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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling out Of 194 Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Of 194 Form

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A Complete Manual with respect toOf 194 Form

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He's so cute..(William, the global star).Hello..Welcome to Korea..(It's Sam Kim.).Welcome..(Suddenly, Sam's last name changed.).Apparently, I'm Sam Kim..Dad is Sam Kim..\"My dad isn't Sam Kim\"..(Rattling lips).Hello. Welcome..(Why isn't she coming?).He's excited..- She's here. / - Where?.- There she is. / - She's at the back..Yes, there she is..Who exactly is Nana?.She's here..(Who is this Nana,).(whom William's been waiting for so long?).She's William's grandma from Australia..(William's grandmother visits Korea.).(She fixes her eyes on him from far away.).(It's Nana.).There you are..(Deeply moved).(They're finally reunited.).(It's been a while, Grandma.).(You cutie-pie.).(He waits with the So Jisub mask on.).(Kissing).How can she not dote over her grandson?.(Now let me give my grandson a hug.).Mom, I'm here..(Laughing).How are you, darling? How are you?.You're So Jisub..Where's So Jisub?.- So Jisub? / - So Jisub..- Right here. / - So Jisub..(Her adoration for him cannot be quenched.).(It will unfold in just a moment.).But he looks different..He's my son..(It's good to see you, Mom.).I missed you..(Let's give my daughter-in-law a hug, too.).(Full of love).Look at this..- Goodness. / - It's William..Who's this?.(This grandmother loves her grandson.).It's William..Hello, my name is Jen Ross..When I was in Australia, I was a casting director.and producer.for 23 years, which is a long time..And you might love people who came out of the shows..Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Margot Robbie,.Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth..A lot of them have been very successful.internationally..She's already quite famous in Australia..With personal connections to Hollywood actors,.Sam even received.a personal message from Russell Crowe..And I happen to be Sam's mother..She's such an impressive person..Let's go..Here we go..Now that was a beautiful surprise, wasn't it?.And it's a beautiful surprise to see Dad.has lost some weight..Dad is looking very good..He's looking very handsome..Thank you..(Chuckling).My stomach's disappearing,.and hers is growing gradually..Yes, but Yumi's got a good reason.for hers to grow..True..So, are you feeling a lot better, Yumi?.I feel good..- That's good, Yumi. / - I feel super good..She's looking good. She's looking beautiful..Super beautiful..You have a super beautiful mom and dad. Yes..How beautiful was that to come out.and see a little munchkin man.standing near.with a placard saying....\"Welcome to Nana\"..\"Welcome to Nana\"..- And you had one, too. / - Yes..What did yours say?.- What did it say again? / - It had \"43\" on it,.but I don't know..\"43. Australia's top baby face.\".That was because you were born in 1943..Oh, right..Yes. Not because you're 43 years old..All right. I thought I might've been 43 years old..That's Yumi..Oh, is she....(Raising a son is good for nothing.).(I should just see my grandson.).(The Australian grandma is full of love.).They finally arrive home full of love..(Sam Hammington returns home.).Hello..(Sam Hammington returns home.).I have to remember to take my shoes off,.- don't I? / - Yes, please..(We're home!).What have I got in here, William?.William..(Grandma has brought home gifts.).(Hurry and open it.).There's something for William..William..(Ta-da).(Immediate reaction).(Are you giving this to me?).Who is that?.- Applause. / - To William..Applause..(Thank you.).(Playing excitedly).(What will the next gift be?).Oh, my. William..- What is that? / - Look at William, Honey..(William the turtle).(Cowabunga).(There is still so much more.).I also bought this one.as a Christmas present..- William. / - Look at this present..(The dog seems more excited.).It's as if you haven't got enough soft toys..(He's excited.).There's some more. 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This was your dad's..This used to be mine..Now you'll drink out of this too, okay?.This cup is meant for princes only..Take it..- Take it. / - Did he understand that?.(I guess I can drink now.).(Becoming a prince sure is easy.).(Clapping like a seal).And these are some of your old books..Oh, what? They're my old books..Those are Dad's books..Mom, did you read these to me when I was little?.Of course..(He reminisces over the past.).I still remember this..This was printed in 1978..(It was made when he was a year old.).Did she keep it for all these years?.- I remember reading this. / - Really?.(Gosh, my son.).What was I like when I was his age?.Well, you're very much similar really..You had jam all over your face..And you liked to throw food around..He throws his food around..You used to throw your food around..(Like father, like son).I guess it passed on..It's like looking at Sam when he was little again..William..(They're exactly alike.).They sure look exactly alike..William..(It's time to throw a talent show for Grandma.).(Demonstrating strength).All right. William..(I've grown this much, Grandma.).(She is surprised.).(His grandma is very expressive.).The best..The best..(Grandma speaks Korean?).The best..(He's happy.).The best..