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James yeah yeah actually.you.[Music].we just and one nation under God.indivisible with liberty and justice for.all we ask everyone to please remain.standing and give a moment of silence.for our senator peralta who will passed.away on unexpectedly shockingly Oh a.couple of weeks ago so please get my.moment of silence.[Music].for the kind words there will be a.service mass service salmon a December.21st at 9:45 a.m. at st. Joan of Arc at.80 230 mm this is given by Evelyn thank.you so much.[Music].first and while we wait for the world.war party members of the public we're.sitting here today we do have a sign-in.sheet if anyone wants to speak during.the public forum section of the the.community board if you want just sign in.in the back and will allow you to speak.for for three minutes.all right good evening everybody please.listen for your name's uh Karen Deborah.Priscilla Corot Giancarlo castaigne Lucy.Scully mr. Chen.Linda Corral Erica Cruz Judy Andrea.Marilee no jumpy no Kristin Gonzales.Jennifer beauty of this James Lisa sound.Lombardo Patricia Martin met McIlroy.revina McGowan Edgar Moya Ruby Mohammed.Sandra munos gurdip signal ruler yeah so.Gina Oliver Alexandra Owens our Poorna.Alexa poem say Ashley Reed Oscar real.New Roman Christian Romero Clara Salas.Gigi Salvador Lucy shall arrow a red.Sevilla Mallika Shabazz Alton Derek.Smeath.Gregory Spock do want Eric Machado testa.Damon Vargas here Luis Walker yeah.Rosa Juan minhwan yang.Lester you're good.can we have a quorum so how did you seat.the minutes of the November 13 2019.meeting that we have any Corrections.okay.sorry the last name is misspelled okay.okay there's a page to write okay so the.genus name is awesome misspelled.okay okay okay are they are they're.loosely and then garden page 11 okay.[Music].my name is my name is all those in favor.any opposed any abstentions order sure.that fortunately unfortunately there.isn't much to report you know this past.month I just didn't know we were all.saddened by the decided death of Santa.Peralta Christian I attended the way.kitchen I went to the to the to the mass.that they had and you know obviously a.lot of people were there streets were.full the streets were closed I know I.saw um other members of community board.there so um I think it was important to.support not only you know Priscilla was.also our board member but um other staff.that you know have been with us have.been you know very courteous to us have.looked out for us that worked with us so.you know and again you know personal you.know we you know sorry free law said we.extend you know our condolences to the.family yeah Gorda birthday I didn't see.you at the at the young at the wake as.well um and other than that I really do.not have much more to report I am gonna.pass it over to Christy because I know.that he was more involved with other.things going on in.you know all good stuff all good stuff.so Christian well speaking I'm also.gonna be very very brief on baby bed.it's been a busy year for us as far as.tree lightings go but overall it's been.a pretty slow month of the board we we.recently co-sponsored a very successful.tree lighting over at Dunning him.triangle 83rd and Baxter with the 82nd.Street bid and Councilman drum we.co-sponsored another one on CC more part.with Marilee nijem Pinot also a customer.and drum in several community groups and.most recently over 104th Street forty.six seven there's also very successful.so that's been the majority of our a.month one thing that I do want to bring.up really quickly though it's something.we just received now courtesy up senator.faraldo's office I have to kind of rip.it open just for like half a second at.least this is for commander Illyrio.dunia who was actually honored by.Senator Peralta posthumously and I'm.gonna get it to his son sometime.sometime this week on that note well I.do want to discuss something with you.with regards to the commander we had put.in a request a while back to try to get.the extension of PS 19 renamed in his.honor and we are still working on that.we haven't heard anything back from the.schools but hopefully that does happen.sometime very soon and I mean honestly.one more thing that I want to run by you.this is some that we are working and I'm.working actively a Gregory Spock on it.Hoffman Park Hoffman Park is the park.over at the border of community boards 4.5 & 6 between Elmhurst and and it.directly behind st. John's Hospital we.had put in a request to try to get some.renovation done to the general of the.park in general just the sidewalk cracks.the cracks around the basketball court.and the parks department decided not to.do it funding was pulled for whatever.the reason maybe they didn't see the.need to do so so soon after at the last.youth fair that we had in October.Gregory had a wonderful idea of putting.out a petition on the on his at the.table and that people sign as they come.to try to get the park renovated we got.a substantial amount of signatures and.councilman Jerome was also very.impressed with the park that he was not.very familiar with so if all goes well.we're trying to see we heard through the.grapevine that there's a opportunities.for corporate sponsorships at some of.our parts Nike motels etc specifically.Nike is looking for something so we want.to see if we can get some kind of a.conversation going with Nike or some.kind of a big-name to go and get some.kind of renovation done over.at a Hoffmann party and whatever other.parts throughout the district available.so again there was not official vote by.any committee members all we're doing is.just playing with the idea of maybe.potentially bringing it to us and that's.really it that's all we really have.going on I you know me I'd rather report.as we go as the committee's meet and.that's it guys it says yes no look there.there's a difference between like a kind.of request that uses community feedback.and everybody gets involved in the.renovation of Park and that's what they.recall and I don't want to get too.detailed into it without misinforming.you but then there's something you would.call a requirement contract basically.that does not have to go through any.kind of real community vetting process.it's just we have to do it because the.cracks are very bad.apparently the parks bomb didn't think.that the cracks were bad enough to fix.it and that was it the funding was.pulled one thing that we have been.pushing for at least I personally have.and it seemed that the idea stuck.was the idea of putting a jogging track.some kind of a track around there from.way too many years and you guys will.know it because it's been an hour it's.been an hour in our capital expense for.many years now to get some kind of a.track going around that that Park the.the softball field is to us at least we.feel it's underutilized and the majority.of people who jogging around the.neighborhood yeah it's not utilized and.a lot of the people from there really.annoys us is that people jog around.Newtown field Newtown field doesn't 57th.Avenue people just going around because.they don't have actual access to the.track when you just go right across the.other side you are a lot you you should.be able to use Hoffman Park so the idea.would be that there are talks of.potential dog run being put there as.well but who knows guys I mean I'm just.letting you know that's something that.Gregory is working on very actively I.know the Queen's distance runners are.also very interesting the idea he's.nodding so but we'll work on it and we.have start a conversation with Daniel.drum and I have a copy of letter here.I'll hand it over to the staff I see you.over there and hopefully we can get it.going sometime very soon.well we should do it look I don't know.again I don't want to like miss inform.but we only heard that the idea was.maybe we can get some kind of corporate.sponsorship so if we can do that all the.better and I don't know to what extent.maybe it could just be the basketball.court so the do or maybe it'll do the.whole part we don't know yet but at this.point we have the support and you have.the signatures we just want to get the.eye of our councilmember and see if we.can do something for it and that's.really guys um you know again I'd rather.this report throughout the night as the.committee thank you all right so look.one thing I do wanna report on our.sunshine fund guys just uh we're really.low it's all I can say you know I.understand that it's an issue that a lot.of times you can't have cash on you what.it may be but the sunshine fund is very.very low we are we are scrounging around.for scraps we managed to pay for this.carly holiday party but after that it's.over there is nothing else so if we have.to give any kind of bouquet for any kind.of funerals writing coming up we just.won't have it so if you have not yet.donated just please let us know the.numbers were substantially low out of 44.members only 14 donated last year so.yeah yeah but that those 14 - to pay.sandwiches for everybody so guys just.just reach out to us it you know the.amount right now is set to 15 but we're.at the point where any any bit every bit.counts you know we do keep records of it.any time to give something we put it on.we cross it off but I'm you know you're.sunshine fund is very very very very low.one thing we would like to do is.something the board always honors.anytime we have any kind of funeral or.baby basket anybody has a baby we always.give a gift to the family in this case.we were trying to give something to the.senator senator peralta what I'd like to.do is and I've spoken to several members.about it we're gonna likely give to an.organization that he was a part of we're.just waiting to get the OK from a member.of his staff it's still too soon but.sometime soon and the last hundred that.slept in your sunshine fund is there.just for that item after that the.sunshine fund is dry so come January.let's just maybe we'll send out an email.to all the members.I need you to bring some cash the next.board meeting if at all possible yeah.we'll do that maybe even a.self-addressed stamped envelope to send.payment back to the office I hope you.guys what I do it for no unfortunately.not.no any electronic phone will go directly.to the office budget and not your.separate you know separate thing well no.but I'll tell you this the issue we're.going electronic is that you really you.have to find a vendor who also accept.electronic so the idea of go to Mama's.and going down the store to buy sodas.from 7-eleven is out completely crossed.out so unless they like trying to go.vendors to the city of New York so there.is that there is that that you know.balance I guess.well we collect at every meeting but the.treasurer is currently Ashley Reed up.until just up until January and then.January it becomes Cristiano memo no.Lucy excuse me Lucy becomes the no there.has been word from a lot of boards.willing to consider something like that.but again it would have to be paid out.of office money and succeed taxpayers.dollars technically unless you guys want.to get I'm willing if you guys are okay.we can start the conversation we've.never considered that I'll jab around.I'll see if I can find something okay.