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welcome to the defense supply center.columbus for the change of command.followed by the retirement ceremony.honoring rear admiral john t palmer.my name is captain chris waldron and i.will be your master of ceremonies.today you will witness the change of.command as rear admiral john t.palmer is relieved as commander dla land.of maritime.by rear admiral kristen b fabry.immediately followed by the retirement.of.admiral palmer during the ceremony you.will have the opportunity to observe the.naval custom of piping aboard and ashore.members of the official party will enter.and exit between two rows of military.personnel.called side boys the number of side boys.distinguishes the rank of the officer.the custom is further explained in your.program.military guests are reminded that this.is considered an indoor ceremony.no covers are required and no salutes.will be rendered.today's ceremony will begin with the.arrival of the official party.the rendering of honors the national.anthem and the invocation.please rise and remain standing for the.arrival of the official party.the national anthem and the invocation.side boys post.[Music].rear admiral united states navy arriving.[Music].[Music].dla land in maritime arriving.[Music].side boys.ladies and gentlemen please join us in.rendering honors with the national.anthem.do.[Music].it is my pleasure to introduce miss mary.moore who will now deliver the.invocation.i love the christian faith i ask each of.you to pray.according to your.that you have faith us and for the.occasion that brings us together.that dla time changing command ceremony.thank you real arnold palmer for.for his committed and faithful service.as the commander of dla daily maritime.thank you for the positive impact he has.had on this command.served with both honor and integrity we.are grateful to have served with him.and he will be this dude we ask your.continued blessings on your.farmer and his family as they start his.journey we ask for good health.prosperity.and happiness today we also live to you.our new leader your afrofactor i ask.that you.give her the wisdom guidance and.integrity.needed to command the mighty land in.maritime.lord i thank you in advance for your.continued blessings to this command.and the warfighter you serve in jesus.name.ladies and gentlemen please be seated at.this time i'd like to extend a special.welcome to the families of real admiral.palmer and rear admiral fabry.joining us for admiral palmer's family.is his wife brooks.his son john palmer jr brother and.sister-in-law.colonel u.s army retired samuel palmer.and his wife miss claire palmer.and family friend mr james byrd.joining us from rear admiral fabry's.family is husband tim.daughters avery and ellery and son.soarin.i'd also like to welcome from dla land.of maritime mr kenneth watson deputy.commander.mr mark brown acquisition executive.lieutenant colonel samuel payne chief of.staff.and mr griff warren director of.operations.please give a round of applause for all.our distinguished guests and visitors.a change command provides an opportunity.for reflection upon the many.accomplishments of the outgoing.commander.admiral palmer assumed command of dla.maritime.june 20th 2018 and during his 25 months.at the helm.has provided stellar leadership as he.vectored our collective efforts toward.the most pressing needs.of the military services and the.combatant commands.due to the current travel restrictions.we do not have a traditional presiding.officer.for today's ceremonies however mr.michael scott.acting director defense logistics agency.has recorded a message for the occasion.that we will now show good morning dla.land and maritime and defense supply.center columbus.i certainly wish i could be with you.there deep in the heart of buckeye.country.as an alumnus of ohio state believe me.i'm with you in spirit.go bucks i want to start with a shout.out to the incredible land and maritime.workforce.your hard work dedication and commitment.have immeasurably contributed to the.success of this agency.the entire department of defense and.many sections of federal government.thank you for all you do it is indeed my.honor to preside over today's ceremony.what a great day it is for the united.states navy for dla.and for these two great military.families as we transition command of.this dynamic organization from rear.admiral john palmer to rear admiral.kristen fabry.in addition we'll celebrate the.achievements of rear admiral palmer.during his command here.and over his entire navy career as he.retires after 32 years of active.military service.distinguished guests general and flag.officers.members of the senior executive service.industry partners.community leaders dla team members.to family friends colleagues and to.everyone attending today's ceremony or.watching online.your presence pays tribute to these.great officers.and their dedicated and faithful service.to our nation.i'd like to introduce some family.members starting with john's supportive.wife of 31 years.brooks palmer besides raising their two.kids.she's pursued a career of her own as a.registered nurse wherever john was.stationed.how about a round of applause for brooks.the palmers have two grown children.watching online daughter elizabeth.and son john as well as four.grandchildren.four-year-old graham two-year-old.madison one-year-old evb.and a newborn maggie lou joining us from.rear admiral fabry's family is her.husband of nearly 17 years.tim vanesse a former navy supply corps.officer.they have three children daughters avery.14.and ellery six and son soarin 12..how about a round of applause for tim.and the fabry family.i'm sure john and kristen would tell you.they would not be here today were it not.for the support of their families.to brooks tim and all the family members.thank you for the sacrifices you've made.over the course of their navy careers.in an era of increasing threats and.shrinking budgets.the department of defense has relied on.land and maritime more than ever to keep.our service members well-equipped.and in the fight such crucial support.could only be accomplished by a great.workforce commanded by a great