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[Music].rise and shine let's wake up with.watches I'm back on the attack with an.incredible collection of timepieces.remember everything that you see here is.for sale so even if it's not listed on.our website yet it's ready to go just.give any one of our sales reps a call.and remember full prices for all watches.in the description so if you're.wondering question answered now let's.jump straight into the table and we have.some incredible watches on the table.today starting with two dive watches.that can best be described as eternal.rivals and we're comparing the latest.version of each so the Rolex Submariner.and the Omega Seamaster the sub hasn't.been fully redesigned since 2008 so it's.probably on its last legs as part of the.Rolex collection I expect we'll see a.new sub or a new Daytona any year now.because frankly they're both.superannuated that said the 25th.anniversary see master diver 300 meter.bout last year in 2018 so watch that is.10 years newer than its rival 42.millimeters you have a ceramic bezel you.have a ceramic dial but the ceramic dial.has been chromed giving it a lovely and.lustrous metallic appearance you can see.that Omega wave style dial and then all.of the indices in the hands are.beautifully blued the bezel itself has a.metal base a ceramic insert and it's 42.millimeters on an impressively complete.bracelet that has both a push-button.slider and a fold-out extension you can.see for the first time on this series on.the standard three hand model you have a.permanent display case back and a new.conical helium escape valve that you can.actually open underwater in the process.of ascending or descending if you feel.it might be needed now let's quickly.throw the Rolex up and admit that it's.still got a lot to recommend it 40.millimeters it's a bit more wearable.than the 42 of the Omega and it's.definitely thinner as this watch is.about 12 point 7 milliliters thick and.the Omega is a full millimeter thicker.than that handsome simple and iconic the.first Submariner owners of 1953 would.still recognize this watch today and I'm.willing to bet that if we take ourselves.all the way up to the Submariner.centennial in 2000 53 that original.watch and this watch both will be.recognized as subs I'll thrown it on the.wrist.it's important to note that this is a.timepiece that wears like a bigger watch.so although this is a 40 and the Omega.is a 42 the Rolex super case six digit.sub wears like a 42 so on the wrists.eyes closed I'm really not aware of the.additional size of the Omega as the.Rolex takes up almost as much real area.on the wrist the only thing that I'm.aware of when I need to cuff the two.watches is the thickness of the Omega.let's do a hook bezel comparison the.sound of each up against the mic that's.the Rolex bezel which is the standard.for both crispness and refinement we'll.don't also do a wrist shot of the Omega.you can hear the Omega has a different.sound to it it's an it's a bit more.coarse I have to admit it's just as.precise but it isn't quite that.combination of click and slide that you.get with the buttery Rolex now you can.see this is an impressive watch and.you've got a lot more color choices as.well as strap options if you want to go.in this direction so please remember.although the Rolex is eternal and it is.easily the mindshare hegemon in the.market this watch is a better value and.it gives you more options now throw and.open that clasp I told you it has a full.fold out as well as a push button slider.and you can see both of them in action.right there this clasp is better than.Rolexes Rolex with the 20 millimeter.easy links well not easy link glide lock.easy link would be on a standard clasp.here you have glide lock twenty.millimeters have adjustment in two.millimeter increments it's nice but it's.not as good as what omegas offering not.these days Rolex it's time for a new.cell all right let's talk about.something completely different for the.true connoisseurs who are into the.higher ology the Bell or low jelly we.have the 2016 Bulgari octo Tour beum.ultra narrow it is a flying tourbillon.manual wined ultra thin in blackened.titanium and note the use of contrasting.polished and satin finished dlc on the.case so the case is both satin and.polished and you can see the contrast of.the satin and polish on the flank of the.case now the watch is only five.millimeters thick and the movement.itself the flying tour beyond caliber.bvl to see.it has a 52 hour power reserve and yet.it is only one point nine five.millimeters thick this is true higher.ology built in the valley didja in the.old Jarrell jente and Daniel roped.manufacture so it is a true manufacturer.product we'll go back to the dial one.more time and you can see it is a flying.tour beyond with no upper Bridge and.razor-thin it has a glorious black.lacquered dial base with rose gold hands.indices an Arabic numeral 12 and it.beats way a 21-6 it has a lovely.variable inertia balance with outboard.masses that gives the balance a little.bit more of a beefy appearance it's a.big broad ring of gold throw it on the.wrist and it almost disappears it is as.thin as the octo phanie Simo automatic.in fact by my calipers about 1/10 of a.millimeter thinner it is a stork an.imposing watch but so light and slender.you close your eyes and forget it's.there this is an impressive statement of.capability by Bulgarians in 2016 as