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[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].born out of a mission need for air.mobility too convenient troops for.peacekeeping operations within and.beyond the African continent.the Nigerian Air Force was established.by an act of independent indigenous.Parliament in every 1964 to serve four.main purposes namely to achieve a full.complement of the military defense.system the Federal Republic of Nigeria.both in the air and on the ground to.ensure a fast versatile mobility of the.Armed Forces to provide close air.support for the ground-based and.Seabourn forces in all phases of.oppressions and to ensure the.territorial integrity of a United.Nigeria to give the country the deserved.prestige that is available in.international matters however the.process of muting the basic structures.and manpower that formed the foundation.of what is now in the Nigerian Air Force.began in 1962 when initial batch of.personnel were selected for training in.Ethiopia Canada India and Germany among.other countries from this seed of.officers and men that Iran Air Force has.grown over the past 56 years to become.what it is today a service that has.effectively and efficiently conducted.air operations in support of multiple.internal security operations across the.country as well as projected airpower.beyond the shores of Nigeria to Liberia.Sierra Leone Mali The Gambia Seneca.Mozambique Malawi and Zimbabwe among.others the elite areas after the.establishment of the Suns were grown.into the Nigerian civil war.the Air Force participated actively and.supporting the effort to keep Nigeria as.a single united country in those days.from the stories of some of our retired.offices it was a service that was not.really prepared for them for the Civil.War there was a service that was just.trying to get fully established and.suddenly the Air Force was drugged into.National Civil War so but looking back.at where we are coming from to today I.think we have made substantial progress.not only in terms of the size of the Air.Force we used to have something that was.just probably a command which was.primarily involved in training.activities but today we have six.commands specialized commands they are.the tactical air command of the Special.Operations Command you have the Air.Training Command you have the ground.training command you have the mobility.command and you have the logistic.command.so even in terms of the structure of the.Air Force the service has witnessed.substantial expansion in terms of.capabilities this was an Evans that was.volume bombs from the cabin of an.aircraft to drop overhead the be.referenced during the Civil War but.today we have a service that can project.power better than it used to in the.image LEDs we have young officers in the.ground control systems controlling.unmanned aerial vehicles and flying.those among our vehicles to distances.that are well beyond 200 tutorial 50.kilometres and broke in the suburbs.so I think in terms of even capability.we have made substantial in terms of.platforms initially we were using dc-3.to fly today we have the Epsilon's.we have the alpha Jets we had the.Jaguars at one time in the history of.the service and we have helicopter.questions one of which is the Emmett at.5:00 a.m. on of the most sophisticated.helicopter gunship in the world today is.being flown by our officers in terms of.training who have expanded our training.institutions we have the regiment.training center which is trainee.regiment personnel for force protection.which was not existing of course in.those days in terms of other training.institutions you have the Air Force's.your technology which is not only.trained in Air Force personnel but even.civilians and there are areas of.engineering technology and so on we also.have a medical institution a medical.school in Kaduna that is currently.training our analysis so I think if we.look at where we are coming from and.where we are today I think we have every.reason to be proud of the achievement.one - salutes the founding fathers of.the Air Force who laid the foundation.upon which we'll be able to add value to.in the last four and half years the.Ranger and Air Force has proved that it.has indeed come of age in is 50 CCS.history to emerge as a formidable force.in Africa this has only been possible.through the efforts and commitment of.the 19 pass foreign an indigenous chief.of the air staff as well as officers a.men and a women.seven and retired who have dedicated.their lives to seven this great nation.through the Nigerian Air Force some of.these Patriots have paid the supreme.price in service to our fatherland.to these heroes the Nigerian Air Force.owes a huge debt of gratitude at 56.the Nigerian Air Force under the.leadership of the 28th chief of the Air.Staff Air Marshal Ali Baba Abu Bakr is.driven by a vision to reposition the.Nigerian Air Force into a highly.professional and disciplined force.through capacity building initiative for.effective efficient and timely.employment of airpower in response to.Nigeria's national security imperatives.the dogged determination of the chief of.the air staff to achieve this vision has.resulted in giant strides in operations.and activities of the service in the.past four and a half years of the.current federal government.administration in the past four and a.half years then Iran Air Force has.expanded is for structure by creating.new branches new field commands as well.as several units you have for commands.as of 2015 now presently we have six.commands and the branch is also we have.eight branches as of 2015.presently we have ten branches and this.has improved the workings of the.commands and the branches we have also.add units that have been established for.the pressure on