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Instructions regardingTexas Wood Destroying Insect Form

welcome back to the home inspection.YouTube channel today I'm going to be.covering termites or how to identify.termites but there's also some other.wood destroying insects in this channel.at the same time so the reason why I.built this is because some of my.inspectors they wanted to see more.termite photos to help them identify.them and then they were so entranced by.all the photos that I created I went.ahead and put these all together and I.decided to share it to the world so how.you determine to find wood destroying.insects or termites a typical way that.you're gonna find them are in these.shelter tubes right here and right there.that's a termite and the a shelter tube.is typically compacted they do not like.daylight and you can see he turned.around and drove right back in and this.is what a termite shelter tube looks.like this is a perfect place for them to.hide right here you can see that right.here the fence is within the drip edge.we have wood siding contact you have.high soil in this area a little bit of.moisture termites love three things.shade moisture and wood perfect area for.them they are not in this location I.took this photo to get an idea of places.you would like to look for them so if it.was me I'd grab my screwdriver and start.digging in there because this is a very.likely area to find termites right here.this is not termites this is ants so I.wanted to show you the difference.between an l8 tube and a termite shelter.tube so right here you can see how these.ants are granules and they're all.stacked up next to each other and they.come inside right here they're real soft.if you take your screwdriver they just.fall over and then the ants will build.them real fast but over here you can see.how they're real compact and then as you.take the screwdriver they come in and.just knock it over I mean like it.doesn't really come off you have to.knock it down and then they still stay.up answer stacked up moving on so right.here this is what dry wood termites.looks like if you have dry wood termites.rest they make these little bitty.pellets so if you see these pellets.building up in a certain type your room.and you keep seeing them show up and.you're wondering where they come from.this is dry wood termites they are very.hard to find as a termite inspector or.even a home inspector the only way you.can find them is mainly through these.pellets for the most part or you're.knocking on the wood and the pellets.fall out and so you know if you're a.homeowner and you're wondering why your.termite guy guru didn't find it whenever.the home is being sold or bought it's.because people like to clean and they.don't know what these are most of the.time and they are it's dry wood termites.rats they live in the walls they do not.live in the ground so right here this is.in a bath trap in a bathroom this is how.they like to follow plumbing lines in.moisture so right here you can see this.is an abandoned tube if you saw this as.a termite inspector or a home inspector.I'd almost write these up as a home.inspector I guess you technically can't.write it up as active but I'd let them.know that they're there but right here.this is would be considered active.there's no signs of treatment they just.probably abandon this tube and they move.somewhere else because they weren't.getting what they needed so this right.here is a termite swarmer how you.determine an a termites warmer compared.to an ant is an ant has three separate.bodies right here so they would have a.butt a middle section and a head a.termite has one solid body and then a.head and then four wings so if you see.this one solid body that's normally a.termite swarmer right here this is.termite damage this is a baseboard.it really wasn't this bad whenever we.found it and as a home inspector I.wouldn't do this but there's a someone's.home that was in and they wanted me.there so this isn't during a home.inspection or a termite inspection but.the baseboard you know was a little wavy.like this and they they pretty much ate.through this entire baseboard and I.think the next photo will tell you where.they came from so.yes they traveled up the plumbing and.they were eating out the base of this.this underneath the sink and then there.on this other side eating this baseboard.right here so if you see a little wavy.baseboard just pull it back and you'll.see the little white critters crawl.around the homeowner actually seller had.this covered up so if you see this type.of wood you always want to pick it up.and look underneath it because you'll.find you know termites and mold.underneath them sometimes so right here.this is a conducive condition to.termites this is something that you're.going to want to write up if you if you.see this because what happens is is you.can see how this patio section is right.up against the brick in some areas.that's right against the brick the.termites would be there and you not even.know it so I really wouldn't do this and.if you do do it you