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The Stepwise Tutorial to 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form

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Instruction of 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form

hey how are ya alright I gotta set stuff.Rock here give me just a minute I'm.never ready on these things I'm gonna.move this down I think yeah I'm gonna.get rid of this how do I do that.okay where's this button wait for it I'm.fun behind I move this down oh there you.go okay good and now I gotta get the.notes up and running cuz I got a new.thing here there it is okay so I should.be able to see the chat talk read notes.watch on the street and chew bubblegum.at all the same time I think we're ready.to go okay well get a big speech I've.been working on my polish is what I've.been been doing there's a lot of.information to get out and a lot of it's.kind of important because you know we're.gonna be screwed if we don't I was.watchin lives over on Digg and conduct a.couple it was it yesterday maybe two.days ago I don't know what day it is.and she said Charlie Victor because you.can't say you know the name of that.thing that's spreading like wildfire.because YouTube D monetizes yeah.and made like 46 cents on that thing so.I'd like to do a little bit better.alright so we're gonna we're gonna call.them Charlie Victor instead of yeah.that's what we're gonna talk about here.we got some people throwing up who's.Charlie Victor you know that disease.thing I could show you I could probably.show you yeah cuz I'm sure they have.things going on let's see is that gonna.work this thing.I just typed it into Google here's the.screen and it says it right up right up.here can I don't know if you can see.that you can probably see that yeah.right there.and all the information you need to know.you don't CDC and and that sort of thing.okay now I'm gonna set my screen up.again.okay there's home and there's the sheet.then I'm gonna find the chat for over.here now what the clog that's right the.the Kong flu and then I got to pull up.this wee there there it is okay so this.is guy right name's Allen Bartlett he's.probably gone by now he was old many.years ago but he's got a couple of.videos on youtubes names pal Barlet or.Albert Bartlett or Alan Bartlett and he.did a great presentation on exponential.growth and at the end of it he said one.of the greatest well this is to.paraphrase it merely one of the.humanities greatest downfalls is the.inability to understand exponential.growth and I see this all the time dude.I you get over on Facebook and you got.the people say there's only like you.know a hundred cases what are you.worried about it's just the flu well.it's not just the flu what you're still.in the auction David oh my god I went to.bed I slept like eight hours I got up to.you know use a restroom there and.they're still going on that is an.amazing thing okay well I'm gonna keep.on going because they've been on for.darn near 12 hours over there that'll.work.I'm a pH hell International at work on.the ramp it's a ghost town phl.Philadelphia International Airport I.suspect yeah okay well we're gonna talk.about exponential growth for a little.bit here and I got some pictures let's.see here's the screen can we see the.screen there's a screen okay we got.pictures there are some things that grow.exponentially which is kind of neat.let's see what's this one exponential.growth for example compound interest the.red line.it starts out slow right maybe getting a.5% per year on your on your savings.account or some darn thing and it's real.slow at first but it keeps on.compounding another 10% another 10%.another 10% so you got you know $5 and.550 then like six dollars and five cents.so that the rate of growth grows right.with simple interest.you know you measure it has its interest.times the rate times the time whatever.the time is that's your you know 20%.that's your interest rate that's a flat.line where's compound interest because.each year on year you're getting.interest on the interest and you get.this curves right this exponential curve.that's the that's the signature of.exponential growth is this slow start.and then a turn and then it just goes.through the roof and we see this and.other things for example human.population growth now a lot of it's been.fueled especially in the past 50 years.by mechanical farming industrial farming.already call them the the fertilizers.the Green Revolution in the 50s really.sent it through the roof but a hundred.and what hundred twenty years ago we.barely had two billion people on the.planet here I put a billion and a half.and most of our growth has been these.last few years so now it actually.doubles population doubles above what.every 13 years or something like that so.13 years and now instead of having 7.3.billion people on their planet we're.gonna have fourteen point six trillion.the way it's been growing okay let's see.we got more we got fire now if you ever.set fire in the back room or if your.kids let me tell you if your kid is five.or six years old and just has some.matches and some paper to play with and.accidentally sets a little fire in the.back room look don't whip them too hard.really just you just let them mix it put.your kid outside and when I play with.fire but well anyway fire is one of.those.things that grows exponentially it's.actually such a fast rate you've seen.houses they ignite they start pouring.out smoke then the whole thing combust.rapidly and burns on the ground and this.is one of those neat things of course.it's gonna continue to grow as long as.there's fuel available that's all I.wants is fuel and oxygen.nikitos in good supply and the growths.are just gonna continue and continue it.feeds itself right the heat of the fire.ignites more fire all right then you.have some limits right we've got the.population is the long flat dotted line.okay lots of things kind of grow but.they also can reduce exponentially all.right as the population grows we use.more natural resources coal and iron.let's see.timber all that stuff we can see some.limits to the growth such as the fire.does sometimes the pollution will grow.to such a point that the population.cannot grow further you have food.growths how much food per capita can you.grow that can increase especially if you.have the chemical inputs chemical.fertilizers that sort of thing sometimes.you'll you'll you'll hit a limit and the.growth stops and goes into decline well.that's kind of what we need to do with.that what's Charlie Victor let's say get.rid of the fire can you see any of this.I didn't check okay good that's working.all right with another one there was.another one that had exponential growth.smart phones smart phone users this is.neat she's the guy over there at Apple.Steve Jobs they come up with that smart.phone but a dozen years ago and it was.slow at first but the price came down.because the manufacturing got better and.as the price came down people started.grabbing those phones and it went up and.up and it just took off really you sold.a few you know a couple of million the.first couple years then you sell it a.couple of million a month over here on.this end all those smart phones okay let.me kill a couple of these I got a lot of.Windows.open but mind you this is a shot of the.the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak I lasted.for well over nine months took out a lot.of people that was a troublesome thing.and well we'll have some anecdotal.evidence to draw from that so I've got.to set up my screen again every time I.every time you see just the screen I.can't see the chat let me catch up over.here gave Carlisle's here Montague bakes.easier dollars bring back DDT now that's.bad luck to know cancer and stuff ok.here we go I got a I got a whole script.to work with and if I can get this lined.up right we got it made baby there I.think this will work ok so we get those.things that grow exponentially like.compound interest or fire or population.food spoilage right see she got an apple.you get a whole bucket of apples and.you're good for a while but then you get.one bad apple and it's gonna rot the.four apples it's touching in each of.those apples is touching no two or three.more apples and then well before you.know what that whole barrel is rotted.out the growth on these things these.exponentially growing things will.usually continue until a limit is reach.something which will keep it from.growing further excuse me I get to talk.and I gotta it drives me up for example.your bank account may be getting.compound interest but what if the.account has a limit to the balance now.what if the bank closes down fire will.go until it's out of fuel or oxygen.surface area is a neat thing what if you.can only have so many people on the darn.planet I there was a guy did the math if.you took everybody in the planet and put.him like in Texas they would fill an.area only 200 miles square or some darn.thing but the rest of the planet you got.to use that to grow.food for these seven billion people so.you know geez what happens when we run.out of arable land we are experiencing.some problems with that right now.soil salinization some weather patterns.have been kind of screwy of late bigger.storms longer droughts what if the food.supply same idea as the fuel because.that's a food supply is fuel for for.animals right is fuel for for bees for.bugs fuel for fire so we're gonna take a.look at linear growth right and take a.look at exponential growth there you go.and there's a key difference here right.linear growth has a constant rate of.growth for example every inning in a.game the team that's doing good gets 20.points every single inning right now.with exponential growth you have a.growing rate of growth so effective you.have what's called a doubling time it's.how long does it take for whatever thing.you're measuring to double and the time.it takes between each doublings is the.same that's the key difference here.linear growth to double the count you.need double the time with exponential.growth to double the count you just need.the single time okay let's get over and.look at some figures cuz dude I got tons.of them here let's say whereas I had a.good place to start here I think it was.way down here this the one okay here you.go.we're gonna look at exponential growth.right here and this I'm using these.numbers here started a hundred weight a.hundred cases on March first and I'm.just gonna kind of round it up and call.it 200 400 800 1600 3,200 matter of fact.right now let's see what we hit today.we're at three thousand and forty three.cases in the.right now and well let's see today's our.15th we'll hit the 3200 mark today which.will be double what we had three days.ago so we have a doubling time right now.going on up three days every three days.at doubles in count goes from 100 to 200.to 400 to 800 to 1600 3200 so with three.more days we should cross the 6400 look.mark and I've been doing these updates.every time that count doubles but if I.chart this I'm gonna get this see it's.really low and it just takes off it's.the same shape of curve that you see on.population growth on fire growth right.if you plot the water hyacinths an.invasive species they are also an.exponential growth factor of compound.interest same idea watch this here's.linear growth so exponential growth -.double the count it takes the same time.this is three days this is three days.three days this is actually a little.quicker this this time our unknown took.two days there was like two and a half.really here's three days for linear.growth okay let's say you got innings.you play in baseball you get 20 points.the next inning you have 40 points the.next inning sixty eighty a hundred each.inning you get 20 more points this is.linear okay so to go from 20 to 40 takes.one inning to get from 40 to 80 you need.two innings to double that again you.need double the iterations it goes.through four innings to double it again.now you're down here to get to get to.eight innings okay.you'll never get from linear growth the.the sort of expansive escalation as you.get on exponential okay watch this I go.one two three four five.seven eight nine I go from 20 to 180.I've increased it by a factor of nine by.the nine iterations over here I've got.nine iterations right but I've gone from.a hundred to fifty one thousand one two.three four five six seven eight nine oh.no excuse me.to 25,000 yeah this is why exponential.growth is so darn big each line here is.double the previous line you can hardly.see these down here okay so you have an.exponential formula what's Y which is.your your vertical axis up here right.there is your exponential growth this is.going to be y equals x whatever never.you start with to the power of n so if.you want to double your count that would.be effectively 2 times 2 times 2 times 2.however many times n is involved it's.that's another times 2 times 2 all right.a linear formula is x times n 20 times 5.is a hundred up here if I double it one.two three four.if I double at five times I haven't gone.to a hundred as with a linear I've.doubled it five times which is X in this.case a hundred to the fifth power or two.to the fifth power and that's the power.of this thing that's you have 32 times.as much going on here.I think I had some more somewhere let me.look around things are not here.no it might be on this part I swear I.had it there we go.so you got an is the what your number.okay zero one two three that's how many.times you double up now we're gonna.start at one okay we're double it to two.