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Germany 1933 Hitler has seized control.of the country but not all Germans are.under his spell a lot of people felt the.Nazis were like a bad dream and it was.going to blow over.Mildred fish Carnac is a Milwaukee.native living under the Nazi regime.along with her German husband Arvid she.chooses to fight back nobody says well.it's not a question of how dangerous it.is I've got work to do they enter into a.world of espionage the stakes are.incredibly high they saw the brutality.and they saw what happened to the Jews.he would become a Nazi in order to.penetrate the German government a twist.of fate will set Mildred and her husband.on a collision course with Adolf Hitler.at that point they knew the Gestapo was.on their trail the rage drove a thirst.for vengeance that Hitler felt.personally he didn't want any martyrs he.wanted her dead.the only American woman ever executed on.the direct order of Adolf Hitler.support for Wisconsin's Nazi resistance.includes principal gifts from the.Frances and Lawrence Weinstein family.foundation and the Ellie Phillips Family.Foundation and major gifts for Mildred.and Marv Connie and the Wisconsin.Humanities Council with funds from the.National Endowment for the Humanities.and additional contributions from the.Herbert and Elspeth Whiteman Foundation.and the Friends of Wisconsin Public.Television at the turn of the century.Milwaukee was unlike any other city.because no other city was as German as.socialist and as fond of beer born into.this city in 1902 Mildred Elizabeth fish.family and friends would affectionately.call her Millie.Mildred as the youngest was very much.loved as a lot of younger children are.every she was the pet of everybody so I.think that kind of security gave her a.lot of self-confidence all of her life.and she was a bit of an extrovert.personality where she grew up on the.west side 20:16 Island was very close to.what they call sauerkraut Boulevard.which was these very wealthy Germans the.Millers and the paps and using ear is.the fish family was not wealthy and.moved frequently when the rent went.unpaid they moved a lot of times because.her father was lowering himself by his.bootstraps every job he had was down the.peg from where he started William cook.fish was estranged from his family and.would die alone when Mildred was in high.school despite the darkness and storm of.her parents and happiness Mildred.excelled at West Division high she was.active in Athena a club devoted to.women's issues and a student Bible study.group.grace Karlsruhe one of Millie's best.friends considered her a soul mate grace.later wrote it's been many many years.since Milly and I fought alike.dreamed alike wrote poetry on identical.themes without consulting each other I.was perhaps the first Jewish person whom.she knew with grace.Mildred began a lifelong passion for.writing for the yearbook Mildred wrote.our boys about soldiers in World War one.a foreshadowing poem perhaps of her own.fate later in wartime they saw the need.and went their life narrowed in a.sterner living stripped of its tinsel.leaving the bare intent to fight and.love.World War one triggered a monumental.backlash in Mildred's hometown when.Milwaukee becomes part of this huge.juggernaut of the Americans kind of.jumping into the war 1917 then just.German cultures cut off at the knees.people were very afraid of being.identified as German and we're really.interested in proving their loyalty and.Mildred would have picked that up.and while Mildred wasn't German she was.immersed in the culture in this the most.German of American cities the end of.World War one proved to be a turning.point for Mildred's mother Georgina she.taught herself shorthand and so she she.taught herself typing but when they.moved to Washington she was able to.really get a good secretarial job and.support the family following the move to.Washington DC.Georgina's priority getting Milly.through her final year of high school.and on to college she joined all of.these activities she was something of.what we would call it jock she loved.athletics she loved nature she loved.hiking but he and that comes out of.Wisconsin.Mildred started college out east but was.homesick she wanted to follow family.tradition and follow her sisters to the.University of Wisconsin he always felt.like she was a Wisconsin girl and wanted.to return to Madison and go to the.University of Madison which is what she.did she arrived in Madison to find a.seismic shift in politics women now had.the right to vote with dreams of a.writing career Mildred moved into.journalism house as a student she worked.for the Wisconsin State Journal and.joined the Wisconsin literary magazine.with its Art Deco covers distributed.nationwide.Mildred stood out at the University one.professor invited her back to his class.where she impressed students learning.Greek Atreides panics on she memorized.the first book of the Iliad in Greece.which is no small feat and she's recited.this saying people that hurt her never.forgot that.Mildred fish would graduate from the.University of Wisconsin in the class of.1925 she stayed on as an English.instructor during graduate school love.life and lecturing took a dramatic turn.when Arvid Harnack a Rockefeller scholar.arrived from Germany as the story goes.Arvid went to the wrong building and by.mistake ended up in a class taught