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these two days are coming together of.to institutions that I really respect.consciousness studies at JFK University.and original face video I think both of.these institutions are at the leading.edge of a society they're like.pseudopods that reach out to touch what.is moving truth at that moment in the.culture.later we're going to take questions and.dialogue but I thought for a while.anyway I just reflect and I'm I'm.risking not out of irresponsibility but.out of the feeling that the most.spontaneous the moment the more fully we.will be here together I'm risking not.coming with prepared material I think.you have seen in these past two days.different stages of growth not only the.disappearance of the growth but.different stages of my own journey my.own spiritual journey which is still.very much ongoing and stretches on in an.unknown distance in which I've stopped.counting in the old days I used to have.some estimate of when I'd get.enlightened.but that has long gone and I've learned.patience and I will actually I'm I wish.I had the longing of a roomier Kabir to.be done but I don't I'm a little more.like Hanuman in many ways but in this.particular way.huh no one is a monkey I don't know.whether all of you know about Hanuman.but Hanuman is my ish to dev or my in.Hinduism my that face of God that is my.own lineage and Hanuman is a monkey.which accounts for my somewhat simian.qualities and 101 is a monkey that is.he's really young he's a very high Saint.in the form of a monkey and he is.serving Rahm who is God and that's why.my name is Ram Dass which means servant.of ROM which is another name for Hanuman.and he serves Rahm and it is a form of.bhakti or devotional yoga in which the.relation of the of the devotee to God is.that of servant to master there are.other forms like lover to beloved or a.child father child and mother like like.Ramakrishna's relation to Kali for.example that's very different that is.not a service relationship but Hanuman.lives only to serve Rahm and he serves.him incredibly because he is so wonder.one pointed in his love of God that he.gains immense power that he can do.almost anything because of the intensity.of his devotion and he.the the drama which I won't spell out in.great detail.involves the fact that Rob's wife Sita.has been stolen away by the bad guy.Ravana.he's really a good guy in drag I mean.but that's another story.and Hanuman goes looking for Sita and he.takes Ron's ring with him to give to.Sita if he finds her and Sita is living.out in the world like we are way and.she's living in a very worldly place.which is the sort of demon loca in the.Ramayana which is the name of this holy.book and Hanuman is really going from.God to remind Sita who in this case is a.devotee of Rama she's not wife and.devotee to remind the devotee who's lost.in the world a cot in the world that God.has not forgotten her and he brings the.ring as reassurance but that has not.happened and that act of coming out into.the world and bringing reassurance that.the spirit is still alive and well if.you will and that you are still.connected and you haven't lost it it's.such a treasure from roms point of view.from God's point of view that when.hunter moon comes back to ROM ROM.embraces him and says what you've done.there's no way I can repay you this is.God speaking to Hanuman well I can never.repay you for what you've done.I mean you are as dear to me as my.brother Bharat and Hanuman is kneeling.before Rama and at this point ROM leans.over to lift Hunnam on up to put him on.the seat beside him with the idea that.it's like the merging with God it's like.the Union and huh no one makes himself.into stone and he pushes against God in.order to keep that distance so he can.stay separate so he can remain in the.relation of a devotee to God rather than.merging because when you merge it's all.over the rush it's the end of.and honey my rom says what can I do for.you what do you want hon Amana he tries.giving him jewels beautiful jewel.necklace and Hanuman takes him in his.teeth and bites them apart and throws.them aside and somebody said how can you.do that Hanuman throw those jewels aside.those are very costly jewels he says.they're of no use at all because they.don't have roms name written on them.anywhere see I mean he's so one pointing.and one of the other devotees says well.Hanuman if you think that why don't you.throw your body away and at that point.hunter run rips his body open and.they're on every bone and sinew is.written ROM ROM ROM ROM ROM ROM and then.hunter one heals his body.I mean ROM touches his body it's all.healed and what rom says what can I do.for you Hanuman I'll do anything and.Hanuman says what I would like is to be.always your devotee.I would like always to be present when.the Ramayana is recited and I just like.to be eternally your devotee and that is.an interesting its remaining in dualism.and it's very interesting that there are.stages in the spiritual journey where it.feels like such an incredible uphill.journey where you'll lose it all I lost.it but I fallen I've used to know I used.to be high back in the 60s and I lost it.with it and that's a very common theme.and.and what happened I mean I got married.the kids