(I love you, Grandma.).Handsome uncle is coming today..(Uncle is coming?).(He appeared one day like a present.).(Dongwook, the Grim Reaper).(Santa Klaus appeared on Christmas.).(Seo Kangjun).Summer special, \"Uncle Has Returned\",.episode one..Staffs are busy setting up at a cafe..(A man draws closer to the cafe.).A man heads towards the entrance..Who is it?.But it's not just one person..There are three..(There are three of them?).(Who are these people here to see the siblings?).What is the identity of this trio?.(They distinguished themselves in \"Produce 101\".).They are the hot idols of Wanna One..(They faced harsh competition for four months.).(It's a group formed by diamonds in the rough.).(Wanna One).These idols overcame fierce competition..(They were in various commercials pre-debut.).And took the nation by storm..(Their teaser received over 10 million views.).(Why are such hot stars here today?).Will they be able to seize the siblings' hearts, too?.We love interacting with kids on a daily basis..Not too long ago, some fans.- showed us a video. / - They were so cute..(What is the video that they fell for?).(Their mom, Soojin uploaded the video.).(It's me tonight).(Cute, haughty and cool).They were so adorable..We were thankful that they danced to our song..We really wanted to see them..Despite our busy schedule, we decided to recuperate..Did you say \"recuperate\"?.(His future in just a moment).You must like me very much..Hey, kids. Gosh..(This is when \"recuperation\" really means \"death\".).Please save me..Please save me..Hence, we ended up here..Last night, we picked.presents ourselves at the market..(Their every move becomes news.).On behalf of the siblings who want to raise dogs,.we got these although they're not real..For Sian, we prepared.- a transforming robot. / - It transforms..I hope the three of them will really like these..I appeal to kids with physical jokes..If I entertain them by running about,.maybe they'll really like it..(His great physique is a rare sight.).(His 60cm-wide shoulders stole the nation's heart.).Childcare is all about strength..He's ready for it..Kids can be.intimidated by lower voices..- Raise them a little. / - Of course..(It goes up nicely.).We can manage that much..(They understand from the get-go.).I'm not going to play with you..(Punching).You crazy kid..- \"Crazy\"? / - No..- Did you say \"crazy\"? / - No, \"Seola\"..- Oh, I see. / - Seola..I thought he called me \"crazy\"..(Side effect of excessive cuteness).- Hey, Seola. / - Watch the pronunciation..(What is cute Jihoon's secret weapon?).Pretend to cry..(Baby talk).(Reverse effect).That's not good..(What if baby talk doesn't work?).I'll keep them deep inside my heart..(I'll save them in my heart.).(It's embarrassing to do in front of them.).(Will it work on children?).It's always hard to.- You're cute. / - endure at the end..Sian, I'll be on my way. Wait for us..(See you soon, kids.).I don't know who's coming either..(Expectant).But Dad,.I....I really, really.want to see him. Tell him to hurry..I don't know either..- Please help them hurry. / - Make them hurry..(They wish with every wrinkle they make.).Please..Please..Please help them hurry..They're here!.They're here..- They're here. / - I think they're here..(They dash out to meet them.).(Heart pounding).Hello..(The front door slowly opens.).How will the siblings react to Wanna One?.Hello..(They descend upon handsome faces.).Hello..- Hello. / - Hi..- Hello. / - Hello..- Hello. / - Hi..- Hello. / - Hello..(Squirming happily).(They're so handsome.).- This is incredible. / - We saw them on TV..- I know. / - It's incredible..- Say hello, kids. / - Hello..Hello..We'll begin with an introduction..- In three, two, one. Hello. / - Hello..- We're Wanna One. / - We're Wanna One..Hey, let's do it too. In three, two, one..Hello, we're the siblings..- \"The siblings\". / - Hello..Why are you so shy? Sit over here..Seola, you already have.heart in your eyes..(She already has heart in her eyes.).- How cute! / - Do the eyebrow trick..There you go..(She welcomes them with an eyebrow trick.).(I refuse to lose.).Make a cool facial expression..(The charismatic Sian).The uncles are scared. Don't make it too scary..(His confidence explodes.).(You haven't seen this before, have you?).(They give good reactions.).That was amazing..- That's not pretty. / - How cute!.(I am funnier.).- That's not pretty. / - How cute! Look at her..(I can do this.).Come on..(They show all tricks to gain their attention.).Have you seen us?.This is the hint..(Tonight, it's me).(Surprised).(It's me, it's me).(The lyrics are wrong, but the dance is right.).They are the uncles who sang that song..They are very famous..I heard you are very busy these days..That's not true..You are like a woman. You are like a woman..- A woman? / - My goodness..- Who is like a woman? / - Who is like a woman?.- All of you. / - All of us..- We are like women. / - Look at them..Who is like a man?.(Vote for your man.).(Seola's pick is Yoon Jisung.).Who is like a man? Is he like a man?.Seola..What about you, Sua?.- Really? / - How cute!.(Sua's pick is Yoon Jisung.).Who is like a man?.(Sian's pick is Yoon Jisung.).Sian!.How old are you?.- I am 19 years old. / - You are 19 years old..I am 22 years old..I am 27 years old..You don't know.what that means, do you?.- He is like uncle. / - Uncle..They are like older brothers..