- ^ n 2 to the 1 equals 2 2 to the 2.equals 4 2 to the 3rd power right let's.say you got a cube it's 2 inches by 2.inches by 2 inches you got 8 cubic.inches download again doubled again and.then it starts really gaining growth it.really starts taking off you're out here.ten times you got a hundred times the.original count go another ten times you.got from a thousand to a million this is.a sort of growth we're seeing with this.with this awful Charlie Victor virus let.me look up here here's the I got some.better numbers is what I did so these.numbers are a little bit different from.the numbers on the last page which is.which is lost there you go they're just.slightly different think they were taken.later in the day over here this is 89.counts whereas this one is 75 they had a.few games but you know in between the.readings okay but I'm going to start.there if that's one from 75 I crossed.the 150 line after three days from 150 I.crossed a 300 line in two days from 300.I'd cross 600 in three more days 700.across the let's say there's gonna be 14.I crossed that in three more days we're.doubling this thing every three days.well let's see we got three thousand.right now my TOEFL go back three days I.probably have half as much let's test.that theory 29:51 cut it in half 1500.one two three that's below 50 now did I.cut that in half one two three.1,300 divided by 2 you see this thing is.doubling up every three freaking days.it's gonna get at it.it's going to get out of control real.fast now let me show you this other.thing I discovered earlier today where's.my where's my funny numbers I had some.funny numbers here as I said.know this it let me get I can look.around I got a lot of notes up made here.okay we're going back up to here so I.was looking at these figures right 75.100 120 450 this is the figures them.know that we have at the end of the day.how many we have we got 2951 when I.wrote this down and it's a little higher.now and this is the game this is the.difference between 75 to 100 we gained.on 25 25 more cases all right but watch.this because it's kind of interesting 25.24 there's a little bit of variance on.the small numbers but as you get bigger.and bigger they start to really get in.line now watch this one I've got 124 958.I come over here one two three four five.days I go from 158 to 168 my gain today.is probably very equal to what we had.five days ago this is today March well.okay it's uh it's like four hours ago I.took a while to make these notes the.gain we had today was 704 let's go back.five days one two three four five the.total number of cases we had five days.ago we grew by that many today all right.let's say yesterday we gained by five.hundred and fifty one two three four.five five days before that we had as.many cases as we grew same before that.for thirty five to four hundred is 307.318 these numbers lining up quite nicely.so uh well I took a look what if I line.these up better did I do it I thought I.did it somewhere.here we go so I copied those figures.over here let's try to make sense of.them and this is where I figured out the.five-day pattern and this is consistent.with exponential growth with the game.after a period of time.you're drawing a period of time is gonna.be very similar to what you had for a.total previously so here's what my.counts are per day here's the game so I.copied this one and moved it over here.to this column and they're lining up.real nice.all right this is the game this is my.five-day previous one hundred hundred.hundred hundred and then I as the.numbers grow they really lined up 163.158 200 221 307 318 400 400 five and.change five and change Wow.and that's typical of the exponential.growth so now I can extrapolate all my.numbers up here are factual this is.actual measurements but what we have.below here below the yellow line our.projections this number if you can see.the formula will equal that one equals.c-13 this is column C this is line.number 13 that's all I did was carry.these numbers over to here and what.happens if you look on this side this is.the doubling column how many days before.that number well let's use this number.before 4,000 becomes eight five six nine.okay three days three days 21 to 49.three days 50 thousand to a hundred and.change three days a hundred thousand to.two hundred and that's a lot three days.115 at 260 okay two six to 230 and 238.that's what it's doing is doubling every.three days what is being done right now.the president is put in these steps to.try to start slowing it down.a lot of companies are jumping on the.bandwagon too they're shutting down.games Apple closed all its stores we've.got a lot of towns are closing down.schools for example I'm gonna find a.chat again this comes up here wait a.minute wait for it there's this thing.okay got that just could you see any of.that.cuz I'm looking at this now screenshot.see now I'm looking at this dammit.you didn't see any of that okay I suck.at this really I got to do better I get.into it and I don't pay attention to.them.I need like three monitors now one for.me one to see what you can see and might.just play cartoons darn it okay let's go.back and do that again here's the screen.make sure we can see the damn screen.this time can so there's the notes that.we're gonna be talking about hopefully.if I can use we can get to it let's see.and then I gotta pull up the data.I was just yakking about okay where are.you let's see the screen some of the.screen there's the screen show me the.browser and here's today's counts there.are three thousand forty three cases.right now all right.I've been tracking the data over here.and a couple of sheets since January.20th okay so here are some counts I.changed these I got another source.through for the data so I'm getting.actual counts and this started with a.hundred well I call it 89 I just rounded.up to a hundred on March first and then.I said okay that's a hundred there's 200.400 800 1600 3200 and well looking at.the dates that's doubling every three.days all right well we got better data.where is it better data here's the u.s..de leus okay I got too much here there.so on March 1st it was 75 now I went.with 89 it was probably a number from.later in the day the next day was a.hundred so we gained 25 this is the.count I can't I say it in your case.chases this is the game right over here.25 24 seeing the small numbers there.they're a little Wiggly if there's a lot.of fudge and the smaller numbers but.once you get start getting into the.bigger numbers they become more accurate.actually you charted these and we have.this this is the daily new cases and we.have this exponential growth in daily.new cases that's what's going on there.it's pretty fascinating when you start.looking at the numbers on March 6 we've.gained by a hundred if I go back five.days okay four days in this case there's.a hundred 100 100 120 for 117 it's.really start of line up the next day's a.little slower okay but 158 cases five.days later one two three four five we.gained more on March 9 than we had cases.cases and all of March up through March.4th and it kept on following the same.pattern so 307 318 this is 396 let's.call it 400 this 435 555 41 the neat.thing was today we had 704 cases and.this caught my attention that this is.704 cases alright so I took these.numbers and lined them up which is this.column I just copy and paste that's one.of our cases this is the game so I.copied this baby let me copy this baby.come on I copied that and line him up.over here.and you were pacing data yes and how.well do they correlate this is the.actual gross and this is the five days.previous counted cases 100 100 100 124.so the low numbers are a little bit off.but then they start lining up 163 158.292 21 okay that's a little difference.307 318 404 35 they're really coming.into line all right so those numbers I.extrapolated and here above the yellow.line and including the yellow line these.are actual counts this is this is data.this is data drawn from from a couple of.websites there's at 704 I noticed so uh.after that yellow line these games are.the the five-day previous numbers so.this gain in this column is going to be.C 15 which is one two three four five.days previous March 12 the total number.of cases so now I've got a I've got.reasonable projections because the.numbers are getting big enough that I.can get these these are looking pretty.inaccurate and if we follow this out.I've got every three days is the.doubling time.here's 21,000 on March 21st that's six.days from now in six days we should have.this many cases three days after that.double three days after that double.three days after that double okay this.virus is gonna keep on spreading until.something causes it to stop spreading.all right now but I promise to show you.those formulas so we're gonna find those.here we go this is the exponential.growth from the key difference between.exponential growth and linear growth in.linear growth if you want to double the.count here's the count it takes double.the time.and here you can see let's say you're.playing baseball the first inning you.get 20 points alright to get 40 points.you're gonna get 20 points every inning.here 20 40 60 80 100 120 that's all this.is whatever the previous number is plus.20 so if I'm getting 20 points per.inning in one more inning I should have.double the points but to double that.again from 40 to 80 I need two innings.and then from 80 to 160 I need four.innings from 160 to 320.I need eight innings that is linear.growth and it follows a formula which is.y which is a vertical axis right equals.the number in this case 20 times the.number of iterations one two three four.five gets 100 there's my hundred line.there's five five times 100 or no 5.times 20 equals a hundred to double that.to 200 I'm gonna get to ten innings to.double the 200 I've got to get to 20.innings that's that it's that street.baseball is what they use okay now an.exponential formula we have an exponent.involved here and whatever you're if.you're doubling then x equals 2 if.you're tripling then x equals 3 and.again you have this curve this.exponential curve it starts up real slow.and then just takes off because each.successive iteration is twice as much as.before so we have 2 to the N is.effectively what we have and it's.exponential look at this each line here.has twice as many as the previous line.this one is 25,000 this one is 12,500.this one's 6250 these are actual numbers.based on this these are 89 200 400 800.1600 3200 and then I got three more.lines involved I've got three more data.points that I extrapolated.based on these so all the previous lines.here this is based on data and this is.extrapolation so we get to see how.accurate this extrapolation is but there.you go don't forget the formula write an.exponential formula we'll have an.exponent a linear formula what's just.gonna you know two times ten three times.ten four times ten five times 10 over.here it's 2 to the 5 2 to the 6 2 to the.7 that's the the power of the the.exponents now I had a another one here.and you missed that one too so we're.gonna start at zero right we're gonna.double it no way to start at zero time.and we're gonna start with one I'm gonna.double that number at 2 to the 1 2 to.the 1 to the first power equals 2 all.right I'm gonna double it again with.another hand 2 to the second power.equals 4 2 to the third power right if.you get a cube 2 inches on a side is 2.by 2 by 2 equals 8 cubic inches and you.can see it starts low 1 2 4 8 16 32 64.128 256 before too long you're talking.about some real numbers we had a hundred.cases earlier this month on the roundest.second and we got 13 days left and what.what are the 12 days later we got four.more doubling times because it's three.days for a doubling time for so we.should be between two and four thousand.right now and what do we add we're at.three thousand okay the numbers are.holding out diseases progress and grow.according to the numbers they don't care.about you your politics your religion.where you live all they need let's see.I've got some stuff here for that so.when you again gosh I hope you saw that.I'm just gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna cry.I'll get it weep I'm gonna let's see.there's home ok I gotta pull this up.come on pull up there there I think we.got it shouldn't have three days to see.exponential growth that the time of the.doubling stays constant you follow me if.I'm gonna double every three days in.three days I got to three more days I.got for three more days I got eight I.got a I got a picture here to show you.this is the way let's say here where's.the screenshot.can we see this I can see down to read.by oh this is perfect okay I'm gonna.start with nothing and well you can tell.us nothing because there's nothing here.but I'm gonna put in one one Charlie.Victor one