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this is a see review of day seven.contests day seven for the 2014 18 meter.Nationals flight was recorded on jun 19.2014 and let's start with the task task.was fairly aggressive task it was.changed to a Bravo late in the day I.can't remember what alpha was I think it.was four hours on perhaps the same task.so they removed it or lowered it down to.three and a half hours because the.conditions were weak and the sniffers.were having a tough time getting away so.very aggressive task considering that.and also the start gate did not open.until 14 3230 local so a330 task the.earliest on time finish with a immediate.start would be 6 p.m. which is fairly.late in the day you get the westerly sea.breeze out into the desert and you get.obviously lower Sun angles so a.weakening of the of the conditions and.also our final turn point was way back.here at hawthorne you can see on the 2d.with my pointer here so that's a long.way to go in week conditions into the.way.let's look at Dave nethers blog here for.some notes on the weather expected it to.be a little bit better than a six.there's a video for day six of course if.you haven't watched it already that was.a weekday average winning speed was.around 75 miles per hour today it's 83.so slightly better it was blue predicted.five to six knots at launch and seven.and nine on task but it did get week.early or sorry to get week later in the.task and actually there were there was.some pretty big notables that didn't.make it around today john cochran and.bravo Bravo Pete Alexander Tom Kelly and.a few people struggled even John Godfrey.the CD landed out in two duo disqus at.Dayton today so it was it was a.challenging day to say the least and it.definitely shook up the scores quite a.bit so looking at the scores let's just.go through the daily first I won again.my second day a row and a 211 and the.contest so I was really excited about.that but today was a day that I was.incredibly excited about it because I.felt like I had really grown in the.mountain conditions I was very.comfortable I led the group the majority.of the day today and pushed really hard.when I needed to and backed off the.right amount when it made sense to be a.little bit more cautious so I was I was.really charged up second for the day was.brand Martin grant who flies out a monic.you really nice guy really enjoyed.meeting him and flying with him and he.had his best past day of the week and.and moved up a little bit because of it.third.again though surprised of Jacob's was.able to beat them by a decent amount.today five miles per hour which is rare.but it actually felt good because is.awful strong and has almost literally.has no weaknesses that I can see and.watching him and comparing his place to.my flights this week were stunning and a.huge learning experience is extremely.good as is garriott nur in most of this.group so third the Jacobs fourth-rate.gimme who kept coming on stronger and.stronger as the week went on in two.weeks after this contest won the 15.meter Nationals bill goth our peer.finished fifth overall actually won the.open class at monoc you at the same time.so forth was Ray gimme fifth Rick.Walters super super strong local minted.trained pilot and well does their second.place about one hundred and.50 60 points behind doc Jacobs so not.very much and sixth Rick and rebo for.the day seventh Garriott nur just enough.to hold me off in in fourth place for.third I was about 20 points behind him.eighth Dennis Lankan nightstand.Zimmerman and tenth bill gothard so the.oath of the final standings for the.contest are Jacobs and first Rick.Walters Garriott nur I was fourth in.bill Gotham and then six seven eight.grant Martin John had a tough day and.fell from fourth to seventh with an.incomplete and never a gimme Eric Nelson.which is a 15 meter glider and he flies.out of the East Coast so that's pretty.impressive and then another 15 meter.glider at a local pilot Rick and revo in.tent and you can see the rest of the.group down here so let's jump into the.task you can see depicted here in the 3d.here's the start cylinder and then let's.go over to the 2d here the task is.obviously the start cylinder here five.mile radius around 92 tighter with a.10-mile radius way up past air sailing.and past pyramid lake and to flanagan.with a 20 mile radius and then looks.like back down to dayton nope.back down the ranch then over to.Hawthorne then back to dayton and then.back into the finish so let me just show.that real quick if i haven't already so.here you can see the task start tiger.Flanagan ranch Hawthorne Dayton and.strategically the big challenge here is.you know obviously the backbone of this.task is the pine nuts a little bit on.this Ridge here leading up into Flanagan.past our sailing and the big challenge.was we started at two-thirty so at about.five-thirty we're coming down out of the.pine nuts and need to leave the pine.nuts it's already getting weak it's.already getting probably lineare in the.afternoon