and the insurance and the car.payments and I don't know what happened.I lost it.well it's absurd you don't lose it I.mean we can you go it just is you got.probably a little pseudo high first got.a little higher than you were and you.have to go back and clean up your act a.little bit and get your ground because.you don't go into the totality pushing.away any part of your life and if you.try to push away your earth or your.worldly connections or your grounding.send them around against them you know I.mean it doesn't happen that way you got.to keep going around and around until.you're not pushing and pulling and as it.gets lighter and as you start to delight.it gets a point where it starts to be.very playful I mean even the hard parts.are playful which is really strange.and it starts to become like dancing or.floating or surfing or something like.that.life the stuff of life because the.balance went from where you're in the.world really lost I want this I don't.want this I have an opinion about this I.don't like that give me don't give me.you did this to me you know things like.that I don't have enough money my body.is decaying all is it and it's all real.and in the midst of all those screaming.trumpets there might be the tiniest.little sound of the flute the inner the.still small voice within that the.quakers talk about the little tiny voice.that says that's not all there is when.you say I shut up you know you don't.realize how tough it is being alive and.it's at first you just kind of ignore.that little voices it's the tiniest.little whisper of equanimity in the.midst of all the sturm of drawing of.what all and then over time that little.thread gets stronger and strong and.strong the image I often.have is that story and I just recently.told it a lecture of the man that's.imprisoned in a tower and his wife is.trying to get him out and they won't let.her in of course and so she gets a.beetle and ties a silk thread to the.beetle and sends the beetle up and the.beetle keeps climbing up until it gets.to the top of the tower and then the.husband pulls the silk thread and then.she ties a little string to the silk.thread and then a rope to the string.finally he's got a rope any climbs down.and escapes and in a way that's a little.bit what it's like at first there's just.this little teeny thread of.consciousness and it only happens now.and then you flick her into awareness.that this isn't quite the worldly trip.isn't quite what it's all about.and then through a whole set of.circumstances that are a process of.evolution of the individual.consciousness that little thread becomes.a string on the string becomes a rope.and the percentage of time you get lost.in the world starts to diminish and.there's a critical moment when it.becomes less than 50% I mean as long as.it's more than 50 it still seemed like.you caught in the world and then it.starts to go down until pretty soon your.faith gets strong enough that you are in.essence a spiritual being who's living.in the world which is what Christ is.talking about when he says you are in.the world but not of the world and that.becomes such a deep faith in you that.you can breathe a sigh of relief it's.like your home you beginning to go home.now you you've turned the corner and the.panic starts to leave you that terrible.panic if I'm going to lose it and it's.going to be terrible and then it's.interesting what happens because as that.you turn that corner and you start to.get that stronger faith it goes faster.and faster the Rope gets stronger and.stronger and the reality of the Spirit.gets greater greater and then you start.to push against it because you want to.enjoy it for a while because it's so.nice because you look around and you're.so in love with everybody it's like.everywhere you look as your beloved and.that's quite a different thing from I.love you but I don't really care for you.it's a different level of consciousness.you're playing from and you just look.out and it's so loving and the it's also.delightful and you're appreciating the.kind of the way of things the Dow the.harmony of things and then you get like.Hanuman pushing against God you say well.not just yet you know it's like.extending the foreplay you know some of.you may understand that that's an.esoteric reference one of the things.that um that I have sensed more and more.is a term that's very very hard for me.to communicate to people because every.time I say it I feel the kind of.resistance to even thinking the term.which is the word perfection that the.way of things is just the way it's.supposed to be and that is a real.stinker I mean it and everybody throws.up to oneself I mean when you say.perfection part of me says what do you.mean perfection look it and look at look.at look at nuclear paranoia and misery.look at exploitation look at you call it.perfect and it's very delicate to deal.with that concept.and see if I spent the afternoon with a.fellow who has AIDS now his body is.we're talking about how sometimes one.sickness after another they just keep.coming one after another until finally.you just kind of cry and sob because you.just had enough and then you just.another one.Oh another one Oh another one just so.much and I was looking at what was.causing the suffering in him