by.Mildred fish he saw this radiant teacher.with this blond hair everyone says that.Mildred was the most beautiful girl on.the University campus she was absolutely.gorgeous he went up and introduced.himself he apologized for his faltering.English and she apologized that she.didn't speak German very well and he.proposed he study English with her and.she studied German with him and that was.the beginning of the romance a romance.sparked by accident or fate soon.included canoe rides out to picnic point.Mildred and Arvid would talk about their.hopes over lunch on Madison State Street.in her memoirs.Arvid sister Inga described what.happened next I still remember how a.letter arrived from my mother with a.laconic sentence I've met a girl with a.beautiful name Mildred my mother edit.and set with assertiveness that's her.meaning that will be his wife.the invitations went out announcing an.August 7th wedding always an independent.thinker Mildred fish Hornak chose to.hyphenate her married name.she might into an elite family in an.academic sense almost everybody excelled.at whatever it was they did in one way.or another arvid's father otto Harnack.was a noted literary historian like.Mildred Arvid lost his father at a young.age and grew up under the strong.guidance of his mother he was a very.gifted child he wrote poems he painted.he wrote dramas later he became the so.called string a serious and analytic.mind arvid's mind would be challenged at.the University of Wisconsin by John our.Commons a well-known professor of.economics it was at professor Cummins.house where Arvid and Mildred would.gather with a circle of friends to.discuss social economic and political.policy these were very progressive.people that were in fact inventing very.significant legislation unemployment.insurance workers workmen's compensation.Social Security these these people were.the heart of the progressive movement.and the Wisconsin idea.these students became known as the.friday-night errs and included another.German student named Greta kuhkaff the.University of Wisconsin in Madison.played an absolutely unique role in.creating the intellectual outlook of.this group Arvid and Mildred Harnack.read a kuhkaff all had a formation here.and what they learned in Madison was.about to be tested in a fight against.the Nazis.our had booked a passage back to Germany.in 1929 at the end of his fellowship.when Mildred joined Arvid she was.welcomed with open arms I knew that she.loved being part of the hanok family she.must have been very lively and very.interested in the things that are not so.interested in Arvid sisters and Mildred.became good friends.ena and move it will sometimes or.perhaps quite often taken for sisters.and it was not only the fact that they.looked alike but I think they had very.much in common education was a common.bond and both Arvid and Mildred enrolled.at Eustace Liebig University that's.where Arvid submitted his thesis the pre.Marxist labor movement in the United.States the harnack's all had multiple.degrees Arvid had two and a half.doctorates Mildred immediately started.to work on a doctorate she embarked on a.degree in American literature in a move.out of financial necessity and scholarly.ambition Mildred would join the.intellectuals in Berlin University to.teach modern American literature she was.one of the first Americans on a faculty.that included Albert Einstein she was.somebody who wrote about the spirit of.democracy in American literature.in 1933 Mildred wrote home about being a.free woman a busy life in Berlin and.hope for the future the very next day.Hitler took over.her correspondence soon changed and the.importance of those letters was that.they described the coming to power of.Hitler in her own words so you know how.she felt with all these demonstrations.beatings in the street book burnings.because she was a witness to this in.Berlin for Mildred in the early stages.of the Nazi period I think a lot of.people felt that the Nazis were like a.bad dream and it was going to blow over.Dan underestimated them.these were thugs they were like they.were different people and suddenly.everybody was under their control with.the rising not seat I'd suddenly Mildred.lost her teaching job she was a woman.she was a foreigner and she wasn't Nazi.enough the harnack's began to hear the.steady Nazi drumbeat grow louder in.their neighborhood so they moved to an.area Berlin more in step with their.ideals certainly they had extremely.liberal progressive and in some ways.Marxist ideas Marvin Harnick believed in.centralized economic planning he'd just.lived through a stock market crisis.Arvid Harnett was an economist and he.said capitalism isn't working terribly.well.right now.it was the Great Depression and to Arvid.the Soviet planned economy seemed to be.an interesting alternative.Arvid founded a study group similar to.the Wisconsin Friday night errs to.discuss the Soviet economy it included a.trip to Moscow in 1932 during that trip.most likely the first contact with Arvid.was made by Soviet intelligence at the.same time.Mildred became engaged in all things.Soviet Mildred booked her own trip to.see a tourists version of Joseph.Stalin's Empire Mildred discovered.radical new concepts unheard of in the.United States Soviet women had maternity.leave.equal pay an education about birth.control when Mildred returned to Berlin.she did find another teaching