little Charlie Victor and you.can tell that there's one because back.here there's none okay this is doubling.every three days what does doubling do.that's where a cell divides right and.one cell becomes two cells and two cells.become three cells and three cells.become four cells but we're not talking.about cell division we're talking about.case counts well one person spreads it.to somebody else and then they spread it.to more people they spread it to more.people may spread it to more people so.we're getting this doubling right and it.gets pretty impressive in a real quick.time because each one of these images.takes three more days you follow me.and at this point they just took so darn.many I can't even count them let's go.back to one to one day yo so we have a.doubling time involved there's one we.double it it's 2 2 to the second power 2.squared equals 2 times 2.wait a minute did I do that right okay I.might have messed these up I started at.zero that's why okay well no matter here.two to the first power is 2 2 to the.second power 2 by 2 equals 4 8 16 32 64.128 256 512 that's a thousand and 24.this is 2048 and then I ran out of room.okay that's what this doubling is all.about alright but it depends on the time.the time of the doubling is a constant.that's why people have trouble that's.nothing to do with a Fibonacci sequence.totally different thing although that is.also 8 a growth function okay let me set.up my screen again here no there's a.chat.there's my this thing and here's the.notes oh good all right these viruses.grow because there's nothing to stop it.we have no immunity to this virus it's a.new virus that's you know the novel.Corona.we haven't been exposed to it before.h1n1 the seasonal flu that's floating.around and it's been around for what 11.years a lot of us have already had the.flu so we can't catch it from somebody.who has the flu because we already had.the dart thing and we have antibodies.all right so we can get hurt immunity.that way but for this to happen with a.corona virus you're talking a third of.us will need to get sick first again.what we're doing is starving the fire of.its fuel right without the fuel a fire.can't grow without food we can grow and.without us the virus can grow Charlie.Victor needs three things he needs host.without antibodies that's us that's you.that's me where is fuel it needs close.proximity to other people.can jump from one host to another these.are your social gatherings right your.interaction handshakes he needs entry.points so if you have this combination.of a host with no immunity he's close.enough to somebody else who also has no.immunity and that somebody else has you.know a mouth or nose or eyes and they're.exposed that Charlie Victor can jump.from one host to another this is how it.spreads and we got to stop charlie.that's what we need to do there's a.vaccine whether several in development.but they will be a year out right.there's no speeding up the vaccine.production process.jeez they might try it but sometimes e.vaccines do more harm than good.there will actually infect people rather.than then prevent them from being.affected and if it doesn't work we need.to know beforehand.there are antiviral medications on the.market now the problem there is they're.not always effective against every every.disease that comes along they can't ease.of some symptoms but right now most.medications are produced in China if the.medications aren't produced in China.most of the ingredients used to produce.the medications are made in China our.best weapon RNP is and this is a non.pharmaceutical intervention as what this.is called.they think Trump was wearing a hat.because he was sick and sweating now.they always have the you know when the.president gets down to work you know he.they put on the Hat and he's gonna go.out create jobs.he puts on a hat gets out there into.some industry where they're sparking.steel or some darn thing that's.showmanship he did look rather fatigued.has it been burning the candle at both.ends or does he need to be tested again.huh sometimes that testing isn't really.all that effective it can be incorrect.it can give you false results.if the President of the United States.was infected.could you tell people with would you.have to keep that you know under wraps.until it cannot be hidden anymore.there's a whole lot of things the.government doesn't tell us guaranteed.okay we have this thing it's called r0.in England they call it R not because I.use funny words like that that's what.they do okay this is the base.transmission rate of the virus now.there's other factors involved a lot of.my cultural people go to church every.single day worship several times a day.in crowds with crowds this can help.spread that disease and your are not do.your basic transmission transmission.rate can increase so effective you have.these large gatherings of people.frequently several times a day it's a.perfect breeding ground for this for.Charlie but for Charlie Victor.non-pharmaceutical interventions include.finding out who has it right so we have.to test them now this is what the.government's doing right now the CDC cut.out choked they choked the game a couple.of weeks back the tests that they were.developing was designed for all corona.viruses not just this corona virus there.are others there's the SARS the El Gregg.we had several years ago there's another.one called MERS and the ers I guess that.jumped out of camels or some darn thing.that killed a bunch of people but it.wasn't as transmissive so well because.they designed it for all three it didn't.really work so well.great CDC well I have a lot of issues.with the way the government is handling.this this response yeah I'm up early Jo.okay but the next thing you have to do.if once you find out who has it because.you're testing and you're testing a lot.of people if I know who's they've been.around now it's called contra contact.tracing now over UK they've actually.given up on contact tracing and they.moved up to.Mitigation just to try to slow it down.well you got to isolate the known cases.you have to isolate the suspected and.potential cases so much you find a case.right Charlie Victor is sick.who has Charlie Victor been in contact.with in the past seven to ten days.because the victim needs to be isolated.anybody who's been around needs to be.isolated if he's been on a bus with 50.other people you're gonna find all those.50 other people and isolate them as well.also going on the UK right let's say dad.comes home he's sick well he's gonna.stay home he's isolated but the rest of.the family is not limited in this I was.watching a doctor dr. John Campbell has.a series of great videos I'll well if.you're gonna isolate a person who's sick.you'd have to isolate everyone they live.with as well really nobody should leave.that building nobody should leave that.house you have to sanitize surfaces now.this gets into it you know you go out.you get all that toilet paper.you fight with a guy at Walmart to get.it he's coughing maybe you don't catch.the disease from him but if he's got the.disease and coughs on your toilet paper.that you punch him in the face to get.you just brought that toilet paper into.your home and if there's virus on that.surface you need to sanitize that look.bleach really is the the most effective.and cost-effective manner to sanitize.anything a gallon of water with about.two tablespoons of bleach will sanitize.all kinds of stuff and then you have to.keep these keep the virus out of people.right remember how I said you got that.the entry points you have PPE which is.personal protective equipment I can.write it right here.first of all that's for you Pro check -.and we'll put this in there because it's.it's a little bit of everything.there are gloves goggles respirators are.ok this list disease this virus spreads.through the air not only do you cough.and you get spittle and you cop on.somebody just spin their eye but also.just breathing out these viruses can.come off through the air now I think I.one piece biosuit with an independent.ventilator might be a little bit.excessive I don't think we're going to.equip a population of 250 to 300 million.people with one piece bio suits besides.which after about 30 minutes is so damn.hot and there you can't stand it.ok non-pharmaceutical interventions.should also include this right here and.this is in the wrong section let me cut.that out and paste it up here there we.go.so another non-pharmaceutical.intervention as well as sanitizing.surfaces wash your hands ok really soap.is great if you don't have access to.soap and water so you can give them a.good sudsy wash then your hand sanitizer.can be the next best alternative but you.get a whole giant section of the.population was running out buying a hand.sanitizer soap is cost effective and.will destroy the lipid cell structure ok.let's see.so PPE yo is that 95 strong enough is it.fine enough to prevent these things from.getting from getting through if it is so.darn small it's only got like 40 or 46.chromosomes or 49 or no DNA RNA strands.it's a pretty small virus is that then.95 good enough if it isn't what we're.just fooling ourselves ok we can expect.more restrictions are on the way.alright I've shown you the way this.thing doubles when they get back to that.for just a moment let's see here's the.screen.where are you just someone I want you.guys you us daily here it is this is the.one oh no that's not what I wanted.where'd it go Oh so we're there on the.left let me let me click on a few.hundred things here bear with me here we.go let's see I wanted to talk about the.more restrictions coming there's that.there's this can you see it you sure can.here's what's going on if we continue.doubling this virus every three days.from 150 to 300 to more than double 704.that'd be 636 okay 700 close enough.double that 14 1,700 close enough 17 to.34 3900 this is the doubling the time is.the same we've got to use these.non-pharmaceutical interventions to slow.down this rate of growth remember how I.said if the time is the same the number.of iterations is what what makes this.thing big watch this we're in March.first and if I double every three days.let's continue this a little while.there's four thousand nine thousand 21.on March 21st that's six days from now.let's say double that 50,000 they start.getting into some big numbers look at.this 115,000 if I go forward five days.and grow by that amount this is this is.why it gets a lot of hands so darn fast.the rate of growth keeps on growing okay.but right around here right around here.you got a million patients or a million.a million cases we've only got where are.you here no not that one.we've only got in the u.s. 1 million.beds we've got a million hospital beds.we could probably set up some tents and.get another million.beds but we start to get to that limit.we've only got so many doctors and.nurses now I've said I was talking with.a nurse and my typical ward a critical.care Ward would have a respiratory nurse.a general nurse and a doctor and this.would be the crew that could treat.typically 10 patients now they could.they could treat 20 patients.simultaneously but they'd be working.like dogs seriously it would be more as.much or more as could be handled so we.can't really get to more than a couple.million hospital beds now you got to.realize also most of these beds are.already full with people who were sick.with let's see the regular flu there you.have strokes heart attacks car crashes.troublesome pregnancies brain tumors.cancer heart of the heart attacks and.kidney dialysis broken legs a lot of.these beds are already full so we only.have about 200,000 in a given time to.work with right they're just not.investing in it now here's a critical.number here these are great numbers to.keep in mind let's see if I can make.that a little bigger so 80% of the cases.are going to be mild right it won't be.too bad you'll be fine.most of the people are going to come.through this and be happy as can be in a.couple of weeks it'll suck headache bone.eggs muscle aches toenail eggs tooth.aches it's gonna hurt you know you're.sore you're achy tired as all hell you.run a fever you have a dry cough okay.now the other 20% three-quarters of.those are going to be severe they're.going to need some medical medical.attention and this would be five percent.of these Victor of a hundred that are.going to need critical care intensive.care and if they don't get the medical.care they need they probably.we'll end up in the dead column so if we.have 200,000 beds.well the mild cases they're gonna be.sent home go home self isolate you know.drink water get some of that flat ginger.ale they like to give people eat some.chicken soup there's nothing wrong with.chicken soup these people are gonna.recover they'll be okay but these folks.need help they're having trouble.breathing pneumonia extreme fevers okay.so how many people would it take to fill.up those 200,000 beds.let's see where's the number okay get a.move what left so if you get a million.people sick about 200,000 of those.people would need medical care and if.they don't get it we're gonna start.seeing the death rate climb dramatically.once you fill up the hospitals