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all right welcome everybody.my name is Andrew sharp I'm a Content.Manager here was Illinois legal aid.online today our webinar is on driver's.license suspension and revocation we're.very happy to have Larry and Brandon.Davis of the Davis Law Group to talk to.us about that topic today Larry Davis.graduate from Northwestern University.and DePaul University he's currently the.principal Davis Law Group in Northfield.Illinois he was previously an attorney.and hearing officer with the Secretary.of State between 1976 and 1981 this.practice is now concentrated in the area.of DUI and administrative hearings.before the Illinois Secretary of State.he was a co-director of the Illinois.summary suspension law as represented.the Illinois State Bar Association and.website ago she ations for the past 20.years mr. Davis for the current chapter.author a Vehicles handbook on defensive.DUI and is also the author of eight.articles in the Illinois Bar Journal.he's also the co-editor of the traffic.laws and courts newsletter the.publication of the is bi-fold she has.also authored numerous articles.he's lectured on the topic of traffic.laws TVA is EA equal Cook County Public.Defender's Office.Lake County State's Attorney's Office.Northwest River Bar Association too big.to page Bar Association and McHenry for.our association and the Illinois traffic.conference he's been involved in.reasonable legal training and the law.enforcement officers as well is the.pastor of the traffic laws important.section Council of the is BA and the.Past Chair of the traffic laws committee.of the CBI has also been a member of the.2000 Traffic Safety Advisory Committee.to Secretary of Justice Secretary of.State Jesse White and a memory number of.an advisory committee to the National.Highway Traffic Safety Administration.Brandon Davis on the right is an.attorney and while our right your left.is an attorney at the Davis Law Group he.received his bachelor's from the.University of wisconsin-madison with a.major in political science and a minor.in business while the University of.Wisconsin mr. Davis was admitted into.the Pi Sigma Alpha political science.Honor Society and a Pi Sigma Theta and.National Honor Society.he graduated from Chicago Kent in 2009.where he served as chief executive.officers officer of the corporate law.society after admission to the bar he.joined the Davis Law Group where he.represents clients facing DUI criminal.charges and a variety of traffic related.offenses he has extensive knowledge of.secretaries.driver's license law rules and.procedures he regularly represents those.facing suspension revocation or.cancellation of their driving privileges.he also concentrates in commercial.driver's license laws is a member of the.ICA and the CBA is born and raised here.in Chicago any practices mostly in.cooked leg to page and will County.busily welcome Larry in dangerous I.think the hours up afternoon everybody.so we're here today to talk about.driver's license suspensions and.revocations the first thing we would of.course recommend is that anytime a.client comes to see you with a.suspension revocation or cancellation.related issue is that they obtain a copy.of their core purposes driving a track.from Illinois Secretary of State can be.obtained at a in person netted drivers.services facility it's a twelve dollar.fee there's a form that they have to.fill out but when they obtain this court.specifically a court purposes driving.aspect it will contain all information.relating to their driving privileges and.any issues can be discovered on that.document the driving abstract can also.be requested by mail it does take ten.business days approximately to receive.it a family member can also obtain the.driving abstract for the client but they.would need a notarized written letter in.order to do so so that's where we.typically start is with the driving.record we are talking about suspensions.and revocations today the difference.between a suspension and a revocation of.course is that a suspension is temporary.whereas a revocation is indefinite in.order to clear a revocation which we'll.discuss in detail it requires a hearing.an administrative hearing before the.Illinois Secretary of State a suspension.will have a set start date and end date.so the first thing we want to do is.discuss some of the common driver's.license suspensions that we come across.most often the first one.course is a traffic ticket suspension.drivers 21 and older who received three.convictions for moving violations within.a 12-month period will have their.driver's license suspended the.suspension period is based on a point.total that is calculated by the.secretary of state based on the number.of points the length of suspension is.calculated it can be between three.months and twelve months in fact if the.point totals are high enough it can lead.to a license revocation for drivers 21.or under 21 years of age it's two.convictions for moving violations within.24 months it's important to note that.court supervision for traffic violations.does not count towards a suspension as.far as point totals go there's a list of.those point totals on the Jake our.website under title 92 but the Secretary.of State calculates those suspension.links anyway so if you need to refer to.it you can during that type of.suspension some will be eligible for.what's called a probationary licence a.probationary license is only allowed for.those with a three