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[Music].three dance.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].you.[Applause].please be seated.[Music].[Applause].distinguished members of the stage party.faculty staff friends of the college.graduating students and guests good.evening.I'm Geraldine de Burleigh the vice.president of academic affairs and it's.my pleasure to welcome you to the 52nd.commencement exercises of Springfield.Technical Community College.buenas noches bienvenidos a todos esta.noche celebramos los lagos de aquellas.sa gladwyn Ilocano samos el apoyo al.amor y las familias e amigos sin los.cuales esta noche no Vieira sido.possibly this evening we celebrate the.accomplishments of those graduating and.recognize the support and the love of.the families and friends without whom.tonight would not have been possible.being sang in la cancion de celia cruz.create yara.de alcalá called a legacy hora think of.the well-known song say Leah coos laughs.cry that each one has its time esta.noche es su hora tonight is your time.Felicita Sione's a todos congratulations.to all please stand for the presentation.of the colors and the national anthem I.call upon the Putman Academy Junior.Marine Corps cadets for the presentation.of the colors.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].to continue we also recognize the many.families and sorry the many families and.friends in the audience who have seen.their loved ones to the milestone we.celebrate tonight the support they have.provided has in most cases made all the.difference.joining us in the arena tonight our.families who traveled from Jamaica Ghana.Kenya.Togo and Uganda we also have quite a.contingent from Puerto Rico.graduates join me in a round of applause.for everyone who got you to this point.[Applause].the college now welcomes student trustee.Karoline Bourdeau story vo of the class.of 2019 to offer the invocation Carolyn.will graduate tonight with an Associate.in Arts in liberal arts general studies.and plans to continue her education in.the area of business management and.higher education administration in.addition to having served two terms as.the college's students trustee Carolyn.also served as president of the.International Club as well as president.of the black and Hispanic Women's.Association Carolyn.[Applause].good evening everyone I will be reading.imagine by John Lennon imagine there's.no heaven it's easy if you try no hell.below us above us only sky imagine all.the people living for today imagine.there's no countries it isn't hard to do.nothing to kill or die for and no.religion too imagine all the people.living life in peace imagine no.possessions I wonder if you can no need.for greed or hunger a brotherhood of man.imagine all the people sharing all the.world you may say I'm a dreamer but I am.not the only one I hope someday you'll.join us and the world will live as one.thank you.Thank You Carolyn for the in spot.inspirational reading I now ask trustee.MacArthur's parks to come forward.pleased to bring greetings on behalf of.the STC board of trustees good evening.everyone it's so wonderful to see you.all here today on this beautiful joyous.evening it's my very great pleasure to.welcome you to the 52nd commencement of.the Springfield Technical Community.College this is wonderful with.Christopher Johnson chair of the Board.of Trustees I extend my warmest.congratulations to all of those.receiving degrees today to all the.families and friends with us today thank.you for your support assistance and.commitment to your loved ones I wish you.all good luck for the coming years in.your lives I wish you all thanks to.everyone for being here tonight and once.again welcome and good evening.I am delighted to introduce the sixth.president of Springfield Technical.Community College dr. John B cook.since dr. cook began leading the college.three years ago as TCC has created a.three plus one RN to BSN nursing pathway.with Westfield State University partner.with Northeastern University to offer a.manufacturing bachelor's degree on the s.TCC campus launched new degrees.including health science and online.business pathways broke ground and cut.the ribbon on the 50 million dollar.rubin saw student learning commons.finalized a campus master plan and this.summer s TCC will reintroduce college.for kids a youth program that invites.children and teens to campus dr. Cooke.is passionately committed to our.community and serves on boards.throughout our region he's also a proud.resident of the city of Springfield.ladies and gentlemen president Cooke.thank you very much dr. de Burley good.evening my sincere thanks to our.tremendous board of trustees and.together with our faculty and staff I.would like to extend a warm welcome to.our graduates and your families friends.and loved ones tonight we do celebrate.our 52nd commencement what a wonderful.evening for Springfield Technical.Community College to the class of 2019.please know that I that we are very.proud of you proud of your determination.your will and the hard work you have.invested to arrive here tonight after.two years and for many of you after four.or five and six years of persistence.many of you are parents many of you work.two and sometimes three jobs after