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Utilize CocoSign's wide array of templates and create your own Loan Application Form a process simple as follows, curtailing turnaround time tremendously and streamlining your workflow like no other.

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  1. in the beginning, choose on the wide collection of forms available at CocoSign for the desired file.
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  3. Next, enter the the data needed in the blank customizable fields.
  4. Examine the form again making sure you haven't missed anything.
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Notes on filling the Loan Application Form

youtube video

Get Your Loan Application Form Signed In an Instant

hi everyone Terrence Branly here and in.this video I'm going to walk you through.the standard loan application form also.known as the uniform residential loan.application which is a standardized form.created by Fannie Mae and used in every.residential mortgage transaction.regardless of whether it's a refinance.construction or purchase and this is an.important application in that it.kick-starts the entire loan process and.it's important to put accurate and.detailed information on this because.this is what lenders and banks are going.to be using to determine your ability to.secure mortgage loan based on this.information so with that said we'll jump.in the first section is the type of.mortgage in terms of the loan and and if.you're applying for a loan you may not.know what type of loan product you're.going to be applying for or the terms of.those of the loans every loan is.different and so you know you may know.the amount the loan amount so say if.you're going to be purchasing a home for.$400,000 and you're going to be putting.a down payment of $100,000 the loan.amount would be three hundred thousand.so you can put that in box there you may.not know what the goin interest rates.are and really a lot of that's going to.be determined by your conversations with.your loan originator so if you do know.this information great I'll kind of put.in what today's rates for a 30-year.fixed about three and a percent and.number of months it's going to be the.number ones for the loan and a 30-year.fixed across our time is twelve months.is 360 months and it's a fixed rate.product so with that we'll go down to.our two section two.and pretty self-explanatory this is.where you're going to put the address.for the property you're attempting to.secure a loan against so if it's your.current home and you already have a.mortgage on and you're looking to.refinance you'll just put your current.address if it's a property that you are.purchasing well then you'll put the.address of that said property as far as.the number of units if it's.single-family residence it's one unit.residential mortgage loans all the way.up to four units so duplexes triplexes.quad or four unit properties the legal.description you can leave blank we'll.pull that information from the title.report as well as the year build the.purpose alone pretty self-explanatory in.this case we're going to say its.purchase and this section here is is.fairly important this is determining how.you're going to be occupying the.property and if it's going to be your.primary residence whether it's going to.be secondary residence which is like a.vacation home or if it's going to be an.investment property which is also know.there's non-owner occupied meaning.you're not going to be occupying the.property that you'll probably be leasing.it out to a tenant so this is very.important to be to disclose what your.intentions are with the purchases.property we're going to save right now.that it's going to be our primary.residence this section here is if it's.going to be a construction loan so if it.is a construction loan you'll want to.fill this information out here again the.amount of the current total of liens.that existing is the property the.original cost of the property you know.the current value of a lot again if.you're not sure you can use estimates.and your loan originator can help you.walk you through to get a more accurate.value the second one here is if it's.going to be refinance so again same type.of information we'll be looking for you.know the original cost the total amount.of liens that are existing against the.property what's the purpose of the.refinance so if you're doing it just to.get a better rate in term if you're.looking to take cash out to add on a.bathroom or remodel your kitchen.and then just describe those.improvements there and what you estimate.that cost will be and then the last part.is how you be holding title of the.property typically people hold title in.their name other people have a hold.title and a trust or an LLC so you just.detail that information how you want to.be holding title and in terms of a.purchase they'll you'll this is where.you'll detail the source of your down.payment so we're going to put $100,000.down on this property we need to double.under where it's coming from if it's.coming from our savings account if it's.coming from our 401 K if we're borrowing.it from a family member or for being.given to it by a family member they just.want to know where that that downpayment.is coming from okay on to Section three.this is information about you the.prospective borrower pretty.self-explanatory your name your core.borrower's name the code borrower it.needs to be related so if it's your.spouse you'll put your information on.this side and your spouse's information.on this side if you're not related then.you'll need to fill out two completely.two separate 10032 applications but.you'll detail your name social security.number phone number date of birth years.in school whether an I married number of.dependents children that you have this.is your present and current address so.if whether you're you know if it's house.you own or house that your rent and how.long you've lived there the mailing.address if it's differ from where you're.currently living and if you have been.residing at that red dress for less than.two years then you'll want to detail.your previous address and again same.information for the Khobar world.okay on to section 4 which is the.employment information and you'll put.the name and address of your employer if.you're self-employed into your business.you'll just click that box but you'll.also put that information as well so the.name of your company as well as the.address of the company but the number of.years that you've been with this company.or on this job and then this is the.number of years that you've actually.worked in the industry or in the.profession your title and the business.phone and if you go down to this section.this is where you're going to detail the.how long you've worked for the company.and what your gross monthly income is so.this is your pre-tax income so if you.are making $60,000 a year then you'll.put in $5,000 and then again make sure.you detail the dates of when you started.with a company and obviously to be to.the present with your most current one.and then the next previous employer to.that so pretty self-explanatory the.title business phone and the dates and.the income and again same information so.over here on the right section for your.co-borrower.okay let's go down to section 5 which is.the monthly income and your combined.housing expenses and this is just giving.an idea of what income you have coming.in on a monthly basis and what your.expenses are going out and if you start.over here on the monthly income again.this is your base monthly income which.we listed earlier is $5,000 but you also.won't need to break out your overtime.bonuses Commission's etc and that's.usually information that can be found on.your w-2 so if you go to your tax.returns and you get your w-2 it