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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing I Need Picture Of Inheritance Form Online

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The Definite Guide to I Need Picture Of Inheritance Form

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Check How to Enter the I Need Picture Of Inheritance Form

okay so the topic of this presentation.is going to be the genetic inheritance.pattern known as sex-linked inheritance.so let's go ahead and get started all.right well let's first look at how is.sex determined in the first place here.we have a karyotype and if you recall.karyotype is a picture of a person's.chromosomes and like the notes say a.person's sex or a person's gender is.determined by genes that are found on.the X and the y chromosome this is a.karyotype of a woman that's why you only.see two X chromosomes where chromosome.23 is located or look at a male.karyotype in just a moment but women you.only have the xx chromosome combination.and so because you have the xx.chromosome combination in all of your.eggs cells no matter what there's going.to be an X chromosome you're not going.to find women you're not going to have.egg cells with a Y chromosome in it.women do not possess Y chromosomes so.women no matter what your egg cells are.going to have an X chromosome in them.it's not like that for guys though let's.look at guys next here's a pair a.picture of a male karyotype and you can.see males we have two different.chromosome twenty threes we have an X.chromosome that you see flashing right.now so males when we produce sperm cells.50% of our sperm cells will contain an X.chromosome and the other 50% of our.sperm cells will contain a Y chromosome.so it depends on the sperm cell that.fertilizes the egg if a sperm cell with.a Y chromosome fertilizes the egg the.baby is going to be a male if a sperm.cell with an X fertilizes the egg the.baby is going to be a female.so mathematically I want to prove to you.that there is a 50/50 chance of a child.being a born a boy or a girl if we use.the sex chromosomes like a punnett.square.I just put the XX female sex chromosomes.on top the XY male chromosomes on the.side if we treat a punnett square if we.treat the x and y chromosomes like like.we see in the punnett square and then we.fill in the punnett square you can.mathematically see there is a 2 out of 4.chance that a person will be born with.the xx chromosome combination that would.be a girl there's a 2 out of 4 chance.that a person would be born with an X Y.chromosome combination that would be a.boy so there you go 50/50 chance of a.child being born a boy or a girl.okay now I want to get into what are sex.linked disorders and like the notes say.they are inherited disorders inherited.conditions that are usually found on the.X chromosome yes there are some sex.linked disorders that are found on the Y.chromosome this video however is not.going to discuss those this video is.going to focus on chromosome disorders.found on the X chromosome because.they're just more prevalent they're just.more common one thing I want to mention.is that sex linked disorders are usually.recessive again yes there are some that.are dominant this video is not going to.focus on dominant sex length disorders.because they're fairly rare notice the.key that just popped up in the bottom.right hand corner I have an X with a.capital H the reason for that means the.X because again we're focusing on the X.chromosome the capital H means that.there is a healthy dominant gene on that.X chromosome the X with the lowercase H.the X means chromosome 23 the X.chromosome the lowercase H means that.the gene the on the X chromosome is.recessive.remember lower case means recessive so.watch this when we focus on a woman's.chromosomes remember women have two X.chromosomes well there's a few different.combinations that a woman might inherit.she might inherit two x's with capital.H's if that's the case she's gonna.obviously be healthy if she only has the.capital H's on her X chromosomes capital.H according to our key means healthy she.might inherit one of each one capital H.and one of her X chromosomes and a.lowercase H on her other X chromosome if.that's the case she's still going to be.healthy because health is dominant one.thing I want to mention is that this.woman would be considered a carrier.she's a carrier because she carries the.gene for these disorders on one of her X.chromosomes and then there's the third.possible combination and this is how a.woman can have the disease it's rare but.it happens a woman needs to inherit not.one x chromosome with the lowercase H.gene on it but also two two X.chromosomes each of them with the.lowercase H end.when we focus our attention to males.males we have the X Y chromosome.combination males are a bit easier we.either have the X with a capital H if.that's the case we're healthy or we have.the X with the lowercase H and if that's.the case we're going to have the disease.you might be asked asking yourself how.come you didn't put anything on the Y.chromosome how come there's no H's on.the Y chromosome because again these.these gene disorders are typically found.on the X chromosome so yes guys we do.have a y chromosome that doesn't really.provide us any backup so we're really.only focusing our attention on the X.chromosome I want to mention that sex.linked disorders are much more common in.males they're very rare in women and I.hope you see why women it's twice as.unlikely for you to have these disorders.in order for a woman to have a sex.linked disorder she has to inherit not.one X chromosome with the lowercase H.but two twice as unlikely to happen.women you have a backup X chromosome.guys we're not so lucky we only have one.X chromosome if our only X chromosome.has a disorder we're going to have the.disorder.focus on