me.but I think this was the match was like.man he's good especially we he's a heel.I mean when he's this kind of healed.they gave the idea that they were going.to bring kind of like a alter ego of.Jeff Hardy around because the whole.build-up Randy Orton's like I'm going to.it like remove you from existence and.like I'm gonna delete you from history.or make you obsolete right it's made.they say stuff like that all the time.and then Jeff Hardy had a couple like.nonsensical promos leading up to it.which sounds like which was like like it.was just Jeff Hardy being all weird and.hearty you know yeah that was great I.love this match now like even on the.build up there's a built point in the.build up where Randy Orton did the thing.like he did the screws or everything.obviously we'll get into that.he but like put his finger through the.the hole in Jeff's ear yeah cuz he's got.like stretched out lobes for like.piercings or whatever buddy dead doesn't.it didn't have a piercing in it yeah and.he ran you like put his finger through.there was like here like pulling on his.earlobe and I guess like Randy Erb Jeff.Hardy cut a promo after that like a week.after that incident can happen he's like.the pain opened my eyes dude something.something camera or what the whole thing.was yeah I assume it's one of those.things that looks gross but doesn't.actually hurt like I'm I'm really.wrenching on my earlobe right now and.it's like yeah it like sting that's.annoying.yeah stop it maybe it's that's fine I.wouldn't be as bad as taking like a.thumbtack bump yeah I know yeah I always.figured it was like kinda like pulling.on your elbow yeah I know you don't have.any get that little like you don't.that'd be funny someone somewhere comes.I was like a like a like a little like a.wood clamp or something just like it's.good haha like oh no I realized it like.see like some clothes pegs I'll be my.submission I put clothes pegs on your.weird elbow flap yeah stop I guess so.yeah this was ly comfortable this was.brutal it was a hell to match I mean.like it so I said I hear Jeff Hardy's.first Hell in a Cell match oh that means.Jeff Hardy's dying because Jeff Hardy.is known for big moments big spots doing.ridiculous moves jumping off of like the.pod inside Helen or inside the.Elimination Chamber yeah jumping off of.very very tall ladders doing a lot of.you know unwise maneuvers and so here is.and his first-ever Hell in a Cell match.well something's obviously going to.happen yeah you know I'm probably not.gonna make Foley it know which say.reference frequently they actually there.was a video so one of the most replayed.clips in WWE history is Undertaker.throwing Mick Foley off the top of Hell.in a Cell which is 20 years ago now I.remember.sounds sounds ridiculous leading up to.this on the YouTube channel they put up.a video of of that match with Mick Foley.and Undertaker providing current day.recollections of it yeah and after the.Hell in a Cell pay-per-view ended there.was a special like a network special.with Mick Foley it called like 20 years.of Hell or something doing basically it.sort of like a stand-up slash.storyteller we missed it yeah doing a.stand-up slash storytelling routine of.of the of the match yeah including brand.new information that Undertaker's foot.was fractured yeah during the match yeah.I heard that.not none is it sorry wasn't fractured.during the match before during the match.Undertaker was working with a fractured.foot yeah yeah that's messed up dude.yeah Undertaker is the toughest man on.the planet.full-stop yeah good lord no wonder Shawn.Michaels was afraid of him yeah yeah.that's a different story for another.time.um this match however 25 minutes yep Wow.you didn't feel like 25 minutes no I.didn't think I was actually gonna like.this match I was like when they were.opening with it I was like huh all right.I guess yeah I mean I've never been like.the biggest there's no either man.there's no yeah that's fair there's no.title on the line and it's a Hell in a.Cell match and so it makes sense to open.the show with it right it's like Oh open.what the hell has held in brand-new cell.it's red now they actually they did a.two-and-a-half-hour this was a great use.of social media they did a two and a.half hour.live stream of the WWE ring workers.putting the help or putting the cell.together putting this hell of a thing.together yeah it was a really.interesting I didn't watch the two and a.half hours of it but we skipped through.it yeah but it was like yeah like yeah.we like scrub through it scrub through.it yeah cool Jay hunter from osw tweeted.sitting doing nothing while while.watching workers has to be one of the.most Irish thing like is you go do that.and then what we were referencing.earlier is at one point late in the.match Randy goes under the ring and.pulls out a tool box yeah with and.selects from it a screwdriver yeah and.brings the screwdriver into the ring and.puts the screwdriver through the hole in.Jeff's ear and twists it around yeah and.it he was very Attitude Era oh very like.I was like yeah we transported back in.time so I guess it was you just grabbed.it before we went on is body horror yeah.yeah cuz it was really like oh like you.can you know someone gets hit and you're.like oh that looks like really Hurst.this was like oh it's like stops that's.unsettling Randall you put that.screwdriver down right now yeah and the.finished of the match.jeff has Randy on a table yeah.climbs up a ladder and you're like okay.so he's gonna jump off the ladder onto.the you know through the table because.he's Matt Hardy and of course he would.do some of that ridiculous.no not ridiculous enough mm-hmm he.climbs up the ladder grabs the top of.the cell yeah and gets himself along and.gets ready to he's like he's like swings.himself up to get ready to drop on Randy.from the increased height of the top of.the cell yeah.but in the last moment Randy rolls off.the table and Jeff just false right.right through the table.yeah onto the.ring which it look look at her very.impressive and looked like it hurt and.the ref immediately starts freaking out.calling for EMTs he's like yelling to.the back he's like gimme a EMTs we need.you we need help and Randy tries to pin.Jeff and the refs like no you know he's.hurt he's injured move okay and Randy is.like he's dead we're in this is Helen.his cell this is as the cells going up.and he's like do your job and gets down.and pins Jeff in the debris of this.table and the ref Kent is like fine I.get fine one two three in counts and.then the bell rings and Randy's declared.the winner and that Randy's like okay.cool thanks now you can help this guy.out whatever you find and then they.bring the stretcher down and EMTs come.and they put a put the neck the neck.brace on Jeff and load him on and take.them away and then through