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How to Finish the Ssa 1694 Form in 9 Steps on the Internet?

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you.Oh.well hello I'm ed Mottola and I'm.presenting 2011 payroll rear end closing.so i move my smiling face out of the way.this download of this document should be.available as well as others on our.website so this presentation was given.today on november 22nd traditionally we.present this at third tuesday of the.month but we waited until Great Plains.and publish their update we're going to.cover two different days in this.presentation payroll human resources and.business portal updates for 2011 and.then the tax updates for 2012 all the.things that we do at the end of the.calendar year the most important thing.is this is not an optional updating this.year there are significant changes and.Great Plains is telling us that we must.update and will qualify that as we go.through we're only supporting GP 2012.and GP 10 as versions 10 and 11 small.business financials and GP 90 are no.longer supported and you should update.or at least contact us for how to get.around those issues let's talk about.what's changed primarily there was a.change this year between the employee.Social Security withholding and the.employer Social Security matching where.traditionally they've always been a.one-to-one match now there were.different rates and Microsoft had to.edit the code to allow for that change.let me show you what was involved they.made an interim change in January to the.tax tables to allow for this change so.previously there was a fika s-code been.affected both employer and employee and.that code at a rate of six point two.percent.now this is the employee rate a 4.2 with.an annual half of 100 6800 and there is.a separate code for the employer FICA.and it has a rate of 6.2 done similar.changes to Medicare so that if they ever.done birds they will be controlled.separately the employee and the employer.they had to rush this out because the.fence changed that in the last two weeks.of the year so they got it to work for.payroll processing but there are windows.and reports that aren't pulling this.information accurately and I think that.they've also revamped the code on that.to make it work better so that is the.primary reason why that something is.there you may encounter issues if you.don't have this upgrade so it's a.required a parade a hat on those rates.through the year-end reporting they were.concerned about urine reports and.updates at that point in time in January.and now we are and we want to make sure.that you have this in place before you.create your final year end wage file the.next thing is changes in the w2 if we.look at the w-2 form.this box 9 is now grayed out because the.earned income credit is no longer valid.you can still get an entering or income.credit refund on your tax return but.there's no refund going on from the.employer throughout the year the code.for that is still in GP as is the higher.act but they will not go to the UN wage.file it will shut down those postings if.you didn't have the upgrade you would.get zero is printed in this grey field.if we were to scan this that might have.an issue so other than that the form has.not changed and that's an important.enough change right in there and the.form now has two new codes for box 12.box 12 is the retirement plan box where.the retirement at other mock and other.things go and there are new codes for.health plan contributions both the.employer and the employee tax sheltered.health plan confirmations like health.medical dental optical all those are.required in the coming year to be.reported in box 12 with Cody d it is.optimal in 2011 it's FYI for the.employees so if you want to get that in.place this here you need to have the.something here's what's involved in.setting that up if we go to the payroll.series and we go to the setup for.a medical plan this one has an employee.withholding and an employer match and.that amounts to box 12 DD on the payroll.side for the employee deduction will.accumulate there and there will be a.benefit this is a benefit and it will be.box 12 DB also so in addition to your.retirement plans that box 12 will now.have multiple codes and these will all.add up together to show what the total.contribution was if we look at the w two.instructions and I'm going to go down to.these are the instructions for w2 and w3.s actually.there it is costume employer-sponsored.health coverage so as long as the.employer is sponsoring the health.coverage then both legs show and that's.what we're going to have their the other.new code is EE rock contributions under.a 457 plan for those of you not familiar.we've already always had these these are.tax sheltered retirement plans and if.the 401k it was d e f g and h in the.last few years we've had rock plans.which are not tax sheltered and we had a.a and b v not in that and a 457 is EE so.just a new option and if you're using.mag media it will verify if they're in.there correctly if it's w-2s you just.got to put it in the right label so.there's some other W to changes in.addition the logic for the retirement.plan check box has changed and i'm going.to show you what's changed on that so.i'm going to go back to Great Plains and.I'm going to go to cards tax and there.is the retirement plan check box and the.rule has always been if you're eligible.for retirement plan then this box should.be checked but again the code has.changed a little bit and here's what it.now says so I'm going to go down to page.11 I'm looking for box 13.ok.retirement plan down here this box.should be marked if they are active for.any part of the year than any one of.these retirement plans the d e f g or.the or the or the raw plants all those.ones that we were just looking at if.they have any of those then it should be.checked well because the rule is simpler.now Great Plains has made it easier with.this update if i were to edit w-2s and.look at the law ackerman she has the.retirement plan box checked because when.we created year-end it pulling the.information from this screen here and.dropped it in but notice these other.people it isn't marked as I'm scrolling.through these retirement plan is it.marked and yet then you have the.retirement plan and it is marked here.and the way it works now is it looks at.the employee goes to their deductions.and if they have any deductions in box.12 with the proper label that would mean.contain a retirement plan and they have.an amount in there for the year then it.will be included note i'm working in the.year 2017 even though we're in 2011.that's where my SAP will need is but.that is the line here so it created.these retirement plan check boxes on the.w2s even though they weren't here I'll.get on the same employee Buchanan is not.marked on his.employee info screen and this is marked.here on the other hand if you mark this.and they don't have that code it will.still come through so I have an employee.called test its marked he has no medical.withholdings of any fine and yet when I.come out here this w2 does have it.marked now he's not gonna get a w-2.because he had no wages but if he had.wages and you