leader.like rear admiral palmer.i'd like to highlight some atlanta.maritimes accomplishments under john's.leadership beginning with some metrics.by which we judge our overall success.land and maritimes material availability.improved by 3.97 percent.for an all-time high of 90.86 percent.additionally land and maritime reduced.its back orders by 20.these phenomenal improvements tied.directly to dla's contribution to the.military readiness of our troops.john guided the award of one of dla's.most critical contracts.the 2.1 billion dollar global tires.program performance-based logistics.it's the largest contract in dla land in.maritime history.and provides worldwide customer direct.support for tires to all u.s military.and foreign military sales customers.he delivered 6.7 million dollars in cost.savings on a 9-year.22 million dollar performance-based.logistics effort.with robbins air force base on three.aging legacy system platforms.he also played a key role in the.development of the dla raytheon.corporate contract.which grew to eight billion dollars he.was key to reducing land and maritimes.depot level repairable detachments.work in progress by 5900 purchase.request.which is a 79 reduction he also reduced.composite lead times to 105 days.and increased on-time delivery to over.93 percent.these were unprecedented improvements in.these key mission areas.he oversaw the award and execution of.800 million dollars.in cables and connectors contracts.covering a hundred and fifty thousand.hard to source national stock numbers.land and maritime achieved 95 percent.stock on hand inventory.two months prior to the start of.shipyard maintenance periods for two.dozen availabilities.he was instrumental in resolving over 2.000 army readiness driver items that.were a non-mission capable status.again these are remarkable results that.john and the team delivered.of course a list of his accomplishments.doesn't tell the whole story.over the course of the past two years as.commander.john has established himself as a strong.and fair-minded leader who truly cares.about the people under his command.he has been a living example of the land.in maritime way that champions.teamwork diversity mutual trust and.respect.ladies and gentlemen john came to us two.years ago already understanding the.organizational dynamics of the agency.he knew who we served and he's excelled.in all of the challenges put before him.i will go out on a limb and say that in.my 34 plus years at dla.with 14 of those years at landon.maritime rear admiral john palmer is.among the very.best msc commanders i've ever known.that's not surprising if you look back.on his phenomenal career.he served at sea aboard the amphibious.assault ship uss guam during desert.shield desert storm.aboard the guided missile frigate uss.boone.and aboard two carriers the uss george.washington during operation enduring.freedom.and uss harry s truman during the.response to hurricane katrina.he's been supply corps from the start.and has served in command four times.three of those tours with dla he was.also director of logistics.fleet supply and ordnance for the u.s.pacific fleet in hawaii.and director of supply corps personnel.at the navy personnel command in.millington tennessee.john i want to congratulate you on a.brilliant navy career.you have built an outstanding record of.achievement spanning over three decades.if i may borrow a phrase from the navy.supply corps.you always ensured that the navy and dla.were ready for c.behind every successful career is a.strong support system and in john's case.that's his family.brooks you endured 18 moves over the.course of john's career.and you're about to go through one more.elizabeth and john you went through many.moves and separations as well.on behalf of dla and the u.s navy for.all of your sacrifices.in support of john's career thank you.for your service.john it's been my honor and privilege to.have served with you.fair winds and following seas as you and.brooks head to spartanburg south.carolina.to start a new chapter in your lives.dla always ensures its field activities.are commanded by the best.and in this case is no different i would.like to welcome the newest member of the.land and maritime team rear admiral.kristen fabric.the navy is in her blood her father.retired as a navy captain after a.34-year career.growing up she lived in six states the.philippines and guam.before graduating high school in.silverdale washington.she's a naval academy grad with advanced.degrees from harvard business school and.the naval war college in her nearly 30.years of service she's deployed five.times accumulating eight years of.shipboard time.on four different ships she comes to us.having served most recently as the.director logistics.fleet and supply ordinance and for u.s.pacific fleet pearl harbor hawaii.she has a diverse logistics background.both in operational and shore positions.that distinguishes her as the best.candidate to lead dla land and maritime.into the future.kristen you are a focused leader and a.warfighter's logistician who will get.the job done.i know you will ensure that our.warfighters get the support they need.whenever and wherever they need it dla.could not have picked a better leader to.take the reins.you're the right person picked at the.right time and the dla landed maritime.team is excited to welcome you.to conclude as world events unfold we.know our future is uncertain.our country must remain on high alert.with our troops and our nation prepared.to respond to crises situations.anywhere on the globe at a moment's.notice it's comforting to know that you.the land and maritime team continue to.stand in the gap for our servicemen and.women deployed in harm's way.thank you again for attending today's.ceremony may god bless dla land and.maritime.may he bless our military service.members and families.and may he continue to bless the united.states of america.warfighter first go land a maritime.ladies and gentlemen please welcome to.the front mr kenneth watson deputy.commander dla land of maritime to.present today's awards.on behalf of our virtual host.rama palmer please join him in front of.the podium.for his efforts admiral palmer has been.awarded