that.throughout the rest of the evening they.talk about how Jeff Hardy had been taken.to a local medical facility yeah because.they never say the word Hospital mm-hmm.Vince hates it don't know why no event.hates the word medical facility hospital.I know how he died oh don't know why I.think it's because um.fans would go to the hospital that's why.and because now that they said they safe.medical facility then they don't know.where they're going that could be.anything yeah okay that makes sense I.mean I hope not.can you imagine having like like broken.limbs and but uh a couple spots that I.really like from this match was Walt a.when Randy was leaving him belt marks.all over his right hook he took Jeff.took his belt off Jeff studded belt off.and they started beating each other with.him and then there was another point.where Jeff like set up a ladder upside.down outside the ring oh and then I went.to go suplex Randy and Randy reversed it.and then Randy reversed it into like the.front Tsuboi don't set the thing up do.you're gonna do another thing we talked.about this when Kevin Owens built that.elaborate Rube Goldberg on the very.first episode of this show oh yeah.so that that was him Dean Ambrose.putting him through well Kevin Owens.having a couple times with the Royal.Rumble the first show we ever did is the.double tables yeah and then the chairs.with Roman yeah I was I was no but the.very first episode show yeah you're.right coming up on three years holy moly.feel old yet.this is sidewalk slam now I think we're.both in better shape than we were when.we started very much are we've lost a.lot of weight collectively grant and I.have lost a lot of weight another whole.person I bet you they're going when I.raise open it's like quato like like for.like when I when we started the show I.was like 280 275 and now I'm about 250.nice yeah I was like whoo I think I.peaked at like in the two forties and.I'm down around like 210 now thanks yeah.we lost like almost a whole bird a small.child a toddler crap no we have to worry.about that now it's cool we're gonna get.an ominous email saying the owner of.sidewalk slam is very upset with us.there's a lot of oh there's a lot of a.lot of done back there yeah the.SmackDown Women's Championship match is.next Charlotte defending against Becky.went oh baby so so we talked about the.Summer Slam match yeah which was a.triple threat yes and they were.bickering back and forth through the.match and then Charlotte defeated well.got the pin on Becky if I recall yes.Becky you had know Becky had caramel.enormous arm disarm hit the natural.selection yeah right that was it Charlie.had natural selection by Becky so then.after the match they were doing their.well it was all a match but we're still.friends thing and then Becky attacked.attack.Charlotte and the crowd went nuts yeah.because the crowd is behind Becky but.WWE refuses to let you cheer for the.person you want to cheer for you will.cheer for the person they decide we'll.talk about that at the main event yeah I.guess so and the is so weird so they.were like they decided they're gonna try.and make Becky sort of the heel which is.the silliest move and the crowd wasn't.really the when Becky started cutting.heel promos and Smackdown the crowd was.booing and you could sort of tell that.they were because they were booing at.the wrong places they were not booing.the promo they were booing the notion.that Becky was cutting a heel promo yeah.so they sort of eased off a little bit.on that they'd it wasn't a pure face.heel dynamic it was just that Becky's.pissed off yeah she's still a good.person but she's justifiably honked off.at Charlotte and the fact that she.hasn't got this championship remember.Becky was the inaugural smackdown.Women's Champion yeah not that you would.recall that and Charlotte's thing was.like I don't know winners win yeah like.that sort of thing.I am your harlot I'm Charlotte Flair.what's up she's like you're upset.because you don't have this title on you.think you deserve it but I take the.things that I think that I you know like.I'm a superior out there but I I have it.I have so who deserves if you want it so.bad you have to win it right and Becky's.just like cutting like these great.promos and there's one part where.Charlotte defends against Carmela on.Smackdown and then beats Carmel which I.think removes a Carmela completely from.the title picture yeah I was like the.way to get her out that make sense which.is weird because now Carmela is Carmela.is teaming up with our truth and they're.doing a thing.so I guess Carmel is like a baby face to.know or whatever I mean she was doing.stuff with new day for a while.that she can do whatever we'll be doing.everything people like so oh mix-matched.challenge is coming up.yes that's the second season in Mixmag.mixed match challenge starts this week.yeah yeah so there's one point after.Charlotte V Carmel and then Becky.attacked Charlene after the match and.this is a great moment she's like you.[ __ ] and then like kicked her in the.face and it was just awesome and then.the next week Charlotte wins a match the.camera who was against but she's like.she went to take a selfie with some fans.in the crowd and then she gets attacked.and Becky pulls this wig off and it was.really great the build-up was awesome it.was awesome.also Becky was yeah Becky with black.hair and big chunky glasses it's a good.look it's a real good yeah so here we.are with this with this singles match.it's real good you could tell that like.again Becky's not doing she's not like.looking down at the crowd or whatever.but she's not doing her normal like.playing to the crowd yeah she's very.focused yeah and she's not it was a very.like clean simple match and the fact.that Charlotte went for the leg Becky.went for the arm yeah and that was it he.has the match it sounds like the.beginning to like the condensers were.hyping up how much of an athlete.Charlotte is like how powerful she is.yeah how much stronger she isn't Becky.and like Charlotte was trying to out.wrestle Becky and it wasn't working.mm-hmm.so because Becky was trying to weaken.Charlotte's arm so she could lock in the.disarm her yeah and Charlotte was trying.to weaken Becky's leg so that she would.tap out to the figure eight simple.simple ring psychology is what they call.that it was great yeah there was just a.lot of working those body parts I did.sounds it's so much better when you see.it yeah it sounds bad to describe it but.it was really solid it was like.everything that's happening here makes.sense yes and they're telling a story I.really like this whole show but these.like first few matches were all so Oh.overall this was a really so honestly.but yeah Becky wins.by waiting no not whoo what would happen.Charlotte won yeah Ric Flair just got.married again.yep if I see the picture