bases on a quick.response groups and these are also.enhance the operational efficiency of.the nav the two two commands are the.Special Operations Command which is.located in Bochy and a ground training.command which is located in a noodle.these commands are purpose-driven to.enhance service delivery by the Nigerian.Air Force on coming in 2015 we carefully.looked at the structure of the Air Force.I realized that the current that the.structure at the time was not adequate.for the kind of challenges that we are.facing for instance in the past.whenever we have any internal stability.challenge personnel we are contributed.from units sometimes we remove our.technicians and so we realize that look.we need to have a different command.which is the Special Operations Command.that is regiment heavy that can now be.mobilized anytime to go out as our.contribution to dealing with that.internal security challenge but the.comment of the Special Operations.Command we have created quite a number.of units now quick response groups in.the platoon is Asia we have a quick.response book in our area we have a.quick response group in Guizhou we have.a quick response group we have a.detachment in burning body we have quick.response wing in Agra to Illinois State.we have another quick response group in.Karen in Plateau State another quick.response group in terrible States there.were a lot of internal security.challenges in Terrebonne about a yahoo.two years ago so those guys are.supporting the forces on ground and you.can see the way that this quick response.units spread all over the country so.that anywhere you want the Air Force in.be part of anything.we simply toss the unit close to the.apples furthermore in order to optimally.Monday new structure for more effective.and efficient employment of airpower.the 99 Air Force embarked on massive.recruitment resulted in the training of.about nine thousand six or a 99 young.Nigerians as MN and air women and 916 as.officers in the last four and half years.this has significantly boosted the.capacity of the service to effectively.could tell insecurity in the country why.also kill into the federal government's.policy of job creation for young.Nigerians since we are aware of the.Khilafah reserve a staff so with your.plans to meet up with requirements for.enlistment and recruitment and we have.been doing that so far without much.stress.the last four and a half years has seen.the unprecedented acquisition of.platforms by definitive meant we have.been very lucky in the last four and a.half years were there about the federal.government particularly the commander in.chief President Muhammadu Buhari have.has supported the Nigerian Air Force in.terms of supporting our acquisition plan.plants platform acquisition plans we.also want to appreciate the National.Assembly for appropriating the necessary.resources and and then passing the.necessary laws that will enable us or.that enabled us to acquire some of these.platforms we have acquired 22 right now.22 have been inducted you have telephony.shock aircraft when the current.government came in we had only about.three trainer aircrafts but now we have.more than 15 or so trainer aircraft.tears of a mission aircraft were.acquired and inducted we have five a.method to 5ms helicopter gunships that.were equally acquired you have to build.four one two helicopters that have been.acquired and now inducted we help for.booster 1:09 power helicopters that were.acquired in italy i equally inducted.into the current operations and then the.last one of course is the mi-17 one a.helicopter which was also equally.inducted recently so a total of 22.aircraft in addition to that we are.expecting 16 additional platforms the.Super Tucano.aircrafts we have 12 we are hoping to.get into Nigeria very soon Toledo 17.multi-role fighter aircraft that is.happening and we have an additional.mi-17 one which is likely to come into.the service very soon this is society6.flyable aircraft that were handed over.from other agencies of government.it is not worthy that not since the.early 1980s.has such a large number of aircrafts.been acquired for the Nigerian Air Force.by a single federal government.administration in addition the Indian.Air Force would support from the federal.government has also reactivated over.twenty previously grounded aircraft the.falcon was grounded was not flying in.2015 the ATR of 42 the 931 was grounded.in Yola the Beechcraft 2:03 had problems.with landing gear on landing here in.Abuja was grounded the mi-35 piece five.three zero five three one and so many.others that were in the past ground.eight were brought back to service we.have also done life extension program on.three l-39 aircraft that are currently.flying so so much has equally been done.not only in terms of acquisition but in.terms of reactivation and that has.equally build the capacity of our.engineering personnel getting them to.walk on this generator and another very.unique feature of this effort is the.fact that most of this activation major.maintenance activities were conducted.locally in Nigeria they see the c-130.aircraft for the first time since they.were acquired we had the opportunity to.do the periodic deportment channels in.Nigeria in acacia for the nine one seven.that was the first one and then the.second one with the support of Pakistan.Air Force who were able to do the.periodic deportment channels here in.Nigeria that has given our technicians.the opportunity to participate in.stripping and reassembling the aircraft.what we simply did was to remove the.major components such as engines.propellers and so on.those ones were taken out for.maintenance but the actual PDM itself.the process stage by state process of.how to do it.were able to really learn from our.partners firstly Sabina that