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[Music].hello everyone Todd Sheldon here with.CFI pro courses and today we are gonna.wrap up the CFI regulations we are still.in the electronic Code of Federal.Regulations title 14 chapter 1.subchapter D part 61 and we're gonna.scroll all the way down to subpart H is.where we left off and in that subpart H.if you remember from last time we left.off right here on 61 189 so we're gonna.finish your own 61 191 and you can see.we have one two three four five more to.go and we'll be done.so let's start here with 61 191 we'll.get our squinting looking correctly and.let's start learning about these regs so.61 191 talks about additional flight.instructor ratings well we're really not.at that yet because we're not really.doing any additional flight instructor.ratings you haven't got your first.rating yet but if you have you can go.ahead and look at this reg and let's see.what it says a person who applies for an.additional flight instructor rating on a.flight instructor certificate must meet.the eligibility requirements listed in.61 183 so you don't get any leeway past.183 that apply to the flight instructor.rating that you're currently seeking a.person who applies for an additional.rating on a flight instructor.certificate is not required to pass the.knowledge test on the areas listed in 60.1.18 e5 this part what does that mean.well it means you don't have to take the.FOI test ever again just one time is.there a time in which you would have to.take the FOI test again and the answer.is yes and the answer would be if you.got into a lot of trouble with the FAA.the FAA revoked all of your certificates.you would have to take the FOI test.again and that means if they took your.ground instructor your flight instructor.you would have to go back and retake.that test again so there is a situation.in which you would have to do it but.hopefully you would not be subject to.that particular restriction.all right let's look at 60 1.1 93 and.that talks about flight instructor.privileges so you are a flight.instructor now what can you do a person.who holds a flight instructor.certificate is authorized within the.limitations on that person's flight.instructor certificate and ratings to.train an issue endorsements that are.required for this issue endorsements.force to Nepal certificate you can do it.for a pilot certificate a flight.instructor certificate of ground.instructor certificate and aircraft.rating an instrument rating a flight.review or an operating privilege recency.of experience requirements of this part.practical test knowledge test and a.person who holds a flight instructor.certificate is authorized in a form and.manner acceptable to the administrator.and we'll talk about what that is omit.to accept an application for a student.pilot certificate or for an applicant.who holds a pilot certificate other than.of student pilot certificate issued.under par 61 in this chapter and makes.the flight review requirement specified.in 61 56 a remote pilot certificate with.a small UAS rating so what do we mean in.a manner acceptable to the administrator.so if you remember back to subpart a we.talked about what is acceptable to the.administrator or in a manner acceptable.to the administrator and this is going.to be the i acro system or on a form.8710 or for future proofing whatever the.F a may dig up to what they say yes you.may apply to us in that manner or this.is a manner in which we find acceptable.okay so you want to be very weary of how.you do this in this particular case you.only got two options right now and.that's an F a form 8710 or the I Akram.now of course if you do do a UAS.application that is not a form 8710.that's another application.so let's not get confused there okay so.in in essence it's just through I Accra.is what we wanted verify now and when.you're doing that you have to verify the.identity of the applicant and how would.we have verify the identity of the.applicant well we'd have to see a.government-issued photo ID to verify and.make sure it's a government issued by a.federal or state agency and that it also.has their birth date on there that's.very important as well and lastly after.we verify the identity of the applicant.we also must be sure that we verify that.an applicant for a student pilot.certificate meets the eligibility.requirements in 61 83 or an applicant.for remote pilot certificate with a.small UAS rating meets the eligibility.requirements of 107 . 61 of this chapter.so if your intent is to give someone or.sign someone off for a student pilot.certificate don't do it until they meet.all the requirements of sixty 1.83 it is.your requirement as a flight instructor.to make sure that they meet all those.requirements before you click the submit.button on that I Akra and sign it and if.you're going to be submitting a small.UAS rating certification or an.application you need to make sure that.you go to 107 dot 61 and make sure that.you comply with all that if they don't.meet all those requirements don't sign.that application that would not be good.for you.so let's go on at 6195 and talk about.some flight instructor limitations and.qualifications that you must hold so a.person who holds a flight instructor.certificate is subject to the following.limitations now and I'll just I'll just.say these as ABCDE or one-two-three it.doesn't really matter but the very first.one is in a 24 hour consecutive period a.flight instructor may not conduct more.than eight hours of flight training.remember that's a 24 consecutive hour.period that