all.so stitching together child care you.navigated the schedule that included.coming to campus staying up late with an.online class and sustaining your.families your effort is a credit to this.institution as you move forward to that.career in health care as you launch your.small business as you continue in the.world of manufacturing as you ramp up.your hours as a case worker and as you.transfer your engineering biology.business Social Work and computer.science degrees to institutions that.include Westfield State University and.UMass Amherst please know I'm grateful.knowing your learning has been done with.your hands with your heart and with your.mind you have learned in our unique.programs and labs and you now have a.deeper sense of initiative and.cooperation I'm grateful that you will.continue as a student and employing.colleague and as an adult needed by your.communities needed by your families and.needed by our economy that is growing.evolving and looking for your talents I.thank you for bringing your knowledge.skills and kindness to what is next in.your journey as a human being to the.class of 2019 I'm excited for you best.wishes and congratulations.and now let's take a moment to celebrate.the college this year.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].it is now my honor to introduce our next.speaker Erica Keeley to give greetings.on behalf of the class of 2019.Erica will be graduating with highest.honors tonight with associate in science.and nursing at last week's scholarship.ceremony she was awarded the dan roller.neonatal scholarship erica plans to work.as a registered nurse an intensive care.unit while she produced pursues further.education in the nursing field.please welcome Erica good evening.everyone it is an honor to be here.tonight and I'm pleased to welcome the.faculty staff friends and family and.especially the reason we are all here.tonight.the Springfield Technical Community.College class of 2019.I've known that I wanted to be a nurse.since I was three years old my mother.and stepfather were both nurses and for.as long as I can remember it's been a.goal of mine now my own three-year-old.tells me that he wants to be a nurse.when he grows up.I started actively working towards this.goal taking night and weekend classes at.Stick and eventually got accepted into.the nursing program from which I am.graduating I did this while working.raising kids and practicing balance that.would make even a tightrope walker proud.if I can do it anyone can and that's the.beauty of stick you don't have to come.from a wealthy family have only this.singular commitment or been.valedictorian of your high school to be.successful here I didn't graduate from.high school I left during my senior year.in prioritized work over my education so.I could have the independence most.teenagers crave I got a GED in left.college on the back burner when my.mother died unexpectedly in 2016 it was.a wake-up call that reminded me how.short life is I knew it was time to.follow my dreams and become the woman my.mother already thought I was she always.saw my potential and she would be so.proud just as I am proud of every.graduate here tonight because I know.many of us have faced similar challenges.tonight we can celebrate all we've.accomplished in all we've overcome a.personal thanks to my husband Sean my.son call in my stepson Cameron for.understanding the dedication and hard.work I needed to put into being a.student one of my favorite quotes is.don't forget to enjoy the journey this.seems like a foolish thing to say to a.college student suffering through finals.pinching pennies so they can afford to.eat something other than ramen noodles.or whatever the current struggle is but.it's true if we tie our happiness to.reaching a destination we miss the.beauty along the way when you look back.on your memories you will often find.that the best times aren't the days when.you won the big game landed that dream.job or came in first in the race the.best memories are in the small moments.leading up to those milestones I.remember the first day of nursing.clinicals being terrified to even enter.a patient's room traveling in pairs with.my classmates and sharing panic-stricken.glances.from across the room look how far we've.come.[Applause].the memory of those days will shine.equally as bright as this day because it.bonded us together and taught us that.none of us are in this alone from the.diverse classes of English and algebra.that most all of us take regardless of.major to the nursing classes I've been.in for the past two years I've made.connections with so many different.people sharing the same goal of.Education so please don't forget to.enjoy the journey the next thought I'd.like to share comes from the author and.Neale Donald Walsch and it's that life.begins at the end of your comfort zone.this is where personal growth and.transformation occurs I know this.firsthand because speaking here tonight.is so far beyond my comfort zone and as.a licensed skydiver I'd like to thank my.comfort zones are a little wider than.they once were totally unrelated but did.you know statistically people fear.public speaking more than death but do.it get uncomfortable in ways that force.you to see how much bigger your life can.be and don't put limits on where you can.go just because you must get outside of.your comfort zone to get there I can't.say I know what the future will hold for.me or for any of my classmates who stand.here with me tonight but what I do know.is that we are entering the unknown.better equipped for the challenges ahead.because of the time we've spent together.at stick it has been a long road filled.with the ups and downs that can be.expected of any worthwhile journey.I loved it here it wasn't easy.it took me outside of what I thought I.could accomplish and made me prove to.myself that I'm far more capable than I.previously believed you are all far more.capable than you believe.