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Steps of Customizing the Easa Form 2 145 Approval

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what I'm familiar with.that's what I've been working with for.the last 12 or 13 years so that's what.we'll be focusing on in this in this.channel now once we know what to find.the regulations the question remains how.are they structured how can we use them.and the third topic I'd like touch upon.and that I think may be some food for.thought.for a lot of people is should you be.revisiting those regulations so to be.looking at them should you be reading.through them if you're already an expert.if you have your 10 15 20 years of.experience should you be actually going.back to the resource I'm about to show.you and browsing through them so it's.actually.start at the very end we will actually.start with the very last question first.why would you need to know the.regulations and should you be revisiting.them if you're already an expert if you.already have mine years of experience.know the regulations of course describe.what an airline needs to do in a certain.subject matter so when it comes 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you do.and may allow you to see wider picture.as to what it is why you do what you do.and why you do it the way you do it of.course if you are new to this if you.only at the beginning of your learning.curve if you either to start at a job or.you may be still studying it's quite.clear that you should get at least a.very basic understanding of the.regulations which rule this aviation.world if that's a word I could use.question is if you already an expert or.at least experienced in that that you've.been working already for a few years.should we even care I mean you you've.seen it you know you've been either.working for airlines or for Amaro's or.you've been consulting for leading.companies you've been you visited places.you've seen processes you know how.things happen and in my opinion that's.what problems can start you see.regulations change over time also when.we gain experience.we quite often shift our knowledge to.customs we get to use to the way things.are being done we know something has.done a certain way just because we have.seen it over and over and over again now.more likely or not it may happen that.the customs are based in the regulations.but not the requirement per se so you.may do things differently you may start.thinking outside the box because the.regulations only tell you what you need.to do but they don't tell you how to do.it so your experience from an airline.from an MRO even from two or three or.five of them does not necessarily give.you all the options when it comes to.fulfilling the right for it to that of.course the regulator changes the.regulations not very often perhaps maybe.once a year maybe once every couple of.years they acted they subtracted from it.they respond to certainly developments.in the aviation business the Terrorism.at some point currently we have the.covert 19 outbreak perhaps that will.cause some changes in regulations as.well we have aircraft that is all tried.whatever happens throughout the lifetime.of the aviation business must be.reflected in the regulation somehow and.it is wouldn't fill its changes to the.regulation itself which in turn means.you should restart it once in a while.now I understand it's not the most.exciting topic to read about something.exactly a a book which you will take.with you and then and be all excited.about reading I understand that but it.does give you a solid framework for what.you need to do if you're working for a.nerd I know tomorrow or what you can.reasonably expect in a request from an.airline or MRO if you're either their.customer or you're working for a leasing.company if you're a consultant whatever.it is you do their work even though they.all have their own processes must rely.and must depend on the regs so boring or.not you should be familiar with now.before we dive into work to obtain the.regulations from.let me just start very briefly on the.structure now the way yeah the.structured regulations is they will.create the answer will create a the.actual content of the regulation.and then it needs to be approved that.you put the European Parliament in the.European Parliament it's used a decision.certainly the number some random wall at.random but it has a number / the year it.was issued in and only after the.European Commission actually approves.the regulation it becomes law and it.becomes law in every European country.that's the way the European and a.structured also becomes law and not.fully you member states if they have.adopted the other rules within the.regulation itself we have the regulation.but then we have something called the.AMC which are the acceptable means of.compliance and we have something called.the guidance materials GN the acceptable.means of compliance and not the.regulation per se however they do tell.operators Amaro's how to implement the.actual regulations now it is possible.because they're not the law per se it is.possible to implement the regulation a.different way but you do is the operator.or the Amero you do need to prove to the.authority that your method of complying.with the regulation is equivalent or.better then what he hasn't suggests in.the AMC long story short if you want to.make something simple if you want to.understand it clearly the AMC tells you.how to do it now the gannets material is.something even more real and the.guidance material basically explains to.you the regulation it explains to you.the gist of it explains to you how.something can be done if the regulator.believes that maybe the law