[Music].using different means to take the mail.out there getting your check and they're.opening them below and they're rewriting.the mounts on the check.so it's been an increase in all pre sent.it started out in the Bronx a couple.years ago went in the Hatton North now.it's at Queen's now is actually hitting.off recent the post the Postal Service.is working with us to change any.mailboxes out after we as we become.aware of them but what you could do is.when you write a check there's a special.pen the gel coded pen that when you.write with this pen it can't be washed.off it can't be erased it can't be.altered and that's something that you.could do to help prevent becoming a.victim of this crime another issue we.have in is car break-ins we have a lot.of vehicles being broken in and properly.taken out very easy when Wendy's these.criminals walk around they're looking.for easy targets they do to try the.doors but make sure your doors a lot.second thing is they're looking at if.you see any kind of problem and I mean.spare change in the offense and counsel.is good enough for them to break your.window and go into your vehicle.so you guys make sure nothing is visible.from outside your vehicle in your truck.or in your glove box.another issue we're having is under.tenant property what that is is when you.go to the mall you go shopping to lock.the store you have your wallet open your.bag open and people have to talk in your.Poppi from your from your person so.please keep everything tight to your.body keep it in a lock pocket a lock bag.especially when you're traveling the.transit system and entering the mall.that's where the biggest crimes are.happened transit systems and in our.malls on Queens Boulevard another thing.one-ten precent has a twitter account in.the last two days I have up.loaded about six seven photos of wanted.individuals who committed crimes inside.the precinct they assaulted individuals.with bats the evolved individual with a.gun or a Kabbalah incidents but this is.out there for the information for you to.educate yourself see who's dangerous out.there do you know this person do you.travel to work with this person in the.train every day and help us catch these.individuals all right so everybody.should be on the 110 Twitter it's the.way we communicate you could send.pictures of quality life issues and we.could address them but more importantly.because you have just wanted individuals.and maybe help us solve a crime this.past november 28th we took a shooting on.five seventy of you in 97 place costco.saw from LeFrak I haven't run 6 o'clock.p.m. we had a male 30 years old shot.four times on the corner he's still in.the hospital he's in bad shape so he's.fighting for his life right now there's.no reward out for information it's going.to Twitter account yo see the reward.there's phone numbers if anybody has.information on that we appreciate the.call that's it right now please look on.the Twitter account it's a great way to.communicate.[Applause].all right so we're moving on to the.public for now dr. Philip fair.good evening and thank you for making.the time for me I quite brief I am the.associate director of the adult.emergency department at Elmhurst.Hospital and actually on behalf of the.staff and my colleagues there I my.condolences to you the community and to.the family of Senator Peralta and it's a.terrible loss in him okay what I'd like.to share with you this evening.and again I have worked in the emergency.department for over 20 years and I've.been part of the community for this long.I know our department can be quite busy.and there are you know days when the.weight can be not what he would like to.provide the community and so well the.city has asked and is actually asking.the emergency departments across the the.public hospitals to do is to facilitate.opening these other options of urgent.cares they're called Express care and.just show of hands how many people have.recently been to the adult emergency.department Alomar's anyone.as anyone did to express care to the.urgent care it's a I think it's a.remarkable place that really is an up.three and then my singular task values.to ask you know this is an option very.often we see about 230 240 stations a.day about 70 or so patients come to the.IDI because it is the place that they.believe they send me them come because.there is we have low acuity problems the.problems that they would choose to go.because they know that they will get all.of the care they need fairly quickly but.very often very you've asked them many.of them will say that they had another.option but for the lesser acuity issues.I think this is an opportunity or an.option that I'd like we will absolutely.there's no need for an appointment.the office of operations is 3:30 to.midnight.you will be you know courteous service.there's a new resource or a new facility.that's been renovated so it's quite nice.very biting.it's a you'll be seen by a more.certified permission the advantage of.coming to an urgent care and on the.premises of Elmer's as opposed to.freestanding emergency feminists if a.patient comes to be to this emergency to.the urgent care.it's worse care and they should be seen.because they need a higher level of care.they can actually and will be taken to.the adult emergency department and be.taken care of there no one and follow-up.primary care follow-up is one of the.other major resources that we will make.available to any patient who comes.doesn't have from a care provider or has.no clinic access that's another resource.that will be those are the big issues.maybe I should just mention also some of.the things that we invite people to come.to express care for things like those.sore throat or toothaches sprains ankle.sprains injuries minor injuries you will.get x-rays and.and pay medical medications as.appropriate and you never really to see.you when under an hour.and so far we've been able to maintain.that most patients were are in and out.in under an hour so again a resource.that I hope that you will take advantage.I have some Flyers that I'll leave in.the back for those of you interested to.take with you they're in Spanish.so the question is should I would I.recommend someone or pneumonia so yes so.the reality is if you believe that you.have a problem that you can certainly.start there we will see you and then.we'll say if we think this much more.complicated than we can handle.we are offering flu vaccinations as well.you know there again once you're on the.premises of the hospital and you need.care we will either see you there or.[Applause].so we are grateful to him Sharon you're.low on here tonight just to share some.information with you on the school was.founded in 2012 we primarily serve.recent immigrant population and English.Learner.or our Homebase give on junction.Boulevard right here at birth we serve.our mill school seven five six seven.eight great about 400 students when we.opened our goal was always to expand so.right now as I said we start about $400.however for every open our goal is so.you just wanted to share the information.that we do that opinion concerns that.you might have seen so who was our.founder and executive director from the.keyboard so I can leave her name and.phone number at the back desk but if you.feel free to contact with her but um.again we'd love to.[Applause].is this working at all no no hi everyone.my name is Adam Wilks I actually meant.to Elmhurst very recently so I wanted to.thank you for teamspeak this is my.community board I believe I'm also a.member of the Democratic socialists of.America and I wanted to speak briefly.about the Amazon deal it's going to be.affecting Long Island City over the.course of the next few years but if it.happens it'll really be able to the.course of the next few decades I was at.a meeting last night hosted by a lot of.organizations including TSA and Queens.neighborhoods United they are against.any kind of compromise with Amazon New.York State a New York City combine gave.them approximately three billion dollars.in pilot agreements which is basically.like you don't have to pay property.taxes even if the value of the property.goes up and just straight up grants to.the most powerful corporation in the.country at this point one of them and.the richest individual in the world Jeff.Bezos.three billion dollars that could have.gone to so many other things this guy.Jeff Bezos makes more money in an hour.than most likely everyone in this room.will in their lifetime um that's just a.moral and I've been living in New York.State my whole life so in that sense I'm.personally very frustrated that the.portico system operates this way it'll.also affect rental prices across Queens.the entire corridors of Roosevelt Avenue.of Queens Boulevard Northern Boulevard.all stretching out of Long Island City.and Amazon takes over wherever they go.if anyone is familiar with what they're.doing in Seattle there's a whole section.of the city where