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hello everyone and welcome to today's.virtual town hall I'm Secretary of.Defense Mark Esper and I'm joined today.by chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.general Milley and by the senior list.advisor to the chairman : Lopez today we.want to talk to you about all the DoD is.doing to protect our people our troops.our families from the coronavirus and.what we're also doing to support the.interagency whole of government efforts.to protect the American people first I.want to thank all of you for your.patience and your commitment to our.nation in this time of great challenge.it is a time of great challenge as we.face this global pandemic that is upon.us but I want to reassure you that the.administration the military are taking.all necessary measures to protect our.force to protect our people to protect.our dependents to protect our.contractors and our civilians I've made.protecting our people our top priority.the second priority that I've outlined.for the past couple months has been.ensuring our safeguard ensuring the.safeguarding of our national mission.capabilities in other words making sure.we can do our mission when called upon.to do it and I'm confident that we can.third priority is supporting the whole.of government effort again to protect.the American people.DoD is all in on this we have deployed.thousands of National Guardsmen from all.50 states plus four territories the Army.is deploying filled hospitals to a.couple of our major cities the Navy will.be soon deploying our medical hospital.ships to both Los Angeles and to New.York City at the same time our.world-class researchers at places like.Fort Detrick Maryland are all in with.regard to helping with the multi sector.effort to come up with vaccines and.therapeutics to help protect the.American people from the corona virus.we're also helping in many other ways as.well whether it's opening up our.strategic stockpiles of masks and.ventilators and other pieces of.equipment to help the American people.again DoD is fully supporting the whole.of government effort and I'm very proud.of what all of the folks here at the.Pentagon and across the force are doing.to help the American people again this.is a great challenge that is before us.but I'm confident we will get through.this and we'll be better off at the end.of the day there are several things that.we will discuss this morning with regard.to how you can do your part and do.better in terms of helping protect.your cells and your colleagues and your.shipmates and and and and other members.of your unit to protect them the.coronavirus we've talked a good deal.about social distancing about what.wiping down surfaces and doorknobs and.and computer keyboards all those things.you could do we also encourage you to.follow urge you to follow the CDC.guidance with regard to safe distancing.safe practices and the president's.15-day guidance with regard to standing.down avoiding large gatherings at the.end of the day though given all the.different scenarios and factors that.each one of you and us face I trust upon.our commanders and our senior enlisted.personnel to do the right thing.particular to your unit to your.situation to your mission we'll talk.about this in more detail but again it's.up to the commanders and senior NCOs to.make the right calls are relevant to.their situation to ensure that we.protect our people while at the same.time maintaining Mesh mission readiness.I'm going to turn over now to the.chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.journal Millett but I want to reinforce.again.this is difficult time for a nation it's.a great challenge but like with all of.the things in the past.I'm confident fully confident that will.come through this and that will be.stronger on the back end so thank you.all very much let's thank secretary for.those words and we look forward to the.questions Alisa from the family members.and the troops that are out there but.let me just say a couple things upfront.first of all this is not the first.challenge in the United States has ever.faced this is not the first war we've.ever been in the president United States.clearly said we're at war this time with.an invisible enemy a war called a virus.and we the United States military are.going to do our part to protect the.American people and we're going to.protect our force at the same time and.we're going to continue with our other.regular missions that we do in order to.protect the American people the one.thing I would say that is critically.important here I think there's a lot of.anxiety there's a lot of uncertainty out.there on everything from PCs moves to.exactly what do we do in PT formations.and how far distance we have to maintain.etc a lot of information has been put.out as the secretary just said by the.CDC a lot of information through change.the command the president's put out as.15 days etc what we really need to make.sure that all of us collectively do is.listen closely and rely on the chain of.command we will get through this through.solid leadership care for our troops.keeping focus on the mission and.together shoulder to shoulder will do.that so I would encourage everybody to.pay close attention to the chains of.command whether you're in Europe or Asia.or or here in CONUS what wherever you.are in the world pay close attention to.the chain of command