marked it here it would.come across even though he wasn't active.on it so my recommendation is to unmark.this box for everybody and let the.software do what it's designed to do now.and I'm a feeling they'll probably take.that box away because it's not needed.anymore and that will make your life.simpler all right w3 for most of us.print the w3 to screen not to an aligned.form but there are some changes in it.and one way or the other you're going to.need this code so if i go to print w-2s.and I bring up the transmittal form.which is the w3 I have to check boxes.now 14 type hi hi the fair and the new.one for kind of employer and because of.that everything moved down so if i were.trying to print on the form when ally.without the tag something well what are.those new fields they're right here this.is the new kind of employer if you're.any kind of 501 C which is a kind of a.tax-exempt organization then you would.have to indicate that when you print.your w3 it defaults 10 done apply so.ninety percent of us we open this window.except the non apply and we get the.result of this checkbox let's look at.the w3 form itself this is the old.peace this is the new on the new one it.will check this none apply base not how.we answer those questions you also have.to manually mark third-party sick pain.there's nothing in GP that triggers that.GP will trigger trying to pay based on.whether you're a 941 or a medicare.qualified government employee there are.programs for government entities where.you can be exempt from social security.but still be qualified for Medicare.that's mq GE and we see that right here.we're either regular or NQ GE there are.separate postings separate reports if.your regular hit 941 if your mpge it'll.hit this box if it's anything else.you're going to have to white it out and.hand market this will now be enabled.over here by this new field down here so.that's a new feature and I talked about.the type of hair here the kind of.employer here and the box is 9 and 12 we.have been disabled 9 was the EIC 12b was.the higher Act the code for these is.still in Great Plains it's just not used.anymore so if I go back up to here and.the tax we still have higher act and we.still have DIC but they won't go.anywhere they won't drive anything.nothing will happen with them if you had.balances in there the w2's will not get.them so the w2's the employees can pay.for an income printed on their return.but not as a credit from the employer.throughout the year so they drop them.from the reporting here and those are.changes in.e.w 34 in the instructions for w-2s and.w3s right at the top it talks about.earned income credit and how you have to.tell the employee but that's a change so.on the w-2 form at if you buy the right.form there is a note here on earned.income credit stuff a little higher here.right here on the back of the employee.federal form coffee bean and if you're.not my forms from a reputed dealer who.includes all these certified notes on.the back you have to provide them some.kind of facsimile to tell them that they.can take the earning from friend and on.their tax return so we recommend that.you go to deluxe business forms and.order your w cheese from there and we'll.be talking about that later but most.forms should have all those inclusions.because of those changes for kind of.employer and the removal of the higher.Act the code had to change for how we.create a mag media file if you have over.250 employees you must create a mag.media file and there's a federal mag.media software for great flames there's.also other software that lets you.separate out the states to their own.magnini files available from green.shades so in order to get that kind of.employer field we had to change the code.so the mag media file works properly and.to get rid of these other records from.the higher act and the earning confront.so that would be another requirement the.reason why you need this update those.are the changes in the w2s in w3s and to.the functionality and the software but.while they have this year-end update out.there they've also included changes to.lead 1099 forms for your payables there.are no changes to the 1099 miscellaneous.and interest but the 1099 limit in had.some format changes so if you don't want.to edit formats you need this upgrade in.payroll we have retirement employees.they get a pension plan instead of a.regular check and we report those as a.1099 are out of payroll not payables and.there were some changes and I've never.encountered anybody who uses that but it.is in the software if you use business.portal for time independence an employee.profile so the employees can enter it.changes to their time direct deposits.emergency contacts etc there's a place.where they have a w-4 form and every.year we have to make a cosmetic changes.in the form to remove the twenty ten.year and make it say 2011 or 2012 in.this case so that update will be.available in the summer it is just a.cosmetic changes in the form again we.phased out earned income credit and.there's information amount on the back.of coffee BW to the higher act died at.the end of last year and even though the.information is there it doesn't run.anymore and it doesn't affect our 941 a.very important update is that the few to.tax rate changed in mid-year so the.first half of the year was pointing.percent like it's been since time.immemorial but now they reduced it to.point six percent if you try to create a.year-end 941 report I'm sorry 940 report.on.and that would be done by just printing.the period end report for fuedeh then.you're going to get the wrong.information and here's why you have to.do it for each half of the year so I'm.going to go to setups unemployment tax.so right now i have my point six percent.this is a company-wide setting there's.no we're there to tell it for certain.dates then we need to put an update in.here and they haven't fix this yet.because there's an easy wharf around.when you do the report to get me.information you would have to say a 10 1.11 through my date is 17 so i'll go.through their 0101 17 20 6 30 17 and i.would freak my theater before and from.it at the bottom of the report i would.get my totals for the first six months I.would then need to add those to the.totals I get for the last six months but.this is using the wrong rigs make this.big enough to see is running this at the.point six percent whereas the first six.months we're point eight so i have to.change the setup 2.8 run six months of.reports change back to 46 and runnin.again for the other six months and add.them up to get my total few to tax due.and few to tax numbers there is no 940.return out of Great Plains like there is.941 returns so you gotta use that report.and that'll be a one-time work around.this year from now on it's point-six.percent in the coming year then it will.be that way all year until they change.it again.similarly pseudo tax rates change we.really don't know till mid-january our.state agencies inform us what they are.so in the same window set up.unemployment I'll put in Utah my rate.will change depending on my performance.and the rate the calf will change this.year it was 28 3 and from what I've been.able to tell