as the mountain breeze comes.in every day and have to get all the way.to mount grant in hawthorne and get back.over the pine nuts up to Dayton and back.in so that that was a that was quite a.task very challenging to say the least.so let's let's jump in.we stop and start again.okay so let me slow it down you just a.bed.so taking two point three knots off of.off of toe and got down to go back to.the beginning of the thermal.ok.come up up on toe and this was a really.difficult day the sniffers had really.struggled to get up but I had to relight.one or two of them and he's gonna walk.here.I got off at two thousand 1855 egl and.you can see David Adler is even lower.than I am he's in higher terrain but.Eric Nelson found a client right away so.it's still weak and it's still spotty.it's also totally blew so I find two.point three knots and take it it's got.to be one of the weakest climbs have.taken off the the start and Dave is.really struggling I thought he was going.to have to relight here you sort of my.auto partner all week so I was concerned.about him although he does have that.Antares with electric motor so I wasn't.that worried so Eric and I get up first.and are trying to crank back into the.pine nuts here you can see where Walters.was sniffing and it's already up.it looks pretty happy so I'm climbing up.through ten here and a 4.7 not climb so.it's getting a little better further.back we get into the pine nuts.assuming on the 2d.so you can see the start cylinder here.and the pine nuts.seven tangos the red let me just explain.something really quick I have the top.five in terms of their traces hear some.of the traces weren't working but you.know seven tango Sean fiddler Martin.grant Doug Jacobs ray guinea and Rick.Walters which is first through fifth on.the daily score today.so running up and down the pine nuts.trying to find out how how active it is.and what to expect out of the start gate.and it doesn't look like I liked what I.saw I'm retreating back into the.foothills and this was a real struggle.and back down below ten twelve thousand.foot maximum start height.so 3.7 that's going to get me to 11 so.we're all struggling to get to 12,000.here so it's still weak it's they still.launching back there it's getting close.to 2 30 so 25 minutes away from the.start here so looks like it's 108 right.now at the time so back to the pine nuts.looking for to see if they're kicking.off yet and two knots.not trying further to the north.four point seven knots and I'm also.quite a ways behind the spine and a big.group comes in and sees that so finally.finding some strength five knots up to.12 7 and it's 21 20 here so ten minutes.to the start you can see Doug Jacobs and.Eric Nelson working inside the start.cylinder Dave nethers back up for three.Martin grant who's going to be second.for the day doc Jacobs will be third.I'm at 11 7 11 8 it's almost two-thirty.so the start gate is just about to open.and the start gate has just opened so I.got up to 12,000 and I think I'm just.going to come out here and bump and.start so just a quick touch inside the.start cylinder nothing out the top you'd.be leaving five hundred dollar or 500.feet on the on the table there and off.we go and so it looks like Rick and rebo.and I were the first starters and Rick.got a little bit better starting is a.little higher kilo tango looks like he's.starting and Doug Jacobs and five echo.have started a little later so it's week.and getting out of here clean finding a.good climb is going to be hugely.important.and now we're going for the back for the.back side of the spine.there we go good job Rick he marked me.six point five knots.and you can see back here five echo and.Eric Nelson and Doug Jacobs sort of the.next two starters Garriott nur Papa 7.has just started and a lot of other.people are hanging back so these it's.already 2 45 years so these guys are.looking at six-fifteen finished times if.they haven't started yet are pretty.close to 6 15 so starting early today.was really really critical.and Doug jets back well buying the spine.here.so here's Rick and ribo and.seven tango Sean fiddler Doug Jacobs.garriott nur Eric Nelson Tom Kelly some.of the.sorry double clicking here on an apple.mouse not working well.so that's the start and you can see it.here on the 2d looking ahead here's the.first turn and the second turn is going.to be theirs they're sailing so it's.yours pyramid lake and here's the i'm.not sure what this mountain is called.but this is what we're going after the.first turn it's totally blew and it's.just stay over the high ground and don't.get stuck low and a lot of people get.stuck low today this is the lowest.weakest conditions to the north that we.have and I think we went north three or.four days so Rick continues on I find a.good climb eight point three knots but.for some reason I only take it up 800.feet here that was probably stupid.considering the day only two terms.so doc work way farther to the east.how's he doing he's a little bit below.doug is at ten and with a