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Maryland Dental Credentialing Form Inquiry Instruction

coming up we'll be on location at crown.dental care in Germantown Maryland.discussing the benefits of dentistry and.how they can help improve your dental.health and give you the beautiful smile.you've always desired with one of this.region's top dentists dr. t when dr. wen.received his DDS degree from the.University of Maryland dental school and.completed his residency in advanced.general dentistry from there as well he.is a member of the American Dental.Association and the International dental.implant Association as well dr. Winn is.widely recognized as one of this.region's top dentists welcome dr. Winn.it's a pleasure having you on our.program.thank you very much Rocco it's your.first time in fact on the top doctors.medical interviews we have a lot to talk.about we have some patients that are.going to be joining us a bit later but I.wanted to begin if I'm a doctor.by having you tell us what some of the.main benefits of dentistry are well.there are numerous benefits in dentistry.one of the greatest benefits is the.prevention and a treatment of oral.diseases such as cavities in gum disease.another great benefit is that when a.person had have a nice healthy smile.they tend to smile more and smiling can.say a lot about a person such as smiling.can improve your self esteem your.confidence it will improve your social.life and even you know your perception.at work as well yes indeed and what a.lot of folks don't realize dr. is that.our dental health affects our overall.health and and that's something that we.need to really be aware of definitely.definitely believe it or not dental.health does have a huge impact on.overall health it has been actually.proven that patient who has gum disease.called periodontal disease can actually.have a high chance of getting heart.disease as well as uncontrolled diabetes.and what would you say are some of the.more common dental problems that you see.in the patients that come to your.practice we have a lot of problems but.two of the most common problems that we.come across our number one usually.patient coming with broken tooth or.missing tooth and a second main problem.is that a lot of patient complain of.either crooked or mal aligned teeth well.that leads me to my next question dr..Lin and that is what would you say are.some of the latest treatment options.that can help correct these problems so.to address the first issue if a patient.comes in with a broken - - due to decay.our main recommended treatment would be.just to fill the tooth with a white.filling or in some cases it was a little.bit more severe to replace it with a.porcelain crown now in some rare.circumcision the tooth may not be.savable then in that case the ideal.treatment would be to extract the tooth.and then we would like to preserve the.bone socket with some advanced bone.graft and then later restored with a.dental implant for the second issue if.someone complains of crooked teeth or.mal aligned teeth the proper treatment.would be to straighten out the teeth.here we offer two orthodontic treatment.options for mild cases we generally.recommend a clear aligner system called.MTM very similar to Invisalign for any.other cases moderate to severe we.recommend a more traditional route.like traditional braces however this is.this system is a more cosmetic looking.as clear and typically we usually finish.straightening out the teeth in just.about six months or so for the students.the busy professionals people who need.that work need that have their teeth.corrected and straightened out but at.the same time don't want to wear the.traditional metal braces right a great.benefit of the MTM system is that is.virtually undetectable and typically we.finish in just about three or four.months because usually those cases are.very mild and I wanted to ask you doctor.if you can please tell us more about the.dental implants and the bone graft.procedure and how that can benefit folks.out there when a person loses a tooth.and we need to pull it out - typically.what happens is within that first year.time that bony socket can lose up to 40%.of its bone okay so what gold standard.these days is that we want to preserve.that bone by placing bone graft material.into the socket after the extraction.after we preserve that bone and help.keep the shape then we would restore.that missing tooth with a dental implant.a dental implant is just a small.titanium post that you insert into the.jaw and then it's takes place of two.throughthe over time once the implant.fuses with the bone then we would.fabricate a custom crown to place that.over to implant to replace that missing.tooth out and that gives us a very long.lasting solution if not permanent.solution exactly very long dental.implants it's by far the longest lasting.restorative option in dentistry these.days it can easily last you know over 20.years what proper care so you know once.you do it once you really don't need to.worry about having to replace that.dental implant down the road yes like.with some other options exact happens.not with an implants of correct okay now.what would you say are some additional.benefits of dental implants doctor like.I just mentioned the greatest benefit I.think is to preserve that bone.stitute is taken out however