they just owned all.the property and that it's just it's.it's too much power it's immoral and I.reached out to the councilmen from this.area on Francisco Moya he said that he.would support a version of the deal if.they if they provided a lot of things.that's great but I don't know if I'm.councilman Moya has been in touch with.de Blasio or other opponents of the.steel such as a micro generis Jimmy Van.Bramer.Acacio Cortez and yeah and I don't know.if there's enough pressure being put on.de Blasio and Cuomo to resist Amazon.right because anyone any member of the.City Council could say that they're.against this deal anyone but that but if.it's if the governor and the mayor.wanted to happen even if they're quiet.about it it'll probably happen so I'm.calling on our elected officials to.actually break with de Blasio more.explicitly to put them on the hot seat.and to start attending the organization.the the events hosted by organizations.to shut this deal down.it's certainly a moral catastrophe and.that the three three billion dollars.could have gone to so many other places.could have created more jobs than twenty.five thousand dollars and twenty five.thousand which might even just be.part-time we have no idea how high the.wages will be they say the average wage.will be a hundred and fifty thousand but.if you have executives making millions.that's a huge inflation right the mean.the median is probably going to be much.lower under a hundred thousand for sure.so thank you for letting me express.these concerns women are now.you know one of you wanna go first.[Applause].um I'm here just to say thank you thank.you for your support thank you for being.with me throughout my term in the.assembly I am grateful to have served.and honored to have served you guys in.the assembly for the time being you know.I'm a corona neighborhood girl and I was.proud and I was proud to serve you in.the assembly for the time being but with.that we know we did a lot of work we.brought back $217,000 back to the.district $75,000 back to Corona Queens.Library something I was really really.proud of but with that my time in the.assembly is has come to an end.December 31st and I am very proud of the.work that I've done and every support.that I got from you guys here you guys.supported me and rode with me throughout.everything and I am very proud of to.call myself and your Assemblymember but.I'm not done right I'm here I'm still.your district leader I'm still gonna be.around you I am three blocks away from.here you know that you guys could find.me Judy could find me anywhere she can.so I'm gonna be around anything you guys.need I'm gonna be here for you always.you know my time with Francisco also.ended you know we cut the umbilical cord.Papa Bear is done with his cub but he's.still not over that but um I'm happy and.that that's what I could say I think we.all have the time to grow and I've.noticed the growth and I wanted and I.wanted to tell you that I've noticed the.girl from like since eight years ago.when I started here just being the.deputy director.the district office for some for.Francisco Moya and now look I'm I became.your Assemblymember and I'm very happy.about everything I did and you know.things happen and things happen for a.reason and I'm very happy for that but.we I'm still continuing to work and I.still have a toy drive that's gonna.continue until three kings day in.January and I have a legal clinic on.December 17 across the street from the.office yeah a crusher shoot from the.office anything you guys need you know.where to reach me.I'm always gonna be accessible to each.and every one of you guys so thank you.thank you even before you were.Assemblywoman.supporting a lot of the members and.different things and we do appreciate.and I think I mean speaking for myself I.think a lot of people as well they you.know we're very proud of you.and we're happy that you are our.Assemblywoman and you know what when you.were saying they start from the bottom I.was thinking to drink so ah yes so you.know it's really cool you know you know.born and raised there you know managed.to get up that thing that's a really.cool story and I think I'll be seeing.you right.every Tuesday I'm very much she's the.greatest.I love thank you thank you everybody I.don't need a microphone I think I speak.a lot of no one I'm very proud of the.work that Adi Espinel is done she's born.and raised in this community I've known.her since she was in the sixth grade I.coached her and basketball insanely oh.yeah I'm dating myself I'm really a you.know the wrinkle cream helps me stay.young but she has done a tremendous job.she has worked her tail off and.dedicated her entire adult life to this.community it's not the end of ID we will.continue to see her and work with her.and she is here in this community always.and that's something that we should all.be proud of that we have somebody.there's homegrown right here it went on.to do something really positive and.genuine in for her community so I love.you I'm not cutting the umbilical cord.I'm very welcoming emerge that's just.the way it is but I wanted to come by to.say thank you to everyone in a good year.we have a lot to be thankful for I was.going to go into a lot of things but I.really want to dedicate this moment to.really talk about someone that was also.homegrown if we laws tragically and that.is Senator Peralta you know senator.Peralta was someone who was a dedicated.public servant he fought for this.community whether is to help fund our.local schools or whether we're standing.up for immigration rights and when I.wrote the DREAM Act in the state of New.York over eight years ago I turned to.Jose and I said look I want you to carry.this in the Senate and he went on to.champion that bill as well amongst other.things that we worked on because we.really cared about the community and.Jose really did and regardless of the.results of the election he's a good man.he was young and he had a young family.and we always have to remember the great.loss that they're suffering right now.he has a wife that now has to raise a.teenage son who was at his father's side.at almost every event that he had in the.community and we have to honor that with.making sure that we go out and continue.to work hard for our communities because.that's what he would want us to do he.was a man of integrity he was a man who.cared and we should never forget that we.are we are very lucky and very fortunate.that we are here today because tomorrow.is never promised so you know we get.caught up in a lot of the political.battles it at the end mean nothing it's.more about how we can serve each other.as neighbors as friends.and as a community as a whole and leave.the rest to the side that's why we have.a lot of division where we where we do.now so we're going to be working very.hard with the Senators family and his.staff I know Priscilla it feels it as.well someone who worked for the senator.for so many years knows that we want to.do some things that will help honor and.keep his name alive and I'm not just.talking about naming the street after.him I think we need to go a little bit.further for someone who spent his entire.life working very hard for all of us so.having said that I just want to really.wish all of you a great holiday.whichever holidays you celebrate you.know I think as a community we should.all be supporting one another as we come.close to the end of this year and look.to bigger and better things in the next.coming year my office is always open to.all of you we have a great three kings.holiday Drive that we're doing for a lot.of the.folks here that are neat Corona in this.area over here.Corona Elmhurst Jackson Heights we're.all running the same but we have a lot.of families they are really suffering.right now now more than ever.and I think now is the time if we can to.help donate a toy to a needy family this.means a lot to a lot of kids that may.not be getting anything this holiday.season.there are flyers in the back that have.drop-off areas my office right here on.106 100-106 and throne Avenue but we.want to make sure that if you can do.donate a toy it goes a long way so with.that I leave you if there's any.questions I'm happy to answer them.but I just want to come by and wish.everybody a happy I think cuz you're.here that's me yes so so library baby.but the me before that so we did the.walkthrough it cost about 36 million.dollars to build one.no no one has that money not even not.even us but here's what we're gonna do.because we can do while we figure out.sites and all that because even the.money that we have but we looked at the.site but here's our problem with the.city it's the procurement process right.because you have to do scoping yet to.see one if it's feasible to buy the land.then you got to do design and even if.you did the design it would probably.take about week no hiccups six or seven.years before you ever see a shovel hit.the ground Judy in the meantime in the.meantime I'm gonna get and fun for next.year to have a mobile library right up.here so we have three schools that are.very close by they're opening up a pre-k.right here on 104 already so we want to.make sure that our kids in this area.have access and you know part of your.lobbying to talk about how we need a.library on this side of Corona given.that you know we have the overcrowding.and even that that we've allocated the.money that's there it's going to take.seven years before we even see that.library get revenge.so the meantime these mobile vans were.buses in really serve a great purpose.for our.so the one that I wanted to dedicate.that to you because you've been the one.that does it all any questions yeah we.don't know yet.they got to give us a cause the process.will begin in February where the budget.process for the city opens up our budget.ends in July the end of July and we'll.we'll see what the Queens Library comes.up with in terms of number yes.so we already have a signed letter of.intent with the VP building on the Horus.party so where the city is now.negotiating because they also have two.city agencies it