thousand-foot.a climb i met 11-5 you can sort of see.their vertically maybe four or five.miles in a mile behind record two miles.my drinking.so here we are coming into the to the.first turn area.and Rick made his turn relatively low.I'm sure I saw that.4.2 knots for 561 feet not very good and.just a look back here Doug looks.considerably lower Gary's hired um is.down to 9,000 feet so this is a very.very weak day.and it looks like I turned at that.thermal so looking at this at first I.have looked at this flight once before.recording it I first looking at the.flight I thought oh my gosh I did not go.far enough into the first term again but.there's a valley out here and I actually.go I think the farthest that anybody.went maybe one other guy goes out as far.as I do but nobody went too far everyone.knows it's going to be weak there's a.lot of people struggling in blow into.this turn and they want to get back up.into the high ground and if you went.deep into this turn you'd be below the.peaks here and and really boxed in so.what I'm really excited about is I'm out.ahead again flying on my own and flying.fast which i think is good from a.confidence perspective and all of that.so you can see not many people went in.as far as I did their six point two.knobs for 2,000 so that was clear mark.for everybody else and Charlie comes in.right at my altitude and.kind of slick in and Rick Walters come.in as well carry it in our little below.there and we move over and continue at.6.5 done so it was 3,000 foot Klein.basically looks like Rick and rebo left.early.Doug's still back there.so you can see everybody's following the.conga line up to high ground here I'll.zoom out just a little bit.you can see air sailing down here in the.in the valley and then this Flanagan.turn point with a massive Lake here.there's not a lot of wind today aight an.outside of the the west again so it's.the typical 10 knots out of the west you.can see Rick ahead and kilo tango ahead.kilo tango is really gripping at this.point these are 2 15 meter gliders those.which you 27s but their local super.expert pilots.so I buzzed right through that.if they're leaving it couldn't have been.that good.let's see where 11,000 here.working along the high ground pretty.easy stuff but its weak you can see that.the climbs are few and far between even.over the high ground there's not a lot.of people turning back here.so 7 tango i'm down to 9,000 feet here.just to give you a perspective.that's barely over the highest of the.ground ahead and with sink rate i'm.pretty much committed to the mountain.here i need a climb Rick Walters has.climbed up behind the little bed looks.like he's gained.and we found six point three knots here.or I found six point three knots and.kilo tango and you Charlie jump on it as.does Rick with a big pull up so I'm on.the bottom of that group now.a little move over for Yankee Charlie.and seven tango and into seven knots so.3000 and then another 2,000 so this is.5,000 feet of climbing almost in Charlie.Rick and revo took off early and we.leave at 13 too so let's take a look in.front Yankee jarley left early seven.tango and four Bravo and keep up tango.air together Doug Jacobs is quite a ways.back Tom Kelly here in the middle just.behind the leaders.and Gary aetna Papa 7 is quite a ways.below there let's.up a seventh down at 8300 so he really.really got low 5,000 feet below this.group he's right down on the rocks.as is Dennis lenok in at eighty-eight so.they just haven't found their climb yet.here you can see Flanagan and here you.can see we're just about to what we just.entered the 20-mile radius and I think I.go about to the end of the high ground.here and don't go too much farther.Rick and Reba was still the winner he.started first with me and still ahead.ricks happy to follow their kilo tango.turn around early.we're still pretty high at 12,000 feet.and there's where we turn.not quite to the center where it goes a.little farther another couple miles and.turns.Tom Kelly fourth in the group rick has.already turned around is back over the.high ground Dennis then again and five.echo coming out into the term and.there's Doug of the same altitude for.Doug.turn it around a little bit just to well.here we can watch dog on the TV there's.Doug in the orange.so back up to the high ground period.nurse gotten back up there's Martin.grant who is up second for the day does.it later in the day which i think is.fundamentally more challenging so here.I'm I was only down to 11 when I take.three knots four knots for a thousand.feet that's that's pretty weak at least.I only took it for a thousand.it's about for 450 right now in the.afternoon it looks like.and now it starts to get more difficult.so rick is struggling to find a climb.here you can see one ms to miss two and.a half mrs. three mrs. he's trying to.get up.I'm sure what I'm deviating for here.maybe Birds now it's a good five point.five knots for 1,300 feet and I think.I'll get back up to about 12 here.yep 12,000.let's stop and take a look back mark.Brandt