that's.the key thing right there so somewhere.around here.we're in trouble because the hospitals.are full and we haven't even started to.double up yet we're still doubling every.three days okay so I took this one over.here this is the 5% critical all right.that's the blue column and over here is.the 21-day some because if you're.critical the numbers are saying that.after you know once you hit that.critical stage you're probably spending.an average of 21 days in the hospital so.once we start getting into these bigger.numbers a million and if we keep growing.every three days we'll be there in in.two weeks and a half okay in 21 days.this would result in 10,000 people sick.needing critical care that it keeps on.growing because tomorrow there's another.350 5,000 people getting sick 3,000 of.them are gonna need critical care now.you got 13,000 beds are full so then we.come up to this number here which is.check this out a week later you get.every critical care bed is full we don't.have the Mitch.January we don't have the capacity to.treat these people if we get to this.level right five to ten million people.are gonna start draw we don't have a.chance dude we can't give them more care.and the people that are in these beds.are gonna stay there for three weeks you.know somebody dies so that somebody else.can get a bed and get some care and even.then now you're you're a month and a.half out you sort of wear down the staff.let me have some of this juice here.there we go.you know if this keeps up this doubling.time every three days right because we.got nothing to stop it.we got no weed no antivirals that are.effective we don't have a vaccine all we.have is a population that makes a.perfect food for these things they get.into ourselves and they use them as a.factory to make more of themselves that.is what a virus does they're.self-replicating little thingies we keep.doubling this every three days let's see.how many people we have in the United.States we don't have this money we have.around missed money April 24th we're.full every just about every person in.the US is affected has been sick is sick.no definitely exposed let's count these.up.how many doubling times are we talking.about we are here the total starting.with a 75 over here says 18 doubling.times one two three four five six seven.eight nine ten eleven twelve after.twelve doubling times we're getting into.those danger hospital numbers 13 14 15.now we got four million cases a day.people getting sick you got 40,000.people that are critical and what number.is that 16 17 18.there's 18 doubling times.now mind you we've already used one two.three four we've got fourteen more.doubling times and we are in we're in.for it we would lose tens of thousand.people a day so if we could stress this.out right if we could use these these.non-pharmaceutical interventions where's.that word right here if we could use.these effectively restrict and.quarantine and isolate and sanitize and.use the PPE then we have a chance of.slowing it down all right.the big trick is keeping it under the.threshold at which the hospitals are.overwhelmed because once they're.overwhelmed the death rate goes up.dramatically some real quick numbers for.you okay this is the low estimate down.here whoops come back this is the high.estimate up here okay the low estimate.we figure 30% of the people are gonna.get sick now if that's slow enough.that'll work out that you know the folks.that do recover going to come out and.mother be immune so G so one fellow cops.on another one but the one he just.coughed on has already had the disease.he's not gonna catch it so this will.help slow down the transmission rate a R.is a called attack rate you figure.thirty percent of the people will will.probably be exposed in the US and get.the disease well we're looking at 97.million cases that's what we're looking.at that's the u.s. population of those.97 million cases 19th out 19 million.will be severe well if we got a Miller.if we have 1 million beds will you put.the other 18 million people that will.die if they don't get medical help this.is why we have to slow this thing down.we have to keep that curve keep the peak.of the infection down.so the hospitals can handle it because.when the hospitals get too full that's.it everybody after that dies they take.up a bed and somebody has a heart attack.that guy with a heart attack isn't gonna.get the treatment he needs.let's go back over here globally this is.the globe we could have with a low.attack rate of 30% we could have two.billion people sick this year which is.438 severe cases and using a let's say.case fatality rate of 1% and that's the.best figure I've got so far.and we're looking at 21 million people.die now in a more extreme case you could.see an attack rate of 70% and what that.does to the deaths is you don't want to.see what the top number is it this.starts to get really scary now mind you.most of the people are going to come out.the other end you got a survival rate.there's gonna be you know 97 98 percent.most of people are gonna survive but you.could have some changes in the world if.you lose five million people in the.United States Africa could be higher.with an attack rate of 85% because they.get a lot of closed communities and also.their medical system you know in most of.the African nations are it's the pits.Egypt does okay I understand.South Africa does okay but Djibouti.Ethiopia some of these nations have a a.miserable medical system okay well.that's what's going on there what can we.expect here worst case maybe five to ten.million in the u.s. a good case if we.can keep the numbers down if we can keep.it below a million long enough so that.the herd starts to build up some.immunity they get better they get well.and they've got immunity then we have a.chance but we we're not gonna do it if.we're doubling up every three days just.can't do it so.we need these non-pharmaceutical.interventions I'm gonna get back there's.the chat and there's my little notes and.way to go there you go there's this and.there there's home all right let me.catch up on a little bit of chat here I.can you're up early - I sure AM we're.waiting on the tally now ooh.did you break five I'd be curious to.know what that is.Joe says what state are you in I'm in.New York who has the most cases so far.look it's not a competition it's either.New York or Washington State right now.they have the biggest case counts I'm in.Florida I don't think we're at 16 or.something or 20 or 30 we could actually.look here here's the screen and I'm.gonna go over to johns hopkins website.here it is and we'll zoom in let's see.there's Australia here's Western.Australia wait a minute.there it is the United States right.there.New York you got 613 cases two deaths so.far I'm in Florida 76 cases three deaths.and Washington's pretty busy up here you.got 642 with 40 deaths I'm one of the.first place that it started up in.America so you're just barely behind a.Washington State yeah let's see you rest.2952 at last count where we at now.let's see now the account is tipping up.taking up every every few hours they.update this and the count is higher I'm.up this one reload 3045 that reloaded by.we got two extra cases in the past what.hour that's uh that's getting scary but.when we get into the bigger numbers when.we start getting 10,000 cases a day.which we'll see.in ten days right then the uptick would.be you know every couple of minutes is.another case another case another case.this before cases per minute right up.here.it's a case every second that's the.infectious rate of this thing and this.is why this is why I stress exponential.growth as being the enemy we have to cut.this doubling time down and stretch this.out now I took a I did this chart over.here right started 100 200 400 real.simple just binary doubling right and.we're following this pattern real sharp.we actually had a two day instead of.three and I'm able to change this number.at the top to say eight days if we were.running eight days in between there we.go it would be less and we would have.the hospitals would be full around.mid-june huh okay I changed it to 12.days you're stressing that out the.hospitals don't fill up until early.August okay so over here this section I.went through this whole learn thing and.here's two days three days four days.five days six days and what was 1% of.the population and these are the dates.at which we will hit 1% of the.population.okay it's real simple to eight let's say.100 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 keep on counting.that out till you get to 3.2 million and.this is 16 doubling times all right we.just have to double that 16 times how.many days in between doubling times will.determine the date we reach that so we.want that that t2 we want a doubling.time to be just as as big as possible.Europe well let me fix this Europe is.running.four to six days a lot of these.countries are okay.Italy is closer to two to three right.China has slowed right down they're not.really growing many cases.let's see France is probably three to.four days and we right now are two to.three so this is three weeks out people.at eight percent now you're getting more.cases than we can possibly handle and.it's fully out of control that's gonna.be 26 million cases now if we get a.three day doubling time which we're.showing now we'll hit that in five weeks.April 24th a peak where I take the 32%.attack rate if we peak at a hundred.million people sick with a disease.that's the end of April that's a month.and a half right now we got three.thousand cases we're gonna double it and.double it and double it every three days.we get twice as many more and the end of.the end of next month we got so many.cases my things get strange real fast.but most the people who get sick are.gonna get sick later on okay I'm gonna.get some more juice here because my.throat is a little dry let's see find.the chat and find the scene there's home.yeah mommy a little juice.so we'll take a five-minute intermission.here.there you go it wasn't five minutes.after all 6871 dollars was raised for.cancer that is that's that's YouTube.history in the making right there.Oh Joe says what's your estimated time.you think we kicked this in the butt.three months we look to history for that.now I got some pictures here we look to.history here's the screen can we see it.yeah 1918 wait a Spanish Flu come.through they may have started in the.u.s. in 1918 a lot of people got sick.but you had the end of the war 1919 and.all the troops came home now.you had where you had a lot of trouble.in 1918 in the war and Woodrow Wilson.had no choice but to send over.reinforcements because they were so darn.many people sick in France the head of.reinforcements and sure enough they sent.the flu raid on over at the end of the.war everybody went home in a very short.period of time that took the disease.with them and this went around the world.quick but it lasted a little while took.nine months for this thing to uh to.settle down.however people still went to work they.used PPE surgical masks all right they.still deliver the mail the cops still.did their thing again.PPE this looks like a British police.here but just uh let's travel around the.world and the US had killed more people.in nine months then all the Wars of the.last century right more people died from.the flu in 1918 and 1919 then world war.one world war two Vietnam the Gulf War.combined.and a bit instead of being spread over.several years like the wars nine months.but I had a graph somewhere let's say.1918 go back 1918 pandemic.let's see duration let's look at this.one and get you a pretty quick graph.here images this will show you the.waveform there that let's see if I can.open this open another tab okay.oh it's Wikipedia let's find the graph.here it is so it came in three waves the.early wave in six 29 July started out.some people got sick not too many not.too bad but it's it lingered and here.just spread around when the conditions.were right for that right virus to.spread it did just that and a whole lot.of people these this is a death rate.that's not the how many can contracted.the disease this is how many deaths per.thousand people and it went on until.almost uh let's see 629 1918 for.something generally for every March.April almost a full year here but three.distinct waves a year well they tell the.people you know don't send your kids to.school for two weeks two weeks think of.B no two weeks your kids are out of.school until further notice you may not.want to hear that but this is what's.going to happen let's get into this here.where's my notes bring this up okay.let's see there we have more.restrictions are coming guaranteed.look around and what the other nations.are doing and this is what we need to do.everybody you me them everybody needs to.be in the same boat if we're going to.control and contain this thing.and if it gets away from us millions of.people are gonna die we're gonna have.more restrictions over the UK according.to dr. John they're isolated gonna sink.in their home but the rest of the family.can move around freely this does not.jive with World Health Organization.which suggests that you should you know.take the entire