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welcome to digital asset news take a top.stories and cryptocurrency digital.assets and bring them down to bite-sized.pieces today.we've got some good articles first up.bitcoin could.shatter 864 000 per bitcoin.by 2024 according to the analyst plan b.i thought this was an.interesting article it's just a gives us.a chance to sit back.and dream a little bit because the.market right now and over the past week.has just been.awful so let's just imagine what could.be.also ethereum classic labs executive.director liz kuka was on the alex.masculi show.and she was asked some pretty tough.questions about the third.51 attacks and we're gonna go over.exactly what she says and the question.is really asked which is.would you after hearing her response.invest.in the ethereum classic and lastly abe's.lend.drops 15 as crypto market.punishes d5 so we'll get into all that.and what's going on with the market but.first i want to say thanks to everybody.who has been watching the videos.we're able to donate 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which.is another type of v5.synthetic type of coins and whatnot it's.up.still 35 for the week 22 for the day so.uh if you're looking at one of those.little unicorns that actually did.great numbers this is the one i do up.ten percent.17 per year in finance ave up 6.4.unfortunately ave and even you're in.finance uh they're still down a little.bit.although euron's down for 11 but i.remember when you're in finance the.token itself was around 35 36 000.at 23 000 per coin so quite a bit of a.drop.and uh you've taken one of the hardest.hits and we're going to talk about that.in a bit at 30 percent on a seven-day.slide.that's huge and then ethereum classic.which just had their third 51 attack.up two and a half percent today so.whatever i don't get it.alright let's go today's top story all.right.this was a bad week let's just let's.just call a spade a spade right.it was pretty junky so uh what i like to.do is just to kind of recalibrate.let's just uh get out there and just.start to imagine.what could be i mean we all got into.this space for a specific reason right.whether that was for the technology or.to make a profit or whatever else.this is a great article which allows us.just to sit back and dream.about what could be and i do like these.ones especially on a really crappy week.so.this was an article i talked about uh.analyst plan b.and his stock to flow ratio model and he.talks about how bitcoin could.hit 864 000 now do i think that bitcoin.will hit 864.000 who knows i could also go to zero.which is like.the most common thing that everybody.says we'll go to zero or grow to a.million.which in my opinion is stupid i always.just say that because it's just.the thing to say but in all honesty it's.not going to zero that's dumb.bitcoin is not going to go to zero okay.it's just not going to happen it's.already.as mike novogratz has said it's already.crossed the rubicon it's already been.here.uh plus a decade everybody's talking.about it everybody wants to get into it.not everybody a lot of.a lot of the smart money does at least.so i don't think it's gonna go to zero.will go to 84 000 i don't think that's.that's right either but i see somewhere.in the hundred.to two hundred thousand range that's.just how i see it.now do i know when it's going to happen.obviously not but.uh when you take a look at this article.about what could be.i think there's some conservative.numbers uh that we can all take solace.in so let's just break right into it.plan b says bitcoin could eclipse the.prediction of his controversial stock to.flow model ratio.which rise to 864 000 in four years so.like it's gonna be like 20 years that's.what some people say like in 20 years.it'll be a million dollars i'm like i.don't care about i mean.i'm here for the long haul honestly but.it takes 20 years to get a million i'm.probably gonna sell.some but uh sure so where does he get.these numbers.well first he talks about he made a.conservative bet that bitcoin will hit.288.000. now i think within a year to two.it's gonna hit a hundred and then i.think in like four it could hit two.hundred thousand so.two hundred eight thousand i can.definitely sit that makes total sense so.he states.i'm on a 280 000 as an average value.100k would be nice.but if you just follow the math or the.data i don't mean the time series model.what we're looking at bitcoin only we're.looking at gold silver diamonds real.estate all that stuff.it's 208 000 that's just an average.value.but then this is the unknown he says it.could overshoot like three times like it.did in the last phases.i don't want to mention the number i try.to be conservative but let's just say 2x.or 3x from 288.and then it crashes again of course so.what he's saying is so you could go 288.times three so you're looking at that.nice lofty number of.864 000. and again i don't think it's.gonna hit that but i mean.what if it could i did a video a bit ago.and it talked about.it was