the defense superior service.medal.ladies and gentlemen please stand.attention to award we're admiral john t.palmer supply corps united states navy.distinguished himself by exceptionally.superior service.as commander defense logistics agency.land and maritime from july 2018 to june.2020.where palmer's visionary leadership and.unwavering warfighter focus enabled land.and maritimes.2 500 associates to deliver a broad.range of logistics capability.in support of more than 2 000 weapon.systems across the department of defense.dramatically improving force readiness.and lethality and ensuring unparalleled.support during multiple named operations.the driving force behind a multitude of.material support initiatives.he established strategic relationships.with key leaders customers.and industry partners to drive key.improvements efforts at army.navy and marine corps industrial sites.engaged all stakeholders to establish an.unprecedented level of material.readiness.and adjusted repair part procurement.strategies to improve material.availability for the military's most.critical systems.the distinctive accomplishments of.admiral palmer culminate a long and.distinguished career in the service of.his country.and reflect great credit upon himself.the united states navy.and department of defense.[Applause].thank you mr watson ladies and gentlemen.i present rear admiral john t.palmer commander dla atlanta maritime.i will now read my orders chief of naval.operations orders 1270.detached july 2020 from duty as.commander defense logistics agency.landon maritime relieved of all active.duty effective 2359.30 september 2020 signed mike gilday.admiral united states navy chief of.naval operations.admiral fabry i'm ready to be relieved.[Music].chief of naval operations order zero.seven two zero when directed.by reporting senior detached in june.2020.from commander u.s pacific fleet report.no later than july.2020 for duty as commander defense.logistics agency.land and maritime signed mm gilday.admiral u.s navy.chief of naval operations.ladies and gentlemen please be seated.it is my pleasure to introduce the.commander of dla land and maritime rear.admiral kristen b.frabri.good morning ladies and gentlemen.distinguished guests.dla teammates family and friends.thank you all for joining us on this.beautiful morning here in columbus.for dla land and maritimes change of.command ceremony.these are certainly different and.challenging times.and the way we conduct today's change of.command reflects the modifications.military services across the globe have.been incorporating to ensure personal.safety.and respect the time-honored tradition.of the transition.of command i thank you all whether here.in the audience today or watching this.at a later date.from afar your presence and your.patience and support is much appreciated.i would especially like to thank mr.michael scott.acting director for the defense.logistics agency for officiating this.special event.thank you sir for the kind remarks and.for setting the tone so perfectly for.this ceremony.as many of you are keenly aware an event.of this magnitude is simply.not possible without an a team behind.the scenes working for months at a time.leading this team is captain dave.lockney.where'd he go he's around here somewhere.there he is captain dave lockney.and along with his able assistant.commander jeff good if you could stand.up as i say her name.uh and basically jeff good was doing the.heavy lifting to make dave look good.captain chris waldron our amazing master.of ceremonies.the unstoppable protocol officer miss.terry johnson in the back.our distinguished team of side boys.the dynamic ea duo of major cj degnan.and major jim fink who are around here.somewhere probably working behind the.scenes.lost him the skillful audiovisual team.for bringing mr scott to columbus.here today for our events and last but.not least to miss mary moore.for that beautiful invocation a warm.round of applause for this inspirational.and truly talented team.to all land and maritime senior.leadership special guests.the palmer family my family all our.friends who are able to make it here.with us today your presence brings a.very special honor.to this ceremony i would like to briefly.call out if i may a few friends that.have made the journey from afar.first off commander michelle simmons.who made the journey all the way from.suffolk virginia a dear friend and a.true.inspiration she was my academic director.at the navy supply corps school.and you deeply touched me with your.presence here today.dr kathy sharon and randy bailey all the.way up from kentucky.god parents to our youngest daughter and.kathy is a childhood friend which is.very rare as a kid growing up in the.navy.and we kept in touch over all the moves.and that's quite challenging.i might remind my kids we did that all.without social media and cell phones.cather kathy's brother mike and sweet.daughter adeline are here as well.locals from ohio and they gave us an.absolutely warm wonderful ohio welcome.when we step foot off the plane from.hawaii.thank you so much also a long time.friend of both him and mine.and past colleague at u.s pacific fleet.rear admiral select patrick hayden all.the way from.bexley ohio.next i would like to acknowledge my.family my wonderful husband.tim and our three children avery sorin.and ellery their support continues to.energize.me and remains the foundation for my.ability to serve with both focus.and dedication so i have a few small.tokens.with some local influence for your.tireless.and enthusiastic support of our navy.journey.i also would like to take the time to.thank my parents captain retired steve.and betty fabry.who couldn't be here today but they are.certainly a sample.of service and sacrifice and i really.appreciate their endless love and.support.to all my family friends colleagues and.shipmates.who reached out with kind words and.couldn't be here because of the current.travel restrictions.i thank you to the land and maritime.team.i know you recognize that this change of.command ceremony is a little bit.different perhaps than ones in the past.in planning this leadership transition.rear admiral palmer and i.agreed to