now this is.a heavy-duty one and I saw that what was.causing the suffering was his attachment.to his model of who he was I mean if you.look at the things you go through you.you grow when you go through puberty and.then you have love affairs and they.break up and then you have economic this.and that and all that stuff and a lot of.the times you can say well that's okay.that's part of the process of life.usually when you're in the midst of them.you don't say that you say oh if it was.only different than this if I only had.enough money if this relationship is.only working out if you always have a.model of how you wish it were other than.the way it is and there is a little flip.that occurs when you look at things just.the way they are without expectation and.without model of letting go of.expectation and letting go of model you.can have them around but you don't hold.the attachment to them I mean for this.fellow this afternoon the existential.fact is there he was lying on the bed.sweating nausea some bleeding pain.models of himself of who he used to be.pictures on the wall of who he was not.who he is now constantly comparing.that comparison is constantly recreating.the suffering of the model of who he is.and if you have a model of life as.something that has no suffering in it no.unexpected reverses nothing that you.didn't plan for look at how much.suffering you're in for you can see it.his life isn't like that and one of the.things that Buddha taught was the.continuous quality of change of OU form.in the universe of which your body and.your life expectancy in your mind and.the social situation and the world.situation all of that is changing.constantly changing so that every time.your mind grabs hold of a model of who.you are where you're going an.expectation that it's going to be a.certain way you are just asking for.suffering can you hear is this I mean.this may be obvious to all of you but.it's it's a place that I get caught a.lot very subtly and I was watching today.and I kept saying to this fellow well.here we are.I mean be here now so to speak and I.said just open let's open and open to.the sweating just allow the sweating to.be here is we're all sweating sweating.is and a little bleeding is and there's.some pain and nausea it's all is and.there's the sound of the refrigerator as.my voice and I'm here and we're to.awareness is sharing the dilemma of.Incarnation together and as we talked he.went from busy being a sweating nauseous.frightened person to being a completely.peaceful open present being and it took.about I'd say about four minutes now he.trusted me I mean he written me a letter.and I answered and I came and he trusted.me and so that when I started to guide.that meditation.just went with it right away I just sat.on the bed and I held him and I just.went through this thing this meditation.with it now I thought when I leave the.room he's going to grab back again.because he's got the pictures on the.walls he's got all the stuff that's.going to reinforce that idea of if I.didn't have this damn sickness I could.or important and my heart goes out to a.human being whose mind creates their own.suffering I mean you say is the AIDS.itself the suffering or is the mind in.relation to the AIDS of suffering is the.fact that I am bald the suffering or is.it my mind in relation to my baldness.that might create suffering I mean when.I went but I've told this many times but.when I was going bald I was busy not.going bald I was a person with here that.was obviously losing it and you know.what I did I got a long strand and I.sort of did this thing to it and I stood.it with the wind and the wind I would.stand like this and I was busy holding.onto a model of who I was a moment.before just recently I I had perhaps one.of the greatest gifts of my life I had.five months of Nursing my stepmother.through cancer to her death and she died.in my arms and she was a tough lady and.she was very independent and she she.knew she was a woman of spirit but not.in any way of she hadn't thought about.it a lot she just had a deep spiritual.essence to her but she and I didn't.always get along too well but we did.pretty well I mean I didn't stay around.too much but we did pretty well and then.she got sick and at first there was all.holding on to who she was I mean she.controlled the house and she'd be in bed.and very weak so that I would start to.take over the house so in the kitchen.there were things like that she had.collected these seashells and she kept.them around the sink all the time and.they were always in the way when you did.the dishes so now as I moved in and.started to take over the kitchen I sort.of put the shells a little bit to the.side and she came in in her wheelchair.one day and she got furious because the.shells weren't there because she felt.like she was being deposed this was her.home right I mean you hear the issue and.then I watched as the process went on.and the suffering deepened and the.letting go went until pretty soon we.started to grow together and we were.like becoming lovers we would lie in the.bed holding each other and just talk we.talked about death and what was going to.be like after death and and we were.putting in catheters and being carried.to the toilet and making milkshakes