position.was not a prestigious university so she.had jobs like that until the war started.Mildred wasn't paid much and took odd.jobs.she wrote freelance articles about.America for D dama Germany's leading.women's magazine they had no money the.harnack's they never had any money she.wanted to get free books one way of.getting free books was to review them.the harnack's didn't have much money but.they were welcomed into the embassy.crowd ambassador Dodd was very.sympathetic to the anti-nazi elements in.Berlin his daughter Martha was a very.good friend of Mildred fishes they held.parties together they wrote articles.together and so Arvid and Mildred were.very much central figures in the u.s..embassy.but with the Nazi crackdown ties to the.US Embassy became more risky even more.dangerous any communist connections so.arvid's group that studied the Soviet.planned economy disbanded and he.destroyed his thesis on the Marxist.movement the Nazis also continued to.target Jews Arvid and Mildred Harnack.had Jewish friends and progressive.friends who were in some cases put in.the new concentration camps right down.the road from their house that just.added to Mildred's agony when she joined.the Nazi Party in order to survive in.order to get work joining the Nazi Party.meant she had to sign official documents.with the phrase Heil Hitler.privately the harnack's used their.apartment as a base for a small circle.of friends to discuss literature and.politics in the face of the Nazi regime.so they went from this kind of broad.social policy focus to saying we're in a.political emergency and we have two.choices we can either hide from it or we.can engage the harnack's circle moved.from discussion to resistance to war in.other Germans their resistance work.reconnected the harnack's with Greta.kuhkaff the German friend from their.days in Madison Liv atomic was in a.group of people at circle of friends her.husband Adam cook off grater cook-off.and I think Millard was involved in all.the activities of her husband.at great risk Mildred used her teaching.job to recruit students into the Nazi.resistance the resistance Network also.included Lutheran's Catholics Jews.Social Democrats communists and.aristocrats anyone who objected to the.Nazi dictatorship as their resistance.work increased the harnack's took a new.address on the outskirts of Berlin in a.house less likely to draw Gestapo.attention we have evidences in lift sir.daily life ensign lived her life even in.live on a night life as preparing.actions leaflets dealing was material.for anti-hitler actions here were.Mildred and Greta who were professional.women educated women ready to go out and.change the world and work hard and they.get to the Nazi period and they're told.go back to the kitchen put on the apron.and have lots of nice Nazi babies these.women refused and under the cover of.darkness and in the shadow of Berlin's.landmarks organized resistance meetings.and transported secret documents they.were seeing the first signs of the.Holocaust and trying to rouse the German.public to to to respond.the Nazis had an absolute control block.on public information and one activity.that the group did was illegally get.foreign radio broadcasts the blunt.effect is that every single person in.the United States is going to be.affected by this program Mildred and.Greta translated speeches from foreign.leaders then distributed those.translations illegally in leaflets.around Berlin as a cover.Mildred also used her job translating.books and traveling for a publishing.firm to help her Jewish friends she'd.American passports she could travel to.France and Norway and Denmark and she.seems to have used these connections it.was said to help Jews escape max Tao was.one of them he was a writer in Germany.and he said Mildred Harnack helped me.escape Germany we don't know how.Mildred's friendship with u.s..ambassador's daughter most likely proved.valuable the one thing we can probably.speculate on was her connections with.Martha Dodd and the American Embassy she.was in a position to get visas for.people so Mildred would have said to.Martha hey there's this person who.really needs to get out can your father.give them a visa they definitely helped.Tuesday they shared the last piece of.bread they had when they had nothing.Mildred's mother or so from time to time.send a check from the states that.assistance was needed.despite Arvid having a good job in the.economics ministry arvid's work put him.in close contact with the US and Soviet.embassies and created an opportunity he.decided early in the game that he would.become a Nazi in order to penetrate the.German government and so he was famous.in the.nice ministry as being a hard Nazi.secretly he was meeting with Soviet.intelligence officers and providing.information to them the Soviet Union at.a certain point tried to enlist them as.traditional Soviet agents who followed.orders and this conversation was held.with Arvid Hornak who said no that's not.who I am I am doing this for Germany I'm.doing this for my country and I think.that helping the Soviets will help to.overthrow Hitler so those are my terms.and I will not follow your orders the.harnack's were also open to assisting.the Americans and took a trip to the US.in 1937.Arvid on government business Mildred.went on a lecture tour she also wanted.to see her mother her mother was dying.and she hadn't been to the United