family and isolate them.so you know just leave them home.everybody stay home makes no sense for.dad to be sick and the kids go to school.because they're taking it from dad and.spreading it that doesn't make sense.you'd have to home isolate the entire.family where one of the people is ill.and then you'd have to add some.enforcement to that somehow what yeah.tattoo their forehead I don't have that.one figured out so how do you tell the.difference when somebody who is sick but.not showing symptoms and somebody who's.not well you can check their temperature.but this disease spreads without.symptoms you can get the disease it's in.your body it's growing you're breathing.out millions of virus particles and you.feel just fine you don't know you're.sick and that's what makes this one so.darn insidious people are gonna say.almost they feel good man they gotta go.to Walmart you're gonna go to the movies.they're gonna go to a concert they're.gonna go to the go to the river take the.boat out play poker with their buddies.you have to expand the testing I guess.the the new rules of CDC and the Trump.plan have they got a recipe you gotta.click on the website to see if you.qualify for testing and I guess you have.to show symptoms but if you're.asymptomatic you're spreading and you're.not being tested huh that's gonna screw.the pooch unless we tighten that up.we can't tell who's sick who's not sick.who's got the disease and not showing.symptoms and walking around happy as can.be.unknowingly infecting others.we would have to limit mobility right.because we can't tell who's sick and who.isn't who's carrying the disease and.spreading it and who isn't.when muscle people feel fine for several.days we would have to limit mobility.when yuh if you get out of the house you.would have to have required PPE at least.a respirator perhaps gloves.perhaps goggles respirator have you even.got one billions are being made.supposedly let me get this right in.China some things in the world don't.make sense to anybody the kids would.have to stay at home you can't send them.to school after two weeks because as I.showed you this virus can go on for many.months for nine months to a year your.kids ain't going to school they lost a.year of school they'll be staying at.home studying and taking tests online do.some home schooling but what wait what.if you're gonna walk the dog alright I.know plenty of people they don't have.much of a backyard they got four dogs.you got them you submit New York City.all the time right one guy walking 30.dogs for people who live in kind of.houses what are you gonna walk the dog.is that gonna limit your mobility we're.gonna see closures any place people.gather socially schools in particular.universities you know you want a.confined room for an hour at a time then.you switch go to another room with more.different people and it's an ideal.breeding ground as I showed you before.this disease needs you ready.needs host without anybody's close.proximity to other people and entry.points so these places are perfect.schools Church restaurants you open your.mouth to eat that that delightful.whatever it is that yes served you with.200 other people in the restaurant.you're breathing it in you don't have a.mask on if you're dying in bars same.thing drinking dining football games.you've seen a lot of these already shut.down soccer NBA close their whole their.whole season.they said no more theater movie theaters.you're gonna eat popcorn at a movie.theater concerts how about the beach.would that be curtailed would they have.to stop you know close the beaches Jesus.good fresh air but is a social.opportunity.how about political rallies this will.test the resolve of our leadership.honestly politics and viruses don't mash.you get these rallies with tens of.thousands of people and some of them it.is an ideal breeding ground.you'd have to shut those down what does.that do for the American political.system does an offer an offer an.advantage to one party or another.everything from you know federal level.positions to town selectman people.gather in groups for this okay we have.to limit people in supply areas we still.have to get out to get supplies now it.looks like this virus task force is.going to rely heavily on Walmart and.their distribution system but you can't.have 500 people in Walmart at the same.time or a thousand people in Walmart at.the same time you'd also probably want.to ration some things you know who needs.for two rolls of toilet paper for Christ.sakes.what about odd/even days that's been.done before ration booklets do we go.with that.there's guerre Norway is closing and.prohibiting the Directorate of Health.has decided to ban and close cultural.events sporting events organized sports.activities indoors and outdoors this is.what you must do let me take a look at.Norway real quick here how they doing.Wow I totally just shut that window down.let's say reopen oops.let's go over CR Norway's doin here's.the screen thinking over here they're up.here Norway he is so far up north there.you go you've got a thousand cases in.Norway three deaths that's fortunate.you know but I believe this also.includes Spitsbergen or its fall bard.one of these up one of these other.places up here there's a couple cases in.Svalbard yeah you got to.you'd have to yeah you're in the.thousand club now though we can expect.to see some grouse we got to keep this.thing down.let me find my way home again here.there's the notes there's the home there.we go.Moore says gear all establishments in.the hospitality industry with the.exception of serving places where food.is served.ie canteens and eateries which can.facilitate that as visitors at least 1.meter distance food should not be served.as a buffet oh man that's my favorite.I like those Chinese buffets the.hospitality industry includes.restaurants bars pubs nightlife gyms.sure companies have provide hairdressing.services skincare massage and body care.right close contact this has to stop.tattoos piercings swimming pools water.parks.you got water parks up there man I just.like to be nice and warm in the in the.winter months yeah you'd have to you.have to limit these things some.businesses will close Apple shut down.all of stores in the US but we still.need some things we still have to have.groceries access to meds.how about maintenance service your uh.your air conditioner croaks and you live.in Arizona well your heater breaks and.you live in Alaska you sell have to get.fuel so you can get your groceries and.your meds especially if your limit to.Walmart and that's 35 miles away.we can expect disruptions as what's.going on let's see I had that list here.your personal services we can expect.these to shut down hair nails tanning.salons fun things to do because you have.fun with other people entertainment.movies Pizza Shops you know if they're.limiting it to at least 1 meter distance.look this virus transmitted as an.aerosol not as a particulate you can.COFF and you know throw some spittle out.but you can also transmit the disease.just by breathing out it walks directly.through the air as an aerosolized.particle it doesn't need the water.droplet now the one meter rule works if.it's a water droplet.right it comes out and lands it goes.ballistic it's gonna be pulled down.because of the mass of the water but.these transmitted without those droplets.so first would be you know 30 feet.across the room and catch it from you a.lot of these restaurants have a.ventilation system right you got the.heat they're cooking all the food.they'll have a ventilation system that.will draw that heat and and send it out.the ceilings in a center of a vent hood.so there's always this area of lower.pressure going from the dining room into.the kitchen it's kind of neat but I.think the staff would need to have some.some protection if they're going to keep.these things open ok we can expect.vacations where everybody goes to.Disneyland it's not going to happen.we can probably expect to travel to be.subdued going over the river and through.the woods to grandmother's house it's.not gonna be possible they're gonna have.to shut this down you're gonna have.people who are sick you're gonna people.have people who have have no job.temporarily right perhaps their business.clothes maybe they've worked at a.restaurant and you can't have it open or.where they worked at.a bar or a tanning salon or a body.massage or haircuts where you're in.close contact with people this is.entirely possible some of these business.with businesses will will have to stay.open and they'll need you know the.personal protective equipment I told my.wife she better stop wasting toilet.paper yeah well you know when you run.out of throat paper you have to go to.the store and get more now let me give.you this one let me give you that's the.wrong button let me explain why you we.need to stock up we're gonna go back to.the screen I can see the screen good.okay and who is it the daily no leave.til atte welcome back to this number.this giant column can we see this yeah.so here's the number of cases I remember.each doubling time every three days.currently we get twice as many cases.we're at 3,000 now three days ago we had.half that three days before half that.every doubling time as you get more and.more cases if you can still get out to.the store and you have the proper PPE.you have gloves you get a dust mask and.n95 respirator you got goggles you can.still get to the store but every week.let's see one two three four five six.seven there you go each week if you went.once a week.you've got more exposure opportunity.right now maybe you got 20,000 cases out.there a lot of these people are walking.around they don't have symptoms but in a.week you could have a hundred thousand a.week after that you got 800,000 people.walking around towards the end as these.these doubling times and really start to.kick in when you have 10 15 20 30.million people infected this is the.danger time this is where these.bread explodes this is how you get three.million new cases per day because you.get a lot of people walking around they.don't know they have it maybe they have.the respirators.let me grab one real quick let me show.you this 95 particulate respirator okay.let's see yours home nope face view and.you have this thing in the middle right.it's a beautiful thing remember you put.it on your face you want to squeeze this.so it forms around your nose this is a.valve like when I exhale and this is on.my face this valve is gonna pop open and.release my exhale right and what this.does is let all that heat all that.humidity out if you don't have the VAT.the unvented respirators you can.probably stand those on your face for.half an hour to an hour depending on how.much physical like physical activity you.have how much heavy lifting you're doing.because just breathing out the humidity.in your breath is going to cover this.thing it's gonna coat it dude it's gonna.be dripping and you can't draw air.through it so that respirator valve.that's the key to the whole operation.right there gosh without that you're.limited now you can take it off you can.let it dry out you can reuse it but if I.am breathing out and these particles are.able to get through that vent I'm.spreading it when I go to the store if I.have the disease and I might not know I.have the disease I'm still even though.I'm wearing this protection this.protects me it doesn't protect you.so I breathe I'm sick you have it on.your hair on your clothes on your.respirator right you've got a.gloves on your hands on your dog food on.your toilet paper on your cabbage.everything in the store that I walked by.all I'm doing is shedding virus because.I'm able to breathe it out okay once we.get a large enough population that's.infected to stay home the longer you.wait before you get out with each.passing week you've got a greater and.greater greater chance so how long do.you prepare for most people have well.half the people have about $500 in their.checking account to pay their bills and.buy groceries they can't afford to stock.up but your supply of groceries okay I.need to take a moment here I've got to.stir the beans okay I'll be back.this while I was up this is also handy.as the disease progresses progresses and.more chasers come to bear we're gonna.have a lot of people who are walking.around they do they don't know they have.it.maybe they have proper protective.equipment and 95 respirators they're.still transmitting that virus if you.don't have the equipment don't leave the.house right now we got a we got a couple.of weeks before the numbers really start.to climb but a month from now it's gonna.be a lot we can easily start approaching.the the one or two million case level.another week after that 10 times as may.the next two or three months it'll be.tough but let's say you walk around you.get to Walmart you're able to get out of.the house you got a permit or a pass.it's your day.you get some supplies you bring it home.okay your hair your clothes your goggles.your respirator could potentially Harbor.this virus now the virus can last on.services for several days depending on.the surface a couple three days is kind.of a lot but there have been testing.done and and up to