month suspension and.the the driver has to be at least 21.years of age.if that's the type of suspension that's.issued the Secretary of State will mail.a probationary license application with.the notice of suspension that the driver.would receive in the mail the easiest.and most efficient way to clear off this.type of suspension is typically through.what we call a motion to vacate that.would require filing this motion with.the clerk's office on one of the tickets.which is causing the suspension by.bringing that case back into court and.requesting that the conviction be.removed in place of court supervision.the driver's license suspension would.be cleared entirely a lot of people.decide just to pay traffic tickets and.they've never received supervision even.though they were eligible for it at the.time.so by going back to court often we can.clear this type of suspension just by.filing a motion to vacate there's also.the ability to apply for driving.privileges through a curing of Secretary.of State hearing an informal hearing.specifically during this suspension.although that's not really an efficient.way thing to do because it does take.about three months before you would.receive that kermit so by the time you.receive the permit the suspension is.already well on its way and we'll talk.about more about how those hearings work.later the next suspension I would talk.like to talk about is a failure to.appear suspension this is when somebody.does not respond after receiving a.ticket or appear in court when they're.required to do so this suspension is.also called called an O nine suspension.that's the code you would see on the.driving abstract in order to reinstate.your license that traffic ticket would.have to be resolved that would require.going to the courthouse where the ticket.was assigned and filing another motion.the emotion of a cape again and bringing.the case in front of a judge so the view.result certified paperwork would then be.obtained from the clerk's office.indicating the compliance and that.should be submitted to the Secretary of.State the next the next thing is not.it's called a failure to pay it's not.technically a suspension it's more of a.hold or a stop the if fails to pay the.fines the day of the court the clerk's.office can notify the Secretary of State.and enter this type of stop on the.driver's record this will prevent that.person from ever if they've never.obtained a license in the first place of.course it would prevent them from.obtaining a license and it will also.prevent somebody from renewing their.existing driver's license so that again.is a situation.you would typically advise your client.to visit the clerk's office find out.exactly how much they owe and pay it off.if those amounts are substantial because.they never appear in court you can also.file a motion to vacate to bring it back.into court see if those lines can be.reduced again you'd obtain a notice of.compliance from the clerk's office and.submit that the Secretary of State you.can also let the clerk's office do these.things automatically the problem is is.that takes a very long time and.sometimes it just doesn't happen so we.always advise our clients or we obtain.these documents certified on review got.them deliver them personally to the.Secretary of State typically over at 17.or State Street in Cook County I should.note that it has to be done.electronically you can even if you have.there's no point in obtaining that.documentation because the secretaries.they won't accept it it has to be a.report to electronically from the.clerk's office to the Secretary of State.once the the ticket is paid off the next.type of suspension is a parking ticket.suspension this is for ten or more.unsatisfied parking tickets the specific.municipality would report the.unsatisfied parking violations to the.Secretary of State and enter the.suspension those would have to be paid.off before the license is released.there's also a reinstatement fee that.would have to be paid on the majority of.these suspensions including a parking.ticket suspension typically the.reinstatement fee is a $70 fee.another suspension is the automated.traffic violation suspension which of.course are camera tickets five or more.unpaid violations would result or can.result in a license suspension if.reports at Secretary of State again.secretary state would have to receive a.certified report from the municipality.that requested the suspension indicating.that all fines and penalties have been.paid in order to clear this type of.suspension next would be a tollway.suspension again five or more unpaid.tolls at the request of the Illinois.State pull highway Authority the.suspension.entered and often these types of unpaid.poles would be turned over to a private.collection agency I can tell you that.dealing with these finds and trying to.negotiate them are extremely difficult.if not impossible so usually the client.will just have to start chipping away at.paying off those fines I believe the.city of Chicago has a policy on some of.their debts that prevents these.collection agencies from negotiating at.all as far as the next suspension is.concerned is it pleased right sorry we.have one question from the web the.question is can a motion to vacate a.moving violation be filed at any time or.is there some deadline from the date of.the finding exists it's a two-year.deadline now that's technically speaking.there's many courthouses many judges.many prosecutors that will look I