doesn't mean in a day.because if you start at 8:00 a.m. one.morning and you instruct eight hours.it's got to be 24 hours before you jump.back in that airplane again and that is.very rare that that happens you want to.make sure that if you come in prior to 8.o'clock the next day you better not jump.in that airplane if you did eight hours.previous because that would be illegal.when is it gonna be a problem well when.you have an incident or an accident and.the FAA has get involved and they start.researching that's when it's going to be.a problem our next one here talks about.aircraft ratings and the Reg states.except as provided in paragraph C which.we haven't got to of this section a.flight instructor may not conduct flight.training in an aircraft unless that.flight instructor holds a flight sort of.certificate with the applicable category.in class holds a pilot certificate with.the applicable category in class and.meets the requirements of paragraph II.of this section of which we haven't got.to yet so let's go back and look at this.what does this mean here why is this one.and to kind of close together well let.me explain what this means you must hold.a flight instructor certificate with the.applicable category and class rating so.if you were going to give multi-engine.airplane you've got to have multi engine.category in class or airplane multi.engine category class if you're going to.be doing the single engine then you've.got to have that class rating on your.flight instructor certificate as well.but you couldn't hold those if you.didn't have a pilot certificate with the.same thing and that is very important as.well and then it says meets the.requirement.we will come back but we will talk very.briefly about an instrument rating so a.flight instructor may conduct instrument.training for the issuance of an.instrument rating a type rating not.limited to the F R or the instrument.training required for commercial pilot.and airline transport pilot certificates.if the following requirements have met.so when can you give instrument training.well it says here that except as.provided in paragraph C to which we have.not got to us down here the flight.instructor must hold an instrument.rating appropriate to the aircraft used.for the instrument training on his or.her flight instructor certificate so.you've got to have an instrument rating.to give that training you must also meet.the requirements of paragraph B of this.section so if we go back to paragraph B.it states that a flight instructor may.not conduct flight training in an.aircraft unless that instructor holds a.flight instructor certificate with the.Apple category in class or a pilot.certificate with an apple category class.what does that mean well that means that.if I only hold like a double I if I am.just the double I and not a CF I for.single or an Mei for multi I could only.give C if double I training to what I.had on my commercial pilot certificate.so if I wanted to give C F double I.instruction in a single-engine airplane.I must hold a commercial single-engine.airplane rating on my pilot certificate.and that would also be the requirement.for multi-engine training as well so it.says meet the requirements of paragraph.B of the section or hold a commercial.pilot certificate or airline transport.pilot certificate with the appropriate.category and Class ratings for the.aircraft in which the instrument train.is conducted provided the pilot.receiving the instrument training holds.a pilot certificate with category and.class appropriate to the aircraft in.which the instrument train is being.conducted which in essence is exactly.what I just said.now number two says if the flight.instructor is conducting the instrument.training in a multi-engine airplane the.flight instructor must hold an.instrument rating appropriate to the.aircraft used for the instrument.training on his or her flight instructor.certificate and meet the requirements of.paragraph B of this section of which we.go back to B you can see has to be.appropriately rated okay seems kind of.redundant but they put it in there for.reason to make sure they cover all their.grounds and they is the FAA we go to.paragraph D here and talks about.limitations on endorsements.so endorsements that you may give a.student or another or a pilot what does.it mean limitations on these.endorsements well it's basically stating.that if you want to give these.endorsements you must make sure you do a.couple of things so it says here a.flight instructor may not endorse a.student pilots logbook for solo flight.privileges unless that flight instructor.has given that student the flight.training required for solo flight.privileges required by this part meaning.you can endorse him for solo flight if.you've never flown with them that's what.that states and determined that the.student is prepared to conduct the.flight safely under known circumstances.subject to any limitations listed in the.student's logbook that the instructor.considers necessary for the safety of.the flight which means that you can.actually prepare any type of limitation.on any type of endorsement that's.basically necessary for the safety of.flight number two says you may not a.flight instructor may not endorse a.student pilots logbook for solo.cross-country flight unless that flight.instructor has determined that the.students flight preparation planning.equipment and proposed procedures are.adequate for the proposed flight under.the existing conditions and within any.limitation is listed in the logbook that.instructor considers necessary