the.octa one was really hitting its stride.this model was proof of concept as well.as proof of Bowl Curry's resolved to.join the best in the business as a true.manufacturer I love that watch remember.all prices in the description so if.you're just joining us expand the.description and you can see the price.we're asking for that and I have to say.it's quite reasonable for a hydrology.tour beyond now speaking of higher ology.there is one watch that has the unique.quality of being an entry-level.timepiece and yet the most sought.product of its brand launched in 2009 of.course that is the FP Jorn chronometer.the 39 millimeters in polished tantalum.the watch is only about eight point five.millimeters thick and as you can see 39.millimeters in diameter with an.explosive mirrored translucent blue.lacquer dial that features off white.printing it's not actually white it's.more of a cream color with those.handsome biomorphic join hands now you.have a polished and completely smooth.mirror dial face but then you have a.concentric circular guy O'Shea in the.small seconds register for a different.lighting effect it's almost like a BMW.roundel as I am moving it through the.light turn it all over it's based on the.calibre 1304 and you can see it says.Crona met which is a little bit.contentious because it is not COSC.certified Jordan adjusts this movement.in six positions and says it exceeds the.COSC well I put it to the test and in.six positions it is in fact beyond COSC.standards with an excellent delta of.under six seconds twin mainspring.barrels a 56 our Manuel Juan Powell.reserve and as you could see the.movement is made of 18 karat gold.bridges and plates now it also has a.hidden train so you can't see the.transmission through the wheels from the.twin mainspring barrels to the escape.and you can see the escapement but you.can't see the train because the train.runs under the dial giving you a broad.open Valley to appreciate the Condors or.Barleycorn finish of the baseplate there.is engine-turned per Lodge in two sizes.there is cote de genève and you can see.there is that barley corn with a satin.finish across the wheels as well as the.barrels throw it on the wrist it's an.easy watch to loaf because like the.Bulgari it's higher ology and remarkably.slender fitting underneath any cuff this.is an all-around watch it's 40 it's.formal it's whatever you want it to be.the only thing I can say for sure is.despite appearances it's not loomed and.it's not swimmable but hey no watch is.perfect can I find a rival with three.hands for the chrono met blow on the.table well it's got to be from a great.independent it has to have impeccable.watchmaking inside real horological.quality and it has to have a trick dial.well that adds up to the Moser and c-h.Moser NC endeavour Center seconds with.the signature sunburst fume a smoked.dial white gold leaf style hands there.is a lots of style counterweighted.seconds and note the beat at 18,000.vibrations per hour or 2 point 5 Hertz.the 5 beat per second movement chugs.away almost like a pocket watch now the.timepiece is chock-a-block with clever.thoughts 41 millimeters you could see.that it's relatively slender and profile.at under 10 millimeters thick with these.case hollows that are mirrored and.concave they are beautiful and they add.complexity to both sides of the case.you'll also note the wrap rather than.longitudinal set and finish we have.vertical on the small sculpted satin.flank of the case there is also a little.bit of a concave quality to the bezel to.visibly pare down the mass and.then underneath you could see there is a.kerf underneath the crown so you can.more easily dig in your fingernail now.let's zoom in on the movement you can.see this is Moser manufacture caliber.three four three.twin mainspring barrels you can see.they're set in Joule fixed shuttle as on.a pocket watch you have a sort of swans.neck extended pocket watch style click.spring which is lovely beaten away slow.beat big balance free sprung with a full.balance bridge adjusted in six positions.not the chronometer standard five there.is no place for variation to hide over.coil hair spring solid gold 14 karat.gold escapement for minimal friction.it's expensive but it does reduce.parasitic drag there is a miniature.Powell reserve and though the watch is.rated for seven days of Powell reserve.it will in fact run for nine under.promising and over delivering that's.German Swiss watchmaking mirrored and.glossy on the edge of every bridge with.mirrored black polished screw heads and.you'll appreciate that unique double.crusted cote de genève that is a.signature of Moser watchmaking of course.they make all their own parts the.balance the hair spring even the.escapement at precision engineering.their subsidiary for small.high-precision components throw it on.the wrist forty-one millimeters and the.lug shape really comes to your aid here.if you got a smaller wrist a forty one.dress watch might sound big don't worry.about it this white gold wonder is easy.to wear on a small wrist and you can see.the lugs arc around my wrist at the edge.so I've got plenty of clearance but the.ergonomic equation is superb and it adds.up to fun motor company that makes about.1,500 watches a year so exclusivity is.guaranteed and they are the German Swiss.FP horn in my opinion now here's a watch.that came out in 2005 250 years of.Vacheron Constantin and they're banging.it over your