- Older brother. / - Older brother..- He looks like an alien. / - An alien?.(He looks like an alien.).Who looks like an alien?.(The other members love it.).- She called me an alien. / - That's hilarious..(A face like his can't be from the Earth.).I am a human being..I will need to leave for practice soon..Please play with them while I get ready..Why is your nose so big?.What?.(Why is your nose so big?).- What? / - Your nose is so big..My nose....- His nose is very big. / - His nose is big, too..Your nose will grow big when you become an adult..- This big? / - This big..Your hair is too stiff..I used hairspray..It's fake hair..It's mine..(She has fun admiring his face.).It's fake hair. It's fake hair..- Our hair is fake. / - It's real hair..- It's real hair. / - It's real hair..Did you say that you want to rip it off?.No, he said it's real hair..- Lightning power! / - Power!.Give it to me. I will peel it for you..I will peel it for you. Can you do it?.There you go..(Clementine juice goes into his eyes.).Gosh, it went into your eyes..I will peel it for you..(How cute!).- Are you peeling it? / - Yes..(The president hires Secretary Kang.).He became Sian's Secretary Kang..(The president enjoyed the clementine.).Is it good?.(Slouching).Sian walks around.the living room with a slouch..Are you bothered by something?.Sian. Sian..Do you want to go to the toilet with me?.(I am a bit embarrassed.).(Light).(Daniel takes him to the toilet.).Let's go..Come on..(Secretary Kang's care service).Poop won't come out..(Struggling).Why are you so cute?.- Why? / - Nothing. You are cute..Why?.You were making this facial expression..Poop won't come out..You did a good job..Meanwhile, what is Jihoon doing?.He is cleaning the messy kitchen..(Looking around).(That's right.).He turns off the lights and cleans up the place..(He puts the controller back in its place.).(He tidies up the pillows.).He doesn't need to be told what to do..(He takes the initiative and finds work.).He became the siblings' Butler Park..(Clean).Sit down. Let's do something fun..Guess the animal by the sound I make..This sound belongs to a bird..How did you know? How about this?.(Clucking).A sheep?.- A sheep. / - A sheep?.- An owl. / - What?.(He is very good at making the sound.).- Listen carefully. / - What is this?.- What is this? / - It's a chicken..- A chicken. / - A hen..(Cock-a-doodle-doo).A chick..A chicken doesn't go, \"Cock-a-doodle-doo\"..(Hyperrealism).That's the sound a chicken makes..- You are wrong. / - Am I wrong?.Which animal makes this sound?.(He puts one hand in a pocket.).(Sian is charismatic.).Oink, oink..(He keeps it short.).- Oink, oink. It's a pig. / - Correct..(They had fun.).- Grapes. / - Grapes..(Hanging).It's tasty..(Sua runs over.).- He might fall down. / - I want it unpeeled..Seola wants unpeeled grapes..How tasty!.Jisung is like an aunt..He is like the aunt next door..It's really tasty..- It's really tasty. / - He does it naturally..(Aunt Yoon's restaurant is a hit.).You are like an aunt who lives next door..Seola suddenly runs somewhere..Did something happen?.(That's Donggook's display cabinet.).Seola, where are you?.- Is it for me? / - It's a gift..Thank you..- I got a gift. / - What did you get?.- What did you get? / - It's Donggook's..(It's Donggook's K League victory ring.).I want one, too..(He is busy singing \"Pick Me\".).I think there are gifts for us, too..What is this?.- Thank you. / - Dad said.you can borrow it..This is... Are you sure?.- Thank you. / - Jeonbuk Province....This is a precious ring..(There are a lot of them in the house.).(Sua takes something out.).I will put a watch on your wrist..Seola, Sua and Sian..Thank you, Sua..You can have it..You can have it..What is that?.Is it okay to give it to me?.Is it okay for me to wear it?.It's a medal of glory..(Startled).The children gave it for me to wear..It's a precious medal..These shouldn't be mistreated..They are like the giving tree..- We have these, too. / - The rings..I got those rings for winning..You can't give them away..Put them back, okay?.Put them back, okay?.(Why don't we give those to them?).Thank you..You give away everything when there is a guest..You need to receive a ring when you get married..You can't be the one giving the ring, okay?.(I will keep that in mind.).- I have a practice today. / - Okay..I must go to Jeonju..We will take good care of them..We'll make sure they're safe..Listen to the uncles, okay?.- Okay. / - Okay?.Okay, Sian? Sian..(He doesn't even look.).Sian, I am leaving..(Yes, sure. Why not.).- Should I go? / - Your dad is leaving..It's okay. You can leave..You don't even care since you have the uncles..- \"You can leave\"? / - Don't go..- It's okay. / - What?.- It's okay. / - Is it okay?.Your dad is leaving. Is it okay?.(Nodding).Is it okay if your dad leaves?.I am so disappointed..(Disappointed).- I'm leaving. / - Dad, leave already..I'm leaving for real!.- I will get going now. / - Have a safe trip..- I'm leaving for real! / - Okay..I'm leaving for Jeonju!.- It's okay. / - \"It's okay.\".(I should stop.).It's not okay..- Have a safe trip. / - Bye..They care more about the uncles than me..(Donggook leaves the house.).My goodness, Sian..(My goodness.).Does it hurt down there?.That's his private part..I know that it hurts..Gosh, I am exhausted..(What made Daniel exhausted?).A crisis visits the members of Wanna One..He is here..My friend is here..Who else will visit the five siblings' house?.