secondly.the Pakistanis who were here with us.apart from the ELL apart from the c-130s.also done the TDM an upgrade of alpha.trade in kindly we are working on two.more alpha Jets very soon I believe they.also will out flying the mi delta v p we.have done PDM on one 531 which has been.flying and is still flying then of.course the live extension program on the.l-39 was conducted equally locally in.Nigeria in common all we did was to.insist that our technical partners come.into Nigeria would all they require the.reactivation on the second mi 35 P has.since been completed and a test flight.conducted in Pawtucket the aircraft is.currently deployed for prescience.apart from 70 country the most needed.foreign exchange the conduct of this.major maintenance activities in country.has also helped to scale up the.proficiency level of the nygean air.force engineers and technicians there.are so many aircraft maintenance.capability we didn't have before the.meters tend to our source or the.maintenance to foreign lenders most of.those capacity capacity now we have who.are able to do a lot of maintenance.activities on a pond in country even up.to deport level even the areas of many.of our facilities are very activated.workshops are non-functional as ongoing.entity workshop rehabilitated equipment.have been purchased people have been.trained so we are we really gone a long.way and that is impacting no quite.highly on a maintenance capability so.there are so many things we can do that.I would not have thought of before the.tourists have also been very encouraging.has been motivating the personnel.through various training courses abroad.through promotions appointment and.various activity that has helped and.arpanet be able to stand not and venture.out to do a lot of change that 11 are.free to do before.[Music].to ensure that this aircraft remain.available to conduct nygean.air force operations the service has.emplaced a robust logistics support and.maintenance system there are sustained.platforms and equipment serviceability a.journey of was in the last four and half.years were able to reform the.procurement system imbibed international.best practices and through also a.prudent management of resources we were.able to have sufficient funds to acquire.this equipment this give them the.courage to make things available to us.so we had a lot of openings many sources.of these spare parts now became.available to us to the extent that we.could even do competitive bidding.we send our request for quotation two.different windows they give us.quotations and we're able to select the.one that gave us the best value for.money this helped us to maximize the.available resources this logistic.support system has seen a rise in.aircraft serviceability of operable.aircraft from above 35 percent in 2015.to an average of 80 percent as at March.2020.[Music].the Nigerian Air Force in the last four.and a half years has invested greatly in.research and development so as to.develop capacity to someone current and.emerging security challenges some of the.R&D breakthroughs recorded include the.production of the first nitrogen air.force indigenous or pressure or man area.vehicle named Tsugumi which was inducted.into the National Air Force inventory by.President Muhammadu Buhari in February.2018 others are the receiver of patent.rights for the production of unmanned.ground vehicle as well as the production.of the hydraulic accumulator diaphragm.to the mi-35 helicopter and more.recently for the l-39 z air aircraft the.service also locally weaponized several.platforms including the mi-17 helicopter.- over for one - helicopters - ec135.helicopters l-39 z8 trainer aircraft and.three alpha jet aircraft whose weapon.system were reconfigured to carry not.just a Western bloc rocket launchers but.also Eastern Bloc rocket launchers FRDC.has been able to do a lot we've been.able to conduct repolarization of our.platforms some of these platforms we are.given that us by civil organizations.like the ec135 and the bell for one tree.the Nigerian Air Force through research.and development under the guidance of.the chief of their staff has been able.to organize this act for personalities.apart from that we have designed and.produced exact of death which has had.its final tests now which is capable of.dropping some payloads.in addition Ranjan Air Force designed.and produced a test bench for the alpha.jet anti-skid system and locally.produced thirty point one millimeter.rocket launcher and rockets as well as.hit ship protective cone for alpha jet.rocket pods the focus of our research.and development effort is to ensure that.were able to handle certain maintenance.challenges.therefore in 2016 we establish the Air.Force Research & Development Center.which is located in Kaduna and they're.doing a good job but we also entered.even prior to 2015 we had an MoU with.about 15 Nigeria universities University.of Ibadan Convenant University ATV you a.model Baylor University the verse of.Maiduguri.so many other universities that has.really helped us and I want to say that.we really appreciate the support from.this universities we believe that we.have highly talented Nigerians in our.tertiary institutions and we are very.very happy to have this engagement with.them and to also have them to really.look at our maintenance aircraft.maintenance challenges and see how they.can use their knowledge and experience.with our own technical offices we have.trained quite a number of guys quite a.number of cells and Cranfield University.in the United Kingdom some up to PhD.levels or two masters level and we are.building that that pool of senior.officers as well so the SS like I said.is to see how we can deal with some of.this mental challenges sometimes what we.normally what we usually do if