head you can see the Geneva.hallmark on the dial side turn it all.over and you could see they are boasting.of 250 years the reference number eight.five two five zero do you get the.message hell yeah.Geneva hallmark manufacturer caliber two.four seven five featuring a 22 karat.mass that has been rows lathe gyoja cut.the watch is 40 millimeters in white.gold and as you could see it's a day.date with a power reserve and it is a.French calendar because of course Geneva.the watch has a lovely sort of cross.di O'Shea on it style and a handsome but.have calculated the symmetry by virtue.of the pocket watch style off-centered.power reserve broadsword hands with a.lovely syringe style point and then you.can see they are half frosted for higher.contrast throw the watch on the wrist.but first gander at those lugs which.feature a little bit of a concave inward.can't with an incredible crease line up.lovely and I'm going to show you from.this angle.a lovely inward tilting angle that adds.an expressive negative volume to those.lugs by the way welded lug construction.impressive case making with a beaded.bezel flanked throw it on the wrist easy.to wear like the Moser but a very.different character about this watch.it's more formal it's more traditional.it is very handsome and impeccably.handmade inside and out this is about as.good as Geneva watchmaking gets in the.modern era and with the convenience of.automatic this 2005 model year two.hundred and fiftieth anniversary.Vacheron reminds you that vash Ron is.the oldest watch brand in Switzerland.that has never been discontinued never.gone on hiatus continuously in operation.since 1755 absolutely outstanding now.let's talk about a watch that takes us.down a notch in terms of price but.sacrifices no style this was launched.three years ago and it is the range.rover by Zenith so this is the zenith.chrono mastercase 42 millimeters.it is a Sarah mised piece of aluminum.and you can see that it is very very.light and stark but it is also very very.tasteful as zoom-out a lab it Andrew.let's move away from the dial you can.see the only Range Rover branding on the.watch becomes almost imperceptible and.even a few inches length from the dial.the dial has an explosive and involving.vertical satin grain with a grain like.brushed stainless steel you can see how.the our register down at six o'clock has.been minimized to give it a classical.twin register look and then you have.rhodium plated steel diamond polished.indices applique on the dial fully.loomed a hundred meters water-resistant.with an expensive and impressive.box-section sapphire not flat not domed.this is expensive as sapphires get.three-dimensional the.watch is feather-light because of the.ceramides aluminum core of the case and.you can see there is a lovely bridge of.Weir style leather and it is perforated.on top of a rubber strap so this is the.same leather color and pattern that you.will find inside a Range Rover now.there's a little bit more Range Rover.branding on the back as you can see el.primero for Range Rover and Range Rover.on the rotor but so subtle handsome and.easy to wear 50-hour powell reserve.column wheel high beach 36,000 for.bration per hour el primero movement and.a lovely and distinctive dial this is.automotive co-branding done right and.not just right damn close to perfect.among the best of the best alongside the.Sierra local 2 am Vox series so let's.talk a little bit more about accessible.watches because let's face it it's.always wonderful to dream but you want.dreams to come true too and while you're.working your way up to one of these.high-end independence or even the zenith.you might want to consider something for.under 2 grand.and that's exactly what Oris offered 42.millimeters with a lovely lacquer green.dial in 2016 this is the diver 65.stainless steel 42 millimeters it is a.dive watch in the tribute of the 1965.worse original and the timepiece.features a lovely British racing green.gloss lacquer dial with a handsome.off-white sort of a crew index color now.the hands are slightly lighter luma nova.so that they have a more pronounced glow.at night the watch features a.unidirectional bezel and as you can see.it's a light duty diver suitable for.diving with a screw down crown and 100.meters with a constant seconds and dive.bezel but this isn't necessarily the.thing you would take were say you would.take a Rolex deep seat nevertheless most.of us do desk diving with our watches.and this is more than enough a wonderful.and substantial leather strap to orous.really specs the good stuff and you can.feel and you can see that this has a.wonderful vintage look and a supple.almost buttery feel in the hand I would.compare it favorably to the hermas.straps on parmesan tea it's that good.throw it on the wrists one more time and.now let's dream once more let's dream of.a giant platinum multi complication from.one of the truly great houses in.watchmaking let's speak of luck all.Mazal of the valley did you.jesh sherrilyn cooled now in 2005 there.was a new master grande Ravi and this.was it bigger than before the watch.included a new calibre 909 that was not.just an automatic winding master 1000.hours control perpetual calendar.mechanically programmed with only a.single point of control so you cannot.accidentally make up a combination of.northern and southern hemisphere moon.phase day date year decade century it's.got a tall but it also has an alarm