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Notes on filling the Breakdown Sheet Form

youtube video

Key Elements of Writing the Breakdown Sheet Form

Hi my name is Andrew Spieler, and I was the.first assistant director for.RocketJump: The Show on Hulu..And we're going to talk a bit today.about how to break down a script..[RAPID FIRE GUN SHOTS].[HORSE GALLOP & NEIGHING].This approach is something that is.typically done by the 1st AD,.But I'll tell ya... if you're a director,.and you wanna be a good director?.This is something you should do, too..It really applies to the creative process, and to understanding.what's on the page, versus what's in your head,.and how to properly communicate that.with all of your departments.to really make the most.of your directorial skills on the day..By the end of it, you will really know your script,.inside and out.and every good director and every good 1st AD.should know that way in advance..The most important part about breaking down a script,.is essentially being organized..As you can see on the table here,.for educational purposes,.we have mapped out our elements of a script to a color..And we pulled these off of a.software called "Final Draft,".which is sort of a standardized screenwriting software.that comes with an additional piece of software.called "Final Draft Tagger.".Tagger is essentially a way to go in and do what we're about to do, physically,.in a software sense..You can feel free to use whatever colors you want.when you're breaking down your script,.as long as you've assigned a value for them,.and you know what that value is..So just real quick-- these are some of the elements.that you're gonna be looking for.that most of the time you're gonna find.in any kind of a script..Obviously if you're doing a special genre script that.has an element that's not on this table, you just add it,.and assign a color to it..You may not need some of these,.and that's fine..But it's good to sort of have a sense of.what you're looking for initially as you go through..And we're gonna use "High Plains Drifter".as you may remember from the show,.as the example today..[INTENSE ACTION MUSIC RISES].So, we'll start breaking this thing down.....Alright. Let's get into it..So, scene one..Once you jump in here,.you've got your scene heading,.you've got your action description,.and then you've got all of your dialogue.and description in between dialogue here....and as you can see, scene one starts on page one,.and ends on page two..And you determine how long a scene is.by breaking it up into what we call "eighths.".Now, eighths are essentially eighths of a page..Where you take the ruler, and as you're going through,.into about 8 lines....... so that's about what it would look like..So the reason we use eighths is because it.gives us just that much more detail.and specificity on how long a scene is,.according to the page..Because if you just did a page and a half,.that would be a scene larger than.what the script really calls for..So to be able to say this is a page and two eighths.allows us to know that.it's a little more than a page, but its not huge..And as you can see here, the last two eighths.are just an extra line of dialogue..So, really, it's a scene that would last.for about a page or so..And as you go on, you'll sort of get used to this..Your eye will become trained to looking at a script,.and quickly saying, "Oh, this scene is two pages and three eighths,".Or, "Oh, this is a four page and one eighths scene.".That kinda thing..But these page numbers and the.page count are very important.and you want to keep a log of them.for each one of the scenes..on your side notes paper..So now, this is where the color comes in..So you'll see here, we have our first character introduced.in the first line of action.."Sally Westfield.".So, we'll grab our Cast Member's line here....and what we'll do is we'll go ahead and underline."Sally Westfield" with blue..Ok, so we have a "bar of a western saloon.".So right away, I know that that means.that we're gonna.have some serious set dressing.that's gonna be time-period based..So I'm gonna go ahead and.take my green set dressing pen,.and underline "bar of a western saloon.".Because I know that a bar needs bottles,.and glasses, and barstools.....and they might also need bar patrons..So, yet again, I'm gonna take my Extras marker.and I'm gonna go ahead and underline.that light green with the dark green,.to remind me that I need to ask and see if.we need to also have extras in this bar..And then, there is another character here,.called "the Bartender."."The Bartender pours her another.".So it's not a specific prop, but it's clear.that the bartender is going to be pouring.something into Sally's Glass..So what I'm gonna do is.I'm gonna take "Props"....and I'm gonna go ahead and just underscore."pours... another.".As far as props go, props are anything that.any of the characters interact with physically..So, there, I'm gonna make a little note and say,."Okay, the bartender needs a bottle,.and Sally needs some kind of a glass.".And we also want to define what kind of glass,.and how many time are we gonna pour,.and do we need resets?.And is she gonna drink this glass?.And if she does,.what's gonna be the fluid in the glass?.So as you can see, it goes down to a very.finite level of information that you.need to get to, and almost sort of decode.what's on the page..So right away, here's only 1/8th of a page,.and we've already discovered.that there's quite a bit of elements and stuff.that we need to discuss and talk about,.and figure out in more detail.."BARTENDER: 'Say Sheriff, ain't you.got a race comin' up?' "."Sally looks up, angry..SALLY: 'Not any more.' "."Sally SLAMS back her scotch.".So... "SLAMS back her scotch."