we have.any mentor has challenged on any.particular aircraft we look at the.competencies of all these institutions.and right to invite where we think the.competencies and suggest to them that.look why don't we form a team with our.officers and you from the University.this is the challenge we are having with.the Alpha jet.oh this is the challenge were hugging.Am I can you look at it and try to come.up with a homegrown solution and I want.to tell you that we have made.substantial progress and we are.eternally grateful to majority inverses.another significant rnd feature is the.fabrication of a GT cat5 Oxley poi unit.test and for the c-130 Hercules aircraft.fleet.bein mindful of the primacy of the human.being as an enabler and multiplier of.other resources the Nigerian Air Force.has also focused on massive.infrastructure development aim at.improving and sustaining the morale of.personnel and their families of all.endowments I think the human being is.the most important and that human being.you must if you want that human being to.be effective and to put in his or her.best you must do whatever you can to.provide for the welfare of that human be.an accommodation the residential of his.accommodation is very importantly a man.a woman that spends a better part of the.night trying to find sleep those because.of how congested where you know the the.accommodation that they have is you know.cannot be effective the following.morning and that is why if you go to my.degree and other professional zones we.have tried with the support of the.federal government with the.interventions were getting but the.appropriation of funds and everything to.make sure that we as much as possible.provides a substantially decent.accommodation because that person is out.to give his or her life and therefore if.we want him to really be effective like.I said you must ensure that you provide.within available sources the best.facilities recently we had to create a.hunger recovery realized these guys were.operating out in the open and there's no.way they can be effective if they are do.maintenance outages in the open so we.had to relocate a hanger from one of our.units where we realize that that hangar.is not being utilized fully and it can.be better utilized in the Northeast.relocated to the UH place now we have.been huge hangar that can take 12.aircrafts so these guys can go into the.hangar inside a shed and do whatever.maintenance work you know is required on.you know the.and I'm telling you in the last few days.from the reports coming to me now with.the hunger there now is far better than.working outside of a shelter over your.head yes therefore that groans was a.spontaneously to an estimate of about.10,000 taking today F was in the past.1/2 years but the ability to provide his.accommodation is really outstanding in.the midst of doing tenant economy were.able to provide a commercial 4,000 even.approve we have been able to pull over.32 structures as office structures in in.detail air force as phenomenal wherever.you go you'll be amazed about these.developments in terms of the ability in.air polish management we offer inducted.the canine spottin where we have the.multi working dogs these are new.innovations they are actually given the.air police better capacity established.schools like the Air Force training.center on this also facilities that have.enhanced the capacity of the police for.forensic investigation he that we have.that and that didn't support national.efforts in terms of crime and crime.prevention horrible that I in the note.is their children you know I in.secondary schools we don't want a.situation where people will go to go out.our Airmen cannot afford school fees and.other private schools and errors so we.want to make sure that our schools are.comparable to progress substantially.comparable and if you look at the.accommodation the tiny curriculum of.training and everything in our.facilities I think with every sense of.modesty we can say that there are one of.the best in the country go to Air Force.girls comprehensive school here in Abuja.it's one of the best schools go to.alphas gasping free schooling just.recently renovated their accommodation a.measure and the place is good the whole.idea is to send a message to our.personnel.that you have a place you can take your.children to and be comfortable I'll.continue to fight knowing fully well.that the educational needs of their.children have been adequately taken care.of by the natural air force.[Music].the provision of healthcare services has.been a major priority of the chief of.the air staff since he assumed office in.2015.accordingly the sector has witnessed.major transformations warrior mention is.the establishment of three new reference.hospitals in Bauchi pottekkatt and Dhara.and establishment of new cancer.screening centers in bochy Cardano may.degree and mccurdy a new.state-of-the-art modular theatre has.also been installed at a four six five.nineteen Air Force Hospital in kennel.why a new era medical wake accident and.emergency department as well as officers.Ward have been in placed at a zero six.three Nigerian Air Force hospital Abuja.the London air forces emplaced programs.aimed at alleviating the sufferings of.internally displaced persons IDPs.as well as winning the hearts and minds.of those affected but activities of.terrorists and other criminal elements.we believe that for you to really be.effective and to be successful you have.to find a way of engaging the local.population and one of the best ways you.can engage the local population is.through medical outreach we can't go and.climb something I'll be talking to them.but we if we provide medical services.those that are sick will come on their.own and that will form the basis for.that engagement every day