a message from 2012 and it.featured roger veer and he talked about.how.uh bitcoin was going to you know shoot.up to like.a thousand dollars and everybody's like.that's crazy that's stupid was.and then of course now we look at a.thousand like can you imagine if bitcoin.dropped to a thousand that's crazy.everything's crazy until it actually.happens right it's like trying to break.that.that mild barrier when roger bannister.did it and he broke it for the for the.four-minute time mark.nobody thought it could be done until it.got done and now here we are.so i see it as coming to fruition.in a couple years to pass right hundred.thousand hundred fifty thousand.and when we look back at these days at.ten thousand uh just like when we looked.at that video back in twenty the one.from 2012.i was just blown away i'm like wow they.were just that was the vision.out there and these are people like who.has way more vision than me because i.would never have thought about this like.i mean i remember.my son came back came home in 2012 and.he said hey.someone just is going to offer me 500.bitcoins for 500.on a hard drive and i was like what's a.bitcoin they told me i go that is.stupid no one's going to do that that's.nerd money get out of here kid.and uh you know now here we are and i.have my own channel.talking about cryptocurrencies assets so.again it's about vision so these things.like.they seem far off and people i mean in.the comment section is the comment.section and.people will probably say but just kind.of sit back and think yourself well what.if.what if that could actually happen.because it could i mean it really could.i mean look at what's happened in the.past so it's a good thing to think about.as to why we got into this space uh.remember.a thousand dollar bitcoin not too long.ago was hearsay or heresy.five thousand dollar bitcoin was.incomprehensible ten thousand bitcoin.everyone ten thousand hit.uh in 2017 and they were talking about.the winklevoss now being billionaires.and people like that'll never last.that's that's crazy.and now here we are going oh my god it.flipped over ten thousand.so who knows what could happen i just.take i'd like to take a look at these.and see.what if so let me just think about that.in the comments section let's move on.next up breaking into some more serious.business.so this is uh alex maskiole's channel.it's one of my five that i actually.recommend that i watch all the time.alex is great because he's got uh you.know people who are like smart money uh.leaders in the industry so i'll just see.what is going on.surprisingly he has such low subscribers.i don't understand it's the same thing.with like uh.unchained with uh laura she's got very.few subscribers i mean but she has a.podcast and it's awesome but on youtube.not that many but she has like the best.guests of all time so.um if you want to check this out i.definitely highly recommend them and you.can find all my recommendations in the.description.i'm not one of those people that just.tries to like hoard all all the views.and all the subscribers there's way too.much information out there so don't just.take you know my word for it.there's a lot of different opinions and.you shouldn't be in an echo chamber so.get out there and find a bunch of people.so.he's just one of the guys that i listen.to so uh this is alex.uh then he's got his co-host uh ryan uh.the much smarter and probably the best.haircut in cryptocurrency i must admit.and then on this one he's got uh liz.kuka.i hope i said her right name right and.she is the executive director.uh for ethereum classic lab so he had.her on.and it was it was a good lesson you know.like to not like badger somebody.very nice but then he got to this.question which was 1736 in.which she which was the question i think.everybody was at was was.probably trying to answer which is what.the heck's going on with this 51.attack and listen to what she says um.you know.one of the things that uh we'd be remiss.not to ask.is um is about what's happened recently.over the last couple of weeks um there's.been some 51.attacks on etc um.and you know i and.you look at it and you see.there might be different motivations for.it um there.hasn't been any instance i think five.million.nothing that's super out of the ordinary.like no one.walked away with 300 million dollars um.can you give us a little hint into that.because.it have a 51 attack on.a well-known coin such as yourselves.it you know it brings it to the fourth.frontal lobe.it does and in order to do that 51.attack from uh.earlier in the month the one that kind.of netted out 5 million or so.the attacker said they had to purchase.some hash power right they spent a.couple hundred thousand dollars.on that but they did a double spend so.they also put up five million dollars of.their own money.onto the exchanges where they did the.double spend so.we know it's someone who had capital it.wasn't just some like you have to have.the capital.to really pull it off as well when it.comes to double spend so