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Denali Kidcare Renewal Form Demand Assistance

so today we wanted to.present on tephra there's a lot of.moving pieces.with tephra and just kind of.understanding the process.of how you get connected enrolled.or if you maybe say you have a.youth that is transitioning from capra.into adult medicaid so we have some key.players.to the table and i'll let you go ahead.and do your introductions.go my name's josh shankus i work for.turning stones care coordination.i'm in the process of getting my.certification i've been shadowing.under brittany for three over three.years now.and so i hope to get my certification.and then primarily do tephra because.i mean that's what i've been surrounded.by it for the last three years and i've.learned a lot so.i think there's a void and i want to.help fill it.and i'm heather allen i'm a care.coordinator at.supernova advocates so we've been around.for.four years i think now um and doing.tougher the whole time too.so it's been a learning process when we.first started.nobody really knew what tefra was and.there were i think there were two care.coordinators in the state that did.tougher at all at that point.so it's been a real learning curve but.and i'm cena fisher and i.am a trainer with the state of alaska.specifically senior disability services.in believing ground we have very small.portion.of what we do with tephra it's it's.very defined and very small compared to.other things that we do to help people.navigate sports and services in the.community.i am cassandra lynch and i'm a trainer.with singing disability as well.well we sure do appreciate you taking.time out of your day.and kayla our artists put that.what in the world is tephra up on the.board i think that is very appropriate.so we would like if we could just to.kind of.divvy up portions of today's lunch and.learn.so see if you could talk about more.about what.scs does when when an application.comes your way you start out with you.heather.kind of going like an overview of what.tephra is.and then your portion of stepping foot.in and.when you would make contact with the.family and at that point.moving forward with what you would do.does that sound like a game plan.sure um.all right uh tephra it's an acronym.stands for tax.tax equity fiscal responsibility.act right something like that um it.sometimes it's referred to as katie.beckett money or the katie beckett grant.or.whatever it is basically a medicaid.eligibility.is you you have to have a level of care.to receive this medicaid eligibility and.that's where the care coordinators come.in.the only thing that sts does is.determine the level of care.for icf iid which is intermediate care.facility.for people with intellectual.disabilities.developmental disabilities or.individuals with intellectual.developmental disabilities.yes there's a quiz later right.it just basically means that without.supports in the community.institutionalization would would it.eventually happen.and we don't want to do that so we want.to make sure that the medicaid.supports can come up and support a young.person.who is perhaps in a family that doesn't.necessarily meet medicaid financial.qualifiers.okay we don't want to limit any family.any american family.from uh striving growing.being able to make more than fifty.thousand dollars a year.um the most heartbreaking thing to hear.is a parent who.is holding themselves back in their.career because if i make too much money.my child won't be on medicaid anymore.okay so katie beckett came from a woman.her name.katie of course and um she had a lot of.respiratory issues a lot of.autoimmune disorders that sort of thing.she wound up spending most of her.childhood and teens in the hospital.because the cares that she needed were.medically intensive.but she would wander around the hospital.and talk with people do.all the wonderful things that our.children chatter children and.teens do right so her family though.um had to uh not really keep themselves.impoverished they were actually.a wealthy family but not wealthy enough.for these medical cares.that it's ridiculously and way more.expensive now 30 years later.to to do this so they appealed to.president reagan.at the time and said you know we'd.really like our daughter to be home with.us.and she could be we're not for these.medical cares.um so this tephra act came into place.to allow these young people young adults.or children to be able to receive the.medical supports that they need in order.to live in their homes and go to school.and that sort of stuff.now there's a whole other layer of.waiving the medicaid requirement to be.in a hospital.this just allows this family that would.not normally meet medicaid.qualifiers to a pathway in.so it's a pathway into medicaid.eligibility based on the child.and really the only piece that sds.handles is the.level of care determination for the idd.intellectual developmental disability.that's it can you speak a little bit of.what that level of care.consists of who who actually completes.it.we do have a qualified.qirp qualified intellectual.developmental disability specialists.basically.um through their education and.experience they're qualified to.uh