and.not just an alarm it has a vibrate note.note the indicator it is a vibrate and.ring alarm toggle so 100 pieces in.platinum 43 millimeters and incredibly.massive you can see that this is a very.special watch with JL C's distinctive.memo Vox caliber hot-rodded with the.dual mode and the Kurt Klaus IWC.synchronized mechanically programmed.perpetual calendar let's fire it up and.hear it vibrate and alarm it uses the.vibration mode for when you need.discretion it uses the alarm mode with a.hanging separate Goong so that it is.resonant and vocal when you need it to.be okay so now we're gonna hear this.alarm first in vibrate mode.so it has those two modes and in vibrate.you really do feel it on the wrist so.Richard Mille now helling the ridiculous.vibrating alarm from RM well guess what.they were beat to the punch and are you.surprised.it was JL see that did it it is a.substantial watch on my 16 centimeter.circumference wrist you could see that.the watch is massive its imposing it has.presence it is a commanding timepiece.with a delectable ruthenium coated slate.dial it's somewhere between silver and.slate and that's the magic of ruthenium.metal this watch has it all.dual mode alarm automatic winding six.position adjustment perpetual calendar.and a northern and southern hemisphere.moon face jlc I like I still love I I.have to say I like the watch I still.love the brand it's hard to feel.anything but nostalgia and sentiment.towards your first love now in 2015.Omega launched what should have been.regarded with jubilation as the rebirth.of the pie pan constellation with the.constellation Globemaster deliveries.were slow and I feel like Omega missed.its moment but the watch remains one of.the best in its catalog and one of the.best all-around errs in the business.Rolex chilena is not this impressive.Knorr Rolex Chiellini a hundred meters.water-resistant like this Globemaster.constellation 39 millimeters in.stainless steel the watch features a.coined tungsten bezel and if you look.closely here you can see that the bezel.is a darker gray than the silver steel.of the case now the dial does feature.that multi faceted pipe and style 1950s.evocative blue sunburst I'll fully.loomed turn it all over and you see the.image of the observatory is featured on.the 1952 inaugural constellation.reminding you that back in the day it.was an observatory chronometer today.still a chronometer and a remarkable.master chronometer with the mate oz.certification so that is everything from.water resistance to power reserve to.winding efficiency to fully cased up six.position chronometry tests dual.mainspring barrels 60 hour power reserve.and you can see a coaxial chronometer a.magnetic with the silicon hair spring.and the watch features fun functionality.such as the time zone function that.allows you to step the ow.and independently of the other functions.as the watch keeps keeping on and.keeping time you can actually cross the.International Dateline in either.direction the timepiece with a full.alligator leather strap and a deployment.clasp with twin trigger release so this.is a remarkably deluxe piece and one of.the best omegas you can buy nay one of.the best watches you could buy at any.price in the industry right now let's.talk about a piece that was built from.1997 to 2007 and still remains pretty.close to the Platonic form of watch this.is the Elanco runes ona saxonia big date.a remarkable Saxo matte powered.automatic 37 millimeter white gold.monster this is a little giant a black.dial made of sterling silver black.galvanized you can see it features looms.so it's very versatile and you can also.see that it features the signature big.date of a long guten zona with a pusher.corrector that has the same tactile.pleasure and snap of a fine column wheel.chronograph now the watch is just over 9.millimeters thick and white gold and the.movement is a masterpiece.so the l9 21 of course work started in.1992 that is why it is the l9 2.featuring a double precious metal rotor.the rotor itself is 21 karat yellow gold.and then you could see that the mass at.the end of the rotor is platinum and.they're joined by blued screws.engine-turned pelage glass Oota stripes.German silver bridges made of nickel.copper and zinc with the copper giving.it its golden hue black polish on the. for the escape wheel and the.balanced with a black polished.swans neck regulator and of course.freehand engraved surface so no two are.exactly alike that half bridge is.freehand engraved and of course there is.zero reset seconds so when you want to.set this watch to a time you pull the.crown out watch the seconds reset.straight to the index at 60 resetting.straight to the index and zeroing out.for easier setting against a reference.time throw it on the wrist 37 remains a.pretty much universal size it is a.traditional men's dress watch but it can.also be considered a viable unisex.option if you are a lady who likes.traditional hydrology and you're not.into gems quartz or small watches this.is a.mid-size dress watch it's not the new.40:41 dress watch size nor is it the.traditional 33 to 35 it's sort of a.classic and timeless size okay where.should we go from there let's talk a.little bit more about sports watches.let's talk about the Rolex Daytona of.course for 2016 Rolex had a variation on.its new for 2008 ona and that variation.a new dial and a new bezel now with a.ceramic bezel and either black or white.dials