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How Do You Get Office Of Student Financial Aid Northern Arizona University Nau and Sign It by CocoSign?

hey guys it's me Sydney and I'm Natalie.and we're going to be doing a kind of.like collaboration right now and it's in.person I'm currently up at NAU and we're.gonna be doing an NAU versus ASU kind of.like everything you need to know video.so if you guys are wondering about ASU.go check out her channel if you guys are.interested in NAU keep watching this.video and I'll have the ASU one link.down below this is an awesome.collaboration she's amazing she does NAU.videos I also do like lifestyle I don't.want to say beauty so I'm not good at.beauty but like lifestyle kind of videos.the fact that she gives people insight.on NAU and everything like that is.awesome so if you guys are more.interested in NAU than you are ASU like.I'm an ASU vloggers so like I talked.about ASU 24/7 but I do have a vlog that.is their up now all about my weekend.here in NAU I will be coming up here.more because I thought it was a land of.the tree huggers that's not it's pretty.dope so for those of you that are.interested in NAU you're thinking about.going to college here or anything like.that I hope this really helps you guys.out and if you guys are new to my.channel and you guys are coming from.Natalie's hey my name is Sydney or fits.it if you guys want to call me by my.nickname and then my snapchats gonna be.right here she doesn't share hers and.then with that being said let's just get.into this video and let's get down and.dirty with what I thought was the tree.huggers but apparently it's not because.I feel whole weekend my thoughts have.completely changed about NAU so if you.guys are thinking about you know going.to an Arizona school if you guys are.debating between ASU NAU U of A this.hopefully gives you guys some insight.and I will eventually be given U of A so.if you guys are curious about other.schools let me know in the comments down.below with that being said I would so.much and let's jump into this my major.secondary education in English I'm an.exercise and wellness major at ASU so we.are up in Flagstaff so we're like 7,000.feet up so that means we get all four.seasons so right now we're kind of.transitioning from fall to winter so it.definitely snows here which is kind of.cool it's really cold right now so we'll.definitely get snow and stuff like that.so it's really different from the.Phoenix area she's got a jacket so it's.kind of cool so if you're looking for.that kind of difference which I'm from.the Phoenix area.about something that I was really.looking forward to it's kind of cool for.that reason so there's a lot of like.different activities and stuff the.campus is also a lot smaller than ASU.there's like I don't know how many.students but there's a lot less students.which is kind of nice.it's a homey feel - it's nice I feel.like when I came up here it was very.homey and like I feel like people really.nice and like you kind of a lot of.people to see each other around and.recognize each other like the guys from.the gym and the girls from the gym ate.in the dining hall at the same time I.did after being at the gym Moeller a lot.more intimate we're like surrounded by.the trees - so it's pretty cool so some.of the top majors I know it's definitely.education this school started as an.education like teacher school so a lot.of people come up which one of the.reasons why I'm here um a lot of people.actually come up as nursing students you.know they'll start off says that that.was my first major and then I quickly.transitioned to education and those I.would are very popular we have a lot of.hotel and restaurant management also.appear there's a really good program for.that yeah and then also for grad school.anyone who's looking like for me.personally I'm an exercise and wellness.major and it's you have to popular here.to actually write but the thing is for.physical therapy people come up here.because they're grad school is bomb um.compared to ASU I would definitely say.NAU I mean it's still obviously like.alive and well here at the University so.obviously but I would definitely say.it's a lot more like like I don't know.smaller here there's still tons of.parties and stuff and like Greek life is.pretty big here too but not again as.Vegas like you there it's you or.anything like that but it's definitely.still here and I know like some people.would have forest parties here which is.really interesting and then there's like.you know regular house parties and a lot.of like a Greek parties for sure like.parties and stuff like that but it's not.like as big here um it was kind of nice.like if that's not really your thing or.it's not your jam or anything I'm kind.of like me or I prefer to like be home.and like watch movies and stuff like.that um that's kind of like perfect for.me because I don't feel pressured to.like go out or anything like that but.it's still there so that's something.you're interested in it's still here and.like it's still like fun and just.regular like college party stuff.basically okay so I don't we don't have.like that many I know like we keep.adding more there are a lot of newer.ones and stuff like that.but I feel like the Greek life just from.in Greek life