and.doing all the process until finally that.room was like a beautiful ashram it was.one of the most peaceful spaces I mean.we all loved hanging out in that room it.was just absolutely so gentle and she.had converted transformed into being.this very soft present being she let go.of this mind that grabbed and held so.tightly.we just got softer and softer and softer.until her death was just a whisper of.just letting go that moment she sat up.she took three breaths and she left.and I watched this woman who four months.before I had models of keep you distance.be careful because she can blow up she's.very volatile and then watching and.seeing how my ability to let go of my.models of who she was allowed the.process to happen so much faster my.father who I take care of now he's 88.and he 20 when we were growing up he was.very busy with his own career and he was.a father that protected us and provided.for us but he didn't have much time for.us and he was a little bit remote and my.brothers didn't have much tremendous.love for him actually I mean they met.have loved him but they really had a.hard time they they were feeling they.were judging him as having not been a.good enough father and somewhere along.the way I just started letting go of.models and he has changed he's had some.minor strokes he's just like the Buddha.now I mean he just sits there and smiles.all the time and he's he's absolutely.beautiful he's totally happy I've never.seen a happier being in my life I mean.he can pass out and vomit and you look.at him and he's smiling I mean it's just.incredible says his body at the vomits.on no any sharp is attack I mean he's.not lost it I said to him you gave $750.to the temple last year what would you.like me to give this year he said 350 I.mean this is somebody who's out of it.most everybody says too bad about your.father he's not there anyone heli isn't.there.he's just 88 he doesn't care to play.most of the time that's I don't blame.him today this week he sees through it.all but but what I've now got is this.relationship with his totally beautiful.present being and I was talking to a.therapist and I said you know I don't.have much sense of history.he said when will we together last I.said I have no idea when we will.together last he said was a three or.four I said I don't know I said you know.this man that I'm with now who is my.father I don't remember who he was.anymore I mean it's just he says well do.you think that's exactly healthy I mean.you can hear that edge you know I mean.are you really dealing with your father.properly but what's happened is we're.living in the present moment not in what.was and people come into the house.continually say they remember my father.as having been he founded Brandeis.University he was fine co-founder.Einstein Medical School he was a.president of a rail running he was a.real mover and shaker and had lots of.stories and a tremendous rich life and.now it's all gone he's just here and.everybody says isn't it too bad too bad.is a model of who he was I think who he.is as much nicer than who he was I don't.think it's too bad at all now that's.pushing the edge a little bit can you.hear I mean I really want to push things.a little bit with us so when I talk.about perfection I'm saying open to just.what is and that fellow today suffers.much less when he just allows what is to.be for the moment he can still do his.visualizations he can work to change it.but the holding that discrepancy between.what is and what he wishes were is.constantly creating suffering and for.all of us continuum continuum.another thing I want to talk about I'm.not going to try to be a cohesive I like.to just play a little bit tonight and.talk about things as they come to my.lysis is this all right the way I'm.doing.is that our attachment to our senses our.seeing our hearing our smelling our.touching art tasting and to our thinking.mind our thinking these are the the.vehicles through which we use to.receiving information.and they keep us focused on form all the.time on things and because we live in a.world of form or things we tend to think.of ourselves as form and things and.there is a very deep Western.predisposition to identify with your.thoughts and think you are your thoughts.but who you think you are is who you are.now just imagine that you are a large.blob and that one tiny bit of that blob.is formed and there is another part a.much larger part that is formless but.how would you know about it you can't.hear it you can't see it you can't smell.it you can't taste it you can't touch it.you can't even think about it because.thinking by its nature thinks about.something it takes an object and what.this part of you that has no form is.it's not an object so how would you know.of its existence and if you can't if you.are totally attached to the fact that.the only way you can know about what is.is through your senses and your thinking.mind you decide that that that part of.you that has no form isn't no this is a.very as if this is about as deep as.mysticism gets actually.like when Einstein said and I recorded.as many times when he said I didn't.arrive at my understanding of the.primary laws of the universe.those understand those relationships.through my rational mind what I.understand