itself is.not very clear or maybe it could be.complicated but maybe it could raise a.lot of questions among different.operators so three things the regulation.itself.AMC acceptable means of compliance and.GM regards materials okay now let's take.a look and where we can actually obtain.the regulations okay so we are here now.in Google the easiest way of course type.in Yassa.enter the very first thing that of.course shows up is is the Assam a.website click.and there we have does the assay website.on the ESL website we have a section.that's called regulations and within the.regulation section we have something.that's called continuing towards s which.is right here you can click it and.here's what you get and that's basically.what I have been talking about just a.few minutes ago we have as you can see.here commissioner regulation number 1 3.2 1 / 2014 of 26 November 2014 now this.is the basic regulation which is still.applicable today however as we can see.here there's a whole bunch of other.regulations which have added to it they.have made amendment they have changed.something.all of these are clickable and if you do.click them actually let's do that.opening new tab you can download it you.can read it you will be redirected to a.page which is called.your legs your legs it's a page which.contains all the European regulations.not only aviation all of them and as you.can see they're all visible here and all.the European languages so whatever.language you choose whatever language I.mean English is not your first language.it's certainly not the first language.for me then you can download the rights.in your in your own language which on.one hand makes sense by the way because.of course your language will be better.understandable to you but on the other.hand I have found that the translation.is not always a million percent accurate.so if you are able to use the English.version I would strongly recommend to.use the English version perhaps also.friends I wouldn't know I don't speak.French but English for sure if you think.this version if you communicate with.people later on everybody well almost.everybody in the aviation world.understands English well enough to be.able to communicate with you and if.you're talking about one language.version it just may be easier.so let's choose English yen right here.PDF click and we get the regulation.however like I said this one is only.amending the main regulation which.contains all the program point one four.five part sixty six in part one forty.seven and if you look through it.actually you can see it right away it's.22 pages long.so clearly this is not the full content.of poor temp or 1 4 5 etc because it's.way too short.what is however is it is changing.certain language in the main regulation.you look into here let me maybe try and.so should've made this more let me try.and expand this a bit you see what it.says write an X is 1 2 3 4 etc it's.correct that like point M point 1 is.corrected as false point 4 is added.point M a 201 is corrected as false or.the problem of this is that if you would.like to follow all the new updates you.would really need to have all those new.all those new Commission regulations.next to each other and you have to see.ok that's the original text then they.remove this and they added this but then.they remove that and added this it would.be really difficult and it's basically.impossible it really is so let's go back.to main page here at the bottom we have.some language they call the console.dated version consolidated version of.regulation of 1 3 2 1 2014 and by.consolidated they actually mean that all.those additions have been added into one.file so what you're reading is the.latest and the greatest is the most.current part of the law so conclude this.and again we get the same you our legs.page choose English right here and there.we have it now it's 290 pages and that.makes much more sense for for them I won.four five and that's basically and it.shows you here.the amendment so that's the basic.regulation which is currently enforced 1.3 2 1 2014 as of 26 November 2014 but it.has been amended by five other.regulations from 2015-2017 and two from.2018 and these amendments are added to.it what is important because maybe.there's a new one in 2019 or maybe this.is MIA from 2020 actually the one we.just looked at was in 2020.that's not into it here so if you really.want to be on tall the game this one is.consolidated up until 2018.11:42 but not further and the one i just.opened just a minute ago that was 2020.something so clearly it's newer in 2018.which means you'd still have to take.that and type in you won from 2020 and.see what changes have been implemented.um if we scroll down we'll see here the.actual regulation and B the different.definitions and gives you generic terms.which are being used throughout all the.annexes what we casually call par dam or.for one four five or part 166 actually.an annex to this regulation so this.regulation is for wall throwing is more.but it has the four main annexes and.this as you can see here the image is.bigger.we have annex 1 which is for them and of.course there is a table of contents.which i think is clickable so if we once.ima 301 click yes and down here we have.it and go to ma 301.and that's basically it.there's a regulation let's go but as I.already said we have also yet so two.means of compliance and we have guidance.material but the EMC in the GMs on the.air you will not find it in this file so.we can go back again to the main side.and down here is something that's called.easy access rules for continuing.awareness regulation EU number 1 3 2 1.2014 so 1 3 to 1014 being that the.master regulation again and if