[Applause].my caffeine addiction is at an all-time.high and there were many times I know we.all ignored the professor's advice and.stayed up too late cramming for exams.but we are emerging from here in one.piece stronger and smarter and better.prepared for the adventures to come so.congratulations to the class of 2019 and.thank you to the families who have held.us up through the hard times the faculty.who has worked so hard to prepare us for.the future into everyone else that's.lent a helping hand along the way as.Nelson Mandela said education is the.most powerful weapon which you can use.to change the world your world is.already changing the trajectory of your.life altered by this diploma continue to.use this weapon the impact of which will.be undeniable knowing that you're an.inspiration to those around you extend a.hand and encourage others be the change.thank you.[Applause].is now my pleasure to introduce our.commencement speaker chair of the STC C.Board of Trustees Christopher C Johnson.a partner in the law firm of Johnson.Schlow Fannie and moriarity trustee.Johnson currently serves as president of.the Agawam City Council he previously.served five terms as the mayor of the.city of Agawam as chair of the School.Committee he oversaw the rewrite of the.entire pre-k to grade 12 curricula and.the implementation of the new education.reform law he is a graduate of American.International College and Western New.England University School of Law trustee.johnson was appointed to the college.board of trustees in 2006 making him.perhaps the longest-serving trustee.right now and all of public higher.education in massachusetts please join.me in welcoming the chair of the board.of trustees Christopher Johnson.[Applause].good evening before I start my remarks I.just want to ask everyone to say a.prayer for our fellow trustee who went.down earlier this evening but what was.really remarkable to me was how all the.the great people here at SDCC jumped.into action with Dean Scott and the.other medical professionals that came up.on stage you are what SDC C is all about.so please keep our fellow trustee in.your thoughts and prayers this evening I.want to start by saying that over the.past dozen years I've grown to love s.TCC I want to thank the college for.being given the opportunity to speak.tonight this is truly one of the great.honors of my life I want to extend my.personal congratulations to all the.graduates in the class of 2019.we have over 950 people receiving.degrees certificates of completion or.certificates tonight.you did a great job to reach this.tremendous milestone in your life as you.enjoy that wonderful feeling of.accomplishment.please remember to thank all those who.helped you get here remember to thank.your family and friends for all their.love and support whether it was your.spouse your mom your dad a grandparent.or your son or daughter.there is someone special in your life.that not only inspired you to achieve.but also supported you on every step of.your journey remember to thank all the.terrific faculty and staff here at STC.see that not only challenged you to.succeed but also opened your eyes to.know exactly what you could achieve as.board chair I started a practice of the.Board of Trustees visiting a program.during each of our monthly meetings that.has allowed us to go and meet the.phenomenal faculty and staff here at.SDCC in their classrooms in their labs.it has shown me how dedicated.knowledgeable and supporter of our.faculty and staff are we are truly.fortunate to have the greatest group of.teaching professionals in our area right.here at STC C and for those in the.audience they're the people that are on.the wings here so thank you to all of.them for all of what you've done.[Applause].in thinking about what I would say.tonight I thought about trying to say.things that are profound things that.will make you scratch your heads then I.decided that the best things that I.could share are those things that I've.learned over my many years so I'll take.a few minutes and share with you some of.the things that I've learned about the.road to success in life now I know I'm.speaking to an extremely intelligent.group of graduates since almost 60% of.you are women.and I know that since you are here.tonight you have already started your.journey on the road to success in your.lives many of the things that I will.touch on may seem like cliches but they.have proven to be true in my life the.first thing is that the road to success.is paved with hard work I have found.that the cornerstone to everything that.is worthwhile in