is not the DEP in that.building which is NYPD and I forgot.which other agency is there their lease.runs out right about the end of this.year if not like early next year and so.they need to get them out house.somewhere so that they can begin the.process of moving the Senior Center to.the first floor of the DP yeah but.always thank you for looking for site.because we we're if it's not that it.could be something else so contrary to.what and I know the young man spoke I've.been opposed to the Amazon deal for a.number of reasons one his parents he is.a big issue for me as the chair of.zoning and franchising that would have.gone through my committee which we would.have been able to review the process.like I knew for all of the rezoning that.happen throughout the city of New York.the other thing is about local Heights.so you know when we talk about big.corporations coming in here the fact is.that is it part of the deal when it.talks about the people that live in the.area in the borough would be getting.access to these jobs it's pretty.startling to say the least so there is a.number of things that need to change.change and how we go about bringing.business into our communities we feel.that there is a lot of corporate welfare.that happens we've seen it throughout.but the change has to come from the top.right because what happens at the.federal level is what does this right.because it's state of compete to get.these companies to come in right so New.Jersey Connecticut all these places.California will give so many incentives.to create these jobs and some of this.doesn't translate to the number of jobs.that they actually were promised right.the governor and the mayor got together.and they made they cut a deal with.Amazon well you should pick up the phone.call the mayor you know all the governor.call your local reps you know the fact.is that if people don't start talking.about it as a matter of fact it's gonna.be a big rally tomorrow at the steps of.City Hall in regards that the City.Council is actually doing a hearing on.Amazon and the actual deal so you're.more than happy to come in and testify.you know these are the things that we.have to do to make this happen there's.some people who signed a letter and.we're for it and now we're against it.you know the difference is that we have.to be considered by the things that we.do.take all the politicians yeah let's be.correct hearings so let's be clear about.it it was the governor in the mayor who.actually cut the deal all right with the.Economic Development Corporation and all.the other partners that did that so.let's be let's be careful about how we.category you know look I think that part.of the process of why we're doing these.hearings is to really start bringing to.light how these negotiations that we're.done in the dark are happening you know.we have to expose a lot of these things.because or else you know they're gonna.get they're gonna get through the.governor thinks that he doesn't have to.go through the process of any type of.public hearings or or any type of.jurisdiction with the city of New York.you know the the mayor signed off on.this so you know there there's a lot of.things that they need to be held.accountable for and that's why hearings.are so important because it opens it up.for transparency it forces these.companies to come in it come in to.testify it forces the agencies that were.behind this deal in negotiating you know.throughout this process to sit there and.answer real questions about how did you.come up with this number.why was local hires not part of you know.the initial conversation things like.that they can really move how these.things go forward or not.no questions for all I like to that.because you know it's funny that they I.get attacked that somehow like I'm.responsible for take some time do your.research.why don't you look at the things that.I've written why don't you fought like.you follow me on social media follow the.things that I put out about this deal.and those are the things that maybe you.should focus on your attention on the.people that actually are against the.deal instead of focusing on people who.work very very hard for their community.and if you're not spoken and I've been I.don't think you know what you're talking.about because I'm not biting so when you.make those statements you know you're.giving a false impression so maybe you.should like come back and realize the.things that I've done and do some.research on Who I am before you make.blanket statements like that so just so.you know and I leave it to to that so.Judaism mr. Chen and.[Music].that as a taxpayer we are the ones who.are going to have to pick up this this.tax party now I can also say then when.the governor says there are no tax.increases the reality is there will be a.tax increase because we're going to have.to pay for a lasagna so that's the.problem with feels like this to get.behind the dog this is the biggest.problem right thanks apparently in any.type of deal that is of this magnitude.it's pretty you can't go and and cut.deals like this they've had a profound.impact on our communities Queens you.know is a booming place now it is a.borough where people want to come in it.makes it less affordable I think part of.the problem that we have is that we have.an administration here in the city -.they wanted to bypass the city council.and cut that deal with the gun.you'll be very happy that as a matter of.fact I might have press conference next.week.the fun thing that I put in we're gonna.get painting done all the way up to 111.Street but more importantly finally with.the money that was allocated by the City.Council we're gonna get lights it is.taken years to do funding from both the.assembly back when when I was still an.assembly person and then now this year.at the council we want to get that money.in and I have it now going from I.believe a tea set 82nd Street and it's.going to come all the way down to about.111th Street lighting all the way.through and I think another council.member has it a little further down.before it's like sort of a Woodside area.which one well thank I mean on 114th.it's gonna go all the way from 80.seconds if I won 11 straight well.because it costs a lot of money and so I.got a I gotta take care of the busier.you know section the Roosevelt Avenue.it's not that it's the end but this is.how we have to sort of budget what what.we can do so I have to maintain sort of.there's more people that are going to.want 11 Street than they are at will.it's point so you know that's why.[Applause].[Music].Congressman Joe Crowley any.Representatives congresswoman grace man.[Music].good evening.before we got the 2019 calendars for.anybody who's interested in the back and.that note I know there are members of.the public that come here quite often.and dedicate their time also to be here.and hear up if anybody really wants to.count there I think I bought some extras.for them too so no major announcements.this month.I plan on tackling some of the.legislative or political announcements.next month but I was able to attend.senator Jose Barajas wait along with.congresswoman named it was a terrible.loss for our community and on behalf of.the congresswoman our condolences for.the staff and family.lastly that's it there is no real big.announcement if anybody has any.questions I'm always.[Applause].[Music].thank Senator Toby our stavisky shoes me.trying to have a meeting over here.alright thank you.state senator so be nice to Michigan.State Assembly Chesley Aubrey Jeff &.Overy State Assembly Bryan barn well I.just want to start off by saying that.Bryan sends his apologies for not being.able to make it tonight he just had.surgery last week so unfortunately can't.make it so recovery just talked about a.little bit of a few stuff that we're.doing in our office we have three drives.going on with twin Drive we have a coat.drive we have a blanket Drive each of.which you could drop off at our office.55:19 69th Street also if you guys have.any concerns about the community or if.you guys have any issues that you would.like to us or for us to address you.could always call our office inside.seven one eight six five one three one.eighty five please feel free to call our.office but always help.State Assembly Michael dendekker.councilmember Daniel drunk.we had.[Music].- to come in an office.we're having a holiday holiday toys.right here up there - if you need it so.yeah we are collecting its toys gift for.them is in on the shoulder so like what.toys drivers Tuesday December 18th will.be from there's a upcoming hearing.electric on next Monday December 17th at.10:00 a.m. the way communal 16th or so.as a lot is a local la semaine the.administrative call of mercy in your.invasion a limitation on school buses.and the playstation super passes with.our electric.