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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Application For Resolution Of Claim Ky Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Application For Resolution Of Claim Ky Form

youtube video

Check How to Enter the Application For Resolution Of Claim Ky Form

that are self-employed I'm self-employed.and obviously there's the coronavirus.and the need for you to still have money.and the thing is is that money that.you're thinking more than likely just.because every time I talk to somebody.who is self-employed they they say well.I haven't paid into the system that's.okay there's both if you live in.Kentucky Kentucky has extended its.benefits to include the self-employed.and then also the federal government is.given an additional six hundred dollars.per week for four months for people.during the pandemic who are.self-employed so for whatever reason.let's say that you don't qualify for the.Kentucky money that's that's fine.you still would qualify for that six.hundred dollar federal more than likely.so there's absolutely no reason for you.not to apply for unemployment worst case.scenario you don't get anything that's.kind of where you are right now when I.told people this they've also said that.they wanted some help in applying for.the unemployment so in this video we're.gonna go through applying for.unemployment this is specific though to.Kentucky.more than likely though I'm betting that.there will be relevant aspects of this.process to any state with that being.said there will be awesome parts where.I'm gonna have to blur out stuff like my.own information and also keep in mind.that I've already applied for.unemployment so it's gonna be kind of.disjointed in some ways with that being.said you can go to DES that's deism.Department he is an employment.assistance service so des dot k y dot.govt if you go to that address des.a wine dot govt it'll automatically for.you to this longer address which is this.page notice right here who is covered.and they do you talk about how the.governor Beshear has expanded access for.groups not normally eligible for.unemployment insurance so yes you're.right you used to not be able to get.unemployment insurance but now you do if.you're a hairdresser if you are an.independent contractor ie.an uber driver you know if you're a.massage therapist restaurant workers.substitute teachers self-employed so.pretty much everybody and and why is the.government doing this because it's.better to pray it's more likely better.to pay everybody in the whole country.six hundred dollars a week to stay at.home than to have everybody in the.country who's not got a job running.around looking for a job that's that's.you know the the idea here all right so.it's not you using the system this is.not you know people taking advantage of.a problem this is you don't need to be.out getting a job so here's some some.help.obviously in Kentucky we have days.divided by your last name letters if you.are an a and it is Tuesday guess what.you should apply keep in mind that this.is if you are going to be waiting like I.get in other words if you check on.Sunday and your last name is Martin then.they're telling you to wait until.Wednesday but if it's already gone past.your day then you're supposed to play on.that day okay I don't know if that's.confusing or not but we'll move on from.that let's let's go on and apply for.unemployment by on my claim now lead you.to this.lots of information here most of it is.highly irrelevant when I say you know it.most of this is pertaining to pre code.19 stuff browser support anyway I'm.gonna hit agree yes I agree.so that was it hopefully that's blurred.out so we get to here we are asked for.our user to login and our pin I've.already applied so I already have a user.name and I have a pin if you have not.ever applied before you'll need to go to.new user let's open that real quick and.just look what it looks like so when we.click on new new user it's gonna ask for.your first name your last name your.email address your social care number.Yuri enter your social security number.you're gonna pick up four-digit pin we.enter that four-digit pin you're gonna.pick a security question and then you're.gonna provide that answer once you do.that you let next and I'm pretty sure.that the next screen stay here I'm gonna.rather than guessing I will try to see.what happens here so bear with me I'm.gonna enter this info keep it in mind.that I already have an account so it.should not like me user ID provided it's.actually within our system okay so it.says that I'm ready in the system so I.can't show you what happens further when.it comes to creating a username but that.does at least give you a little bit of.an idea of how to create an account once.you create an account and come back to.this page and we go to login so we'll.login and I got a layer and that's.because the wrong stuff was entered.let me double-check that interesting.Submit okay so once you log in you've.got this stuff right here notice you've.got some stuff here in red and and read.and read this is the actual stuff that's.important one thing that I would like to.point out to you is typically it used to.be that you mean you apply for.unemployment you have to wait a week.before you can get benefits that's not.the case in the state of Kentucky