(The place is filled with families.).The indoor playground is filled with families.trying to avoid the heatwave..Run. Go for it!.It's the sea..What is that?.It's the sea. Duck boats..Seungjae, have fun here today, okay?.- Let's go. / - Let's go..Hold my hand..(Jiyong and Seungjae, go, go.).It will be a lot of fun..Won't it be a lot of fun?.(What is Seungjae looking at?).Let's ride the kayak..I will board first and you can follow me..(Smiling).Don't touch it..Seungjae, sit down. Sit down..(They go after Seungjae boards.).(He rows expertly.).I want to do it now..Would you be able to do it? Really?.Give it a try..(Heave-ho).It's fun..(Seungjae, you need to row.).Why aren't we moving?.Try rowing. Try rowing..We are moving, right?.Seungjae, look at me..I want to catch fish. It's cold..(His hand is too small to shield his face.).(This is what happens when a dad is mischievous.).- Stop. / - Should I stop?.You will fall into the water..Alligators live here..Alligators are sleeping in the water..Wake them up..Alligators will bite me if I do that..This is fun..(They are on land.).Thank you..What is that?.(It's time to go on a ride.).I will drive..(Hold on tight, Seungjae.).- Let's go. / - Go, go..Jiyong and Seungjae try every ride..(Jiyong and Seungjae).- Are you having fun? / - Yes..Are you having fun?.Hold on tight..Here comes Seungjae, the king of speed..Look at Seungjae's facial expression..(He conquers the sleigh.).You are the best..It's going fast..Isn't that Disco Pang Pang?.Is Seungjae enjoying the ride?.(Laughing).Are you having fun?.(He conquers Disco Pang Pang.).Which ride should we go on?.- The claw crane. / - What?.- The claw crane. / - What is that?.- The claw crane. / - The claw crane?.Shall we try the claw crane?.Let's go to the claw crane..How many toys should you get?.- Only one. / - Hold one to your chest..Okay?.(He puts on a helmet.).Seungjae. Seungjae..Don't grab two toys. Grab one, okay?.Here we go..Here we go..(He becomes quiet.).He is hoisted up to grab the toys..(Levitating).He moves forward without hesitation..Which toy will he pick?.(Let's stay calm. I am a professional.).(This is it.).(He grabs a dinosaur that is as big as him.).Grab it tight..(He grabs it tight.).Use both hands..(He returns with heavy hands.).Seungjae..(Good job, Seungjae.).- What did you bring? / - A dinosaur..You brought a dinosaur..I brought Spinosaurus..This time, I will get a different toy..No, you are done..It's a heavy dinosaur..Spinosaurus..Spinosaurus..(Satisfied).It's amazing. Look at this..- Let's go. / - Look at this..I brought a dinosaur..A dinosaur..Look..(Seungjae, do you like the dinosaur that much?).Seungjae suddenly becomes quiet..What did he see?.My goodness..- Let's ride it together. / - No..- Let's ride the Viking. / - No..- Are you scared? / - Yes..Really?.Shall we go on a fun ride.- that isn't scary at all? / - Yes..Okay. Let's go..A ride that isn't scary..Wait, this isn't scary..I am having fun..I like this ride the most, Seungjae..(The massage chair kneads his muscles.).This is fun, right?.(Seungjae, don't misunderstand.).Seungjae..(I am just closing my eyes for a second.).Aren't you having fun?.(He enjoys a moment of rest.).(That evening).(Who is it?).Hello..Honey..Did you have dinner?.We are eating pizza right now..I called because I have a favor to ask..- What is it? / - My sister has to take.her second child to the hospital..Would you babysit the youngest one.while she gets an IV?.Sure. She can bring him here..I will tell her to do that..Seungjae, Siwoo is coming..(Is my cousin coming?).(How is Seungjae with younger children?).You have the blueberry-flavored one..(Sulking).Seungjae, you don't make a cool older brother..What will you do when Siwoo gets here?.- We will read a book. / - You'll read a book?.(Which book shall I read to him?).Siwoo is here..Is it Siwoo? Are you sure?.My goodness..- Jiyong. / - You are here..- I'm sorry. / - It's okay..- How are the children? / - His shoes fell off..Come inside..The sisters resemble each other..Auntie, I can feed Siwoo..Really? Will you feed Siwoo?.- Will you feed Siwoo? / - Yes..- Okay. / - I will be back soon..All right. See you later..Bye..(Seungjae's aunt leaves.).Show Siwoo what a big brother is like..Siwoo looks like a bright boy..- Okay? / - Here..Make sure you share. There you go..I gave Siwoo a rabbit..Really? Good job..- You're acting like a big brother. / - Yes..I like that Siwoo is here..You like that Siwoo is here?.You should play with him, then..Siwoo can't play alone. You should play with him..Siwoo, come here..I will hold it for you..Siwoo, follow me..(He doesn't move.).Siwoo won't follow me..What will make Siwoo follow Seungjae?.- I am going. / - Seungjae..Siwoo is just a little over a year old..It's possible that Siwoo doesn't understand you..What will make Siwoo follow Seungjae?.(He leads his cousin by holding his hand.).Let's go..You want me to keep the door open, right?.(Siwoo continues to scratch his head.).Siwoo..Do you want to read \"Superman\"?.Yes..Seungjae, read Siwoo a book..Siwoo, come here..(Do you want to sit on my lap?).Sit..No?.Why do children hate me?.Why doesn't Siwoo.like you?.You were like that, too..I am used to it..Do you like playing with me?.No, I don't..I like Siwoo..Siwoo, you are hungry, right?.I will bring Siwoo's food..