[Applause].thank you.I'm moving on there's a Public Advocate.Leticia days and I don't know Joe Queens.for president Melinda Katz I know you.spoke up there but I don't know if you.wanna thank you very much what we know.we skipped someone before in the public.forum we got a cabin.Montag oh thank you so much everyone I.promise this will be conflict-free.I did nothing just nothing but good news.I'm thinking too much these two buns on.the plane speak I understand I was.skipped over but that was my fault.entirely.so my name is Kevin Montalvo I'm the.executive director of the Queen systems.runners my parents came from Ecuador.they when I grew up they want to become.a doctor lawyer something to that effect.so naturally I want to be the next Derek.Jeter I realized I couldn't a baseball.worth too well so I started running and.in time I met a very lovely Chinese.woman when I've also liked running we.went ahead and went with a being joined.it quickly created the Queen's distance.runners were now a the largest running.club in Queens and B represent Queens.New York all walks of life and.thankfully we now have a bunch of events.such as this Sunday's toy drive five.miles at flushing meadows-corona Park it.benefits the queen stars for progress.and for anyone that that isn't aware we.have a kids program called the kids of.Queens we have about 45 families that.give us their kids and rather than just.give them you know a space to run I.train them I I'm very I try to be very.patient I try and instruct them how to.properly warm up and that goes for.anyone else as well so that's the kids.of Queens that's the toy drive this.Sunday we have the Queen's marathon not.sponsored by Amazon on April 21st that's.going to be right here flushing.meadows-corona Park we are not taking.this on the streets this is for anyone.and everyone to enjoy.you've reached out to a bunch of folks.out in and the outer of the tri-state.area as far back as do England our goal.is to get people to come out and run.this is April 21st Sunday I've actually.been in contact with a few of the board.members here since my last presentation.so I want to invite all you guys.come out this Friday for a group run.which is free of charge right here at.the 7-eleven.we're running out to the Unisphere it's.about two and a half miles you go out to.the Unisphere I want these guys come.with me also we'll head out to the.Unisphere we'll come back we'll do a.little stretch it's a new member welcome.anyone and everyone is welcome.it's the CD for Corona community run if.you want to bring your kids to it's free.to anyone and everyone last thing is.that we actually volunteer on a weekly.basis we volunteer at plush notes on a.park I understand that we are.volunteering at Elmhurst Park I'm not.sure the name of that Park is but we.chop down an entire lawn of Phragmites.so what that is that that's a giant.plant that makes Flushing Meadows by the.lake like up here like a swamp so we cut.that down we tuck the park in for the.winter.we're volunteer we have about eight.hundred members I'm trying to instill a.culture of volunteering and running so.thank you so much I actually before my.time runs out I have gift cards because.things be expensive.ten dollars off if anybody wants to go.to Modell's on me I'm just going to give.them out right now here we go.[Music].presentation today fun conflict of.interest.I know very excited by the $10 but.please keep it down so we could hear.what we gotta say baby appoint a.Christmas.all right good evening everybody.person good evening everyone my name is.Roy Toshi I'm from the New York City.confluence of interest for we are the.what's it I owe you a mic I don't know.you might have to give it so he just now.gave out a bunch of gifts to the.community board members except them so.you know what all this tomorrow.somebody call I'm totally not kidding.about this our numbers in your packet.call us tomorrow and see if you can.accept this $10 gift card from Modell's.from an organization that has a matter.who has like maybe an interest in the.community board I'm not sure if you're.allowed to but maybe they'll say that.you're allowed to but if you're not.allowed to just give it back to them.just don't spend it tonight basically.phone saying just call us tomorrow.tomorrow yeah yeah it's being taped it.again well yeah that's that's why I'm.saying this is we turbo like y'all got.fine tonight over this we never would.like try to like you're trying to do a.nice thing it possibly could be so.listen we have a fifty dollar gifts rule.but so I'm not sure but like in general.the spirit comes with a super law says.that we can't accept gifts did.connection with me community board.members basically so that's the spirit.of the laws so if you're receiving a.gift because you're a community board.member were you offering it to like.everybody else to.okay there's a great place to start off.this training right so we have a.valuable gets role under the conflicts.of interest law not just here but for.also the employees that they can accept.gifts of like high value from anyone.doing business with the city you know.anyone who hasn't mattered before our.city agencies and so that include.committee board members if you have a.matter before the community board cv.members can receive gifts from that.person however this young gentleman it.seems like he was giving gifts he was.giving this gift card to everyone in the.room so that can actually dissipate that.problem because then it can be seen that.he's just giving out these Medel cards.that he has it's not necessarily just.giving it to community board members now.here would be a problem if you have if.you just have the dispatch of gift cards.that are in the same amount for.everybody and then like you went to one.community board member they thought you.could like sort of like get some.favorable treatment um and you're like.I'm giving you the $200.Modell's card that's a problem and you.should not accept that if that happens.if you post that happening so look at.your card also just be careful but it.seems like today you were giving it out.to everyone in the room so this may be.okay but again I just I always advocate.this and this is why I'm here I advocate.that if you ever have an itch of a.question if there's an action that you.want to take or there's somebody giving.you something and you're not sure.whether it's a conflict of interest.call our attorneys I'm not an attorney.I'm just giving the trade name has.required every two years for all people.who work for the city and so call our.attorneys and they will give you advice.on this so when you call tomorrow I'll.just say hey this young man he spoke in.the public speak in the public forum he.came out cards to everybody was that.Kevin who spoke in the public forum he.gave out Modell's gift cards of ten.dollars to everybody in the room not.just community board members is that.okay hey they might say like yeah you're.good to go because it doesn't sound like.he's trying to like it doesn't sound.like this could even appear that this is.like a conflict or that he's trying to.attend a nice vegetable favorable.treatment for his own organization.because of his gift card but this could.still be seen as you know I'm giving you.something of value even though like it's.not my business he doesn't own Modell's.you know he's represent himself as a.representative of his own organization.he's still giving you something that is.a $10 value you know so if you gave you.like a 10 if he gave you like a gift.card to Peter Luger steakhouse or.something like that would you feel.differently about that that's maybe you.like it like a really expensive steak.dinner or something like that that would.feel a little different he doesn't know.if the Peter Lugar's but it could be.seen as you know him giving you.something you're receiving something of.high value now in this case like I was.saying you know he was giving this out.to everybody memory however because it.is something of value being given that's.that's where the problem arises so like.you know if he gave you beyoncé tickets.he's not Beyonce's manager you know but.that could still be seen as like oh.you're seeing a high-value item right.there see that's what I'm saying there.commerce law has it gifts has a limit of.$50 value from people sending gifts from.folks who do business with the city if.you're more yes I'm using this as a.teachable moment thank you Kevin for.this.yeah see now I'm doing it.I love the answers question first okay.so basically and again like I'm just.using this as an example that you can.call us and ask us whether you can.accept this or not because the spirit of.the valuable gifts rule is that if.something is being given to you just.because of your city job because of your.position of the community board member.there may still be a conflict of.interest and I just want to highlight.that and I also want to highlight this.if Kevin had let's say that like you had.approved a matter that Kevin had before.this community board and he wanted to.say thank you to you by giving you $10.note cards that'll be considered a tip.now and we can't accept tips for doing.our city jobs so then like now that's.all of a sudden like that's an extra.gratuity in our tips role of $0 actually.now that's not the case here he was.giving up this gift card to everybody so.I'm assuming that this is okay again.always just encourage people to call us.and I'll leave it in the back for that.one yes.our number is 2 1 2 4 4 2 1 4 0 0 and.for my committee board members it's.inside your packet as well our numbers.inside the back of their question before.you ask a question do you have a.presentation on York 18 questions as.we're going on because I was going to.say let you do your presentation and.then but no matter what yeah let me do.right let me do a quick lesson to assure.is intentional do instance I'll do.questions ok so here's why I'm here.tonight.I'm from the New York City conflicts of.interest board we are the independent.non mayoral agency responsible for the.conflicts of interest law like I was.saying this law applies to every single.person who works for the city and that.would includes community board members.now here's what's unique about community.boards and you know this already you've.been selected to be on this community.because you are members who have.interests within your community that's.great you provide expertise you provide.a great presence on this community board.and it's good for the community Invicta.the city of New York that's why you're.here so the conflicts of interest law.addresses that intersection between our.public service and our private interests.so it's not that we can't have private.interest while we are serving on a.community board or working for the city.it's just making sure that those private.interests are not compromising our.ability to serve our community serve our.city that's the spirit of a law so to.that end I want to talk about an.essential duty of community board.members which is voting so basically the.law prohibits community board members.from voting on any matters that may.result in a direct financial benefit to.a community board members so for.instance if I was a community board.member and I had a restaurant that I was.opening up the community should I be.voting to approve my own liquor license.no that's definitely conflict of.interest because