will.have the information broken out or a lot.of times you can go to your employer and.just download a copy or get a copy from.your Human Resources Department of your.previous year's w-2.and it'll detail this information out so.again make sure that you detail out and.show it's important to detail out and.break it out individually dividends or.interest which would be from you know.savings accounts stocks that were owned.etcetera and then rental income so if.you own a rental property and this is.for other excuse me other income that.you can then detail down in this section.here so it could be you know anything.from lawsuit settlement that you may be.collecting on but whatever it is you put.that amount there and then detail down.this section here and you'll see that if.fits you know a borrow if it's the.borrower you'll put B and then you know.lawsuit you know collection collecting.and then the you know monthly amount may.be a thousand dollars put that in there.if it's something for the Khobar you.just change it put a C and then detail.it out on that section so again fill out.this section for the borrower and.co-borrower they'll see that their.sections right here then you'll move.over to the right side which is the.expenses side and if you're renting then.you'll put your obviously your rent.payment in there if you're currently.owned then you'll leave that blank and.then you'll be filling in the your.current first mortgage that's just for.the first mortgage the principal and.interest if you have secondary financing.a second mortgage equity line you'll put.that monthly payment there you'll break.out the monthly homeowners insurance as.well as the property taxes again most.property taxes are paid either you know.once a year or twice a year if you have.them already impounded in your current.mortgage then you can you'll have an.amount there.monthly but just break that down to a.monthly amount morgen assurance if you.have it mortgage insurance is typically.if you're putting less than 20% down on.a property so you know either a.conventional or an FHA will have.mortgage insurance so if you have that.detail that as well and then homeowners.association dues there's anything else.it's home related housing related that.that was not included in the above okay.let's move down to section six and this.is your assets and liabilities and in.this first section here you are going to.put the amount of funds that were.deposited this is for a purchase the.number of the funds that were deposited.into say escrow account when you open a.purchase transaction so in this case.we've said it's $100,000 and I'm sorry.put in the wrong section this is.actually going to be the name of where.it's being held so we'll call it XYZ.escrow and hundred thousand dollars so.that's only for a purchase transaction.if this is a refinance you'll leave this.section blank then you'll move down and.basically list out all of the accounts.the name address and the most.importantly the account number for each.account so every bank account credit.union account anything where you have.assets liquid assets and please put.detail the the name of the account the.account number and the total amount of.funds in the account at the time when.you're filling out this application and.you can list it's got a number of spaces.there for all your accounts if you have.run out of room there you can attach a.word document or Excel spreadsheet to it.as well.it continues all the way down here so.you can put your stocks spons.life insurance.you know real-estate of the owner of the.real estate properties retirement funds.etc they're just looking to get your.total net worth here so put all your.assets on the left-hand side I'll just.scroll back up for a second this is all.of your liabilities a lot of these will.be can be pre-populated from your credit.report to be like automobile loans you.know other property other mortgage loans.that you may have you know credit card.payments so just make sure that you.detail what ever you can and then will.pre-populate the rest from you know a.credit report okay so if you scroll down.here this is if this section here the.bottom is scheduled real estate and this.is if you own multiple properties and if.you do you'll need to details those out.here so you'll detail the property.address whether it's a rental if it's a.rental and you'll put R if it's if.you've already sold it you know put S or.if it's a pending sale we put PS type of.property single family residence you.know one unit or duplex two units the.current you know estimated value total.amount of liens against the property the.gross rental income monthly rental.income the gross mortgage payments the.gross are gross the insurance.maintenance taxes everything all the.expenses related to that property to.maintaining the property and that's.going to be your net rental income and.I'll do that for every property that you.don't and then this section here the.last part is if there's any additional.names if you had a maiden name you know.any names that you've had where you've.applied for credit you need to detail.those out along with the the name of the.creditor the account number okay.we're on to section seven and this is.where you're going to be putting the.purchase price the property which we.said in this case is four hundred.thousand.if there's any improvements or repairs.are going to make to it that are going.to be put into the purchase price and.put into the more importantly to the.mortgage amount so detail those.information here a lot of this will be.given to anything it's called a Good.Faith Estimate.and I'll be doing a subsequent video on.that as well so for that for the time.being you can just put in the purchase.price and leave the rest and the your.loan originator will help walk you.through that and we'll fill that in.after the fact this is pretty important.these declarations make sure you check.the box for each each answer each.question and you know make sure that you.read the questions they're pretty.self-explanatory and really if there's.any questions you can go over it with.your loan originator and they can help.walk you through it and this is just a.continuation of section 9 or 7 excuse me.8 for help we're already on 8 this is.just a continuation of the above a.section 7 the cost again all this you.can leave blank for now but in section 8.if you can just fill out the check the.boxes for all the declarations for both.the borrower and co-borrower and let's.do this real quick it's private.residence I'll say yes okay after you've.done that we'll move down to section 9.which is your signature and initially.when you fill this out you'll need to.sign this and you know submit this to.the lender sometimes it can be done.online I haven't form on my website it's.kind of a little easy to use and allows.us to take this information and pre.populate in a tear but right before you.will sign loan documents or you will be.signing a copy this will be complete.with all the information.now the last one is section 10 it is.just information that the federal.government like to keep track to make.sure that there are fair practices being.used in the mortgage lending process you.do not have to fill this this section.out.however if if the loan originator is.taking this information and is meeting.you face-to-face they're required to put.this information down but again this.information only helps I think it it.allows our our you know Fannie Mae to.make sure that fair lending practices.are taking place so with that after you.fill that section out everything below.here does not need to be filled out by.you and you are done and complete so.hopefully this has helped if you have.any questions feel free to email me at.tea Branly at tea Branly com and I wish.you the best of luck.

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