him to have meant was that he.went beyond his thinking mind and beyond.his sense experiences and he went in to.his where the words start to fall apart.he went into some way of being with what.is Heinlein talks about it as grokking.where you become one with it.there's no longer subject object there's.no longer thinking about there's no.longer relationship it is as if I am if.he became equals mc-squared and then he.came back and he articulated it because.he was a physicist in the same way Bach.went and became music and then comes.back and imperfectly pretty good but.still the constant what comes to the.human ear isn't the divine sound he.articulates the Brandenburg Concerto.whatever or Mozart or da Vinci or.Michelangelo who Casso.like.it feels to me very much like we are.like the drunk the image that's very.familiar by now - everybody's been used.so much the drunk who's looking for the.watch under the streetlight and.everybody says they helped him and then.they say well where'd you lose the watch.and he set up in the alley they said.well why ain't you looking there he says.because it's more light here but you.don't find the watch and the sink is.when you keep looking for the deepest.truths of your being through your senses.in your thinking mind because that's.what you're used to using you don't find.what you're looking for and you always.feel like you're one thought away from.where the action is you always feel.slightly cut off from being in the.moment being here fully because it is.not what here is I mean and yet what's.bizarre is we are all functioning with.that intuitive non conceptual.information all the time but we have no.way of noticing that we're doing it and.therefore we relegate it to irrelevance.is this too weird or you hearing what.I'm saying I mean I am convinced now in.those studies that show how many people.had mystical experiences staggering.numbers of people have had mystical.experiences but most of them have.treated them as irrelevant or trivial or.I was out of my mind or I was drunk or I.didn't know what happened or I went to.the movie I was confused or whatever.they have ways of of denigrating of.treating it as irrelevant because they.cannot gain conceptual control of it.they can't get control of with their.minds all the time now what is scary is.when you recognize that the vast part of.yourself is not conceptual and is not.knowable by the usual methods of knowing.that in a sense you can be it but you.can't know it it's like the dao says the.student learns by daily increments.you learn a little each day the way is.gained by daily loss loss upon loss.until ah the way you clean away the.conceptual structures you clean them.away clean them oil in way until it's.like regaining innocence or having.innocence the innocence of being just.with what is without the conceptual.overlay without the control that comes.from knowing you know I mean look at how.wedded we are to science as a religion.which says what we what we want to do is.build a body of knowledge so we know we.know but what happens if the major stuff.of which our happiness and ultimate.survival and existence if that is rooted.in something that you can't know you.know what are we going to do what if it.is not amenable to the scientific method.what are we going to do then should we.reject it or is it possible for us to.become to train ourselves to discipline.ourselves to go beyond our own mind our.own thinking mind to go beyond our own.attachment to our senses and our.thinking mind is it possible for us.seeking Western cognitive psychology.doesn't deal with us at all by the way.it talks about what you think about it.assumes an identity between you and the.thinker.cogito ergo sum but just imagine now how.are you going to get through to that.part of yourself which is not knowable.by your mind while you're thinking mind.while your analytic intellect without.putting your intellect down it's a.beautiful servant but a lousy master and.you treat it as a master most the time.in order to sort of control the universe.it's wonderful to be able to think it's.too bad if you can't stop it.it's like The Sorcerer's Apprentice it.just keeps going on and on and on and on.you can't stop it.when I have to some years of spiritual.practice when I started to not think my.first reaction having been a minute when.I was a professor at Harvard thinking.was the stuff like I paid for and I.remember I mean I couldn't waste time.not thinking I remember flying and I had.a little Cessna airplane and I was.flying across the United States and I.had a clipboard on my thigh so I could.write down significant thoughts while I.was flying so I wouldn't waste time.flying and not thinking all the time.because I could think up research.proposals to put into NIH and IMH and.when I first started to not think when I.first would have these moments where I.just was my mind was empty when I.started to think again the first thought.was oh I took too many drugs I think.I've blown my brain there it goes too.bad oh god well they were right.they were right after all and I got.frightened because ever since I was a.child I was taught thinking is better.think more you're better and your.analytic mind can solve all problems and.look what a mess it has created for