guess.look the other way.that's not true in all counties in Cook.County I could tell you it's pretty much.routine for them to if there's good.enough reason they will allow a motion.to vacate after two years you can always.file a motion to vacate but whether or.not it would be granted is of course up.to the prosecutor and judge it's in the.nature of a two - 1401 motion under the.Civil Code so it doesn't have a two-year.limit but it's branded indicated that's.only if it's enforced so thanks so child.support suspensions a client's driver's.license can be suspended for under the.family financial responsibility law for.non-payment of court-ordered child.support on the client is at least 90.days behind on their child support.payments.there must be an adjudication of arrears.and a finding of contempt by the court.or certification by the Illinois.Department of Health Care and Family.Services to impose the suspension the.the driver can obtain a permit to drive.for work.medical appointments or drug treatment.for their self themselves or their.family during this type of suspension.the driver would have to prove that the.satisfaction of the court that no.alternative means of transportation are.reasonably available to them secretary.of state would require form report from.the circuit court clerk or the HFS that.the driver complied with the order.support before they clear this type of.suspension and of course payment of a.reinstatement fee the next suspension is.a very common suspension which is the.instrument insurance suspension so if.the driver receives a ticket for driving.without insurance technically they're.eligible for supervision on a first.offense supervision will prevent the.driver's license suspension as long as.the driver that obtains that's r22 which.is financial responsibility insurance.financial 22 is typically with most.carriers filed electronically with the.Secretary of State there's some smaller.carriers that will require that you.submit a certificate to the secretary of.state to prove that you've obtained as.sr22 in conviction for driving without.insurance is an automatic three-month.license suspension there's no driving.privileges or driving relief during this.type of suspension it's a minimum.mandatory five hundred dollar fine plus.any port costs the fine to be up to.$1,000 an additional six-month.suspension can be imposed if second.conviction for driving that insurance is.entered while the driver is currently.suspended for driving without insurance.once the suspension terminates the.driver will also be required to pay is a.$100.00 reinstating to Dee and obtain.sr22 insurance again so these are some.of the most common suspensions that we.come across the next is something we.call fraud cancellation and I assume.everyone out there is seeing more and.more of these based on the new.technology that the Secretary's day has.as far.facial-recognition goes when somebody.has obtained a driver's license under a.fall social security number.a lot of undocumented individuals have.done so in the past before they are.eligible took teen driving privileges.either because now that they have a.valid social or because they've obtained.what's called a TV DL which is a.temporary visitor driver's license which.Illinois now grants to undocumented.immigrants so what happens is they go in.and apply for their valid driving.privileges the Secretary of State runs.it through their system there's a big.photo recognition software picks up the.fact that this person has been licensed.before even if it was decades ago and.they'll receive a letter in the mail.indicating that their license has been.cancelled this then it's a very long.process but this men would require that.individual to go in for an interview.with the Secretary of State Police to.prove their true identity they would.need to bring certain documentation with.them a birth certificate typically.translated and notarized passport proof.of their residency in Illinois for the.past twelve months as well as various.other documents which would be listed in.the documentation set for them by the.Secretary of State after this interview.takes place a 12-month license.suspension would be entered on their.driving privileges during this period of.time they can apply for a restricted.permit for work purposes again we'll.talk about those hearings a bit but that.is typically the penalty for these fraud.cases it's a 12-month suspension and.they have to go through a very long.process in order to clear up the.suspension ultimately obtain valid.driving privileges next we're going to.talk about safety responsibility.violations take over.sure so safety responsibility.suspensions are basically suspensions.that are entered as a result of an.accident where the individual was not.insured at the time what typically will.happen is that the individual either.file.an accident report where he fails or she.fails to indicate proof of insurance or.fails a refile or report at all.what those reports are filed with the.Illinois Department transportation the.auto my department transportation.determines if there's a reasonable.possibility that that individual is at.fault for the accident determines.whether or not the statutory requirement.as far as damages is met its $1500.typically which includes a personal.injury property damage etc it doesn't.take a lot to reach $1,500 of course the.in that situation the Department of.Transportation will then issue a.certification notice to the Secretary of.State's