this is the white dial and it is.true white it is not a silver dial.it's a lovely white that contrasts.impressively with the black and sub.registers or at least the sub register.chapter rings at 40 millimeters it's a.comfortable and universal watch and I.have to say the Daytona is kind of a.rare permutation of watchmaking it's.hard to think of many other automatic.40-ish millimeter no date full bracelet.loomed 100 meter sports watches there.aren't that many the watch wears a treat.and I mentioned easy link by mistake.earlier but I may as well show you what.I mean now it is a five millimeter take.in take out tool free adjustment system.built into a clasp and you can see it.has a little bit of a hollow inside that.allows you to reset the size of the.bracelet five millimeters in five.millimeters out the equivalent of adding.or removing one sizable link throw it on.the wrist and it is far more graceful.than the Submariner though nominally.both 40 millimeter watches this one has.a more delicately tapered case and it's.about half a millimeter thinner so in.almost every regard it wears better on a.small wrist and it is just more.traditionally graceful it's almost like.an enormous date just in that regard and.handsome for that fact easy to wear and.comfortable this is the chronograph of.the moment but if I had to describe a.watch of the moment it would have to be.the patek philippe 5711 I don't.understand the mania behind this watch.and I'll admit it it's a model that came.out back in 2006 it is an impressive.house with Patek Phillipe and one of the.all-time great models in the Nautilus.that said the 57 11 is a thirty thousand.six hundred and twenty dollar new watch.that sells for around 70 pre-owned I.don't understand but if you do here's.one to buy the watch is easy to wear.it's only eight point five millimeters.thick which is very.impressive for a 120 meter.water-resistant watch and I have to say.that the magic of the Nautilus isn't the.delicacy and the subtlety of its.construction as the bracelet is entirely.handmade in hand finished look how.perfectly that mirrored bevel aligns.across the outer links all the evidence.of the bars that are fed in to the.permanent links is removed its buffed.off to make it look seamless you can see.on really old Nautilus models like the.3700 the outline of the circular bars in.the flank of the bracelet not here Patek.has this down to a science.the movement is impressively finished.it's the 3 24 SC Center seconds with a.calender of course the watch here.featuring the Patek Phillipe seal free.sprung balance 6 position adjustment and.silicon hair spring so protect.guarantees these 2 - 3 + 2 seconds from.the factory which is impressive and the.luma is more than sufficient so I take.it back I do understand the magic of.this watch if the financial equation.works out for you and you got to have it.now hey you know the goin price I can.guarantee you the watch itself the style.the timeless appeal it will outlast the.current bubble in the market so if you.buy it that is forever a lovely piece.8.5 millimeters thick let's compare it.to a popular Nautilus complication now.the Nautilus 57:26 is an annual calendar.which is like a best-of anthology the.annual calendar was created by Patek.Phillipe with the 50-35 back in the year.1996 and combining the Nautilus from.1976 with the annual calendar from 1996.gives you the 57 26 40 point 5.millimeters this one is thicker however.all mentioned that this watch is.approximately eleven point five.millimeters thick you do feel the.difference it feels like for example a.Royal Oak Offshore compared to a Royal.Oak on the wrist now instead of the blue.dial you can see here we have a gray.dial so there is a distinct change of.color and you can also see that there's.more of a gradient fade from the center.of the 5711 to the edge of its dial then.there is on the 57:26 though the 57:26.does include gradient now they have the.same base caliber and impressively in.spite of the through case fittings for.adjusting the calendar they are both 120.meters water-resistant.and I find that to be a redoubtable.rating for a watch that when examined up.close feels like a piece of true higher.ology craft finished and 120 meters is.basically a depth I associate with a.full-fledged sports watch this is no.Smash Mouth daily driver well unknown.depending on your budget maybe it is but.I mean to say that.well water-resistant and versatile fully.loomed and automatic it's not a beater I.think we can probably agree on that a.handsome comfortable and versatile watch.with the everyday friendly complication.the annual calendar need be adjusted.only once a year annually during the.jump from February to March finally what.I believe is the best buy among current.Nautilus models because I find it the.most interesting launched in 2014 and.thus one of the newest members of the.Nautilus family the 5990 which is a.flyback chronograph I'll show you that.fly back action a fly back chronograph.with a radial date and a second time.zone and the second time zone is.brilliantly integrated as you can see.the traditional Nautilus nine o'clock.wing take a quick look at the two.side-by-side.sorry 5711 you could see the nine.o'clock wing on the fifty nine ninety.becomes the pusher system for the travel.time complication and if you don't need.a second time zone you can cover that.skeletonized second time zone hand so.you can clean up the dial