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Notes on filling the D D 3 5 Character Sheet Form

youtube video

D D 3 5 Character Sheet Form: Personalize, Finish and forward

Lo and welcome to my walkthrough of a.Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 revised character.sheet this guide is for anyone new to.the game it can't figure out where to.get started playing I'll be using my.three point five players handbook to.help fill out most of the sheet you can.find this and the Dungeon Master's guide.online or in some bookstores feel free.however to use any Edition you want what.a more importantly want to teach you is.how these rule books work and what to.look for for my example I'll be making.boat in the half-orc barbarian I've.already filled in the names so next we.want first level barbarian and half orc.don't worry about ECL it stands for.effective character level and to use.when playing as weird races now for size.all the races are medium except for.halflings this is mainly referenced when.fighting different sized monsters that.are too small to hit or really big and.easy to hit also bowdoin is a boy next.is alignment these dictate what attitude.you have when you roleplay a good player.will always ask themselves would my.character do that or how can I make this.more evil before taking their turn I'm a.boat an chaotic it so he could do.whatever he wants as long as it's good.now for religion height and weight.religion is another choice that you make.that just has to fit in with your.characters backstory but I lumped it in.with height and weight because they.follow on the next page in the.characters handbook height and weight.are called your vitals still to this day.my friends and I don't roll for them.because they don't come up that often in.casual play we just fill in what would.make sense however there are rules for.rolling up your vitals that are pretty.easy to follow if you want to be pure.how your film looks is totally up to you.so we'll just say good now you get to.calculate your ability scores so go grab.for six-sided dice and roll them and.always remember to take out the lowest.do this six times write them down and.assign them where you want them but.remember to think about your classes.needs but ends up Barbaria to need.strength and constitution while a wizard.would need more of intellect and will.power the illegible text next to your.ability totals are for the racial and.chained.and miscellaneous modifiers as a.half-orc bodang gets a +2 to strength.and a -2 to is intellect you can find.these modifiers for other races on a.nifty chart on page 12 enchantments and.miscellaneous modifiers are exactly what.they say.if you had an enchanted item that gives.you plus 1 to a stat right plus 1 on the.line poison of minus 1/2 dexterity.that's a minus 1/2 dexterity and so on.when you start you most likely won't.have anything to put there so the math.is easy 18 plus 2 is 20 and 6 minus 2 is.4 I erase my old totals when I put my.new ones in in the last box you put your.modifier this comes from a chart early.in the handbook basically subtract 10.from your total and divide it by 2.that's your modifier Bowden has a great.plus 5/2 strength but he's dumb as hell.with minus 3 intellect repeat this for.all your stats and calculate all your.modifiers those are the important.numbers next up is combat options your.base attack bonus is what you add to.your d20 roll to try and hit a target.there's a chart for every class within.the book that lists what stats and.abilities you gain each level will be.coming back to this later so all you.need to know right now is the base.attack bonus write it down and choose a.weapon there's an example starting kid.for each class I know it says half-orc.but you can use it for any other race.you want your base attack bonus with.different weapons changes for melee.weapons like the great X you add your.base attack bonus plus your strength.modifier the extra one is for a feat.that I'll explain later this gives us a.total of 7 so our attack bonus with the.basic swing of a battle ax is 1 B 20.plus 7.once you hit you roll damage every.weapon will tell you it's damaged.depending on your character size then.you add one and a half times your.strength modifier for two-handed weapons.one time for main hand weapons and half.for offhand weapons this is not apply to.dexterity weapons such as bows if you.roll a natural 20 when rolling to hit.you crit some weapons allow for a range.of roles to be a critical when you roll.a 20 your attack will hit but you must.roll again and land to hit again to.apply your weapons multiplier all your.other weapons can go here too but.remember it takes around.away your weapon and pull out a new one.in the middle it asks for our speed this.is found in the trade section of your.race instead of your class our base land.speed is 30 feet which translates to six.five foot tiles this is mostly used for.combat your initiative modifier is equal.to your dexterity bonus you add it to.your D 20 role in determining combat.order grappling is something we're going.to skip you can easily fill in the.numbers and find your total but the.actual process of grappling in game is a.huge pain so don't worry about it for.now saving throws are for situations.like avoiding pitfalls and resisting.line control each classes base modifier.is listed in their chart and increases.as they level additionally you apply the.corresponding ability modifier written.under each type of save magic.miscellaneous and temporary are filled.when needed the same as your ability.scores the conditional modifiers box is.where you write reminders for certain.conditions that would affect your saving.rules for example a feat might give you.a +2 reflex role when involves traps so.you would write +2 reflex with traps now.just add up the totals those are what.you apply to your D 20 role when making.a saving throw for the armor class I.want to skip ahead to your actual armor.I took this studded leather from the.starting package that we took our.weapons from it gives us a +3 to our.armor class which will add up soon but.it also limits our dexterity modifier to.