catching up a little bit.Doug's catching up a little bit in four.Bravo but they're a little a little.lower here 1500 feet on Brant and Doug.was almost my altitude i'm not sure if.he went quite as far into the first term.as i did.so there's the look-ahead kilo tango and.Rick turned a little earlier than I did.and they're still leading out ahead.so here's seven tango here on the 2d.here's the pack behind and here's Rick.and Reba and kilo tango.so what's we're climbing a tree climbing.in three point eight knots for 3,000.feet here he wants to get up before.going out over the valley and high.enough to get back onto the pine nuts.and I hit it and 5.2 knots but I only.take a couple terms usually that's not.the smartest thing in the world to do.but see how it works out.mess.dog slowly working his way back he's.almost caught me he definitely started.behind so I call that even right now I'm.at ten he's at ten in these within a.couple miles behind but he didn't go as.far into the first term so I maybe I'm.still a little bit ahead 4.1 not for.2,400 feet.but essentially catches up here let's.see if he sticks around yeah.and Gary ittner as well.so Doug has a tape it's about even right.now because he started behind but I went.a little farther into the first turn so.4.1 Doug gets 5.2 out of this.and off we go.doug is now ahead after one miss turn by.the group.and looking back to the north here you.can see minden the pine nuts and my.grant where we have to go to the final.term we're hitting a ranch down here off.the bottom of the pine nuts then grant.then back here to Dayton and then to the.finish so there's a lot of work to do.and it looks like it's about five thirty.in the afternoon 23.520.so for Bravo Martin Brand and Katy take.a nice climb here let's see what they.get 3.5 knots so super strong client and.somehow I've caught back up to doke.so you get Doug Sean fiddler and Gary.Hittner and Rick and Reba and reporters.doug is converging on me a little bit.maybe I'm in bury her.I did not know that he was that close.behind that's great.getting follow for a little bit by John.Jake this is pretty awesome so here we.are coming back onto the high ground and.this is interesting so this is the.lowest that I've ever committed back to.the pine nuts so eighty nine hundred.feet and AGL or are you seventeen.hundred feet but I'm out over the valley.there a little bit AGL thousand feet.over the over the rocks here so Doug.takes a little turn there and it's going.to be a Miss for dog there's Gary ittner.Rick and rebo and Rick Walters and.Martin grant elite six here.so the hope here is that somewhere along.this path we're going to find a client.there we go 7.1 knots for 2100 feet it.was good to wait.we'd say everybody still trying to.Center.let's see Doug gets 4.7 out of that.climb so you a little bit better better.spot there for me.I'm up to only 10,000 feet still not.high enough to be comfortable to go back.out into the valley and down the.Hawthorne.Doug found another climb there and got.up to 11 so 11 hundred feet above me.four threes back in it Rick Walters is.in second now mark Branson third.so now I'm cutting across from sort of.the main spine of the span of the spine.of the pine nuts onto this southern.portion of the pine nuts and you can see.here I'm right down on the on the ROXX.there's there's not a lot in it so I've.got to commit to the windward face and.guys are meeting between well it looks.like about 20 knots out of the West.right now some are reading 24 or so.but it's windy out of the West so it's.starting to wash out as it does normally.every day.look at the AGL there.so 600 feet above the above the rocks.pretty damn low.and find a good one three thousand feet.6 knots so I should gain pretty good.here on the group.but I know Doug shortly is going to fly.right through my thermal at the same.altitude so it's hard to get away from.to Papa 7 Doug Jacobs coming in here.and get out of the face there's Doug yet.you know also 600 feet over the ground.pop of seven seven hundred feet over the.ground.the rest of the group Yankee Charlie.Rick and revo Rick Walters Martin Brian.kyotango.so I get up to 12,000 and there that.must be what do you know that's a Miss.for doggy.what in the world was that but he put.his motor.oh he's out ahead of me that's just the.optical.big pull up there actually he's gaining.altitude.2.4 nuts I turn it as well and it's a.Miss for me.Doug's going to catch up a little bit.so now it is a very exciting moment is.about.we've got a hit ranch and zoom out so.you can see what's remaining you can see.the whole group strung basically on the.pine nuts now it's late in the day I.don't know what maybe this is is 450 for.that probably makes sense so we have.another hour and six minutes left in the.task but we've got to get down to.Hawthorne and all the way back to dayton.and then back to the finish so there's.still a lot of work to do it's going to.be late in the day six to 615 or later.if you started a lot later or are just.late on the on the day or the task