you come to us.your child is having high temperature.and you see a soldier a North Korean.rifle on the left and then using.stethoscope to find out what is.happening with your child and at the end.of the day your child is well and happy.and playing again if you have any.information that would support the.soldier you will come back to him some.people in this areas have never been to.the four walls of a hospital they have.never been examined by a doctor some of.them have just simple swelling like Puma.for which they are wondering how they.can get rid of it they never had the.opportunity denied Air Force medical.services through the chief of the esta.have been able to grant them access to.medical facilities and surgeries some of.them were even lifted by our platforms.our helicopters and aircraft to places.where they will receive medical.attention of recent is the Simon's twist.in pottekkatt axis the were addicted to.eula this immense trees are still in.eula can you imagine what will happen to.this parent doing that the Nigerian Air.Force remove them not only one not only.to body entire.- EULA and they are they're also.receiving here.these people will forever remain.grateful to the Nigerian Air Force so if.you can do that to these people it means.anything you need from them they are.ready to make sacrifices in this regard.the Nigerian Air Force established one.level two hospital at the Tulare IDP.camp and another Alabama IDP camp both.in Borno State the sub is also initiated.our school feeding program for 1,000.school children in the 2id becomes these.has greatly contributed to the number of.pupils that have returned to school in.the area in addition the Nigerian Air.Force recently commenced distribution of.dignity pots containing a complete.package of sanitary items the young.girls in the IDP camps similarly in a.beta strengthen better suit military.relations with its host communities the.Nigerian Air Force has continued to.conduct medical outrages all over the.country written over three hundred and.seventy thousand people in the last four.and a half years with over 2,000 general.and ice surgeries conducted.[Music].in furtherance to the capacity-building.initiatives as encapsulated in the chief.of the estas vision the random air.forces over the past four and a half.years conducted trading causes both.locally and abroad for over 26,000.personnel covering virtually all.specialities in the Nigerian Air Force.the service has wing over 100 pilot.while 117 other student pilots are.currently undergoing training both.within and outside the country the.Impala to sustain its airport projection.capability.apart from Akuma we have not really been.challenged to come and really deploy air.power so most times you know we train.our guys need it is time for Air Force.Day we do some airshow and so but now.the real situation is on ground and you.cannot be effective if you don't have.their quiet skills and training and.therefore we have gone into odd machine.not only within Nigeria to train our.guys we have been training with the.international flight school in ignoring.train quite a number of our pirates in.Zarya we're trained in our own flying.school in Kaduna and cano we have.trained in a new group to some extent up.to certain time we've been able to train.but apart from that we have also gone.out to engage other friendly countries.for instance Egypt Italy flies the Alpha.jet as well Morocco flies the Alpha jet.we have engaged them and we are very.appreciative of the support they have.given us they have done some tactical.training for Pyro's work now who have.acquired skills and a better position to.really use the Alpha jets to secure.Nadira apart from that of course their.partnership with Pakistan India with.United States Russia and terms of.training we are training all over.another area where the Nigerian Air.Force has significantly boosted its.capacity is in force protection ability.Mandarin air force regiment and Special.Forces have received additional training.and equipment to improve the ability of.the service to protect its bases and.assets the chief of the air staff has.done a lot in the area of the training.of regiment personnel and Special Forces.with the tremendous achievement that.have been recorded in that area now we.are able to protect much more.effectively our facilities our air bases.and our other assets this has given us.the freedom to operate like we should be.operating because our Special Forces our.force protection guys are now.responsible for the protection of our.assets so other personnel are now.focused on their primary.responsibilities either as aircraft.technicians admin personnel and all that.so to that extent it has given us the.freedom to be able to operate with.little or no hindrance because we have.the crop of well-trained Special Forces.and force protection personnel whose.primary responsibility is to ensure that.our airfields and assets are safe for.the conduct of operations.since 2015 19 Air Force's triple the.number of Special Forces personnel to a.1200 strong were trained well kitted and.well motivated force capable of.conducting specialized operations either.independently or in concert with other.services thereby successfully bridging.the gap between air power projection and.force protection we now have our own.special forces also taking part in.ground operations which was not the case.some years ago your ecology chief of the.air staff has established a lot of quick.response groups quick response wings we.our regiment personnel are deployed and.they carry out ground operations side by.side the surface forces so for me that.is a major major achievement that the.Air Force has recorded in the past four.years the overall strength of the nura.German air force regiment has also been.increased from less than 1,000 to about.4,500 with over 3,200 of these trained.in faust protection in complex air.ground environment by the British.military advisory training team b-mart.oh it's so you're behind is there you'll.see some bags and a jerrycan and some of.the FEMA instructed.another significant achievement is a.building of capacity for the Optima and.portable air power using ground attack.aircraft utility helicopters as well as.the use of regiment and Special Forces.alongside a k-9 elements were ability to.conduct a range of operations including.repelling fast rope in combat search and.rescue casualty evacuation and medical.evacuation.