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all right shallow warm shallow warm.giving our praises glory and honor -.yeah how awesome I was shot by Murakawa.dodge all right it's uh before we start.gonna give our double honestly the.Apostles in the elders a great millstone.we were well alright unworthy to be.accounted double honours and let me give.peace and salutations to every brother.fruit every octane preaching the truth.about the four corners that are for.truth is sincerity in your hearts are in.for the love of the gospel.alright I'm saying it this is I'm the.brother Shamari oh my father yeah give.me all kinds Jimmy's Indiana coming with.another lesson alright his lessons gonna.be a boy going into the job alright.going into jobs group mean another word.how it applies to the scriptures yeah.alright because we were actually talking.about our different jobs men in the kind.of pondering or they were putting off.the videos about the different different.jobs and we were just saying and it so I.just got us pondering on and then my son.I brought up the scripture gain is not.godliness because that's the whole.purpose Jake getting jobs anyway you.know because they think that they're.gonna gain some type of success or.wealth through their job so it got me uh.I just looked up the word let me get.[Music].etymology of the word job middle 16th.century he figured that since two of a.now of unknown origin that's crazy to.say mid 16th century right they can't.originate from no I don't know Greek.letter j in it right with J that letter.came around the middle of the sixteenth.centuries right go get into that too.late well much much later.yeah I'm know at sixteenth century the.King James wrote the King James Bible so.later on after that so that's a lot.alright cuz when you got the when you.get the original print of the holy of.the Holy Bible that comes with the.Apocrypha in 1611 version.all right in the 1611 verse now there's.no J's in it there's no eyes in it you.know yeah okay.it's Etzel online dictionary I job.saying piece of work something to be.done 1620 from phase job' of work 1550s.task piece of work.contrast with contentious labor a word.of uncertain origin perhaps a valiant of.a variant of job II I mean it's ugly.gobby gob de which means mass or lung.century 1400 see gob alright so it's it.in the 1600 so it wasn't it wasn't job.it was uh it was the G sign it was a G.the J wasn't introduced to the late.early 1700 late 1600 okay it says C is a.century 1400 see God so it wasn't in.existence I there via sense of a a.cartload specific.specific sense of work done for pay.first recorded in the 1650s job meaning.one a lower meaning lucrative bid a.lower meaning lucrative busy affair -.petty peddling work a piece of chant.chain chants a piece of chants work.that's in the Johnson's dictionary.meaning paid position of employment is.from 1858 printers slang.since piece of work of a miscellaneous.class time is a piece of work a piece of.work of a miscellaneous club hey you.know it and that's slavery already.because Jake Esau doesn't give he don't.give you the whole of nothing i mighty.funny is no it's not job in the.scriptures all right it's occupations.all right and we're gonna get into the.meaning occupation man cuz occupation is.basically what we are here what will we.have out here alright.occupations best do what you put your.life into right what you put your party.to and you get pagans cuz in the.scriptures you were known your last name.was basically what you were known by.your occupation you love what Simon the.Tanner at the time all right uh you.could for instance so King David was.once a sheep herder yeah he was a.shepherd all right that was his.occupation because King David was.passionate about it man he he wants to.go rescue the sheep from the the mouth.of the lion all right he poured the.sheep out of the mouth of a lion so he.was passionate about his work for it was.just occupation always uh he was serious.and passionate about his occupation yeah.it is just as many any we can go okay is.that meaning is a meaning paid position.women like you anyway that means uh we.say slavery yeah boy we make slavery let.me read it like that meaning of pay.position of slavery is from 1858.printers.slang since piece of work of a.miscellaneous class posters handbills.etc is from 1795 hence job type notably.large or ornament or ornamental or of.exponential form job shop etc job lot.1830 shoe is from a obsolete sense of.cartload lump which might be a separate.formation of God right okay let me go.down it says okay now it's trying to.going to jobs name show biblical mass.proper name name of an ancient patriarch.whose story forms in the book of out.there.okay okay job what is this 1660s to buy.and sale as a broker and to to form job.meaning deal in public stocks or on.one's own account is from 1721 meaning.to cheat betrayed is from early 1903.early early pervert public service to.the private advantage grow I see you.notice I would get out into the big to.the end and then he tells you the true.for what the word means that's the verb.right right these are to private event.and since that's exactly what these jobs.do they give you eight hours of work not.know your lunch hours not even paid for.man I worked some jobs man we clocked.out on our lunch hour man would take I.let you come back your clock back in.with the [ __ ] day you know clock out.for you.hey Clark out for me like the Argo lunch.with their they were all I won't get.paid for that yeah 30 minutes yeah.that's crazy so that's why you're so.strict on you coming back to from lunch.later you got to be on time we come back.yeah pay for it you know right okay.it's basically slavery man because they.expect you to have a living they expect.you to live.it's the reason it's called minimum wage.yeah these are the way just so you can.live a minimum life yep.you can't have a no luxuries you can't.gain safe minimum wage I'll be honest.750 750 725 or something like that.that's that's just enough money to pay.your bills paper fool you came by the no.furniture for your house you came about.on luxuries all right but yet these.