additional.benefits there are so many for example.patient who do not have any teeth at all.and have to wear dentures a dental.implant could secure an anchor down that.denture so in that way when they talk.and eat the denture doesn't move because.it doesn't move to half you know proper.and clearer speech and it can eat a lot.more harder food like meat and harder.fruit things that they missed from.having wearing denture that's something.I would know I didn't know that you can.actually use them folks out there.watching who have dentures implants.actually can secure those dentures yes.you hear that very well - yes that's.that's certainly good to know yes and.what kind of results can we expect from.the different treatments you talked.about including the dental implants what.are we looking at you can expect them to.look very natural and feel very natural.as well which is very important because.you don't want just to have them in.there and not look natural or you can.combine the best of both and you're on.to the right treatment yes now are there.any follow-up visits required for.patients who receive dental implants and.some of the other treatments that you've.touched on here today like Invisalign as.well yes so for dental implants once the.implant is placed typically a patient.would come back in a couple weeks later.just to check on the healing and and.also to remove the stitches and.typically want to wait two to three.months to allow dental implant to fuse.with the bone before we fabricate the.crown and put over to dental implant.with other treatment like braces our.six-month smile system or MTM system the.follow-up would be once the treatment is.completed pretty much we just encourage.them to wear their retainers which will.prevent their teeth from relapsing back.to the crooked position though it used.to be we're now going to meet some.patients of crown dental care and dr. T.welcome Olivia it's a pleasure having.you on our program thank you for.inviting me.well we always appreciate it.patience take time and their busy lives.to come down and share some of their.experiences with us and on that note I'd.like to begin if I may Olivia by having.you tell us what brought you to crown.dental care and dr. King I came visit.dr. T I need to fix one of my front.teeth I had a problem damaged uh so he.did a crumb damage tooth yeah and it was.just one tooth or teeth one only we came.here and then can you tell us what.happened well he did a beautiful job in.he's some beautiful doctor taking good.care the patient and I'm so happy with.so obviously you're very pleased with.the results of course can you tell us.about what your experience is like been.with the staff here at round I don't.care as well beautiful people beautiful.I come in and I feel so relaxed they.help you you know here and they're very.gentle soon polite friendly that's very.important what you just said isn't what.a lot of folks say out there when it.comes to going to to most dentists.because most people have a big fear of.going to the dentist in here you just.said that you actually are very relaxed.when you here and look forward to yes.there are beautiful beautiful people I.recommend for everybody I brings a few.of my friends already and they are so.happy with the people here well on that.note we'd like to thank you for joining.us sharing some of your experiences of.being a guest of our program thank you.for inviting welcome David thank you for.joining us.thank you for inviting me now you and.Olivia are engaged to be married and you.were also a pastor in the community and.I know you've been here with Olivia on.her visits and for the treatments that.she's had done thus far and we just had.her on moments ago and I know you wanted.to come on and say a few words as well.about dr. t and crown down.here because you feel so passionate.about the experience well one of the.good things is that I was walking out.and I found a sign in during the.inauguration and so I came for.information and the first thing that.calls my attention highly was the.terrorists at the reception desk people.was very kind and very open to offer a.great services so I recommend to Olivia.and after her and recommending several.people in my community which I serve as.pastor in a a community worker servant.and they are coming in receiving very.quality high quality services a very.professional and the other good thing.about dr. P is that he works with people.according to their needs that he is.pretty open to help them finding.solutions.that's that says a lot right there David.it really does so you're the reason your.your fiancee came here because you were.walking in how fate works right and from.that not only is your fiancee been a.patient of dr. T's and crown dental but.you referred several other folks from.your community being a prominent pastor.that you are well known as you are in.this region and because of how you feel.about the kindness and the care and the.experience here at crown dental care.that's the main reason.anything else you'd like to add to that.David well because of the services and.because the way dr. G attend a had the.attention here with his personnel.I kept recommending people and I'm.pretty sure my community is going to.love him very much.because that's the type of interaction.we need in which we serve each other and.that's what we routin.yes indeed