it's a 5-time.5-time married men taking a ride on.Space Mountain.that's my oldest ride longest line yeah.you see that tweet no there's a tweet.that said that oldest oldest ride log is.slide yeah an aggressive kissing photo.yeah I didn't very aggressive I felt.uncomfortable I've only been married.that once yeah so you know maybe I've.got a lot of time to work this out yeah.but I certainly didn't go for aggressive.tongue action in that in that moment but.maybe when I get to my fifth there you.got yeah god-willing not but oh you.don't have to get to your but yeah it's.just like it was like Oh Rick Rick come.on.yeah calm down here yep yeah Becky we.rolled up a sphere yeah and I got the.one two three.the clean one two three yeah and then.after the match Charlotte went to go.shake her hand and Becky mouths the.words you can't take this moment from me.and raises the title walks away it's.awesome loved it it was great crowd was.super intimate yeah next match a match.for the raw tag team titles yep.champions Dolph Ziggler and drew.McIntyre mm-hmm defending against Dean.Ambrose and Seth Rollins yeah so we.mentioned on the SummerSlam episode the.Dean Ambrose have recently returned yeah.and he was present at SummerSlam.he was just he was there oh sorry this.reminds me we never mentioned that Renee.young oh yeah has taken over the coach's.spot permanently on commentary games.very happy I just like the coaches white.noise to me it is like I didn't even.realize what he was saying half the time.I don't think he did he well it's like I.said in the summer signing episode when.just he's the only commentator I've.heard that he would say something and it.wouldn't be joking.bickering it wouldn't be cafe bickering.it was when Michael Cole had to be like.coach no yeah like literally you're.wrong.but yeah Renee young WV is making it you.know big deal about like you know hey.it's the first full-time female.commentator which is great very awesome.but Renee is terrific good - yeah she's.very good mm-hmm yeah she's been great.and Corey had like one little reference.to her possible bias but otherwise they.actually they don't mention the she and.Dean are together yeah which I kind of.like I like there was one point when.Dean was entering the regular and.everyone was like Dean Ambrose been.putting it in work lately.it's like yeah he looks great yeah oh my.god yeah he looks huge.I've heard the old Dean 2008 or 2017.Dean yeah so that's that's why you were.reminded yes so Dean Ambrose was present.at SummerSlam using a South corner and.then after SummerSlam random shield.reunion yeah for no long-term benefit.like they were the they Rollins and.Ambrose showed up in their vests and.they did the shield thing and they.showed it braun strowman was gonna cash.in his Money in the Bank yeah so they.showed up and they helped Roman reigns.out and then it it was weird it felt.weird like it was like because they only.needed help like yeah and also they're.not the shield still yeah like it's you.ended up in this weird situation where.you had Roman reigns and braun strowman.as the headliners that were feuding and.then Roman had Seth and Dean in his.corner and so strowman had Dolph Ziggler.and Drew McIntyre sort of in his corner.look but why cuz they don't they're not.friends Sherman doesn't need or want.they just made a whole year exhale II.hope braun strowman doesn't have any.friends.yeah and so it was this weird sort of.Nicolas yeah I don't know it felt like a.weird contrived scenario to get to this.match which is Ziggler and McIntyre.defending against particular McIntyre.Berets the B team on Raw.yeah for the titles and then yeah.McIntyre has been awesome though oh yeah.amazing yeah Ziggler's been great team.whoo-hoo benefited from the.supplementary draft more than Ziggler.like no one's gone we feel like we're.they were both for both drafts that it.happened for the time this show yeah.lycée Ziggler has benefited the most.both times for his IC feud with them is.after the first shake-up yeah yeah which.was awesome and then they kind of duffed.it but yeah that's gonna happen I guess.that happens with Dolph a lot and then.yeah he moved here on era I was like oh.they removed to run now he's been paired.with McIntyre and it's like it's almost.like Dolph Ziggler was good yeah hot.take Dolph Ziggler's good map is awesome.yes wrestled like the old school he'll.cut off half the ring like revival style.like yeah I don't want to say revival.style because that's an older style it's.it's funny because ostensibly Rollins.and Ambrose per their days in the shield.have more experience operating as a tag.team yeah not recently but more.experience overall.then Ziggler and McIntyre but yes.Ziggler McIntyre were wrestling like a.tag team and Rollins and Ambrose were.wrestling like two guys in a tag match.and as we and that's not enough to win.it's fun though a lot of close calls and.ya know is a rate fashioned wrestling.match yeah that I also really liked when.McIntyre backed Rollins into the corner.the RET and the ref was distracted and.Ziggler just hopped up on the turnbuckle.it's just started wailing on him while.there while the ref couldn't see yeah.like and then jump down to like way on.the other side of the apron it was just.like it was a great moment where they.were cutting off Rollins like they kept.Rollins in the ring forever and then.Rollins did the thing where he tries to.jump and then they catch them and like.he's reaching reaching reaching reaching.and then Ziggler distracts the ref so he.doesn't see the tag happen and Ambrose.tries to come in there I was like hey I.didn't see the tag like just like huh.give me that really every tag match I.love it really good he's just great.great in-ring storytelling yeah.is what we're talking about so yeah.solid match the Dolph Ziggler and drew.McIntyre the champions defend.successfully because because of.shenanigans well no because it was clean.well yeah but I mean it's they they were.oh do you like these are every up little.upper hand v yeah the wind bending the.rule that win was clean but they did a.lot of yeah yeah cuz like red Seth hit.that like Falcon arrow superplex kind of.combo who is going to hit it and then do.McIntyre just like okay always drew.McIntyre oh he's like six six six seven.and some around there he's a big boy six.foot five oh he's my height yeah I'm.wondering and tire no Schumacher is way.bigger you know your your height doing a.missile dropkick huh I couldn't I could.never do a dropkick I'd die.yeah yeah if you hit me with a missile.dropkick I know I would just I just.cease to exist I get to the realm of.wind and ghosts gone I think I think.it's just come up around the moon base.you know you would just be like oh I.don't feel so good yeah it's funny can.they use phase right through me yeah.next match.speaking of