[ __ ] got jobs or what they actually.got occupations that's asked for a job.when you go back up to to the words as.abroad and it says job job job says in.this definition right it says very broad.general sense of occurrence very broad.general sense so it's like a word that.you use to describe your occupation.right basically all right and this word.is very new because it's let it so it.has a letter j' and there's no no letter.to Noah Latin or Greek background.alright because it before before a job.was invented the thing that you did for.your trade of life was occupation.alright edu as a servant who served a.master alright which most people were.most people were servants or sons of.Kings yeah you know and you if you as.the son of a king you look all the.prince you know but now since everybody.got to work for Esau because everybody's.in slavery everybody has to have a job.you know the woman opposed to stay at.home you know putting I supposed to.touch the ground due to tenderness and.delicateness but yes she gotta have a.job now.you know occupation Joseph his brother.went over there occupation 4073 he's.saying favor home sit and see his.brother what it's Joseph he said what is.your occupation and they said unto.Pharaoh thy servants are our Shepherd.both we and also our Father.okay Jonah Jonah wanted one 1/8 they.then said they unto him tell us we pray.thee who is who for what cause what for.who caused this evil is upon us what is.that in occupation and once comings down.what is that country and of what people.are doubt he acts he was actually Joe.Jackson Jonah man what was his.occupation okay so these job jobs is.like my son sitter this is fairly that's.the fairly new word and basically its.word Magic Man because Jabba fallen.under the the the sense of employment.okay that's why he saw takes out the.true meaning of words if you go to.because matter of fact they only use the.word occupation when you go to college.oh yeah you need to go to school and get.your occupation you know that's.difference between job right in a career.that's right your career will be are not.affect a mother fed up what's really.occupation occupation not career oh are.you going to this war occupation it.means d the work it says D thing done.acting work labor yeah alright so like I.said I gave the example that David was a.sheep herder he's a shepherd alright so.he was passionate about what he did and.that for that moment he would he would.have been because Israelites man we had.land you know so a lot of Israelites.they didn't they did the work that they.did the occupation was just regular.agriculture manna to keep to keep food.and house you know cuz we had we had.wealth all right now you have poor.Israelites that will serve in under.certain Israelites you know but that.their passion their occupation will be.serving you know let me go to.Deuteronomy 28 because it's all in the.curses mess all about the curses.Deuteronomy 28 I was that high guy.what's that what's that scripture I got.it for you put your money into a bag of.hold that yeah I'm gonna go back to do.the run hey go I'm about to do I got for.you but I might need this I got the.etymology of the word career.using general to go fast meaning a later.or more specific sense of moving in a.reckless headlong ma'am if you're.wondering career is not at a month.that's a molecule related to career.career has nautical origin tracing.tracing to the Latin word of hall okay.so basically this is not a yeah it.really actually misusing this word all.right nautical is something related to a.boat and a whole yeah so they probably.dismissed this word magic again man okay.let me get that let me get that for you.[ __ ] man.I got a scripture I'm gonna go back to.the hag I keep trying hag I said back.hoes I'm gonna get Deuteronomy real.quick Deuteronomy 28 because it always.goes back to the curses all right it.always goes back to the curses and it.talks about uh in the curses it talks.about I just just hold it for one second.I'm gonna get the yeah I'm gonna get the.curses what we got to work because it's.written and the curses and Deuteronomy.28 curses it's written that we got to.work okay all right I started 32 28 and.32.it's Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 32 uh.actually I started 30 Deuteronomy 28 and.30 this down sharp a trophy wife and.another man shall lie with her thou.shall build in-house and thou shall not.dwell therein all right and that's.that's the representation of a job man.because I'm with DA just we just said.that the word employment means slavery.and when we came over here on cargo.slave ships we were slaves all right so.we we did we didn't receive wages for.the full of slavery we did we first came.over here we received the physical.nourishment to keep ourselves alive so.we can keep making a profit off these.