from looking out on the web.it's going to go up to 28 6 our Social.Security caps haven't changed for a.couple of years our Medicare never.changes but our rates changed here but.the caps did not but here we'll have a.change and here we'll have a change and.this went from point 62.8 and the caps.need the same so you've got all this.information out here on page two so be.aware of those things you don't put in.the pseudo rate changes to you publish.your suitor reports in the new year and.if you want to improve quarterly you're.going to need to do that sometime in.January and then put in the new rates.and then start accruing quarterly by.that I mean when you do the pseudo.report you have the option to post let.me get into peer amid reports here it's.not only a suitor report it's a posting.so you have to plug in the right setup.so create your year-end reports for 2011.and then change your rates for 2012 so.you can accrue this monthly in January.starting January.alright the year-end updates include.some fixes for things that are beyond.Great Plains if we go to the last page I.gave you a list of bug fixes there were.only two for payroll and one of them.I've seen when we recreate the pay stub.it wasn't working right with attendance.let me show you what was involved.because this was a really cool feature.of the newest version of Great Plains.version 2011 if I bring them in inquiry.and take anybody's check I can recreate.a pay stub so there isn't a stub for.that employee down here it gives me my.vacation of sick pay available this is.pulling from the payroll side but if you.have human resources loaded and you're.using attendance to replace the payroll.vacation in sync buckets with the much.more powerful accrual-based attendants.vacation in six buckets you have to.modify the form to bring in the.attendance fields but they were failing.it was reporting zero so they've now.fixed it and you will see the proper.balances and the proper codes there from.attendance that was one of the patches.the other patch was that if you were.working on an existing employee and you.had the employee screen open and you.went and cleared that was just supposed.to remove the window employed but in.some cases it was actually deleting the.employee and that was a problem so they.fixed that beyond that their sticks is.in inventory manufacturing sales field.service econnect an extender so you.should look through this list and fixed.assets there are some luxury.depreciation changes to new rates so.keep in mind all of those things there's.another thing that's included in this.you are nothing after completing the.year-end update and you've installed it.then you will see this 1117 date in the.payroll setup window so on your set up.payroll payroll we have 11 17 the action.released it on the 15th when I.downloaded it will be officially.published in on the 17 and that's how.you know you uploaded it so another way.is to look at about microsoft dynamics.GP it'll be billed 1100 1860 it's.inclusive of service pack 2 which was.the round to midyear updates kind of.like virgin 11.5 which has some.wonderful new features when you'll need.to address those by looking at your.what's new document and I would.recommend you look at that to see what's.included in the round to update that is.included in this service pack let's look.at what it takes to load the service.pack if you're on GP tenants here GP 11.which is GP 2010 is here and we haven't.gotten the one from the w-4 form on the.business porn we get the metal come out.in mid-december so I'm going to click on.the 14 version 10 this time it's opening.me up to partner source or customer.source and if you don't have access to.this award-winning site you need to get.it when you pay for your fifteen to.eighteen percent annual enhancement you.get access to this website you get.knowledge base articles service packs.updates the main thing you're getting is.your update potential but there are.online classes there are white pages and.wealth of knowledge base articles to.help you debug errors that you're.getting you can open a case online and.for it claims there's a ton of things.out here so there's an overview here.then there's the changes and these are.the things we've gone over.there's installation instructions.warning you that it's going to affect.your reports and forms dictionaries and.other things so you need to back them up.and then there's the download and it.will download it and then you'll execute.it includes this PDF file and this PDF.file the first PDF file is the 01 the US.11 year-end PDF file which has line by.line instructions for installing and.update and the tax update as well and.the procedures you go through in payroll.fixed asset I mean human resources and.the other related modules to close new.year end now when we're closing payroll.we're not moving things from open the.history like we are in other modules.we're just creating some new tables and.adding more information to the year end.tables the details always exist we can.create and remove ear n at will and as.long as the details are out there we can.recreate the year end so that document.is available and you'll also have a w-2.form similar to this so you'll see in.the format and what's in all of the.boxes in box 12 etc so you always have.that guide all right that's the year-end.update then affects payroll a little bit.of Hannibal's and you saw other modules.and get up need into certain patches.that should be in place before the end.of the year you can work without it for.now or you can work with it I found that.it really makes no difference as far as.the accuracy of your payroll year in.wage file but when it comes to.generating them you choose it will make.indifference and I would recommend that.you have it in place before you do your.final year in wage file and you'll see.today that I free and we.that you're in which file many times as.I verify so dropping in now you'll be.set to go if we're on version 9 go to.version 2011 which is GP 2010 if you're.on 10 you may want to upgrade all the.way to 20 version 2010 but you have this.update for either one of those two.versions you'll also have tax updates in.the new year and these are the things.that will be included in them changes.the federal withholding changes the.state withholding for these three states.so far for those of us that are woeful.in Utah and Idaho there are no changes.announced disabling or phasing out the.earned income credit and we never know.if the Social Security limit may change.let me show you what I mean with those.lose that and go back to administration.payroll taxes we always expect to see a.change in the federal so if I'm married.I have this annual exemption amount and.it usually goes up by fifty dollars a.year well we haven't published the.circular yet so I don't know we won't.see the report from Great Plains for.another month but I expect that we'll go.up to 37 50 whether we're single or.married and then they have their tables.last year we lost the thirty-nine.percent bracket and we kept these and.there were some reduction in taxes all.of these will change similarly.as we said FICA Social Security changed.to the four point two percent and