[Music].simulation exercises were conducted last.year in strategic locations to evaluate.the synergy between these units the.random air fault is currently.participating actively in all the major.internal security operations in the.country including operation Lafayette.Dooley other in dodgy Delta sieve safe.heaven OWASA and was true have attacked.over 22 different targets in both.northern and southern Brno and that has.degraded the capacity of the terrorists.substantially and that has made it all.so much easier for us to continue doing.given the support that our other sister.services surface forces require and that.has kept the place quiet a very long.time for more than three weeks four.weeks no major major attack is not to.say that there has not been attacks here.and there sometimes which has been.repelled by our courageous.ground troops and will continue to.support them and make sure that you know.whatever enabling environment is.required is created through the use of.air operations in order to make it.possible for them to continue to conduct.their own operations definitely in other.parts of the country equally we have.operated with the police in Kaduna where.we we address this mandatory in so many.locations we'll continue to do that all.over the country and the whole idea like.I said is to make sure that we deal with.this situation as much as possible so.that the ground troops can have the.opportunity to move in with little or no.hindrance in the course of conducting.their own operations apart from.projecting airpower.in support of operation lafayette Dooley.the flagship of the nation's.counterinsurgency campaign the entire.Air Force also conducts independent.operations including operation wrong.with a 1 to 4 operation from the strike.1 & 2 Operation Clean Sweep 1 2 3.operation rattlesnake 1 2 3 as well as.operation decisive edge for the past.four and a half years the service has.flown over two to four thousand hours.while conducting.11300 missions in support of operation.lafayette Dooley.[Music].in the fight against Al Bundy trail in.Northwest the nine Duran Air Force has.deployed personnel along with air assets.as part of the sy defense headquarters.operation Saranda G and now operation.other in dodgy it has also conducted.dedicated air strikes against identified.unban dislocation under the auspices of.operation Jeremy Kia in sustainment of.air mass Abu Bakr's deliberate policy on.gender inclusion the has a short.increased opportunities for female in.the Nigerian Air Force the service.witnessed the winking of the first.female fixed-wing fighter pilot in the.person of flying officer caveats on e as.well as the first female combat.helicopter pilot flying officer to loop.where our Chile the natural air force is.gender sensitive what we have emphasized.is the capacity or ability of individual.what are you ready to bring on the table.doesn't matter whether you are male or.female what is important is what can you.bring on the table to deal with the.problems where and the two female.officers kind of sunny I remember she.came out of the bus over in Kaduna so as.well as if they ever decided to choose.that because his female oh the woman.came out the best all round to collect a.price so she will now say because she's.one with you set aside I'm bringing L.know we are gender sensitive service we.will give you opportunity to everybody.what is important is at the end of the.day you should be able to say yes I.worked hard and this is the benefit of.working hard just like I'm sure she's.probably say immediately we got.opportunity to send pylos to the United.States Air Force who took that and say.look this girl came at the pass or on.let her go and she did well also in the.US and you can see I think she's very.courageous because she was one of the.pilots.that did the test flight on the enough.450 500 ppm this is good that is the.kind of spirit what whether you are male.or female we should show that commitment.and paroxysm on courage that is required.as a regular combatant officer and I.think she has shown that and she's doing.very well.well the helicopter going to pilot also.she was in Mena one of those fighting.bandits that the spirits that's the kind.of service that we want where you are.not judged by agenda but you are judged.by what you can deliver these girls are.doing extremely well.similarly there was another girl in.Colonel the first to go on solo on the.l-39 Accra in find the history of.colonel as a flying school basic fighter.flying school there's on an issue of.well select Erika no she has done well.she has done well and she is going out.also with some other if our colleagues.to other country Czech Republic probably.to continue their flying activities and.we are given opportunity to everybody.those that are good if you are men who.make sure that you get to wear.sophisticated you must see the value of.working hard many other female officers.and air women are also thriving in their.areas of specialization and adult value.in their places of deployment.