that's.certainly unfortunate.and one other challenge that happens.when you have attacks like this.uh is you can't control an exchange like.i can't tell.any of the great exchanges that we work.with like what to do or what their.policy.policies should look like and so these.attacks always happen to hot wallets.instead of the cold wallet so the cold.wall it's safe and secure it's the.custody.the custody solution well the hot wall.it's what gets targeted and tampered.with um.and so some exchanges allow for much.larger holdings in the hot wallet.and that's how the 5 million was was.stolen essentially was because an.exchange had a.had a hot wallet that allowed for a much.greater holding uh secondly.most exchanges or most kind of premier.um well-known exchanges when you do a.large transaction.say like 100 bitcoin you're going to.have to do a video call to prove you are.whom you say you are.have it on record so on and so forth and.that's also something that we've.we've seen some exchanges that get.hacked or get attacked.don't have in place and so a lot of.these hackers or like.theft these thefts are happening.also at an exchange because they know.the exchange's vulnerabilities in place.so yes it's through etc but it's also.through the exchange.thankfully no consumers or retail.investors.were impacted it's just the exchanges.who had a loss.and had to utilize their insurance.unfortunately to.deal with it if you take a look at.ryan's face right now.he is blown away by that explanation.so i'm not going to say much about this.i'm just going to.put it all out there and see what you.think now.i'm going to link this video in the.description and i highly encourage you.to watch the whole thing it's pretty.interesting.about what goes on in the background and.the stories that are told.however i will just say this.for anybody who is taking a look from.the outside in.when i look at people who were involved.in very high level positions.for a business there are two types.that i've seen and liz kind of does this.here.she kind of takes ownership of it but.then she kind of slides off and say well.this you know.also the exchanges great i'll always.remember.elon musk uh during one of um.his launches for spacex and he came out.and and the.reporters it actually had was just about.to go off and.and they they asked them they said elon.what do you think about what's going to.happen here he said well there's two.things he goes.uh if this if this is successful today.which he goes i think it is.he goes i have nothing but praise and.high regard to my team around me.because they're responsible for this uh.they did a great job.however he says the second thing is is.if it doesn't work and there's a.collapse there's something wrong with.the launch then it's all on me.because it is eventually all comes down.to the one person in charge and that is.me and i will go back to drawing board.and fix it.so it's always an example and it's the.same thing like as far as business.as far as life even when i was in the.military it's the same type of thing.take ownership of it say what it is say.how you're going to fix it and.off you go so again liz kind of did it.there.a little bit but a little bit of a.shrinking of responsibility in my.opinion.and that's just my opinion so let me.know what you think in the comments.section i did ask that question in a.poll.and here's what we got i said this is.just three hours ago i said after.watching the video.with classic labs director luz kuka an.explanation.would you invest in ethereum classic and.i gave the actual time.stamp at 1740 and uh out of the.almost 500 votes the vast majority.is nope i would not invest into it and i.got to tell you right now.me i'm the same way i understand the.explanation that was given but it's all.about confidence.it's all about trust trust is a currency.that you cannot buy.so when you have these types of issues.you got to come out strong you got to.come out and be like you know what.this is what happened that's what we're.gonna do this is the the opportunity.that we have we'll not mess this up.i mean i can even remember back back in.the day and this is this is for like.this is an old story old story for for.older people.this is back in the early 80s when.johnson johnson who makes tylenol.uh somebody had gone into stores and.they had taken bottles of tylenol and.they had laced it with cyanide some.some nut case and uh people died uh.seven.there was like eight deaths ten i can't.remember how many deaths there were so.this as a company you know as soon as.this happened tylenol's.shares and the actual stock or product.went through the just fell through the.through the ground no one wanted to buy.tylenol because.it could be potentially laced with.cyanide and this is one of those things.that was like a big deal.so what they do so the ceo of tylenol.came out he said look.this is an issue and this is a huge.problem we understand it's all about.trust.here's exactly what we're going to do.we're going to make.tamper proof resistant bottles we're.going