it may.change back if Congress doesn't get its.act together and doesn't renew it by.default it will fall back to 6.2 that.may not be in the update we get in.mid-december if Congress still hasn't.acted so we may have to get another.update in round two in January so watch.for information to be published on that.if you're not receiving the social.security news you should google social.security news and pick that up and I'll.include that in a link on this final.document so you'll have a way to learn.about changes in social security.administration looking at one state I'll.go to Utah Utah made a major change a.few years ago they used to look at the.federal tax tables with an amount and.tables now it's just a flat percent but.it's not exactly flat back when they.gave us this change we had to update the.code your end to enable the tax update.in the new year because we need in a.place to put personal exemptions and.special exemptions so low income people.have less than five percent based on.these settings which are different from.married and single but Utah is not.expected to change this year they.publish no circular 14 and there's been.no announcement that I can find on any.website and Microsoft is not aware of.any changes so if you have these states.you'll need the update will all need it.because of that and that is a very.simple process you need to log into.Great Plains as the essay user that's a.system administrator so you may need an.IT person to do this you go to Microsoft.maintenance tax updates check for tax.updates.I always try the automatic method and I.put in my register number and you can.use ours 487 8400 or yours but if you.don't know it you can use ours it's.system wide it affects every company in.your database because it goes to the.dynamics system database it's looking to.see mine's already been loaded I'm going.to tell it to continue and now it's.running a sequel script against my tax.tables and giving me the latest payroll.tax tables that we were looking at.notice the last code update was 750 and.the last tax update was 825 mine is old.there have been no new ones since the.mid summer but one of those in the.middle of the summer was a code update.some state changed significantly the way.they do things and they had to change.the code kind of like our year-end.update in order to enable the simple tax.update if your tax update doesn't work.and you get errors then you would have.to do this update manually that means.you'd have to go to the website find the.update download it and then there's a.procedure for that or you can just plug.it into a sequel script and run it from.sequel server management studio query.analyzer one way or the other you need.those in place and that's those so we.talk about those here and we talk about.this need if you create your year-end.wage file and then load the tax update.and then you have to rebuild your.year-end wage file it would look at the.Social Security cap in the new year.instead of the one in the old year that.used to be an issue because if you.rebuilt it and this was now 107,000 and.you withheld only 106.aight you would be getting errors that.your w-2s are short because the limits.are the same we don't really have to.worry about this anymore but since we.haven't seen surgery yet we don't know.what the rates are for sure watch for.that if they raise the cap for Social.Security then you're going to have to be.careful to edit that cap like I've shown.you in the payroll tax set up after you.load the 2012 up me and then put it back.before you run a payroll you might have.to go back and forth ok there's a lot of.information out on the web that you need.to know if you need forms or you want to.see what's in them you can go to that.link and we'll look for circular e which.is publication 15 and you can see that.the only one we have right now is 2011.there's no 2012 yet then we got moves.out there similar in the state of Utah.has one etc that's an IRS forms if.you're not going to this site to upload.your nite 41 information you should get.on this e file and you can do that for 9.41 s quarterly and your future return.940 annually so those are good services.you need to register and wait for him.numbers and some of those take a while.the one that takes the longest is the.SSA form AG media and that's their BSO.website which stands for business.services online if you go to this link.then there's your Welcome page and.that's where you login and if you.haven't renewed your password in the.last quarter you'll have to renew it so.I didn't mind the other day I'm logged.in it took me into the website it said.my password was expired let me.give it a new one this is where we go to.upload the mag media files this can take.up to a month to receive if you do not.have a pin number or nobody in your.organization has a pin number and a.password you need to get on this now so.you'll have the tool when you need it.and we'll talk about when you need a.file shortly but I'm preparing you for.that on that same site and at this link.within it there's a to a halt a queue.age and it changes every year to test.the newest mag media format so you'll.need to load the latest tool to test.your mag media file if you're doing EF w.to reporting through a magnifying in the.learning you thought forms and.publications circular 14 hasn't changed.so it's really what we've had before and.the place where you go to upload the mag.media file and the place where you go to.upload suit up wage lists new hires and.payments all in these things you should.be using and they make things a lot.easier there is a way to create this.wage list through great shapes and there.are ways to pull that out of Great.Plains into excel so you can import it.there so let me know if you're looking.for that solution there's no automatic.download to create that so you can.upload it to these websites target.release dates on 1115 we got the urine.update for defeat anna and a lemon which.is 2010 tax updates will be available in.mid-december as well as that business.portal updating for the w-4 it usually.comes out around the 15th in mid-january.there will be another update so far.they're not predicting any code changes.the code change is all in the year-end.update up here to enable any of these.but should a state change something.choirs have changed to the programming.code then they would put that into that.January 2011 update and you would have.to run update procedures again these.updates need to be run at the server and.every workstation before it can run.properly and it modifies the modified.forms and reports dictionaries and they.can get corrupted so there are very.detailed instructions on these websites.that tell you what to do so in this.document it tells you what to do and.there are adequate warnings throughout.to tell you these are going to be.affected we often recommend that you let.us help you with that because we know.the tricks and tips and tricks on how to.get around those so that you have a.successful upgrade large companies can.take over night to two days to run this.afraid ensemble later like this it took.me 30 minutes but I see anyone take a.matter of days and you've got to keep.everybody out