I'm voting in a way.that directly benefits we financially.now am I allowed to discuss matters.involving my private interests at the.community board you are allowed to.discuss matters I've bought your own.interests however what you had to do.before you even enter into discussion.and this is required for everybody you.have to disclose your interests so like.the reason for that is you know we want.to maintain the integrity of the.community board of course we want to.maintain trust amongst community board.members because if I was just like.talking up hey you should go to a koi.Roshi's Bar and Grille down the street.we should really prove that liquor.license I think it'd be great for the.community.and like we all vote yes and then like.all the sudden I'm like hey good job.everyone by the way that's my restaurant.you know that's gonna be a problem and.that compromises the trust in the.community board so that's the three.steps that I'm talking about so you must.disclose any interest that you have.that's pending before your community.board you are allowed to discuss this in.this matter that involves your interest.and then you cannot vote on it that's.all so that's not that's either your own.business or something that affects like.an employer so for instance a thousand.manager of the staples and staples kind.of matter before my Community Board and.they wanted to span for instance again I.can't vote on that matter because.staples is employing these so that looks.like I'm voting in a way that benefits.me financially directly so again I can.discuss matters that involve this what.staples wants to do but before that.would like to do I have to disclose that.I'm employed by staples so another.situation that's pretty common that.community boards are community board.members who happen to be employed by.city agencies same process if I'm.employed by a city agency I am not.allowed to vote on matters that involve.my city agency and my community board.that's just because we never want to.even communicate the appearance that the.city agency is using me as some sort of.like agents to shoehorn their agenda.through our community board because that.definitely would compromise not only our.trust in our city clean that city agency.but it would compromise our trust in the.community board that like is this board.now operating as a proxy for this.agency's agenda or are they actually.operating in the interest of the.citizens in their community so five.employees to the agency I can't vote on.those matters so like if I have worked.for the Department of Education for.instance and do II wanted to create some.sort of an after-school program in our.name.or maybe they wanted to open up a new.school can I vote on that no not if I'm.employed by do II can I discuss that.matter if I'm the pipe idea we had.yes what you before I discuss it even.disclosed yes so those are the three.steps right there disclose your interest.you can discuss you cannot both the.third situation that would sort of be.seen as like a direct financial benefit.is non profits okay but if a non-profit.has a matter before our community board.and I'm employed by that nonprofit like.they take my salary can't vote on those.matters because again I'm trying to.it could be appearing that I'm voting to.affect my own salary or if I'm on the.board of directors of the not-for-profit.if I'm an unpaid or director on the.board.I still can't vote on those matters.because even though I'm not being paid I.have a fiduciary duty by law to that.nonprofit so again I am quite easily.associated in that situation can I.discuss matters involving the stock for.profit we'd like to do before that.beautiful okay so um other I want to.talk about quorum for a second so as you.know a quorum is required to pass any.matters before inter-community board so.let's say that there's 50 community.board members and there's 26 MIDI board.members present so we have a quorum if.there are let's say two members of that.quorum that had conflicts of interest.like there's matters involving their.private interests or their agency or.nonprofit they can't vote but a quorum.is still maintained so the way that.works is that basically the majority of.votes is also shifted down so if we have.26 members voting then you need a.majority of 14 members to pass this.matter say yes.however if two members of those if two.members have to step out our can't vote.because they have conflicts of interest.we still the quorum but we now have 24.members that are better eligible to.and now we need at least 13 yes is you.passed that matters that make sense okay.yeah so that's quorum I want to talk.about chairing and serving on committees.at community boards obviously there's a.lot of committees like there may be a.land-use committee that came up in a.previous comment conflict of a different.sort earlier this evening.so we have like a huge community.education community basically how this.works of that again if you can serve on.any committee you want to we just have.to follow that same process like if that.committee involves my employer my own.business my agency might not drop it I.can't put on those matters now chairing.that committee you cannot share a.committee in which you may have.conflicts of interests that are.constantly before your committee so for.instance again let me just use that.example of like I am employed by the.Department of Education and I serve on.the edge and I'm the chairperson of the.Education Committee and my community.board there's gonna be a problem because.a deal we regularly has matters before.the Education Committee I have to step.down as a chair not only can I not vote.but I cannot share that particular.meeting for the entirety of that meeting.not just for that matter so I had to.constantly step down so that's why we.have this rule because if you're the.chairperson of a committee that.regularly has conflicts you're basically.not going to even be able to serve as a.chairperson so you can serve just as a.regular committee member provide that.you follow the disclosure discussion and.do not and don't vote there those rules.now the chairperson of the entire.community board they are also they can.have private interests that come before.the community board in those particular.instances the chairperson of the entire.community board has to they can't vote.on that in that matter and they had to.step down for that particular meeting.they can't share that tubular you so.that's how sharing works there so we.mentioned gifts so you know I'm not.going to rehash the little girls thing.Kevin's supper dinner tonight Kevin I.know basically let me let me just share.this example real quick let's say that.I'm a community board member and there's.somebody in the community they've opened.up a restaurant and they really want to.get their liquor license approved and.they're coming to me they're like hey.Roy and the Community Board I'm sorry.you know what I want you to come down to.my restaurant this Friday and your meals.are gonna be on the house just so you.can see how great it'll be I have a.liquor license and I'm great with me for.the community this restaurant goes like.flourishing here should I accept that.offer no of course not now let me paint.a different scenario obviously like you.are involved in your community and you.have friendships here you have networks.here if you have known someone for a.long time let's say that they own the.bar and on every birthday of yours you.go down there they buy you drinks for.your birthday you probably don't have to.stop doing that while you serve on the.community board because that could be.seen as a longstanding friendship and.the motivation is your birthday however.if it's being offered to you and this is.like what I was getting on at the very.beginning if something is being offered.to you because you are a community board.member that's where the red flag is and.if you're unsure whether you should.accept it or not or return it or not.call us up about that so now and I'm not.going to even say your name again.could you use me enough so earlier like.those would help hard I mean I would say.in my analysis that they were not being.offered to you because your community.board members they were sort of being.off to everybody in the room so that.kind of solves that problem because he's.offering it to everybody in the room.however you know again this is why we're.here because we deal with these issues.won't.raises if anyone just has any doubt.about that give us a call tomorrow and.ask us my name is Rico she but I'm not.an attorney so when you call them up ask.to speak to the attorney of the day we.have a really wonderful advice unit.because we have the conflicts of.interest board we see it as our mission.to not only we do have to carry out.enforcement to annihilation of the law.curve but we see that's our mission to.really provide guidance for all city.employees which would include community.board members to just avoid conflicts of.interest because we want you to be able.to thrive and I really need that ok so.last couple things here representing.private clients so community board.members are not allowed to represent.private clients back at their own.community board so for instance let's.say that I'm with community board member.and I am actually a partner at an.architecture firm that's my day job.let's say that there's a client of my.architecture firm that had some sort of.like building product but I want to.pitch to my community board should I.represent my client back in my community.board on that building proposal no yeah.pretty obvious conflict I'm kind of.playing for two kids at once and then if.there's another member of my firm so.like I can't represent that client but.if another member of my firm wants to.represent that client at my own.community board call the conflicts of.interest board and usually we have to.issue a waiver in those situations but.those are situations if you find.yourself in that position just give us a.call about that we'll walk you through.that snapping actually no yes yes.stepping so basically family members of.community