storytelling a lot of in.ring storytelling but a lot of the.storytelling happens before the bell.even rings this is a grudge match yes AJ.Styles yep defending against Samoa Joe.in a singles match before the WWE.Championship AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.they've been friends for 20 years you.said what AJ said they were on TNA.Impact back in the day when we know.we've mentions before but to reiterate.the homegrown superstars of TNA Impact.yeah like the big stars on TNA way back.were mostly people who you sort of you.were a vaguely aware of their names from.their time at WCW or WWE WWF except for.a handful of people abyss Christopher.Daniels Samoa Joe AJ Styles.were the the big names that were sort of.like wow these these these guys are.great where did they come from.mm-hmm you know and so AJ and Joe been.wrestling each other you know for ages.and they are not friends anymore or at.least Joe is determined that mojo has.been absolutely awesome for this.building there was absolutely awesome.yes awesome but I've always liked Joe.yeah and this build.there is one raw not raw Smackdown soon.we're 80s I was out in the ring and.calling out Joe calling a Joe and Joe.wasn't coming out and then they cut to.the backstage and Joe's on the phone and.he's like he's on the phone with AJ's.wife Wendy yeah and he's like yeah Wendy.I'll be at that dance recital for.whatever AJ's daughter name is and then.hangs up like damn [ __ ] because we had.that we'd the summer sign match we.referenced the bit where he gets on the.mic and he's like I'll be your new daddy.hand and he did this great bit where he.like read a story yeah so that yeah the.video package before this match was some.mojo reading a bedtime story okay Bill's.great man Joe and AJ have unbelievable.chemistry together and they kick the.piss out of each other in this match.yeah it was awesome I loved this match I.never get tired of how fast Samoa Joe.moves yeah how startlingly yes startling.is the startling is the word to describe.Samoa Joe yeah explosive and startling.awesome.loved it I mean so at one point in the.match Samoa Joe absolutely murders AJ.with a clothesline.I felt it it was crazy I think it was.like after I can't really move it happen.after but it was like near the end of.the match and then AJ goes for the.phenomenal forearm and Joe catches him.in the kokino clutch it is bleeding a.lot at this point man you guys his mouth.is all bloody because he had punched in.the face.and it didn't happen this this was like.a New Japan match yeah this was like.remember when AJ and Cena had those.series of matches and then the one.random match I'd like SummerSlam for one.year everyone's like this looks like an.a Japan match cuz AJ called it yeah.because that the other ones was Cena.calling the match but this is Derek.Philippe looks like very new Japan ish.yeah if you're gonna have a new Japan in.the US I guess but it was just like you.know hey Jason and Joe has AJ in the.Coquina clutch and then AJ does I think.like he flips over to do like a pinning.combination on Joe yeah but just before.the ref count three on the opposite side.of where the ref is counting AJ's starts.tapping so it's like one two.tap-tap-tap two three like what they did.with taker and a lesser yeah so AJ is.tapping out on Joe cuz he can't reach.the mat and the refs counting the bell.rings and so Joe is like aha because he.could feel AJ tapping on him and you did.they replay it this is amazing the shot.of his face when the announcer goes your.winner and Joe's like yes and still.champion he's thinking he goes what it's.so great he's just so and then he just.he gets so mad at the ref yeah and yeah.they they do they they exchanged some.frank words they exchanged pleasantries.yeah yeah and they they replay it as.well and you can see AJ watching the.replay and he's sort of like huh I win.it means you know mmm I mean it feels.weird that we have that yet another AJ.title defence that's kind of like a.screwy finish almost but I'm fine with.it this series this the building is so.good it'll give Joe more ammunition so.yeah I mean later on in the show.Joe confronts Paige mm-hmm and he's like.who this is doing an amazing job.I love that he's he's just belting at.her and she's like first of all you shut.up yeah I can't really what you said.don't you ever interrupt me ever again.yes I was like even the crowd was like.oh yes man sitting on my hands like yeah.she's like 22 23 yeah yeah yeah but yeah.and then she made a match a no DQ no.count-out would match for the Australian.Super Show yeah in a couple weeks so but.see the thing I don't get about this it.is like that doesn't help Joe it should.have been a submission only match cuz.then but Joe couldn't have been pinned.right like really in if you think about.it like yeah Joe should have asked for a.submission only man he was so she made.that match because he was asking for it.yeah he said you know I want no no holds.barred no DQ I just want a you're a.tearing apart but you're right he should.have just asked.cuz does AJ have a reliable something.yeah half crusher but but that's the way.that this match played out and Joe got.screwed over because AJ taff's but he.got big Joe got pinned right so if he.makes it submission only then that just.plays into the storyline of the match.yeah he's made and that was the only.thing like I'm fine.like whatever if I mean if I had to.nitpick that's me nitpicking yeah that's.fair buddy yeah also I forgot to mention.there was a short scene earlier with the.new day bragging about their win with.Kofi dress like it oh yeah stage.announced oh he's doing like this.old-school like 80s yeah backstage in.out like a mean Jean times like well new.day what's what's next for you and.they're gonna be defending the titles.against the bar at the Australia Brazil.Australian Super Show there was also a.brief backstage scene with bronze.Thurman talking to Mick Foley.yeah because Mick Foley is the special.guest referee not not not his first time.he special guest referee for a Hell in a.Cell match but his suspension is referee.for the main event and they had an.exchange it was weird because Foley was.injected into that match like the go.home episode of Raw yeah it was weird.I was like by the way Mick Foley is.gonna be a referee I just had the.special and yes twenty years I guess.they.yeah anyway he but I think if Joe.doesn't win at the Super Show mm-hmm.that's probably the blow-off for the.feud one way or another but I think I'm.that's that's the point where I'm just.like cuz I thought she'd skate she won.the title yeah.during that few but he didn't I was like.okay it's fine they did it I thought the.story was really good and they did a.really good job yeah and she's in skates.been doing his own thing with the u.s..title but she's a absent from the show.which