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The Information Guidance for Certified Guiding Lion Quarterly Report Form Lions Clubs Lionsclubs

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Guide of Certified Guiding Lion Quarterly Report Form Lions Clubs Lionsclubs

hi this is line Shawn for a this is.lying Keith Pennell and we're going to.present to you Lions of tomorrow we gave.this presentation at the 2012 leadership.development seminar for district 8 s.here in New Orleans Louisiana and we.thought that this would be helpful to.not only lines in our district but in.other districts as well so we're going.to show you a little bit about what you.can do with regards to technology in and.using it for your Lions Club yeah it'll.basically cover all your paperwork.reports for lions international your.local club business your minutes or.stuff like that how to address social.media through your clubs and we'd like.to review it for you all right so for.starters as lions clubs org as you.should be aware this is LC eyes ultimate.web presence on lions club or you can.submit monthly club reports and you are.coming to the time when lines are.national may actually stop receiving.paper copies of reports you know we're.seeing everything going green 2 where.everything is done via email a lot of.people don't receive their bills be the.mail anymore and you know we're kind of.seeing on the forefront within the next.year to possibly that lines.international may go all online in here.this morning just like you do in some of.your major cities you see in.publications newspapers stuff like that.starting to stop.done online now same thing here ordering.your lines of the year awards any type.of awards that you might want to give.out any paperwork that you need you'll.be able to go right online and take care.of it no more having to send in your.envelopes water stuff get it back so.this will save you a lot of time in the.long run as well so as Keith had.mentioned we are seeing paperless news.media here in New Orleans within the.past week the times-picayune went to a.three-day print and you know they're.moving more to using things like iPads.and laptops and internet ready tvs you.know tablet computers you know that that.would be things like iPads and droid.pads maybe even the Kindle devices you.know and we're starting to even see it.with regards to lines club news I'm I'm.getting emails from Lions Club.International on pretty much a daily.semi daily basis giving news of good.things that clubs have done across the.world and you know new edicts of the the.president's things of that nature so you.know I'm even seeing those lines.magazines that you know we've all been.getting in the mail for years and years.and years you know there's a good chance.that we may even see those going to a.strictly website for.yeah and you can tell Lions.International is using this a lot.because as Sean said I'm getting quite a.few emails myself I get all types of.publications and upcoming events they.use it to spread the word about the.things that other people may want to be.interested in so even other online type.of things out of the clubs are doing so.yeah it's definitely the wave of the.future at this time we're going to show.you how to use lines internationals.website let's see I have it pulled up.here in order to submit your reports up.top here you see submit reports you.click there and depending on what kind.of Club you are in my clubs case we are.a Lions Club not a Leo Club so we would.click here at the lines officers.and I've set up an email or an account.with them if you've never logged in.before you can simply click down here.new user and they'll ask you for your.member number and you know the verify to.make sure that you're not just some kind.of a computer putting in random numbers.and once you click Submit on there you.would simply set up an account and you.would set it up to whatever you use a.name you would like it to be whether it.be your name or maybe have an online.handle that you use you know a cutesy.name that you might have for your your.email address so on and so forth so I'm.going to go ahead and log in here.and I am my club secretary at this time.so I'm simply going to click continue.here.there is a drop-down box on here the.president he remember whatever.authorization you have you just drop the.drop-down box and that will take you to.remember your physician asst and the.first report that you need to do is your.membership so you would click on.membership up here and brings up this.screen select a reporting month in this.case I am reporting for September and.this month unfortunately my club didn't.add any members but we didn't drop any.members with transfer any members either.if you did need to handle with a.transferring a member in or adding a new.member you would click the applicable.link here in my case my club had no.membership activity so click this right.here and my membership is now updated.with lines international the next up.portion of it would be your activities.you want to let lions international know.about your activities so I'm going to.make sure that I'm selected with.September and add new with lot with the.report page you can click signature.activities maybe every month you're a.Lions Club does a food drive or sits.with the elderly or you know volunteers.at a library you know you can create a.signature event by clicking add new and.you would fill out a couple spots here.and if you're not sure about any of what.they're looking for exactly you can see.the little question mark here and if