board members are not allowed.to serve on community board staff.because basically there's a provision in.the conflicts interest law that says.that family members as well as spouses.and domestic partners and associated.parties of any sort.they cannot supervise each other in city.government so what that means is that.because there's too many board staff.answers to you the community board.members you cannot they cannot serve on.that staff because they.we have to report to you so basically.that's how that works and that's just to.you know resolve any sort of nepotism.issues that may arise post employment we.have a post employment rule but I'll.share how this relates to the community.board basically whatever you leave.community board service you are not.allowed to reappear back at your former.community board to do business for one.whole year I want to make this really.clear that would mean let's say that I'm.leaving the community board but I still.work at my architecture firm so we don't.have that issue now we're on like.serving the community board and serving.this project of my clients however once.I leave the community board I can't.represent private clients back at my own.community board for one whole year.that's just meant to be a cooling-off.period to prevent any sort of revolving.door culture or the appearance or.revolving door culture now are you.allowed to come back and just attend the.community board meeting are you allowed.to come back and say hi your old friend.within a year of course you are it's.just strictly doing business on behalf.of your own private interest that's.what's prohibited for one more year once.you leave political aspirations you are.allowed to run for office while you.serve on the community board it's just.that when you win that office and you.all would win you just step down from.the community board basically and also I.want to share this as well you cannot.use your city time your city position.your city resources community board.member to work for your own political.campaign so that just means that you.can't go to the see before office around.the corner and like print up like.literature for your own political.campaign and that just goes like I just.want to speak to like resources in.general community board resources are.meant for community board purposes only.so resources mean like printers.letterhead email you can't use any of.that stuff for your own personal.business or anything that's not related.to the community board so we are about.nine o'clock I'm pretty much done at.this point I threw out a ton of.information on you right now and.want to let you know that if you have.any additional questions or you forgot.anything I said tonight please reach out.to us please call us and my co saying.asked to speak to the attorney of the.day and we are here to help you and.thank you so much and have a great rest.of your evening okay.[Applause].thank you and now we're moving on to.reports and votes you start off with the.bylaws committee yeah well actually uh.many of the members who came in.afterwards does anyone know have two.proposed changes to the bylaws.[Music].sir-sir the existing.could you just explain why the committee.wants to make a change why I think it's.apparent why the current rules don't.necessarily indicate as the new ones do.how the whole procedure will proceed.any other questions.the reason the Bible committee needs to.look at them first they request.something else what's really an attempt.to stop the bylaws from being change.that should majority rules on everything.else that we do here which it does that.should include the Bible you don't have.to anything else and and I think you.know part of the follows and you'll.eventually see I mean I think everyone.should have access to the bylaws if you.don't please let us know because Aaron.we should have access to the bylaws.that's the way that they currently exist.the reason one of the reasons why and.I'm for the performance of making this.change is that just like Lou says.everything else that we're voting on is.2/3 but with the exception of this the.other thing is that it's a conflict to.what we're I'm sorry but simple majority.way everything else that we vote on is.in majority except for changing the.bylaws and we were curious as to why.that was but either way the fact remains.that since we are following Robert's.Rules Robert's Rules only dictate that.we have to do one sorry simple majority.for any kind of change so we just want.to make this consistent we want to make.this consistent with pretty much.everything else in New York City Charter.and pretty much every other community.board that they have in their bylaws.that only requires a simple majority to.and again you know times change.community board members will change at.some point you know people are gonna.want to change the bylaws that they feel.belong you know belong into bylaws or.whatever the case may be a two-thirds.majority is something pretty pretty.young pretty high to actually get you.know usually use two thirds to override.something and it's just it's just too.high of a it's too high of a what's.going in or it's getting kind of change.done so I mean but bottom line it's more.for consistency with other other.community boards with what the city.charter has and what we said or maybe.what we've already decided is to follow.Robert's Rules and robert's rules.dictate only a simple majority.ninety-two third.it's right here that the only way we can.make you know if after noon the proposed.changes will state that first of all we.need to have a quorum which means we.need to have at least 26 members present.and of those 26 members present we only.need a majority in order to pass this so.if there's 24 members you know well it.all depends how many we have we have 43.right now right correct 44 so the number.is less but either way we need to have a.majority of the board members present.before we even vote on it and if we have.the majority of board members present to.vote on any change then we still need a.majority of those presents in order to.make the change so it's not it's not.just you know if five people of present.those five people can vote we cannot.vote there's five people present that is.the request of the of that chair I think.George Bush is on sure so do we need to.do a roll call and then we just make a.blanket book all those in favor to amend.the bylaws with the proposed change say.aye any knows no any abstentions.the motion passes between now and next.month you are going to receive the.entire mylord changes which are massive.and many and the old one and you won't.have to sit and read both to see what.the changes are.and we would like you to vote on this.moving on public safety.[Music].the fire department they were telling us.one thing about fire.he brought about people on one calls and.also talked about nine what are the.three pardon me one ones are facing for.boys and of course.as well okay jail time we're talking.about at home children of the doors open.doors in there easily.I have that might want to have a power.would or have that I have a whole bunch.of they preferred that you don't take it.upon yourself for some they're also for.cameras record about the Wi-Fi that.kiosk they're being robbed by the.vagrants of some of the teenagers for.hours.- you're as the officer and see if you.put looking into it as well goes there.whenever we training they ask that board.members usually sign off to say that.they they did so there is a sheet going.around that has signature and just.sign-in data it's going around now cuz.you gonna get her funny you never know.what it is but just thank you you have.to sign this there's a sheet coming on.this on this side right now to say that.you can just sign in to verify your.number now.if you are because you are whatever they.have information breathing you they can.also because people that come they can.get they are entitled to cancel your.facility because they you become a focal.job at the render when you come in this.country and why you become the partner.of country either you already the new.sponsor.we don't know if the form that it was.presented it will take effect or if it.ever will take effect but I mean it's.probably well who knows but the.distinction here is that it will only.apply to people who are applying to come.into the United States or who are.applying to become residents or applying.for some kind of visa if you already.have a green card and you're applying to.become a United States citizen it will.not effect you okay at least that's what.the proposed rule says but again this is.just what the proposal says and again.what I'm saying today and what happens.you know next week or a month from now.can be totally different but at this.point it is only a proposal so it's not.in effect and right now it's not.affecting anyone who is applying for.benefits from within I mean I'll tell.you this I'll tell you this I do this.for a living I do immigration for.learning so it's so much more.complicated than just that yes do I want.to protect that there is a public charge.wording on that bill but in practice.it's totally different so I understand.what you're saying but I'm just.addressing at this point what guard did.was mentioning and I just want to clear.up what regards what the proposed rule.is and again it is just a proposed rule.we can have this conversation we can.have this discussion right now but what.will happen within a month or three.months or four months from now will.probably be different from what we're.saying right now so the only thing I'm.saying is right now that's a proposed.rule it's not in effect we don't know if.ever will become an effect if it does.then we can have a conversation with.that when that does happen.number one with the new annual 4008 they.do not answer us back reapplying number.two filing to see who the old pipes.unfortunately no as you know they were.in the paper for the gasoline incident.that was going to affect the whole.business and fire unfortunately after.that they had some other incidences so.we had a long discussion on this.property