us.look what a mess.it creates because it doesn't recognize.the deeper harmony that exists and the.deeper unity that exists across peoples.and between us and nature all those.levels just doesn't do it it tries to.figure it all out and look what it does.every act adduced to try to heal it it.keeps creating more problems and at.first when I started not to notice I.wasn't thinking I got frightened as you.can see and then I remember going.through the next stage where I thought.well if that's what's happened that's.what's happened I've blown my mind what.am I going to not worry about it I mean.that's the way it is I'll just be sort.of a dull normal from here on in I'll.just be whatever it is that I'm going to.be from here on it and then I began to.notice that even though my mind was.empty when something was necessary when.I wasn't too frightened to block it and.fluff liquor if I just trusted it when I.needed it it was there without my.constantly rehearsing it all the time.I mean you I used to go down the street.you know you're looking you say these.books and there's a camera and there's a.you know shoe and there's a tree and.there's a car I mean your mind is.constantly doing that you're constantly.reassuring yourself you know that the.world is out there the way you think it.is and your mind can't stop it's like.this incredible addiction to labeling so.you think you know you know where you.are in this complete.and it's really whistling in the dark.and what's so frightening about dying.for many people is that they are going.to lose the control of their thinking.mind they can't think their way through.that one and they know that at some.point their thinking mind is going to.let go and then what and that's why in.the Eastern traditions you spend your.life learning how to extricate yourself.from your thinking mind and from your.identification with your senses so that.at the moment of death there isn't that.panic of loss of control because you've.already died and when Christ said lest.you die you cannot be born again we're.talking about that we're talking about.dying into who you think you are the.dying of who you think you are then you.are what you are this is very weird.stuff I'm saying and I mean if you were.just walked in from outside it would.sound like a course and psychosis plan a.case I remember I told remember speaking.at Einstein Medical School once the.Young Turk psychiatrist invited me to.speak there some years back and I had a.beard and I was wearing a dress.I had a lot of beads and the Grand.Rounds where I was speaking it turned.out that they alternative days they had.a speaker and then the next day they'd.present a case and then they never speak.when I hesitate so I came in and.and I the only all the chairs were very.narrow so the only comfortable place for.me to sit like this was on the.conference table so I sat on the.conference table and I watched these old.Viennese psychiatrists come in.you know psychoanalyst and I could see.they looked at me and they I could feel.they thought gee I must have missed and.obviously this is the case you know so.seeing their predicament I presented.myself as a case I talked about how he.took psychotropic chemicals and had.hallucinations which is the way they'd.say it and they kept nodding until they.realized the patient was presenting.itself was sort of the now just the.models of like Who am I Who am I for.example Ramana Maharshi one of the great.Indian Saints teaches something called.vichara.Atma which is the form of what's called.neti neti which means not that not that.and he says he helps you if you've got.the discipline of mind which is a form.of what's called Yanna yoga you are able.to extricate yourself from.identification with each thing like for.example I am NOT this arm and then you.just see the arm as an object you don't.see it as me it's just that arm lets you.say I am NOT my organs of motion I am.NOT my organs my inner organs and you go.through step by step in each case you.extricate yourself from identification.with that I am NOT my feelings I am NOT.I am NOT I am NOT your pulling back and.back and back and the last one is I am.NOT this taught which thought the.thought I am NOT this thought which is.the last one you got the and that's like.climbing up a tree and then out on a.branch and then out on a twig and then.cutting off.twig you see usually your mind flicks at.that point you back being your body I.mean it's very hard it's a tough.discipline to do Jana yoga and in a way.when the Zenko on the way you're.confronted with something that your.rational mind can't solve is another way.of Jana Yoga of forcing you to go beyond.your thinking mind to go outside of it.so what is the sound of one hand.clapping or how do you know your Buddha.nature through the sound of a cricket or.whatever and you keep trying your mind.keeps wrestling with it wrestling with I.mean I when I was taking the raw hot.sued ice machine a nine-day hell course.where you got a five days five times a.day you go into the master ah doctor how.you know your Buddha nature through.sound of cricket and you say anything.you know whatever any old doctor I am so.disappointed in you I had such hopes for.you.you seemed so promising ah so and he.rings your bell and you dismiss