but so kind of like as an.onlooker I feel like it's a lot more.chill and I feel like everyone's really.down to earth um with that kind of.aspect to it so I feel like if I were to.join Greek life.this would be the campus I would join it.I don't think I would join like ASU or U.of A or anything like that I think it's.just a little bit too much for me but.here I would like join and I was.considering it for a while absolutely.but I just doing it but it's like a.really good way to get involved and.volunteering all that kind of stuff so.things to do in general so I know like a.lot of people love to go hiking and.stuff it's such a beautiful place to do.that so there's always that option and.then like see when it's like snowing and.stuff my favorite thing to do for sure.because I'm literally a coffee addict I.love to go to the local coffee shop so.that's what I really like to do and this.just like throughout the seasons there's.little things to do like I went on this.little like haunted ghost tour kind of.thing you don't really use that much gas.or at least I don't cuz I don't like.it's not far from here um but yeah so.that's some of the things I love to do.up here ok so there's quite a bit of.clubs there's like a whole list online.or something like that um really part of.any no Bowl not really I have a job on.campus it's not academic academic.transition programs and I get paid for.it but it's not a club I don't want to.call it a club into something I am a.part of so I basically am an instructor.um it's like I'm an instructor for a.course here on campus and then I'll be.coaching next semester but it's really.cool because it's very community-based.so we are very yeah definitely which is.nice for connection system like that and.being an education major it's really.cool getting that experience to manage a.class and be in front of the class but.we do a lot of things not work-related.like we'll go out together and we'll do.events volunteering there's so many.opportunities to get involved on campus.but that's something that I really like.to do but it does take up a lot of my.time so I don't get to do a lot of other.things but it's also your choice like.you know I love the neighbors to do it.yeah and like if I didn't get paid for.it I would a 110% still do it I love it.so much so there's so many cool.opportunities like that and I just I.love it it's awesome.the noumenal sports for a lot of dorms.do it for their specific dorms so.there's like soccer I know my.boyfriend's at soccer and he loved it.and they're not it's not like a full.season kind of thing um my dog didn't.offer those kind of things as my dorm is.a lot smaller um but I know they kind of.do more seasonal sports which is really.cool and they like play against other I.don't know who they play against but.they just play against other people and.stuff so it's kind of a fun way so it's.not very official but it's a fun way to.still get to be able to play and stuff.like that so the mobile games I feel.like are alive and well here but I don't.feel like they're as much as a big deal.maybe ASU or they might be but they are.still free which is really awesome so if.you're looking for something fun to do.with your friends or just to get out and.stuff like that they're cool to go to.they're free I know we do something.called the freshmen run or something.like that so freshmen can obviously go.for free but they can run across a.football field and it sounds like lame.and dumb but no no cool like yeah it's.kind of like a cool thing to do which is.it's kind of scary because you don't.wanna like fall and trip which has.happened to many people but it's not a.cool event and there's like food and.stuff like that and they do all kinds of.like little football eCollege kind of.things but yeah so they're there they're.not as popular I don't really think we.have a big rivalry like hubei or any.UofA or you ASU does but they're so cool.to go to especially if you're interested.in going to football games and stuff.like that for free they're cool ever.since I moved up here I'm from Phoenix.so I feel like people sometimes can get.a little bit angry and stuff so here.because it's so nice I don't know if has.anything to do with the weather but I.feel like people are so nice here and.they're really friendly and they really.want to help you especially downtown.people are always like smiling and.especially in their shops they're always.saying like hey and I don't know people.are really chatty here which I love and.it's just like a cool place to be it's.definitely like a good vibes kind of.place and I find that the professors are.so cool and like down-to-earth like.earthy people and I really love that.about this school it's definitely.different atmospheres for sure and.people that live here I can tell really.love to live here this it's not that.this was not typical interested it has.like different vibes and when I came.here this weekend like I said I thought.it was the live in the tree huggers I.was calling any you all the time like.financial aid like housing all the times.I feel like they have my number like who.is this girl like why'd she keep calling.but they were always so helpful and so.like will.to help you an email you and all that.kind of stuff and I go to advisor isn't.I'm gonna study