can you just want to.make sure you treat that area and it's.not very expensive to do just don't go.with the mainstream big companies so.right here this is what a termite.soldier looks like this is a termite.soldier and then the workers I can't I.can't tell it's a little it's a little.the bug blood over a period time this.might be as a a worker it's probably a.worker I don't see the the soldier head.yeah so those are workers I'm sorry next.area this is what the mud tubes look.like they can look in any shape size and.color so but right here you can see.these are obviously a little bit older.you see how thick and big they are so.these are older termite tubes again.another section of dry wood termites and.they're living in the floor here and.they'll probably they can normally stay.in a local area I've seen them not have.to tent a property they've you know.sprayed it and got rid of them and you.can't just use any bug spray their.specific sprays for it there's another.example of dry wood termites Fras this.is sub damage see they crawled up all in.the Attic right there.this right here is a carpenter bee so.some people think these are just little.drill holes they had something hung in.place at one point in time.but no carpenter bees build these.perfect solid holes and then this right.here is their poop that is all just.their ass right here this is a termite.damage in a closet and you can tell.because all the dirt and stuff behind.the sheetrock there sometimes this can.be ants but you see how clumpy this is.that's typically a sign of termites.right here again there's no visible.evidence of termites in this area I was.just like hey this is a perfect area for.termites they have wood to ground.contact that moisture yeah wood and so I.just took my screwdriver and I started.digging down in there and pulled out.pulled out some termites right here oh.there you go you got you got the workers.got the soldiers got the shelter tube.this is a good photo right here this is.bad this is just a example of dry wood.this is dry rot this is not termite.damage no I just wanted to do see the.difference you can see how clean it is.carpenter ants may have lived in there.at one point in time but it looks like.dry rot.that's another mud tube and you can see.obviously and houses made out of wood.it's probably in-between of those two.tall houses so got moisture right there.but tube it's just a little bit of.everything just a funny shot but they.love this stuff termite damage and a she.shed I think I believe oh here you go.but uh yeah I'll show that in a second.this is a an example of a carpenter ant.you see these crawl around all the time.they're pretty easy to get rid of you.just spray take the branches and stuff.out of the the gutters all right I think.this is the video let's see if I can.play it for you.for termites you got foliage you got.shade you got moisture the sprinkler.system back there you get mulch sitting.next to it from the outside doesn't look.awful but let's go check out the inside.yeah so like you said foliage moisture.[Music].sorry it's a little blurry now this is.where you'll spot it pretty often is.between that's Josh and Warren two of.our inspectors it's an example of.termite damage this is obviously a.massive amount of termite damage but.they painted over it I guess yeah they.didn't even you might as well replace a.sheetrock sheetrock so cheap right here.another example of dry wood termites you.can see they just take it out over a.period of time and if this was in a shed.outside of a house or something I would.have I would write this up as active.with the possibility of them being in.the other house because this is downtown.Heights area in the Houston area there.they're all over the place and the only.way you can really spot them like I said.before is just through this pile of.frass here it would be very rare that.you saw one more termite damage.this is a little bit of everything you.know you have some sort of termite.activity and then right here I think.this is like rodents so like squirrels.or rats or something chewing on the edge.there same termite damage more termite.damage assassin bug this is actually a.really scary bug that's in the south it.bites you and it gives you a disease.that kills you 20 years later I don't.want you to learn too much about it.because it'll make unit lose sleep at.night but if you want to look it up.assassin bug or the kissing bug it by.two when you sleep sorry another example.of dry wood Fras right here perfect.picture that's a really good one you can.see the little indentions they look like.this every time you'll find little.pellets around so you want to make sure.you identify that as dry wood termites.brass just wreaking havoc on a fence I.think that's a little bit of everything.dry rot any type of woody wdi you can.think of oh that's just a picture in the.wrong spot that's just a funny home.inspection photo that's a termites.active termites right there right there.