quickly on a few examples of.sex-linked disorders there's a why.here's an X chromosome blinking let's.zoom on into an X chromosome and when we.zoom on into an X chromosome for.instance the gene that caught that.causes colorblindness colorblindness is.a sex linked disorder it almost always.affects men very rarely our women.colorblind and you can see the gene is.located near the bottom of the X.chromosome also near the bottom of the X.chromosome is the gene that causes.hemophilia again hemophiliacs are almost.always male it's very rare for a woman.to be a hemophiliac it the gene that.causes hemophilia is also located near.the bottom of the X chromosome well.located near the top of the X chromosome.is a gene that causes a form of muscular.dystrophy here and again this type of.muscular dystrophy because it's sex.linked it's almost always going to.affect males and and again I hope you.remember why males we don't have a.backup X chromosome so if our only X.chromosome has a defect we're going to.have a defect women you do have a backup.X chromosome so if one of your X.chromosomes has a defect your other X.chromosome is most likely fine and.therefore you'll be fine.so I just mentioned colorblindness is an.example of a sex-linked disorder well.here's a neat little picture on top you.can see the spectrum the color spectrum.that a normal person with with normal.vision has about 92% of the population.has normal color color vision then you.start going down the list and you can.see the percentage of people that have a.certain type of colorblindness and what.the color spectrum looks like to them.this is kind of neat when we look at a.rainbow flag let's look at that quick so.here's an example of a rainbow flag and.what a normal person can see however if.you have a colorblindness and I hope I.don't pronounce this wrong called.deuteron Apia about 2.7 percent of the.population has this form of.colorblindness this is what the rainbow.flag looks like to them.again let's go back to our normal.rainbow flag there is another type of.colorblindness called protanopia it.doesn't affect the very large percent of.the population only 0.5 9% of the.population but this is what that same.rainbow flag looks like to them one more.one more example if we go back to our.normal rainbow flag and we look at what.a type of colorblindness called try to.not be again a very small percent of the.population is affected by this type of.colorblindness but you can see what that.same rainbow flag looks like to them and.one of the myths is that people who are.colorblind see in black and white and.that's not true they still see in color.it's as their colors are shifted a bit.here's a little quick thing that you can.do others there's all kinds of examples.of colorblind tests and so here's a.colorblind test there's a number inside.of the picture can you see the number 53.in the picture how about.there's a number inside of that picture.can you see the number 12.how about this one there's a number.inside that picture can you see the.number six how about this one.there is a number now is a little harder.I thought a number inside of this.picture can you see the number 74 and my.last one for you.so here's the last one can you see.inside of this the number six by the way.if you can't see one of the numbers it.doesn't mean you're colorblind there's a.whole series of color blind tests these.are just a few from that series okay so.if we were in class I would give you.guys a minute to try to answer this.these questions right here so pause the.video pause the video and try to work.out this very quick family Jen and Adam.try to work out this real quick family.try to do a Punnett square and answer.these questions I'm going to go over the.answers in three two one so first of all.the story tells me that Jen is a healthy.carrier of hemophilia so I'm going to.put Jen on the outside of the punnett.square like I just did and it says Adam.has no history of hemophilia in his.family so he's got to be healthy he's.got no history of it so there you go i.labelled adam in the outside of the.punnett square well now like we've done.with punnett squares I simply just fill.in the punnett squares there's the top.right there's the bottom left there's.the bottom right now that I filled in.the punnett squares you know it might be.helpful to label label inside of the.punnett square the phenotype top-left I.have the phenotype of a healthy girl the.XX means it's a girl the to capital h's.means that she has normal she's not a.hemophiliac she's healthy the top right.hand corner I have an XY combination.that means the boy the capital H tells.me that the boy is healthy does not have.haemophilia the bottom left I know it's.a girl because she has two X chromosomes.and I know the girls healthy because she.has a capital H but she also has a.lowercase H that makes her a carrier.she's healthy but she carries the gene.for hemophilia on one of her X.chromosomes and finally the lower right.hand square it's a boy I know that.because the x and y combination but this.boy is a hemophiliac because of the.lowercase H this boy has an X chromosome.with the gene for hemophilia on it so.now that I've done the punnett square.question a what is the probability of.having a daughter with haemophilia.I hope you can see the answer is zero.there are no squares that will give me a.girl with haemophilia question B the.chances of having a child who's a.carrier I hope you see that there's a.25% chance of that 1 out of 4 is 25%.question see a child with haemophilia I.hope you also see the answer is 25% you.can see that there's that haemophilia.boy in the lower right hand corner.question D this one might be confusing.at first you might think the answer is.75% because you can see 3 out of 4.squares are healthy but that's not the.answer the answer is actually 9 out of.16 or 56% let me show you why what's