abroad next year so my.advisor yeah I'm really excited it's a.good way to oh yeah definitely and so my.advisor is so helpful and he's always.like willing to reach out and go the.extra mile for me which I really.appreciate because my parents never went.to college so I'm kind of like up here.on my own trying to figure it out and.stuff so it's nice to have that last.year I was a nursing major so I took a.lot of like science II kind of classes.and my first semester I didn't feel like.was so bad I was in a lot of big lecture.classes which I actually prefer over.smaller classes I feel like the.professors are very approachable which I.really appreciate it and then I went to.my second semester and my classes were a.lot more intimate mostly the semester.though I very intimate classes they're.small like 20 people 3 people and stuff.um but I do like the classes I feel like.they're very helpful everyone's very.helpful again I feel like everyone's.very willing to be in their office hours.and um like help you on anyway and I.feel like when they see you making that.effort it counts right now I don't have.a meal plan so I just make my own food.but last semester I did.all freshmen have to have a meal plan.and I have like the 10 meals a week and.then I had like 300 dining dollars a.semester or something like that which.was pretty nice.I felt like isn't enough food for me um.and we have a lot of cool options here.what's kind of cool about any of you is.you can use your meals towards like the.NAU dining halls and stuff I think we.have too much Jones we also have actual.like fast-food places like Einsteins.Jamba Juice we have chick-fil-a and so.many other places yeah diametrically.yeah Pizza Hut stuff like that and we.can use those things first and we can't.get like anything on the menu but like.it's not way you can get a 6-inch sub.and like chips are fruit and then soda.so that's kind of how they all kind of.work which is kind of nice so you're not.just stuck to the campus dining halls.because it was get really boring really.fast I never ate there at all the second.semester I always went to Einstein's in.like chick-fil-a and subway and stuff.like that.but it's kind of nice to have those.different options so I really like that.yeah and I also ate at the hotspot and.like I'm telling you guys right now.their dining hall is much more diverse.we have a lot of different options which.is pretty nice down there so um when you.are like picking your housing as a.freshman go or going into your freshman.year.um it's kind of like you have to do your.housing application and stuff like that.and I think it's really first-come.first-served base.I didn't mind like right when they.release it to us they send us an email.okay you need to fill this out and it's.like a 300 dollar deposit or something.like that you have to pay which is kind.of a shame okay yeah and it kind of.sucks but I think a lot of people put.that off understandably so it's so.expensive it's a big chunk of money but.I kind of hate that right away if you're.not right like sure that you're gonna do.it like I don't want to be alone we're.like I'm not sure but then like.basically nothing it's you yeah um so I.would recommend trying to get that done.especially if you know for sure you want.to get to NAU.like that's where you want to go.definitely take care of that first.because I think that's priority I got a.pretty early priority date so then.they'll send you an email saying that oh.this is gonna be your day that you.choose which is so exciting you're like.waiting all summer like I can't wait to.choose um and so that's what I got to.choose you like go online to a portal.and you kind of look at all the dorms.you choose your dorm and all that kind.of stuff and I was gonna choose I think.Wilson or something like that um and I.was gonna have a roommate and then I saw.that there were single dorms available.on campus and those are in Campbell and.I think they have some in Taylor Hall.also but most of them are in Campbell.which was where I ended up living and.fascinating up living I I got to have my.own room there was like no roommates and.I didn't have my own bathroom which kind.of sucked I still had a communal.bathroom um but I didn't really mind it.because we have like little things I was.telling her this earlier most dorms have.little stinks but I guess the one that.you say didn't didn't kind of you guys.have a little medicine bag I will be.posting a vlog either before after it's.gonna be linked up below for NAU if.anyone's curious you guys can see what.Cowden and cauldron and like a ton of.other ones look like and just what the.campus is like I'm like what I did for.the weekend and this includes her but.not even kidding you guys I walked in.and I realized there's no toilet there's.and I'm used to that because ASU has.that there's no toilet there's no sink.there's no medicine cabinet so like you.have to like walk don't you take a pee.you have to walk to brush your teeth.wash your hands like do your dishes.whatever you need to do like you have to.go to the back you know do your dishes.I don't think so I always did my own.dishes and my own sink but I feel like.taking into the faculty grows too I.think I knew it there but Leia at the.same time if you think about like what.someone's using