administer something called an icap.an inventory for client agency planning.been around 25 plus years a little bit.archaic but is very proprietary so there.isn't.there are things that we can't change.like one of the questions to the people.that we interview that would be around.an individual.who is seeking level of care we.interview three individuals.at the icap and we one of the questions.they asked is would this person be able.to dial a rotary phone.well heck most 14 year olds couldn't.dial a rotary phone right now.maybe like what is that yeah but we.can't remove that question though.because it's a proprietary tool uh but.it basically it uh the icap.is administered to the three we call.them respondents one can be a parent or.an individual who lives every.every day 24 7 with this person the two.other people need to be very integral in.the person's life.a teacher that sees them you know more.more times than not.another a grandparent a sibling some.therapist is a good one um.all people that are looking to support.this person.and are familiar with their daily.supports because it's one thing for.me to say sure my 14 year old can go in.and they can make an after-school snack.or when they come home from school.i don't even get home for two hours all.i do is send him a list and says you.better do this your mom's gonna.strangle you right very different than.my friend.whose son is uh autistic.there's no way that he can go home by.himself.make an afternoon snack do the chores.that sort of thing.he needs that kind of care so when we.sit down and say.can your child feed themselves.her answer is yes my answer is yes hers.is different though.mine is go get it you're hungry there's.the kitchen.hers is okay i'll make you a sandwich i.will cut it up i will sit.sit right there and remind you to eat.the sandwich and not the other things on.the table because he also has pica and.he'll eat anything.that fits right um so the answer is.still yes but they're different so when.we go through the icap process we.identify.to the minutia what is that level of.difference it isn't just this broad.question it's.very detailed so that's uh the icap.determination which.then is scored and says whether or not.we have intellectual developmental.disability.determination some other things that.come into that are as the ddrc team.knows um.therapist notes other doctors they.visited with what are their official.diagnoses which.for young people change grow modify.that sort of thing and so keeping up.with that uh.i think especially for tephra heat.individuals.um keeping up with that growing how how.is this modifying you know nobody.grows through life the same way nobody.regardless of what your.diagnosis is all kids grow and.mature differently and all people with.autism grow and mature.differently or cerebral palsy or any of.that.another question.i think that pretty much covers that.part of just like the assessment of what.scs does.that's what we do and that's really.after these guys get involved right.yeah so.tefra is basically the form of medicaid.she was talking about um and it's.meant for families that you know they.travel some sort of diagnosis.that requires additional medical.supports than what a typical.aged peer would have right so maybe they.have cerebral palsy and so they have to.go to otp every week.and and oftentimes what i see is.families.because they're high enough income that.they don't qualify for family medicaid.more often than not they have their own.private insurance too i've got private.insurance through work.so medicaid becomes kind of a secondary.insurance for them.um and then because their child is going.to therapies.often or something maybe their private.insurance only covers.20 visits a year but their child has to.go you know every single week so 52.visits or more.right um and so it becomes a big.financial strain on families.um and so tephra ends up being that.secondary entrance so it picks up.all the remaining ones the private.insurance isn't covering anymore.so that's what i end up seeing a lot.from the families that i work with is.that they do have a private insurance.but they want this as a secondary.insurance.so that they have full kind of coverage.for their child.instead of only having one or the other.so with that we would get families.i think i don't know what you guys but i.know most of our families i think come.from doctor's office referrals.so what happens is you go to the doctor.and the the doctors are the ones that.are realizing like oh if your child has.some sort of diagnosis.that is going to require more support um.and so they're the ones that are saying.you should really consider tephra.and so people come to us like what is.tefra i know that is somebody told me to.get it i should.like how do how does this work um.and so i know most of the agencies i.think care coordination agencies.have some sort of breakdown that's a.pretty lengthy email or just breakdown.of what to expect with tephra.and how the process works and so really.there's.a pretty thorough packet which we have a.lot of the forms here.to apply to dpa first because you have.to do kind of that overall.medicaid eligibility for your child.and so it does break it down