the.chances of having not one healthy child.if it was one healthy child the answer.would be 3 out of 4 but the question.saying what's the chance of having 2.healthy child.well here's two healthy children pretend.the child on the left was born in 2010.pretend the child on the right was born.in 2013 in 2010 that first child had a 3.out of 4 chance of being healthy just.like the punnett square above shows me.couple years go by mom and dad want to.have a second child.in 2013 what's the ads that child is.healthy again 3 out of 4 you can see.that in the punnett square above 3.squares out of 4 are healthy but when.you combine the ads you have to multiply.the 2 together we're not asking what's.the chances of one child being healthy.we're asking what were the ads that both.of them combined would be healthy so 3.times 3 in the numerator is 9 4 times 4.and then I'm the denominator is 16 so.there's how you got your answer.okay here's a harder story problem this.one's harder because I'm going to ask.you to draw a pedigree and also do a.Punnett square it says haemophilia is a.sex-linked disorder Kelly does not have.haemophilia even though her mother did.Jim who's Kelly's husband is a.hemophiliac their first child Barry is.healthy but their other child rachel is.a hemophiliac.draw a pedigree for this family and a.punnett square for Jim and Kelly if.you're doing this at home.pause the video I'm going to start going.over this in three two one so the first.thing I'm going to do is draw a circle.for Kelly remember circle are women.notice how Kelly is not colored in if a.circle or square is not colored in that.tells me that they're healthy the story.says that Kelly is Kelly does not have.hemophilia but it also says her mother.did so notice I have a circle for.Kelly's mother and I colored in that.circle remember in my previous video on.pedigrees any time you see a circle or.square colored in that tells you that.the person has the disease the story.says Kelly's mother is a hemophiliac so.I colored her in Kelly is married to a.man named Jim so a square means a male.circle means a female so a square for.Jim but notice how I colored in Jim.because the story says that Jim is a.hemophiliac they have a child they have.two children their first child Barry I.think the name Barry implies a male's.name so there's a square for Barry.notice Barry's Square is not colored in.because the story says their first child.Barry is healthy but the story also says.they have a girl by the name of Rachel a.circle for Rachel and notice I colored.in Rachel because the story says Rachel.is a hemophiliac so now that I've drawn.the pedigree I want to try to label the.genotype of everyone I'm going to start.with Kelly's mother she's a woman so I'm.going to use the X and X chromosome.combination and because the mother.Kelly's mother has the disease she has.to be lowercase H lowercase H that's the.only combination for a woman to have the.disease even though it's rare you can.see it can happen next I'm going to go.to Jim Jim is a male he's a square right.there so I'm going to give him the X and.Y chromosome coming.but because his Square is colored in I'm.going to give him the lowercase H that's.the only way for him to have the disease.moving on to Rachel it's a girl X and X.is the chromosome combination and again.just like Kelly's mother Rachel has to.be a Hema field has to be colored in so.she's a hemophiliac she has to have the.two lowercase H's so even though this is.rare for women to be hemophiliacs it can.happen now I want to shift my attention.to Barry Barry is a square I'm going to.give them an x and y combination but.notice how the X has a capital H Barry.is not colored in Barry's healthy I'm.gonna give him the capital age for.healthy when it comes to Kelly I know.she's healthy the story says she does.not have hemophilia so I'm going to give.her an X with one capital H for now in a.moment I'm going to figure out her other.X but I know for now that she's healthy.so when it comes to Kelly's other X.chromosome is it a capital H or is it a.lowercase H there's two ways I can.figure this out look at Kelly's mother.Kelly's mother only has X's with.lowercase H's therefore Kelly's mother.is going to pass on an X with a.lowercase H there's another way you can.figure out Kelly look at Kelly's.daughter Rachel Rachel has two x's with.lowercase H's one of those had to come.from dad.Jim the other one had to come from mom.Kelly well now let's shift our attention.to drawing a punnett square.okay now that we're done with a pedigree.let's focus on a punnett square I know.there's the X and the y for Jim and I.know there's the X and the X for Kelly I.know Jim and Kelly now so I can do a.Punnett square for them top left I'm.going to fill in the punnett square top.right I'm going to fill in the punnett.square bottom left and bottom right well.just like I did in the previous example.I think it's really helpful to label the.phenotype inside the punnett square in.the top left I see X and X for a girl.and I see a capital H even though.there's only one capital H I know she's.healthy you can see I labeled this top.left squares being a carrier because she.carries the lowercase H top right of the.punnett square x and y that implies a.boy the capital H means that boy is.going to be healthy bottom left of the.punnett square X and X means it's a girl.but there's only lowercase H's therefore.the girl's going to be a hemophiliac.bottom right of the punnett square x and.y that means it's a boy but the.lowercase H means that boy is going to.be a hemophiliac so now we answer.questions ABC and D question a what's.the probability of getting a healthy son.from the punnett square you can see that.there's a 1 out of 4 chance 25% of.having a boy who's healthy question B.what's the chances of having a healthy.daughter you can also see a 1 out of 4.chance even