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good afternoon to everyone joining this.media availability we're grateful.especially to members of the press who.are joining during what is a very busy.time.I'm Derek Miller I'm the chair of the.Utah economic response task force and I.want to take just a moment to provide.some background on the work of the task.force as many of you know this task.force was created two weeks and two days.ago by Governor Herbert it consists of.private and public sector leaders about.24 members of the task force but in.reality that reaches much greater as.we've organized into several working.groups and calling upon expertise around.the state those working groups include a.focus like essential services critical.infrastructure industry outreach finance.and housing the task force established.three initial objectives the first was.to consolidate and communicate business.resources that has been done on the.coronavirus Utah gov website business.section the second objective was to.identify assess and make policy.recommendations to all levels of.government and the third was to create a.strategic plan which the governor.released last week and called Utah leads.together emphasizing that this is a plan.for all of us it's not just a plan for.government it's not just a plan for.business it's a plan for all you ton's.because we all have a role to play in.both flattening the curve of the virus.and flattening the dick of the economic.impact at our Monday meeting the task.force asked what is most needed now and.the resounding answer to that question.was technical assistance to small.businesses to avail themselves of the.resources that have been made available.and so over this past week that is where.the task force is focused as a task.force we also recognize that the Utah.leads together plan is a dynamic plan.and that it would need to adjust based.on new and emerging facts.one of those adjustments was announced.yesterday by governor Herbert in his.executive order dealing with residential.rental payments I mentioned earlier that.we organized the task force by working.groups and our housing working group is.led by Darren millat from CBRE.Darren and his team have been working in.conjunction with the governor's office.to address frequently asked questions.about the governor's order so now I'd.like to turn some time to Darren to.introduce today's lineup Thank You Derek.I apologize you can't see me at the.moment having some technical.difficulties with zoom Kristina if.you're able to there we are that again.thank you I just want to begin by saying.that leaders in our state understand the.importance of housing and formed a.housing subcommittee as part of the.efforts of the economic task force today.we'll be hearing from a diverse group of.industry leaders engaged to participate.in that effort we recognize that this.time of uncertainty is putting the most.basic needs of some Utah residents in.jeopardy and we're working hard to.ensure that people know what to do and.how to get help should they fall on hard.times the governor's executive order.that was issued yesterday will provide.an important protection for those most.affected by kovat 19 this includes.renters who are current on rent as of.March 31st 2020 or have and have tested.positive for kovat 19 or suffered a loss.of wages or job loss as a result of koba.19 or has been subjected to a mandatory.quarantine order by the Utah Department.of Health this protection will give.folks some breathing room to secure.resources available to them through a.safety net that was greatly enhanced by.the cares Act we want people to.understand that we're all in there we're.all in this together and that there is.help if you fall on hard times if.everyone does their part will overcome.the challenges associated with kovat 19.to that end we have produced a guide.titled Utah leads.together to keep people in their homes.we invite people to read it to.understand what the governor's executive.order does and does not do lock in that.help is available and that we all have a.part to play you will be able to find it.at coronavirus Utah gov as well as other.community organizations and institutions.including the Salt Lake Chamber and.Department of Workforce Services we will.now hear from a distinguished group of.leaders who will address us in greater.detail the lineup will include Paul.Smith from the Utah Apartment.Association Mike Oscar Miller with the.Utah Association of Realtors Howard.Headley from the Utah Bankers.Association and Tara Rollins from the.Utah Housing Coalition with that I'll.now pass it over to Paul thank you my.name is Paul Smith I'm the executive.director of the Utah Apartment.Association and in these challenging.times many housing providers and renters.are understandably stressed my goal is.to provide information that can help you.remain calm and be kind and professional.to all you encounter yesterday the.governor of Utah issued an executive.order that has unfortunately been widely.misunderstood and mischaracterized I.want to explain quickly what this order.does and does not do number one it is.not a rent deferral order some people.have been reporting that renter is no.longer have to pay rent that is not true.some people have been reporting that.renters are going to be forgiven or.excused of rent that is not true and.last it's been reported that this.suspends or prohibits all evictions and.that is not true this order is only a.suspension of certain evictions for.non-payment in