at.least you're immediately available for.benefits typically in the state of.Kentucky you are required to be seeking.a new job that is not required it's also.discouraged so don't have to worry about.getting on your job there is let's see.here for claiming to or laid off because.oh yeah sorry.so after you apply that doesn't mean.that you get money.normally you apply you get approved then.you have to come back in and clean.benefits for that specific week okay.that your try to get paid and you have.to keep coming back you know to keep.getting benefits they're saying here.that the first benefit requests will be.done automatically for you you're not.required to do weekly to search for.another job yeah.so that just letting you know that when.you apply you don't have to come back.and then claim the weeks the first time.you will need to come back though for.subsequent weeks so when we click on.file a new claim because this is where.we want to go to file a claim it says.you know this is the information that we.need yada yada yada yada don't like move.on hit next.okay so base and benefit year dates okay.this is basically more for I'd say more.information or for them than you so hit.next existing claim in another state so.have you applied for or are you getting.unemployment from another state 99% of.the chance the other times you're gonna.say no.you've not and you aren't if you are.getting an unemployment from in the.state no you can't have unemployment.from another from the state only one.state so no next.all right so claim information did you.work in Kentucky during the base period.your answer is yes you did did you work.in a state other than Kentucky no no you.didn't um if you went on business travel.and you worked in New York for a month.okay um no you didn't work in that state.though all right.you still I mean physically worked in.another state but you didn't change jobs.and then work it out of state so the.answer's no are you unemployed as a.result of a natural disaster I would say.the answer is gonna be yes because we.are in a natural disaster so yes is.right there okay.have you served in the armed forces.between blah blah blah and blah blah.blah the answer could be no most likely.if you have then the answers gonna be.yes if you have that's also going to.change the outcome here but most of us.the answers can be no so if you haven't.been in the Armed Forces and just know.have you worked for the federal.government or the post office alright so.most of us don't work for the federal.government or the post office so the.answer's no while filing this claim are.you in Kentucky you're gonna probably.need to say yes here okay just to keep.things happy click Next and then it's.gonna give us personal information.alright if anything is missing here then.I recommend adding it in you'll notice.this also obviously the things that are.in with red asterisks all right.obviously are you a US citizen the.answer yes is because it's probably to.help you here.do you have disability your instance to.be no because if you have a disability.then that is a different benefit that.that's disability maybe you know you.should get Social Security money is what.they're basically saying so if you want.to get this money your answer needs to.be no.and then if you worked under a different.name you would enter that name here.we're gonna click Next.how do you want to get paid now they've.got this information already stored for.me okay.if you don't have information here.you're going to enter your direct.deposit information what if you don't.have a bank account.well you need to go to chime comm or you.need to go to Walgreens and pick up a.green dot card there's several different.prepaid cards that you can get that will.provide you with an account number and a.routing number which is all the federal.government needs here so that way they.can you send you direct deposits so.enter into here a bank account or go out.and get a prepaid card find out what the.account number and the routing number.are and then enter that information here.once you've done that well the next have.you applied for or are you receiving.pension other than Social Security from.an employer you have worked for or work.blah-blah-blah-blah.so are you currently basically there are.you currently retired because if you are.retired then you shouldn't get.unemployment so the answer here if you.want to get unemployment is no have you.applied for or received workers.compensation the answer here is going to.be hopefully no because if you are.getting your workers compensation again.that's a different benefit um that would.not mean that you are eligible for this.so the answer is no if you are getting.by the way I'm just gonna throw out if.you are getting workers compensation or.if your answer is something other than.what I'm telling you then you should put.that don't lie but I'm just letting you.know you know these are the answers that.that most likely you need to put in do.you want 10 percent of your weekly.benefit check withheld for federal.income tax guess what you have to pay.taxes on this okay so and it's gonna.more than likely be more than ten.percent so they're basically saying do.you want us to pay part of your taxes so.that way you don't have huge bill be in.the year I always say yeah.just because I know it's gonna be bad at.the end of