though that square I just.highlighted is a carrier she's still.healthy she does not have the disease.emo philia she's just a carrier question.C what's the chance of having a child.with hemophilia that would be 50/50.child implies boy or girl I just.highlighted the two squares one of them.on the left is a girl one of them on the.right is a boy 2 out of 4 is a 50%.answer question D what's the chances of.a child being a carrier I hope you can.see there's the 1 out of 4 again for 25%.so there's a great example of a Punnett.square and a pedigree done together.okay so here's the final task here we.have a pedigree involving 14 people I.want you to try to figure out the.genotype for as many people as you can.there's a hint in the lower left hand.corner of the 14 people you're going to.be able to determine 13 I'm not going to.tell you who's the one person that's.unknown try to solve this pause the.video I'm going to start going over the.answers in 3 2 1.so the first thing you might want to try.is focus your attention on the male's I.think the male's are easy the males are.either going to be X capital H and a Y.or X lowercase H and a Y so male number.5 male number 13 male number 14 they.have to be the X with the lowercase H.because they're colored in they have the.disease all the other males have to be.the opposite have to be the X with a.capital H number one number three and.number seven and number eight and number.ten and number 11 they're not colored in.that tells me they're healthy and if.they're healthy they have to be X with.the capital H so look at that we already.got I think about eight or nine people.figured out well now we need to shift.our attention to the women the women are.a bit harder.so when we shift our attention to the.women there's three possible.combinations all of these women are one.of these three now I can cross off the X.lowercase H X lowercase H H none of the.women are that combination and I know.that because none of the women are.colored in gray all of the women are.left white that means that they're.healthy I just have to figure out what.version of healthy.are they homozygous dominant or are they.heterozygous well you know I'm going to.go ahead and start giving every woman.and one X with a capital H every woman's.healthy so I can at least get started by.giving her one X with a capital H I know.they're healthy now I have to figure out.what is their second X chromosome so.first of all let's look at woman number.two and let's look at the boy that she.had person number five is going to be.the clue to figuring out woman number.two person number five is a boy and he.has a Y chromosome that he must have.inherited from his father boys get their.Y chromosomes from their father.therefore the X chromosome had to come.from the mother so there we have one of.our persons has now been discovered.person number two must have passed an X.with a lowercase H two boy number five.so person number two has to be.heterozygous well let's see if we can.use that pattern to solve other people.next person I want to focus on is person.number 13 person number 13 is a boy and.he got that Y chromosome from his father.so if person 13 got the Y chromosome.from the father then person 13 must have.gotten that X chromosome from the mother.that X chromosome has a lowercase H it.had to come from woman number 6 woman.number 6 must have given person 13 an X.with a lowercase H we've now solved.another woman so there you go we've.solved two women and we have a couple.more we have three more women to go the.next person I want you to focus your.attention on is person number 14 it's a.boy person 14 s male and the pattern.that we saw previously is going to work.for us this person number 14 is a boy.therefore he must have gotten that Y.chromosome from his father if he got the.Y chromosome from the father that he.must have got then he must have gotten.his X chromosome from his mother his.mother happens to be woman number 9 so.you can see the boy in number 14 has an.X with the lowercase H and now we know.who it came from it came from woman.number 9 so I now know that woman number.9 is heterozygous even though the story.never told me that well who can we focus.on next.okay so next I'd like you to focus on.woman number nine well woman number nine.has an X chromosome with the capital H.she must have received that from her dad.her dad is man number three.clearly male man number three her dad.passed his X chromosome if male number.three passed the Y chromosome then.person nine wouldn't be a girl person.nine would be a boy because person nine.is a girl I know that she received the X.chromosome from her dad so she got the X.with the capital H from the dad that.means she got the other X chromosome.with the lowercase H from her mother so.person number nine has an X with the.lowercase H she didn't get it from the.dad because dad doesn't have a lowercase.H clearly woman number nine got the X.chromosome with the lowercase H from her.mother so there we go.we've just figured out woman number four.woman number four has to be heterozygous.so when we focus on the last person.person number 12 woman number 12.she has an X chromosome she must have.received that X chromosome from her.father clearly person 3 the father never.gave her a y chromosome or she'd be a.boy so she got that X chromosome from.the father the problem is what did the.mother pass did the mother pass the X.with the capital H or did the mother.pass the X with the lowercase H we just.don't know I know she got an X.chromosome from the mother I just don't.know which one so there's the one person.that we just can't figure out so I hope.that helped okay if you're in my biology.class go ahead and pause the video and.try to answer these questions if you're.in my class bring your answers on a.separate sheet of paper I'd be happy to.check them for accuracy good luck.