and the guidance.that they're putting out and adhere to.it and then we'll get through this.together we'll defeat this virus once.and for all and on that note I'd like to.turn it over to our to the senior.enlisted advisor to the chairman the.senior enlisted soldier sailor Airman.marine and the entire US military sorry.mate what I call sir major cologne Lopez.but he goes by sea AK and as you all.know he's a master chief in the Air.Force he's an extraordinary airman in.the first class and I'd like to turn it.over to cz thank you gentlemen.Thank You mr. secretary first of all.thank you for being here this morning.and I just want to re-emphasize what our.leaders are saying and that our primary.mission is to restoring peace in time of.chaos and this is no different.our mission is clearly understood and it.is a no-fail mission so we need to.remain adaptable versatile and flexible.enough to go ahead and deal with this.challenge as we're doing right now but.make no mistake that our number one.priority in you and your families and.that is what we're conducting this town.hall here today so at this time I would.like to open up the floor for questions.and we're here to take them excellent.thank you gentlemen the first question.to the secretary but I welcome the.chairman in the siak to chime in as well.how is the global response to kovat 19.changing our security environment while.we as a military remain prepared to.ensure the defense of our nation what.are the impact of daily operations well.I'll take your second question first I'm.fully confident that we will remain.prepared to conduct all of our missions.I've spoken to our commanders and I've.spoken to our service chiefs and service.secretaries they are taking all.precautionary measures to make sure that.we maintain those mission capabilities.we call its priority number two behind.priority number one which is protecting.our force our people and and our.dependents so I'm very confident that.will maintain mission readiness as this.grows in scale and scope this spread of.the virus we're gonna have to take it be.very careful and take.prudent measures to ensure we maintain.that readiness because it will become.more challenging but I'm confident if we.take all the right procedures we will do.that now with regard to your first.question how does this change the.international security environment.clearly what we see our countries are.turning inward right now they're looking.very closely at their own internal.affairs how they treat and deal with the.coronavirus its spread some countries.have been far more affected than others.we've had countries such as Italy close.ally bars it just probably suffered the.most so far but then we've had.adversaries like Iran who is also.suffering very badly and I important to.note that we've reached out to try and.offer them Aid and support so each.country deal is dealing with this.differently we all face a similar.challenge it's just a matter of time.before each gets affected and we have a.good example of another ally of ours the.Republic of Korea who seems to have.taken a lot of smart measures early and.they appear to be on the backside of.this coronavirus spread at this point in.time mr. chairman anything to add on the.impact potential impacts to readiness.yeah in addition to the impacts on.readiness things like exercises etc I.think overall for the US military I.think we will have moderate to low.levels of readiness impacts only because.of the numbers at least the numbers so.far this could change.we'll have to assess it we are assessing.it frequently there will be an impact of.readiness but I think it'll be on the.lower end as opposed to significant with.respect to the question about the.broader security environment this is.affecting different countries.differently and it depends on the level.of rigor and robustness of the medical.facilities capacity inside each country.could lead in some cases it could lead.to social breakdowns.it could lead to political chaos in.certain countries we have to be attuned.to that that could be resource shortages.obviously we see that with masks and.gloves and ventilators and so on and so.forth Hospital capacities and so on.these can have severe internal.consequences to certain countries that.go well beyond the immediate medical.issue I think is worthwhile the other.key piece here and I know that it's.front and center and everybody's mine is.the economic impacts which will have.secondary security impacts if there's a.there's a global recession a global.depression those sorts of things.I'm not an expert in the economy but.there are second and third order effects.all of that so it's very very important.again that we do what the professionals.are telling us to do which is flatten.that curve take all the appropriate.measures for us in the military but also.in the nation to do our part so to speak.in order to reduce the probability and.to mitigate the impact of this.coronavirus globally and nationally so I.just want to follow up on something the.chairman said it's very important for us.as leaders and I say this to all the.leaders out there that as the corona.virus hits different countries.differently and as they react.differently over time it may present.challenges for us with allies it may be.incumbent upon us to help them with.Arlen's supplies our own doctors our own.assistants with potential adversaries or.adversaries