showing.that your child would qualify.and really you know none of the children.that i know at least have an income that.puts them over the medicaid limit.right um because even though as a family.maybe we have a house we have a car we.have a boat we have a whatever.my child doesn't have any of those.things i have those as the parent.right does child support count as their.income.the child no because that that is for.the care of them.but it's not like the check isn't being.written to that child for them to be.getting right.the only thing i've seen is when they.have a savings account.for the college fund which some of them.do and some of them do just have medical.concerns because um cena pretty much.just talked about the idd but there are.children who are psychiatric and they're.very um those are probably one of our.most challenging ones to get approved.but.if you have the paperwork to back it up.then it's helpful.um and then also critically medically.challenged children so.and they can go on that you know having.in college and going doing whatever they.want so.and sometimes they need those accounts.but the bank accounts that your child's.name is a part of too.that can become tricky um and so for.kids that we work with they end up.getting like trusts.set up instead of just a standard.savings account because the money that's.in the savings account with the child's.name associated.that does count against their medicaid.eligibility income.so we start out doing that dpa piece.make sure that eligibility is there and.that it's within that medicaid.income limit um and then once we get the.go ahead.dpa will send out a referral to whoever.the care coordinator is that might be.working with you already.as well as coma jeans imagine imagine.imagine.something yeah.you can write if you have a care.coordinator in mind then you can write.their information and the permission to.release.and submit that to dpa and then dpa.will have them in the system and will.send it they will fax it and email it.to the care coordinator so they'll know.when.it's it's being reviewed and yeah.and you'll be connected to the case and.they'll continue when everything has to.be turned in by.yeah and and more often than not you are.going to work with a care coordinator.first i mean at times there have been.people that have made it through that.first process.and then call us and we're like what.good job.yeah good job um so once that's been.established then we get the referral.and that's when we figure out as a care.coordinator which level of care type to.seek for your child right and so that's.where we'll ask quite a few questions.you say like.tell me a little bit about your child.what kind of diagnosis is going on.all this other stuff with the packet.you're submitting to.dpa i know our agency prefers to get a.copy of that.packet because really you are compiling.a lot of information for this package of.dpa some of it is school records some of.its medical records any evaluations your.child has had already.so you've already pulled together a lot.of information that's good for us.and so we do request a copy of that as.our agency.because then we can start pulling.information from there already and.hopefully answer some of the questions.we already have.right and so we do.we figure out level of care type and.then we simultaneously kind of.work on level of care and the plan of.care piece and really that plan of care.piece is just kind of an overall.generalization of what could your child.access through medicaid.right so what are all of the medicaid.services that are available for your.child.if they need that right so it's not.meant to be.like my child goes to ot so i'm only.listing out ot.i'm listing out all the different.therapy options all of the different.you know like eyeglasses ophthalmology.all about dental.anything that your child might access.throughout the year we're giving.we're putting that into the plan of care.because it's giving you that option.provided that you're doing a medicaid.provider and then it's something your.doctor is.recommending um so once we submit.the level of care piece which one type.of level of care is what cnn was talking.about that gets sent to the state.but there are two other types um.i in my opinion i don't think you need.to know what types they are really.because it's just a lot of information.and that's what the care coordinators.are for like.we know what types of level of care.there are so you just tell us kind of.about your child and we can help you.figure out which one might qualify.otherwise sometimes it's just too much.information so.you get the level of care the plan to.care we turn those into the appropriate.providers whether it's imagine or sds.and then just wait for the approval to.come back once that approval comes back.if your child is approved you're good.for one full year of service for.chefra um tephra is.that's kind of what we do we don't like.we don't see you all the time we just.talk to you during your renewal time.make sure things are going well see what.kind of updates you have medically for.your child.um if you have questions throughout the.year we'll answer questions and do stuff.like that but otherwise there's not