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I Need Picture Of Inheritance Form FAQs

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It’s likely that the child would need to file a claim in the appropriate probate court; this is a question best addressed directly to a trusts & estates lawyer in the jurisdiction, not as a general question on Quora.

Do I need US EIN taxpayer ID to properly fill out a W8-BEN form?

Since I have asked this question, I believe that I should share the knowledge I have managed to collect in its regard. So, it appears that you should file a SS-4 form to apply for the Employer Identification Number (EIN). To this successfully you will need to have a contract signed with customer in the USA. You will have to show given contract to the US IRA. The downside of this method is that:It requires for you to sign contract with US party prior to the acquiring the EIN You will have to mail originals of your Passport/Natinal ID and contract to the IRA.Instead of going that way, I have deci Continue Reading

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How do I avoid capital gains tax on inherited property?

Inheritances are taxed as inheritances. Their value to you is established at that time, then if you later sell them the capital gain or loss is determined by that value.

How do I respond to a request for a restraining order? Do I need to fill out a form?

It’s a very, very serious thing a restraining order. You don’t need the right form - you NEED A LAWYER!! Get a lawyer straight away - one that knows about restraining orders…

What is an affidavit of inheritance?

You probably can't use the Small Estate Affidavit procedure. File a probate petition by researching it and filing in pro per. (You can ask the court to authorize payment to you for your services as part of the final distribution.) There are ways to handle money going to missing heirs, like trust accounts or escheat, but that shouldn't hold up everyone else's money. It's nothing you can't handle if you take your time and do the study.

How does an affidavit of heirship work?

It’s likely that the child would need to file a claim in the appropriate probate court; this is a question best addressed directly to a trusts & estates lawyer in the jurisdiction, not as a general question on Quora.

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