States.and nearly 10 years so she came back and.she toured around she gave some lectures.at various colleges she really worried.that there was the stop oh tail on her.so she was very very careful about what.she said.Arvid was I think who I cold-blood so I.think with his arrogance he kind of.believed he was smarter than these.idiots in the Gestapo.he'd do anything to achieve an objective.you know I mean like joining the Nazi.Party when I hated it so much.representing the Third Reich arvit had.been tasked to travel to Washington.Arvid was trying to get aluminum copper.supplies from the United States in the.run-up for the work that was his.official mission but not his only.mission his value to the Americans was.that he knew where all the German.companies were and where their assets.were and he told them that that the war.was coming and Americans were not ready.to believe that in 1937 Americans just.thought they were being duped because.here was this perfect Nazi they assumed.he was a Nazis work high-level job in.the government they didn't really do.much with this information which Arvid.really risk his life and in telling them.a risk if discovered that could result.in severe consequences when the.harnack's returned to germany in 1937.the Germans passed a law which said any.revealing of economic secrets to anyone.was a matter of treason despite that.danger a changing of the guard at the US.Embassy in Berlin presented Arvid.another chance to help the Americans.Donald Heath senior arrived in Berlin as.the Embassy's new first secretary his.covert mission infiltrate the German.economics ministry President Roosevelt.and the secretary of the Treasury were.both worried that Hitler would do.something that would precipitate another.wall street so they were more interested.in my father's reports on economic.matters than they were on what Hitler.was doing to the Jews or what he planned.to do to the Russians I had no idea what.my father was really doing except that I.noticed that he was seeing a lot of.people in the Ministry of economics and.one of them was a man named Arvid.harnock.the harnack's and the Heath's became.fast friends Heath would tell Arvid what.he needed to know about what was.happening in America but more.importantly Arvid was passing on all.these secrets about German rearmament.Arvid met regularly with Donald Heath.senior but in order to not arouse.suspicion they devised another way to.relay information.Mildred started tutoring a young Donald.Heath jr. I would go back and forth with.messages from the harnack's to my father.and messages from my father a hard life.by this time Arvid had lost touch with.his Soviet contacts but 1939 would prove.to be a pivotal year suddenly there was.a knock on the door.this man korotkov appeared at his.apartment and said by bearer messages.from your Soviet friends and can you.help us.Arvid agreed but laid out his three.goals topple Hitler and the war and.preserved German independence the.missing link military information.Mildred took advantage of an opportunity.to tutor a German soldier he apparently.met with Mildred to get his English.lessons liked her a lot and talked too.much so it was said that she became a.recipient of military information but.the real military cash came when the.harnack's joined forces with haroche.Ilsa Boysen in the network the Gestapo.nicknamed the wrote a cappella or read.orchestra because of its Soviet.connections what we now know as the red.orcs - really took off in 1939 when.Arvin Karnak and schultzy Boyson got.together now she'll see boys and was a.young Luftwaffe lieutenant from a very.distinguished German family and when.Arvid first met him he said this guy is.much too dangerous didn't want anything.to do with him Ovid was very secretive.Ovid was extremely careful.using code names this larger resistance.Network now began spiriting military and.economic secrets to the Soviets and the.Americans in order to meet with Arvind.and Mildred my mother and father and I.would go out on weekends into the.countryside and they would meet us at.some set agreed-upon point my father and.Arvind would walk along arguing over our.MIT's pro-russian attitudes.despite the arguing the men became close.friends and trusted allies in August.1939 the u.s. embassy advised all.Americans to get out Arvid was worried.and bought Mildred a boat ticket to.America a ticket with no expiration date.Arvid asked my father to speak with.Mildred and tell her you've got to go.because you just don't know how.dangerous it is and Mildred says well.it's not a question of how dangerous it.is I've got work to do I'm not going I.think more amazing it must be two.Americans knowing she could have left.and she said no I'm going to stay here.I'm going to fight by your side this is.where I belong.and I'm with you Mildred couldn't leave.Germany without Arvid and he couldn't.leave Germany to the Nazis Arvid sister.saw Mildred struggle and wrote about it.in her memoir she chose her words very.carefully when she spoke about the fear.and turmoil that filled her life and.also about her longing for a distant.American homeland the pressure only.mounted when the Germans invaded Poland.the Nazis marched through Warsaw a.speech.in 1940 as bombs fell on Berlin.the resistance ratcheted up another.notch when the Soviets provided radio.transmitters to speed the flow of.information they had been given some.radios but