it may cause them to act out.in different ways and in ways that.impact our security posture our.readiness so we need to be very.conscious and be on the lookout for that.as this unfolds so we've got to deal.with the problem right in front of us.which is taking care of our people.maintaining our mission readiness but we.have to be looking beyond that to see.how it may play out and how it may.affect affect our mission and the.secretary is in close coordination with.ministers of defense I'm in close.coordination with the chodz so the.combatant commanders as well so there's.a allied and partner effort globally.beyond what you're seeing just in toys.and the chairman raised a good point.about medical supplies how prepared is.DoD to take care of its people its.people does it have enough medical.supplies to get us through this crisis.yeah we do we have a strategic stockpile.medical supplies we have have enough.that we were able to offer to the.interagency team supply of masks and.gowns and ventilators and things like.that.our MTFs our medical treatment.facilities and our dental facilities are.fully staffed and have sufficient.supplies and medical equipment now like.everybody else we're gonna face.shortages with regard to some of the PPE.until the private sector industry can.pick up the slack and so we're looking.at that very carefully we will soon be.coming out with a policy on elective.surgery that will that will limit.elective surgery so that we can both.free up doctors and nurses and other.medical professionals but at the same.time it'll increase the supply by.reducing the demand on personal.protective equipment and so once the.private sector ramps up we can do that.we'll be able to readjust our policies.and get back to normal but in the.meantime of coffee we have enough we.want to ensure that we're able to share.to help our fellow Americans and then.over time we'll continue to manage our.medical capabilities great and now.turning to the siak a question for you.why are mass formation still okay if we.are social distancing and can only be in.small groups why are we still having.unit formations well on that subject we.have to revert back to the trust and the.chain of command the people closest to.the troops that are in the field and.we're trusting local commanders and.their medical professionals to go ahead.and provide information and take the.prudent steps to make sure that they.contain or prevent the spread of the.disease but also we cannot forget that.there's a mission requirement for a lot.of this units and we expect those.sergeant's the gunis the first sergeants.the commanders the captains to be able.to make those decisions on the field to.be able to maintain our combat.effectiveness excellence so look I want.to put stomp what the CX says we have.them we have a mission and and and that.is maintain that mission maintain that.Rishon mission readiness and that.includes physical fitness as I said to.the media just yesterday look we can't.you can't get social distancing in a.submarine or even in the tank right I've.been in both but you take prudent.measures as best you can given a.situation you're in.given your mission and whatnot and.that's what we call upon commanders and.senior NCOs at all levels to do it.assess their situation and if you can.avoid putting people and a large number.of people in small rooms you should do.it hold your meeting outside or maybe.meet in smaller groups get that social.distancing as best you can.follow the CDC guidelines that is good.guidance for us to help protect not just.the force but our fellow Americans as.well and if you're you know if you're a.young NCO and you see something that.doesn't make sense or if you're a young.officer and you see something that.doesn't make sense you know raise it.privately with your chain of command and.say hey maybe we should do this.differently next time help remind your.leaders help you protect one another.help help help each other get through.this by reminding each other about.social distancing about different ways.to perform the mission and.accomplishment while still achieving the.same the same guidelines absolutely now.another question what do you think about.how NORTHCOM is working with its.interagency partners to counter the.kovat.indemic well I think NORTHCOM is doing a.fine job but I'll turn over to the.Chairman because I he's been working.much more closely Shaughnessy yeah so.let me for everyone as you would imagine.the United States military is structured.and we have a chain of command and and I.do want to kind of lay that out for.everyone just take a minute or two so at.the top you got the President the Vice.President is leading this coronavirus.task force we have two represented with.our defense have two people that.routinely interact with that it's the.deputy secretary of defense and the vice.chairman of the Joint Chiefs and within.building itself we've got a crisis.management team set up that is led by a.two-star general officer on the Joint.Staff and then everyone is matrix into.that thing from the all the services etc.and then NORTHCOM implements the policy.guidance and the directives that the.Secretary of Defense has put in place so.far with the first execute order that.went out as much as two months ago for.beginning planning and preparation so.general O'Shaughnessy just like we deal.with hurricanes and wildfires and so on.and so forth