nine days as possible.so if you need a respirator every three.days you use it you take it off you put.it back on in three days are you going.to get the virus from the respirator by.grabbing it to put it on your face you'd.want to put that away for nine or ten.days real simple keep it away from the.kids small kids wouldn't love to play.with such a thing all right seal it away.leave it in your car leave it with the.kids can't get it because it would break.my heart to see you know you just went.to the store you took this off you put.it away and you're looking there's a.there's a four-year-old playing with it.and.it's bad luck how you take this off is a.is an interesting thing you can't touch.the fun with your hands because well if.you do take it off now you're exposed.right once you take it off if it moves.are you shedding virus you know six.inches from your face I'd want to strip.off my shirt I wouldn't want to have a.pullover shirt if this is on my head.there we go here we go squeeze it up.here so fit your nose blow a couple of.times and see how many air gaps right.feel around.is it really windy over here okay if you.have glasses sometimes they'll fog up.which means you're not sealed properly.here squeeze it again but if I'm gonna.grab it like this I've got the virus on.my hands potentially okay I'm gonna take.it from the back take off the lower.section I'll take out the upper section.I'm gonna hold my breath holding my.breath I'm going to place that in the.bag and get away from the area where I.just took off took this up so I'm not.taking this off inside the house okay.once this is sealed up and I'm several.feet away from where I took it off then.I can breathe but I want to start wiping.down immediately with disinfectant with.bleach water jump in the hot tub if you.need to have you got one disinfecting.your clothes would be prudent there.people are shaving their heads I really.don't have that problem there I don't.have a lot of hair but if you have a.swimming pool or hot tub that chlorine.don't kill it right quick you know fully.emerge or submerge I think it's the word.and with your clothes on and then strip.them off and launder them as usual.laundry detergent will destroy the virus.chlorine and the swimming pool will.destroy the virus if you have a bromine.based system it'll destroy the virus.kind of handy but you want to disinfect.yourself completely preserve your.equipment and then you get a deal with.the supplies you just picked up all.right you put your respirator back on do.you leave your respirator on while you.wipe down all these items you just.picked up some of these items you might.just leave out in the garage or on the.porch for a few days and let you know.the 10-day waiting period go by before.you start touching those packages.unprotected but all of this will need to.be considered to reduce your your risk.of exposure but will have to get out you.know there's gonna be times if this.thing spreads the way the numbers.suggest once it gets really bad we're.into the multi million people infected.we are all at risk and this thing.spreads quickly.we need to know this stuff okay I'm.gonna be back to chat there it is.I've got this lined up and let's see.there's the home and my notes are in.place we can see good I'm going to catch.up on the chat but make that last bag.box run yeah people are getting up there.are people out there getting rolled coin.so they have something to do stuck at.home for you know for many many weeks if.you are picking up Bank boxes if there.is a case known in your town you might.consider picking them up with with.gloved hands not you know touching them.with your bare hands and letting them.sit for a week and a half at the very.least before you start opening them up.now the pennies and the rolls inside it.probably okay it's the surface of the.box that's the issue but Noah ten days.you probably have pretty good stuff.after that you probably had a really low.rate low risk of infection and go two.weeks if you want to but nine days is a.is the maximum test that has resulted in.eight and a surface of virus detection.nobody.saying anything about closing casinos.casinos should be closed all of them.every last one of them I hate to see it.people have a lot of fun Vegas gonna be.a ghost town Atlantic City forget it.cruise ships Park home baby Montague.says I load bags at a major airliner I.went loading 300 bags of flight to just.35 yeah we can see that long-distance.travel it's the ideal breeding ground.they don't have air sanitizing systems.on airplanes you're in a tube with 347.other people for eight hours of course.it's a breeding ground what do you think.that the disease is spread across the.world so quickly my sense says sorry.Monday I'll be screening people in my.work he's at a hospital so you probably.doing temperature check well it's a.great idea you'll catch the people that.are showing a fever but you don't catch.the people people who were asymptomatic.and you're gonna be in contact with.everybody walking into that hospital.patients doctors nurses some of these.folks may be infected may be.transmitting the virus but we got no way.to know Montague says this might be dumb.question but I guess slow down on coral.hunting now give it give it all you got.man I think it's a fantastic opportunity.if you're gonna be at home most of the.time you know all your free time if.you're not working no if you are working.you should have some free time but if.you have a whole bunch of free time and.you can't go to the arcade or to the to.the beach or to the bar to the.restaurant or watch a movie or pick up a.show what can you do at home that that.works Oh coin roll hunting is a great.way to fill that time spend some time.with the kids teach them learn it's man.you got nine months out of maybe a year.let's study up and get this all nailed.down here says the Charlie Victor can.survive three hours in the air.that's why the virus is relatively.contagious says uib University of IB I.don't know where that is.I think that's the first mention I've.heard about how long it survives in the.air so you go into a room you don't feel.sick.you have no fever but you're.transmitting the virus just by breathing.right you take a test alone breathing in.this room for three hours you'll walk.out of there and then somebody walks in.three hours later and they can catch it.from you with three hours of an empty.room yeah I can see that being possible.these things are lofting around in the.air.viruses are tiny man they're they're.microscopic the problem with being in.here is I start to dry up and become.less viable over time you have.ultraviolet lights I suspect that can.contribute to destroying them they do.thrive in a human body shreveport is 250.people at each casino is that how many.people are working at those casinos I.know they got some like casinos like in.Gulfport other places along the other.Coast and Mississippi and Alabama yes.probably the best time to read and study.and search what you have yeah it takes.me about a month to go through a box of.pennies but yeah I got a lot going on.how many pennies should you have dude.you've got all the time in the world to.go through every single coin even if you.don't know what you're hunting for at.least learn to identify what's different.this one is different set it aside.what is the fast who do they test you by.taking your blood swab a swab you've.been there you ever have the test start.let's see screen home pick that one a.swab a q-tip okay they got longer q-tips.you know probably better than these you.know I stick these in my ears because I.got your.troubles they're gonna swab the inside.of your mouth you're testing the.epithelial layers of your skin no it's.no worse than sucking on a lot of well.across and then they're gonna take one.and shove it like into your brain no.they'll get stick it up your nose too.they need to get about that far yet mmm.oh my might make you sneeze okay but.sinus to your nasal passages and the.epithelial cells.it's a swab a cotton q-tip probably a.bigger cotton q-tip then you get it you.know mom art or something same kind of.thing as the flu as far as the test now.they'll take the they'll take the swabs.I'll put them inside a special package.right write your name on it change their.gloves and you can do all this without.leaving the car you don't have to get up.out of your car just open your mouth.eggs they go like this okay good we'll.let you know give us your phone number.you might fill out a form first on one.side of the ten you pick up the form on.the other side you swab but they're.setting up testing centers and at.Walmart's which is that's pretty good.spot for it really they're giving up.some some space they're not gonna use so.many parking spots if the people aren't.going to Walmart all at the same time a.good distribution so you can send the.test kits the supplies the PPE to the.distribution system and get it to where.it needs to be either opening them up in.the well the places that they need at.most right now I guess Westchester New.York will be one of the first places to.open up and I'm sure they'll open some.up in Washington State and there's a web.site I don't have it yet I don't know.what it's probably like to roll Charlie.Victor gov or some darn thing where you.answer a questionnaire to see if you.should be tested yeah and I have a.sinking suspicion that it's going to be.do you have a fever which means if you.don't have a fever do you not qualify.because a lot of people are asymptomatic.they don't have a fever or.cough or muscle aches or any symptoms.but if you were in close proximity to.someone who was who is he'll that would.be a red flag and you should be tested.and if you fail the test if you prove.positive start with self isolation right.and there'll be another questionnaire.for at what point do you go to the.doctor and it's probably because you're.having you know serious difficulty.breathing and go from there but eighty.percent of us are gonna have you know a.mild or heavy cold effectively we'll.have body aches it won't be unlike the.flu but the other 20% they're gonna have.our time okay when we get back to my.notes okay because I've talked up most.of them let's see here's the home so.what I want yeah that's it okay scroll.up a little bit okay so with more.restrictions coming right there probably.isolate the sick in their home and until.until or unless they show serious issues.but they should also isolate them rest.of the family with them and well the.only way to enforce it is if you leave.the house and you don't have PPE they.send you back home and some countries if.you don't have a ninety five respirator.for example they will find you.and if they have to they will they will.pick you up and put you in a box and.hide the key or some darn thing we're.gonna have expanded testing we will.probably see limited mobility we're not.gonna be going to all these places we.like to go to school Church restaurants.bars go play games watch games watch.movies watch concerts going to the beach.will be problematic I suspect political.rallies that's gonna be the last thing.they kill yeah let's see limited people.in supply areas so they won't be packing.the Walmart full you'll get a.a every few days perhaps one day and for.where you can go to Walmart or something.that's open right otherwise you stay.home that's where that's gonna be could.these because we still need groceries.meds somebody to fix the heater right.fuel for the vehicle we still need these.some businesses will shut down for sure.we're gonna see disruptions we can see.outages of things that we like to have.perhaps fresh produce might not be the.best thing to offer for sale in a.supermarket for a while.TC yeah somebody walking through.sneezing coughing hacking breathing out.virus without knowing he's ill do you.want to buy that cabbage I think bananas.are pretty safe.pudgy toes with your bare hands you.gonna sanitize a banana produce is gonna.be hard.I suggest start a garden so you can have.at least some fresh foods geez radishes.are quick if you like some sort of.things with spinach quick I'm not gonna.have you got spinach you don't need a.huge garden spot to enhance your diet.with fresh foods and this keeps up your.your nutrients a lot of stored foods.canned goods they tend to lose some.nutrients over time well people gonna.have trouble for sure one disruption.we're gonna have trouble with the job.situation if they're closing down that.place where you work because you what do.nails or something you cut hair it's.hard enough to make ends meet with a job.are we looking at a recession or a.depression well looking back.historically they get back on their feet.pretty quickly after the the 1918 and.you had some Roaring Twenties right.after that that's Spanish flu outbreak.we will probably see some decline in the.numbers if you care about that sort of.thing you just you just bought bananas.today well wipe them down wipe them down.with some bleach water before you eat.them please open them up okay we can.expect the kids are gonna be at home for.the next several months now they start.up and say no school for two weeks.but there will expand that they will.extend that leg arasaka me says