for the.safety of flight meaning that if you go.back to 61 93 and you look at paragraph.D you do everything in D you will have.complied with this so on this one here.if you'd like to put 61 93 D that would.be good reference point for that and up.here on this solo flight privileges this.is.be something like your 61 87 November or.61 87 Papa or 61 87 Oscar I guess I.could have said those in order in Opie.so those are for that number three yeah.go back up to the top any flight.instructor may not endorse a student.pilots logbook for solo flight in a.class bravo airspace or at an airport.within class probable airspace unless.that flight instructor has given the.student ground and flight training in.that class bravo airspace or at that.airport you determine that the students.proficient to operate the aircraft.safely and this is exactly what's.mentioned in 6195 alpha and Bravo where.alpha is the airspace in Bravo is the.airport so next to three put 6195 alpha.and Bravo and that would help with that.let's go on to paragraph four a flight.instructor may not endorse a logbook of.a recreational pilot unless that flight.instructor has given that pilot the.ground and flight training required by.this part and determine that the.recreational pilot is proficient to.operate the aircraft safely and this.goes back to our recreational subpart.there and as it starts to talk about in.61 ninety six or seven or whatever and.above and every time it says it.recreational pilot must have an.endorsement well this is what is talking.about here so if you'd like to put some.type of reference towards the regs for.recreational pilot in this area then.that would be a good time to do that now.and of course to see if I may not.endorse a logbook of a pilot for a.flight review unless you've actually.done the flight review well that's a big.duh.and I don't even know why the FAA put.that in airless some knuckleheaded.freaking stupid idiot see if I had done.that just Pizza whippin something god I.so stupid to do that I don't know why.anybody would pencil with a logbook and.just do it you got to have the.experience and do it for the lightest.it's such a liability to not do your job.correctly and here's one of those things.for some knucklehead did it and now.we've had more regs to memorize also.goes the thing for an instrument for.fishin see check to don't endure.someone's logbook unless you've actually.done the IPC Wow why do we have to do.this he is pretty simple.about training an aircraft that requires.a type rating it simply states here that.if you do not have a type rating you.cannot give instruction in that aircraft.pretty simple Foxtrot training received.in a multi-engine airplane a helicopter.or powered lift if you want to give.flight instruction in any of those three.items there multi-engine airplane a.helicopter or powered lift you must have.had at least five flight hours of pilot.and command time in the specific make.and model of multigon airplane.helicopter or power lift as appropriate.that you want to give instruction in.remember that's only for multi-engine.airplane a helicopter or a powered lift.it is not for single-engine airplane at.all so letter g position in aircraft and.required pilot stations for providing.flight training a flight instructor must.perform all training from an aircraft.that complies with the requirements of.91.1 o9 of this chapter so we were to go.to 91.1 o 9 it lists a couple of things.that we should actually know about so.why don't we take just a second right.now let's flip over to 91.1 o 9 and.let's take a look and see what that's.all about.ok so here we are in 91.1 o 9 we're in a.different regulation and we're in 61 now.we're in part 91 and 91.1 o 9 says.flight instruction simulated instrument.flight and certain flight tests these.are rules according to that but we don't.really care about the certain flight.test so we're not going to talk about.that when we get to it but we are going.to talk about some of this other things.and let's just start from the top and go.from there.no person may operate a civil aircraft.that is being used for flight.instruction unless that aircraft has.fully functioning dual controls however.instrument flight instruction may be.given in an airplane that is equipped.with a single functioning throw over.control wheel that controls the elevator.Nell Ron's in place of fixed dual.controls win and we have some things.here however I think it's very important.that we actually see this because I.don't think a lot of you have actually.seen this so what I'm going to do is I'm.going to.actually look over here and I'm gonna.put in here let's see what it is a.single throw over yoke and we'll have.some good images here that we can look.at here for the airplane so here's an.airplane here here's one bunch of.pictures here and we can look here and.see this as a single functioning throw.over yoke there's another one here.I like this old one here looks very nice.you see that you would literally pull.this knob out and literally put that.throw it right over there.is really cool design you can just put.it up so literally when you say my.controls literally you can have the.controls that's amazing.if you are doing this and you know we.have the regulations that say you can't.do it it's no problem they actually have.this little conversion kit that you can.put on there which actually makes this a.double yolk and here's a dual yoke here.you see it runs the same way but look at.a picture that you can see that goes.right in the middle but you can actually.borrow a see a double