life is hard work that.is true not only in your professional.lives but also in your personal lives.unless you work alone you will.undoubtedly be involved in many business.relationships in the future I'm involved.in many businesses and have multiple.business and law partners every single.one of those relationships requires hard.work to make it successful sometimes it.feels like you're doing more than your.fair share other times it feels like.you're not doing enough in order for any.business relationship to be successful.it requires hard work if everyone is.working hard in doing their best guess.what the business will succeed all it.takes is one bad partner or business.associate to spoil the entire business.when I was young a lifelong friend and.current business partner and I began.investing in real estate keep in mind.that our parents were Depression era.babies who grow up in extremely hard.times that it instilled in them a very.conservative approach to life our.parents cautioned us that we were.getting in over our heads but my friend.and I developed an attitude that if the.rest of the world could do it so could.we maybe it would take us a little.longer to figure it out and maybe we.would have to work a little harder to.get it done but if they could do it so.could we today my friend owns a large.real estate brokers business and we.collectively owned dozens of investment.properties never approach a problem or a.challenge with an idea that you can't do.it always approach it with the attitude.that with little blood sweat and tears.you can accomplish.anything especially with the foundation.you have from STC see when I was in my.mid-20s the community that I grew up in.changed former government to have an.elected mayor I decided to run for mayor.in a crowded field of seven candidates I.was met with tremendous skepticism and I.can remember one of my opponents pulling.me aside after I announced and he told.me that he couldn't understand why I was.running since I had no chance to win.to be honest seeds of doubt crept into.my brain I decided that all I could do.was work hard and show the people what.my vision for our community was I said.to myself if I give it my best and I.lose I would have no regrets but if I.succumb to the naysayers and do less.than my best then I would undoubtedly.lose and I would regret it for the rest.of my life I was fortunate enough to win.so the moral is even if it looks like.the odds are stacked against you just.remember always give it your best shot.[Applause].keep in mind that the same hard work.that you put into your professional life.and your business relationships needs to.be invested in your personal life as.well.no marriage family relationship or.personal relationship can succeed unless.you work hard on that relationship I see.too often that people give up on.personal and family relationships in.their life the first time that something.negative happens I subscribe to the.motto that if you want to have a problem.with someone you can always find a.reason to have a problem with them but.it takes a bigger person to overlook the.minor bumps in the road and remember.what is really important.developing and maintaining good and.healthy relationships with your family.and friends is what is important in life.without family and friends you will have.no one to share your life's journey and.no one to help you through life's.pitfalls I have also learned that what.goes around comes around or in other.words treat others as you would want.them to treat you as a child I was not a.great athlete and not one of the quote.unquote cool kids I was picked on and.bullied in elementary school and taunted.as the kid with the crew cut in the big.ears many years later when I was mayor I.was called upon to oversee a.disciplinary hearing and make a decision.regarding one of those people who.tormented me as a child I would get to.decide whether he gets to keep his job.with the city I remember vividly that.person walking into the hearing room and.giving me a glare that caused all those.terrible memories to rush back into my.head but I did my job.I conducted the hearing and ultimately.decided he could keep his job.some weeks later he stopped by my office.to say thank you for treating him fairly.the moral of the story is you never know.how many times during your life that you.will cross paths with people always.remember to treat others as you would.want to be treated yourself.[Applause].that same attitude should apply in.politics today as well we've gotten to.the point where it's seemingly okay.today to vilify people who do not share.your political views this is simply.wrong when I first got involved in.politics many years ago I got some great.advice from a fellow local politician he.said after a meeting where tempers had.flared and people were strongly arguing.about their positions he came up to me.and said after the meeting he said it's.only a movie.I said only a movie he said always.remember that once the meeting is over.remember to turn the movie off and go.back to your real life in other words no.matter how strongly you may disagree.with someone you should always be able.to go and have coffee with them after.the meeting and get back to your real.life I currently serve as president of.the