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How to Fulfill the 2254 Form Printable in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

CocoSign supports each user to simplify the workflow and foster work productivity by having a better management of the files. View the below steps to have a better understanding of how to revise 2254 Form Printable more proficiently.

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  5. Peruse the whole form once again to see if there's anything you fail to include.
  6. Select the sign tools to write down your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by picking "Done" button.
  8. After revise the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any misunderstanding, please communication with the support team to acuqire more details.

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welcome to BCG r41 a lot 5101 de i am.professor Conrad this is embedded.systems this is a required course for.you wonderful undergraduate students.you're all excited about it right yeah.and this is one of the many courses that.a graduate student could take so as you.can imagine there's two types of.students in here there are last check 15.undergraduate students and 35 graduate.students so this class would be made up.of pretty much the same lectures the.same assignments the same lab exercises.for both undergraduate brads the grad.students will have extra project and in.the end I'll be really easier on raiding.and assign grades for the undergraduate.or graduate students you'll be judged a.little bit more top all right what I.would like to do is I was like to just.talk about there are two parts of today.one is what is just general general.requirements for the syllabus and by the.way those of you just came in in after.you get one of these and then the second.part of this will be a discussion of.what is embedded systems at the.discussion of the first row so our of.the first lecture and first chapter in.the lecture by the way this room has 69.chairs there should be plenty of.opportunity for everybody to be able to.for everybody to be able to sit there's.lots of room all over the place as.opposed to 2103 for those of you who are.computer engineering undergrads 2103.will now be replaced.for itcs 12 12 and 20 104 is going to be.replacement or itcs 12 13 there is no I.GCS 12 or 20 10 40 yet but we will.introduce it soon so in other words as.opposed to the undergrads having gone.through well I TCS course the.introductory course will be more geared.towards c c++ and embedded systems so.this will be I'm going to have to cover.a live round in the next few days bring.us up to where we eat meat need to be so.let's look at the syllabus how many of.you this is your first course attending.today just a couple of you are right one.thing I should at least point out here.is the syllabus this syllabus has lots.of good information that you should keep.Andy I will updated very very.infrequently so if you do not have a.copy of the syllabus or you should keep.a copy of the syllabus with you if you.don't have an outdoor it make sure you.get it from yup up here so the the whole.idea of embedded systems or at least.this course is an introduced you to the.field it's right there is to introduce.you to the world of embedded systems.which is ubiquitous everywhere.everywhere today you'll see an embedded.system.more detail my office hours are in epic.2254 which is the main office my actual.office number inside of there is like.2356 but if I put that as my office.nobody would ever find it because you.can't find anything in this building so.the main office tuesday thursday two.o'clock to 330 or by appointment if you.have something urgent but i want to try.and limited traffic to this tuesday.thursday of course lecture here monday.wednesday 3 30 to 4 45 i am two lab.assistants and i forgot the changes.because one lab assistant change as of.1230 today one is sam shoes and and up.Sam works with me he does everything.there is to know about embedded systems.even more than me I may have you teach.the classes do right he Snickers he is.to be spending 10 hours a week working.on this class the other is riju Carew.via right include a parabola and so it.is not it is not an ill or I feel like.as on here so both of these gentlemen.will be able to help you with questions.that you have they will have office.hours and I need to talk to them to find.out what their office hours will be they.will also be available in the lab during.lab check out and I'll talk about that.there is an official website for this.course and the easiest way to find that.is to go to google and say James Conrad.UNCC it comes up with me classes that I.teach and here it is right up here 4151.this is the official class website easy.to search to as everything on here so.for example if you want to know or see.the announcements that are made it over.the entire semester each week I will.just add to the new announcements that.come up because the home just has all.the ones that are active so I discuss.here assignment number one is due and.all you need to do is it once it's time.to cover one is mod I'll take that off.of this and put on the new news notes it.reading I have each one of the the days.for class will have its own a lot and.I'll give you an idea of what you should.be what you should be reading and oh by.the way this entire class was recorded.last year and is available on YouTube.and I leave your point if you miss the.class or if you want to see what I said.over the course of two different lecture.he could not really look at this and by.the way if you were to go to my youtube.video site I have all the lectures from.the.posted here including things about the.lab demonstrations how to use tools and.lots of wonderful things out here I've.got see how many i am now i have a lot.of people who subscribe 6617 subscribers.130 thousand dollars hundred thirty one.thousand video fused from from all over.the world so there's a lot of people who.are getting this education for free.except they don't need credit for it so.I hey could you get something out of.this one thing I do want to point out on.this web page is here's the book so if.you want our copy of the book you bought.our copy of the book or I can just go.here to this site and it's a PDF and.it's downloadable and printable 526.pages that's a lot of your lot of your.own quota for printing be booked it is.available for you to use hard copy.during tests during tests they're open.book open note but since I can't really.control what people are doing on.computer I can't allow open