[Music].why not forgetting the fat that an.Indian Air Force male pilots have kept.in ijen airspace safe by flying missions.in Ferriss theaters of oppression across.the country and beyond with dedication.passion and courage this gallant crop of.male pilot 7 and [ __ ] are greatly.appreciated at occasion of the 56.anniversary of the land area and air.force.as part of his continued support towards.combating the covenantal pandemic the.Nigerian Air Force has continued to.provide airlift for medical equipment.and supplies as well as Elliott for the.team of the National Center for Disease.Control and CDC and some VIPs in.connection with akavit 19 essentials.moreover with Agilent air falls through.its liquid oxygen plant at a 1:03 Strike.Group Yola is also producing oxygen for.distribution to isolation centers and.designated hospitals across the country.in support of the national response to.the coverage 19 emergency as regarded.safety of his personnel and their.families.the nogen air force has taken elaborate.steps to deal with akavit 19 threat.since the first confirmed case in.nigeria in february 2020 the medical.branch of the service has undertaken a.comprehensive sensitization campaign.across all nav units while in place in.necessary measures to prevent outbreaks.among personnel and their dependents.immediately the outbreak started in.China what we did was to disseminate.information to all our medical.facilities ask them to carry out in.lightning campaign in all our bases and.surrounding villages the same we are.about Nigeria force basis there's a host.community were also people to meet them.to interact with them and let them.understand the import of the corona.virus is a virus that is moving from one.region to the other region as long as.people continue to move Dave Navarro's.MOOC will move nada viruses hitos.immediately we also started acts in all.our formation we should not forget that.during Ebola who had hand-washing.facilities all we did now was.to admire the Hungary facilities I've.been there which was added more across.all our formations we also started doing.temperature checks on people coming into.the base and all our formations we.started using the hand sanitizer more.seriously than before the outbreak and.the Enlightenment campaign were also.taken to our religious centers.furthermore following the federal.government announcement all schools were.closed with key into the federal.government we are now working in.isolation we are working with the.federal government plan the NCDC.we are always in communication with them.also the defense headquarters are also.forming a committee in which the.Nigerian Air Force has been part of it.the overall achievements of the.leadership of the 20th chief of the air.staff during the period of serious.national challenge are an indication the.one of the key drivers with vision of.reinforcing a culture of several lines.and prudent management of resources has.yielded dividends.humans are insatiable and when it comes.to management of resources you must.first accept the assumption that you can.never get everything you want at the.same time so when we get funds the chief.determines his priorities and for the.last four and half years our priorities.have been operations operations.operations and crew support in that.manner so who are those in the.frontlines aplans.pilots so whatever we are doing as an.Air Force first the airplanes must be.serviceable.they must be pliable.the personnel the crew must equally be.operational India status so when we get.funds we must make sure we first applied.and in applying it I call the chief a.financial engineer because if we get.funds for a particular operation we.ensure that that fund if he's meant for.lafayette Dooley we account for it for.to the last penny for Latvia Dooley.clearly the achievement of the Lion Air.Force under the leadership of Air.Marshal Sadiq Bob Abu Bakr could not.have been accomplished without adequate.support of the federal government and.the commitment of Nigerian Air Force.officers airmen and women under civilian.staff whatever we have achieve is.because the officers are men senior.officers junior officers senior NCOs.NCOs airmen air women including Sevilla.star I've continued to work hard have.keyed in to that vision and that's why.we're able to achieve what we have.achieved and we want to also of course.appreciate the National Assembly for.appropriating the required funds for us.to function one who also appreciates the.Honorable Minister of Defense veteran.general also is very familiar was an.epimer veteran veteran who understands.the issue of air power air operations.and so on and of course would not forget.that your Defence Staff was continued to.give strategic guidance and leadership.as well as the other service chiefs as.you know army staff from each one our.staff the inspector general police.another the DG DSS and was also.appreciate the Central Bank of no.because the Nigerian Air Force for the.efforts to fly we need spare parts spare.parts the bulk of these spare parts.acquired from outside and this resources.required to pay for these spare parts.have to be transferred by the central.bank so the central bank governor.it's table stuff really played a very.crucial role of course the Minister of.Finance and accountant general was been.making it possible for us to help all.the resources required before we even go.to say we abide and other ministries and.departments and agencies of government.have played a substantial role and.whatever we've been able to achieve in.the last four and half years as the.Nigerian Air Force mark is 56.anniversary there is no doubt that it.has emerged as a formidable force there.has been repositioned for effective.efficient and timely employment of air.power in response to Nigeria's national.security imperatives of the service is.indeed willing able and ready.[Applause].[Music].[Music].