we click.this we get something in the form of a.booklet now here below we have download.so we can click again it's not your legs.anymore this is issued by your answer.this is done not by the European.Parliament adjust them by the answer to.make things simple for people like us.now you see now it has 826 pages so the.regulation is 290 right now we have 800.pages but here for the easy access rules.you actually have the implementing rule.which is for example for them itself if.you looking for them.you have the AMC for every single for an.endpoint or part and paragraph and you.have the guidance material now keep in.mind not every paragraph of the.regulation actually has guidance.material or arson has 9 MC only slightly.to one to do many do but not all them so.keep it in mind if you cannot find it.for a certain paragraph it made us.nothing's it we can see here which are.my new regulations are included and this.in this booklet and there on those easy.access rules and later as far as we can.see is from March 2019 so it's actually.very current and that's it and then we.start a table of contents we have the.cover regulation just like we've seen.before and we have the annexes like for.them now the one who checked before I.think was 3 or 1 or whatever it was.let's go to ma 301 continuing awareness.as quick and that's what you will get.you have ma 301 continuing awareness.tasks and that's the regulation that's.exactly what you would have found in the.previous legal document what I showed.you just a minute ago word by word.that's it but just below it you will.have in yellow the AMC which are the.exit or means of compliance to ma three.or one point one so only for this point.five words you have this whole AMC which.is look that long to explain it it's a.very good example because it seems easy.enough.it seems the aircraft continuing.awareness in the serviceability of both.operational and emergency equipment.shall be ensured by point one the.accomplishment of a pre-flight.inspection now most of you probably know.the presiding section is right it seems.to be so all this and yet to this very.simple one point we have this very long.AMC which actually explains what the.precise inspection is right now we go.further and we have a MCM a 301 4.2 it's.about the minimum equipment list and.again you have a lot of explanation.about what the mal is and how you know.why this required in this particular.case and that's why the image is so.important there's way more text in the.AMC's and there isn't the regulation.itself and that's why you should know it.and that's why you should be able to.find it and revisit it now let's go to.another point we have ma 302 the.aircraft maintenance program again in.blue that's the text of the actual.regulation that's attached that shows.you that tells you how to create the.maintenance program it tells that you.need to have the maintenance program etc.it seems to be basic but again the.maintenance program is a pretty complex.thing if we scroll down and made three.or two we have the MHC 2 ma 302 just.like we did before with 301 and we also.have guidance material to ma 302 a what.strobe I can see you.302-a is 302-a is again a very.straightforward point it says.maintenance of each aircraft shall be.organized in accordance with an aircraft.maintenance program again if you are.working for an entity of an experience.that seems to be pretty clear I mean.it's it's it's pretty obvious that.that's the case however if we go to the.guidance material what we will learn.that the maintenance program may.indicate that it applies to several.aircraft registration as long as the.maintance program clearly identifies the.effectivity of the tasks and procedures.that are not applicable to all of the.desert registrations why would that be.important well if you have a fleet of.ten aircraft and they're all so-called.sister ships are basically identical do.you need to create and have an approve a.separate maintenance program for every.single aircraft and that guidance.material clearly shows you that you do.not have to do that.it's guidance material and regulation no.because if you want to create ten.separate books one for each aircraft by.all means you can do that you will still.satisfy the regulation the only thing.that the guidance material tells you is.that you don't have to do that it makes.life easier for you but is equally so.again it's worth take a look at it in.case you're either setting up an airline.or working for one or auditing one in.one way or another I hope that after.this short video you will be able to.easily find the regulations require you.will be able to browse through you.understand what the regulation is.compared to DMC and the GM's and even.when it comes to further explanations I.hope to make more videos about at a.later time and like I said at the.beginning it does depend on you this is.my very first video if you like it.please give me a thumbs up please.subscribe to my channel this way you.will actually see what a new video said.being posted and most importantly please.leave me a comment down below tell me.what you'd like to see what you liked.about this video what I could do better.because of course being a beginner.clearly there will be a lot of things.that I can improve upon so but I do need.your feedback so I know what it's okay.and.please take a look at the links below.the video as well I have posted links to.the answer website to those regulations.as well as to my facebook page and to my.LinkedIn profile so if you'd like to.follow me I'll be more than happy to get.in touch with you and this is for today.thank you very much for watching.you.

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