is weird but right it's because.it's a dual branded pay-per-view because.now they're all dual branded.pay-per-views because the solo branded.pay-per-view experiment did not work it.was too many paper mini pay-per-view and.we breathed the heavy sigh of relief.when they were like we're gonna cut down.the number of pay per views not even as.content creators as viewers it was just.like this too much wrestle-1 yeah that's.like this calls for a celebration.yeah put the needle on I'm sorry you're.talking about if Joe doesn't win this.yeah I don't know what I'm gonna do I.think I might actually be upset as a.wrestling fan Joel's been so good mm-hmm.really good so Joel you are very good at.what you do yeah no you'd probably never.gonna see this but just know that I.Adam Savage in on the year of our Lord.2018 think that you might possibly be.one of the best sports entertainers ever.live I was very sports entertained you.and I mean that just in his promos I.talked about like I think he's a great.wrestler - oh yeah I just mean the.build-up and his sports entertainment.part of it.speaking of sports entertainment yeah.our next match is the Miz the end.Maurice yep.versus Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella Brie.Bella Zach yeah basically them is Ann.Marie's aka miz and miz's yet which we.talked about before they have their own.quite successful as it turns out is it.yeah reality show they continue to.harass Daniel Bryan yep and now it.becomes personal.yeah in a similar sort of vein to what.some Ojo aging cells are doing but not.not is not nearly as intense but.basically the maze is sort of like man.you couldn't wait to get back in the.ring you know now you can you don't have.to worry about you know being at home.with with breed and basically an absent.father sort of thing and they play all.these clips all these out-of-context.clips from total divas that because like.the drama on total divas which is a.separate reality show remember where.that's just as scripted as the main show.is that Daniel Bryan is a nice guy but.isn't around a lot yeah and so brie is.like I'm basically a single mom sort of.thing it's this obviously this is not.true yeah but that's sort of what they.put for him so they use a lot of clips.from that in the video package for this.and then to defend her husband's honor.and her own Brie Bella came back so they.left the baby at home alone yeah I guess.wait I know how we can solve this we can.be together one just won't have the baby.I'll come to you and there was a great.part of an interview that Marie said.she's like you had to come back to.wrestling after your pregnancy to pay.the bills because at the time Daniel was.retired yeah and then Maryse was like I.came back to wrestling like after a.month but for having my baby yeah yeah.Marie's tickets and months and Maria had.to get five months before the match yeah.and she was there were WrestleMania yeah.yeah yeah it was awesome I thought it.was really great like he'll work this is.awesome.why is the Miz so good I'm his world.title run win yeah he's got to be do.yeah they really should like I think if.Joe loses to AJ at the Super Show Minnis.is gonna beat AJ at Survivor Series.uh-huh and then I think they'll do Bryan.versus me as a wrestling I think that'd.be good.but that's only if Joe loses if Joe if.Joe wins at the super Joe wins a title.then I have no idea what they're doing.with that but who knows but this match.is a mixed tag match between the Miz.memories and Anna Brian and Brie Bella.and they get their own entrances yeah.they actually finally.not that I was desperate to hear.maurices particular ring entrance again.because the music is like fine but very.minty thousands yeah but I was like oh.hey right where he says her own theme.song Greece is a two-time champion hmm.by the way so this is this was a very.silly match is awesome I like it was fun.yeah it was very silly it largely.revolved around Maryse didn't want to.fight yeah so she's so great there was.it because the way the mixed tag this is.not because some promotions will do an.inter-gender match where it doesn't.matter who's tagged in or not that's not.what this is this is a mixed tag match.which is when it's the man fact the men.and women fight the women yeah so if a.tag happens the other team is obliged to.trade yeah and so Bree was like I want.to start in Daniels like okay go ahead.and so her he was in there with Maryse.and then the bell rings Maryse.immediately tags mizzen and so that sort.of went on for a while with Maryse.desperately not wanting to actually have.to fight brie to the point where I think.at one point she was basically stuck.there like Miz was knocked out outside.the ring yeah and looked really nervous.and afraid of having to actually fight.brie and then at the last second is.popped back in and then tag and they.didn't they didn't have to so there was.a lot of like Oh something's going to.happen tag oh okay fine I guess we'll.switch you know and again this was all.sort of this was all played very well.yeah and then entertainingly Maryse with.and Stan but there's a great moment.before this to you like oh yeah yeah.sorry.we're Brie Bella did a baseball slide to.the missus legs to get at Maryse yeah.like slid under and like went to go.attack her on the hebron it was really.great a lot of fire shown by Brie Bella.here that I didn't expect she's she's.hurts yeah she starts wailing on Miz at.one point she starts just like landing.blows on the MS as well so maurice puts.her feet on the ropes I think here Amol.does she like does it roll up and put.your feet on the ropes and get the pin.and they win again.yep Dan O'Brien is getting in by them is.the double yes kicks was like a little a.little goofy yeah this whole match is.goofy yeah that's truth you know but it.was fun yeah they look so devastated.like Brie especially looks mad that they.lost this match because the the story.they were telling us that she had a lot.personally riding on it just sort of.like a feeling of like self-worth I mean.even what we talked about last time.where daniel bryan believes that he is.the best wrestler in the world mm-hmm.and to be to lose to ms who wrestles.that safe WWE style and now to lose to.ms and maurice who he feel embody like.everything he kind of stands against.like that that glitzy overproduced kind.of lifestyle yeah yeah even though it's.not like who the Miz really is obviously.but the Miz character yeah he stands.against update on Jeff Hardy yeah he has.been producing blood from his mouth yeah.someone says someone says throwing up.blood and then it gets changed to.producing blood from his mouth at the.local medical facility producing.something it's like really I want to see.a magic trick.ha ha ha this really innocuous.description of like coughing up blood.yeah again this is this is all not