you.click on it it should tell you what.exactly they're looking for right it.also saves you month the month from.having to go back and retype everything.so.the advantage of setting that up right.so let's see I'm going to click cancel.because I actually don't have a new.activity to create but i am going to.report.let's see.oh it looks like lions international.might be having some problems at this.time so we'll create an addendum video.to show how you can creat how you can.update your reports on bonds.international behind this video we.apologize for that yep but some of the.other aspects there's the Lions Club app.which if you have an iPhone or an iPad.or one of the droid phones or you know a.droid tablet you can get a lines club.app that gives you direct connections.two lines internationals YouTube their.Twitter their Facebook the website.itself the president's blog and you can.also see some of the locations where.lines might have things close to you.it's a real and it's a free app I know.that the Lions Clubs International have.been using the apps even for USA Canada.forum and for the international.convention they created a program guide.you know many of you when you go to your.you know your multiple district.conventions or to USA Canada forum you.know you get a paper program that shows.you the schedule of events and map of.where things are going on you know they.they move to using an iphone application.right you just carry your phone with you.anyway so now you have it all right.there it's also a good way to follow.projects that you wouldn't normally not.attend for lions international you can.see what's going on like the.international convention that was held.in Korea this past year a lot of people.got to follow what was going on through.the Lions app there were quite a few.postings that for myself I didn't get to.go so it was pretty neat.and if I remember correctly weren't they.showing a like liveing live streaming.video of like when the president gave is.yep the parades and stuff like that yeah.so let's see um one of the big things.that we can't encourage more is to get.your club on the web when we say getting.your club on the web um you know that.means get your club a website you can.get a free website we're updating it is.literally as simple as answering a few.questions on a form just like we did.when we were adding the signature events.on lines international if you know.literally just ask you a series of.questions and you fill in with it and.click Submit and you've updated your.page you can get that actually it's i'm.pretty sure that it's through Lions.Clubs International eclub house if you.do a search on any of your your web.browser you know your web search engines.for e Clubhouse Lions Club and it should.be the very first one to show up.or if you have someone in your club that.maybe they're uh you know a computer.techie guy you know such as myself or.Keith you know maybe you could approach.them and see if they might be able to.help with creating a website for your.club we're going to show you an example.of a club website here on this is a.private Lee made club website for our.club University Park lines here in.Kenner Louisiana we're using a program.called WordPress and to get a domain.which is when you hear the google com or.ford.com coca-cola com that blank com is.a domain name and since you're a.nonprofit organization you can always.get you know for example our website is.uplc Lions dot org and we have it.forwarding over to our district site.where we're hosted with our district.right and we're using the word press.which gives you the opportunity to add.simple things like a calendar.here's our calendar let's solve your.club officers you can show your.fundraisers one that we recently had was.a golf tournament where people were able.to register and pay for their.registration via paypal and we're even.moving more to a online newsletter it's.a newsletter and advertisement people.that we guide them towards our website.everything that they need to know is.right there and we try to post stories.not only from our club directly but also.district news as well that may be.pertinent to members of our club another.as we mentioned the e Clubhouse.club house org OOP.they keep her to see instead of an S.and here you can I'm actually not the.webmaster for this website but for.instance you can see other e clubhouses.and here's a list of all of the lines.clubs across the world which have.websites with the clubhouse my.here's our clubs eclub out of sight and.you can see it also gives you the.opportunity to do things like a calendar.it has very similar advantages just like.our private website does and yes so you.know you can take advantage of this II.clubhouse where it's a free site and you.can even get your domain name and have.it forward to your e Clubhouse site that.way you can put on advertisements for.fundraisers that your club may do be.doing or even in stories within the.newspaper where they discuss service.projects that your club is done you can.have them put links to your website too.where they may be able to see more.pictures more you know a more detailed.story about your your father is a.ricotta site because you're really.appetizing to other Lions as well yeah.you have the opportunity to see what.other clubs are doing the club's that.you know members of or in your district.or in your state or people you may have.met at a an international type function.and you want to see what their clubs are.doing so this is a really good website.to use.another thing very similar to e.Clubhouse we