and you.go crushed at tea and you got to run.back to your sitting mat sit like this.and if you wobble they beat you it's.really quite intense and I got sick and.it was cold and miserable and I hated.all of them and I hated me and I was.trying to escape and I couldn't think of.how to get out of it with save face and.about the fifth day when I was running a.fever and I was absolutely miserable I.was walking up to the to the interview.with another lame thing I'd fought up to.say.and I finally thought screw it I don't.really care and I looked around and.everything was radiant and beautiful and.I walked in odd doctor how you will know.you about Buddha nature through sound of.cricket.good morning Roshi ah now you are.becoming beginning student of Zen it was.the moment of letting go of the mind and.just ah this moment this moment Here I.am first time I seen you today good.morning I can't use it the second time.you can good afternoon.Roshi see you can only milk it once but.it's you are you'll forget now what I've.been doing recently is doing Prakash in.the meditation with a Burmese master I.just got back from Hawaii last week.where I was sitting for 10 days and last.summer I sat for two months in a in.yekta a monastery and Burma Rangoon and.in that monastery you figure from 3:00.in the morning till 11:00 at night you.are sitting in your cell following the.muscle rising and falling in your.abdomen every time you breathe in it it.does something and you know that rising.any time to breathe out you don't fall.what you are doing by doing that is you.are picking a primary object you're.picking a thing it's like taking the.mind which is used to having the freedom.to go here and grab this and think that.and feel this and sense that and touch.that and remember this and plan that and.all that stuff and the mind's always.going that and that's what gives you.your solidity of your universe and it's.happening so fast it always seems solid.it's.like a moly film in which the frames all.of which are dissociated but if they go.by fast enough it seems like there's a.Content as a real being leah doing.something and so we keep reinforcing.everything I mean it's just flickering.around there's just so much information.all the time and your ma your awareness.is just flickering from thing to thing.because your only thing you one thing at.a time it turns out your awareness is.only focused on one thing at a time but.it goes so fast it goes at the rate.Buddha said it went at the rate of one.trillion per blink of an eye that's.pretty fast now that is only fast from.the time dimension that your mind is in.it turns out I mean this is really.playing now with what's called living.time hold that for a moment I'll come.back to it so you take a primary object.it's like taking a wild elephant and.tying one of those rings around its foot.and a cable and then putting a stake in.the ground and you're going to bring the.elephant down even a tame it to carry.logs or whatever and your mind isn't.used to having any controls on it at all.and all your rule is you've made an.agreement you've come there and you've.made a conscious intentional choice that.you are going to try to keep your mind.fixed on this little muscle going up and.down from 3:00 in the morning until.11:00 at night every day for two months.seven days a week four hours of sleep.two meals one at 5:30 in the morning one.at 11:00 nothing after noon no nothing.but water nobody to talk to nobody no.notes to take no place to hide and your.vow of truth and each time you go in to.report to the teacher you tell how many.hours you've been doing it in the past.24 hours so that if you figure you can.go into the bathroom and take an hour.off and think about the stock market or.think about the international situation.or think about your relationships or.think about.the hell you're doing here you can't do.it because it's you're wasting time.you're going to take it out of your.sleeping time otherwise you weren't.meditating see just it's you cornered.like a rat I mean you just got to do it.and you're doing this voluntarily you.understand I mean nobody's doing this to.you if it's incredible and you I saw how.slimy my mind was I mean it is so.slippery you try to get it to stay.somewhere and it goes there and there it.goes.and then slithers here and slithers.there and then it begins to think about.meditation that's a good one that sucks.you in and there are all these ways you.watch how creative the mind is in.keeping you being somebody doing.something because if you were only.following rising and falling of the.breath where would you be since you're a.thought finally there is only the rising.of the falling of the breath that's all.there is in the universe there isn't.even you watching your breath rising.point which is a thought about it and so.you do this for a long time and first.your mind stays there and then it goes.off and goes off and pretty soon I mean.years back when I started to do this.meditation 12 years ago I could go off.and I could have a six hour fantasy a.six hour sexual fantasy sitting in Burma.all by myself in a cell I mean and it.was just with great detail and the.subtleties of the rustle of silk and all.you know every little thing and the.smells and the images and