office certifying the driver is.being uninsured certifying a set number.or amount of damages and will request.that the Secretary of State begin.suspension proceedings the Secretary of.State will then issue a notice of.hearing both the owner and the driver of.the vehicle.the owner and/or driver then you have 15.days from the date of the notice to.request a hearing the request form can.be found on the Secretary of State's.website which by the way is a great.resource a lot of the forms that you.need are around there at cycle Drive.Illinois and you will file that hearing.request the hearing secretary state will.set a hearing date time place the other.party will be notified of the assignment.place for the hearing a request which is.filed within 15 days will stay the.suspension if a request is not filed.within the 15-day period the suspension.will go into effect although the person.will still be granted a hearing but that.will not stay the suspension the hearing.is basically a proceeding to determine.whether or not again there's a.reasonable possibility but the.will civil judgment being entered in the.amount of $1,500 or more if the hearing.officer finds that there is not a.reasonable possibility either based on.the fact that the damages do not appear.to be that to that extent or that the.person does not appear to be liable.then these person is exonerated and the.case is dismissed.if the suspension has already been.entered and if we resend it the.typically will get into disputes or.issues with respect to the owner because.the owner is not liable for the drivers.actions unless there's agency between.the owner and the driver so in other.words typically that means that the.driver has to have been driving on.behalf of the owner of the vehicle.carrying out some function for the owner.doing a job for the owner running an.errand for the owner.Epson agency the author is exonerated.from any claim if the suspension is.upheld as various means to comply if if.sue does not file within two years the.owner or the driver can file an.affidavit for termination again that.form is on the website it snowsuits been.filed affidavits file and the suspension.would be terminated again and proved.with financial responsibility insurance.sr22 sr22 is minimum limits liability.and trips being state of Illinois.minimum liability requirements if the.Parthians reach an agreement an.installment agreement can be filed if.it's the judgment or if the amount.claimed is being paid by installment or.covenant not to sue or a general release.any of those forms and those are all on.the website can be filed if the.individual does not want to settle.then they can file a surety bond we.the Secretary of State's office they go.to any a binding company and entire.what's called a surety ban absent that.they can deposit the amount of claim or.certified damages with the Secretary of.State and again it's no soon as filed.within two two years they give the money.back it's another option if they have.the funds to do that the last way to.handle the handle it is a bankruptcy.with the potential claim would be listed.and the schedule for unsecured creditors.and finally would be made the stays.issued by the Bankruptcy Court it's.filed with the Secretary of State which.would stay in the suspension.once it discharged by the Bankruptcy.Court is issue certified captain.discharge is filed with the Secretary of.State and it's the end of it if nothing.happens and the person doesn't file the.affidavit for termination after two.years of there's no suits filed the.secretary of state is supposed to.automatically terminate the suspension.after five years so that's an overview a.bit the other suspension current.suspension is an unsatisfied judgment.suspension arising out of an accident.that's where suit was filed the judgment.was obtained the judgment remains unpaid.for 30 days the judgment creditor files.notice with the Secretary of State.suspension is entered and the wave ways.to terminate that are basically the same.obviously with the exception of the two.five-year provisions where no suits been.filed but otherwise yes sorry got.another question from the web says the.driver's license available at the point.of filing a bankruptcy or at the point.of discharge if the staying would.restore driving privileges while the.case is pending so when you file the.bankruptcy an automatic stay order is.entered that stay will restore driving.privileges and then the discharge will.end the matter and that happens when you.buy when you filed.Stanford bankruptcy procedure is that.the state is automatically entered when.you file great okay oh the only other.thing I would bring up with them says.and judgment suspension is that if the.judges have paid then after seven years.and let's be judgment creditor has.revived the judgment through the circuit.court the judgment or the sorry the.suspension can be terminated with the.filing of an affidavit and certified.copy of the judgment from the circuit.court with the secretary of state.showing that there's been no revival I.believe the issue a minute sheet of some.sort joins there's been no revival.energy so those are those two types.right there's a certified half sheet is.what they call it at least in Cook.County which can be obtained through the.quarters office which just shows that no.action is there's been no action on the.file and having that certified taking.your conductors date with clear up.unsatisfied judgment suspension summary.suspension