true.this is still just like Oh Jeff got beat.so bad in that Hell in a Cell match.mookie to none Tuesday our.second-to-last match the penultimate.match of the evening yeah rowdy Ronda.Rousey defending the raw Women's.Championship against Alexa bliss how do.you feel over Ronda.not his character Ronda is a character.and as a performer a couple of months in.now it's been since really right arrest.me April May and June July August she's.okay wait like way more positively than.I thought to be honest like I think.she's been doing really well but me.personally I'm like yeah I'll watch her.but I'm not like oh I can't wait to.watch the Ronda Rousey manager no that's.true but it's definitely better than the.alternative which it was like oh right I.was expecting I was expecting it to.I don't know I figured she'd be like.decent enough on the mic cuz she has.personality honestly she was not great.initially and has improved on the mic.significantly in average 40 minutes once.she's like shaking the nerves out but I.was worried about her in the ring yeah.and really good like again I'm yeah I'm.not like like Ronda Rousey I can't wait.to see this match but it's like oh yeah.all right cool sure good for you so.Alexa bliss how do you make 5 feet of.fury look remotely credible mm-hmm as a.competitor against former UFC champion.Ronda Rousey it's pretty hard well she.kept hitting Rhonda's ribs lucious right.hip attack you mom and then in the match.she worked on the ribs and it was weird.because it was it was all played in this.video package it's hard to buy Rhonda.because now all of a sudden like because.ron has spent like five months not.selling anything really and now in this.match.they're like they expect us to believe.Rhonda selling that's my only complaint.that's a greater nitpick well that's.that's reasonable it's like the Brock.Lesnar thing like all right you need to.actually be human now yeah and it's like.okay um fair it has to happen some point.but it's just it's such a sudden shift.it's like I find it interesting though.that they sort of play Rousey as she has.to get she cuz she's won everything on.this armbar so far and so she's she.keeps trying to lock in the armbar cuz.it's like oh I just need to do this this.is how I win these matches and when it.when she can't get the armbar locked in.right away is when she starts having.difficulty yeah right so that I think is.interesting but you're right and that.she is actually like it's like hey she.actually has weakness what I would like.to see now that you've met when you said.that it just like click something my.head what I would love to see is like.when she loses the title lose like some.way to like because she always just goes.for the armbar like he gets reversed she.gets pinned she loses the title and then.next match she just goes for the armbar.gets reversed she gets paint like people.Scouter and then like she's like oh I.can't just keep going for this our bar.we can see some light growth from her as.a performer yeah but like I think that.would be an interesting storyline just.like.I don't I can't I have to win by armbar.let's I only know rightly so by the way.this is Ronda Rousey accompanied to the.ring by a Natalya yep.who's her training partner and friend so.they say maybe that that may not be true.but I believe they did actually I.believe natality did actually help her.train I think that's been heard like.definitely paired her with Natalya.because the mentor gonna then yeah.also Natalya is paired with Kevin Owens.for the mix package it makes mixed tag.challenge right and they have their team.paws or something like that.yeah something Kitty paws cat buzzard.there's team paws and Kevin Owens like.why are we named that who decide I know.you decided this can I have some sort of.input please and Alexa bliss comes to.the ring accompanied by Alicia Fox and.Mickie James Alicia Fox dressed like the.ghost of a sea captain she's dressed.like all in white.yeah with a captain's hat that's great.and like it's it's totally over the top.just like that you said that like you.were really looking for the right thing.to say and then all of a sudden you just.got an inspiration I mean it's genius.and they obviously get into some stuff.outside okay yeah right it was good Ron.is continues to improve and I don't mind.the direction those are going with her I.feel like they needed to maybe make her.human but bit quicker but I mean it's.only been five months so that's not that.long right yeah so I think this is a.good step forward with the Rhonda Rousey.rosy era which we are in now and to make.her look human will go a long way yeah I.mean like I think they learned their.lesson with Brock Lesnar where it was.like he wasn't human for like two years.and we were just like oh can we please.yeah and the she does end up winning in.case in case they was unclear Razzie.does does win with the armbar there's a.there was a great God there was a great.tweet that I saw I can't remember but it.was like there's a moment where bliss.was like standing over Rhonda and like.had her face and was like snarling mmm.someone tweeted like when the man when.the final hour is coming and Ariel.hasn't received a kiss or something like.is like she was Ursula from a little.whoa yeah it's really funny maybe laughs.and now your main event for the Money in.the Bank contract yeah.it is a universal championship match.Roman reigns defending against braun.strowman in helena cell with special.guest referee Mick Foley.they mentioned bronze Thurmond is only.the third person to announce when they.would be cashing in yeah they're like no.maybe this will work out for maybe it.won't but yeah basically braun strowman.had been like look I have this briefcase.I have the contract.I want your title let's do it a Hell in.a Cell yeah and so this this is strohman.money in the bank cash in cash.do you consider braun strowman a heel.now no no neither do i and everyone's.all freaking out like are we supposed to.I think so.wrestling fans oh that's that's prefaces.okay.wrestling fans are all up in arms cuz.like the shayateen Batman oh oh cuz the.shield came backs and they're like super.like so what bronze was he'll now he's.got McIntyre and Ziggler it's like in.2018 WWE is just shades of gray and then.I throw that mug across the room like.it's just shades of gray unless you're.like The Miz you go through more mugs.that way yeah yeah we cut out a lot of.admitted e this is like this episode.this episode we have a lot of these same.mugs that look exactly like so the only.people that are like true.honest-to-goodness heels yeah Miz and.Tomas a chaplain and Tomas our childhood.yeah that's it everyone else is like.you know maybe Ziggler McIntyre I guess.I can't was I like McIntyre so much that.I don't consider up a heel but just.people seem so hung up on is this.because Romans