City Council in my community and.after virtually every meeting you can.find many of us having coffee together.talking about our families sports and.other important things in our lives just.because you disagree doesn't mean that.who you disagree with is a bad person.I was raised in a family that valued the.concept of giving back my parents were.involved in community Civic and church.groups by example they taught me and my.siblings the importance of giving back.how you choose to give back as a.personal decision whether you decide to.help them any by getting involved in.civic or charitable groups or you decide.to help an individual with a simple act.of kindness always take the time to help.those that are less fortunate some of my.greatest memories that give me the.warmest feelings inside are those of the.times that I gave back I remember.distributing toys at Christmas and.Thanksgiving turkeys when I was mayor.just recently I remember being in a.local bank branch and there was an.elderly woman who was taking money out.to pay her rent and she was $20 short.so she's arguing back and forth with her.teller saying I really need you know.whatever the dollar amount was I quietly.handed a 20 to my teller and said the.woman left with her check rent check but.more importantly I left a bank with a.smile on my face.[Applause].many of you have overcome great.obstacles to earn your degree or.certificate tonight I'm sure that if you.really think about it you will remember.someone that helped you not because they.had to and not because they were related.to you but because they wanted to you.need to pay those act of kindness those.acts of kindness forward and take every.opportunity that you can to give back.the last thing I'll share tonight is the.importance of loving yourself I don't.mean that in a narcissistic or.egotistical way but ask yourself a.simple question.how do you expect others to love and.respect you if you don't love and.respect yourself.[Applause].we all have our faults and we all have.things that we can do better you should.never lose that internal drive that you.have to improve.you should always continue to strengthen.your weaknesses and take pride in all.that you do it's perfectly fine to beat.yourself up a little bit when you screw.up but remember you always learn more.from your mistakes than from your.successes but do not let one mistake.define who you are.don't let the opinions of others be the.sole guideposts in determining your.self-worth.you should not shape your self-image.around how many likes you get on social.media or how many followers you.followers you have in this app or that.app I believe that the true definition.of success is that feeling that you get.when you know that you gave it your best.shot.that feeling you get when you know you.did the right thing whether someone else.was looking or not in that feeling that.you get when you act as a role model.for those that will follow you in.closing please go out into the world and.show them what the great people here at.St CC have taught you make every.professor who positively influenced your.life proud of you always remember to.work hard and you will stay on the road.to success in your life never forget to.take the time to smell the roses because.the most important things in your life.are your family and friends life is not.about the accumulation of things because.remember with most things wanting is.better than having don't think that if I.just get this fancy car or I wear the.right clothes or I carry the right.pocketbook everyone will know that I'm.successful.things carry only the illusion of.success true success comes from doing.the right thing being a good person and.sharing your love and passion with the.world around you congratulations again.to the class of 2019.[Music].[Applause].I just want to again thank the college.for giving me this opportunity to speak.tonight I also want to thank my.beautiful wife Anna and my children.Emily and Christopher for all their love.and support and especially for their.willingness to allow me to volunteer my.time to help s TCC a place that I have.truly come to love congratulations great.job be successful.[Applause].[Applause].again for your many years of service to.the college one more round of applause.for our chair thank you Chris Johnson.[Applause].I'm honored in partnership with the SECC.foundation to present the 2019.Distinguished Alumni Award this year's.recipient is the well-known Judge.William J Boyle and at this time of the.invite his family forward the Honorable.William J Boyle a lifelong resident of.Springfield that has dedicated his life.to citizens raised by a widowed mother.in the city's north end judge Boylan has.two brothers pursued education as a.means to transcend their standing after.graduating from Springfield's trade high.school Judge Boyle attended SCCC.and earn an associates in science and.Business Administration in 1976 he would.go on to earn both a bachelor's degree.and a Juris Doctorate from Western New.England University in his career of more.than 35 years judge Boyles worked as a.prosecutor for the Hamlin County.District Attorney's Office established a.private practice served on the.Springfield City Council including two.terms as president and presided over the.Springfield district court as his first.justice judge Boyle is an accomplished.runner completing eight Boston.Marathon's he is known for his humor as.wit which he dispenses freely and often.from the bench above all he is a proud.husband two rows of 31 years and a proud.father of Katherine Margaret and Martin.we're so pleased the 2019 Distinguished.Alumni is Judge William J Boyle.