and that says a lot when it.comes to talking about a dentist so that.really is very powerful indeed and on.that note I'd like to thank you as well.David for coming on and adding your.comments and thoughts that you want it.to do.very cute welcome Patrick it's great.having you on thank you for having me.it's pleased to be here I wanted to ask.you Patrick if you can please tell us.what problem or problems were you.experiencing that brought you to dr. T I.had experienced moderate to severe.dental pain for quite some time on and.off leading up to my first visit it had.come to the point where it really.restricted my ability to sleep and.function from a day-to-day basis and.really was having a negative impact on.my life my wife had been a patient of.dr. T's for quite some time and had.nothing but good things to say so I.called his staff up and they were.actually able to get me on the calendar.on the books to see him the very same.day to get the issue resolved and then.what happened once you got here.unfortunately I had a couple of teeth.that were broken that needed to be.removed and so we basically did remove.them a couple of visits later and are in.the process right now of installing new.dental implants to replace them and how.has the experience been for you with the.whole staff here as well well coming.into my first visit I was well aware.that I had some major dental issues that.needed to be taken care of I think that.I was a little bit apprehensive and.intimidated as a result of this but the.second I walked through the door I was.immediately put at ease the staff was so.kind and understanding never once did I.feel like they were speaking to me in a.condescending or judgmental tone which.is happened I think it's something that.people worry about when they go to the.dentist so instead we just sat down and.very clearly and concisely came up with.a work plan that was manageable and.that's what we're working on right now.that's wonderful a customized plan for.you that's great to hear and before I.let you go Patrick any final thoughts.that you would like to let the viewers.know on.I would just say that obviously no one.likes coming to the dentist but I have.enjoyed my experience here at crown.dental with dr. T and his staff as much.as one can enjoy a dental business I.would say well on that note I'd like to.thank you Patrick for joining us and.being a guest on our program it was our.pleasure having you on thank you so much.for having me.welcome Bethany it's wonderful having.you on thank you and I wanted to ask you.Bethany were there any dental problem or.problems that you were experiencing as.well that initially brought you to dr. T.and kram dental care yeah it was.actually about a month before my wedding.and I was experiencing some really bad.tooth pain and so I realized that I.didn't want to go through my whole.wedding being in pain so I called the.dentist to see if I could get in you.know I had a flyer from crown dental I.think and I said well they're closed.I'll call them and they could see me so.I came in and I saw dr. T so it was.great timing that you're able to set a.quick appointment with the staff here.and dr. T absolutely what happened and.so I came in and he saw me and he said.well you know you've got a problem so I.had to have actually a couple of teeth.pulled including a couple wisdom teeth.and he was able to get me in and have it.all finished and so I could be.completely painless and it was swelling.before my wedding yes you want to be in.the best of you when you're on a joyous.day like your wedding day you don't want.to have all that pain going on so that.was a smart move by you to come here and.so it sounds like what was causing the.pain were multiple multiple problems.with different keys yes and that's and.that can be very painful because one of.those on their own okay.well you had sounds like you had a few.of those yes so then you came in came in.here you had all that taken care of can.you please tell us what some of the.treatments were well sure I had I had a.couple of teeth pulled and then we.decided to do a full workup because you.know it's about time that I see a.dentist and figure out everything else.is going wrong and so I've had a bunch.of cavities filled and I've had a root.canal and a crown and now we're going to.start working on doing the implants for.the teeth that I had Paul.wonderful whole lot of things and before.we let you go Bethany for all the folks.watching any final thoughts you'd like.to share just that that coming here has.been a blessing really like patrick said.everybody you know he's a dentist.in general but coming here is really.it's like family here everybody is so.nice and they they know your name they.know your story and they don't forget.who you are and that's really it's a.really unique place to be yes it is.absolutely and on that note I'd like to.thank you as well Bethany for joining us.and being a guest on our program thank.you welcome Anika it's a pleasure having.you on our program thank you pleasure.being here now I wanted to ask you Anika.if you can please tell us what brought.you to crown dental care and doctor.teeth I had actually just relocated here.maybe about three years ago from.frederick maryland and i was looking for.a local dentist and i had noticed that a.friend had posted something on Facebook.regarding crown dental