had mentioned that the.program that we use is wordpress.wordpress com is actually a blog site.blog being an online journal and you can.put your Lions Club on there it may not.have as many features being just a.wordpress blog site but you'd be.surprised with some of the plugins that.you can handwrite you can up within that.site as well one of the goals actually.for the year more us is that I get every.club with in my local district district.8 s to have a web presence again whether.it be an e Clubhouse site or a you know.a quote-unquote professional site for.those of y'all that are wondering i am.the information technology chair for my.district so that's why I strive to get.every club with in my district active on.the on the internet social networking a.lot of y'all may have heard some of the.the questions about social networking.you know while you're watching.television you may see references to.things like Twitter and Facebook and.LinkedIn Google+ Instagram every.commercial you see now will lead you to.one of these yes so that's where you'll.you'll notice it quite a bit and it's.actually good though it's a good thing.yeah what social networking is it's.using the internet to connect people.with either common interests whether it.be just people who are both in Lions.Club not necessarily within the same.Club or even the same district or state.um you know you can connect with.old friends and current friends and see.what they're doing as time you know when.they may be hitting life goals like.buying a house or getting a new car.maybe Jonah a great trip or having a.first child getting married well on the.same note clubs and businesses can do.the same with the social networks to.where they can connect out and people.who may have interest in those clubs can.follow them or like them um and see some.of the great projects that they're doing.and you can also add your members as.people who can update that club social.network so that everybody is updating.and as your your club shares the.information using that social network.everyone you know everyone can see it.and it helps expand and let everyone.within your community know some of the.great things that lines do on a.day-to-day basis and most of you who.probably have mobile devices have used.some of these programs so it's a good.way to get your club members involved.and using Facebook especially Twitter.the more common ones will definitely aid.you in a lot of getting your media out.there and getting your message and a lot.of your information.so social networking to give you an idea.how many people out there use social.networking Facebook alone has over two.hundred and twenty two million users in.America alone worldwide over 700 million.users twitter has over a hundred and.forty million users 20 million users are.on foursquare 160 million are on.linkedin you know using social.networking is becoming quickly though.thing to do online because of the.ability to connect up with friends and.bands that you may have interest in or.companies that you like to support.co-workers things of that nature you.know some of the large demographics.you'll notice that I have mentioned here.are 12 to 18 year olds which is perfect.for Leo clubs and 18 to 34 year olds so.one of the things that we constantly.hear about membership is that we need to.get young new members in mainly because.you know not to talk bad about older.people but you know a lot of the older.folks they can't do some of the.community service projects for instance.one of the projects that my club.recently did was a building a playground.a lot of the younger members were able.to help out with that project where some.more elderly were more able to help out.in a supportive kind of way so you know.we here try and get new fresh members in.social networking is the way to do that.it's also a good way to get numbers not.just to yeah you know just to.acknowledge what your clubs are doing to.each other but it's also a good way to.put your club out there advertise and.hopefully you'll pick up a member or too.familiar so Facebook as we mentioned not.only you but your club can have a.presence on Facebook you can use that to.create an event for meetings do a post.about fundraisers maybe service projects.and you can share it with all of your.friends not just your Lions Club friends.but you know possibly your you know your.golf buddies or you know people who.you're friends with that you know may be.interested in coming to a dinner that.your comfort that your Lions Club is.holding or you know a golf tournament or.about golf tournament earlier yeah.picking up several teams just by.advertising on Facebook any kind of you.know our friends shared our tournament.with their friends and their friends and.their friends and we end.at either three or four teams I don't.remember exactly but we picked them.quite a few number you know people to.play in our golf tournament just through.advertising from facebook so it was.really nice and one of the bonuses to.use in things like Facebook is that by.sharing it with people literally it.takes the click of a button as opposed.to the old Tom days where you would.physically pick up the phone and call.all the people in your phone book and.invite you know invite them to an event.or you know invite them to a wedding or.a perfect example yeah a times you gotta.sit and you would make sure every.wedding invitation was sealed perfectly.you know now you just make a nice.beautiful presentation on your computer.and you can send it out to everyone via.facebook twitter email so it's the way.to go.and