a.lot of interaction between care.coordinator and tougher families.because it's not it's not really the.name of the game for what tefer is.providing you.um it's really meant to be more of just.that secondary kind of.insurance for your child specifically.i do know a lot of families that when.their child has some sort of medical.like extra medical things going on and.they have to fly out of state for.supports like maybe they have to fly to.seattle children's hospital.um that's a big area where families have.been super thankful to have tefra.because.that is such a big expenditure expense.on your family to have to go outside and.then maybe your private insurance isn't.covering that much of it.or even just the travel flights the.hotel you know all of that stuff or one.companion.and so if you want both you and your.husband or something to go then you do.have to cover your husband but.they will cover that correct the child.and then one companion person.with one escort are you hearing that.they're reigning that in.they're.and it was after the fact so i'm just.kind of waiting to see what's going.[Music].it back to me you on i know they always.say don't pay it until you get it.figured out but i didn't get it.okay so i don't i'm assuming that's.somewhere along the line.yeah and because there are intricacies.for sure between.like the doctor here that you're seeing.in alaska versus the doctor that you're.going to see and so they've got their.own paperwork that they've got to work.out and make sure that it.is saying the right things to get that.referral to go down.because it is expensive you know.everybody else play a part yeah so the.family that goes with every month or.every other month.every yeah yeah.it's at least seven times a year they.fly.and they they live in remote so they're.not within driving distance to anchorage.even so they have to.get a day of travel to anchorage and.then travel from anchorage to seattle.and that's all covered.by tefra so yeah well and it's.definitely meant to be a specific.to your child what their needs are and.their care.is that's requiring the extra medical.support.right and doctors also.can help a huge part in what their notes.say.and because i mean we've had sometimes.have families tell us like this is.currently what the medical situation is.and then you pull.the notes from all the appointments in.the last year and.the doctor is like oh yeah everything.looks great i'll just see him again in a.year.and then you have to get more records so.that you can show.like this is still an issue and this is.still an issue and.then it it's as sad as it is.it's like you have to justify the needs.and you can't really.hold your child up on this pedestal.they're doing great.everything's improving because you s.if they're not going to meet the level.of care.by talking or by.talking about what they can do that's.true.i do think that as parents we all do.that you know we all are like oh my.child is doing really awesome.but that's when you kind of like stop.them and slow down be like oh wait a.second i really am still doing all of.these things.even though we're not talking about it.right so maybe my child has improved.some and so like in my mind it's doing.really awesome like she's doing.great but when you break it down and.that's a lot of what the icap does too.is making sure that.it's not just like talking about all the.great things that my child has done.recently it's also talking about the.actual needs and what my child.how they're sitting at compared to an.age-appropriate peer.i think what's helped some parents is.they'll say.because you will you'll do four a lot.and you don't even think about it so.i'll just say on your child's worst day.without your help can they do this and.then i think thinking about it that way.has really been like oh.well no yeah but i can't do it because i.do it but i didn't even think about it.that way yeah right but that's how you.need to look at it.mm-hmm.yeah i have a question so what if like.on the plan of care if you don't list.braces or travel out of state but it.comes up unexpectedly is that something.that needs amended are they looking that.specifically for.tefra the planet care and tephra and the.plan of cares for the medicaid.wave like home and community-based.waivers the tef for a planet care is.more like.a generic document that it's like these.things.could happen but they won't necessarily.and even there's a cost sheet where.for travel you don't put a dollar amount.you can either put there's none planned.in the next year or you just put x for.the dollar amount or the num i guess.number of trips sometimes.say you did not put the x on the travel.but it comes up unexpectedly.it still should be available yeah i have.i've had it where um the parents didn't.think that they were going to be.traveling and then they ended up having.to go down and travel and they were.still able to.learn once they qualify a blanket.yeah okay there should be things that.tefra covers like the number of.appointments with.certain specialists and then just like.any insurance and things that it doesn't.and it shouldn't just be.if it was listed that it's covered it.should just be covered and then if it's.needed.it's