this.is a very difficult rest of the of the.task at this point this is usually sing.kee out here you can go to this high.ground but it's not very high it's it's.not nearly as high as the as the pine.nuts and.not rendering here I know he had a.problem with this trace so there's.probably a sync problem is seven Victor.rate gimme Reyes with me at this point.as well sort of remembering that and I.know that I was thermally with him out.here.there we are to start searching for.something along the the exit to the pine.nuts and a mess and Doug flies right.through.it keeps on truckin.okay so well that it works so Doug had a.mess and I'm going to take four point.five knots probably sixty to seventy.percent of the strong climbs or the.average that we would be looking for so.we're settling for Less here Yankee.Charlie's caught up reckoned rebo Papa.sevens caught up this just hasn't been a.stellar amount of speed here and it's.pretty dying look ahead it's totally.blew I think there were a few wisps here.to the right of course line and I think.doesn't might have gone for those but.they were really high clouds and they.were really flat and they didn't look.great but there were clouds.so we're going to get up to almost 12.here.so quick spot check on Doug.way out there.he's down to 10 and and that was a mess.so I've got 1,800 well a little bit more.than that 1800 feet.there he takes 2.1 knots for 335 so we.struggling a little bit and I take 5.knots for 8 17 1800 here so I'm getting.quite a bit higher but he's getting.quite a ways ahead here comes Papa seven.at Yankee charlie into my client the.leader always marks don't hit 2.7 and.continued ahead still just above 10,000.in getting quite a ways ahead.so it's 510 in the afternoon right now I.would say.there goes the 5.5 knots for 2700 feet.so this is going to probably bring him.to even remember correctly he started a.little behind me but it didn't go as far.into Flanagan.let's see here.I get a Miss and Doug's just finishing.is his climb at 5.5 now so essentially.even other than a little bit more.distance into one of the turns so I.reverse my turn.don't like that.sorry I remember being able to see Doug.down there at this point so I know for.the time you flew through my thermal I'm.doing well and I'm feeling good about.that doug is at eleven 9 i'm at 13-6 so.I'm 1,700 feet above them.and I've got my grant pretty easy here.if I remember correctly I still needed.four or five six thousand feet to finish.the task plus to get over the terrain.under the pine nuts.Rick and revo just doing amazing here in.a 15-metre buyer if there is any.difference he saw you certainly not.worried about it.so dog is pretty low toby is down to 11.I'm down to 12 5 so 1500 feet or so.Yankee Charlie.is it 10-7.so it's a little bit below Doug.so here we are I just crossed into.into Hawthorne and I'm going to go right.out for the high ground and mount grant.open for magic thermal off the peak and.of course it's not there.Doug just touched and went and I think.now I remember this I think that this is.doug and i think wow there's Doug Jacobs.and somebody else really strong I am.going to go over there and climb on it.and this has been said this face here on.Mount grant what was sort of like a.solar collector and it was always.supposed to have really strong thermals.and there's a Martin grant climbing at.seven knots which is very strong for the.day and this late in the day that's.outstanding think it's 4,000 feet Rick.and rebe oh no that's a quite so good.three point four knots but anyway I.thought that was dug so I come over to.join them and get seven point five knots.for 3,000 feet so this little Bowl here.was working really really well can maybe.a look at that right there obviously now.I know that that's not Doug.but always loved flying with Bart clue.with Martin quite a bit this week you.can see here Garriott nerve pop 27 and.off we go looks like Martin is going to.take a few more turns here comes word.Walters and now you can see the damage.that's been done it's 530 so we have.about six o'clock so we have twenty-nine.twenty-eight minutes until the finish.time the three hour 30 minute finished.i'm doug has not found a good climate.quite a while and is down to 10,000 I'm.back here at 14 3 so I'm in a pretty.good spot I'm not sure if I needed.another climb to get on here before i'm.figuring i could just fly slow and bump.myself along i might have dropped AMC.down a little bit but if there is quite.a bit of wind we're seeing 8 20 s 17 s.let's take the average here and call it.15 out of the west so there is some some.wind to work with and.you know the fear thought of sink behind.the pine nuts if you come into.Martin's left Martin's at about the same.altitude so I gained a little bit.probably by leaving early.Papa seven Rick and rebo carry in their.papa seven Martin bran 43 is going to.end up second for the day seven tengo.that's going to win the day and Doug.Jacobs is going to be Third for the day.and Doug's down to 8,000 feet down.that's low AGL he's