with Facebook some of the things you.may be asking well what exactly besides.creating uh you know a reminder to show.our body when the meeting is what other.things going to do well you can post.pictures of your club in action you know.you can post news about your club maybe.your club won a prestigious award within.your district or some Lions Club.International may be a member of your.club has some big news you can use your.clubs Facebook to let all of your.members know these important you have.these important details and keep.everybody in the loop as to what's going.on we're going to take a second here and.show you on facebook how to create a fan.page this is the University Park fan.page I'm going to come to my main page.promise en.ok.mom to create a new page what you do is.okay we're here on the main page.and on underneath here you saw where I.posted i clicked on like pages and it.shows a list of all the different pages.that may be interesting to me based off.of some of the things that I may have.mentioned that I like or what have you.or similar pages to what I've what I've.already liked and you can click create.your own and in the case of a Lions Club.I'd say it's safe to say it's the.company or organization or institution.then we would click nonprofit.organization and you would type in your.club name here and you would click I.agree with regards to this.Park and here it would ask you a few.different things about your club and you.would give a brief description as to who.your club is you know maybe here you.would mention when you meet the areas.that you that your club supports per se.right so that when people come to your.page don't know exactly what type of.organization you are when you meet is it.something I want to attend does it work.well for my schedule so it's a good.place to really get your information out.there and here's where you would click.your update a profile picture for.instance our lines club we just use the.lines international logo which you can.get from searching on google or if you.go to the lines website i believe within.the paid somewhere you'll see web media.to where you can download that file.there'll be quite a few cliparts that.you can choose from so we're going to go.to my actual lines club page and all I.will close that other page after this.presentation well here you can put you.can update your cover page or your cover.which is this large picture here you can.click Change cover you can choose from.your photos or you can upload a photo.this choose from your.photos would be pictures that you may.have already posted onto your Lions Club.page and on a regular basis you know.some of the things that you would put.would be please remember to come to our.CEP training meeting on Wednesday.October 1717 2012 at Delta Lions home.cep is club excellence process which.challenges your club to ensure that your.projects in the community match the.community's needs.it also helps your club make plans to.excel then all facets of operation.FAS CITS FAS CITS it might be FAC SI es.unfortunately uh we're having a weird.facets yes but we'll leave that as a.misspelling we can always go back and.correct it later.and.it is posted.now everyone in our club Kingdom when.they check our site to see what's up.coming they'll see that and hopefully no.one will miss our meeting this one.because it is an important meeting and.we want everyone to know about.we'll plug it didn't post it.so.okay Facebook claims have posted it in.this page.from now there it is and there's our.update on the same note we could have.posted a photo or video and you know you.can use a webcam if you have a taxi.computer or right here you can create an.event as we were talking about you know.creating events for your your meetings.milestones so you can say if let's say.your clubs anniversary is this month you.click milestone and show what that uh.that special milestone was questions.let's say you have a poll of things that.you wanted to ask your new members you.know maybe you wanted to ask your.members you know should we change.meeting night.and you can add options.using mobile devices you want to make.sure that all of your different members.have access to your Facebook account.that way let's say you couldn't make it.to a function they had previous.engagements but you know for instance.line and Keith and I are in the same.Club let's say lion Keith couldn't make.it to our next our next service project.but I could well with both of us having.an iphone I would be able to update with.a picture showing hey we helped out it.XYZ service project and show pictures of.our lines there or if iceberg excuse me.if vice versa if lion Keith could make.it and I couldn't he would be able to.update and you would use with the iphone.I know that there's a separate app.called the pages app for facebook where.you can control your your Lions Club.facebook account.and you will need to use this a lot it's.a great tool.twitter twitter is another big social.network where what it does is it allows.you to cut to the chase you're able to.give a brief synopsis of what happened.or add a picture with a which would be.attached via a link and the thing that's.special with twitter is you're limited.to only a hundred and forty characters.so each one of these letters here that.you see in this war this sentence counts.as a character including each space so.it makes you really be direct direct.went to the point using facebooking to.collect you can connect with fellow.clubs friends celebrities bands and.companies here we have an exam a couple.examples of