fully embrace the navy's.traditional protocol.so i hope you're enjoying a little bit.of the sea going flare with side boys.bullets.boats and pipe and bells and with that i.want to thank.admiral palmer for his tremendous.leadership.and logistics acumen as he skillfully.navigated land and maritime.through the both challenges and triumphs.during the past two years.and for his exceptional turnover and.transition that he provided me.as many of you know this is not just a.change of command but also retirement.it's a true celebration of a long and.distinguished career.and i want to take a moment to sincerely.thank you john.and brooks for your 32 years plus.because you had four more years at the.citadel so we can go up to 36 if you.want in uniform.for your dedicated service and.leadership and mentorship over the years.starting all the way back in athens.georgia almost three decades ago.and continuing as our careers continue.to pass.cross paths around the globe most.notably i thank you for the last two.impeccable turnovers here at dla land of.maritime.and at u.s pacific fleet it seemed i.have developed a very.smart habit of following you around.you're not only a distinguished leader a.true professional.an esteemed naval officer but also a.role model.a mentor and a friend i'm very.privileged to uh.to have known both of you and served.with you together you and brooks make.a tremendous team from brooks's warm.hospitality.gracious demeanor and her service not.only in supporting your career.but also are dedicated and skilled being.a dedicated skilled nurse during this.pandemic.admiral palmer and brooks and fine navy.tradition i want to wish you both.fair winds and following seas and please.take with you my personal thanks.for all you've done for me and for my.family.and our sincere admiration for all.you've contributed to this great nation.dla is well respected amongst the.military services for its commitment to.providing.superior logistical support and dla land.and maritime consistency consistently.distinguishes itself as a vital part of.dla's worldwide.logistics operation in addition to.executing its military mission.dla also champions the nation's.humanitarian response activities.both at home and abroad that stellar.reputation is why i was thrilled to.receive.word that i was selected as your next.dla land and maritime commander.as a fleet customer who's been on the.receiving end of the critical support.you provide.i now look forward to being a part and.being engaged.firsthand in the complexities driving.dla's logistics operations.i want you to know how motivated i am to.be joining the land and maritime team.as your new commander and i guarantee my.total commitment.to furthering the legacy of this.world-class.organization dla's well-organized.operations.directly support our national defense.enabling our military to globally.project.readiness that keeps our adversaries at.bay and america safe.team i know we have time to get better.acquainted in the very near future.and i'm relishing the opportunity to.pull up my sleeves.and dig in and help land and maritime.successfully solve the logistics.challenges.tackling them together we'll make sure.america's military services continue to.receive.the superior level of logistic support.that they demand.i thank you in advance because i know.i'm inheriting.a true team of professionals here at dla.land and maritime.i'm honored and thrilled to be aboard.warfighter first let's get to it.thank you all my favorite.mr watson we're adama palmer please move.to the front of the podium.mr watson will now present realm palmer.with a certificate of retirement.certificate of retirement from the armed.forces of the united states of america.to all who shall see these presents.greetings.this is to certify that rear admiral.lower half john t.palmer having served faithfully and.honorably was retired from the united.states navy.on the first day of october 2020.signed mm gilday admiral united states.navy.chief of naval operations.in addition real palmer is also being.awarded a defense logistics agency flag.from the director of defense logistics.agency.dla atlanta maritime plaque and.presidential letters of appreciation.from former presidents george w.bush and jimmy carter.well books promo please join rural.palmer and mr watson.mrs palmer is being presented with the.defense logistics agency's certificate.appreciation for sacrifices she has made.during.admiral palmer's military career.defense logistics agency's certificate.of appreciation to commend brooks palmer.the defense logistics agency recognizes.you for your selfless.faithful and devoted support to your.husband and our nation.throughout the last 31 years of your.marriage you have made sacrifices and.served your country.as much as your husband your husband's.successful career is due to your.unconditional love.support and understanding that sustained.him during times of peace.and war on behalf of the defense.logistics agency.thank you signed michael d scott acting.director.defense logistics agency.thank you mrs palmer and mr watson.captain dave lockney please join ronald.palmer.captain lockheed will now present rear.ombre palmer with a custom shadow box as.a gift from the members of the wardroom.shadow boxes are born from.are born of an ancient naval tradition.that is still practiced today.both in the militaries of the world and.throughout civilian life.according to some accounts of naval.history and tradition when a sailor.retires and is departing the ship for.the last time.it is considered bad luck for the sailor.shadow to touch land before the sailor.does.therefore the sailor's shipmates would.construct a sturdy box.handcrafted to the finest material in.which to display mementos of the.sailor's accomplishments.thereby symbolically creating a shadow.of the sailor.the box would contain the sailor's.shadow until he was safely ashore.at which time the shadow box would be.given to the sailor at a presentation.ceremony.thank you captain lockney.um.ladies and gentlemen i present to you.we're admiral john t palmer united.states navy retired.