right summary system a the.next type of suspension which is DUI.related into the statutory summary.suspension in Illinois if you receive if.you're charged with DUI there's a civil.penalty I mean that's called the.statutory summary suspension relating to.whether or not you take or refuse the.evidentiary breath test which is offered.back at the police station if you take a.breath in blow above a point zero eight.it's an automatic six-month lightning.suspension if you refuse this breath.test back at the station it would be an.automatic one-year suspension of your.driving privileges assuming that you're.a first offender during this suspension.well this suspension begins 46 days from.the date of your arrest for DUI there.are several options as far as court.proceedings to challenge this type of.suspension.I think we're going to focus more on the.driving privileges that are.automatically available for this type of.suspension you can apply for what's.called an MD DP a monitoring device.driving permit for those 18 years of age.and older who are first offenders.meaning that they have not been charged.with DUI or do not have a previous.summary suspension that has five years.that qualifies you as a first offender.for summary suspension purposes you can.receive this type of permit the permit.is a form you send in to the Secretary.of State which will allow you to drive.24 hours a day seven days a week.not just for work purposes as long as.you have a breathalyzer installed in.your vehicle it allows you to drive from.day one of the suspension period that.law changed not too long ago used to.have to wait at least 30 days before.driving on this type of permit so during.these suspensions you are eligible for.driving privileges it's automatic as.long as you meet the qualifications.which are fairly minimal give anything.that's under suspension.um so the you know is there a question.yes that is going to have a breathalyzer.in your car correct how does that work.so there's certified installation.providers the secretary state has a list.of them and once you receive the permit.you have 14 days to install the device.and they'll also send you a list of all.these providers who choose a provider.you have the device installed that you.pay for it of course and they're the.ones who are responsible for installing.and then eventually uninstalling the.device so I'm saying how to do sure so.it just it prevents the driver from.starting the vehicle or operating the.vehicle while they've alcohol in their.system so it it's a breathalyzer it will.register any positive readings with the.limitation on excessive data for purses.point oh five so actually if the set.point is pointed to 0.05 will generated.violation 0.02 will prevent the car from.things started so the data is downloaded.from the device and set to the secretary.state if there are any violations it can.result in an extension of the suspension.I think it's a one three months.extension it could be extended up to two.times so six months is the additional.equipment to refine a certain period.right so basically what's going to.happen is when they get to notice the.summary suspension if they don't have a.prior disposition within five years of.this current offense they get the notice.of suspension the Secretary's a will.also send them the application form for.the MVP they mail that in their verified.to be first offenders they get the.permit of the mail as Brandon said they.have 14 days to have it installed it's a.bane devices it stands for breath.alcohol ignition interlock device it's.very very manufactures this competition.they should price it out get the.cheapest launder these are leased and.they have to maintain that device in.their vehicle it's rarely downloaded.every sixty five days something like.that right now in your materials that.you're going to get or you receive.there's materials about the date for.both the restricted driving permit which.we'll talk about and the monitored.permit which Brandon's talking about and.if there's violations they'll we receive.a request for explanation from the.Secretary of State the secretary states.not satisfied with the explanation for.the violation they're going to face is.three months extensions of their.suspension so do they blow in something.every time to get in the car yes okay.yes there's an actual big big mouth.piece I'll face it they blow into.there's a there is a camera it's a.pinhole camera that's on their visor.because you'll get some people.claim I wasn't driving the car sex is.this okay and they'll pull the you know.I'll pull the image to verify that.that's a more recent change as well.right that there previously there were.not cameras and so now the problem with.these devices is that sometimes you'll.get false positives and you have to you.know advise clients be prepared to.address that if that happens we tell.clients go to a police station see if.they'll give you a breath test.worst case scenario go to the hospital.and it will flood your I've done if in.fact they have not been drinking when.you tell them that they say well.nevermind right right.but then okay now if they are a second.offender under the summary suspension.law meaning that they have a prior DUI.disposition within five years of the.current arrest they are not eligible for.a monitored device driving for a many.their only relief will come by way of a.hearing with the Secretary of State for.a restricted driving permit RDP and.that's a more obviously a more