they didn't have any training.and to radio operated as the radios were.plugged into the wrong kind of current.the radios didn't work but as air raids.pierced the night.Arvid continued to frantically code.secret material not knowing the.magnitude of the radio failure but the.resistance had other ways to relay vital.intelligence from haroche Elizab Eisen.that could change the war at the time.may June 1941 was when ro gave Aryan.specific information about the fact that.the Germans were going to invade the.Soviet Union he was not the only one I.mean books and books have been written.about the number of times Stalin was.warned that he was going to be invaded.the Germans did storm into the Soviet.Union.catching Stalin's troops off guard the.resistance Network was dazed.how could Stalin have ignored secret.warnings for the past nine months.secrets the resistance had risked their.lives to get Mildred may have also put a.young Donald Heath jr. at risk at just.13 years old she asked to use Donald as.a lookout my mother and father really.weren't keyed into how dangerous the.situation was his covert operation hallo.Mildred on a train to the city of.Potsdam his instructions involved a.rendezvous in a park you're gonna follow.me if you see me join this lady but if.somebody else seems to be following us.you walk by and you have to whistle a.tune and although we're being followed.soon after that the Heath's got pulled.out of Germany.suddenly the State Department.transferred Donald Heath to Santiago.Chile just as the war was about to.engulf the United States December 7th.1941 the bombing of Pearl Harbor.President Roosevelt declares war on.Japan Italy and Germany with Donald.Heath senior gone and the u.s. embassy.empty the Americans lost contact with.the harnack's the resistance also saw.its ties to Moscow get severed the.Soviets desperate to get information.radio to spy in Brussels with a message.that said that they should send someone.to Berlin to contact schultzy boisen and.Harnack and kuhkaff and they gave the.addresses in that message in a fatal.breach of security.the Soviets transmitted the real names.and addresses of its Berlin contacts one.of the addresses in the names was of a.lack of it all-night.the Nazis had been eavesdropping.then someone 1942 the Gestapo was able.to decipher this message and so has the.name of honican say it's the name of.food supposing one of the network's.leaders its military source haroche OSI.poison was captured first once Jarro was.arrested libertas his wife tried to flee.and she was picked up on a train and she.warned some of the other people the.harness took a sudden trip to the baltic.coast with their good friends the.Zeppelin's we're storm clouds signaled.trouble this is an interesting aspect.Eggman's a clean whom I interviewed and.said he thought that maybe they were.intending to escape at that point they.knew the Gestapo was on their trail so.that they maybe were trying to escape to.Sweden but escape was no longer possible.what happened next.seared into the memory of Eggman - zeg.clean he chronicled Mildred and arvid's.arrest at this fisherman's cottage panic.walked over to me and said calmly we're.going with the gentleman to Berlin they.need me in the ministry at that moment.of estoppel agent step between us the.highest-ranking Gestapo officer said to.me a changed tone professor I would like.to inform you that you are not to tell.anyone anything otherwise we will have.to come back to you when she was.arrested.Mildred still had the boat ticket to.America in her purse the secret police.brought the harnack's to one of the most.feared addresses in the German capital.Gestapo headquarters.Walter hah Bakr known for his brutal.torture techniques was assigned to break.the harnack's we know that in the case.of the men including Arvid her neck.there were extreme forms of torture.Mildred was incarcerated at a.Charlottenburg women's prison and taken.daily for questioning other resistance.fighters including Helmut Roloff.overheard Mildred's interrogations and.to this day that my father had that.brief view of her he was sitting in.front of the interrogation room and he.heard a terrible terrible amount of.screaming and yelling inside of that.room and Mildred must have had a.breakdown because she was brought out in.a stretcher more than 100 Germans had.been arrested their resistance Network.stunned the Nazis these were Germans who.could have benefited from the regime.Hitler was shocked Hitler thought he had.the entire nation behind himself he was.sure of that and when he saw the.diversity of this room the oldest person.arrested was 86 years old the youngest.was 16 40 percent women every walk of.life three weeks after the harnack's.arrests arvid's cousin axel von Harnack.was summoned to Gestapo headquarters.axel later wrote about his ordeal I was.told and concerned a very serious matter.and the whole thing must remain.absolutely secret I was to explain their.absence as an official trip to foreign.countries of indefinite duration it was.too dangerous to get anybody else from.the family being involved if they can't.get you the gist of who they get the.family and zip in half to something like.the collective punishment of the family.members the Harnack relatives took the.risk dr. Falk Carnac the younger brother.of the prisoner had come to Berlin.several times he alone had been.permitted to speak to his