- Will you feed Siwoo? / - Yes..Let's go..Siwoo, let's go and eat..Siwoo, let's eat..I will feed you. Sit down..Siwoo, don't you want to eat?.Siwoo..Are you going to eat or not?.Think about it..Oh, dear..(Jiyong often uses the phrase, \"Think about it.\").(They say children are mirrors of their parents.).(He takes out baby food.).(Wait a minute.).Siwoo needs snacks..Siwoo needs to eat them after a meal..(In that case, I will feed him quickly.).Seungjae is quite strong..(Eating).It must taste better since you are feeding him..Open wide..(He opens his mouth as well.).(One more bite).There you go..- Do you like it? / - Yes..Siwoo is almost done..(Seungjae is in a hurry.).Don't be ridiculous. He only had three bites..You can eat by yourself, right?.I will hold the snacks..You can eat them after your meal..I will hold the snacks..Seungjae,.you plan to steal them, right?.(He got me.).No, I was going to give it to the baby..- You were? / - Yes..I will eat a little bit after the baby eats them..Siwoo, let's eat..(I want to drink water.).Water? Here is water..You need to finish eating after you drink water..(Then I will be able to eat snacks.).(Refusing).- Do you want snacks? / - No..He needs to finish his meal first..No..He needs to finish his meal first..You want snacks, right?.- Right? / - Yes..You want snacks..If you take a spoonful, I will put cheese on it..Siwoo, watch..It's cheese..(Will it work?).What was that?.What was that?.He only ate the cheese..Eat the rest..Eat..(He bursts out laughing.).Siwoo, you grew up a lot..You only ate the cheese..If you pull out the spoon like you normally do,.Siwoo will only eat the cheese..Put the spoonful of food in his mouth.and lift it up as you pull it out..- Lift it up? / - Do it like this..Then food will go into his mouth..- Will they succeed this time? / - Do you get it?.- Here. / - Should I do it?.Feed him..Open wide..(They put the food in his mouth).(and lift up the spoon.).(My goodness.).Siwoo is eating well..Aren't you hungry?.You're not hungry?.Do you want baby formula?.Think about whether you want.baby formula or snacks..Do you want snacks?.- Do you want this? / - Snacks..Siwoo, I will give you snacks. Here..(He takes care of his young cousin.).It's good, right?.(Here you go, Uncle.).We are a family..We are a family..What is Siwoo to you?.A little brother..- What are you to Siwoo? / - A big brother..A big brother..Snacks for me, sweet potatoes for you..Sweet potatoes for you,.snacks for me..(Now that they aren't his,).(sweet potatoes look good.).(Eyeing).I only have a few snacks left..(Why do I feel nervous?).Give me one..(No.).Just one..(I don't want to.).(He attempts an exchange with a dropped snack.).Will you eat them all?.(He resists fiercely.).No, no..I will give you one..(Don't speak nonsense.).Will you eat them all?.Wait a minute. Let me take one..(Those are my sweet potatoes.).Let me eat one..Dad..(What is going on?).Let's wipe your hands. They are dirty..(He wipes Siwoo and Seungjae.).Your hands are dirty..He watches over them and cleans the house..(He cleans up after Seungjae.).It's hectic for Jiyong..To make matters worse....- Dad. / - Yes?.I pooped..You pooped?.Did you poop? Really?.(There are so many things to do.).I did..(Wait for me, Uncle.).(He washes Seungjae).(and watches Siwoo.).(He pooped a lot.).Hurry up..(What is that?).(The camera moves slowly.).(This camera moves as well.).(Crying).(What is that? I am scared.).Siwoo is crying..Siwoo, what's wrong? Siwoo..Siwoo, why are you crying?.What's wrong?.(How can I make him feel better?).Siwoo is crying. What should I do?.Do you want to go swimming?.Let's go swimming!.(Seungjae seems more excited.).(Screaming).(He practices swimming in his naked state.).(My goodness.).(He lays plastic cover on the floor first).(and begins to pump air.).Let's swim..I need to pump air..(I am exhausted.).Jiyong's mini pool is finally complete..(He adds warm water to the mini pool.).He adds warm water for the children..Siwoo, let's take off your clothes..Wait a minute. I am sorry..Are you stuck?.Go in, Seungjae. Sit down, Siwoo..(Siwoo will like it, right?).(Crying).What's wrong?.Don't you like the water? Do you want to come out?.(He was just scared of the moving cameras.).Jiyong went through the troubles of making it..(Excited).Seungjae is like a fish in the water..(Seungjae is like fish in water.).The night deepens..(Singing).Jiyong begins to put Siwoo to sleep..(It has been a while since he sung a lullaby.).(Seungjae used to be this small.).He once had to stay by Seungjae's side.in order to put him to sleep..(Jiyong played with him to hear him laugh.).In the blink of an eye....(Spider walks on the web).Seungjae grew up..- Stop it. / - It tickles, right?.Don't tickle me..These experiences make me think.Seungjae might be lonely if he grows up alone..It's hard to decide..William, we will have fun today.with Grandma from Australia..(He is with his grandma today.).We'll tour Seoul today. What do you want to do?.- Seoul tour. / - William is your guide..Okay, okay..100-percent customer satisfaction guaranteed..Welcome to William's tour..William, you need to give your grandma.a tour. Where should we go?.(Follow me.).Okay. Okay..William, what is that?.What is that?.(Nervous).It's the first escalator in William's life..(Will he be able to get on it?).- Watch it. / - Will you be okay?.Are you ready?.(William, are you ready?).(His heart pounds.).Will William succeed?.Ready, go..(He succeeds.).(He is on the escalator for the first time.).