the year here's the thing.though if it's bad for you right now.then say no because you'll you know.you'll be able to deal with your taxes.later all right.that a you know if you say no that's.going to give you a 10% raise so that's.up to you right there do you want 4% of.your weekly benefit check withheld for.Kentucky state income tax again it's the.same same question okay just a different.amount I'm gonna say yes but if you.don't want to lose 14% of your benefit.then say no to both of those hit next.and then what is your personally no our.sir what is your personal address this.is where you literally put in your.address okay um you know they want to.establish your residency basically if.your address is for instance in Indiana.then that is why Kentucky is not going.to be paying you so put in your Kentucky.address hit next are you a union member.you're gonna need to say no more than.likely okay because usually unions have.funds already set up to take care of.their unemployed so again we're trying.to most of these questions are trying to.figure out if somebody else is supposed.to be taking care of you so the answer.is no hopefully for most of us so we hit.next non-separation questions okay so.here we go they want to know you know.where the circumstances yeah so what are.the circumstances that prevent are there.any certain diseases that prevent you.from being available for full-time work.the answer is gonna be no all right.because if there are circumstances that.prevent you from having full-time work.then you can't work so therefore there's.no unemployment so you need to say yes.I'm available to work I just can't.so no are you currently attending school.or in a training program the answer.should be no because if you're a student.you don't get unemployment so you know.here we are trying to show the.these people you are available to work.full-time and you don't have a job we're.on do you have any physical or mental.condition that prevents you from seeking.work no you don't have anything that.prevents you because if you do have a.disability then again that's disability.not unemployment do you typically not.qualify for unemployment insurance this.is the important question self-employed.independent contractors bla bla bla your.answer should be yes if you're you know.if you are not an independent contractor.if you are not self-employed your answer.may still be no okay so that that's okay.no it's fine no is what the traditional.people would would say but if you are.like me or if you are an independent.contractor or an uber driver basically.you know if you haven't paid into the.system your answer should be yes.are you currently an officer in a.corporation for example president.vice-president your answer probably to.being no because here's the thing if.you're an officer in a corporation then.you're really not unemployed so there.you go no have you or will you receive.any job separation pay other than your.last paycheck so in other words have you.been sent home and told we're going to.continue to pay you like a lot of people.are being told that if that's the case.then you shouldn't get unemployment.because you're still being paid so if.you want to get this unemployment your.answer is gonna be no are you a.professional athlete no do you work for.a school system we're gonna say no if.you are a substitute teacher who works.for a school hold on that is currently.on a schedule break that's important for.our do you were first closest ISM that.is on the curve you know it is in a.scheduled break um more lightly rinse.did we know ok give your substitute.teacher and you don't normally get.unemployment these are still the answers.that you give yes you normally don't.qualify for unemployment no you do not.work for a school system that is.currently on break.like for instance JCPS Jefferson County.Public Schools is the school system here.they're not on break they're just.still at home so the answer is No.are you an officer or a crew member of a.water transport riverboat what does they.know if you are a captain of a boat and.say yes but anyway so self-employment or.Commission questionnaire please explain.in detail the nature of your.self-employment or Commission work what.do you do what do you do okay I.personally I do SEO.that's not a good sentence okay and it's.also known a good description but that's.what I do so here you know you're just.going to explain what you do for a.living how many hours each week are you.currently devoting to this work okay.this one I'm gonna say I don't.necessarily know the exact answer okay.because I've always said forty I mean.really the actual answer in my mind is.well none because I'm unemployed um you.know you how much how many hours in my.devoting to this work I'm I'm devoting.sixty hours a week to try to find a job.anyway I always just say forty okay.because forty is the magic number for.full time were you self-employed or.working for Commission while you were.working full-time with your last.employer.did you have two jobs basically or you.know it's weird stuff are you okay.more than likely he rents is gonna be no.are you able to work full-time while.being self-employed or performing.commission work I would say no not able.to work full-time because my.self-employment is a full-time job.yeah actually probably two full-time.jobs please explain in detail