till it's done so this.year-end update is a big deal if you.especially if you don't have a strong IT.department with experience and so we.recommend that you contact us and my.contact information is down here at the.bottom and I'll put you together with.some of the consultants who are.scheduling this service for us this year.all right we've been through the release.dates let's talk about when you need to.file if you're on paper copies of dumb.you choose you've got till the end of.January if you're on paper copies for.the employer w-2s we've got leaked here.this year and so it's Wednesday the 29th.if you're doing mag media from the.federal copies you've got to the end of.March which falls on a Saturday so.they've raced it over to the first.business day of the next week minding.the fourth you really want to know that.everything.ready by the time you do this filing on.tuesday january thirty first but should.you hand out those w2s and somebody says.they're wrong and you agree and you fix.it you've got to the end of februari to.redirect everything and send the sin or.april second if you're doing mag media i.don't recommend you send it in and.advance of your having to but you better.have a good reminder to not forget or.they'll be penalties and there are other.reminders hear about 1099s 9 40 s and.other foreign early reports forms let me.show you the forms and then we'll come.back to here and talk about the.certified forms from deluxe business.systems so we'll come back to the.procedures in a little bit but i'm going.to show you payroll print lemme cheese.and look at the forms I want routines.friend of use the w-2 form has four.times I doubt anybody still using and.dot matrix printers so we don't need one.too wide or too wide forms anymore even.though it need fault to that we want the.singles to feed one wide or the four up.I use the form for employees that means.one piece of paper with four quadrants.easy to fold and stuff and I use this.one for the employer coffees although.you could use it for employee as well so.if i print the single wide form notice.this new one none applies and its.regular 941 those will be effective from.the dummy three form i get falar.afterman here and then i get Angela on.the next one and that's my first page.then I get another phase with you more.people so I have to suffer.these forms if I'm using these for the.employer there's a red federal coffee.and there's black city and state and.employer hoffman's and the same thing.for the employee and for the employee ID.have to separate them and put them.together unless i'm using the dot matrix.form which has condoms when those are.harder to feed so notice my long address.here this person was using the full.length of the address and it prints it.it has address line 1 and address line 2.just like the company does but it's.Heidi address line 3 if I go to the.company address ID 1 2 and 3 it doesn't.show number three so we have to squeeze.it in the other two by creating a new ID.maybe call it w three ID and then apply.that here and you'll have them condensed.because it doesn't print them it doesn't.have another space similarly for the.employees if I go up to the employee.card even though i have three lines of.address in a lonely show first and.second notice that long address i typed.in its showing all of that mag media.will truncate it to the first twenty two.characters and who cares the mag media.file isn't where we're mailing it to.it's just FYI for the fed and it chops.off their suite number no big deal but.maybe one of these days they'll make.that a longer feel right now they have.built two in ship to addresses and we.don't even need both of those we don't.have any way to put two addresses and.send those to the w2's and great claims.it just sends the primary address from.this screen alright so forms I recommend.whether you're doing magnini or not that.always do in the employee laser for form.so but you have everything in one.fondren that's this one laser for up.print go and I'm going to shrink this.down a little bit can you see that.there's one two three four quadrants.same information in each one and there's.an employee page here and another.employee on the next so it's hell are.klar and then above that the law and.fill out all four quadrants the form on.which it prints will say federal copy a.state coffee v city state zip an.employee coffee they'll get four on one.form that stuff's right into the window.envelopes and get the self seal and.don't keep licking forms you can get.those bundles and if you're doing bag.media that's all you need unless you.have multiple states and some of the.states don't have a requirement for mag.media and you're just printing their.coffees then you may need some of the.employer city-state forms and you.combine those for as many as you need.and those are a two-up form so if you.don't use mag media you'll need these.and if you don't want to use the forum.you'll need these so and there's bundles.etc so whether you pull V or call in.direct use this code you'll get some.pricing that's appropriate and it'll.help us to track that you're actually.getting the service 1099s there's models.for those they come within 10 96 and.there's envelopes when you my w2s will.include at least one w3 form which you.won't need if you're doing mag mania.because the mag media file is its own.me three so again those forms coming the.longer you wait the longer it takes to.get them how do you know how many you.need my preferred way of finding out how.many you need is to create the year-end.wage file and print the w3 form so I'll.close the W to print the w3 print screen.go right above your EIN is the number of.copies on the w free form if i bring.this open that's this field total number.of forms it's right about here ein so.you can do it today parading your end.wage file print the w3 up see how many.you need and then delete me you're in.wage file and I say that you should.delete the year-end wage file because.you cannot run any current payroll for.making any adjustments while there's a.year n wage file for that year so I've.made my day 2017 even if I'm in the new.year I want to always roll it back to.some date in 2017 when I'm doing your.end procedures because certain things.default for that year for example a.report for hoarder end ask me what dates.but not what year it assumes this year.from our username in January if you're.trying to recruit in the January quarter.end report it will kill it with zero.because you don't have any payroll for.quarter of 27 of 2011 yet when you're in.2012 to try to do 2012 it always goes to.the year you're in roll it back to where.you should be remember i'm doing 2017.and my new year is 2018 where yours.would be 2011 and 2012 well that affects.our year-end closing.I'm going to reclose and delete 2017 and.recreate and then I'm going to print my.w2s grab my ee three and print that and.that's where I get that 29 on this form.another report that would give it to you.but you need the year-end wage report is.this one this is a very powerful report.in Disney your w-2s in a report layout I.never bother to print the employer w-2.but I do print this one to a file and.you have to