brother twice.no one ever received permission to speak.with mrs. Rennick.Mildred did manage to get one note to.arvid's family do axel mother and Falk.thank you a thousand times for.everything you are doing for me many.greetings and kisses.Mildred arvid's mother replied not the.day passes that we don't think of you.and your beloved our wit time and again.I don't know what you have done but I'm.quite certain that you could not do.anything from selfish based motives dear.Mildred during its investigation the.Gestapo labelled the resistance Network.the rota capella or Red Orchestra red.being a communist moniker the Gestapo.only linked as a group to the Soviet.Union Pacific's Opera has no ideas that.other murder tonic also has closed.context two members of the United States.Embassy here in Berlin urban Harnick was.not going to admit he passed on.information to the Americans why would.he do that they were not going to admit.that since it was illegal to get Jews.out of the country they were not going.to say well yeah and by the way we.helped a number of Jews escape the.trials began in December 1942 at the.highest military court where justice.wasn't blind and a death sentence was.almost assured an Air Force prosecutor.named manfred ruder was called Hitler's.bloodhound and he even shocked the.military judges with how bloodthirsty he.was in demanding the death sentence for.every possible case the trials shrouded.in secrecy often family members weren't.even told the entire process was a joke.a very bad tragic joke in many cases.they met with their lawyers for five.minutes before they were tried Waldron.and Arvid harnock were tried early on it.was pretty clear that they were going to.be dealt with harshly.Arvid would be sentenced to death for.high treason and espionage.the defense would argue Mildred's simply.acted on her husband's orders.Mildred sentence six years in prison.with the help of eyewitnesses arvid's.cousin documented what happened next dr..harnosh looking straight at his wife was.radiant he insisted that because of that.sentence her life had been saved for she.would be able to serve that term or even.surely be liberated before them our vid.sister Inga waited outside to get.details for the family my dear mama the.cot Masha pronounced the cruel verdict.although we all secretly expected that.it was still a blow I want to urge you.again not to give up hope.two days later Hitler personally signed.arvid's death sentence the night before.his execution.Arvid wrote a farewell letter within the.next hours I will depart this life I.would like to thank you all again for.all your love which you have shown me so.I am calm and happy tonight I will hold.a small pre Christmas celebration and I.will read aloud the Christmas story and.then comes the moment of departing your.of it the next day.Arvid was handcuffed and taken into a.small building at Platz ins a prison the.prosecutor Manfred rotor witnessed the.special punishment Hitler had ordered he.decided to have these meat hooks put up.in plotzensee at the prison overhead the.newly installed meat hooks.Arvid would hang by a short rope a Nazi.torturer tactic to prolong his suffering.it was a private revenge of Hitler.against these people arvid's petitioned.to see Mildred one last time had been.denied.Arvid went to his death not knowing.Hitler refused to sign Mildred's prison.sentence and had ordered a retrial I.think that the rage drove a thirst for.vengeance that Hitler felt personally he.wanted this American woman he didn't.want any martyrs he wanted her dead.Manfred roader wanted to make a name for.himself so it was extremely embarrassing.when Hitler demanded a new trial.determined to follow orders.Roeder cautioned the Harnack family not.to interfere.i urgently warned the Harnack family not.to undertake anything whatsoever in.favor of this woman she no longer.belongs to your family especially hard.words for Arvid sister who were called.Mildred's journey into the resistance.she shared his turbulent life waited for.him for nights on end filled with fear.anxiety she even ran through the dark.city streets to meet him she became an.active member of her husband's.resistance group to which she dedicated.her life so had Libertas Chelsea Boyson.now isolated and alone Prison proved.harsh for Libertas a Mildred she tried.to give some letters to Libertas was a.poison who was there at that time she's.let us small letter small illegal.letters were found and used as evidence.as a trial against me Ratanak Mildred.appeared to buckle under the pressure.without arvid and with little new.evidence she was sentenced to death.Mildred Harnack prisoner 2 to 8 returned.to the BRICS bars and now a death row.cell I think she was treated very.harshly she tried to commit suicide at.one point by swallowing pins and she.became very thin her hair turned white.Mildred was assigned a cell mate to keep.an eye on her.Gertrude Lichtenstein lived to write.arvid's mother about Mildred's time in.prison sometimes she wept when she.talked about Albert and his fate I had.to leave Mildred for concentration camp.the same day she went to trial where she.received the death sentence and that was.the very moment she needed me most she.almost lost her mind I think she was.running around the courtyard someone.reported just sort of scurrying around.at one point the only evidence against.losing her mind was she was translating.Goethe