only 2,500 feet.above the ground there and on the valley.that is low there's let's take a look.from his perspective here there's no way.but you can see the climb that he's.going to find out now that caused it but.at any interestingly he probably gets it.off of this little nub right here kicks.off the thermal and that looks like it's.exactly what he did he got download to.this little low piece of terrain and ran.it down until he found a Klein but right.now at this particular point he is 2,500.feet above the ground and if you look at.it from his perspective.there's what he got the climb on but.there's no way he's getting over these.mountains he needs a client and he's in.a he's in a world of hurt if he doesn't.find a climb so that is a pretty.impressive get.so Chris Martin and I.so we can see.oops.so I'm running the high ground or what's.left to the high ground as his Martin.doug is moving over looking for his.climb.I still need more obviously so 4.3 knobs.for 500 feet and Doug just hit his.client so let's see what he got.seven knots for 5,000 feet it's a.miracle that's a really big client late.the day that preferably wins the prize.but he was down to you know if this.didn't work he didn't have too many.options there at all.Martin's coming back to the high ground.here and what's he find.three point nine knots for 1,100 feet.here's Dave nadler on his way down to.Hawthorne and Doug's in the middle of.his climb so so Doug's at eleven i'm at.13 5 Doug's at 12 so all of that I've.only gained you know 1,500 feet or it's.essentially even I was pretty slow in.conservative he pushed hard and pushed.ahead and found a climb when it needed.so let me zoom in here just to give you.a look I think I'm plenty good so my.thought here at this time is may I could.probably make it over the high point but.we really need to get up here into.dayton you can see me right here on the.2d here's Doug coming off of his client.but essentially i'm going to go through.the saddle get right down on the ridge I.think I'm I think I was like eight.hundred below at this point but that.that was to some sort of random point on.my booty that it's probably twenty five.percent in on dayton so i'm essentially.close to final gaara find a blood I just.need to bump up a little bit.she dug dugs higher Doug's at 12 and I'm.at eleven so he's a thousand feet higher.we're smart.Martin's back here in this area.so getting back onto the pine nuts and.you can see Pete 980 he's going to.abandon he's not going to make it from.here and it was that tough of a day we.didn't make it when we did it would have.been very difficult and obviously.they're still climbs out there but.there's also still the enough weakness.that you can get down to 8,000 feet.where I am I'm up on the spine.and I think I find a lot of bumps and.zero sink here and I'm working my way up.I'm not very high above the ground 1,500.feet or so and here's Doug coming out of.the ridges wall.and I think I need just a little bit.more.mess.pulling up to the same climb it doesn't.doesn't bite.happy to just ticket.and in the final glide the day before.that was sink before this high ground.but a ton of energy here here's the wind.everywhere from 16 to 92 22 so call it.15 maybe 20 miles per hour of wind out.of the West is there normally was every.day so 5,700 is the finish height it.looks like I've got about ten miles to.go here and I meant 83 hundreds or 3,000.above so it's really not that big of a.deal and what it probably did is just.cut short rather than risking in and.going out close to final glide and.getting stuck in sync I decided just a.turn and I'm just about right on time so.I'm pretty comfortable with it doug is.this behind me it looks like he's just a.little higher 300 feet higher and a mile.behind or so.Eric coming into the finish let's he's.coming in from the Northwest northeast.excuse me.let's take a look back.JC Martin grant coming on Rick and.rebo's on the on the pine nuts Rick.Walters is coming back and Dennis lit.again Dave Nadler and Eric Nelson are.going to make it around two in Papa.seven Garriott nur makes it back as well.there's actually a couple curious things.that he does he he must have gotten.below and came way over to this end of.the pine nuts to jump on them you get.caught over the mountains and I'll show.you something that he does late the task.so here's seven tengo Shawn fiddler and.Doug Jacobs finishing and I'm finishing.a little high and Doug's burning up his.altitude a little bit better.and you can see Yankee Charlie.grant Rick Walters and Papa seven and.I'll speed it up just a little bit here.quite understand this.go to Papa seven year so everybody else.looks like they pretty much just ticket.and go in top of seven is at eighty six.hundred feet so we should have enough to.make final glide he's 3,000 feet above.and 10 to 15 miles out and what he does.it goes in here a little bit and then.turns around it's probably just looking.for another climb to increase his.average speed or something he runs down.the pine nuts here