(Smiling).(It was a piece of cake.).William..William, can you go up a step?.You need to get ready to get off..- William, get ready. / - We are going to get off..- Get off. / - William. William..In one, two, three..(Good job.).(He succeeds to get off the escalator.).It was a piece of cake..Good boy..That was easy..The first course is Seoullo 7017..If you go to New York, they have the High Line,.which was an old and elevated train track..This used to be an old road..(William loves water.).What is that?.(Smiling).It stopped, right?.What is Grandma doing?.(When William touches it, they react fervently.).(William is excited to see water.).(Reacting).Come on..Here it comes..William..(They take a picture.).(They have a photo time with William.).(Nana is Grandma's nickname.).I am Nana..- Nana. / - Nana..Nana..- I've got something prepared for you. / - What?.It's your favorite thing..(What is her favorite thing?).Shopping!.(Everyone loves to go shopping.).I hope you brought lots of money..(Sam's mom will pay.).(The three generations go shopping.).It's Namdaemun Market. It's your first time here..The second course of William's Tour..Welcome to the center of shopping in Korea,.Namdaemun Market..(The market has everything.).(The price is also very affordable.).Oh, that's not going..(It's so hot.).That's what we need. That's what we need..- What? What? / - William..- Watermelons. / - William..William, which one do you want?.- Which one? / - Food..- Food. / - Can you eat this?.Yes, he can eat it..- Here, just take it. / - No, it's okay..- He's so cute. / - I can't just take it..- No, it's fine. / - I need to pay..- Please take it. / - He says, \"I need to pay.\".- It looks yummy. / - Give her some..(You can have the first bite, Grandma.).- Thank you. / - Give me some, too..(He uses both his hands skillfully.).(Biting).It's yummy..(That's a good boy.).- It's yummy. / - Look at him..(It's delicious. Put your hands up.).Oh, it's yummy..It's so yummy..(It's delicious.).- Is it yummy? / - It's good, right?.- Give me some. / - It's yummy..Aren't you going to give me some?.(He forces William to give him some.).(Sam uses his strength to get a bite.).(How will William react to this?).(Go ahead and help yourself, Dad.).(Have one more bite.).Give some to your grandmother..(William is a very generous grandson.).You're nice..It's delicious..(Sharing it with everyone makes it taste better.).Does it taste good?.- He's so cute. / - Hi, William..- Hello. / - Hi, everyone..Bye..(She's proud.).William..(He's become the star of Namdaemun Market.).I love coming to Korea.because I think Korean people are very special..They're very friendly..They've taken my son and my grandson.into their hearts..And seeing how people react to my grandson.is very special..(My grandson is so popular.).- Let's get some coffee. / - Okay..- Korean coffee. / - Where at?.Korean coffee?.Please give us two cups of iced-coffee..Do you want both cream and sugar?.- Sorry? / - Cream and sugar?.Yes, please..It looks delicious..(The owner makes it with a golden ratio.).It looks delicious..(He doesn't forget to pay for the coffee.).There you go. This is Korean coffee..Korean coffee?.It's the sound of birds..I'm going to have some Korean coffee..(Does it taste good?).- It's Korean iced-coffee. / - It's delicious..Dad wanted....(She picks something out.).(It gets rid of dead skin and massages your body.).(That feels nice.).(Even Australians love Korean Italy Towels.).(William tries it on.).\"Hello.\".\"Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you.\".Let's see. That's 10 dollars..That's 10 dollars. That's 50 dollars..(Cash underwear will bring you money.).- Is it my birthday gift? / - Yes..- Is it my birthday gift? / - Yes..(No, that's not good.).- For James, too. / - He keeps saying \"No\"..Do you have a big size?.- Big size? / - Yes, big size..They're actually looking for the size..Is this all we have?.Here you go..(They finally found a big-sized underwear.).(Wear this and become a great person.).I don't know..(Sam and his mother are choosing hats now.).(William tries it on first.).(His grandmother tries on the latest trend.).Hey, who's that?.(She becomes a fashionista.).(I can't choose. They're all pretty.).I don't think so..(The owner recommends a hat for her.).That's.like the classic Korean....(It's a very traditional hat in Korea.).It's the classic Korean-styled hat..Yes. Yes..She should fix this with a safety pin..Use a safety pin..You can use....- A safety pin? / - Yes, a safety pin..- Yes. / - Grandma!.(Grandma, let's wear that back home.).He wants you to wear that..William's going to buy it instead..(I'll buy it for you.).William, give the money to the owner..Give it to the owner..Thank you, William..(Grandma, you should buy shoes, too.).Do you want to buy her this one?.(The size is perfect.).This one?.Two pants for five dollars..That's nice. Hurray!.- Are you happy? / - Hurray!.(I love you, Grandma.).- That's nice. / - Shall we get that?.Good. Wow, look here..(Surprised).(They sell merchandises of Korean celebrities.).Where's So Jisub?.- So Jisub? / - So Jisub..- So Jisub. / - There you go..(She's his fan.).- Hurray! / - Who's more handsome?.Who's better looking?.(Is he pleading the Fifth Amendment?).(Look over there.).- Who? / - Hey..(He points at the triplets.).They're the triplets..It's Daehan, Minguk and Manse..How much is this?.