general Shaughnessy has a.structure that is standing up has been.set up and is continuing to stand up and.expand they are linked in with FEMA so.the 10 FEMA regions in CONUS they have.command control cells with each of them.he has a commanding control cell with.HHS and FEMA and and then he has.subordinate organization so he's got a.maritime component commander for example.they are in charge of the mercy and the.comfort who are going to various cities.you've got a land component commander.Lieutenant General Laura Richardson.she'll be in charge of the ten FEMA.regions and the ground force response.with the hospitals etc you got an air.component commander who's going to be.responsible for transporting patients.around and so on so he's got a.ready-made structure and his basic.function is to protect the continent the.United States against any and all.threats coronavirus is just this threat.and he will do that and he's doing a.great job at it and in fact I think if.I'm not mistaken he or his team is going.to have a press conference later today.or tomorrow to lay some of that out but.Shaughnessy is a very very squared away.and North comes a very capable.organization fantastic and related to.this response effort are you concerned.at all about the spread of.disinformation.and misinformation specifically with.regard to the US military but also just.more broadly about response effort.absolutely look we have multiple sources.of disinformation out there some of it.is just people are concerned and and and.scared and anxious and we want to do our.best to to dispel bad rumors and whatnot.and then we probably have external.actors countries who want to sow chaos.within the United States who are.injecting some of this into the into the.ecosystem if you will so look let me.reassure you there's there's been no.talk whatsoever of martial law.there's no been no talk whatsoever of.mass quarantines of the United States or.any of that other nonsense that it's out.there so one of things we're going to do.is we're going to set up in the next day.or so a page on our DoD website that.will call Mythbusters right now that.will kind of look at what's out there in.terms of the the rumor mill and we'll be.able to answer those and knock them down.and keep them posted up there so people.can refer to that page as to what's.happening and if you have ideas well.we'll try and find a way on that page.for folks to write in and say hey I've.heard this is there any truth to that so.that we can knock these myths down there.it's it's in a crisis like this the most.important thing you can do that we can.do which is why we're here this morning.is to put information out constantly to.be very transparent to tell everybody.what we're doing it why we're doing it.how we're doing etc but at the same time.the converse of that is knocking down.rumors knocking down myths knocking down.disinformation all those things that.cause further churn and concern now I.understand the novel nature of.coronavirus makes it hard to predict but.are you able to give any insight into.how long you think that this outbreak.may last and how long the military's.prepared to address it is it 30 days is.it 60 90 well we have to be prepared to.address it as long as the country needs.us at this point Tom you know if you.look at some of the reporting we've seen.over the weekend I think one of the.president's closest advisor said that.that we look at looking at how China and.Korea if current have confronted this.virus it looks like it has an 8 to 10.week period from from beginning to.cresting to end or at least the back.slope so you're looking probably at.least that long I think we need to plan.for this to be a few months long at.least and we.taking all precautionary measures to do.that to be in that being it for the long.haul but look we're gonna we're going to.support the American people we're going.to continue to take actions and take.care of our own people with with regard.to those three priorities I outlined at.the beginning as long as need be.chairman I don't do you want to add to.that yeah I mean we I mean.scientifically and certainly none of us.are scientists on coronavirus but all.the reports we've read indicate exactly.what the secretary said you're looking.at eight to ten maybe twelve weeks.somebody that call it three months based.on what we know from other countries.China Hong Kong South Korea etc that may.or may not apply to the United States it.may or may not apply to all the.different different countries different.circumstances but we'll see some of that.depends on what we do as a nation to.mitigate it to flatten that curve so to.speak but we the United States military.we're gonna do this as long as the.mission takes that's what the.president's asked that's what the.Secretary's ass and we in uniform are.gonna do whatever it takes to protect.the American people now the first line.of effort is obviously protecting our.people so we're gonna go to a couple of.questions just specific to the force and.family first for the Chairman that I.welcome anyone's input.chairman there's a lot of concern about.moves the question is I'm supposed to.pcs soon will they cancel my orders do I.still have to sign out of housing or.will I get extended TLA what benefits.will be available to help offset costs.actually there's quite a few questions.in there ELISA so let me try to do this.from memory so first the