different things that you.can connect with at a plus K that's.Ashton Kutcher the movie celebrity at.Barack Obama is obviously the president.of the United States at Lions Clubs org.that's lines international at Jimmy.Buffett that would be Jimmy Buffett the.singer at drew brees that's New Orleans.is a pride and joy quarterback at wwl-tv.that's the local news one of the local.news channels here in New Orleans and at.uplc Lions that's our club.using Twitter one of the big things that.you'll see is you'll see people using.what they call hashtags where it starts.with a number sign and then a word what.that does is it helps categorize your.posts you know for instance if you're.talking about lions club you could use.something like hashtag Lions Club when.you're doing your post or maybe you're.trying to respond or direct a post to a.certain user you can mention at user you.know changing in the user here for.exactly username and like we saw in the.previous slide at a plus K if you were.send a message directly to Ashton.Kutcher when people use a common hashtag.it's referred to as a trending topic um.you know during lines convention one of.the big ones that you saw was you know.hashtag Lions Club hashtag Korea Lions.you know Darren uh television shows a.lot of times you may see you know a.certain star of the show's name trending.during that time period it's a you know.a lot of people are updating using their.cell phones and their mobile devices so.they're doing it on the fly right a.prominent sample was always changing yet.during the Olympics there was it was.just a easy way to follow everything.that was going on you know that's.something where you have people from all.over the world following everyone that.was there at the Olympics so that was.really neat here's an example of a good.tweet having fun at hashtag Lions Club.leadership seminar with at uplc lions.and at the end you see this.a web address which means that we had.added a picture and when we posted this.it was actually uh during our leadership.seminar and it was a picture that we had.posted of I think lining keith and i.standing in front of our presentation.about to give it a lot of smartphones.are integrated actually with twitter now.i think about the i know within the the.iphone applicator software one of the.things when you take a picture and you.click on options with that picture one.of them is uh tweet this pic you know.with the new updates now one of them is.to update it to facebook so we're going.to show you a quick little demonstration.of what a Twitter page looks like this.is what it looks like straight up when.we go into the University Park lines.profile page and your web address on.twitter is twitter.com slash your.username and you can see here some of.the updates that we have put with our.Lions Club where we're reminding people.to show up to our bingo tournaments or.our bingo games our golf tournament you.know when the newsletter comes out.reminders about meetings a lot of times.we'll put pictures up on our Facebook I.mean on our Twitter so it's a you know.again a real good way to see what's.going on and here i can click on home.and home actually shows some of the.people that we're following right now.you can see some of the updates from.lions international here um.let's see we have a lot of the ones that.we have are from lines international.arms international very active with the.social media networks and here's another.example of the Lions Champions of Change.share work and this I can this goes.actually to the lines international blog.page and where they have pictures of the.seminar that was given.another one that's starting up that.you're starting to hear a lot of people.using it's called Instagram a lot of.people have dubbed it as Twitter for.pictures but I say that's quite an.understatement what it is it's an.application for smartphone where you can.take a picture and there's certain.things that you can do to the picture to.where it adds a special haze to it maybe.or makes it into black and white you.know it does a variety of changes to the.picture to wear it it looks like a.classically made picture and you can.update it with tags just like on Twitter.so for instance you can use things like.hashtag Lions Club hashtag Lions hashtag.nola hashtag community name hashtag nola.for those of y'all not from New Orleans.that's a shortcut for New Orleans.Louisiana so you know maybe you're doing.a chat a charity event you know to where.your for instance at our golf tournament.you know I put a hashtag golf and within.that description we also mentioned you.know that it was for the University Park.line so people may not been going to our.golf tournament that day but when they.go into Instagram and they might look up.the you know pictures related to Gulf.they've been might see ours right it was.really helpful from numbers who couldn't.be there and they were able to kind of.follow.we had a great time and that was our way.of sharing it with our members linkedin.linkedin is very similar to facebook but.it's a as far as i am aware linkedin.isn't you can't make a a organization.page per se but it's a great way to.network with other people who may have.lines listed within their their quote.unquote resume LinkedIn is kind of like.a giant resume website too where people.with common who may have worked together.or who have common career skills can.connect together.foursquare foursquare is a.location-based social network again this.one is for iphones and droids and you.know your your mobile phones where you.connect up by checking in at