to put a cover on top of that.inside those bottles each and every one.will be a big piece of cotton like we.are now all used to.so if you see any of these these.tampered type of products.do not buy it and we will look into this.this uh this issue that has come about.and we will make sure that we correct it.and it all falls on us.and guess what happened tylenol still.around within i think six months it was.they had regained their entire market.share.of everything they had just lost and.this is after people have died so.i mean that's a very extreme case but.you get where i'm going with this one um.me personally i'm not gonna play there.in classic i mean i never really.got into it at all anyhow but uh there.was one thing that uh that she did say.which is pretty interesting liz did say.you know what with all these different.uh.fees as far as ethereum goes there in.classics looking pretty good.and uh on that one you know she was.right because the uh.ethereum fees right now are through the.roof.even with what's going on with d5 so let.me think about that in the comments.section that'll be an interesting.converse.uh conversation between everybody and.let's move on to our last story.last up ave's len drops 15 as crypto.market punishes d5 so the crypto crash.and this is all about decentralized.finance and we did a video yesterday.where we talked about.how the anonymous founder of sushi swap.essentially had sold all of his shares.so uh it was down like 72 percent uh for.the day.but just as a curiosity let me just take.a look at what sushi is doing right now.because i'm sure.that the cryptocurrency market is very.rational and how they handle things and.nope.111 percent up over a day 141 for the.week so.whatever but uh hey if you're out there.doing yield farming and.uh d5 hey have at it.let me know how that works out anyhow so.on top of that.ave is down i think it was down like we.just had to take a look about uh like.30 for the week so we'll just say this.land is down so the crypto crash has.affected some coins worse than others.lend.aids governance token has shed 25 in the.past 24 hours.len collapses 15 amid cryptocrisis you.know what this makes me.what was it ave here we go so okay so.it's down 30.for the week but it's up 13 for the day.so yeah still around 15.which is quite a bit i'll be honest with.you all right so.the strong correction takes the coin's.market cap back under a billion.after it became the first defy cone coin.to a cheap cone to achieve that.milestone.so let's see what is the market cap.today so the market cap.is yeah it's well below that 687 million.24 hour volume is 228 million so yeah it.did take uh quite a beating but it.states here lend is poised to drop even.further.as it moves below crucial support lines.although i don't think that's that's too.true because i mean look at what.happened to sushi there so i mean.this really is any kind of like trend.lines making anything in b5 nothing.means anything and d5.up is down and down is up who cares yeah.i got to tell you.d5 is one of those mysteries it's like.an ico back in 2017. you know it was a.crap product.but you just couldn't help yourself.because there's too much fomo and i.think that might be what's going on here.i don't know.but i'm not going to invest it into it.until i figure it all out anyhow moving.down.len may continuous descent in the short.term as crypto investors rush.for the exit and centralized capital on.bitcoin.yet many investors remain long on the.defy coin from a fundamental standpoint.citing ave's strong product market fit.before i go on let me just say this.i'm not against e5 i think it has a.fantastic place especially for small.business lending.um but right now i just think that.they're going through a lot of growing.pains i don't think.this is the right iteration of what to.invest into for me.maybe for you that's fine but um i just.don't see it for myself and i think.moving on moving farther down the road i.think it'll be huge.i think it's a necessary thing.especially with what is going on with.the banks and how they have screwed us.over for so long.and the interest rates which are just.out of control ridiculous on top of the.fact.that the savings account as far as like.any kind of savings you put into the.bank itself.they pay you nothing to stick your money.in there and then they go ahead and lend.all your money out.and then of course what happens 2008 the.crash so i think the defect.definitely has this place and i'm a big.supporter of it just some of these.projects.i can't get behind them i just can't.anyhow to finish up deep dc capital.spencer.noon noted that what sets apart what.sets ave apart from other protocols is.that it currently.does not have liquidity mining processes.that attract capital unnaturally any.states one of the best signals of pmf.and d5.is if a project can succeed without.extra incentives like liquidity mining.so if you don't know like if you invest.into like or you stake or you borrow.any type of specific cryptocurrency on.sushi