+5.so while wearing this armor my dexterity.bonus cannot exceed 5 it also has an.armor check penalty of minus 1 which.interferes with your skills that we'll.get into later back up to our armor.class it wants our Dex bonus and the.bonus from our armor both of them are.three in this case and that's all you.need to worry about for now natural.reflective armors are uncommon in early.levels however the size modifier welcome.up somewhat often it makes hitting.larger enemies easier and hitting.smaller enemies harder there's a small.chart that lists the bonuses I'll just.leave it here since it changes with.different sized matchups and is.something you'll have to keep checking.as a medium character I don't get any.bonuses because of my size making my.total 16 if I were halfling.ever it would be 17 because I'm one tier.smaller touch and flat-footed are really.simple touches your armor class when.your armor is useless so just subtract.your armor bonus flat-footed is when you.can't dodge or move so your dexterity.bonus is subtracted leaving the blocking.upto your armor finally for this page is.your hit points first you need to know.your hit die you can find it in your.classes section of the handbook your.initial hit points are equal to the.maximum of your hit die plus a roll of.your hit die plus your Constitution.modifier every level after this you add.a roll of your hit die plus your.Constitution modifier to your max hit.points the next page I want to look at.is the skills page skill checks are d20.rolls to decide whether or not you fail.at putting your skills into action.anyway you can think of try to choose.skills that would fit your character's.backstory and match their personality.the first thing to do is look up your.classes skills section there's a list of.skills there that you need to check off.on your sheet these are class skills.that trade evenly one skill point for.one rank anything you don't mark however.is called cross class and requires two.skill points to ascend one rank you.don't round up and you can't save skill.points for later back in your classes.skills section you can calculate how.many skill points you have to spend and.how many you gain each level the max.amount of ranks you can have in a single.skill is equal to your level plus 3.unless it's a cross class skill then.it's your level plus 3/2 once the skill.points are assigned include every skills.corresponding ability modifier to their.section then you have your totals note.the black diamonds next to some skills.these indicate that you must spend at.least one rank worth of points in this.skill to use it they're a little harder.to see but some skills have asterisks.this means that you apply your armors.armor check penalty when rolling for.these skills racial traits and class.features are easily found listed in the.handbook every level you gain a class.specific ability each of them are.explained in the class feature section.and you've already seen where racial.traits come from just keep track of them.on your sheet and reference the book.when you need to.know what they do feats are very similar.except you're allowed to pick your own.although some feats require you've.already learned another feat to be able.to choose them.the handbook list them all.alphabetically and goes into detail.about each one try to find feats that.compliment your character and fit into.your play style everyone gets to choose.at least one feat in addition to the one.given in your classes starting pack you.gain additional feats by levelling up.starting with level 3 every third level.allows you to choose a new feat for.languages all player characters at least.know how to speak common in addition to.any race speaking its own language.you're also allowed one language per.point of intelligence bonus bonus being.your modifier sadly bowdan has an.intelligence modifier of negative three.so he only gets his base racial.languages not to mention he's illiterate.which means I need to spend skill points.to teach my half work to read the skill.synergy is on the bottom are.self-explanatory just remember they only.apply once this next page is much.simpler than the others the experience.box gives you plenty of space for.addition to know how much experience you.need to level at 1,000 times your level.to the goal you just reached so for.level 1 you need zero experience 1000.times one plus zero is a thousand so I.need 1,000 experience to reach level two.once I reach level two it'll be 1000.times 2 plus a thousand and so on I.wrote all over the possessions line.because there isn't anything to say.beside this is where you list your.things your class as a starting pack.that has a list of items you can have.and you can store them anywhere and like.I said before don't worry about weight.if you're just starting to play on the.bottom are magic items and money magic.items are any gear that effects your.stats when worn write their name and.stats here and add their effects to the.miscellaneous modifier slots as for.money you're starting gold depends on.your class as listed in your starting.kit keep in mind the conversions are 10.copper for a silver and 10 silver for a.gold this last page looks more daunting.than it is all these sections are for.the different classes unique abilities.they are all explained.the book under the classes that use them.but can still be hard to understand so.I'll be making a video to go more in.depth with them as for now I've.hopefully given you enough information.to start your own character there's.still a ton left to learn but don't let.that stop you from playing hitting.obstacles or getting stuck is always the.first clue as to what you need to look.up next as for now I hope you enjoyed.the video and everything made sense to.you I want to thank you all for watching.and I'll see you next time.

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