and remove the.clutter if you wish you can also adjust.it by directionally and yes you can.actually adjust it so that the date.jumps forward and backwards you'll also.note that there are local and home time.indications so local is where you are.that's going to be the solid hands and.then home time is what's represented by.the skeleton hand and if you.continuously adjust that ruff that local.hand you can see that the local.indicator for day night goes in tonight.now you can jump it back into the realm.of the a.m. or I should say the day.because we are looking at p.m. and of.course it is a very versatile system.that's completely cloaked by the outline.of the case this one has more robust.power reserve 45 to 55 hour power.reserve it is a vertical clutch and a.column wheel chronograph the base.calibers CH 28 520 which was originally.launched on the 59 80 and the flyback.annual calendar 59 60 back in 2006.all right I am also going to mention.that my favorite Patek on the table.tonight is probably going to be the one.that's in my hands well I think the 5990.is the Nautilus to own I have to admit a.weakness.for the 20th anniversary Patek Phillipe.Aquanaut 51 68 G forty two point two.millimeters in white gold with an.explosive geosphere gradient fade blue.dial it features white gold hands and.white gold applicator Arabic numerals.tons of loom and it is very flattened.profile it's only about eight point five.millimeters thick in its own right and.there's a lovely matching composite.polymer strap with the geosphere cut of.the dial the movement inside the case as.you can see it is as attractive as the.324 is in the other watches but the.presence of this watch on the wrist is.very different from a nautilus the.timepiece is impressively broad and flat.whereas the Nautilus is for you this is.just over 42 so being as flat as the.Nautilus but considerably wider it has a.handsome almost disc like appearance it.is incredibly attractive with an aspect.ratio that is blade-like on the wrist.you won't mistake it for the bulgur eat.or beyond that we saw earlier but it is.a wonderfully compact all around her and.I would also say that this is a blue.dial that will stand the test of time.blue is very much a thing of our moment.I don't expect this to look any less.attractive come the 40th or even 80th.anniversary of the Aqua not remember the.Aqua not launched in 1997 celebrated its.20th anniversary in 2017 that is only.the second example of that watch I have.seen outside of the Patek Phillipe.Geneva boutique so the people who have.them tend to hang on to them and it is a.wonderful collectible if you're into.modern Patek and its landmark watches.now let's talk about something that's.totally off the beaten path even by the.standards of FP Zorn and Moser let's.talk about a true independent might.LeDoux tomp and the chapter 3 we've been.lucky to have a series of piece unique.chapter threes painted by Lil oak based.micro artist Andre Martinez and he has.created miniature paintings on the dial.of these piece unique watches you could.see one of one only one on the case.flying 42 millimeters in white gold the.watch features the image of course of.the lunar landing and you can see the.reflection.get real close here the reflection of.the photographer and the lunar module in.the iridium mirrored visor of the.astronaut now if you look closely at the.dial you'll also note that the moon.phase of the standard model which has.been removed on the other piece unique.chapter threes here it has been retained.but rather than include a moon phase the.gearing of the moon phase and its cycle.is still present but you instead have a.scrolling signature of the artist in.what would normally be the moon phase.display of the dial now the watch is.remarkable because it features flush.second time zone shutter so you can see.not only do they cover the image of the.earth and you have a earth rise and.Earth set for your am/pm as seen from.the moon so your am/pm at the top is a.hand-painted micro lacquered barrel that.rotates and by the way you can see 11.because every 12 hours two 12 hour.barrels they jump laterally to depict 24.hours using two 12 hour barrels and you.could see the earth scape that you're.now viewing from the moon is dark so you.have an earth rise and an earth set.rather than a sunrise and a sunset hand.painted onto the am/pm barrel of the.dial and you can see that jumping.mechanism is very cool now that is a.dual time system so you have two time.zones and a button on the side that.decouples them so you can set them.separately on drea Strehler designed the.complication and carry vuole ninh.specified the style of the bridges the.finish of the bridges and as you could.see the style of the case itself which.is 49 millimeters from low to low and 14.millimeters thick it wears easily on my.wrist even though it is a large watch.it's a dress watch it's an independent.and it's from a brand that builds only a.few dozen of each model per year with.the chapter 3 being by far the most I.would say utilitarian of them if you've.seen the chapter 1 and chapter 2 you.realize that not only are they razzed.rather whimsical but they're almost.impossible to wear so one more look.how that complication hides and reveals.itself on the dial flush and hidden.moving back into position watch them.draw flush just like that all right now.let's talk about something that is.frankly above and beyond the next couple.of