- or you get the shelter tubes termite.damage.sometimes the homeowners will knock them.down right and this is like if they.knocked them down you would write this.up as active if you didn't see any.treatment because they they'll not come.down before you show up but it's hard to.get rid of this discoloration here yeah.termites right here these are shelter.tubes I think I got this off a home.inspection website but or form but at.one time I don't know I don't think this.is mine but you can see the shelter.tubes like reaching reaching up reaching.for the air under typically use a.screwdriver and knock them loose.oh this is a shelter just example of a.soldier again this is I saying you can.see how they these are a little bit.older but knocked up they were knocking.them down and if you don't see any signs.of treatment I'd recommend for treatment.yeah good old turn my damage is stepped.on this in the Attic I think a long time.ago more termite goodness they've been.there for a minute.termites older but still like before.right here this is an example right here.this I believe somebody knocked it down.before I showed up pretty fresh no signs.of termite treatment anywhere in the.house and sometimes homeowners will like.just use a regular spray and what.they'll do is they'll just knock this.down and they'll go somewhere else so if.you're a termite inspector I would.recommend for treatment before you leave.because you don't know if this is active.or not or they if it was done properly.it's a black widow that is not a wdi but.if anyone wants to know what a black.widow looks like that's it has that.hourglass but these are swimmers a bunch.of them I woke up I drove up one day the.Sun hit the wall just right and they.just started swarming everywhere see you.have a four wings single body shelter.tubes and they can come out of the.ground like barely anything little bitty.crevices come out of the ground start.eating the bottom of the 2x4.we moved a splash block and these guys.are underneath there yeah so that's you.know you're not technically required to.pick things up but if you see an area.that there might be attracted to like I.lift up like raw logs rocks every now.and then I'll kick them over splash box.pick them up every now and then because.that's where they like to hide perfect.area for them this is dry wood termite.active dry wood termites probably they.you can see the pellets just starting to.get to see they look the same and then.let's see I what happened this is gonna.be a kind of a hard video to watch but.what happened was is I was I dug.underneath the house and I pulled out.the dry wood damage mm-hmm terrible.camera and but you could see how smooth.this damage is right here and I was just.digging underneath there trying to see.if I could find the that's a little bit.of dry wot rot - it looks like so it.looks like we got both right there yep.another example so see how smooth that.damage is that's the kind of damage they.create galvanized waterline.oh there you West Indian dry wood.termites rats this is carpenter ants I.just took I just wanted to put that in.there so like wood shavings sometimes.they put on a new roof and you see wood.shavings and the roof and how you tie.them in the difference between like wood.shavings.and carpenter ants is carpenter ants.kick out their dead they like to live.very clean and they don't really eat the.wood they mainly live in the wood so you.just look for pieces of bugs if you see.pieces of bug you probably have.carpenter ants out there in the attic.area or window seals or wherever you.know this is actually kind of a unicorn.pretty interesting fine I don't get to.see these too often even though they're.everywhere but this is a dry wood.swarmer you can identify them with the.red head they're in the single body.and here's a example of dry rot that is.not termite damage that's a little bit.of everything.beetles termites probably carpenter ants.at one time a little bit of everything.just an artsy photo termites mmm.termites probably yep right here perfect.area for termites you get the foliage.high soil you get the former boards.there and then they're building up in.this tunnels there you go.termite right there shelter tubes high.soil that's the kissing bug again not to.bring so right here this is a long long.time ago but we had a complaint and we.wrote up saying that you had heavy.foliage recommended for treatment in.this area yeah you know the deck within.the drip edge recommended for termites.there you go there's the pictures of us.recommending it then they removed like.the washer and dryer that we can't see.behind and there you go termites and.then this was on another side of the.home but the flippy flipper they removed.the oven and they took this out and they.found that and we can't remove ovens and.they did there was no no evidence inside.the cabinet bad luck.they had this covered up with like vinyl.the flippers didn't want to cover it up.and then they set something there so it.would be a good idea to test test it we.started doing that after there you kind.of bang on them to see if they're solid.subterranean termite shoulder.this is a cool video I need wish I could.like do it in slow-mo but