in her cell maybe to keep her.mind Mildred had sustained herself with.a stub of a pencil translating a book of.Goethe poems.probably she felt happy to have these.scooted poems.Mildred's final translations scribbled.in the margins are from the poem their.madness or the legacy she crossed out.things you mean you you you feel she was.in a rush and I could imagine that this.is her legacy and the final line.Mildred translated your place is with.the chosen few as a cold rain blanketed.Berlin a prison van delivered Mildred.down a cobblestone street to Platz ins a.prison where the Nazi tools of death.were housed the prison chaplain Harold.pole Chow was a family friend he was.deeply touched by her personality by her.confidence the pastor described how at.age 40 Mildred was so starved so broken.after five months of Nazi interrogations.she could no longer stand upright.he gave Mildred a Bible and she read and.now these three remain faith hope and.love but the greatest of these.he's loved pastor Paul Chou brought.Mildred and orange.he had smuggled in the prison along with.a picture of her mother Mildred remained.strong until she saw this photo her eyes.filled with tears.Mildred kissed the picture again and.again on the back she wrote the face of.my mother expresses everything I want to.say at this moment this face was with me.all through these last months the.chaplain broke the news to Mildred.Arvid had been executed on December 22nd.her mother's birthday.he told Mildred about arvid's death and.how he died and what we're on his lips.and that team he believed he prayed to.the power of love nutri to remembers in.her death sir Arvid remembers in his.death cell ran their rowing boats.reciting Goethe and Whitman they share.this happiness to their very last moment.on this planet maybe they still share it.with hands cuffed behind her back two.guards led Mildred into a brick shed a.curtain was pulled back revealing the.guillotine.On February 16 1943 inside an execution.room that looked more like a chapel.Mildred fish Harnack was strapped to a.bench and guillotine dat 657 p.m..the Nazis would note it took Mildred 7.seconds to die the only American woman.ever executed and the direct orders of.Adolf Hitler her last words wound Aqaba.Deutschland sue Callie and I have loved.Germany so much exactly three months to.the day after her execution a Milwaukee.Journal article announced arvid's death.Mildred's fate still unknown through the.help of a vatican emissary.Mildred's family sent a message to.berlin precious little sister the old.home is waiting and funds for your.passage when possible.after months of anxious waiting a letter.from an archbishop arrived confirming.their worst fears Mildred had been.executed seven months earlier following.the defeat of Hitler the Heath family.returned to Berlin father had no idea.what had happened with Mildred Arvid Fox.explained it all my father suddenly.wages he had walked out in the garden.had wept and my whole memory of my life.with my parents I can't think of times.when we didn't talk about Millard Arvid.they were just our best friends but.friends and family would have to defend.the harnack's honor especially through a.cold war lens in May 1945 greta kook off.the harnack's friend and fellow.resistance fighter was freed from prison.by Soviet troops Greta and the Harnack.family fought to bring Nazi prosecutor.manfred rotor to justice for crimes.against humanity.the Americans treated would are in an.interesting way at first they put a gun.to his head and they asked him so how.does it feel to be like that but once.they asked him why he had killed these.people and he had said they were all.communists in.the Cold War climate they thought that.he was their friend at Nuremberg Germany.Nazis were put on trial.Manfred rotor would go free protected by.the Americans who wanted his help.tracking Soviet spies if you can imagine.the reaction of people like Greta.cook-off and faux hawk who had such.terrible loss and then they're told that.the Americans are protecting this man.this Nazi they were angry they were.angry at the United States the CIA took.the Nazis at their word and investigated.surviving members of the resistance as.communist spies the Americans had really.dropped the ball they were looking at.people like fall Carnac and Greta.kuhkaff who were in Berlin and they made.visits to them they were trying to.finger them all based on Gestapo reports.that had no mention of assistance to the.Americans as a result the lines between.reality and fiction begin to blur in.1947 the University of Wisconsin alumni.magazine meant well when it published an.article putting Mildred in the spotlight.the carnac story in the United States.really broken the UW alumnus magazine.the very interesting and so they found.lots of good things and reasons why she.should be recognized but as the Cold War.heated up a move to honor Mildred was.halted because her pro communist.sympathies could not be ruled out.Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy and his.hunt for communists may have been a.factor so instead of honoring Mildred.the university's inquiry triggered an.FBI investigation the people has no idea.at a time of the real story of the Red.Orchestra and Ellen and what Maradona.kanava Donna really did and at that time.they were seen as communists in Germany.in the United States and also the Soviet.Union all I can tell you is Arvid Renard.was very wary of Stalin totally he did.not trust him he did not want anything.to do with him.even so the Soviets would posthumously.award the harnack's medals and enshrine.them as communist heroes they.retrofitted a lot of people like Greta.kuhkaff they predated their communist.membership cards so they kind of.retrofitted the harness and the schultzy.poisons into being much better communist.than they might have been much more.Stalinist than they might have been part.of the propaganda included putting.Mildred and arvid's pictures on a series.of stamps honoring the resistance even.though they were all dead the stamps.became part of a CIA top-secret file the.Harnack family also learned the East.German secret police engraved out of its.image on a medal and they were abused in.the so-called German Democratic Republic.with this medal and used it as a reward.for informants from the Ministry of.State Security they got arvid's.medal by 1976 an east berlin high school.is named after mildred Harnack the first.school honoring an American in Eastern.Europe but in America sentiment toward.Mildred was slow to shift the State.Department in 1961 ruled out any.recognition explaining although Mildred.was an American citizen mrs. harnack's.activities were not conducted on behalf.of the US government the harnack's were.killed twice they were executed by the.Nazis and their characters were.assassinated in the post-war period.those judgments all came during the.height of the Cold War before the fall.of the Berlin Wall and communism there.wasn't a lot of really factual.information documents and so really the.wall came down and we know then had.access to what the East Germans knew and.what the Americans knew when I got those.files Declassified that we ever saw what.had happened there was rumor that there.was a Gestapo final report but nobody.had seen it somehow the Gestapo final.report.ended up in the American National.Archive for all those years that's when.it came out.the Gestapo had exaggerated the facts.the Communists had distorted the truth.and the Americans had sheltered Nazis.while suppressing the story of the.harnack's help to the United States in.2011 the CIA still refused to release.all of its records in this case and FBI.files are still heavily redacted I think.ultimately the connection to America was.much closer than to the Soviets it ever.was to the Soviets it was an attempt at.telling them Hitler is going to attack.you with the Americans it was family.Mildred would be the Forgotten daughter.of Wisconsin until 1986 when the state.legislature named a day in her honor.based on the efforts of Milwaukee civil.rights lawyer art Hite sir the state of.Wisconsin recognizes Mildred.Fitch Harnick you know as a Milwaukee.native and the only American woman you.know executed under Hitler for being.part of the German resistance September.16th.Mildred's birthday my law is now a day.of observance in Wisconsin public.schools the first major honour from.Hildred in the United States.Mildred fish Carnac will be remembered.as a Milwaukee born University of.Wisconsin grad who became a Nazi.resistance fighter.she loved America loved Germany and.loved her husband they shared their work.they shared their joys they shared their.sorrows it was really this wonderful.wonderful love story and it showed while.in prison.Arvid wrote a farewell letter to Mildred.and his thoughts were on Wisconsin my.most beloved heart if I had the strength.in these past months to be calm and.composed within myself if I face what is.to come with calm composure it is to.most of all to the fact that I feel.connected to the good and beautiful.things in this world as far as people.are concerned it was those closest to me.and especially you who embody both of.these things last night I let my.thoughts roam through many of the most.beautiful moments of our marriage the.more I thought about it the more there.where it was as if I was looking into a.starry sky in which the number of stars.grows constantly the closer one looks do.you still remember a picnic point when.we got engaged I sang with joy early in.the morning in the club and even earlier.our first serious conversation on State.Street this conversation became my.guiding star and has been so ever since.I have also thought regularly about you.and all my loved ones at eight o'clock.at night they are thinking about both of.us at the very same time do it as well.then one knows that the feeling of love.in the world flows into each other you.are in my heart you shall always be.within.my dearest wish is that you are happy.when you think of me I am too when I.think of you lots and lots of kisses I.am hugging you tight you're a.support for Wisconsin's Nazi resistance.includes principal gifts from the.Frances and Lawrence Weinstein family.foundation and the Ellie Phillips Family.Foundation and major gifts for Mildred.and Marv Connie and the Wisconsin.Humanities Council with funds from the.National Endowment for the Humanities.and additional contributions from the.Herbert and Elspeth Whiteman Foundation.and the Friends of Wisconsin Public.Television if you'd like to purchase a.DVD copy of Wisconsin's Nazi resistance.the Mildred fish Harlech story you can.order by calling 1-800 four two two nine.seven zero seven or by going online to.WPT o RG forward slash store.

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