do that before you send it.up here I'll show you how in a minute.and you get a page for every employee so.I have 29 pages one for each employee.the final page has the grand totals on.it so nice because I can see my steak.totals I wish it gave me a number of.employees in that state as well so I.would know how many w-2s I need but it.doesn't give me that we got to count.them up our system is not designed to do.any reporting by state it gives you.federal information and all the states.are included there are no smart list.that give you a good count so create the.year-end wage file and go that route.so we've talked about the update for the.near end the tax updates we talked about.the forms and what's your preferred and.how to get them before we go into the.closing checklist make note of this if.you're on GP 10 you've got another whole.year on it at the end of 2012 they were.providing your end update for DP 10 11.and the new version GP 12 that will be.available by then you'll get one tax.update for GP 10 but that's it then it.will be obsolete for payroll no.continued support on that model on that.version for another five years but not.on the payroll tax updates so there's a.point where you're going to have to go.to 2011 I'm sorry version 11 which is.called GP 2010 or you'll have to go up.to version 12 and I don't know what.they're going to call that yet we got.plenty of time alright let's wrap it up.by going through the closing procedures.the most important thing you got to do.is complete all your favs so we're going.to demo this in GP if i go to matches.and I look at my payroll matches I've.got some recurring matches here and I've.also got some single-use and I don't.know what's in those matches I should.find out maybe they affect 2011 if their.matches for 2012 payroll they don't.affect me but if they're 2011 I need to.run the payroll on them another way to.know what's out there is to build and.select matches if any matches are in a.busy mode then that status indicates.that somebody's gotta build or a.calculate in process and.can't run the near end well we've got.that in process now I've already created.by year-end wage file so what happens if.I try to do a build in this year 6126 15.while I've got my urine wage file in.place it lets me do the build but when i.go to calculate so sorry you've already.closed 2017 you can't build again and.that's because it knows the building.here okay so i'm going to remove my.build and then i'm going to remove my.year in closing I reprocess it delete it.and then cancel that can also be done.through utilities you can remove your.end info here shove it over and it'll.get rid of it I don't have any now so.i'll see that come up later now i can go.back to my build run a payroll I'll take.the bonus match.and I can you calculate.and I'm going to post this payroll in.2012 I need to make sure all of these.are done what happens if I'm in the.middle of them calculate or beyond.hosting and I try to do a year-end close.it tells me the converse of what we did.before now I can't close the year in.because I've got a 20-17 pay rotted.process just like when i had the year.end I couldn't add to it in 2017 so i.would have to remove the build in order.to close my year-end.reprocess so I'm closing 2017 it knows.what you're too close because it's the.year I'm am if I tried if I was in 2018.it would try to flo's 2018 so you got to.be in the right year all right so.complete all hey rolls and if there's.issues we ought to verify various.variances and here's the tool i use i.have a spreadsheet with 941 information.on it for nearby quarter and then the.sum of all of those and then i create my.year-end wage filing flowing in the w3.totals and I check for variances and if.I got variances I'm in a fix that before.I move on the reason I have their.emphasis here is that the 941 just says.take your seat at ten 2.4% and plug it.in whether you get it right or not it.plugs it into the report but the w2s.take the withholding and it was done at.six point two percent in the sample data.it's going to 4.2 so I've over withheld.this is half of the contributions out.here so it equates to the employee Matt.employee withholding and I've got a.variance here and I can look at a report.in Great Plains that actually tells me.how much I'm off when afraid of the year.n wage files defaults to validate report.on the print w-2 I want to check this.while i'm testing and you can see that i.was held more than I should have this.was six point three percent and this is.4.2 and that's because I didn't change.my tables when I should have so I need.to go back and credit that.excess Social Security back to them and.get matching what it should be and what.I normally do is credit the dough me to.the total amount I'm still clearing.withheld and then dammit it back to a.federal withholding so the net amount of.their check is the same the net amount.of their taxes in the same what I over.withheld may get back on their tax.return is federal or state withholding.whichever one I put it to federal.usually works fine so I would export.this to an excel file sort it and parse.it my text do the math figure out what's.needed and make the changes this report.also tells me I've got invalid so scary.numbers nine and ooo's and things.starting with the six or invalid.sometimes it will tell me there invalid.when they aren't and so you might want.to test it on the vsl website where you.can pay for service with tests social.security numbers can be sure that not.only they're valid but then they go with.the name of the individual that you're.using it for so the validation report.notice this we're here it's telling me.that it's going to truncate the address.line which was too long and that's fine.with me they confront ate it all day.long doesn't matter to me what address.as long as they have significant amount.of information we're not mailing it.there it's just a mag media file so as.part of my year-end I create new year n.test the validation report and make.adjustments for that as well and I.actually have that down here I should.have done some other things long way but.i did my knife 41 versus the muties.french.that's where I got my number of w2s.that's where I got this information and.I'm looking for some other markers like.the one we just had I can then make.those adjustments as needed and do any.month or fear enn and for Narendra 40.but no submit any December or or fourth.quarter reports yet not until we're done.with everything and know that it checks.out from every angle we've got till the.end of January you don't have to be any.hurry to submit the report at this point.we can make our sequel backups install.the payroll you're an update and if we.haven't done it before and now give us.the ability to create a final year end.wage file that has the newest code if.you do it earlier that's fine but make.sure that we get this update in here.before we ever start fighting w tears.and that we check all of the things that.we validated to be sure they're still.reporting the same that's where you get.the validation report and fix any issues.and then we get a final gear in wage.file and I say final but there's still.some more tests we