[Applause].good morning columbus and welcome.my orders from my wife i guess they were.the last orders i received before i.retired was to be for.uh fast and forward looking in my speech.so i'll endeavor to follow those orders.there may be a couple delays here and.there we've got some thank yous we're.going to do and so forth.but first and foremost congratulations.to the newly installed commander of dla.landon maritime rear admiral kristen.fabry.and her entire family tim avery soren.and ellery ladies and gentlemen join me.in a round of applause for.congratulations.i have known admiral fabry since she was.instant fabry.i was an instructor at supply corps.school as a lieutenant when she showed.up.and probably 500 or a thousand students.came through and only a handful did you.did you see and you said well this.this officer has something special this.officer can serve as long as.their initiative and the law will allow.and one of those officers at the very.top of that list was a student straight.out of the naval academy named kristen.fabry and i have to tell you.she fulfilled all our expectations when.we observed her as a student in supply.corps school.we are not surprised one bit and we are.pleased and proud to see how far you've.come.so again it's wonderful to work with you.she is the perfect.officer for this particular assignment.her qualifications her qualities and her.character are perfect.a perfect match to dla land and maritime.so she will be able to add to her resume.of great officer wonderful wife mother.to three terrific kids.a leader of the finest team of.logisticians in the form of dla land and.maritime.so welcome aboard sometimes in these.speeches.unfortunately you'll be subjected to.a speech of how great i art i hope not.to do that today.i'm shooting more for how thankful i am.and so there's much to be thankful for.so in this uh.speed of speech that my wife wanted me.to do it may go a little longer because.i have much to be thankful for but i.will tell you i'm thankful for a great.team.speaking of a great team deputy ken.watson who stood in.as a headquarters representative thank.you so much ken.we also have a combination of of mark.brown senior executive.in charge of acquisition uh grif warren.and sam payne leading the.leading on the seventh floor i will tell.you that the fabri and watson.combination.is going to be absolutely unbeatable you.know.ken is fairly new colonel sam payne is.brand new.and just when you think it can't get any.better it just does and so.we don't uh we don't just reload we load.we reload with a higher caliber and so.it's great to work with that team and.then the entire team.as you go down to our exceptional.directors.our officers our senior officers our.oics that are placed forward in 29.locations.it is an honor for me to complete my.career working with such a fine group of.professionals.providing outstanding logistic support.to our warfighters i could not be more.pleased and proud.i will tell you that i'm not new to dla.it's my third tour.and eight years total so 25 of my career.has been spent.wearing this dla badge i was thrilled uh.at the speech by mr scott i thought it.was really really good although.distanced and he had to do it in advance.and i'm very pleased and thankful that.he was.able to do that speech also the recently.uh.recent director lieutenant general uh.daryl williams.he left last week on to his retirement.it was a joy working for him.he was a wonderful leader who gave us.good solid direction and then let us.lead so it was a real pleasure.but i did want to do a shout out and a.thanks to.general williams who himself is a former.commander of dla land and maritime.i'm thankful for two fantastic eas i had.commander josh harding for the first.year who's now off at wss in.philadelphia pennsylvania.and presently major cj degnan of the air.force.and he's skulking about here somewhere.but i will tell you uh cj has uh has.been.absolutely superb uh and uh executive.assistants uh have just been wonderful.uh very thankful that my brother samuel.uh could be here.with his wife claire from springfield.virginia.sam is a retired colonel in the cavalry.and this is not the first change of.command he's been able to make so i.appreciate your continued to support as.a matter of fact.when i took over flc san diego we had a.pre-reception like we did here and sam.came in and said.i've been over at the change of command.area and this is absolutely unacceptable.and i said well what do you mean he said.there is not a single tank on that.aircraft carrier over there.where we are doing a change of command i.said well an aircraft carrier in san.diego harbor is about the best we could.scare up.big brother i i don't know what more you.want he says well just know that it's.not a change in command without a tank.so i asked my brother to look about and.you will see.many many army artifacts and conveyances.including one of your personal favorites.over there the abrams tank so.we finally met the standard and uh.i hope you feel at home and i hope this.kind of recharges your whoa locker but.to my brother sam welcome it's great.great to have you here my sister susan.couldn't make it she was literally.getting in the car to come up here she.got a phone call.uh she had been at an event and they had.done contact racing and a person who'd.sat down with her.had pop positive she did the right thing.she and her husband rick said we're just.not gonna.we're not gonna risk uh you know the.folks up in columbus with uh with our.appearance so sue did the right thing.i will tell you though um uh with her.not being here it's an opportune time to.talk behind her back.right because let me tell you sissy's.got a heck of a temper so so i'm going.to take this shot.sue a wonderful older sister and as i.was a toddler.on up she would come home from.elementary school and try and teach me.what she had learned and so by the time.i got to kindergarten and she was.entering.fifth grade i knew fifth grade stuff uh.you know i i remember.distinctively trying to master the.capital h my sister had a paper easel.there.and i tried and i tried and i tried and.she worked with me and i finally.mastered that capital h.last week so in all seriousness.if you roll forward from me entering.school with a little bit of a head start.on some