Secretary's put.out guidance our policy guidance the.department fin says to stop move for 60.days and that takes us up through I.think it was eight or ten May the middle.of May and what what does that mean that.means all pcs moves all unit moves they.all moves are stopped.unless waiver is granted an exception is.granted and it has to fall into one of.three categories one mission-essential.second is some humanitarian reason and.third is undue duress or hardship on a.particular family or a soldier or a.service member so who makes that.decision.the Secretary has delegated that to the.combatant commanders the service.secretaries and the and the defense.agency heads and they are in further.authorized to delegate that decision to.the lowest.one star or SCS equivalent in their.chain as they see fit so that person 1.star 2 star 3 star 4 star can determine.if its mission essential humanitarian or.under duress or hardship so in this.particular case PCs if it's just normal.pcs it doesn't fall into one of those.three bins you're going to be unfreeze.hold completely for about sixty days and.then we'll reevaluate if in fact this is.a 90 day curve and things seem to be.getting better and settling out then.we'll prioritize those that are in the.queue and we'll get them moving the.orders moving if and if it starts going.longer the freeze Megillah will see we.don't know yet but that's the that's the.kind of rule set right now as far as his.household goods or her household goods.and all the rest of it that would follow.normally and logically once the orders.are cut and there was a there was a.question there about offsetting the cost.and right now with regards to TL a and.TL e specifically so that entitlement is.10 days but what we're we're asking.commander sun-filled is to go ahead and.put members on awaiting transportation.status and place him on per diem instead.of the TLA TL e in order to help them.offset the cost so the first Co of.course of action will be for the member.to contact their finance office to be.able to go ahead and sort out those.entitlements I think it's very helpful.when to the secretary specific to the.Pentagon reservation how long has the.Pentagon planned telework options and.how long do you expect that people can.continue to telework while carrying on.the essential missions of the Pentagon.well again it goes back to conditions.we're going to telework as long as.necessary to ensure that we're beyond.the coronavirus crisis if you will again.going back to party number one.protecting our people so we'll continue.that it's it's going to be weeks for.sure maybe months and we're asking every.office head every director every person.in the chain of command to exercise due.diligence and great caution and telework.as much as possible so we can protect.our people while performing our mission.so I think people should prepare.themselves and adjust their routines and.and we're doing what we can by the way.on the on the network side to make sure.we have adequate bandwidth to support.telework now I want to put an important.caveat in here as well another ass.have if your teleworking if you're doing.anything involves the network's an IT be.very very careful of IT vulnerabilities.we are a little bit more exposed when.we're doing telework using a lot more.bandwidth there's more open ports etc so.I ask people to be doubly cautious about.getting emails that aren't familiar to.them phishing attempts by by bad persons.all that exercise good IT computer.hygiene when you're on the system.because we want to make sure that we.maintain the protection of our networks.of our systems so that's my one ask as.you telework be doubly conscious of good.hygiene when it comes to security.measures on the computer systems.excellent and there's some concern about.just the safety and health of our senior.leaders within the Department of Defense.can you talk me through some of the.precautions that have been implemented.at the Pentagon to make sure whether.it's social distancing or hygiene.guidelines to make sure we're keeping.our senior leaders and their staffs.healthy sure well a couple weeks ago we.instituted a number of the all the CDC.guidelines and procedures the same one.we're asking everybody else to practice.so it social distancing so stay within.six feet or outside of six feet of.another person so this is the closest.I've been to the chairman probably in.two weeks because otherwise we know our.last loan otherwise we do we do meetings.on vtc so we're practicing social.distancing our offices get wiped down.multiple times a day.we obviously instituted telework so the.the Pentagon workforce right now is much.smaller than it has been we've curtailed.travel and we're vetting books folks.coming into the building now that we're.HP con Charlie and we're limiting people.into our front offices and the number of.folks were exposed to so we're taking a.number of procedures and cautions.precautions that's what we're asking the.rest of the force to do as well.consistent with their mission.requirements right it's not perfect so.that you kind of protect the force as.much as possible we don't live in a.risk-free environment.you're not going to eliminate completely.eliminate risk but you can manage it.reduce it and that's we ask everybody to.do and a question for the Dyess from.Rachel who says for service members with.retirement dates coming up this summer.June