onerous.process to go through any questions.about them so yes how much do these.devices constantly like I think the.average is about one hundred dollars.involved and I think on top of that.there's installation and installation.fees which are often waited but there's.also a monitoring fee so that's our.thirty dollars a month of the Secretary.of State charges it's very costly but if.you have a DUI and then you get done.with attorneys fees Korg Kross fines the.bay device treatment alcohol drug.evaluation yes.very expensive so anything else you want.to talk about Express MB I think that.covers it so and the other thing I.wanted to mention is that feel free for.this types of suspensions we were.talking about other than the summary.suspension.generally speaking the failure to appear.the family child support stats parking.ticket tolls safety responsibilities.acts and suspensions of fit as a.judgment suspension there is no relief.available during those suspensions in.terms of a restricted driving permit.hardship parentheses because it's.commonly referred to you your only.option is to clear that suspension so.what we wanted to do was Brannon mention.we wanted to talk about the revocation.of licenses and as he said we're talking.about revocations that can be for.minimum periods of anywhere from 1 to 10.years and in certain cases if the person.is a multiple DUI fender four.convictions we thought you know arrests.less arrests after January 1st 99 that.could be a lifetime revocation but for.all of these revocations there is relief.available by way of an administrative.hearing with the Secretary of State's.office if the person is eligible for.full reinstatement at the time of the.hearing and it's a DUI hype revocation.which is clearly the most common they.typically will be placed on a restricted.driving permit first as a probationary.device if they are not eligible for.reinstatement they will be first the.only form of relief will be restricted.driving permit until such time as they.become eligible for reinstatement these.minimum lengths of time very it's in the.materials if we start talking about it.I'm just going to confuse you.and time will be up there's two types of.hearings at the secretary state holds.informal hearings which are typically.hearings held out the local facilities.and if you go i met Secretary of State.website you will see a list of all the.informal hearing facilities days and.hours as I said typically they are at.the local facilities in Chicago it's.your car loan or Felson Avenue they have.an informal hearing officer at 17 North.State the west side at Lexington at.Lexington and the south side at 99th and.King who is eligible for informal.hearing versus whose own will for formal.hearing they're the simplest way I can.put it again it's in the materials is.individuals who have more than one.suspension or revocation arising out of.more than one deal I have to have a.formal hearing if they just have one.suspension or and or revocation.emanating out of one DUI they're.eligible for an informal hearing as pre.Annan said before individuals with.moving violation suspensions or.revocation are eligible for informal.hearings the great majority of formal.hearings about multiple offenders they.the difference between the two types of.hearings that he'll have to be the next.question there is no difference with one.exception are actually two exceptions.formal hearings are are conducted at two.places in northern Illinois ones and.Joliet ones at 17 or state Chicago those.hearings have to be requested in writing.and there's a $50 fee that has to.accompany the hearing request the those.hearings involve being placed under oath.the decisions from those hearings are.considered final administrative.decisions by the secretary state that.can be appealed to the circuit court.there is a prosecutor hearing officer.the petitioner and his attorney or your.attorney of am one the informal hearings.the requirements are the same in terms.of documentation it in terms of the.alcohol drug evaluations treatment but.there is no fee.there's no appointment required it's a.walk-in basis and the decisions from.those hearings are not final.administrative decisions for purposes of.appeal to the circuit court so those are.the main differences as a practical.matter if somebody is eligible for.informal hearing typically we will go be.informal during route one reason is time.the Secretary of State under the law as.far as formal hearings has 90 days to.set of earring date 90 days to make a.decision so you're already six months.out potentially the time you request the.URI till you get a decision and then.it's a visual time period of time before.you receive the permit if we're talking.about our restricted driving permit.situation the informal hearings like I.said it's a walk-in so sooner you're.ready.you go in and give your hearing.decisions from those run keep smiling.six eight weeks depending on longer or.longer but and they have no time limit.in terms of when they have to make a.decision and an informal but generally.you know it does tend to be a faster.procedure it tends to be less strenuous.for the client because you don't have a.prosecutor there that under oath they're.not be cross-examined.but again the standards are the same in.terms of documentation there are several.different types of permits available.employment.educational medical support if the.persons involved in a for example elder.care child care what am i leaving out.anything