the.corona virus can survive three hours.oh we touched on that idelle be.homeschooling and online schooling look.how they gonna do that are they gonna.have like cameras so the teacher can see.that you're there because if I was a kid.and I was doing homeschooling.I'd be mooning the camera I'm not sure.of it man and I'd just be a rotten kid.let's see we're gonna see some items out.of stock and this will be temporary okay.this will be a temporary thing we might.have to go without some item that you.like to have for several months to a.year right some people like avocados.we're gonna hint towards foods from.foreign you know southern South African.southern American area gosh I hope they.don't kill the country that would kill.me but fresh foods bread that's a tough.one that's a staple item well bread is a.cook - pretty good temperatures 400 is.typical as long as it's bagged properly.men most of the bread is done by.machines anyway man I do like a fresh.loaf of bread though but other fresh.foods foods from the delis a sliced cold.cuts at the deli.would you trust it I mean you've got to.get hacking Marg back there already.operating that slicer that's the sort of.thing we have exposed food in a mmm and.an on machine mechanized area that's.people are handling that I would suspect.a deli to go down for a while here.here's your Oscar Mayer in a preformed.package but hair nail tanning salons.personal services where you're in.contact with a person this is probably.gonna go the way the dodo for a while.China offered local travel only with no.wood no mass travel right no buses no.subways go trolleys no airliners.no boats unless it's the only way to get.there and you had to have a pass to get.in or out of your apartment complex yeah.these are pretty strict pretty tight.controls but we'll have to go without.some things so there's me your kids are.gonna go without some things as well.what are they gonna do for fun shut in.the house or the backyard for four weeks.and months I'm gonna say outside the.backyard get some fresh air and they.kick the ball over the fence.I'll let the ball go you no longer have.a ball okay so there is some prudent.action we should take really I've talked.about this before you got a bunch of.truckers out there this is an entire.movement and they'll have safe places.campgrounds bunkers even look you got a.safe place yeah it's a good time for it.man get there and do your thing for the.rest of us well we should get some.supplies right focus on the things you.need most food water HBA have you got.public water.I see people buying barrels you know.shopping carts loaded up with bottled.water look the water system in your town.is still going to work that's gonna be a.critical element they're going to keep.those working but it might make sense in.some sense to have a you know some food.in the house if you're stuck in.quarantine for a while I think two weeks.would be a minimum to have in the house.and you can buy pretty cheap on an easy.if you have like you know TV dinners and.Chef Boyardee stuff and maybe some.Stouffer's meatloaf that sort of thing.and you can get by okay frozen pork.chops jeez some noodles this works real.easy a couple of weeks is not too bad.and there's some inexpensive food that.that will last or do a while but a lot.of people don't have 500 bucks to put on.groceries for a couple of weeks for a.family of six these are the hardships.we're going to see so of them we're.gonna have to find a way to to pull.together and solve all our troubles not.just our own and how long are we in this.that 1918 flu went.for over nine months the people still.worked that's what I've got for you.today guys that's my spiel let's say.here's a user face yeah that's what I've.got today it'll be tough it'll suck some.people will die but if we all understand.why we need to stay home why we need to.employ respirators and dust masks and.self isolate to keep tech numbers down.to keep the spread to a minimum so that.we don't overwhelm the hospitals because.if we do we drive up that that death.rate and we want to keep the the growth.ideally we everybody stays home.everybody for the next two weeks no.exceptions that could really do a lot to.knocking this down we have introduced.home school here homework for those on.our website very good makes you wonder.why you're paying so much in school.taxes when you can just leave them home.okay my daughter has school for this.week then closing after this week I.think it should be now you know they're.gonna stay down because in two weeks.looking at the members we're gonna have.10 times as many cases two more weeks.again ten times in many cases we're.barely starting to scratch the surface.of the number of infections that are.potential but you figure the next couple.of weeks are gonna be the easy couple of.weeks and then it gets tougher and.tougher and more people are gonna get.sick we're gonna start to see and know.people who were cool taking hill and.most of us gonna be okay with it we'll.be you know getting better cities morgue.will not be enough for the dead humans.City will have to drop off places for.the dead bring out your dad yeah bring.out your dad yeah how does that work.you're gonna be on the squad going.around to pick up the dead this has.happened with every.Demick in history they're doing it at.China now picking up the dead in their.homes not everybody wants to go to the.doctor wants to go to the hospital.knowing they're terminally ill in order.to die next to some guy who drools.a lot of people would be if they know.it's coming let me stay home and die.with my family at my side we can expect.that especially as you know older people.with respiratory problems pre-existing.maybe some immunodeficiency issues they.may choose to just skip the hospital.because they're already overwhelmed too.so if we got one or two million cases.nationwide most of the hospitals are.gonna be full where would you rather go.in the hallway of the osteoporosis ward.knowing nobody because your family isn't.going to be visiting you at the hospital.or jisu you're 74 years old you've been.married for 53 years and she's right.here you gonna stick with her yeah.thanks honey ten you told me a lot I.didn't know there's a couple more videos.I put up you might checked out usually.it has a a farm theme you know.independence you know it's not a bad.time to grow a garden just you can have.fresh food fresh vitamins fresh amino.acids fresh nutrients whereas you may.have trouble you know by the time these.things start to come ripe.you may have some issues getting them.from the store from the local market.it's not a bad time to get things.tightened up right if you really have to.have those hockey tickets for the season.because it might not be any hockey take.hockey for the season same thing with.with other plans a lot of folks plan.vacations for weeks or months in advance.you're really going to war a cruise in.June maybe you can get that you know.cash back or something what sorts of.things would you like to have in the.home if you had to be there for a couple.of.weeks even if it was just a mild case.you know you're sick yeah kind of you.play so get around for most the time a.better chair clean towels what do you.like books a lot of people in this group.go through coin rolls a they search.penny rules for varieties of coins and.valuable coins it wouldn't be too bad to.you stock up on a couple hundred bucks.for the pennies that'll get you by for.several months even if you spent all day.every day believe me you'll stop and.take a break now and again.believe me you know you start to get.kind of funny if you look at pennies for.too long you know well we're gonna see.more things coming down the road we.can't predict everything some of these.some of these ideas that I can be thrown.at us are gonna be gonna be kind of.harsh some of them we aren't gonna want.to go along with easily if they tell you.sorry you can't you can't go visit your.grandmother across the river because.it's another jurisdiction well maybe.it'd be a good idea to get one of those.phones where you can talk to work live.or a laptop in fact so you can see your.head real big in at least no talk live.and get her trained up so there's get it.dude I barely know how my phone works I.heard for three months I got this cell.phone I could not call out with it they.just confirmed three cases on the island.geez and now Guam has it that's a brand.new one I've got a lot of roles to go.through what we're not talking toilet.paper rolls tiny rolls.mm-hmm there's a neat thing gosh if you.got six months nine months or a year to.dedicate to learning what these things.are how to identify them properly you.come out the other side with a valuable.skill what happened to thee what the. happened to these pennies I'm binge.watching your old stuff we'll get back.to it we'll get the big show tonight.I've been kind of distracted with.I've got about two more issues I have to.get gnarled up so that I have my.situation as good as it can be because.look it's not the time to panic because.that doesn't solve anything but it's not.the time to be complacent either really.take directed action with purpose to get.a result and and keep you in a more.advantage you know a more advantage take.advantageous position whatever that.position is maybe now is the time to buy.that house or build that shed or put up.the gate or a fence along the back or.fix those leaking windows well just.taking the next nine months off and and.tighten up that's what we're gonna do.we're gonna tighten everything up we're.gonna have social issues come out of.this there you go you go shopping in a.couple of months you don't want to get.near this guy over there you're walking.down the street and here comes somebody.walking towards you you want to cross.the street or turn around or get off the.sidewalk look other people are not the.enemy we go through it yeah listen says.stay the home watch this let me let.me get this one here okay let me show.that one all right this is a great site.and went over this a couple of days ago.here's home.I need the screen yeah okay I need the.top and up here at the top let's look at.it let's see you're the screen they're.right up here we see this there stay the. home calm here it is that's not too.hard to figure out is it stay the.home it's a movement to stop the.cupboard 19 pandemic and now we went.over this.three days ago when the number of.infected cases was half of what it is.today don't panic be alert wash your.hands often and well right and why is it.important this is far more contagious.and far more deadly than the flu and.hopefully I explained to you the nature.of of this geometric doubling right the.nature of exponential growth where the.time remains the same but the growth.increases and can double over and over.in the same time we have to reduce this.doubling time to four days five days six.days and we don't have time to wait.what are we marching 14 now in two weeks.if we don't change this and it took a.couple of weeks for China to get their.numbers to slow down and they were.shutting down entire cities locking them.down nobody leaves or their home for.from now on it took a couple of weeks at.least for that to start to take effects.and they started it when they had what.10,000 cases so that was another thing.in what at a show let's see where's the.button yeah right about here right.around 10,000 cases is when we start to.see more strict measures more severe.measures Italy just went to what 14,000.and about 12,000 Italy shut down the.whole darn nation shut it down and now.that seems right in here is where we're.gonna hit that and that'll be let's see.if we are here today on the 15th three.days six days between three and six days.from now we might start to see entire.cities shut down how about New York City.about Kings County Washington yeah and.if we don't see it then surely a couple.three more days after that they'll be.doing they'll be taking these drastic.steps because drastic.problems call for drastic steps to stop.it let's see where's my button there's.one button there's that button now we.can find a chat and we're good.I can't amana you're out of roles ma'am.I'm sorry to hear it.well it look if you're out of roles you.can always go over the eBay and just dry.with those mm-hmm it's okay can I have.fun as long as you know what to look for.when hunting yeah look for anything out.of place out of the ordinary when you.look at it say that one doesn't look.like this one uh-huh that's funny when.you say that's funny that should be the.flag that said you want to hold on to.that or check it out further or.investigate it further working a flight.I was trying to catch the end that's all.right you can watch it again that's okay.look I'm gonna take off it's on me for I.was gonna eat a little I had a few hours.of sleep there well while big t was.doing his thing.good lord that was history in the making.you know but I want to thank you guys.for stopping in and listening to me rant.hey feel free to share this with other.people if I made enough sense that maybe.I convinced you to you know to really.improve your situation and get ready in.a reasonable manner.share the word okay I'm out of here guys.