what.efforts you have made and seeking or.accepting full-time work okay for me for.instance I would say that I get on up.work and I apply for apply for projects.but there aren't any right.just you know letting them know that you.know you do.if the ability for you to work was there.then you would so that's what you're.explaining here are you willing to give.up your self-employment or Commission.work if you obtain other employment I.always answer yes because it was the.thing I always wanted them to know that.I am a worker and I am ready to work and.if I get offered a job that's better.than what I'm doing right now then yeah.I'll take it.so answers gonna be yes please provide.any additional information that you wish.the office to consider regarding the.issue personal narrative here have fun.type whatever you want probably nobody.reads it moving on most recent employer.information okay keep in mind you're.self-employed with or if you're an uber.driver again still self-employed so.please enter information about your most.recent employment this should be your.very last employer regardless of the.length of the employment employer agency.name okay so I go by ultimate SEO okay.you can put in you know your own name if.you want to all right if you are.self-employed put in your address.putting your telephone number was the.work performed in Kentucky your answer.needs to be s please select the reason.you are no longer working for this.employer your answer needs to be lack of.work your answer should never be quit.please select the second separation.reason okay so were you laid off with no.recall or have you been laid off and.you've been given a date that you're.coming back I think the safest answer is.I'm laid off I don't know when I'm going.back and even if even if I had been.given a date keep in mind if we're talk.about the coronavirus aspect you're okay.if you're companies they will bring me.back in a month Bank on they're not.please enter your dates of employment.with this employer so enter in you know.the the timeframe that you worked for.for the company I am gonna go like back.to 2018 and just put that in and then.till when was the last day I worked I'm.gonna say you know I want to see March.the what 13th was when we were all told.to stay at home or so so I would say.that I think it was the 17 that we were.told to stay home but I'm gonna say.March the 17th is when I was no longer.able to work.separation explanation provide a global.of Allah so explain to them why it is.that you're not doing that work anymore.coronavirus dried up all the work is.what I'm saying.that's not what you should say you.should give a real reason why you know.why are you doing this work right now.have you worked for this employer in ten.or more separate weeks so have you.worked for this company for at least two.and a half months three months you know.or will be at three months and a week so.you should say yes note the ten weeks.did not have to be in a row okay well.that's great.anyway the answer you want is yes next.stop processing please wait in order to.continue finally in your claim please.answer the question below you may not.navigate away from this page until you.answer or your answer is submitted which.of the following age range most classic.matches okay anyway I'm gonna play that.out so it's now trying to establish your.identity alright people are going in.here and they are signing up for.people's other people's benefits and.trying to collect them from themselves.so this is a question about my mother.for instance then here's a question.about my cars that I've had including.the 1997 car anyway hit next that and.you're just answering these questions.trying to.move your identity you are who you say.you are now if your rights and.responsibilities I was given access to.rights and responsibilities pamphlet.here's the answer yes you were so you.need to put your initials alright.where's the pamphlet who cares.you're not focusing on the right stuff.right now okay if you really want some.stupid pamphlet all right click back a.whole bunch and search around it was on.one of the pages doesn't matter right.now moving on I understand that I must.report all wages earned that's true.say AM L your initials so in other words.if you do make money in the coming weeks.you need to claim on that week that you.receive that money but you made that.money I understand that I can use this.website or call the voice response unit.to request my benefit payment I.understand that I can do what I'm doing.basically yes I got that I understand.that effective blah blah blah blah the.one-week waiting period yeah there's a.one week waiting period required since.2012 anyway say yes it's been waived.anyway please type your first middle.initial and last name in the space.provided to certify so I just want you.to say I really did this and I know.you'll come after me if I lied did I.agree you I didn't actually mean to.completely submit another one so that's.I was hoping there would be a button.that says submit not next anyway now.everybody knows so boom you now have.your name a reference number a file date.the date to request your first.unemployment benefit is follow the bla.don't forget it's automatically being.requested for you if your last day yeah.it's just right here automatic the.process for you um now I'll tell you.please use