can do that may.reveal changes that would require us to.create your end wage file again so let's.create a mag media file for those of you.who have mag media and then we'll test.it with a qh.we have W to electronic filing that's my.media we need to put in our pin number.that we got from the VSO website we have.to go to submitter and make sure we have.all the address information it's going.to be an email response so I wanting to.confirm that way so it caters to and.freight fabric am calm even though we.say okay it doesn't save everything.notice the addresses again it's only.showing me to lie one line of city and.you can plug in more here or if there's.a Ford address you change it on the fly.here then it gives you more room.otherwise you've got to use state.abbreviations not Canadian non-hispanic.Mexico they've got to be the u.s..product if they're foreign you'd have to.be changing here and this is the company.set up in edit w-2s we have the ability.to change the address here from what we.have on file to what they're for and.what is if we've been putting in.abbreviations here that are not us.abbreviations for the state and not.enough for case we're going to be.getting errors so keep another file with.your foreign addresses and keep their.local one here and have one that you.plug in later here otherwise I don't.edit know me too well we've got this.ready to go we say and we create.and it's created a file and mine went to.w2 report I'm going to do it again.notice that mrs. snow here but I'm going.to rebrand payroll year-end folder it.loses the name w report you know for.case no extension it's a text file not.from our tab delimited but because it's.text it wants to assume that extension.so I back out the text period and now I.can mark and replace the file I had it.comes with a report it gives me my.company information and my submitter.information the tones that are in that.file and the state totals that are in.that file nice report and not to main.media filing now earlier we looked at.printing w-2s if their regular then.they'll have regular if their Medicare.qualify it'll say any fue de or if you.have both you'll have two lines just.like you print w3s from one or the other.you have W mag media files from one or.the other if you have more rows and this.data asked to still be in there if you.want to print it for a prior year you'd.have to go to the store for backup if.you removed history well what's that.file look like.if I open it in notepad.it is a RW federal record followed by an.RS state record and it's got all the.information from demographics and.amounts all the way across and it's a.huge file and company information across.the top there's a way to test this file.on the federal website I showed you.earlier and there was a place to.download the Accu wage file from that.site there are two of them now there's.the PDF the old version and a Java.format so i took the latest i start.testing eyebrows out to the folder where.my dummy to report file is and i go and.if there's no errors it will.automatically come up and say no errors.and do you want to go to business.services online and file and I always.say no I'm not ready to file now I'm.going to be filing went at the proper.date in either at least at the end of.februari for paper and I can wait longer.for the mag media better to send out the.w2's let them come back if there's.issues fix them and not after sending.relies returns I might not even print.the w two copies until the time comes.for the employer side to make sure I.don't have to reprint forms so what are.my errors well this one is that i'm.using 2017 and it's expecting something.from 78 to 2011 certainly not the future.ok so that's just an artifact of the.data set i was running today and only.that would be correct what about these.employee-related ones they've all got.the same problem they've got social.security numbers that were in.the validation report showed us that and.we should have fixed it there are other.kinds of errors you can get queued up I.mean FICA out of balance Medicare out of.balance better a lot of balance missing.data roof and data we definitely want to.look at this report to make sure that.your file is clean and that's why if I.have mang media I do all in this.preparatory work before I ever submit.anything and before i freed my w2s.because this may I cover errors that.relate to the w2s as well so free Magna.media file and test make corrections and.then recreate the magnet the w-2 file.and edit as needed I said that I.normally don't edit but if there's.foreign addresses and this is my final.edit then I'll drop in those foreign.addresses but if I have to rebuild I'm.going to lose the foreign addresses so i.would recommend you keep that.information on a tab in your spreadsheet.and call it for an address so that if in.some future year i have to reveal this i.would be able to have that information.all right there everything's checked out.a few age mag media reports summer.before nine forty ones versus w threes.we are convinced that our numbers are.accurate and nobody's going to contest.them so we're ready to print the w2's.we're back to the front of me to window.we want in the w-2 forms I'm going to.know a single feed you can put these.over and over again.alright so here is a 2 up form when I go.to print it I would only put page 12.only align it with one form because this.is going to be 15 pages worth and want.to waste them and I can make positive.and negative adjustments here.I'm going to minus 0 point one when i.put in a positive number horizontally.that pushes the report to the right-.sucks it back to the left- vertical.pulls it up and a positive number would.push it down so it's left right down and.up depending on what the signs are and.you can get the whole report to move.over without having to realign at the.report writer remember those settings.write them down because next year you.may need to use them again it won't.remember until you close out of Great.Plains for the day it will remember them.till then then it loses them and get.some back to zero now that's how you.push the whole thing left right up for.now when you fret them stand by your.printer start by Ali regular paper in.putting this up as a fast lining it with.the form or just having one form in.there see how the fritter does and you.might have to edit things to get it to.sit the Forbes you bought if they.weren't certified forms then put all the.forms in print to screen and let it rip.to all pages but watch each pages it.comes out or you ten at a time and keep.changing the ranges down here I can do.what through 10 and then 10 to 20 and i.would have control make sure that each.one is aligned correctly because this is.a tight form and if things are slightly.off they made me in the wrong window.we are done printing w-2s we've got.everything we wanted remaining the stuff.them and mail them out we want to be.sure that we don't forget to submit the.federal it's calling the employer WTS in.mag media on time but that can wait till.the end of februari or the end of March.whereas the other limits were in here.somewhere februari 29 in one second so.my future again we're spraying points.alright.what