[ __ ] all right so we built we built.our houses all right we built we built.the white house we built those those are.houses and all those plantations all.right we built this we built America of.the treasure city and we brought that we.built this whole a treasure city from.the ground up man you know we were.slaves so we do houses and we didn't.dwell in them.all right it says thou shalt plant a.vineyard and Chardon I gather the grapes.thereof all right working for the white.man cuz he gonna gather the grapes it.says nine ox shall be slain before thine.eyes and thou shalt not eat there Oh ash.I'll be vitally taken away before they.face and thou shalt not be and and shall.not be restored to thee.all right necessary they took our they.took our Goods and our valuables and did.not reckon princess for a man did not.give us then required us for it or.nothing.buying sheep shall be given unto thine.enemies and thou shalt have none to.rescue them all right so the white man.did all of this to us and put us in.slavery and we're still in slavery all.right it says my son's in Ayodhya shall.be given and to another people in thine.eyes shall look and fail with longing.for them all today is slaw Kia and read.it over it says a nice are look and fail.with longing for them all the day long.and there shall be no might not in hand.all right it says the fruit of buying.land and all the labors.sharra a nation which thou knowest not.eat up so the nation that it came to.enslave us the [ __ ] they took the.fruit of our land and our Labor's and.they ate it our look you know and thou.shall be only oppressed and crushed away.and that's doing a slavery man and we're.still in slavery from from there from.overtook even into now you know says so.that thou shalt be mad for the sight of.mine eyes which thou shalt see and we.met when we go to these jobs are we mad.spiritually when I say we'll mean we're.the people because two-thirds of is.brothers mad man.they mad because they don't know the.Lord like they mad man all right come in.all types of ways not to live and.they're mad physically and wrath because.they got to go to work all right.it says the Lord shall smite thee in thy.knees in the legs with a sword but that.cannot be healed from the soul of thy.foot onto the top of my head all right.and you see that physically because.these these so-called people with the.careers and a occupational I guess.basketball players and these football.players these Jakes.they always got arthritis or something's.wrong with a joint because he saw an.attempt they a so here it is you bounce.on a borrowed up and down the court for.foot 20 years your life.you know every week you bouncing the.ball every a damned every day look at.Kobe Bryant.every day jumping running every day is.likely jumping running bouncing the ball.shooting and jumping running and then.and he got he got a boxing his knees in.a box in his legs all right.it says Anna you gotta break your back.you know to have occupation in this.world you know it's mighty funny every.job that you get it comes along with.some element comes along with I remember.because that being young weighs like man.I could have with job you know with.occupation could I get well I wouldn't.hurt you no you listen that was safe.house that man you driving the truck is.probably driving something were being.good good to have but they say driving.jobs or driving the truck driving job.they have a symptom a leaky gut.hemorrhoids because you driving and you.bouncing all the time yeah.same thing with driving heavy equipment.heavy equipment because those those.bulldozers that don't have shops in them.and so he's running on you riding all.day and I drove one before and that.thing shakes vigorously man you hit a.bump or something and it's like real.hard there's no shop absorbers so every.every occupation that's in America man.is detrimental to your health.yeah because uh easy the detriment to.your how physically or psychologically.alright because I work at a yeah I work.at a steel mill and I'm breathing in.steel particles all damn day.yeah even if I do have a mask you just.reduce it hey when I do have them came.bring my own respirator you know where.gas masks all damn day you know so when.I do take this mask off I'm breathing.them in you know that's crazy because.you gotta know according to your job man.if it's super dangerous because they'll.give you a lot of wages like the meal.steel mills pay high wages but you know.brothers even tell you man I'm still me.I was kill you you know everybody come.out of the mills many alcoholics and and.they broke down man you know I don't you.know see I see a lot of people to get.getting a meal for so many years and.they build something up on the side and.they're quick yeah and you know they I.said one guy.why he quit he's everything that plays.any right you know you know you drinking.coke coke is a byproduct of to make.steel with you know it grows in the.mountains.all right yeah my stop at 39 that was.the point.there's 40 this is a says the Lord I.bring the whoa this is not really the.point my little get through you know.jump though you know I said thou shall.plant vineyards and rest them but though.it says Yash I play view yards or even.yards is the vine yards that anything.that grows on the vines more mainly.grapes all right it says - I'll plant.bring yards and dress them wet shower.neither drink the wine nor gather the.grapes it says for the worms shall eat.them all right it says thou shalt have.olive trees throughout all that coasts.but thou shalt not annoying theyself.with the oil for thine oil shall cast.services for the oil shall cast is fruit.there's a kicker it