a little bit and.decides to give up and comes in and he's.down to 74 they're not quite sure what.that was about but interesting to see.what people are thinking and also.interesting here Dennis looks like he.came in pretty low through the saddle.here and Eric Nelson went on a very.direct course and eric is let go 9000 so.that's.it's a pretty low look.so he's got to get over these mountains.somewhere to get back home.that's one point eight knots.so he's really taking anything he can to.just get up above above these mountains.2.1.so he's ticked into the turn and he.still needs more altitude to get back.home so he's continuing to work in the.pine nuts and then there is back home.anyway so that was that was one of the.coolest days it was it wasn't full on 10.not thermals drive straight as fast as.you can there was some big decisions to.be made there was damage task was.probably over called some of the real.good guys didn't make it but just a.review so I got 83 miles per hour almost.300 miles Doug got 78 miles per hour 275.miles second for the day was grant.Martin who did a little bit better than.thug barely better than Doug 2.15 faster.than just a few more miles so 861 to 863.points43 gimme always consistent ray.gimme was between Martin grant nine the.last two legs probably around Martin at.the finish.and flew really well and out find me in.all the thermals that we were in.together it was just frustrating as hell.if I know there's still a lot to learn.Rick Walters consistent as ever fifth no.real mistakes and not a lot of risk six.for the day wicked rebo and that a SW 27.that's just absolutely amazing seven for.the day carry in her eighth for the day.Dennis linen that was a solid flight.Dennis started late and was out there.over Hawthorne later in the day that I.think just about anybody so that's a.pretty impressive thing and then.ninth Sam Zimmerman that's a solid.flight and tenth bill ghaffar and I.think bill if i remember correctly bill.finished an hour after everybody and.bill was actually we were finishing and.on the ground for a while bill was.actually still out here over Hawthorne.and found a way to make it in taking.little one knock climbs it probably.would be worth looking at at his traits.really closely but that was heroic what.he did and I remember sitting on the.runway and looking at the spot tracker.and seeing what was going on but that.was an incredible flight so anyway.that's the top 10 for the day again the.winner for the 18 meter nationals Doug.Jacobs by almost 200 points over Rick.Walters pretty impressive pretty.difficult week a lot of technical flying.Rick Walters second really strong vocal.ex-us team member great coach really.good pilot Gary edner obviously world.team pilot been to a number of worlds.here recently and going to Poland here a.couple weeks for the United States I was.incredibly excited to be fourth only 20.points behind Gary and winning the last.two days and a second the day before.that so I got over my concern about.flying in the mountains and learned a.ton and actually got pretty fast so I'm.super excited about.about this finish bill gawthorpe fifth.overall he goes on to win the open class.in his json' with the 21 meter tips and.mana cube just after this grant Martin.sixth overall great great pilot flies.out of mana Q and getting kind of back.into soaring it was really fun flying.with him John Cochran what can you say.fantastic pilot he just got stuck here.today lost a bunch of points but still.seventh overall rate give me really.strong at the second half of this.contest I think he had one bad day can't.remember specifically what it is but Ray.goes on to win the 15 meter Nationals in.monarch you a couple weeks after this.Eric Nelson out of the East Coast flying.a Venice to ax 15 meter and not a ton of.mountain experience so that's very.impressive as well Rick and revo he had.one bad day that knocked him down a.little bit earlier in the week but tenth.and enhanced I've used 27 is pretty.impressive and then the second half here.Dennis Lincoln Sam Zimmerman it was in.fourth or fifth most of the week and.just had one bad day where the papas.engine out Pete Alexander US world team.member had a couple really good days and.a couple bad days but he's a great coach.and we've got to fly with I had a lot of.fun Tim wells Tom Kelly steve nichols.and a json' as well Dave nadler who flew.great this week but he had one day where.he Nick's some air space and took a.thousand point penalty tim gardener and.kevo tango.really fun playing with Tim actually saw.a lot of a lot of heavy throughout the.week Brian Milner who was my mentor.there he's a local pilot really fun to.fly with and really nice to talk to.Frank painter who had to leave the.contest early but is also a great mentor.of mine and a super pilot and then one.guest do food for the day so that's the.summary of the overall for the 18 meter.nationals and the day I hope you enjoyed.it look forward to the next one thank.you.

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