watches are gonna get a little crazy.starting with the Patek Phillipe 5200.for the 5200 for p40 millimeters in.platinum this is a Patek Phillipe.split-seconds coronagraph perpetual.calendar I need to wind it up a little.bit as a manual 165 our Powell reserve.by the way so if you need to put the.watch down for a day or two if it's not.your everyday watch you're just fine but.you'll also note that the watch is.remarkably practical as it has a.perpetual calendar and a split-second.chronograph with a coaxial Rattrap won't.trigger inside the crown now you'll also.appreciate that the watch features a.fully loom dial not just lubed but.remarkably so with three dimensional.blocks of luma nova mounted on the dial.with black borders for high contrast it.is a silvered opaline matte finish dial.with an inverted Crescent style moon.face perpetual calendar this one need.not be adjusted as long as you keep the.watch wound you've got the day you've.got the month you've got the radial date.you've got the leap your phase indicator.and of course the timepiece with an.extraordinary movement to match by the.way note the progress of Patek Phillipe.case making and the welded lug profile.executed in house with that sharp break.between case band and lug Patek used to.create relatively simple cases if you.want evidence that take a look at a 50.130 this proves that protect case making.is now best in the business the movement.the CH 29 535 you can see there is an.explosive tensioning system for the.retro point and I will act actuate the.retro point so you can watch it grip and.then release the mechanism for that.second hand on the center bridge now.what it also has is a decoupling system.so that the split second chronograph.doesn't drag and slow down the watch.while by the way if you want to rewind.right there if you're watching this.recorded you can see the mint jumper.actuated underneath its bridge but there.is a de coupler system as you'll find in.longest.with second watches so that the.split-second system does not drag while.it is static it is a remarkably deep.movement and you could see from a slant.angle the quality of the beveling not.just on the bridges but also on the.steel levers of the chronograph and you.could see a fully jeweled lateral clutch.by the way I am stopping and then I am.rien gauging and I am disengaging and.watch the Hammers reset the chronograph.throw it on the wrist this is a wearable.grand Comp type of watch now technically.speaking it's not a grand complication.because historically a grand.complication should be at least a.chronograph a minute repeater and a.protect perpetual calendar well this is.not a chiming watch but it's got the.split second chronograph the moon phase.and the perpetual calendar and it is an.easy watch to where you could see this.watch less than 48 millimeters log-log.whirring easily on my 16 centimeters.circumference wrist I can recommend it.for wrist as small as 13 and 1/2.centimeters circumference now let's take.a quick diversion through the world of.glass Oota and German watchmaking let's.talk about glass suta organelle and the.senator excellence now this was the most.attractive version of the senator.excellence that bowed in 2016 it is a.series that is a German chronometer.which means it meets the ISO 31 59 that.the COSC meets but it is a fully cased.up chronometer test the watch is 40.millimeters in stainless steel with a.matte black dial lovely pre Art Deco.Arabic numerals broad sword style hands.and you'll appreciate the watch is.wonderfully loomed at night and fully.loomed with all the numerals and hands.on the case back you can see caliber 36.silicon hair spring 100 hour Powell.reserved six position adjusted and a.German certified chronometer note the.double spiral of the reduction wheel of.the winding system that is executed by.hand in Gloucester the first silicon.hair spring application for glosso to.organelle this watch is remarkably.resilient remarkably versatile and as an.automatic and fully loomed it is an all.the time type watch that can be sporty.or formal as you are a watch that.changes modes effortlessly and offers a.ton of value including hand adjustment.and hand finishing of some components.that belies its price.it's segment I'll also mention that if.you want to own something with pedigree.but perhaps a more recognizable model.name why not a Royal Oak cronograph.and this is the Royal local chronograph.41 millimeters you can see this is the.2012 to 2016 dial with symmetrical.registers and true screw downs black.dial grant mp3 exquisitely cut on a.pantograph lathe a 19th century engine.that is essentially a mimicry device.that will recreate a larger pattern.template onto the brass disk of the dial.you can hear Philadelphia's finest.outside we are in a city center they're.defending us inside the case we have a.not autumn or PK but Frederic P gave.vertical clutch column wheel movement.that's adjusted in five positions and.handsomely hand-finished so though you.can't see it there is no displaced kick.display case back take my word the watch.features hand finishing and true.hydrology inside and out an impressive.piece that is very Miami in rose gold.with a black dial if you're thinking of.vacationing on the French Riviera this.winter boom there's the watch hell any.Riviera even if it's the redneck Riviera.back in my old Naval Service neck of the.woods down in Panama City and Milton.Florida and Pensacola