involved yeah they get.all up in arms about everything like it.can I like this man there wasn't really.a heel or a face in the Charlotte Becky.match no really.and there isn't honestly really a healer.of face in this match it's Roman reigns.and braun strowman and they'd want to.fight for the title it's just like.rousseff day against the new day.yeah there's no real strong healer face.yeah shades of great stop it.so always we and with Mick Foley as a.surprise special guest referee dis takes.in turns yeah so first off early in the.match Mick Mick Foley like counts 3 when.he's not necessarily supposed to but the.way that they handle it makes me think.that it was planned like he counts is.like one two oops and they're like did.he just count 3 yeah and strohman like.is that it and it's always like no no.that was it was almost 3 it was almost.three but I my word stands and Herman.gets really annoyed because they they.talked I sorry I mentioned a brief about.a dingo deep on they talked backstage.and fully was like look when we're in.there you have to respect my my.Authority's referee and strohman like.then if you just do your job and count.to three then we won't have a problem by.the rights that totally went over my.head that's a good point.but if you do then you'll have a monster.of a pro I don't this together you're so.smart.yeah what's it like a genius it's pretty.amazing thanks for asking.so yeah so they do this like this the.the count and then it then they storm in.and fully start arguing and Foley's like.no you could keep going with the fight.that guy yeah and then whatever yeah get.your old ass down and count yeah that's.it it was man they beat up each other.pretty good in this match.I like the start of it so you you recall.from mania last year yes that reigns.defeated Undertaker by powering up the.was it the spear or the Superman pounder.spirit doing like the eight different.what he doesn't running yeah yeah he's.getting you ever seen you know that.episode of American Dad where his.believe his kid hires Stan who's the dad.right show his childhood bully child to.pilita Stelios cantos everything is like.he's gaining speed and incredible rate.yeah that's all I can think of every.time someone mentions like anytime so.it's like do it like they run extra -.powerful move it's like he's getting.speed so you know how you power up the.Superman punch.yeah right cuz that's that's what's.predicated by the oh yeah right is by.the parent Superman punch is predicated.by the him punch in the ground oh yeah.so how do you power up the spear in Hell.in a Cell you whip yourself around the.turnbuckles yeah cuz they're close to.the turnbuckles on the hard camera side.so reigns does the hula and then runs.around he whips himself around one.corner whips himself around another.corner he's basically laps the ring to.power up the spear yeah but.unfortunately for him braun strowman.just picks up the steps yeah.puts them into his face is pretty great.at some point near closer to the end of.the match the Ziggler McIntyre run down.to the ring and start ranking the.officials who are outside to let them in.to the to the cell and the rests are.like no this is the whole point this is.the point of Hell in a Cell is that.people can't get into it or at least.they're not supposed to come on I'll be.your friend yeah and so then Ambrose and.Rollins run down you know and they start.fighting with Ziggler McIntyre and then.because bad ideas have to happen at some.point they start climbing the cell.mm-hmm so they start climbing up.eventually ending up with all four of.them on top of the cell Ambrose with a.kendo stick this folks all varied this.whole pay-per-view felt very added.to me yeah like a mess of a main event.with a lot of outside interference and.there's a lot going on probably too much.but yeah the screwdriver thing and like.what move did they do up there it was it.was like a super Alexa's like and.everyone's like yeah thankfully they in.afterwards the announcers were like.thank God they reinforced that yeah yeah.cuz whoo boy would you do it how much.would I have to pay you but grant got a.body sign you on top of the hills Oh Oh.cuz it wasn't supposed to no break.originally yeah remember I don't think.they even knew they were going do they.know they were going up there well these.guys did no but I mean like flowy.originally no I don't think they knew.they were going up there no else they.would have been like no no no hell no.man.yeah yeah and so that yeah Ambrose goes.up and starts like flatten people in the.face with his kendo stick and they're.all fighting back and forth.Ziggler tries to get away he tries to go.like laterally along and then down a.little bit then he and Rollins end up on.the halfway point and they both go down.through the announce tables I think it.was the German announce table they had.they had yeah it's the determinism ums.smackdown they had the SmackDown Spanish.and German tables at the at ringside and.then raw was was robberies everything.okay Michael Cole was there all right I.was up the ladder I mean it's the same.spot that like I mean millions of people.done it before but it still looks cool.yeah and it's just like Ambrose I.remember Ambrose Rollins to that same.spot remember when they had their hell.and so years ago oh yeah right wherever.he go.yeah yeah when they started on top of.the cage so we got all this carnage.yeah well isn't the glare go crashing.outside of the ring I can't do a good.impression of his theme music oh yeah we.were well it starts with.tweedily-dee like everyone's like what.yeah I jumped out out of my seat I was.like no I didn't expect it yeah this.cool man I didn't think I've been so.excited as he brought come as much as I.we all hate broccoli that was Brock.Lesnar's music yes if you couldn't.figure it out but like we won't want we.were all sick of Brock and then he's.gone for like less than a month and I'm.like yeah rocks back that's like well I.thought every part of the problem.cuz I thought we were done with it yeah.I was like okay they finally got the.title of we're off Lesnar he's gonna go.back to UFC four to do whatever yeah you.know to do whatever cool you know like.we can move on with our lives and then.he and Paul Heyman come out and he's got.a beard yeah he looks good he actually.looks so much like thinner like he's.lost a lot of weight because I think.he's training for UFC yeah yeah but he.looked like big before in the W like it.was looking like kind of not that he.looked out of shape but just like bigger.because remember when he remember Brock.Lesnar when he like debuted and he was.like tall and thin and like jacked he's.like this big monster he looks like.closer like old Brock Lesnar except with.a beard what's good with a beard so he.dares to rock if you're watching yeah a.beer buddy he tears down