- It's eight dollars. / - Eight dollars?.You should pay her..(He hands her the money.).(He pays the money straightforwardly.).I look forward to seeing William's photo here..- Okay. / - Okay. Bye..(Please do me a favor and display my photo.).Seola and Sua are having fun with Jisung..(This is so fun.).Let's take a short break..(Sian suddenly joins.).Hey, Sian..(The game must continue.).You cute little kids..You must like me a lot..My gosh, you guys..Guys, wait..- I'm hugging you. / - Really?.Thank you..- Cheer up, Jisung. / - Are you hugging me?.(He's cheering from afar.).Please save me..Please save me, you guys..(Chaotic).Please save me..Uncle Jihoon says he'll act cute for you guys..I never said that..- Let's follow him. / - Okay..- It's cute. Show them. / - Okay..- Do this with your hands. / - Do this..(Jihoon teaches them how to act cute.).(He uses his hidden weapon.).That's what you do..(What is that?).It doesn't work on them..(It was enough to make his fans go crazy.).Thank you..Try it, Sian..(I can't believe I'm getting denied.).- He doesn't want to. / - Don't force him..I saved you guys in my heart..(He continues to act cute.).How about this one?.- You don't like this? / - Really?.- Your trick doesn't work. / - I guess.I'm not that popular anymore..- You're done. / - You're not popular..- ♪ The itsy-bitsy spider ♪ / - It's a spider..- ♪ Climbs up the waterspout ♪ / - It's a spider?.♪ The itsy-bitsy spider climbs up the waterspout ♪.(Jihoon's charm turns into a spider web.).I saved you..(He's a bit confused.).Sian, let's arm wrestle..I ate this much today..(She suddenly boasts about how much she ate.).- You ate this much? / - Yes..You ate seven bowls?.I ate 10 bowls..Seola ate 10 bowls..(Sian shows off his strength.).I won!.My hand didn't hit the floor yet..It didn't hit the floor yet..(Shaking).It didn't hit the floor yet..Gosh, I lost..- I can hold him. / - How?.Come here. Let me hold you..- Oh, gosh. / - Wait, Sian..(He starts crying.).Why? Why?.Where does it hurt?.Is this where it hurts?.- Sian, did it hurt? / - Is that where it hurt?.That's his private area..Exactly. You're right..- That's his private area. / - Are you okay?.- Does it still hurt? / - Are you okay, Sian?.(He kindly asks if he's okay.).It must still hurt..I know how painful that is..- It hurts a lot. / - Yes, it does..(This is so chaotic.).I shouldn't be saying this right now..I'm older than all three of them put together..But it was so hard..We were the ones being taken care of..Maybe it's because their dad is a soccer player..But they were so strong..So, I made up my mind to play with them properly..Ta-da..Here's your ride..- My gosh. / - Here..What's this? It's just a chair..- Do I sit down? / - Yes. Watch carefully..Daniel will change this into a ride..(Welcome to Uncle Land).(This is so realistic.).Here we go..(They're giving it their all.).- Let's get down. / - We're here..- It's done already? / - Yes..I want to go again..- You want to go again? / - Do you want to go?.Let's go. Get up..Seola, Sua.and Sian are so energetic..Good luck..(They're going again.).Here we go..Raising kids is all about strength..They're playing with the children..It's not an easy task..I want to go again..- Again? / - Later..I'm tired..It's hard work..It's hard..(He's talking like an old man.).(Thank you, Uncle.).(I'll pick you from now.).(Kissing).Thank you. That's heart-throbbing..Do you have juice at home?.- It's so tiring. / - Where's water?.- Juice... / - Do you have water?.Yes. I'll find it..(The kids work together to get water.).They're so cute. They're getting water for me..I moved out of the way for you..Thank you..- May I have some water? / - Do you want water?.- May I have some water? / - Okay, I'll give you..May I have some water?.That hurts..(He's getting annoyed.).(Backing off).(I thought he was hitting too hard, too.).(Have some water.).Thank you..Isn't it delicious?.Thank you..He'll show you something cool. Go..Watch..(Beatboxing).- Nice beat. / - Isn't it cool?.Show me again..- Again? / - He likes it..This time, I'll go really fast..Watch..(He's so cool.).Isn't he good?.(It sounds like my beating heart.).- Let's clap. / - Do it again..(You're full of talents.).- Again? / - Again?.(Beat, box, beat, box).- Not like this. / - Beat, box..- Go like this. / - Beat, box..Do it while going like this..(Like this?).I have done this..That's it..I can do it..- You're good. / - You did well..(He became the youngest beatbox master.).(He's dancing to the beat.).Sua. Yes..(Sua is doing a robot dance.).(He's showing off all of his talents.).(This 19-year-old is doing cute tricks.).(It's show time.).(They used up all of their energy.).- Where are they? / - They're running around..We have to change clothes to go out..What should I wear? Not this..(It's a mess.).What to wear out?.I'll wear this to go out..Yes..Should I wear this?.This is pretty. This one's cool..Seola, this one is really cool..Uncle..Uncle. He's over here..What's that?.(They follow Sian inside.).What happened? Is it okay to be messy?.(What is this?).We're choosing clothes..We're choosing clothes..- Are you picking outfits? / - Yes..What should we wear today?.This one..- That's not it. / - Do you want to wear it?.Yes, I want to wear this..- Do you want to wear it? / - Yes..Okay, you're doing well..(They're taking care of a child each.).I can do it by myself..- Why are you so good? / - What about your pants?.This is the back..