the permits are typically.connect the issue for a period of longer.than 12 months and if the person is.eligible for reinstatement they have to.drive on end as a probationary device.with 75% of the time for which it's.issue before they go back in for full.reinstatement if they are not eligible.for reinstatement it firmly has to be.renewed after 12 months so if you have.somebody for example with three DUI.convictions which provides a ten year.revocation they have to renew it every.12 months if they have a lifetime.revocation yes they have to renew it for.the rest of their life every 12 months.the documentation required for a hearing.that is DUI base D Y based revocation is.in a current alcohol drug evaluation.which is conducted by a program licensed.by the Illinois Department of alcoholism.and substance abuse if you go to the.NASA website they have a list of.providers that are licensed by then who.are qualified to produce evaluations for.the Secretary of State when they hand.evaluation done they get classified and.again I'm not going to go into the.classification standards because slowly.confusing but it's in the materials that.you'll have there's five different.classification levels each.classification level has its own.requirements in terms of counseling and.education and each classification level.has its own requirements in terms of.what the person is required to bring to.the earrings typically.clients who if multiple duis their.minimum classification is what we call.significant risk which means alcohol.abuse or their alcoholic.iris dependent those requirements vary.in terms of the documentation they have.if most people by the time they're.coming to talk to you perhaps about.getting driving privileges they've.already been through treatment because.the court required it as a condition of.their sentence of the DUI so they should.be instructed as to how they get that.documentation basically they have to go.to the treatment provider if they don't.have copies already and the treatment.provider would know what to provide them.we claim to are unrepresented the best.thing for them to do is go see the.informal hearing officer at one of the.local facilities even if they need a.formal hearing and they will give them a.list of the requirements that they need.to have for the hearing again even if.it's a formal hearing they will also get.these local facilities review their.documents and let them know if any of.the documents are decision in terms of.what they need to proceed with the.formal here I've gotten two questions.actually online the first is in an.individual receive a permit if their.driver's license was suspended due to a.child supporter the answer is yes that.type of permit would have to be issued.or granted by the Circuit Court I.believe the way it works is the court.issued an order granting the permit and.then the secretary say to actually.process it because the Secretary of.State is basically in that situation as.a record keeper so if they get stopped.and the officer runs a license number.they can see that they've been granted.just yes great and the other one was.sort of going back you know you're.talking about all the costs and stuff to.if you do get a dua you know she says.how does a poor person with no ability.to travel to a job without a license.ie in rural areas of Illinois with no.public transportation pay for all of us.are there waivers or reduced fee plans.with respect to the bait device there is.an engine indigency program that they.can apply for that's covered in the.materials that we distribute it in terms.of fines the court can issue a zero fine.canvas correct I mean fine can usually.be most judges would consider allowing.for community service in places we'll.find the issue is that court cost.mandatory court costs are always imposed.on any sort of DUI sentence so even if.the fine is waived entirely or satisfied.by community service hours at the judge.allows if there still would be mandatory.court costs which for example in Cook.County are around thirteen fourteen.hundred dollars which are usually paid.after were on the termination date of.approximately twelve months from the.date of sentencing most judges would.allow for that and those defendants can.always request additional time by.appearing important and at least making.a partial payment most judges are very.understanding of that but those are.mandatory.there are programs as far as the.evaluation and treatment places that do.live reduce fees based on income and.they just need to call around and get.the best price began so the hearings.themselves you know the Secretary of.State does maintain it's a rather.punitive office in terms of.consideration for driving relief the.standard at a hearing if the person's.eligible for WIC for reinstatement even.though the initially the.only be granted a hardship license.typically as a probationary device the.issue is whether or not there are risks.of the public safety that's the ultimate.issue under the statute all this.documentation you're bringing in the.evaluation treatment paperwork is geared.to the making that determination if the.person is not eligible for reinstatement.then there's two issues the second issue.is in that situation whether or not the.person has an undue hardship what you.and I would call an undue hardship in.normal life is not necessarily legally a.qualifying steena standards for hardship.the fact that you know you're your.husband has to get up or your wife