the kitchen exactly okay.so we also have like on-campus housing.for apartments and that's where I'm.living right now in an apartment style.room so I have my own room and then I.have three other roommates and we're.mackay by the way and we have like our.own laundry area which is so nice we.don't to pay for laundry which is.awesome tell them about how you have to.pay for laundry at the door okay yeah um.we have to pay it's like a dollar 25 to.wash your clothes and then a dollar to.dry your clothes and you have to go down.and select our Jax card with like our.laundry basket like bring that down and.then we have to pay for it and it's not.like in the dorm yeah it's usually in.the dorm Arvest was like in the basement.I don't really know how it works for.others I'm sure it's in some kind of.like separate facility and stuff or some.kind of separate room and then you just.like their card and kind of pay for it.there but it kind of stuck so I wouldn't.do laundry for like two weeks or three.weeks or something because it's not.expensive but I add ZUP and you have to.keep adding money and it's kind of.annoying so it's nice and not having to.that this year so but that's kind of how.that works for that so as your laundry.in here yeah there's like a little.closet we have a laundry dryer and stuff.yeah it's so nice not having to pay for.it it's more expensive to live here I.would say but I would say that's.definitely an added perk and things are.a little bit more newer in this.apartment which I love and we have like.two bathrooms so two people per bathroom.which is pretty nice right um but yeah.it's kind of hard to get in here for.sure but if you have like an early.housing date for your sophomore year.then you have a bigger chance of doing.it so so does that mean that there's.other apartments tile here besides McKay.yeah definitely is this the best one oh.I would say people really prefer this.one this one's definitely a.high-priority one and then there's also.Pine Ridge it just so more like similar.to it but I think it's like a little bit.less nice I don't really know I've never.been in one before but I have a friend.that lives there and she says it's okay.um and then there's other ones like you.can share a room more like a dorm style.but it's for upper housing like.sophomores and stuff like that it's.cheaper to you can either share a room.with one other person or you can get a.very discounted price for three people.I heard us a little bit crannis but you.do save a lot of money so that's an.option too so yeah I don't know how you.do yeah I heard it's very very cramped.- but you save money so if you want to.save money in freshman year then that's.an option so it's kind of something I.would definitely recommend bringing is a.fan we don't have air conditioner in our.dorms because we don't really need it I.don't think but lately yeah thank.goodness no no I was like it was hot.they just turned ours on like a couple.weeks ago so any control in here yeah I.have that little like thermos which is.also a pretty cool perk about McKay um.but it gets cold in here in the mean.time so I definitely recommend bringing.a fan at least for the summertime so.Louise you have something blowing on you.because I would be really hot for the.first like month being up here um.something I would also recommend is.probably bring in a shower caddy if you.have a communal family you need a shower.caddy yeah and that you want to like.carry all your stuff by yourself I would.definitely recommend getting one oh I.would recommend bringing a mattress pad.just make it a little bit more.comfortable I don't think the bats are.very comfortable it's definitely a.luxury kind of thing but if you want if.it's important to you to have a.comfortable bed at the end of a long day.then I definitely recommend getting one.those are probably like the top things I.use so much like last year oh I hope.that this answered all of your guys's.questions about NAU she's currently a.sophomore I'm currently a freshman I got.a a su so if you guys are curious about.a su we're kind of do anything NAU.versus a su collaboration so don't.forget to click the link down below it's.gonna have her channel the video link is.probably gonna be the first one than her.Channel click the video and then you.guys can click the button down below.subscribe on that video to her give it a.like a comment say that you're from.Fitz's Channel and if you guys are.curious about any of their like colleges.and you guys want me to do these types.of things like I'd be so down I don't.know this was really fun I'm definitely.up to anymore oh my gosh oh I love it.and then I'm also thinking about going.to U of A because I have some friends.there and like I've never been to you.availa in college you know the other.thing though is that like I feel like.you obeys Party City yeah they're Greek.life is huge number to LIKE comment.subscribe follow me on my social follow.her.we go to cloud if you guys are curious.about ASU don't forget to check out the.video down below and if you guys do.check it out like say that you're from.fits in that's that look guys so much.it'll talk to guys in the next video.[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the Office Of Student Financial Aid Northern Arizona University Nau online