yolk like that.that way you can just take the other one.out your mechanic hood and you can mount.this one on and then you could give the.proper flight instruction that you need.it in it but if you do have an airplane.that does look like that would that.single functioning throw every yoke.there that would be something that you.would be very limited to if you were.going to do that so let's go back over.here and let's look and see what it says.again you could give it 4/5 for.instrument flight instruction when the.instructor has determined that the.flight can be conducted safely and the.person manipulating the controls has at.least a private pilot certificate with.appropriate category and class ratings.alright so that's a let's look at B B.says an airplane equipped with a single.function and throw over control wheel.like we just looked at that controls the.elevator and ailerons in place of a.fixed dual controls may be used for.flight instruction to conduct a flight.review required by 61 56 or to obtain.recent flight experience or an.instrument proficiency check required by.61 57 when the airplane is equipped with.rudder pedals at both pilot stations and.the pilot manipulating the controls is.qualified to serve and serves as pilot.in command during the entire flight and.the instructor is current and qualified.to serve as pilot in command meets the.requirements of sixty 1.1 95 and has.logged at least 25 hours of piloting.command time in the make and model of.airplane and the pilot in command and.the instructor are determined that the.flight can be conducted safely if all of.that is applicable then you absolutely.can use that according to paragraph B.paragraph C says no person may operate a.civil aircraft in simulated instrument.flight now this one doesn't really.necessarily mean you but you have to.know what it is because at some time you.may serve as a safety pilot and so if a.person has there if another person in.the airplane has the fog was on well.then this is what we have to talk about.now paragraph C doesn't necessarily.revolve around flight instructing but at.some point you may give instruction in.which you had the other person.underneath the hood and this is what.this paragraph is talking about now you.couldn't do that unless the other.control seat is occupied by a safety.pilot who technically would be you who.possesses at least a private pilot.certificate with category and class.ratings appropriate to the aircraft.being flown or for the purpose of.providing training for a solo.cross-country flight indoors under sixty.one ninety three of this chapter a.flight instructor certificate with an.appropriate sport pilot rating and meets.the requirements of sixty one dot 412 of.this chapter if you're gonna do sport.pilot number two the safety pilot has.adequate vision forward two and each.side of the aircraft or a competent.observer in the aircraft adequately.supplements the vision of the safety.pilot and lashley except in the case of.lighter-than-air aircraft that aircraft.is equipped with fully functioning dual.controls however simulated instrument.flight may be conducted in a.single-engine airplane equipped with a.single function throw over wheel in.place of face new controls of the.elevator and ailerons when the safety.pilot is.the flight can be conducted safely and.the person manipulating the controls has.at least a private pilot certificate.with appropriate category class rating.so please make sure that you meet these.rules if any of this stuff is going to.happen we don't worry about D because.that has to do with a flight test and we.are not worried about that so this is.all of 61 109 that we have not that much.but it does apply to you and make sure.that you do a little bit of research on.this and let's and create some scenarios.to help you better understand it and.that's it so with that being said let's.go back over to part 61 so we go back.over here to part 61 and let's finish.where we are here.so we left off right here at paragraph G.we went to part 109 91.1 o nine and we.talked about that golf two says a flight.instructor who provides flight training.for pilot certificate or rating issued.under this part must provide that flight.training in an aircraft that meets the.following requirements the aircraft must.have at least two pilot stations we have.the same category class and type of.appropriate that applies to the pilot.certificate a rating saw and for a.single place aircraft the pre-salt.flight training must have been provided.an aircraft that has two pilot stations.and as are the same category class and.type if appropriate and that means that.if you wanted to provide training for.someone in a two-seat airplane but if.you wanted to do that you could you can.provide them training in the two-seater.and then they could solo in the single.seater as long as it's very very close.to what you would or flying paragraph H.qualifications of the flight instructor.for training first-time flight.instructor applicants although it talks.about the flight instructor here that.service sometimes it's a little bit.weird when you kind of read some of the.stuff but it says qualifications of the.flight instructor for training.first-time flight instructor applicants.but then it goes in and says the ground.training provided to an initial.applicant for a flight instructor.certificate must be given by an.authorized instructor who holds a ground.or flight instructor certificate anyway.must hold a ground or flight instructor.certificate with the appropriate rating.and has held that rating for at