other kids.my sister grew up to work in the school.system all her life she's a social.worker.that tests kids and gets them in the.right classroom that.if kids have trouble at home she sorts.that out if kids have trouble with.teachers.she helps them out there so to my sister.who's not here today.we wish you were it's it's wonderful to.i've heard from you by.by phone last night and thanks for that.capital h.thankful for long time friends like jim.bird so jimmy's here in the front row.uh he's a cousin of ours part of the.family of folks.that have signed on to work on our farms.so jimmy is representative probably a.dozen people who would be here if they.could.and their family friends they're my.brothers fraternity brothers.they're my sisters camp friends they're.friends of mine from school city boys.city girls and stuff like that and they.would get sent out to the farm in the.summertime.to experience my mom's cooking and her.focus on education.and my dad's work ethic and believe me.he would get a day of work and then some.out of you.and so those folks grew on to be.permanent family members as much.brothers and sisters.to me as sam and sue helping out and.staying with the family all the way.including.to being with my dad and in his troubled.final years.so jimmy uh you know is uh.jimmy's mom my mom best friends since.the early 30s when they were growing up.and so they had two boys one year apart.we were plopped in each other's play.pins and we grew up together every.sunday summer jimmy's on the farm.uh and jimmy went on to uh be my best.man all of these folks have worked to.farm.and i would name them all but i would.miss one and that would be sad.went on to wonderful wonderful careers.jimmy himself is an attorney in.louisville.uh working a new york law firm he runs.the kentucky office.he's on the super lawyer list i don't.know what that means but it sounds.pretty good.right he's also licensed in ohio so if.any of you all.he'll have his card at the ready when.we're done but jimmy thank you very much.and uh and please pass our best to khaki.and the kids when you get home.mentors i'm thankful for mentors there.have been hundreds.uh i'll call out a couple so uh these.are the.and and if i miss some of them some of.them out there uh.then i do apologize but i did want to.acknowledge a couple that had.either long-standing mentors that stayed.with me the whole way or they had.tremendous effect.uh and so on my first ship uh wartime.suppo frank gerard.taught us how to be supply corps.officers and i will tell you from a.standpoint of ethics.if you hinted that you didn't have the.character or quality be a spy course or.you were out the door that's a standard.we established.way back in 1988 went through desert.shield desert storm.former captain and retired rear admiral.chuck safel.was the ceo of that ship and he stayed.with me all the way through i still hear.from him this day.i remember being the suppo on the harry.s truman.we were doing a change of command the.incoming captain.was a former protege of retired admiral.safel.so i see him in the audience i'm.standing there with metals and swords.and we do the change of command.and then i'm at the very end of this.extremely long receiving line to go see.the new ceo.and protege of retired admiral sefelli.he comes up says john how you doing i.said i'm doing great sir he's just up on.this ship i said yes sir i am.it says come with me we're going to go.and see uh see the new captain i said.sir that's what this line is for i'm.standing right here.he says oh no then he grabs me like a.nun grabs a student who's in trouble by.the back of these very chokers right.and walks me to the front of the.receiving line past.captains admirals dignitaries there's.somebody in there.he gets him to the side and he says.this your suppo to the new captain well.the new captain has only met me once.for about a half an hour the previous.weekend in his eyes he's looking at me.like what did you do.to make my former boss so mad that he's.bringing you up here to see me right now.and a new ceo responded he said i.believe that he is he said so he goes.well i'll tell you what i rode this kid.through desert.shield and desert storm he is fantastic.you could not do better.you're in great hands john let's go get.a beer grabs me by again.by my chokers right and walks me to the.front of the beer line elbows people.like.so talk about decisive leadership.i got to skip an entire receiving line.and go to the front of the beer line but.his leadership and advice of uh admiral.safel.uh went far beyond that and again uh.he's he's been he's been wonderful but.i will tell you the world champion the.world heavyweight champ of all mentors.for me.is former chief of supply corps dan.stone uh rear admiral retired so dan.uh he put me uh i worked for him first.in my first tour in dla.and then i was his ea where's where's cj.i was his ea when he was chief of supply.corps.for his first year at com navsup dan has.stayed with me.the whole way to include the present.tour in my past tour.i'll give you a quick vignette when i.was at u.s pacific fleet and he called.me on the phone and he'd done the job.before and he said john if i had it to.do all over again i'll tell you what i'd.done.i would have established instead of an.ad hoc network a formal network of the.pinnacle logisticians across all 12 time.zones.and it turned out there were about 12.supply corps captains marine corps.colonels and so forth so we did that.and and we almost established it as a.battle rhythm and then we all.established also almost like a minute.man organization of logistics.in case of emergencies well the.emergencies came we had a couple really.bad.incidents out there with a couple of our.ships in the pacific fleet.because we stood up this organization.that could hop on the secure net in.minutes instead of days or.hours hours or days we were able to put.into place the products and services to.support those stricken ships.before they even got into port and so.admiral stone was.integral and and putting in my brain.kind of the germ seed to be able to put.that together in this particular job.he knew that we had some challenges with.some inner service relationships