covered because it's what we're.doing.as the tephra coordinator is we're just.making sure that you have this.availability.but then really it's coming down to the.doctor to justify.why they're sending a referral for.something or why so it's the doctor.proving that yes this person has.cerebral palsy so they need to go to.physical therapy they need to go to.occupational therapy.it's not that us as care coordinators.need to write it into the support plan.um it's just ours it's kind of just a.generalization saying like here are all.of the things that you could access.through medicaid.but not that you will access your.medicaid this year.that makes sense yeah i think.i'm sorry would that be something that.you would do like at the beginning and.say if i'm a new parent.um trying to get tougher and we go to.fill out this application.that will be our beginning stage with.the care coordinator.of filling out all the documents and if.like say within three to four months.something else different comes up we.come back to you guys and.say we need something else or or would.that.be it's already once the camera is.approved.the doctor like if they need speech.therapy services.then the doctor would have to do a.referral for that the care coordinator.is really only needed for.the renewal and then if you have any.questions.about the renewal that's what i was.trying to ask.but throughout the year that say their.medicaid was cut off.and so then we usually have to start we.generally have nothing.if if the tephra level of care approval.was done.then it's nothing from the care.coordinator it's.gotta be something something wrong yeah.a lot of your switches and some kind of.health effects so i mean there are.questions throughout the year families.will say like hey this just happened can.you help me with this.and more often than not like we provide.resources and say here's how to.kind of move forward and fix things if.there's something going on or if you.have a question.we can help you kind of figure out who.to talk to who to ask.but we in my experience i have yet to.have a tephra family that needed.me to be the one doing a lot of stuff.because more often than not what tephra.is helping them with is getting their.medical coverage and so.when they're asking questions they're.asking their doctor they're asking their.therapist they're asking their.you know something like that it's not.usually me like even though.i might get calls but then i would say.hey we should really talk to your.therapist about them and you know your.pt's the one that would know.how often you should be going you know.um.it so it's it seems kind.of tricky but it's it's really not so um.you can definitely reach out to your.care coordinator if you have questions.but we would be then rerouting and.saying oh really i think that's the.doctor question like they should be.sending a referral for you because we.can't you know we can't write referrals.for medical providers.and the only reason i'm asking these.questions we kind of went through this.some years ago.and we i have a grandson that's autistic.we had to tell for application got it.from dpa no one could tell us.where to begin so how would a person.know where to begin with a tougher.application.they get the application and then do.what has the list of care coordinators.that.take tephra and tefra is different from.the home and community-based waivers.how would they know that care.coordinators are prohibited.from soliciting so they can't.if they see someone who they know has a.disability they can't approach that.person.and say i offer care coordination.services because.number one they could have a care.coordinator already or maybe they're.doing fine and they don't need services.and you're offering services that they.don't need thinking.that they care coordinators have to be.contacted by families.or have referrals put out.from other people to contact them so.either therapist has to.let a family know a doctor has to let a.family know stone soup group.the schools surprisingly know very.little.absolutely absolutely and what i did.was even at dpa dpa did not know.to say contact the care coordinator or.contact such and such so how can.that part be helped because normally.when you need medicaid.either you're on regular medicaid and.now you find your.regular medicaid do not cover speech ot.whatever else service and then they say.oh you may need tepher.but you go to try to fill out tephra and.you're like.uh duh how what.and doing that no one is saying here's.hell.here's who to call i would say that.stone soup group would probably be you.and i'm not just saying that being in.stone super but that's kind of where the.uh the assistance with finding a care.coordinator that is then.apart from everything else would be.where we would start so if i have a.family come in and they say hey this is.what's going on.i tried applying for medicaid i'm not.sure what's available out there.then that's where ddrc would step in and.say well hey have you thought about.tepra do you know about this let's.contact some care coordinators together.um and really kind of dive deeper into.what i think.dpa is aware of when it comes to.applying for anything that's.developmental disability related.