the ramp yeah.kicks the door off Hell in a Cell well.he does the same thing where they're.like Paul Heyman's like open the door.and the refs like no you don't open the.door he's gonna have way his way with.you and the rest like no yeah and then.Brock Lesnar kicks the door down gets.the door through Foley comes out to try.and try and stop him I don't know what.he's thinking.Paul Heyman sprays Foley in the face.with mace yeah so Foley's incapacitated.Lesnar picks up the door and Chuck's it.into the ring yeah well no he leans it.up in the uses I was like a ramp rare.like right out and just a really funny.started beating strowman and reigns with.pieces of table yeah there were there.were table shots sorry take it as read.that there were table bumps.during the match so he starts hitting.them with pieces of table F fives.strowman and then f5 s reigns on to.strowman and then leaves and then.another referee who doesn't have mace in.his in his eyes comes out is the only.part I hated of this pay-per-view was.the other graph coming out and then.calling it like it's home so yeah he ran.out and was like no contest.like what.and at the end of the show I was like.Kate what the hell is that with shape.takers and Michael Caine comes down rips.the door off the cage tombstones taker.and then there's like no no contents.like Shawn Michaels has pins I had to.hear yeah I guess they were both so.incapacitated that the ref was like well.we're done here so I mean I guess we'll.have to find out what happened we've.never recorded this early we'll have to.find out what happens tonight on Raw.yeah feels good doesn't it uh does it.feel good because I assume it's pretty.sweet yeah I assume maybe one day we'll.get like the night of will watch it and.record like right after this stuff yeah.I know you got something.what a bad like sleep I I assume it's.because they're based in the UK but like.I'm always impressed with the cult of.Moloch folks yeah and like they when.they the night they have it and after.write up because I assume they're.watching it live and the time zones.allow them to do that without staying up.until a CicLAvia any well don't they.watch it like 4 a.m..cuz their paper the papers are on like 4.a.m. for them so figure things they.start it like if it starts at 4 o'clock.our time then 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 that.started they start at midnight.oh yeah so they're up until like three.or four Oh barf yeah right worst cu3.worse Wow props to you folks and on your.grind hashtag blessed nice to timezones.times odds anyway so yeah yeah the I.guess the ref was just like well neither.these guys are getting up so I assume.that tonight on on Raw strowman is gonna.be like well that obviously doesn't.count as my yeah I don't think they're.gonna give it to it like but it may be.that I think they're just gonna make a.triple threat to either the super super.show right by the way the Super Show in.Melvin also has Triple H versus the.Undertaker and the promos have been.awesome the promos were sweet but it's.like apparently Tigers gonna be on Raw.tonight yeah but apparently you know.it's like.taker versus Triple H for the last time.ever.unlike that previous time which was.supposed to be the last time ever John.Cena versus the rock twice in a lifetime.when are we getting thrice in a lifetime.that's a bad day twice in a lifetime so.you know obviously I'm feeling really.fresh.having done Hell in a Cell the day after.the pay-per-view but are we gonna do are.we gonna do a thing about the super show.yeah all right.we didn't think about the Saudi Arabia.one yeah yeah so yeah I guess he's fun.yeah it'll be nice like relaxing show.cause like you don't really have to be.like I guess they're doing storylines a.little bit but you can just watch the.show and like not have to really worry.because the next thing after super.showdown is evolution which is end of.October and then when Survivor Series.November is that the next pay-per-view.after that I guess yeah yeah I guess is.it yeah so there we go.so we'll recover the super show and then.we'll cover revolution and and I have.not had a chance to watch all in another.one I am hoping to I don't know if we.will actually talk about it like I don't.I.probably too much to ask to do like an.episode about it I don't know that we'll.talk about it on one of the episodes but.I'll at least try to watch it so I can.respond to people on Twitter because.people like me you've seen all in and I.hear it was great and I am really.excited to see it you know don't think.that I'm I'm I'm only in it for the w/e.but I I just haven't had an opportunity.to to see it but apparently was a sweet.show cameras go off and be like that.shut those SOPs up and Graham someone.could cigarette puts it out on me and.yep that's me it's total chain-smoker.over here how long we've been recording.for I got to get out there I gotta get.off camera knock knock knock half a pack.so yeah that's that's that's Hell in a.Cell yeah I feels fun it feels good to.be getting back into this I know we're.on a streak right - paper - waiting -.episode streak yeah.until next time yeah as always.I am on Twitter at Graham underscore lrr.if you want to hit me up there you want.to hit up Adam on Twitter I'm at wake up.super and you should check out Adams new.show yes spectator might would say that.down what's so on this channel yeah.it is about eSports and I mean I guess I.should let you pitch your own show but.it's it's a it is for people who don't.know about a given game yeah and why.they should care about a game game I.take a game a game that's played hyper.competitively and maybe in the future.that it won't even be a game that's.played competitively yeah but I do a.short introduction about the mechanics.and everything else and then we have an.interview portion where I take someone.from the community and talk to them.about the players and history and.everything else and I thought that while.the episode the first episode was a.little rough around the edges but I.think that's just that's a first episode.thing and as we go forward I'm very.excited to we're fine mm-hmm so the.first episode is on League of Legends.and it is on our youtube channel which.if you're watching this is this channel.yeah if you're listening to this it's on.our youtube channel which is already.running and showed us is always to been.editor thanks Ben and until next time.this show and everything we do including.spectator mode is brought to you by you.and your kind supportive our patreon at.patreon.com slash loading ready run yeah.that will do it we will talk to you next.time my.[Music].[Applause].you.[Music].

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Sws 38 Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Sws 38 Form are:

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