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You get many features like 'Add fields,' 'Merge documents,' 'Invite to sign,' and a few others, all meant to make it user-friendly and comprehensive.

The best thing about CocoSign is that it functions on all the devices you utilize, so you can depend on it and can sign electronic documents irrespective of the device you are utilizing.

How to create an electronic signature for the 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form in Chrome

Chrome is probably the most welcome browser recently, and it's no wonder. It has all the features, integrations and extensions you can demand. It's extremely useful to have all the tools you use available, due to the browser extensions.

Hence, CocoSign has partnered with Chrome, so you can just go to the Web Store to get the extension. Then, you can sign your form directly in the browser. These are a few simple tips to lead you through the signing process:

  1. Discover the link to the document that needs to be signed, and select 'Open in CocoSign'.
  2. Use your registered account to log in.
  3. Discover the link to the document that needs to be signed, and select 'Open in CocoSign'.
  4. Direct to 'My signature' and generate your designed signature.
  5. Find the right position on the page, add the signature, and select 'Done'.

After following the above guide, you can either save the document or share it to as many recipients as you need.

You will find that CocoSign has made efforts to make your Chrome signing experience as pleasant and unworried as possible, by adding a wide range of handy features, like merging PDF files, adding multiple signers, and so on.

How to create an electronic signature for the 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form in Gmail?

Email is the major way to send documents recently, and going paperless has a lot of advantages, speed being the main one. You can sign a document and have your partner receive it immediately.

Your email recipient is one click away. This simple process can be applied to any documents that needs a signature: contracts, tax forms, and all kinds of agreements or declarations.

The great thing about CocoSign is that it helps you sign electronically the 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form in your Gmail, without having any other devices involved. You can do that using the CocoSign Chrome extension. There are only five simple tips you need to follow to sign your form right in your Gmail account:

  1. Find the CocoSign extension in the Chrome Web Store, and download it to your browser.
  2. Log into your Gmail account.
  3. Direct to the Inbox and find the email containing the paper you need to sign.
  4. On the sidebar, you will find the button 'Sign'; click it and generate your personalize e-signature.
  5. Once you select 'Done,' the signature will be completed, and the signed document will be automatically saved in a draft email generated by the CocoSign software.

Saving time was the primary concern behind the efforts made by CocoSign to develop a secure and safe software that can allow you to waive signing docs with pen.

Once you try the software, you will immediately become one of the many satisfied clients who are enjoying the advantages of e-signing their documents right from their Gmail account.

How to create an e-signature for the 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are so evolved recently, that you can utilize them for anything what you can do on your laptop and PC. That's why more and more people are finishing work task from these mobile devices, saving even more time.

It's also a huge benefit work from home. As long as your internet connection is stable, you can conduct your business from anywhere.

When you need to sign a 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form , and you're not in the office, the CocoSign web application is the answer. Signing and sending a legally binding document will take seconds. Here is what you need to do to sign a document on your phone online:

  1. Use your browser to go to CocoSign and log in. If you don't already have an account, you need to register.
  2. Discover the document that needs to be signed on the device and open it.
  3. Open the document and go to the page to insert your esignature.
  4. Select on 'My Signature'.
  5. Create your designed signature, then download it on the page.
  6. Once you have done, go over it again, select 'Done'.

All these tips won't take long, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant benefit of CocoSign is that you can use it with with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal method, and it simplifies workflow, it's safe.

How to create an e-signature for the 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iPhone is not at all hard. You can sign the 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will find the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to search CocoSign.

These are the tips you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Download the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. With your email to generate an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Discover the PDF that needs to be signed on the iPhone or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Discover the place where you want to add the signature; select 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Put down your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

Once finished, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and send it by email. As long as you have a efficient internet connection, you can sign and send documents instantly.

How to create an electronic signature for the 49 Cfr Part 396 19 Form on Android?

iOS has lots of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most phone users have an Android operating system. To fulfill their needs, CocoSign has developed the software, especially for Android users.

You can get the app on Play Market, install it, and you can start signing documents. These are the tips to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Select on '+' to open the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Discover the place where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write your signature.
  4. Insert it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to save the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your clients instantly. CocoSign is the best way to sign many forms every day, all at a low price. It's time to forget all about physical signatures and keep it all electronic.

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