[Music].um i'd really like to hear more about.i mean we can talk about developmental.disability uh.quite a lot but you mentioned the two.other levels of care.facility level of care and intermediate.psychiatric hospital level.right right yeah i'd like to know more.about that because i really think.um and i've been with the state doing.this for about 10 years i've been all.over the state.lived all over the state um i really.think that's an untouched people don't.know what to do where to go for help.um and eventually i mean you hear things.like stone soup you hear things like.adrc or ddrc.yeah to a parent that's like one of the.acronyms yeah it's a lot of acronyms.it's really government.no kidding my husband's a retired army.officer we talk about what poc means a.lot.that's why i did i advocated for that.big time.come on some support plans please um.yeah tell me more about uh how a family.with a young child.maybe under two years old a year old.when do they say i need help i mean you.mentioned doctor's offices our doctor.well yeah and i've had diagnosis.i think a lot of you are very lucky the.care coordination agencies.sending so many requests for tephras.to these doctors because before it was.only like the two care coordinators in.the state.and now there's multiple agencies and.their.doctors offices are constantly getting.contacted so that i think.we've had referrals because doctors have.been contacted by us so much.and they've seen the requests for.information for tephra.that they have just told families we.know they do it so give them a call.and they'd appreciate yeah and i i think.what josh is saying too is that it's.there's not one easy way for families to.know that they should apply for tougher.because how can you know to apply for.something you have no idea.what it is and so it's the idea that.we're making sure that.all of the doctors and people that.they're seeing early on are the ones.that know about tephra that they're the.ones that are saying like oh maybe you.should do a tephra.and there have been a handful of times.where i've gotten calls from families.and i just go through my screening.questions with them.and i'm like oh you don't even qualify.for tougher because you already have.delicate care.exactly it's the same thing but it's.because the doctor was like oh maybe you.should get tougher there's other people.that are doing tephra.um but really it's the same level of.coverage that you would get with denali.kid care.so if the family isn't already a family.based income.health vacation so if you can qualify.for denial or for denali kid care.instead of tephra it's a better way.because tephra there's so much paperwork.involved.and it takes a lot more time.you may transition.because it keeps the family's income.capped.and we shouldn't have families capping.their income.quality if they already be there most.people qualify for temper based on their.income most working families or.like that i mean yeah it doesn't look at.the family.right yeah and really.when you're doing the yellow packet or.the gen.72 from dpa.the initial application it's the same.for everything from.food stamps to public assistance.and so when you're filling it out.doing tephra you're filling everything.out as if your child.is the one answering all the questions.for themselves.so when it asks about their employment.if your child doesn't have a job you say.they don't have a job.if it asks about mortgage car payments.all that if they don't have it then you.answer no.but then there are things that you do.need to list.like people in the household you can.list but you.only need to list the child's social.security number nobody else is in the.house.and then anyone's been convicted like.somebody i don't even know.if that matters because it's based off.of just the child.so in um.health insurance if there is health.insurance available to the child then.that does need to be listed on there.so on that if they add the care.coordinator is somebody who.information can be released on this.conversation.there's the permission to release.information you can list a care.coordinator there.or i think it was the med.there was a spot up in the corner.coordinator but.that will get dpa to fax.the n140b which is a coupon basically.telling the care coordinator that the.application's been accepted.and it's being reviewed and that you can.go ahead and start your portion.and then comagine health will also get.the same.coupon or an email from dpa saying that.they've received it and that this is a.care coordination agency.and then comadja will reach out and ask.what level of care type.you're seeking for them and if they've.already.filled out all of this paperwork and.sent in the application.and they gave the care coordinator a.copy then the care coordinator can.already get the ball rolling on.all of the paperwork that they need and.it's a 90-day window.from when all this stuff is turned into.dpa and they.accept it to when everything is supposed.to be.completed so if they've listed the care.coordinator there then.six months later if medicaid stops.working will they speak to the care.coordinator.no the epa generally does not reach out.okay and let's say we've