July August is there any kind of.stop loss on the.since their relief cannot pcs in for.change over before terminal lead starts.yeah the Secretary's policy correct me.if I'm wrong here but the Secretary's.policy clearly stated retirees were.those to be retired are exempt from the.stop move so for Rachel if you so choose.to retire we thank you for yours.lifetime of service and you'll be.allowed to retire in good standing.excellent.we've got one from Camp Lejeune what is.your message to deployed service members.and their families affected by recent.quarantine restrictions and stop.movement orders well look if you're.deployed thank you for serving abroad in.a deployed status it puts additional.hardship not only on the service member.but also the family right because you.had that separation and we asked them to.you know again as your deployed practice.all these good precautions and.procedures that were asking the folks.back home we'd ask the same of your.family and friends back at Camp Lejeune.to do the same we've put a you know a.halt in terms of movements back and.forth well what we have to figure out is.in the coming days our rotation schedule.so so if if his or her marine is on a.rotation we have to figure out do we.rotate or do we hold in place and until.we get through this what we're trying to.do again is limit movement we're trying.to make sure we curtail the spread of.the virus by folks going abroad or.coming back home from overseas and.trying to take all those precautionary.measures but hang in there we we.appreciate it we've all been deployed we.know what that's like that's separation.and we appreciate the hardship and maybe.placing on families at this time not not.having you know either both parents.there or other members of the families.so very conscious of that we're trying.to be very deliberate as we think.through next steps and how we might.adjust our policies and it seems I would.like to add on that just that's the.reason why we have family care plans and.other things in place just in case.things like this happen so we continue.to go ahead and trust the chain of.command to make sure that were.exercising so those plans take care of.our people excellent and it seems the.Department of Defense is really playing.a leadership role in these response.efforts can you talk me through some of.the decisions that have been made for.example most recently the mercy.deploying to assist relief efforts in.Los Angeles some of those efforts that.have been.that have taken place and that may be.coming sure I'll keep going back to the.priorities so priority number one is to.take care of our service members our.civilians and their families number two.safeguard our mission capabilities so.our ability to accomplish our missions.wherever they may be and number three.was support the the whole of government.interagency effort that's upon us so.making sure we could do number one and.two that frees up capacity to do number.three and as I said earlier we have the.National Guard thousands of Guardsmen.out there in 50 states plus four.territories and the District of Columbia.are out there right now on the front.lines setting up treatment facilities.conducting testing providing food in.some cases logistical wraparound support.all those things that are necessary to.support the American people we got our.researchers our scientists at Fort.Detrick and elsewhere in the game.helping out the the Mercy is deployed to.Los Angeles effective last night the.comfort will be deployed in New York.City in less than 14 days we're.deploying army field hospitals to.Seattle in to New York City so that's.what it looks like right now there's.more going on we've freed up equipment.medical supplies I anticipate us.deploying more expeditionary medical.units in the coming days and weeks to do.that and eventually we'll probably.hopping them around the country as as.need arises that's going to put a demand.on both our resources and our doctors.and nurses and other medical.professionals but we think we can manage.it it's very important to help our.fellow Americans out this is something.we do all the time whether it's floods.or wildfires hurricanes you name it.we're there to support the American.people while ensuring that we can still.perform our national security mission in.one final question then I'll turn it to.all of you just for brief closing.remarks on the question of testing has.arisen I'm are all servicemembers who.think that they need to be tested do.they have access to tests and if you can.elaborate on who should get tested who.doesn't need to what mitigation efforts.they can take if they're feeling ill.that would be great sure you won't take.that what's your way yeah so for for.testing who has to get tested people who.are according to CDC guns right now.people who are symptomatic if you are.experiencing any of the central flu-like.symptoms.runny noses headaches aches and.pains fever obviously and a fever by the.way is is I have now learned as fever is.technically defined as being 100 degrees.or higher as opposed to 99 degrees so.but but it's flu-like symptoms and if.you're feeling like you got the flu then.you probably should get tested for.coronavirus again we're in flu season.you're an allergy season you're in cold.season and then there's this corona.virus so they mimic each other in terms.of their symptoms but if you're.symptomatic by all means get