right there.those are swarmer tubes and then look.how big this uh shelter tube is at the.end right there look at that big ol.shelter - they've been there for a.minute all right what else is a kissing.bug actually I think it is I don't know.for a fact but one of my inspectors uh.James Kilgore he a long time ago he came.across it he was scared to death of.these things there at I could fear it.just a duplicate it looks like dry wood.termites warmer that get another video.took off here's another example.check out this weed tournament - oh yeah.they crawled up getting the moisture out.of the tub right there.all the way down coming out of these.little bitty holes in the slab man I.mean it was small reaching up into the.house what are these.carpenter bead holes those are not.things to hold it's just carpenter bees.holes I think this is a video well this.is actually a fun one so that everything.[Music].you can see drill holes and stuff around.the property so all of this underneath.this wood decks untreated so that leads.me to believe that there's termites.still here yeah.older but I think so.termite more termites that's me.older me younger me they were making fun.of me cuz out then I looked but you have.this is carpenter ants it looked like.and it was cut in half and they got this.removed but I think it cost him like.four grand to remove it and you could.see the the power that the main reason.why it was so much as the power lines.are right here and the house is like.right over here this is a good video let.me scroll forward here so right here.like talking about how the siding is to.the ground and then you have the you.know perfect area you have foliage.moisture siding the ground contact over.here and then you come into and you.start to see the termite damage behind.the sheetrock and then you could see the.the tubes through the wall and then.right there at the base mortar my damage.Oh what do we got here oh and they made.it all the way up there to a newer build.townhouse it was funny that I think I.remember this when the agent was like.hey you know this is newer you probably.no chance of termites I was like you.mean that tube right there and they like.that I find termites here a lot in this.little crevice right here in between the.garage door and the siding these are.swarmer tubes so if you see these these.are solar tubes so right here solar.tubes former - former - that was in Oh.this was actually interesting there's.just sand on the side of the house there.was no evidence of real termites and I.just took my screwdriver and ran it.across the sand and I found a bunch of.termites.what is this what am I getting myself oh.yeah oh yeah you got the shelter tubes I.think this is Kilgore that is not sure.that's what you're looking for is that.little bitty small shelter tube there or.that's swarmer tube sorry this is a good.one too.so you see all the ripples in the wall I.try to use my flashlight just wide it.out the camera but you see it came up.the wall there have it the evidence of.the swimmer tubes up at the top and then.coming around the side here the dog.started ripping through the wall there.so I remember this one.you know furnished and stuff and mud.tubes Formosan workers soldiers the way.you can tell the difference in between.the different types of termites that are.in the area or by the soldiers heads.you also have termite damage more.termite damage termites see how clumpy.that is I think that's uh.known as like a Formosan castle coming.out of the ground like that something.like that termites dug them out with my.screwdriver see the mud tube right there.you know termites termites all right.they're perfect area for termites so I.thought this was like a perfect area so.I just had them I just went over there.and started digging them pull them right.out swarmers so swarmers will act like.this whenever it's a certain type of day.certain temperature the Sun hits the.wall at the Zack point in time and then.they just start flying everywhere and.then this guy tires grabbing his dinner.or I think that's breakfast actually.afternoon mud tube want to look for that.LED tube.yeah more shelter tubes their shelter to.shelter tubes shelter tubes.there you go that's a big one get the.worker there right here I don't want.y'all to get this confused if you see.stuff like this this is typically ants a.lot easier to get rid of but this is.what ants look like and they'll do this.after a rain termites termite a dry wood.frost so this came across at home and I.noticed this was sitting out front you.know hey you got some dry wood termites.you gotta find it a lot to see this is a.newer build too but you find them.following the path of this stud here.same thing see said it that's it alright.I hope that helps out with you helping.you identify termites or other wood.destroying insects I have some more if.you want more videos like this let me.know and please like and subscribe and.check out our other videos we have one.over our home inspection routine that.just came out thanks guys bye.

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