."SLAMS" is in all caps..And "slams" could mean a sound,.or it could just be the action of what she's doing..So what I'm gonna do is go ahead and.note that as potential sound....That we gonna see her take her drink,.slam it back,.and slam it back on the table..And, her scotch..So that's also a prop,.because she's clearly gonna be drinking it.."She reaches into her pocket for a flask,.and take a pull from it.".Costumes! Orange..So, her pocket. It means whatever she's wearing.needs to have a pocket for the flask to slide into..Now, these may seem very detailed oriented,.but these are the kinda things that, when you.sit down to talk to a director about,.they might say "Oh they don't need a pocket,.she can just pull it out of anywhere..."."...And I'd rather her not actually have pockets.".So that was really more of something that.the writer came up with.but not something that the director.is gonna actually use..So then you wanna make sure you go.communicate that with Costumes,.and then Costumes goes, "Oh, good,.cuz I was gonna get a thing with like, 8 pockets on it,.but if he doesn't want pockets, I won't do pockets!".So little hints like that are very important..You obviously have another prop.that's a flask..Which we find out later the flask takes a bullet,.and saves Sally's life, so you know you're.gonna need 2 versions of that flask..A clean one, and one with a bullet in it..So again, later on as I'd go through the script,.I'd be making a note saying we'd need to have.two versions,.and make sure that we have the right one.on the day that we're shooting the scene.."Sally looks toward the saloon's doors."."We see HAYWORT, an obvious bad guy.who kinda looks like an oil tycoon,.flanked by, like, two of his cronies.".So what I would do, is I would take the green....and I would highlight "two... cronies.".But then as I go through the scene, I notice that.one of those cronies has a line of dialogue..It says,."CRONY: Yeah, Sally! Misplace your horse? Hahaha!".Which means that now one of the cronies is.background,.and the other crony is an actual.principal character..So I'll underline the Crony here that.has the line of dialogue....and I will go back here....and I'll make a second marking with the .blue, under the green.......under "cronies," to remind myself to go.in and discuss.which crony is going to be a principal actor,.and which one is background..Or if they are both principal actors,.and the second crony just hasn't spoken yet.."Saloon doors..." So that would also be,.most likely, a prop..And, a set dressing..Because it's gonna be inactive,.but they might have saloon doors.that swing, so... the actor's gonna be interacting with it,.so, does that fall on set dressing,.locations, or props?.That's one of those things that you gotta go and check,.and see who's going to be responsible for it.and exactly what's going to.be happening with those doors.."He produces a piece of paper,.with 'Deed To The Town.' " ... Props.."The entire saloon laughs.".Ok, so, this is again gonna be extras..We have to figure out how many.saloon members there are,.and "laughs" is gonna be sound..Exactly who's laughing and how many are laughing.is actually an important detail.that you want to ferret out..So, we're gonna jump ahead to.a couple of different scenes that have.some unique elements to them, just.so you can get a sense of.what else might be a stunt or a special effect..And there are plenty in High Plains Drifter, so....We're gonna take a look at those..In scene 4, "Sally opens the door to her house..raising her oil lantern.".Obviously, a prop.."Sally sees her entire family has been shot,.and are dead, facedown in their soups.".Now, that may seem like a simple enough description,.but there is actually a lot to be mined from this..How many people are in her family?.If they are shot and dead, are we seeing blood?.If they're face down in their soups,.are their faces submerged in liquid?.Which would actually be stunt..Especially if we have kids on set who need to.put their face in water..And most AD's will tell you that a stunt is.anything more than a walk..And maybe we're running someplace that's got.gravelly stone, and it's actually harder to run.than you realize....So, what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna go ahead.and put "face down in their soups" as a stunt,.and I'm going to go ahead and.take 'special effects,'.and put that under "been shot" and "dead.".Just in case there's any kind of blood gag,.or special effects make up.that we need to worry about..And usually what I do, too,.is I'll also list 'make-up'.with any kind of special effects make-up .type work..Because you could have somebody.who's been shot and is dead,.and have them have a blood gag,.which would technically be special effects,.but if you want them to look dead and drained,.that would be make-up..So therefore, you want to make sure.you know who's doing what,.and covering your bases during your breakdown,.so you know that you need to define.which department's gonna be handling.what element..Here we have a calvary saber..It says, "Sally catches up to the female.crony of Haywort's."