open.computer tests also note here that I.list all the homework assignments I have.a recap of the quizzes hey look we have.quiz on on august twenty seven heads.description of our labs and then links.to the department as well as the.University so between the between the.University website and Moodle how you.all you all know how to use move if you.have who does not know how to use Moodle.okay what an honest person okay a couple.more lots of people I'm not here to.teach you how to use Moodle but you can.access your grades through Moodle if you.were to look at the assignments that i.have posted here and boodles for the.class by the way when you get to Moodle.you will have several courses over here.you can select from as it turns out I.have a page here i am putting.announcements out here and you can ask.questions so for example if you have a.question you can just go to this tab and.ask a question that will go to the.entire class as well as instructors.that's the way you want ask questions if.you want to see what your quiz score.runs this would identify what your quiz.score was once we enter it in as well as.homework assignments this is where you.would actually post your homework.assignment so if you were if you are too.then I'll have to fix.believe I don't have it post your home.or your lab assignments you would click.on the tab browse and upload and i'll.talk about assigning things later and.then now this is post information on or.your actual sport at the lab last course.this is where I'll also post the.solutions to any of these assignments.don't put it on the regular web page.because in the past companies have.actually taken those assignments and.solutions and then turn around and sold.them to other people so I put it behind.the Moodle password so only you have.access to the solutions going back up to.the syllabus again we talked about.textbook it is available for free if you.wish you could buy it but there is one.there is one thing that you will need to.buy as well and that is each to lab.partners will need to have this invented.systems for this is the board that I use.as the textbook for the class it's.hundred dollars I sent you an email a.way to get up try and get it for free.did anybody get it for free by chance no.all right you got one sent to you oh you.pay for him so you didn't get it for.free you applied for it yeah but anybody.actually get it when they applies.so I want to walk l need to contact.Renaissance all I I think you got one in.your hand as you walk for subject last.semester right okay there are few.students who said that they would love.to be able to sell it from a previous.semester and so I asked them to actually.come here and give me a little fly over.the tag and i'll post it they could find.them and I think they wanted to charge.forty dollars for it not bad so you'll.need one board for each to lab partner.so perhaps today you might want to talk.with somebody else who is interested in.being a lab partner and between the two.of you buy one or often happens students.will just buy one each because they.won't let it help along with their lab.Parker so the day their lab partner can.work on it at the same time your choice.again it is used as a textbook if you.are looking at taking advanced embedded.which will be in the spring I use the.exact same board for the advanced in bed.of course and so you could use the board.for this class as well as next.semester's class you'll be requiring.read articles and other bits off the up.the web and also require or it's.optional that you could look at some of.the class notes I will go through hand.writing notes i will also put power.points out there again open book open.note test anything you copy right.whatever can be put in your notebook and.you use for exams however if you expect.to be able to thumb through a whole.bunch of Ages while you take a test.you're sorely mistaken you cannot thumb.through a bunch of papers and.successfully complete a test you can.look at maybe one or two places in your.notes to take that test because you.forgot exactly the high you something.step by step 203 but if you rely on.learning a concept during the test you.will be a little bit trouble what you.have there is going down the catalog.description purpose of the course the.recognized little strange another.wonderful effects of the sports are are.identified in great detail there are.some of course topics these are our.interesting enough are very close to the.time to the 13 or 12 book chapters labs.labs are very important part of this.course in fact they constitute see how.if I have this semester.only twenty percent that one twenty.percent is still quite a bit of class so.it is recommended that you actually do.every single lab one thing I have.noticed in the past is some students.decided not to do one of the labs and in.essence for example the last lab given.in the semester counts for five percent.of course grade so it's an interesting.about that some people have totally.totally ignored one half for one half of.a letter grade and into the last lab.assignment so I do recommend you do all.of them because a lot of learning is.done through labs as I said you can do.it with lab partners if you wish to even.do it alone I know some people who work.and really can't coordinate their time.to somebody else sometimes they'll do it.on their own but I could assure you in.the world of programming if you work.with somebody else side by side and you.work on an assignment you actually will.finish faster than if you did it alone.or if you did it separately working in.different rooms that's called pair.programming and that's a very successful.way of designing and.many a software side so I do recommend.that you do then cares and then you sit.together while you do it I do not accept.late lab assignments period if it is due.at three thirty on Wednesday the 34th of.October that means at that time we do.not accept it any later than that.includes both demonstrating and Rick.report you need to be done by the.deadline Homer I get homework.assignments I'll have anywhere between.10 and 12 homework assignments 10 to 13.I will drop any homework assignments /.10 so let's say for example you get sick.one week and you're not able to do.homework assignment number six I will.not extend the homework assignment I.will not give you a chance to turn it in.late just you don't do it that week and.you make sure that you do any homework.assignments / 10 that's really nice.because you may also get a grade of 5.out of 20 points for a homework.assignment and you really want to make.sure that you get as close to 20 