least 24.calendar months it has given at least 40.hours of ground training what the.problem is here with this not a lot of.instructors actually keep track of the.ground training that they've actually.done and that's a problem because then.when I go to certify someone to do this.my main thing is to ask them show me how.much ground training you've done and a.lot of them can't do it or holds a.ground or flight instructor certificate.with the appropriate rating and it's.given at least two 100 hours of ground.training and an FAA approved core.now an FAA approved course and it says.pole to ground or Fletcher certificate.with an appropriate rating is given at.least 100 hours of ground training and.the FAA approved course that means part.141 so that's what that means if a.ground or flight instructor have done.that then that will suffice now the next.part talks about except for the.instructor who meets the requirements of.paragraph h3 WI which is there this.section of flight instructor who.provides and now we're talking about a.flight instructor here so a flight.instructor who provides training to the.to an initial applicant for a flight.certificate must meet the eligibility.requirements of 61 183 hold the.appropriate flying certificate AA rating.have held that one for at least 24.months and given 200 hours of flight.training as a flight instructor we don't.really care about v because that's for a.glider rating and that's it of that so.what is this to saying basically saying.you gotta meet all the requirements of.183 you've got to hold the appropriate.certificate and rating you must have it.for over 24 months and you must have.given 200 hours of flight instruction I.have known people who have interviewed.for position and to give to as a flight.instructor to give flight instruction.for CFI initial applicants and they had.been a flight trainer for over 24 months.but they had not given over 200 hours of.flight trainings very important that you.check for that if at one day you're.required to check that for one of the.companies that you may work for now.number 3 says a little bit different.because this is not part 61 stuff it.gets into part 141 142 stuff and it says.a flight instructor who serves as a.flight instructor in an FAA approved.course for the issuance of a flight.spreader rating must hold a flight.certificate with appropriate category or.put a rating and past the required.initial and recurrent flight instructor.proficiency test and those are usually.done with the FAA okay in accordance.with the requirements of the part under.which the FAA approved course is.conducted so if you're going to be on a.141 you've got to be able to do.something with the FAA on that and for.142 and you.must be able to do something with the FA.on that and must meet the requirements.of paragraph H 2 of this section which.if we go back up there's H 2 or have.trained and endorsed at least 5.applicants for critical test or pilot.certificate flight instructor.certificate ground and certificate or an.additional rating and at least 80% of.those have passed on their first attempt.and given at least 400 hours of flight.training as a flight instructor training.an airplane rotor craft or power lift or.give it at least a hundred hours of.flight training as a flash shredder for.training of the glider which that.doesn't apply to us so if you look down.and you actually look at each one of.those it's not very complicated because.not all that's going to apply to you so.when you get into three here you look at.all that stuff you like ask pretty.complicated no not really because the.last one doesn't even apply to you and.so on and so on so you can make this.stuff where it actually makes sense you.just got to read it first let's move on.paragraph I talks about prohibition.against self endorsements so that's.right folks because you have a CFI.rating you just can't wake up one.morning you're like yeah I think I'll.just give myself a 737 type rating.that's not the way that that works or.I'll just give myself a high performance.endorsement does not work that way you.cannot do that paragraph J is only going.to deal with training for category two.or category three operations for ILS we.can completely bypass this for now.unless you unless that happens to you in.the very near future you can come back.and read J but that really doesn't apply.to you paragraph K probably doesn't.apply to us either because it's training.for nvg stuff or night-vision goggles.and that's not really something that we.have to do with either so that's J K and.then if we go down here to L this is if.you remember back in sixty 1.19 and we.looked in 61 109 Bravo one and 61 109.Bravo one talks about the three hours of.instrument training that I must have.and it says three hours of instrument.training on control and maneuver and.aircraft solely by reference to the.instruments and it says here that a.flight instructor may conduct flight.training don't control them and if in an.airplane solely by reference to flight.in spurts provided that the instructor.holds the flight instructor certificate.with the Abbeville category in class.which that's you or basically you have a.C F double I so in this particular.instance here as long as you hold the.flight search certificate with the.Admiral category in class you're good to.go to give training on control and.maneuver aircraft solely by reference to.instruments which is only required in 61.109 in regards to the private pilot.training thank you very much for joining.me again I'm Todd shell at which CFI pro.courses bye bye.