the shadows.and I just what was the rush I wasn't.going anywhere you know I had weeks to.meditate and I'd look like I was.meditating all the time and they nobody.knew you know and I I would have these.six hour things you know as like having.an orgy of all right plan when I became.famous and you know I mean I'd have.those things when I became like the.Buddha what would I do you know and I.have long fantasies of what I would be.how compassionate I'd be.Oh God.but then after why you see the.finiteness of the creation of all this.stuff all of it turns out to be finite.and it's not interesting enough I mean.the worst thing is to live out how you.thought it was going to be I mean you.look at your life and the exciting part.is that it's always slightly different.it always stretches it's always better.because it's more than you imagined it.would be even at your best imagination.fantasy isn't nearly as great as what is.and I used to read fantasy I used to.read science fiction and lekar and all.those kind of things I mean I used to.read like I was addicted to them and.then I realized that my life was so rich.why would I go there.and this was so much more so much more.so much so after a number of years my.mind quiets down and it finally gets.interested in actually doing this thing.of keeping the mind focused but the mind.keeps going off and I feel like I am.struggling to keep it focused and I'm.angry at the method for entrapping me.and then at some point this was about.two years ago when after about four.weeks of this I thought I'm on the wrong.side of this game I'm identifying with.the wild mind rather than with the point.the one pointed mind and something.released in me and I just started to go.to the one point and just started to.stay there and I began to feel like that.was home now you're going to remember.this is all what's known as Samadhi of.in the Buddhist sense there is Sheela.punya and Samadhi of the three.components Sheila is purifications.Samadhi is concentration and punya is.wisdom and you kind of keep working with.these three things.so Samadhi is concentration and you get.your mind so it will stay on one point.this is only the beginning this is the.doorway in by the way this isn't the.thing itself it's no big deal about.keeping the mine in one place except to.do that you have broken the.identification with all the other.thoughts in order to do that you with me.I mean yours now once the mind becomes.laser-like and starts to stay there all.the other thoughts and senses and.feelings they hang around the periphery.I remember them being like those little.bugs around the light they just kind of.flickering around there they don't come.in and take over because you don't let.them do it but they're just flickering.around the edge and your mind is just.staying rising and falling rising and.there are stages where you feel peace.like you never felt peace before and I.remember going to my teacher meditation.teacher once and saying oh thank you I.finally got it I feel this peace this.incredible peace oh that's what I've.always yearned for all it's so wonderful.and he sharply attuned as he is to.spiritual materialism said to me how.lovely now go back and follow the rising.and falling of your breath get on with.it because each time you stopped along.the way to smell the pretty flower ooh.bliss Oh rapture ooh powers back to the.breath oh but I can do so much good with.those parts back to the breath and you.get many choices to step off the trolley.believe me well I think I got enough of.this this is really good I mean I really.do good with this I mean the the.difference between where my.consciousness is now and where it was a.year ago or where it was two years ago.as the result of the sadhna I've been.doing in the past two years is so.dramatically different.I mean I'm speaking now from a place of.such deeper being my being than I have.spoken from in the past I can feel it I.know it.I mean it may sound crazier I don't know.what it sounds like out there but inside.it's feeling really strong and there's a.tendency to say well gee with this look.what I can do and there is where the.delicacy is because you've got to.balance do I get off the trolley here.and go do it or do I put it back in the.hopper and run it through the blender.again so you come back and then once the.mind gets one point it becomes like a.laser and it starts to slice into.reality it starts to cut into the.universe and some of the things you see.that our stages that they describe for.example I'll just give you a couple.examples because it's such a complex.body of knowledge about this I mean if.the Buddhists Tripitaka the the analysis.of the way the human mind works is so.evolved I mean it to me it makes Western.psychology look like like tinker toys or.you know you come to a point where for.example when I look at this camera I see.something that's dark and shaped and the.arms and all of this I see all this now.how do I know that those are arms and.camera it all happened so quickly that.when I look I don't any longer just see.shadow dark light form.I see camera and arms on the camera I.already applied the app perception the.conceptual overlay I do it all so.quickly.most the time.

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