and doctor T so I.looked him up and I made an appointment.and he saw me right away that's.wonderful oh you got your appointment.right away yeah you came in here and.what happened I came in I got an initial.exam just to see what dental work.further dental work I would need and.also a cleaning and we've set up a.maintenance plan regarding future work.that we that I'd be interested in Oh.wonderful and you coming to him since.then I've been coming here everything.also my son also oh that's great and.what would you tell all the folks out.there about your experience with not.only dr. T but the staff here at crown.dental care as well well first I think.when you come to a dentist as soon as.you walk in the door you're a little on.edge and this bathroom with a smile and.it's just a very warm environment and.dr. T and the entire staff here have.been very pleasant and it's been.actually a pleasurable experience.that's wonderful to hear especially when.one chooses going to a dentist which is.one of the patients said earlier you.know there's a lot of anxieties one of.the biggest fears but Lee over here.between what you and the other folks.have said and from what we've seen in.our research the the staff dr. key and.everyone here a crown dental care really.seems to put patients at ease and take.great care of them in a very comforting.gentle manner most definitely and any.additional things you'd like to add.before we let you go and Iike what I'd.like to thank dr. T actually like I said.I was very irresponsible regarding the.maintenance of my teeth and he set up a.plan for me to actually improve things.even even some cosmetic options that you.know I was actually looking into well on.that note we'd like to thank you as well.for joining us and coming on our program.okay thank you.we're not back with dr. T the patients.love you all you your staff their.experience here the anxieties come I.mean that's very impressive dr. wen.thank you thank you you don't hear that.too often from patients when they're.talking about their experience with.dentists but they love you to achieve.all of them that's probably one of the.reasons why I decided to open my own.office is that I want to insert my own.philosophy into my own practice to treat.my patients the way I want to be treated.when I go to like you know a doctor's.office a dentist's office or any other.professional office so we really want to.put our customer service our patient.care in a patient comfort as their top.priority now we're literally out of time.dr. wen but I wanted to ask you before I.let you go you and your practice ground.dental care here in Germantown Maryland.are quickly establishing a reputation.for excellence not only in dental care.but patient care as well as we can.attest from some of the patients we had.on a bit earlier today I just wanted to.ask you what you feel helps separate you.and your practice apart from many of.the others there are many things that we.take pride at crown dental care the.number one thing that separates us from.other office is that we have a wonderful.staff they're professional very.courteous we actually you know do put.the patient's comfort and treatment as.our top priority.so I genuinely take pride in my staff.that's number one.other things include we have a great.great state-of-the-art high-tech.facility here including panoramic x-ray.that can capture the entire mouth in.just under 15 seconds we have a digital.x-ray machine that has a very very low.emission of radiation you know some.patient they really worry about the.amount of radiation exposed we also have.an intraoral camera that allows the.patient to actually see what I see when.I do dentistry so they get to see you.know that broke into that cavity.whatever it is that I'm seeing they can.actually it at the same time and also we.have a lot of great amenities in our.office to improve the comfort of our.patient and help them relax for example.a patient here while waiting they can.you know have coffee have water while.watching TV or they can just no surf the.web or check the email either in our one.of the computers that Internet bar and.during treatment we also have like.heated neck pillows a blanket or even a.TV on the ceiling that they could watch.and not mine what I'm doing okay and.lastly before they leave you know we.offer all of our patient a warm scented.towel to kind of you know refresh.refresh them and help to help them feel.energized before they leave talk about.how things have changed over the years.it's like a dental spa this is what I.feel like when I walked in here and what.your patients tell us as well I mean.it's it's so tranquil it's it's.beautiful its soothing it's the latest.and greatest in technology all to the.patient's benefit.not to mention even an internet bar like.you said in TVs to watch what we're.having treatments things have really.changed and you guys are right there at.the forefront and offering all these.changes to the benefit of the patients.and on that note I'd like to thank you.dr. Wynn for joining us being a guest on.our program we'd love to have you back.on in the future Thank You Rocco.

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Maryland Dental Credentialing Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Maryland Dental Credentialing Form are:

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