one of them are the following.methods to request yeah every two weeks.you need to request your benefits this.is what staying right here.it's just before you leave for this page.good idea.print the page if you don't have a.printer like many people don't.right-click or just a print would be.here happy there is a print and you.might be able to pick save as a PDF or.sometimes in different browsers there.may be a box right down here and you.right click or you can click on it and.pick save as a PDF so it doesn't print.because you don't have a printer but at.least you have a PDF copy of it ok.so then we're going to navigate to home.page well everybody guess what you have.now completed your unemployment what to.expect or what should you expect at this.point expect that you're gonna sit and.wait for a while alright they're flooded.they're overrun and it's gonna take mmm.weeks probably before you actually get.any information on this when you do get.information it's also important to.notice or to note that what you are.going to be told.didn't mean to do that I think it might.end up resetting Michoud um anyway.previously when I came here to the.account summary I'm gonna take.previously before I just submitted the.one that we just created on the video so.the actual response that I got for my.real submission my claim status was that.I was denied because I did not meet the.criteria I may still meet criteria.though for the federal government.unemployment information and then it.said dot dot if that information is.available it'll pop up in the upper left.hand corner nothing has ever popped up.and I don't assume that I didn't get.that is this I assume that they haven't.put it in the computer system yet for.how to give you it there's also a note.that I read on the site because a lot of.you are gonna get that message saying.that you've been denied benefits the.place that I want to I want to I'm.want to find it so I can show it to you.okay but I'm just gonna go on and tell.you just in case I don't find it it said.that if you get the result you do not.qualify for benefits but you may go if I.for the federal government thing it says.ignore that that's I guess the response.that they have in the system they're.gonna fix their system to where they can.actually give you the right status at.some point so in other words what trying.to what I'm saying is is that the site.actually has notes on it somewhere and.I'll see if I can find it but the site.has notes on it that say that even if we.tell you that you've been denied don't.believe it you're probably approved so.I'm gonna pause this and I'm gonna see.if I can find that information and we.are pretty much done but let me go on to.find that info for you okay then I would.come back when I had found the note on.the website but I just remembered that.there is a an important thing to tell.you also at the end of your submission.okay it may say that you know additional.documentation is required from you okay.basically it's the saying that you felt.your verification if additional.information is being requested for you.all right you should go to we're back on.the homepage here for once you know if.we've logged in this is like the.dashboard okay if you have to provide.more information go to document upload.when you get the document upload you'll.be able to click on a document and you.can select the type I don't know what.that is I don't know what that is I.don't know what that is so I just put.everything in miscellaneous or.identification documents for me I felt.the verification the first time I went.through it so I had to upload my social.security card and I had to upload my.passport now when you upload those two.things.those are identification documents and.so this is the way that you be able to.add that additional verification I was.saying and this will and finally now.conclude the video that if you have some.and then you get a message when you log.into your dashboard and it says that.your claim has been denied don't believe.that okay why do I tell you not to.believe it because actually it was on.the home page here on the home page for.Kentucky unemployment insurance.if after hoots didn't mean to move that.it's just when deselect the text.anyway if after you submit your.application you receive a message that.states you are not covered or your claim.that's been denied please disregard your.claim is being processed and we will be.in touch ok so again if you submit your.an appointment and it says you've been.denied on the home page of the the.Department of Employment Services.it says disregard that so have faith.wash your hands take care of each other.thanks bye.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Application For Resolution Of Claim Ky Form on Android?

iOS has lots of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most phone users have an Android operating system. To fulfill their needs, CocoSign has developed the software, especially for Android users.

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  3. Discover the place where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write your signature.
  4. Insert it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
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Application For Resolution Of Claim Ky Form FAQs

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