points.for every homework assignment so that.will give you an opportunity to drop.your lowest one you Louis one may be 0.your most 185 your lowest one maybe two.18 you never know so I do not accept.late homework assignments period oh and.you know the whole idea is that you have.an opportunity now with extra homework.assignments to make up for the one that.you miss the same of quizzes you might.ask well let's see if my videos of the.lecture are online why do I have to come.to class I can't make you come to class.but I could tell you that it's extremely.important that you attend class and for.example.you will gather a lot more and ask.questions and have more interaction if.you attend class those who took the.class in the spring semester took it.watching videos and in the end they said.they really didn't like it they would.rather have a live class and ask the.questions so I urge you to yes show for.every class and to reward those who.actually do show up every class I offer.pop quizzes now there is one foot is.scheduled for Monday which is not.necessarily a pop quiz is it but in the.future you'll never know if I offer a.quiz or not I will offer anywhere.between 15 and 17 quizzes and I will.drop the all the quizzes above 15 so in.other words I take your best 15 so in a.homework assignment I get you I take.your best 10 homework assignments in.here is this i take your your best to.Keith wizard so in other words i have no.makeups for quizzes there are two exams.they're listed here on your syllabus in.a page number free at bottom one is.during the regular final exam time.during the class and I don't you make up.I don't have makeup exam again missing.class assignments ah they're really I.don't really have makeup assignments you.linked to well you need to just ensure.you do as many as possible now those of.you who are grad students listen up your.undergraduate suppose to make the grad.section of this separate then the.undergrad section I have a project and.at this point I am not sure what the.final project lead I had never had 35 or.with a project capacity I've never had.35 grad students in this so that makes.it really tough to to do a lot of.individual things but one thing I'm.looking at is this is a really cute.little pink for don't you think let's.see if I could it should look at this.alright so those of you who have played.an embedded world this up for my two TD.asian i love the same what is this the.like.alright we sit biker controller board we.had somebody else up there our do we.know who said that think they gave me.game you got a free trip to the price.closet oh that's one thing I forgot to.mention as a essay I will not hesitate.special prize for involvement answering.questions right I have a prize closet.where I have all sorts of everything.from squishy balls 22 well I don't know.NASA patches two bags to all pens and.all sorts of other stuff so after the.last if you have about chance you can.come up and two of the prize closet get.a free all right you got question all.right so this is a this isn't our do we.know footprint by your controller board.and it is a renaissance microcontroller.who's used Arduino before who knows why.are you know is all right some of you.Arduino is one of the newer standards de.facto standards is the best way to put.it really cheap for like thirty dollars.forty dollars has some microprocessor.capability it has onboard memory i/o.pins but this has a lot more than that.more than most arduinos have so this has.ethernet this has some what else did.this have that most people don't have oh.it has the sim card interface on the.back and the other thing that this has.that most Arduino devices have is lots.and lots of.lots and lots of memory and in fact this.is a Renaissance based our x 63 n.processors so it's a little bit of.upgrade from the one that we use for our.class does this this board by the way.has a lot of as a lot of i/o on it those.that has a screen it also has ethernet.of a microphone a audio player this this.board also has lots of LEDs push buttons.accelerometer temperature sensor a USB.not only for programming but also for.communications rs-232 what about this.potentiometer for adjusting things can.us so it has a whole bunch of stuff that.that is simple one has but this.processor on here is 100 times faster.than your typical atmel chip at an.arduino and as a hundred times more.memory than what you find on our you.know so the capabilities of this from.the exact same price a lot more a lot.more horsepower and will actually over.the weeks we'll look at why something.like this is is really good versus the.wimpy are you know thing that's out.there okie dokie let's see project oh so.i was talking about so for graduate.students I.actually have you work with this board.but to be continuous I can we have a lot.of these boards yet all right this is.what everybody really cares about o.course lectures material I put out there.are you going to be scored at the end of.the semester to make life easy the.semester is made up of one hundred or a.thousand points homework assignments are.20 points each quizzes are 10 points.each lab assignments could be anywhere.between twenty fifty each the midterm.exam is 150 the final exam is 300 points.it breaks down to the percentage that.you see there and with the graduate.students just add on top of that another.200 points for the project I have.several discourses on academic.dishonesty here and on the website one.thing I have to mention in a very sad.that I have to do this is that typically.every semester I have I have to submit.the names of at least four students who.are caught cheating on usually it's a.it's a lab assignment where they're.sharing code between groups which is not.allowed and I will let you know that up.front and in fact I'll go into great.detail of what is it what is that.allowed while you may work together on.homework assignments to discuss concepts.when you put pen to paper your homework.assignment should be your own or when.you put finger to keyboard right the.same is true with lab assignments you.and your lab partner can work together.share code whatever but you are not to.share that code with another group we.have ways that we can detect if they are.the same piece of.code even though names of variables may.be changed and there is different.there's different comments and things.like that we can tell them all right yes.sir what happens if like you completed.your lab assignment and another group.asks you like a question that they.understand about it and then you helped.

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