says thou shalt.beget sons and daughters but thou shalt.not enjoyed them for they shall go into.captivity and that's exactly adopted hey.uh you can't know if you can't afford to.take care of the child that you have.your not yep child with a DCF first man.it says but thou shalt beget sons and.daughters so say if I have if I had a.child on the way or in this accident you.don't have a job and I don't have a job.take care if I if I can't take care of.their child they come and take home so I.shall not enjoy my children because why.because I'm in captivity.all right that was the point can't take.care say you do have a job and the.mother leaves they give that man hell to.get to take care of his children man.they need you make a certain amount man.they won't give you uh a they won't give.you food stamps in certain agencies man.they say you make too much yeah and it's.not too much man it's just a be a.slavery man all right youse done with.that.sanitation five-in-one he say remember O.Lord what has come upon us consider and.behold our reproach he said our.inheritance is turned into stranger our.houses to Ayden's we are orphans and.fatherless our mothers are as widows.we have drunken our water for money our.wood is soul unto us and that was we.have to pay bills our yeah are we I.would I came and took your [ __ ] and did.sell it back to you you know a man you.know you see that you see people post.this stuff all the time and [ __ ].how you got to pay for live on a planet.that wait what mayor's you pay to live.on a planet that you know so much you.born.sometimes you gotta you gotta you have.to fight to survive man yeah as long as.you born you have to pay to live you got.to pay wages to live your life right.that's that's we and then then two and.two and 90% of the world think that says.that's okay.yeah and then literally this is we have.drinking our water for money and yes we.have because we pay water bills mm-hmm.you know and then they say well you know.it's not the water Japan foot you pay.our service because we bring the water.to your home.well get the [ __ ] out of it I can go.back to the old days and I mean you know.it's just he saw all all he saw was.laying taxes in the way he he's doing it.right now man with the 21 was it's in.the 21 or well he's displacing the.people because that then California.fires which is another topic.no it's called it's cause I'm 21 article.21 anybody else up but it did the.displacement of rural area living okay.cuz that those fires were actually.started on purpose because they trying.to get everyone they trying to move.everyone to the city in the middle part.so they can so they can you know Marlo.come they can count maybe they can.patrol better yeah you know they're you.can't have any.living in those rural areas man so yeah.I'm cut your ass yeah but see they did.that on the west coast see when they.come start coming towards the middle but.a militias that you know it's gonna.because that's why we know this thing is.about to pop man you know you gonna hell.to [ __ ] with the militia scar that's.good yeah yeah all that yeah you usually.gonna be held man you get going down to.Kentucky you [ __ ] [ __ ].Appalachian Mountains real late our dad.mentioned some Issei are we you gotta.pay us for the services to bring it to.your home even if I do even if I do want.to kick it old school and I wanna pay.for that [ __ ] alright y'all [ __ ] up the.lake y'all [ __ ] up the lakes and the.rivers alright so I can't so I can't uh.go and get white on my own man I gotta.go find a creek that ain't nobody [ __ ].with us that's getting fresh water fresh.running water because when water sits.still it could become stagnant and.there's a they get disease with bacteria.in it man you know you need running.water fresh running water and we said we.have given the hand to the Egyptians and.to the Syrians to to be satisfied with.bread right man so Eddie scripture says.what we eat out the foul prey is a.monster heinous man all right because.everything they run everything man they.run the the cattle industry the pork.industry every they run everything man.so you have to basically just pray.that's why scripture said and lutessa me.says uh pray over of any daily thing you.know and the father said cleansing.because this food that we eat is deadly.man yeah you know scripture say y'all.[ __ ] you should be poison and weird yeah.you say you should be poisonous I know I.said I - we eatin poison now right PA.right you know mean things meeting food.there's not truly food we eatin.chemicals chemicals is killing our.bodies all the time red meat processing.me is poison cuz it gives you arthritis.arthritis kills you you know.this is a hug I won at six he said you.have so much and bring in little but you.have not enough ye but yeah but no I.didn't know yeah we're talking about.that age.we talked about that with my son or not.earliest week you know you know he got.two kids man he don't get enough food so.we have to go tit we had to hit up a.tree all right you had to be scared I.hear it's a hustle I'm gonna elder know.the Monaco's I put up that video that.video a while back man you got a hustle.man you know you use it's not enough for.you today you know you have a job man.but you got a hustle you know you have.to do some on the side man to make ends.meet man some some brothers you know.some rights lucky but I want to the Lord.ordained a to lose you happy you know.yeah brother yeah I miss right I got.money.