different.places so for instance today I went to.the grocery store I could check in to.the grocery store and see when and I.might be able to put a comment for.instance here in this little picture it.may be hard to read you can see where.they checked in at a pizzeria and the.people are giving recommendations of.pizzas to try or you know maybe specials.that you can mention a good thing to do.with foursquare is if you check when you.check into your club meetings or you.check in to service projects or.fundraisers you can mention I'm here.doing such and such lines glove work and.with Foursquare you can connect up with.you can connect it up with your Twitter.or your Facebook so it would post that.update to your it's going to spread it.out amongst all yeah social media.haven't.and one of the things that's interesting.with foursquare is with the different.check in places that you do you can earn.badges for instance you know we we.mentioned our golf tournament earlier.you know Keith and I are avid golfers so.if you were to check in at all the.different golf courses you can earn a.badge thats related to golf a lot of.cities have ones where it's kind of like.a scavenger hunt you have to go to go.and visit different destinations in.order to earn their badge you can check.in it places multiple times and the.person with the most check ins to a.place they refer to them as the mayor.you know kind of like uh you know you'd.expect the person who's checked in to.maybe a dance club the most that they.know a lot of the people you know they.might be able to acclimate you in and.you know introduce you to two people.show you the you know the good places to.dance or the the popular dances what.have you it's really helpful during like.restaurants and stuff yeah you know if.you're looking for a place to go eat if.you're looking for a specific steakhouse.or something like that you can always.check foursquare and one of the things.that's also good with foursquare is I.know everybody's always trying to save a.dollar there's a lot of companies that.work with Foursquare to where if you.check in at their place and you show.them your check-in they'll give you some.kind of a discount freons yeah free.desserts free appetizers maybe a free.cocktail or a free beverage maybe a.couple dollars off on something you know.a lot of them they give you some kind of.a bonus so you know even if you're.looking for you know that uh that cost.conscientious way foursquare maybe for.you.google+ this one's a pretty new as well.um it's very similar to Facebook to.where it allows you to use your google.account when you go to google.com or if.you have a gmail account gmail being.there their email service you can.connect again with friends and all of.your different contacts to see what's.going on with them and it has a lot of.plugins into that site to where it has a.calendar and one of the cool features.which I actually got to try out during a.recent storm is I was able to use the.Hangout feature which allows several.people to gather together and do a video.chat this may be helpful to your club if.you know maybe there's a snow in or you.know in the case down here you know we.were dealing with a tropical storm or.hurricane that was coming through at the.time so we were all kind of cooped up it.allows you to connect up with up to like.15 or 16 people at one time so it's a.great little bonus to try out um let's.see i will give y'all brief.demonstration of google here google com.okay it sees that i'm already clocked.into it so i'm going to click the plus.here and here's my list of all my.different friends with it being the.election season you can see that a lot.of people are updating information.related to the elections the Hangout.function is actually down here if you.click more.there's to hang out and you would start.a hanging out right here if you were.looking to actually do an online meeting.you know one of the ways that we've also.heard a lot of clubs starting to go is.doing online meetings because of you.know people's busy schedules it may be.difficult to get everybody into the same.room at the same time so using things.like you know Google hangout you can.possibly do a brief board meeting or you.know a small committee meeting it's also.another good way which we were almost.forced to use it this week as if you.have a board meeting and you don't have.a quorum and you have something that.needs to be voted on you could always.have one or two or however many members.sign on digitally and they can vote.right there on a actual live broadcast.even though they were unable to actually.be in the building um so we're you know.we've seen a lot of the social media.ways to go about things there's also.besides social networking we have social.media things like youtube hulu google.has a video section you're seeing a lot.more people going to an online medium to.present their their stories and you know.even to get a.get noticed for instance the singer.justin bieber you know he really was.literally from youtube that was how he.got noticed was by having a youtube.channel where he was singing his songs.and I guess so many people like them.that it you know a record company or.whatever picked up on him yet was.actually uh sure that saw his video of.him doing one of his songs and that's.how he became so famous.another one is ready I don't know if we.address that one but reddit has become.really popular yes.and it's basically you putting your.videos of whenever you feel that's.interesting and people from all over can.go in and look at and when they're.scrolling through