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How do I fill out a W-4 form?

The IRS rolled out a new version of Form W-4 in 2020. It is the first major revamp of the form since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCAJ) was signed in Dec. 2017. TCAJ made major changes to withholding for employees. In fact, the W-4 revamp and the tax changes since the TCAJ may be a reason to look again at the W-4 you filed back when you first came to your employer and see if you need to make changes. Another reason to relook at your W-4: What you learn when you file your current income tax forms, especially if you discover that you didn't have enough withheld and you owe money to the IRS. The 202 Continue Reading

How do I fill up the ITR 4 form?

ITR-4 form is for persons doing business. If you know about provisions of Income-tax Act, you can easily fill form ITR-4, generate xml and upload on the efiling cite. If your income is below Rs. 5 lac and there is no refund claimed, you can file ITR-4 in paper form also.

How do I fill out the SS-4 form for a new Delaware C-Corp to get an EIN?

You indicate this is a Delaware C Corp so check corporation and you will file Form 1120. Check that you are starting a new corporation. Date business started is the date you actually started the business. Typically you would look on the paperwork from Delaware and put the date of incorporation. December is the standard closing month for most corporations. Unless you have a significant business reason to pick a different month use Dec. If you plan to pay yourself wages put one. If you don't know put zero. Unless you are fairly sure you will owe payroll taxes the first year check that you will not have payroll or check that your liability will be less than $1,000. Anything else and the IRS will expect you to file quarterly payroll tax returns. Indicate the type of SaaS services you will offer.

Why did my employer give me a W-9 Form to fill out instead of a W-4 Form?

a w9 is a request for your social security number and usually is a sign you are being paid as an independent contractor. W4s are for your withholdings from a paycheck.

How should I fill out my w-2 or w-4 form?

Your employer fills out your W-2 form. Regarding your W-4, you didn't provide enough information, such as your pay, your spouse's pay, spouse's deductions and any other deductions that you might already have such as mortgage interest, charitable donations, child tax credits, etc. I'd recommend visiting a CPA if you'd like to find a way to adjust your withholdings so that you are in the "sweet spot".

What's the best way to get users to read a set of instructions for filling out a form?

Short of sitting on their heads until they recite them back at you, there is no way to guarantee that users to read any instructions, ever. Therefore the best solution is the one that requires the least reading on the part of the user.

Wing recently became the 1st drone delivery service to get FAA approval. Did Alphabet (parent company) have to just fill out a form or was the process difficult?

Wing recently became the 1st drone delivery service to get FAA approval. Did Alphabet (parent company) have to just fill out a form or was the process difficult? The basic requirements for certification is described in Wing’s blog post: Wing becomes first certified Air Carrier for drones in the US Most importantly, FAA certification required us to submit evidence that our operations are safe. These submissions included data showing that a delivery by Wing carries a lower risk to pedestrians than the same trip made by car. Our drones have flown over 70,000 test flights, and more than 3,000 deliveries to doorsteps, driveways and backyards of our customers in Australia.

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