and so.forth.he had done this job in richmond and he.called me up and gave me great advice i.took out.i took out the playbook good advice is.only good if you take it i took it i.executed it and it served us extremely.well so to dan stone his lovely wife.donna.i have to tell you many many thanks.thankful for supply corps officers that.have known throughout my career.most of which many of which probably all.of which wanted to be here captain mark.simler my roommate on the uss guam.during desert shield desert storm he's.in texas he and his wife kim.sent me a note this morning captain.chris moser uh great friend.to me and friend all the spy corps never.met a stranger up to chris moser and.he's in philadelphia his wife mary pat.and we were students together navy.supply corps school set every class.together.we've been fast friends ever since and.then captain john windham maesuppo.on uss harris truman who is now a senior.executive with the va.and i have to tell you john is the best.i've ever witnessed in any capacity.anywhere anytime.and i would love to have him here but he.can't make it on the enlisted side you.know.those are the folks who prop us up and.make us make us the superstars that we.believe we are.and there are a couple out there that i.had multiple sea tours with master chief.tony decina.on the uss george washington and the.harry s truman craig burgess also on.george washington harris truman.john lucovic was a second-class mess.specialist on the uss.boone and retired as a warrant officer.three and we were on the harry truman as.well and while we were on there he won.the nay award.and then there's an old aviation.storekeeper reaching back to the guam.named john murray retired as a chief.and he was the lpo for instant palmer.and he called me just last night.and wished me well so i'm really.thankful for those friends also.as a member of the flag ward room flag.officers past and present.it is a brotherhood and a sisterhood and.one i'm proud to be a part of the past.weeks.i have received really nice.communications from retired admirals ed.straw.dan mccarthy and john ewan and i would.tell you active admirals.this morning as late as this morning.matt ott kevin jones jack moreau ken.epps and doug noble have phoned in.called in sent me some notes it is.wonderful reserve admiral.jackie mcclellan and i serve in u.s.pacific fleet got a note from her.and here we have pat hayden serving with.me at u.s pacific fleet as well as.kristin faber he's going to put on gold.shoulder boards here in a few weeks.and i will tell you with what he knows.about the threat about logistics over.there in the pacific.if we do have to get in a big fight the.person who's going to win that fight.sitting in that chair.because he's going to bring logistics to.the fight nobody knows it better than.him pat it's great to have you here.michelle skubic and i have been friends.and office mates since.when we were office mates back in 2003.i've spoken with her many times over the.past weeks.uh i appreciate her friendship over the.years and uh and wish her well also.brooks and i are so very pleased to be.blessed with two wonderful.grown children our oldest elizabeth and.our youngest john taylor and he's here.and my speech is written as though he's.not and he surprised me this morning i.walked in my office.and i've about fell out of my chair so.john ted i'll talk about you in a minute.we'll start with elizabeth she is the.oldest after all.anyway so i have to tell you uh.two great kids and if you look on the.back of your program and you see the.little.fire engine red-headed girl and the.little paper white-headed boy.they could not look any different with.brown eyes and blue eyes and blonde hair.and red hair and so forth but man they.were great for us um.and and and they were just a joy but i.will tell you.they bore uh much of the uh.burden of our many moves they sure did.and so elizabeth.went to kindergarten three times that.it's not because she couldn't pass.through.well she started kindergarten in florida.then we hopped in the car and in about.four days we drove monterey california.i thought we were going to get in la.mesa housing right there on the base so.we put her in elementary school right.next door.she's back in kindergarten number two.doing her thing couldn't get housing.there we had to go out to old fort ord.so she went to john marshall elementary.she had to do three kindergarten.experiences in one year.not really easy but and john taylor.you know he said hold my beer he did.three middle schools in three different.states in three years.and so when he went to high school.having all the different you know.tapestry of education that he had in.maryland and.pennsylvania and virginia he shows up at.high school he's way ahead in some areas.and he's way behind in some areas.not easy but john taylor i'll tell you.you know they're both.wonderful kids it gave them a toughness.it really did that they developed and it.served them well they're both college.graduates both have two kids elizabeth.has our oldest two grandchildren.grandson graham who's four.spitting image of his father matt and.their daughter madison.herself a little redhead looks just like.her mom and then john taylor.again not to be outdone has two children.of his own he has.two daughters and they have a neat.tradition they've introduced into our.family where they honor their.grandmothers with the middle name so the.the first uh oldest daughter is evelyn.brooks.and the brooks is for my brooks here and.and she goes by evb and she just turned.one.so if you look at those pictures and you.see the little girl with a pink hat.that's evb.and then newly reported to our family.three-week-old.margaret louise the louise is for.rosie's mom.and we call her maggie lou and so it's.pretty clear my son married a southern.girl with evb and maggie liu isn't it.but i will tell you that uh she's also.named for two grandmothers and her name.is rosa ruth.and uh so what a match uh it's great to.have you here.representing all the kids and grandkids.and so uh love you to death.thanks so much for making the the trip.this we're flying in this morning.um brooks and i have ridden this.wonderful ride for 