- you're doing pretty good Yeah right.you got brothers with kids and wives.before they had the truth that's doing.pretty good with you some brothers more.majority of brothers you know cuz with.majority of us you know uh you know to.fit the stereotype of the.african-american so-called.african-american male that can't make us.fit that criteria right well so for the.for those who fit that criteria we got.to do things like that we got a little.things on the side we got to do audience.ahhs people would get extra money on the.side that's right that's why East I want.to push this RFID chip so you ain't no.more that you know more that right he.saw that's why we all just push that so.heavily because Esau want to stop it.yeah you know you can't work on your.house you can't work on your own car.yeah you can collect rainwater.can't collect rainwater you know thank.you man so jobs are wicked man yeah yeah.he said he eat but you have it not.enough he drink but III drink but you.have not not filled but ye are not.filled with tree he clothe but ye.clothed you but there is none warm car.he they earn its wages earnest wages to.put into a bag with home yep hey back up.to where it says you you got polled but.not with warm I can contested it cuz.I've actually four years man I went.since our Asian army and went different.places and bought coats in for some.reason I always buy a coat I don't care.big it is it would be cool and I would.feel air are they man the ass coaches.both this cold [ __ ] I'll be cold now you.know shot blessed me with a halfway.decent occupation so maybe if I buy me a.better coat and I went in brothers heard.of North Face so I was kind of late I.had a jacket there was a North Face I.got picked up somewhere I don't know wow.wow back it was it was a pretty.comfortable jacket man whose fleece and.you know I could actually wear it.sometimes outside or AB under my coat.and I wouldn't get cold so I was able to.buy me a coke this time of North Face.coat this year and man it looks like a.jacket but the man man is warming [ __ ].man that's why I was so expensive.yeah and it is Esau [ __ ] man you know so.sometimes you have to you know how to.pay a pretty book to be warmth you know.because you have to buy the [ __ ] because.no faces was more when I was talking to.the guy he's like yeah this is a ski it.came from our ski skier it was a skeet.excuse all the time in the x-games.you're an or face an ex game so so when.I when I got hip to it you know then I.bought me a pair of North Face boots.comfortable [ __ ] warmers [ __ ] we know no.problems at all but then it you look at.the things that they sell Jake man no.timeles one of the elder brother I asked.you know Tony years ago man you know.I'll get some teams but I wouldn't I'm.not gonna use or something but I won't.buy them because they're not comfortable.and I had a pair at the time one time I.was wearing nothing he's not comfortable.they not comfortable boots at all man.they [ __ ] horrible and I'll talk.about the construction was not they they.got some other ones that they making.this kind of comfort yeah.the things pushed on jakers and things.is low.yes the gnarly the things pushed on Edom.Isis for comfort.all right to live for consolation yes.all right but it doesn't look it doesn't.shine it isn't pop yeah so you want to.buy these beneficiary two feet or you.know what you need okay all right well.yes you got that be good okay okay yeah.that was it yeah okay yeah man it was.just a little quick excerpt man we would.contemplate pondering on were a job so.we just brought some edification out man.all right with that we give all praises.to your how awesome you have a Shabbat.shimmer talking Dutch never understood I.told the process genome medicine who to.resides who's worthy of our honors using.blessed see all y'all I came out there.that's pushing this truth man for the.love of the gospel is for the it's risk.your lives and to you our fathers out.there man whatever you're mad yeah I was.shot me bless your hands to do settle.mama so long.

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How to create an e-signature for the Form 2568 on iOS?

Many tools have a more complicated setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can sign document online quickly with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below guides will help you to e-sign your Form 2568 from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Download the CocoSign software on your iOS device.
  2. Generate your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, open the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and drag the place you want to add your signatures.
  6. Generate your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and save your Form 2568 .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Form 2568 on Android?

Recently, Android gadgets are handy used. Therefore, to help out its customers, CocoSign has developed the software for Android users. You can use the following guides to e-sign your Form 2568 from Android:

  1. Download the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Select on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to add your electronic signatures.
  4. Choose the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Create your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and select '✓'.
  7. Save changes and save the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Form 2568 with other people or upload it on the cloud.

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Form 2568 FAQs

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