has.to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to.get you to work it time 6 it just it's.30 miles away isn't necessarily a.hardship even though even if you have to.pick up young young children to bring.them a lot the rules generally provide.that a hardship on others is not a.hardship on you I'm not sure you can.sure what that means.sounds like it was written by some.bureaucrat which it was actually and I.actually I know who it was.but if you knew him you'd understand but.on so this is that real-world so you.have to advise your your clients that.they're going to be held to this undue.hardship standard typically an undue.hardship means either you're unable to.work without driving privileges and you.have an offer employment or your current.job is jeopardized due to the lack of.driving privileges because you can't get.there in time and you've been late given.warn and it has to be more than just.your say-so if you're if you have a.problem at work because tardiness.difficulty getting to work get a letter.from the employer and bring that with.you to the earth typically they don't.handle that they have loosened up in.there.rotation but it's so a high standard and.the Secretary of State still doesn't.maintain a high rate of denial the other.thing I would tell clients is that when.you go in for a hearing and I'm talking.now about whether or not you're a risk.the fact that the evaluation says that.you're a good person and the treatment.documents give you a good prognosis in.and of itself is not enough if the.hearing you're going to be question with.respect to your alcohol and drug use.history the facts and circumstances of.your arrest.and if they think that you're minimizing.your drink they don't think you're being.honest about how often or how much.you're drinking even if you're less.you'll I was twenty years ago.you've been abstinent for the last one.years you change your life they will.turn you down because they will come.back and say well we don't know if you.were properly classified by the.evaluator the beginning so whatever.you've been doing for the last twenty.years doesn't really make any difference.at this point unless we know that you.receive appropriate treatment for the.classification that you were placed in.so it's important that people be honest.when they go in and do these evaluations.in terms of their overall drinking.history or drugs history or both that's.the biggest reason we see denials is.minimization as we call it the the other.thing I would tell you is that when they.when of when they do the hearing be.honest about how much you had to drink.at the time of the DUIs.or if there was any drug use somebody.has it being why they have a BAC.blood-alcohol concentration of 1/8 the.average BAC in Illinois is one eight one.six two one seven at Secretary of State.Statistics person comes in and says oh I.had three beers over three hours let's.get right away stop the hearing it's.over whatever else you say.aurelion present is got not going to cut.it that will result in a denial and.that's part of this whole minimization.issue that we see and the issue of cost.I would tell you that if somebody did.treatment and connect it the treatment.documents these pro riders are only.required to maintain treatment documents.for five years under Desa rules or if.they never did treatment maybe they went.to prison maybe they just didn't bother.if an extended period of time is passed.and that you you know they have changed.their lives they change their drinking.heavens some of them are involved in a.whatever I would not suggest to them.that they now need to go through.treatment says by the Secretary of State.now nobody else will tell them other.than their warrior but those individuals.can get what are called treatment.waivers and this again is in the.materials these are excuses from.treatment requirements.the only thing they can't be excused is.the 10 hours of education if they are.under what we call high-risk under that.an alcoholic ten hours still has to be.done it can be done online and again all.this is in the material so don't worry.about you know that remembering any of.this it covers it is how better is it.great any other questions new room all.right well that does it for our.presentation today I want to thank.everybody for coming and thank you to.the basis.[Applause].

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In Taiwan, why do they always backdate one's date of birth by eleven years? I noticed that when I had to fill out some official forms to get my driver's license.

In Taiwan, the official Ming-Guo (民國) calendar references the beginning of the the Republic of China, which began on January 1, 1912. Since this date kicked off its first year, the year 2017 would be 民國 year number 106.

I'm starting a new job and on the forms I have to fill out, they ask for a copy of my driver's license. Will a learner's license suffice?

In the US, as long as you're not applying for a job which requires you to drive, it should probably be ok. Most employers use a driver's license or State-issued ID card as a way of establishing that you're actually who you say you are. If the job does require a valid driver's license, you aren't qualified for that position yet. The job posting may have listed minimum requirements. But if you're working at a desk or front counter or in a restaurant (not delivering), the lack of a driver's license probably isn't a big deal.

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