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What would happen if China decided to invade America?

First, let’s assume that China does manage to sneak an army into the United States via shipping containers. They may just be able to take the West coast in the first couple weeks while the rest of the American military draws up. The Chinese army may potentially be upwards of 200 million strong, but no matter how many shipping containers you get into the United States, it’s not going to be anywhere near that many people. Now they may be able to start a guerilla action in the US, but taking and holding cities in the United States will be a challenge. Two challenges that they might face: The languag Continue Reading

Can I fill out an Indian Air Force form again?

Yes if you have age on your side and you fullfill all laid down criteria. However PABT is once in life time test which if failed once does not allow you to take it again which is determining factor for Air Force Pilots. You still can apply to ground or logistics roles.

Can girls fill out the Air Force form from the next vacancy of the Air Force XY group?

As of now, girls will not be taken in as personnel below officer rank in the three services. Girls can only become officers. Paramilitary forces like BSF, CISF, Assam Rifles, etc., do take in girls.

How did French-speaking Canadians fight alongside the rest of English-speaking Canadians during WWII as they spoke different languages?

How did French-speaking Canadians fight alongside the rest of English-speaking Canadians during WWII as they spoke different languages? Believe it or not, some of us in this country actually speak BOTH official languages.

Can girls fill a form for Air Force X and Y?

Group X, Y and Z are the divisions of technicians, clerks, etc., in the armed forces. As it stands now, girls are not allowed in the armed forces into these trades. A girl can only go in as an officer supervising such men.

Can I change my choice of service from the Army to the Air Force after filling out the NDA form?

No ,Now at this time you cant change the preferences!! As per my knowledge i suggest you to go for SSB without any tension. If you clear it as well as medicals then you just join the academy as it is . After joining the academy you can change your service according to your choice .So now just prepare for your SSB. All the best !!!!

Can I fill out the Air Force Xandy group form through an improvement exam marksheet?

Nowadays You have Fair chances rather than Decade old method when Everything was supposed to be Manual and Offline. Fill the Online form Next year I hope U'll get The Call up.

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