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Office Of Student Financial Aid Northern Arizona University Nau FAQs

Here you can recieve replies to the most popular questions about Office Of Student Financial Aid Northern Arizona University Nau . If you have specific queries, choose 'Contact Us' at the top of the site.

Need help? Contact support

How can I apply to financial aid as an international student as I'm wanting to apply to UNC and they ask you to fill the form in the common app?

Which form? There is no financial form in the Common App. Common App is an application form for college admissions. There is a question whether you are going to apply for financial aid, but that’s it. For international admissions to UNC, read the information here: International Students . Paying for Carolina : International students are not eligible to receive need-based financial aid and should be prepared to pay the full cost of attendance for non-resident students. If you are admitted, we’ll ask you to provide documentation that you have sufficient funds to cover the total cost of attendance for one academic year. For 2017-2018, the cost is $53,100. We consider all students, including international students, for a limited number of merit-based scholarships. There is no separate application for these scholarships—just by applying for admission, you’ll automatically be considered for these opportunities. Because these are quite limited in number, we encourage all students to be prepared to pay the full cost of attendance. Since international students are ineligible for financial aid at UNC, there is no application for it. No separate application is needed for merit scholarships, since applicants are considered based on their qualifications presented in the Common App.

How much financial aid did you get in Ashoka University? Can you please tell some of the details which you filled on the financial aid form such as income, cars, owned., etc?

I received a 50% waiver on my tuition fees in my application. Obviously, don’t expect me to give out all the numbers, but I can share some of the parameters: Total Household income Savings Property owned (houses, cars, land etc) and the current value Loans (if any) Siblings (and related expenditure) Family Members … basically everything they will be needing to make sure that they can give you a scholarship which will enable you to comfortably pay the fees. Once you get in, they will make sure you can afford it. If you have any queries, DM me or better still, contact the University directly. ~SD

Is there any financial aid program for international students in Canada?

Probably none. There are very few programs for international students in Canada. Search this database How to study in Canada and look here https://www.educanada.ca/scholarships-bourses/index.aspx?lang=eng

Does UCLA give financial aid to out of state students? How much?

No, they do not do that any longer. They used to, but they never covered the $22,000 or so extra per year for out of state tuition anyway. Now they give none at all, with the rare exception if you get a Regents/Chancellor’s merit scholarship, they will take a look at your ‘Need’. UC’s are not a good choice for OOSers seeking need aid. Now they use OOS students for when the budget is exausted for instate students, they can admit OOSers who can be full payers. They always want some OOS in the mix but that’s the method.

How hard is it to get financial aid for out-of-state students at state universities in the US, like Georgia Tech, UT Austin, or the UCs?

Speaking as an alumni who went to GA Tech from Florida, it's not hard at all. The key things are to ensure you apply early for Financial Aid. The earlier you apply, the better. Along side that your GPA and testing scores will also help you out quite a bit. But don't just rely on Financial Aid, look into grants and scholarships as well. Scholarships often don't depend on whether you're an in-state or out-of-state student. So apply for as many as you can, assuming you meet the requirements.

Do Californian state universities offer financial aid to out-of-state students?

Although my family and I have no experience with California state universities, some others do offer scholarships. Usually these are limited in number. Georgia Tech offered my son a full scholarship under its presidential scholarship program. This included all costs including housing. In terms of aid, there are no grants for out of state students, there is only work-study. Federal loans and Pell grants are available as they are at any accredited university.

Is there any form of financial aid available to international students applying for graduate programs in Canadian universities?

No. International students must have their own funding before they apply. It is better to get sponsors and/or funding from the home country before applying. Other countries invest in their own population and are not in a position to investing in people from other countries, apart from providing education and opportunity. All funding must be in place prior to applying to the country as a student.

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