else can be done to Flo's payroll.now it isn't payroll but in this GP we.have to close the twenty twelve year and.open the photos in twenty eleven year.and floors of 2012 so under admin.company fiscal periods I'll go back to.2011 the many of these periods were open.I would want at least close payroll and.leave these open if I'm still working in.the summer otherwise I flows all.especially mom in January but if I'm.going to be making any journal entries.it might need to leave financial /.otherwise pretty tight ship we don't.want anybody trying to add to something.that we published your end reports on so.we flows the year and that just means.when i put in a date for that year isn't.going to let me save it.the other one that we need yeah is the.new year and mine has been set off.already and all the periods are closed.when I would want to open January so I.can start using it how do you free a.year you plug it in and I'm going to go.to 2060 and plug it in first day the.last day it doesn't know that far oh.this has to be 20 up making 2040 and.then you calculate and it gives you your.periods and you can tweak them from.there and you can close all and then.open up just the ones that you're doing.so 11 and 12 need to be closed or.created.attend to the setup for 2012 if you're.not using payroll and you're using.attendance then we need to do something.there so I'm going to go to set up.human resources.and find the attendance setup it's been.working in 2017 all year and now I would.have to change it to 2018 on that screen.and then NF creative cruel periods for.2018 so 2017 went like that on a.bi-weekly basis it started in January.and went most of the way here I'm going.to surprise that work there but I can go.to the next year and create needs now.normally these are all grayed out and.then when I tighten this one and this.one it fills in the rest whether or not.semi monthly or biweekly or whatever.style it will fill in this information.when you put in one or two significant.dates so we need all that set up for.cruel periods for attendance we also got.to go into the business formal if you're.using a human resources management cell.service screen to record time and.attendance and create a client ID card.pay schedule now my business forms.having some problems right now can we go.to admin time card setup and those.who've you've used this tool there would.be a box over here and you would create.a new hey schedule based on the pay.periods for the year and then the.business for will be able to post those.in Sebastian's and great claims.archiving Human Resources is optional so.under utilities human resources there's.an archive tool if you use these HR only.fields not the ones that integrate with.a role then you can archive the.information and pull it up from an.archive and it's not in your normal.lookups anymore so what I mean by that.is if you look at almost any report in.human resources there are reports for.archived employees that pull from that.file and there were reports for.everybody else that's alive that pulls.from the employee file and that was.because.you know all these human resource fields.and you can get rid of those details and.keep them for payroll that's the point.so how do you archive payroll that was.only human resources are timing to our.fat hey role you would actually have to.go into sequel server management studio.create a new database and Mac up and.restore live data from Great Plains.current database to it an historical.database and then you have a complete.backup and you win labor it as.historical so in my installation I've.only got two databases actually want.just this test company but I could.create 80 woh for historical then all.that history from payroll and VL and.payables and all that is archived there.and I can go back to GP and remove.history.on anything in the live data and I'm a.different login for a different company.for the historical but we can get rid of.data here and most people are thinking.about new light every five or ten years.then get tired of all the deleted.employees that are inactive and all the.obsolete pecos deductions and benefits.and then we want to remove history which.then enables them to remove setups that.are obsolete but other than that there's.no archive for payroll other than you.can buy a tool from a different isp.provider that will essentially migrate.the data from lie to the historical.database selectively by module and not.just take everything but take just what.you want and add it to one and remove it.from the other so that there's no.duplication so if you ever want to know.about those tools we can get me the info.all right we're almost there we have put.in the tax update done all our.verifications for the w2 generated mag.media some of these haven't been.submitted yet but they're waiting we've.done a year-end closing for fiscal.periods attendance setups timecard.schedules and archiving and if we.haven't already yet and it's now the new.year we want to install the tax updates.if you put in the tax updates in.December even though you finished all.your payrolls and then somebody gets.terminated and you got to pay them even.though you didn't plan to they're going.to be withholding at the 2012 federal.rate so you might want to wait till.you're sure and do it on january first.or second and then the very last thing.you should remember don't forget that.you've got these future dated.submissions that you need to do in.February or march so be sure to put.reminders in your mailbox and your.calendar so that you don't forget to do.and that's what we have hope you have a.great year end give me a call if you.need support and i'll leave my.information up here one last thing on.this document i just noticed for you.taking people who want to know the.tables that were affected with the.update there's the payroll changes that.were put in but otherwise that's where.you call for support have a great day.you.

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Ssa 1694 Form FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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How do I print out my Form 1099 from SSA?

use this link to download that form https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ssa-1724.pdf then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader DC then print it, or - download the PDF to a thumb drive and visit some hotel or Kinkos and ask for help printing it.

Why would a bank mail me an SSA-89 form to fill out for a new checking account after it's already been opened with money that's already been deposited (and even though I'm already an existing customer)?

I’m assuming they’re not just making a mistake. If it isn’t, then that’s a regulatory requirement. They’re now being forced by regulators to ask you for this info or close the account, even though it wasn’t required of them before. Alternatively, they were supposed to ask you before and… WHOOPS! someone didn’t do their job properly. It slipped through the system, even though they should have a mechanism to keep this mistake from occurring.

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

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