swap.then you'll get the native token sushi.and of course they give it to you for.free which is weird because like i mean.you're borrowing money but like hey also.take the sushi which is worth.now it's like i don't know three bucks.and they give you so many of those and.then so you're like making money on.borrowing money.it's just weird but on in this case what.he's saying is that abe doesn't do that.so abe doesn't have.liquidity mining yet it's still one of.the biggest beneficiaries.of new yield farming activity at total volume locked and only 759.million market cap the fundamentals are.strong and.could be and lastly multi-capital.partner kylie samani.made a very similar comment knowing that.len would be the only d5 coin he would.invest in for the next two years.if it came to it he said if i had to.hold a single ethereum based d phi asset.for two years.it would be ave by far the best.combination of product and market fit.token distribution community pace of.innovation and reasonable.valuation with upsides to go even arthur.hayes.guy from bitmex said pretty much the.same thing so.i'm not too well-versed to naive i need.to do my own research i need to do my.due diligence i'm going to take a look.at it just because this article it.sounds.interesting maybe down the road this.could be huge.but i will say this because the d5.problems that are going on.i mean you see like the ethereum.liquidations this is from alex mashinsky.he's the ceo of celsius.and he goes and of course they do uh.interest rates or you know.you can gain interest just by staking.your.cryptocurrency on their app and they.also do loans and it's one of my one two.punches.and if you're looking for like an.alternative coinbase or any type of.exchange.take a look at my wallet exchanges.information google spreadsheet it's uh.in the.description of every one of my videos.it's got a link looks just like this and.you can sign up for any of them.but uh what he's saying here is eth is.dropping fast.partially due to short sellers and d5.liquidations which it did.drop way below 400 now it's like 350..it's not bad if this continues he states.your eth loans with celsius celsius.network can be affected.your options are add any collateral we.accept 32 coins.return some of the borrowed funds sell.some of your coins i think this is.admirable because he's not like hey.we're going to liquidate all you guys so.sorry suckers.he's just saying look if it keeps.dropping which you know hopefully goes.up everything's good.he goes we need to do these three things.but they don't want to liquidate.everybody they want their consumers to.have a good experience.and that's what all businesses should do.they shouldn't just liquidate you right.off the bat and just like well sorry.next time good luck buddy.um this is the exact opposite so uh.that's one of the reasons why.also celsius is my one-two punch i like.these guys.and i believe in that guy so all those.things we just talked about and all the.things that have happened in the market.and what's going on and the sky is.falling.how do we position ourselves for the.next evolution to be successful well.let's jump into the office and let's go.over a cue of the day all right.everybody welcome back to.the office so today it is sunday it's a.nice.early day i got up early got to jump on.things which is uh the best way to do it.but.uh for the queue of the day um it's not.really a cue per se but it's it comes.from us.in the comments section from yesterday's.video.where we talked about the founder the.the master chef i guess they call him.who uh.created sushi swap did what would be.considered an exit scam.and uh that was the video we talked.about yesterday go check that out.uh it's a little disturbing uh but uh.hey.what are you gonna do you know this is.this is the the.the sandbox that we are in and um.just just watch the video that's all.i'll say but the comment that comes up.today.uh it was from corey bray it was a.pretty good comment he says so.he says the market is taping taking a.dive you say.oh you mean all my favorite cryptos are.being discounted.so i can grab tons of them for cheaper.you would have to be a complete idiot.not to take advantage of this grand.opportunity.bullish is all the way to the moon baby.which.i have to admit i am an idiot a lot of.times let's.let's uh just be honest ask my wife.she'll tell you.but uh one of these things about is like.you know should i buy or should i not.buy and all i can say is i'm just going.to tell you exactly what i did yesterday.and what i did yesterday.was we all know that on this channel i.always preach about dollar cost.averaging me.meaning don't you know take your five.thousand dollars that you have.from whatever wherever you got it from.right let's say you were saving it up.and you just go in there and go you know.what i think uh polka dot.would be a great one let me just put.5000 bucks into polka dot today.and i'm sure it'll work itself out well.if you did that last week.polka dot was somewhere around 620 640.somewhere around