tested we.do have the capacity throughout the.department defense and the commercial or.the civilian world to get tested now so.if you're having those symptoms you.should get tested and if you're not.having those symptoms and you don't need.to be tested and on the testing piece.the Chairman rightly laid out the.guidelines those the guidelines issued.by the CDC those are the guidelines that.we all are following as well with regard.to testing we're making sure that we.have enough swabs or making sure we have.enough test kits we're making sure that.we have enough throughput into our labs.to do that it's not perfect right now we.can do better but we're reacting as as.it comes up needs based on the services.what the combatant commanders are.telling us but for the most part we've.been able to to test people and get.results back in in a timely manner in.most cases in other places we may be.challenged in terms of timeliness but.that's usually a function of distance.and isolation or whatnot so this that.capability will wrap and ramped up over.time I think is some have read in the.news that will soon see some self test.kits coming out we know because the.Army's working on it new types of.machines to process the test gets much.more quickly in volume that's coming.online so we see again as the system.ramps up the available availability will.increase dramatically the turnaround.time with regarded results will increase.dramatically but at the same time if you.don't need to be tested don't get tested.otherwise follow all the CDC guidelines.with regard to best practices and and.other guy that's that we've issued on to.excellent and just briefly because I.know you all are crunched for time if.you just want to give closing remarks to.the force to family who are listening.today tuned in from all over the world.when are we going to get through this.crisis what do they need to do for the.time being.we'd appreciate that.well well first of all I would like to.reiterate the fact that uncertainties.nothing new for us I mean that's what.the military members and families do on.a daily basis but we need to continue to.take care of one or not one another we.need to make sure that we are looking.out for our neighbors for those that are.deployed rest assured that your families.will be taken care of and it's something.that we're going to take very seriously.throughout this crisis sir sure so you.asked when frankly no one actually knows.that there are a variety of models as.the best case worst case something in.the middle based on what we've already.said you're looking at somewhere around.ninety days based on some of the other.countries that may or may not apply the.United States will see if it does apply.you're looking at probably late May June.something in that range maybe it could.be as late as July something like that.but we will get through it that that's.so it's it's it's not a question of when.we will we will get through it and we'll.pull together as a country as a military.and we the United States military are.going to do whatever is required to.defend the people of the United States.one of the keys here is to prevent.misinformation don't pass along rumors.make sure you're talking in terms of.facts making sure that you have the.right information from the CDC check in.routinely with your leadership and your.chain of command and will and together.we're going to get through this and.we'll defeat this virus and we'll.continue to defend the great Republic.that we are so I got three messages.first of all to commanders and senior.non-commissioned officers at all levels.keep in mind our DoD's top priorities.number one take care of your people and.take care of their family members number.two make sure that you're ensuring that.we have full national missile capability.so we can do our mission if called upon.and then number three help us support.the interagency effort that's number one.what I'd say number two to all leaders.of all ranks whether you're in command.or not is follow the CDC guidelines that.we put out there follow the DoD.guidelines that we put out there.exercise social distancing exercise and.not gathering in large groups practice.all the things that we've put out in.order to protect the Force in order to.accomplish those at least priorities one.and two it's incumbent upon us at all.levels to do that.it's and it's also taken care of your.your shipmates your troop mates your.your air mates on left and right of you.take care of one another and and we will.all get through this and I guess that is.my third message as well we will get.through this this is a challenge it's a.national challenge it's a global.challenge it's unprecedented in my.lifetime that I can recall but the.American people the American military.has a great spirit a great will great.capability I'm fully confident that at.the end of the day in a period of months.we will get through this we'll be back.on the old op tempo again will be fully.mission capable and prepared to do our.missions just as we are right now it's a.matter of time but we need everybody in.the meantime to follow these guidelines.to be patient to listen to the chain of.command to help out the chain of command.and I'm fully confident that we'll all.be well if not better at the end of the.day thank you thank you and thank you to.the folks at home tuning in.

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