."The two of them bump each other for a bit,.until Haywort's crony produces a calvary saber,.and swats at Sally with it."."Sally dodges to the side and.holds on for dear life,.barely clinging on to the side of her horse."."She opens the saddle bag and produces a whip.".Now, not only is this a major stunt,.but it also involves animals doing a stunt,.and stunt riders, AND weapons..So, something we also don't have here,.I believe, in the element breakdown,.which I usually do make, is a list for prop.weapons, or just weapons in general..Technically they would fall under props,.but I usually categorize them into.a special prop category,.because on larger shoots, props are.not gonna be responsible for any.weapons or guns. It's going to be.a 'weapons wrangler'..So in this case, I will use the black pen,.and I'm gonna underline...."Calvary saber," and "whip.".And I'm gonna put a star next to these..So that way I know when I'm going back through,.that we really need to talk about the saber,.and if it's gonna be rubber, or if it's gonna be real....or if it can be plastic..What it does, how it's being held, .how it's coming out,.if it's got any kind of a sharp edge to it....And then, same thing with the whip..How long is the whip?.Does it really actually need to whip.onto the saber,.is that gonna be a special effect?.Where is the whip gonna be on the horse?.All these sort of questions have to.come up and be answered.before you step on set. Because, if you're.figuring that out on set, it's already too late,.and you're gonna burn a lot of time.trying to come with how it's gonna work..If you're doing something, say like a feature.or a short that has.more than one 'story day' in it,.you wanna go through and define for yourself.at which scenes the story days start,.and then where they end..And what you'll do is you'll have your story day list,.and then you're gonna wanna go ahead and run it.and cross check it with your other departments..So you wanna check with costumes, and you wanna.check with make-up.and see if they have different story days,.or if they have multiple looks for a given character,.within the same story day.."Die Hard" is a really good example of this..His white shirt that Bruce Willis wears.at the start of the film to the end.has multiple stages, and even though.the whole film.takes course over one night,.the costume department had.very particular looks of dirtiness and.actually had different shirts.that weren't white anymore, they were like, gray..So that as the character progressed,.and the arc progressed,.so did what he was wearing..Which gets to be the really fun part of.storytelling... when you start using these.elements to your advantage.to convey story and character..So there is a level of creative liberty.as you're doing this process..It's not all tedious, it's really thinking about.what's happening in the scene,.and, again, trying to read between the lines.and make notes about it to bring up,.to make sure that.you've talked about it before you get there..So once you've done all of this,.you will then move in to creating....something that looks a little more formal..And you can get these... you can download.a breakdown sheet,.and once you've inputted all this information.into a computer,.it will spit it out and give you.a nice, clean text format.and you can do it by department..It's a really great way to just sort of.check and double check.with all the departments to make sure that.everybody's on the same page..Because... again, it always goes back.to communication.of crucial information..So I hope that this was helpful!.There is no right or wrong way to.go about how to break down a script,.as long as you're thorough and detailed with it..And that's something that will lead into.the scheduling process,.which will be done in another video..Have fun, be safe, and, uh....... good luck!.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Breakdown Sheet Form online

You must be drawn to a multifaceted solution to electronic signatures for Breakdown Sheet Form. CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Searching for, a single online application that does not need any more installation.

You just need to have a satisfactory internet connection and your preferred appliance to utilize. Follow this steps to e-sign Breakdown Sheet Form easily:

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Chrome has got support as a adaptable browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to press what you require without searching for it complicatedly.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Breakdown Sheet Form on Android?

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Breakdown Sheet Form FAQs

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