seen that it's.only on the initial applications that.we're connected to the client and then.other than that like if we're getting a.transfer yeah we generally don't get.mails like dpa doesn't even know no.so care coordinators you have to track.the renewal tougher renewal yeah.yourself because they don't like that.now so imagine.sends us when we get the renewal they.send us.or the approval it's a one-page.document that has the month because it.goes.month to month not specific day so it'll.just be like.may of this year to may of next year and.then.they can continue to be on tephra until.the end of the month of their 19th.birthday.so if their birthday is in november then.the last day of november.after they turn 19 they have to.transition to adult medicaid or.a medicaid waiver if that's the option.that they want to take.yeah and sorry go ahead.the adult medicaid does not have a care.coordinator adult medicaid is just.them as an adult applying based on their.income yeah.so if they don't if they can't work or.they don't work or.they have a job that doesn't make over.the income requirement then they can.just apply for adult medicaid.yes as an adult.a lot of parents say to apply for ssi.before they're an adult.because it's so much harder once they're.an adult yeah yes.okay actually i just got a message today.from a parent that.went to the ssi office and said uh they.had told her to do it about two months.before 18.so at least try to start working on.setting up that appointment.um and uh yeah they set her up and she's.got it set up bring in paperwork and.they'll help him process that.and guardianship.[Music].is the best list of what's available for.the families that cost sheet.to know what they could be requesting no.there's a medicaid recipient handbook.that okay i'm not sure if you can pick.one up at.a dpa office just walk in and if they.have them available.but it's about i want to say 70 pages i.think it's online.oh it is there isn't there is a pdf.online that i couldn't even tell you.where to go to find it.um dpa web media maybe just google.media alaska medicaid recipient.um when it pertains to you it actually.is yeah.yeah because i've tried to look through.it and find information that i didn't.know the answer to before.and yeah you look through it you're like.i didn't know we could do that.okay we're doing that.i have a question about tephra and.reimbursement.so if you have a family that goes and.applies.for tephra and then three months later.is approved.my understanding is that it will not.back pay any appointments that were.in the initial application they can.request up to three months.but there's not anything more not.anymore not anymore wallace is no longer.doing it so they won't do any.retroactive.i take that back okay but it should be.from.the date that the application is.submitted yeah do not pay any doctor.bills.and then they should back be able to.back bill medicaid because.the medicaid should go back to the date.the application was submitted.so and it's even for that whole month of.support so let's say.september 15 family turns in their.application.they have their interview the next week.if they end up being approved even if.it's december by the time the approval.comes through.medicaid will back date all the way to.september because that's when the.application is submitted.in previous years and up until just a.few months ago.there used to be the option to do.retroactive and so if a family turned it.in in september they could say yes i.already have some outstanding bills i.need paid.they would go up to three months before.that so they'd have come to june.they no longer can do that because the.provider that was willing to do the back.date.retroactive level of care is no longer.doing it so we can't.we can't ask that anymore so it's just.up until the month.that you submitted your packet for as.long as the bank account's correct.and do we know is medicaid or denali.care kind of doing.the same thing is that.so it's all medicaid it's just one big.umbrella of medicaid you just have.different pools of kind of fun.there's an umbrella yeah like it's all.the same coverage.which is why if a family calls me and.says like oh we already have you know.kid karen like just stay on it.it's not anything much easier to qualify.because you only have to do the yellow.packet and give bank statements instead.of.the yellow packet bank statements all of.this paperwork here.and then all of the paperwork the care.coordinator needs signed mm-hmm.so if they already qualify for denali.kid care even if somebody was like oh.you should apply for tef.i still tell them i recommend you don't.because you already qualify.if your income changes like now your.husband got a job and it's a better.paying job you're no longer.in that income qualification definitely.reach back out i'm happy to help you.but there's no point in the family going.through additional work and additional.stress to have to do all the tephra.paperwork and the tougher.application when they're already getting.the same level of.it's not going to give them any any idea.it's the same exact insurance coverage.it's just how you qualify.

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