- Let's wear this. / - It's backwards..Is it backwards?.(He's good at putting clothes on backward.).(He helps Sian put it on properly.).(Fumbling).(A jacket in this weather?).- Do you want me to wear it? / - Yes..Sian, you have style..You have to zip it up..Okay, we should..It'll be hot..I'll help you..(If you want me to, I'll do it.).- Come here. / - Is this yours?.It's too big..It looks like a dress..Is this really yours?.I don't think it is..- I don't think it is. / - It's not his..This isn't Sian's..Whose is it?.(He takes it off.).You don't like it?.Let's put away the clothes together..Seola, Sua and Sian made this mess..- Sian's. / - I didn't do it..- You didn't? / - No..Then can you help them.- since you're nice. / - Okay..Thank you..- Is this a boarding school? / - Seriously..(It's getting clean with everyone's help.).Where do we put laundry?.- In the laundry basket. / - Where is it?.- Show me. / - Come here..Follow me..He cleans even when everyone has left..(He's cleaning up the room.).(He's so clean.).It looks cleaner than before..- Uncle. / - Someone's here..My friend is here..- It's our friend. / - Your fourth uncle..Who is the fourth uncle?.(It's Ong Seongwu of Wanna One.).- Hello? / - Hello..Seongwu..It's me, Jisung..- Yes. / - Where are you?.- Me? I'm just around. / - Uncle..If you're not busy, do you want to come?.- I'm at / - Donggook's..Seola, Sua and Sian's house..They want to go out, but we can't drive..- If you're in nearby, do come. / - Really?.We won't tell you where to go..You can schedule a course..Okay. I'll plan it out..It's another uncle..- Who is he? / - Hello..Do you know him?.- Who is he? / - Hello..Come here and say hello..Do they call us uncles or brothers?.- Uncles. / - Uncles..- Uncles? / - They call me a brother..- Are you a brother? / - Yes..Am I a brother or an uncle?.Let's ask them..Is he a brother or an uncle?.(Nervous).- Uncle. / - Uncle..(Bitter).- Uncle. / - You must look old..Introduce yourself..Yes. I'm.in the same group as these other uncles..I'm Wanna One's Ong Seongwu..Let's clap..He sang the same song with us..(He sang \"Pick Me\".).(It's reflex now.).(Amazing).- Good job. / - Isn't he good?.(Tonight, it's me.).He's so cute..He sang it, too..You can call me Uncle Ong..My last name is Ong..He's going to drive for us today..- Shall we go? / - Yes!.- Shall we go? / - Let's go..- Let's go. / - Let's go..- You have to drive safely. / - Here it is..Okay..- Good. / - Go in..- Here. / - Let's wear seat belts..- We should. / - I don't know how..Can you do it?.(Sian can buckle up by himself.).He's good..(They're only assisting.).Wow, good job..- This is how you do it. / - Where is the other one?.Good job..(He's never used a car seat before.).My arms aren't in..(Startled).You didn't do the bottom. Help me..- I didn't? / - I don't like the bottom..(Rushing).You have to put it on..You can get hurt.- without the seat belt. / - Like this..The size doesn't fit..She's always using it. Of course, it fits..Did you gain weight?.(How can you say such a thing?).- How do I do this? / - No way..Seola is here, and I'm there..Is that so?.That's my seat, but I'm here..Is that so? I'm hot..I told you it wouldn't work..It doesn't work. It's difficult..It's hot..You're switching on your own?.They're so smart. They change themselves..Is it comfortable? There we go..- Now this one goes here. / - Click..- Is it comfortable? / - Are you okay?.- It's not too tight? / - Let's go..Seat belts are on..(Congratulations on buckling them up.).I'm sorry. I apologize..I don't have experience..I've never seen you drive..- Let's go. / - Let's go..- Let's go. / - Go..Sian wants to swim..Do you want to swim?.He wants to play in the water..Seola, Sua, are you good at swimming?.Yes..Shall we go play in the water later?.Where are we going?.- Where could we be going? / - I don't know..- Right now... / - By the way,.I've been curious..Are we going to play in the water?.Yes..For some reason, these roads.look very familiar..The place we stayed for four months.had a place we could swim, too..No, no..Don't tell me we're going there..That place is forbidden..I didn't call you to go there..What is this?.- Why are we going there? / - No, no..(Sighing).(Where could it be?).It's an unforgettable place for Wanna One..What will happen here?.You can see the beauty of Korean buildings.at the Folk Village..Which family is visiting here?.(The twins are touring with chocolate bread.).It's Seoeon and Seojun..(What?).(Who is that person?).Hi, guys..What are you eating?.Can you give me a bite?.(He's an actor playing a homeless person.).What flavor is that, Seoeon?.It's a chocolate bread..Is it sweet?.I've never tasted a chocolate bread before..(It's so delicious.).(Seoeon got a bread in Vietnam.).Thanks to a nice person in Vietnam,.Seoeon got to taste a chocolate bread..(What on earth is this taste?).He couldn't get over the taste.and has been in love with chocolate bread since..It even comes out in his dreams..(This is my favorite chocolate bread.).(Disappointed).I'm so hungry..(Seojun is watching the homeless.).(He falls down.).I'm so hungry..(What do I do?).I'm so thirsty and hungry..I can't survive..(Sympathetic).Here, you can eat this..Are you really giving it to me?.Are you very hungry?.Yes, I'm so hungry. 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Of 194 Form FAQs

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