boom style you'll.be the only one with that watch let's.take a quick look across the table and.see if I have hit all of my touch stones.I think I have so here comes the big.piece launched for 2018 I was there for.the birth of this legend this is the.gooble force a differential Diggle.attain the diferencia as they call it is.a spherical constant force device so.rather than a rim on toir or a spring.system that you'll find in for example.FP horn and longa which has an uneven.pattern of transmission to the balance.either every second or every couple of.seconds or every minute is in the case.of a sight Burke this is a constant.transmission with the spherical.differential constantly varying the gear.ratio between the two barrels and the.escapement so as it runs out of energy.and it as a 60 hour manual on power.reserve the differential increases the.mechanical advantage so that the.leverage increases as with a bicycle.gears.ensuring constant force to the.escapement even as the barrels run down.now there is a constant force system.that gives constant pressure and.constant transmission in the ancient.fuse a and chain the problem with the.fuse a and chain is that it is complex.and it creates immense drag and.inefficiency you could see on the case.back some of the mechanism involved and.the watch features an elaborate zero.reset second system and that's exactly.what you're looking at right here so.this watch which features a constant.force device that is both constant like.a fuse a and efficient like a raiment.war giving you the best of both worlds.note the black polished and angled.continuously rounded bridge for the.balance itself note the deadbeat second.system and take a look at this the 44.millimeter watch features an exquisite.zero reset second system so you can.precisely set this watch whose focus is.explicitly chronometry now the timepiece.also features a dial which is made of.German silver and beautifully frosted.you can see the powder reserve scale is.made of solid gold as are the hands and.there is a custom sapphire disc outboard.that represents all of the indices as.well as the Arabic numerals of the time.you can see the stacked mainspring.barrels and the movement which has nine.point nine millimeters of thickness look.at the reverse side that gives you a.huge concave mirror optically smooth and.optically flawless with which to.appreciate the balance and you can even.look inside the case if you have the.watch in the hand and see the.differential system throw it on the.wrist and this is a gentle giant though.44 I almost can't believe it's a 44 15.3.millimeters makes it thin for a grubo.and I would have sworn this was more.like a 41 42 one of the most wearable.grewal watches and one of the most.cerebral if your absolute priority is.uncompromising finish and precision you.want the groove for C 2018 to present 33.piece limited edition diferencia de gala.teh in white gold and if you're.wondering what all these words say in.French it is Google for C's philosophy.of traditional hand crafted hand.finished uncompromising watch craft guys.everything on this table is for sale if.it's.not on our website give a ring or text.or an email to any of our sales.associates and remember full prices in.the description for this video so if you.see something you like you can be.wearing it before the weekend strikes.thanks to you thanks to my crew.we were almost there I'm throwing in.these false endings it's my M night.Shyamalan YouTube strategy this is the.big piece guys you knew this is where we.would end Andrew get as close as you can.this is the Vacheron Constantin 47 100.skeleton cronograph one of 100 pieces.made in yellow gold and platinum total.100 from 1991 to 1992 this is pre.Richemont Vacheron caliber 1140 based on.the LA Manya moon watch caliber if.you're an Omega fan or the Patek.Phillipe CH 27 70 if you're a Patek fan.this is the same basic caliber as the.Omega 321 that flew with Neil and Buzz.and it's important to note it has been.entirely freehand skeletonized and.freehand engraved you could see the.maltese cross cut into the open barrel.you can see all of the bridges evacuated.both the motion works and the keyless.works entirely hand finished and visible.on the dial side you can see the minute.we love the motion works has itself been.engraved and the movement is.skeletonized and engraved on both sides.this is the kind of movement for which.all parts are hand cleaned during the.service and it's been adjusted in five.positions chronometer style over coil.hair spring 18,000 vibration per hour.beat rate steel chronograph levers.entirely satin ated on their top and.beveled on their edge and all of it in.breasts and guilted with gold coating.this watch 38 millimeters in diameter is.perfectly sized with traditional welded.lugs exquisite rare and almost unheard.of as you will never see another one.throw it on the wrist it has presents.persona character and charisma.irresistible this watch is exceptionally.rich this is birthday cake topped with a.spoonful of pure brown sugar as.it gets sweetest candy for your eye boom.guys that's our show.timeout Tim out thanks for logging on.remember it's all for sale prices in the.description thanks for making the best.job in the world possible and I'll see.you again the Sunday morning.[Music].

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Form 4057 FAQs

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