all the menus they may.see your video and that's the same thing.as YouTube we both use YouTube quite a.bit especially for the music and stuff.like that that we followed and lines.international has posted videos on.YouTube that we've been able to watch.without having to go all the way to.Akron Ohio so it's it's a really.interesting media now one of the other.things that we see is that we mentioned.here is podcasts which both line Keith.and myself do our own podcasts and what.a podcast is it's a downloadable and.streaming radio show one of the best.ways that I always explain to somebody.is you know you may listen to a Rush.Limbaugh or you know a coast-to-coast or.you know uh you know any random you know.talk radio show maybe like the morning.Drivetime radio Howard Stern yeah you.know how often is do you get to the.location where you're going and they may.be in the middle of a good story or a.good joke but you don't have time to.stop so to stay there and listen to it.well podcast gives you that opportunity.you can download it on to your your.phone or your iPod or your you know even.burn it to a CD and play it in your car.and you can pause and play at your.leisure and you're seeing a lot of.celebrities who are going that way a lot.of comedians out in the the world are.doing a podcast now a lot of the sports.critics are going that way movie.directors are using it as a way to.promote their shows and you know even.some of the video some of the podcasts.have video involved and it's you know.almost like a television show completely.online and they're using things like.YouTube or just their own website get.that out to the world lion Keith.mentioned uh that the Lions do have.several videos will give you a quick.little example of the Lions videos.and what happened was his lines.international heading rocking the best.video made for them.their way of getting it out to all the.clubs around the world actually was by.putting it on youtube so that anyone can.go and access it whenever they like so.he's going to play that video for you.I'm not going to tie up an entire video.you know this entire video showing the.rocking the best video here but you can.see that it it was a way that a local.lions club with a variety of members.were able to promote what they're doing.and you know it got that young lion who.may have an interest in and rapping and.singing to help create an actual video.and use some of his talents to promote.line ism and as you can see it has over.a hundred thousand visits so far and.this was posted uh just about a year ago.but that's pretty impressive.you can subscribe to the Lions Clubs.channel I'll flip back one more time.right here you can see subscribed here.if I hadn't subscribed to them already I.could click Subscribe you can see that.it was put out by Lions Clubs.International and here's their actual.page on YouTube and you can see that.they have a wide variety of video.showing you know it looks like one of.the things that we discussed earlier.creating your videos you know creating.your your reports never shown as a demo.right here it looks like with the new.site a lot of that is the training so we.had mentioned meetings we had mentioned.using the google hangout for a meeting.well now we're seeing it more and more.popular where meetings are being held.with nobody in the same room I know a.lot of times at my work will use a.conference calling and using programs.like GoToMeeting where multiple people.will connect up and be able to see a.presentation like we're showing you hear.people use skype to connect up and.factor in the planning of this initial.presentation line Keith 9 we went over.the entire presentation via a skype.meeting when he was able to see the.screen and make recommendations of.changes right then and there another one.that you can get is talkshoe which.allows you to have a phone call line in.that you can call and you can conference.everybody together and you can even.record it so if your secretary needs it.for notes later on and last but not.these people are using just straight-up.Facebook and even email for their.meetings you know kind of like you hear.you heard back in the day people play in.chaste via the mail the same kind of.thing can kind of happen if the email.because you don't have as long of a.delay waiting for that letter to arrive.you can you know possibly get everything.accomplished in the course of the day.with having a meeting you just need to.make sure that your members are aware.that they need to check their email if.you're playing on doing some kind of a.remote meeting like that um using the.social networks and your email and your.website you can keep your club informed.not only can you keep your club and form.but keep your community informed and you.can use it to promote your clubs.activities spread the good word of line.ism and stay in touch with old friends.at the presentation or at our seminar we.were with at this time left it open for.questions and you can get this.presentation for download on a test.lines org and we'll also have copies of.our presentation handouts that we used.at our seminar and this will also be up.on YouTube which is more than likely.where you're watching this yep so we.hope you enjoyed it and hopefully some.of this information will help you guide.you around the Lions websites and maybe.allow you that when you start your own.website you'll kind of have a little.foot in the door as to what to do and.where to go so hopefully you'll enjoy it.thank you for tuning in with us.

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