32 years.uh we're in the middle of our 19th move.uh recently uh we had five moves in six.years.and some have asked us how did your.marriage survive the navy and we've.thought about it and we've talked about.it a great deal.and and we think it's kind of twisted on.edge our marriage didn't.survive the navy it survived because of.the navy.um because every two years we were.forced to two or three years we were.forced to face a strange town.as our team of four we four and we hit.the we hit the streets running man.we found schools and jobs and houses and.sports and church and so on.and when the kids went to college it.turned out just to be the dynamic duo.and and we kept doing it as i mentioned.as a captain at five moves in six years.and this really served.to bond us uh together really really.well.because every two years it was sink or.swim.with just us and i think it actually.made our marriage uh stronger.without a doubt she also has a i will.say.the credit for what you see on the back.of that pamphlet and the success of our.kids.really goes to brooke says she made the.happy home while i deployed and traveled.she also has a decades-long career as a.registered nurse serving most of her.time in emergency rooms but most.recently up in marion at the hospital.um and we came to the conclusion in.early april that she was exposed to uh.in the course of her job to covet.patients every day.and talked with my boss on the phone we.came to the other conclusion that i was.going to have to step aside from coming.into work every day in telework.so that she could complete her.obligation in helping six sick people up.in marion.there's no doubt it was the right.decision and i would tell you.that when you think about first.responders and you think about nurses.and firefighters and emts.police officers and so forth could very.well be that in a comprehensive view of.humanity.they do more good in one shift than we.will do.in 10 20 30 yes even 32 years.of military service so that's not thanks.enough but i do want to offer her.a token of appreciation with some.flowers and cj's gonna.continue his great ea work and present.them.please join me in a round of applause.for a great navy family led by my wife.i will tell you that and i've said.before in a speech or two that perhaps.her greatest achievement was the many.years that she spent rescuing me from me.i was uh barely tame.when we met i was a kid at the citadel i.was a farm kid i didn't follow.direction terribly well i didn't listen.to adults terribly well.a little devil may care attitude and i.had no intention to stay in the navy.more than four years.just to pay back the scholarship she.civilized me for sure grounded me.kept my uh kept my vision forward uh.gave me all the support that i could.ever want.and i would not be a success without.brooks and so dear i love you madly i.cannot wait.to start this next chapter so thank you.i'll take the opportunity to finish by.saying i am also.very thankful and proud to have been.able to serve in the armed forces of the.united states.i asked my fellow officers and enlisted.please don't take it for granted.the honor it is to serve in america it.is hard to find an occupation.that is held in such high esteem i was.so very proud 32 years.on may 14th to pin on ensign shoulder.boards.and be commissioned an officer in the.u.s navy may surprise you but i was i.had the widest smile i've ever had to.date.as an incident in the supply corps i've.been proud to be a supply.corps officer i've been proud to be a.ship's supple at sea.uh fighting the fight taking logistics.to the fight i've been.very proud and thankful to be a member.of this flag ward room.lately i've been getting a kick when i.go out in town i often wear.if not always some kind of navy hat.t-shirt or sweatshirt.and i will get the fella behind the.counter and he'll say say mister.did you serve in the navy and i always.because i'm looking old right i mean.that's a that's a valid question.and i always uh got a kick out of saying.i still do well now i have the.opportunity to say.i sure did and for brooks and for me.there have been lots of honors and.titles as i mentioned you know ensign.suppo commander captain admiral nurse we.had a flustered kid on a ship.forgot her name and called her mrs suppo.that stuck for a few years.right but all those titles and names are.going to give way to our new priorities.our grandchildren now.we will happily forego some of the.exalted titles.things like admiral and nurse and so.forth so nurse will give way.to lolly and admiral will give way to.pop.so i apologize in advance.on behalf of brooks we will depart very.soon after the ceremony.our grandson graham has a t-ball game in.ashland virginia tomorrow.and lolly and pop are going to be there.better believe it.to that end we wish the team here at dla.landed maritime.every success we hope to return to.columbus from time to time on a future.visit.until then we bid you offline farewell.thank you.sir thank you for those inspiring words.and congratulations on your retirement.now in one of the oldest traditions of.the united states navy.realm of palmer will request to go.ashore one last time and will be piped.ashore.you will witness a ceremony forbidding.our shipmates farewell in which.rear admiral palmer will be honored with.a final salute.the piping over the side ceremony is.rooted deeply in naval tradition.upon completing a career in the sea.service retiring mariners step ashore.through the ranks of honorary side boys.to the sounds of the bosun's pipe.the service members serving aside boys.do so voluntarily to show their respect.and admiration for their fellow service.member.side boys post.where admiral palmer will now request.permission to go ashore from rear.admiral fabry.boson stand by to pipe the sides.shipmate going to shore for the last.permission time.[Music].rear admiral united states navy retired.departing.[Music].dla land and maritime departing.retire this eye boys.this concludes today's ceremonies where.admiral palmer and rio at my favorite.invite you to share some cake and punch.to the side of the pavilion.thank you very much for your attendance.

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