let's say giving them.approbation of the year to six months.shed less eco-house the corporation.papers they've changed the owners we met.the mother that's taking over and one of.them tasty children also they're taking.over a healthy one same owners though.they're taking over from there they.didn't bring us the corporation papers.either tell them to bring it in and if.they do be most likely may not go to.meetings to up again so narrows bar this.one has a history of problems.unfortunately.that he went to court to take 7,000.we've got ABC didn't explain what was.clear on that receipt.there was sales to minors assaults on.April 2 we need number two one secret.would be on Pais know we've given the.know with six months because he promised.started to continue afterwards after the.initial guess the main thing the met was.in the newspaper.we're going to set up prior and all that.so they still had problems afterwards.and being that this is a history we are.going to give him a little more time.being that he continued to have problems.harassment they had three assaults or.physical fights inside the fight didn't.stop there somebody that no it's the.same when he came back then we have the.neighbors.now Simon in person it's the same person.who came back he's trying again to try.to get a full liquor license he's trying.to get one again one needs to continue.to still have problems so we talked it.out here Mike my question is when you.say you gave him up.probation us what what what happened.after we had fights we have three.arrests would this happen without him.having a liquor license he's coming back.and he's still having problems so we.figured we'll give it more time we asked.to come back in six months we see.there's nothing going on that's the.committee usually ask people or to put.people on probation before they start to.vote no no we vote we we voted on that.we're bringing it to the poor thing that.this is a location like why don't we.just I mean so we just voting no that's.what you're saying so there's no I mean.there's no probation thing that was what.we did we thought we would revise him if.he wishes to come back in six months and.we worked on a year that's something.we're suggesting mainly he's coming back.that's a suggestion and we making a.suggestion for now but but he does know.that we are advisory only I mean okay I.mean I I feel like I have a problem with.the fact that we're saying that we're.putting him on probation no we talked.about we talked about case he says look.he came back he said so for the.committee if he comes back again six.months and an incident happened with the.six months are you still gonna keep.saying oh so what were the my thing is.that this is the first time they ever.hear that we're putting our business on.probation before we can approve them and.my thing is like I feel like Annie needs.to be fair for everyone.either we're putting many people on.probation oh we're asking to come back.again or we're not doing that that's.what I'm trying to get this procedure.from no this is a committee so you know.right so we figured all right we'll say.you know.at least what I'm happy with what I have.here is that there was an assault in.March there was an arson there was and.there was an assault on April the same.owner I mean the owner that we voted a.couple of years ago is that the same.order that's not yes well I think it's.no one forgets a landlord because the.language.we're asking this guy how it goes from.there we had he's been good for my.concern is that with any other person.that comes up and we feel that they have.whatever records they have fillers.whatever right that they have here we.tell them we're just gonna vote now and.you just go ahead with your application.and let SLA decide whether or not they.give it whether they decide to hear us.out.as a community board or not I don't.understand why we're telling him then so.then what I hasn't been seconded yet so.I'm just going to jump in there and then.what I feel what we should do then if.everyone else agrees is that we have a.vote for all if and unless anyone else.has found where any of the other ones.that we both are number two separately.and then we vote on one three four and.the rest and the renewal is one sleep.but instead of having to vote to say yes.and that I'm just asking them if we they.could just present to us number two and.then percent the sleep saying that.because I mean you know I just feel that.a 14 month probation on something that.we bought it two years ago when he was.not the owner or the proprietor or.running the business just doesn't seem.fair no no no if you're telling me that.because we voted to I mean I did trust.me isn't anybody else tonight you're.telling me that we vote if we made the.decision that we don't want anyone in.this location to have but that's.different then let's give them a.probation for 14 months and then it see.what happens it has to be because then.that just means that whatever we bought.it on two years ago might just go to go.to the garbage and inform in another six.months but then what is the point of.that though so you had a motion opinion.first about I live right there I work.right there so and we you know the.reason why this history is important is.because we have had a really tainted.history with with this location but in.my in my own experience.I understand let me let me be really.clear like what the process the process.is a very simple one whenever the the.first step is that the community will to.receive what we call a 30 day notice the.30 notice is just basically a very basic.does the community board know about your.request when that comes it comes to us.via a certified return receipt they get.a green card in the mail that green card.goes back as we know the Queen go it.goes back to the owner the owner dog.takes that green card puts it into his.application send it to the SLA yes Alina.knows on a page 14 the community was a.request now the hold off with the 30.days and after 30 days if nothing.happens then the SLA will proceed with.or without us this gentleman is under.the impression that because the.committee board is so saying no he is.not allowed to apply he could have sent.this application a long time ago but he.has not sent and that's what I was.asking earlier I said is this man aware.that he could still apply and he is not.aware that he could still apply because.that he applied already chances are the.SLA would.something with or without us but he is.still holding on to his application.because he thinks that this is what's.holding up the motion on the floor right.now all right so let's just go step back.the committee has said that they voted.no on the application for Islanders.seafood the motion on the floor right.now is to again go against the vote of.no and actually approve the license all.right all right so the motion on the.floor is to approve the SLA application.of Islander seafood right now all right.so right now the motion on the floor.even though it's worded differently in.essence is that if you vote YES you are.voting to approve the to approve the.liquor license of number two which is I.mean their seafood if you vote no on.this motion it means that you don't want.Islander seafood to have a liquor.license so we all understand that any.questions with regards to what I guess.no no vote.no no the vote is either.botes yes we approve the move the liquor.license or no we don't want him to.gather a little ice that's it that's.only have you said yes you wanted to get.the liquor license if you say no then.you don't want him to have the liquor.license correct I don't everyone agrees.I mean everyone yes all right so let's.do a roll call on that oh okay Karen.Abreu.serozha Scully unchain win the prom.Erica Cruz Judy and Rio yes really Jim.you know I'm gonna be there sings in.dollars Lisa.[Music].here movie Mohammed.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].yes.Demian Vargas yes.[Music].right the motion passes to approve yeah.now we gotta vote on the boss I mean.Joey does anyone have any questions with.regards to that motion.[Music].no there's a motion right now let's.let's let's do this motion once this.motion is done I'll let you speak I'll.let you express your electro specials oh.so you know there is a motion on the.floor right now do we need to discuss.the motion on the floor to accept the.committee's report of the remainder.other than number two on the under list.now I do when you take a vocal all those.in favor of the motion to accept the.committee's report I mean you say you.can give it liquor license after six.months and.with other people but my concern was.that you know we're apparently we were.pretty much making him pay for something.that some other landlord some other.business owner did like that you know.the bad the bad neighbor of somebody.else and you know and listening to what.red saying he's living in there and I.know this was something that was going.on a couple of years back as well you.know no III anything what you're saying.mr. Garber they were all good no yeah I.understand that but you know to save to.come back in six months after he has.eight months of good behavior or at.least no incidents I just me personally.I don't find that to be I mean we hear.it snowed it the whole board voted to.not accept that portion of the.committee's report okay so we're done so.moving on to Consumer Affairs not here.to environmental committee.okay parks is not here transportation.Euler okay and youth is not here all.right well nothing else we need a motion.- oh yeah oh yeah baby.before everyone decides to head our leaf.there is some food back here bought by.the 14 members of our community board.and a place you know just enjoy it you.know Merry Christmas Happy Holidays you.know Happy Hanukkah to celebrate and.happy New Year to everybody so please.get some food stay around let's talk a.little bit and let's enjoy ourselves.wait we don't have a motion yet motion.made by Judy seconded by garden all.those in favor to adjourn the meeting.all right motion passes.

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