[Applause].[Applause].last evening at the college's Honors.Convocation we presented awards to eight.graduates of the class of 2019 who.maintained a perfect 4.0 cumulative.grade point average throughout their.academic studies at the college because.of such a distinctive accomplishment I.would like for ask us to recognize all.of them once more at this time I asked.for the eight recipients of the.outstanding academic achievement award.to please stand and be recognized.[Applause].congratulations it is now my pleasure to.invite to the stage student marshal and.student government association president.mohammad sheikh Elden gabriel muhammad.will present the class gift last week he.was awarded the professor Paul B thorn.leadership excellence scholarship and.the Robert Cassini Memorial Scholarship.at last night's Honors Convocation he.received the prestigious Edmund Pete.Garvey and Joseph de keulegan award he.graduates tonight with honors with an.Associate in Science and Engineering and.science transfer sup y'all.[Applause].so the class of 2019 will provide funds.for artwork to be installed in the new.era edge Rubens all student Learning.Commons.[Applause].I'm honored to present the college's.annual award to the outstanding faculty.member of the year I am pleased to.announce the recipient associate.professor of Business Administration.Christina Atwater please come forward.[Applause].Chris Atwater has been a vital part of.the college community since she joined.the ranks of our faculty in 2014 she.brings life to her classrooms and.engages each of her students through.active learning projects and discussion.and her ability to translate classroom.skills to real-world application makes.her one of our most highly desired.instructors through project like stick.leads and which a professor at waters.leadership students use storytelling as.an effective technique to connect and.engage Chris brings a uniquely.humanistic touch to her teaching.bringing alive concepts in ways that are.exciting and meaningful for our students.in addition to her work as a seller.instructor she has contributed.positively to the college community.especially in her role as chair of the.college's curriculum committee and as.chair of a planning group for the.development of the college's new.first-year Experience course in the.latter Chris led faculty and staff.throughout the college to develop this.new course offered to incoming students.beginning this fall with the express.intent of helping them maximize their.potential to be successful in college.and in life beginning in the summer of.2019.professor Atwater continues her.remarkable level of service to the.college as co-chair of the institutional.self-study a process done in preparation.for our upcoming 10-year accreditation.I am honored to recognize Christina at.water as the 2019 outstanding faculty of.the year.[Applause].[Applause].chair Johnson and members of the Board.of Trustees on behalf of the Faculty of.the college I am pleased to present 226.candidates for the degree of Associate.in Arts 609 candidates for the degree of.Associate in Science 33 candidates for.certificates and 97 candidates for.certificate of completion with the.entire graduating class please rise.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].I'm pleased to once again present.Christopher Johnson chair of the.Springfield Technical Community College.Board of Trustees to authorize the.granting of degrees and certificates.[Applause].[Music].we're almost there.as chair of the Springfield Technical.Community College Board of Trustees and.by the authority conferred by the.Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.I am honored to authorize the awarding.of the Associate in Arts and the.Associate in Science degrees and.certificates and certificates of.completion to those candidates who in.the judgment of the college has.successfully met the requirements for.graduation congratulations you did it.[Applause].please be seated.I would like to call upon the faculty.marshals professor Lauren Brewer of the.math department and Professor Philip.O'Donoghue of the English department to.announce the graduates and I asked the.student marshals Mohamed Gabriel and.Maria Thomas to please escort the.candidates took to confer the degrees on.the candidates would share Johnson and.trustee Hagopian please come forward.[Music].[Music].[Music].Malakai Isaiah Pevensie Oh Justin Munez.[Music].Oh John Paul Ortiz Olivia Khiladi Sappho.[Music].tweed lung cassia Ortiz Isaac Hearn.Evelina met be uke shirelle Robinson.Panwar 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The post preference has been removed from the online form filling process, rather SSC may ask for your preference at the end of the selection procedure which is document verification. (it is still not official yet).

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