there.and then a couple days ago it was like.around four bucks so.i actually yesterday's on four dollars.so the thing i'm always talking about is.dollar cost averaging now.yes what i usually do is i they're all.automatic they i.i set them up on either voyager or.gemini because they have.an automated dollar cost averaging tool.i can put 25 bucks.into cardona i can put 100 bucks into.ethereum and i can set it.up as either once a day every three days.every week every two weeks every month.or whatever i want to do so i don't have.to pull the trigger every time.which is good for me because i got the.stuff to do right.if you're looking for an alternative to.coinbase.check out my spreadsheet which talks.about all the different things that i.use as far as wallets and exchanges.where i talk about celsius and voyager.being my one-two punch.and you can get the you can use the.links in there you don't have to use my.links you can go right to.voyager or kraken or wherever else but.if you use the links you get like.between 10 and 25 bucks.just for signing up if you need that so.that is.that is one side about dollar cost.averaging but yesterday when i.took a step back and i looked at.what was going on see i learned this.from my mistake.in march remember when march happened.and everything just went.you know down i bought very little.things because i was like.first of all it was one of those really.scary times honestly but you look at you.like.is this going to go back up is going to.go back up in like a couple weeks.a couple of years is this you know even.me who.who i'm actually in this space i tend to.start to doubt.until i have to just sit back and go.okay this is why the technology is here.this is what's going to happen.remember the history i have to actually.go through it each and every time.so yesterday was a little bit easier.because i'm like you know what.i said to myself rob you screwed up last.time in march you know you should have.bought more and you didn't.and this is the time to buy so what i do.i bought not a massive amount but i.bought more bitcoin.i bought more ethereum i bought more.cardano i bought more.chain link i bought more polka dot and i.went outside of my regular dollar cost.average because the prices were here and.then all of a sudden they came down here.so what i am thinking.is that there's only so low it can go.right i mean we don't know where.what what could happen tomorrow it can.go straight up or in another 24 hours.and go all the way down the floor.because i believe that there is a bubble.and it is called b.phi and it is bursting and we see a lot.of different problems and that's what's.happening with ethereum.and all the different things like sushi.like urine.a ave or a however you want to say it so.will we go back up i don't know but i.know yesterday was a great deal.and i had to take it and i 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How do I create a authentication code system with WordPress (no coding)? Clients can enter the code and then be shown a form to fill out. Also have a client side setup to create access codes.

No code? You need plugins, and to make that, and through plugins alone, you are thin-icing it. Call a person, or one better, pay someone to do it. Sounds like you want something somewhat technical, but for cheap? (Autocorrect accidentally said cheapskate but I deleted it… you sound like you ask in earnest). Get a professional. Don’t skim.

I have a class lesson assessment form that I need to have filled out for 75 lessons. The form will be exactly the same except for the course number. How would you do this?

Another way would be to use the option of getting pre-filled answers with the course numbers entered. A custom URL is created and the form would collect the answers for all of the courses in the same spreadsheet. Not sure if that creates another problem for you, but you could sort OR filter the sheet once all the forms had been submitted. This is what the URL would look like for a Text Box https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia6-paRijdUOn8U2L2H0bF1yujktcqgDsdBJQy2yO30/viewform?entry.14965048=COURSE+NUMBER+75 The nice thing about this is you can just change the part of the URL that Contains "COURSE+NUMBER+75" to a different number...SO for course number 1 it would be https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia6-paRijdUOn8U2L2H0bF1yujktcqgDsdBJQy2yO30/viewform?entry.14965048=COURSE+NUMBER+1 This is what the URL would look like for a Text Box radio button, same concept. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia6-paRijdUOn8U2L2H0bF1yujktcqgDsdBJQy2yO30/viewform?entry.14965048&entry.1934317001=Option+1 OR https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ia6-paRijdUOn8U2L2H0bF1yujktcqgDsdBJQy2yO30/viewform?entry.14965048&entry.1934317001=Option+6 The Google Doc would look like this Quora pre-filled form I'm not sure if this helps at all or makes too complicated and prone to mistakes.

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