Utah has nothing to do.with deferring or forgiving rent a full.copy of the order is available on the.website evictions for rent before April.1st criminal activity nuisance or lease.violations can't proceed this order is.designed to cover the most vulnerable in.our society.those who lost income or employment.because of the kovat 19 crisis it is.very short term only 45 days housing.providers will be unable to evict anyone.who can demonstrate that as a result of.the Cova 19 crisis they lost wages or.lost a job it does not create require or.imply rent forgiveness simply gives the.most vulnerable tenants more time to.wait on their federal stimulus or.unemployment before they pay the rent.renters please recognize that housing.providers have expenses to and pay your.rent as soon as you're able if necessary.utilize your personal resources loans.from friends and family help from.nonprofits and churches and government.programs to stay current on rent housing.providers be patient and accommodating.we are in this together we are in the.business of housing people not evicting.them and in this unprecedented time it.is reasonable for us to work a little.longer with the hardest-hit 80% of.renter's still have jobs and should be.able to pay rent on time you should only.have to work with the hardest-hit in.conclusion we all have a role to play.encoded 19 recovery the cycle of.recovery includes three steps number one.the federal government is getting is.getting money into renters hands so.renters can pay rent.number two renters are paying rent as.fast as they can.and number three landlords are being a.little bit more patient than usual in.the hardest-hit.before getting rent and then they are.continuing to pay their obligations we.all have a role to play if we all play.our role we will get through this.together thank you very much I now want.to introduce Mike Austin Miller with the.Utah Association of Realtors thanks Paul.let me just pick up kind of where you.left off Paul and that is I think the.most helpful thing we can do is to.provide as much clarity as.possible in terms of what this order.does and what the practical effect and.that will be so one thing is it does not.apply to commercial properties to.commercial landlords or commercial.tenants it only applies to residential.properties the the second point is that.landlords can still evict tenants even.with this order for things other than.the payment of rent so if a tenant.commits to crime or does commit another.violation of the lease agreement they.could still theoretically be evicted and.then the final point and if all you did.a great job making this but I I want to.reiterate it there is nothing in this.order that constitutes in any way shape.or form rep forgiveness or rent.forbearance in any way the order is very.very clear that people still must comply.with all of the terms of their rental.agreement which includes of course the.payment of rent the order does provide.some protection to a small narrow.segment of the population what it says.is that if you can meet three.qualifications number one if you are.renter and you're current with your rent.as of March 31st number two you've lost.a job or lost wages as a direct result.of the Cova 19 virus or number three.you've tested positive yourself for the.Cova 19 virus then the order effectively.pushes a pause button on evictions being.brought against that very narrow segment.of the population for 45 days and the.the goal of that the objective there is.to just wait and let's give the economy.a little time to rebound so that those.people can hopefully go back to work.let's give a little bit of time for.those people to get well needed help.from the federal government or the state.government or from other sources and.then we hope that in 45 days when this.order expires that life will be start to.become normalized again I think the.final two points I would just make.really briefly is we anticipate that the.majority of tenants will continue to pay.their rent and exactly like they always.have done and the vast majority of.landlords will continue to pay their.mortgage payments as if they've already.as as they've already done I think one.of the things for me that has been most.encouraging throughout this crazy last.several weeks is that as I have had.hundreds maybe thousands of.conversations with people all across the.housing industry had ever involved at.every level of housing it's amazing to.me how people have organically found.creative solutions to these problems.tenants are working with landlords and.landlords are working with tenants and.landlords are working with lenders and.lenders are working with landlords and.there are voluntary refinances that are.occurring and loan modifications and.changes and amendments to lease.agreements all of that is happening.without government mandate and it has.been till now and we anticipate that it.will continue to happen and we encourage.everybody who's out there who's involved.in the housing industry at whatever.level to continue to do that to work.hard to find solutions so that we can.help each other through these difficult.times and with that I'll conclude my.remarks and I will introduce Howard.Headley who is the president and CEO of.the Utah Bankers Association Howard.thanks Mike many people are surprised to.learn that Utah is the fifth largest.banking state in America our banks are.some of the best capitalized in the.nation and that will be a great benefit.to our state and its citizens.we know this crisis will end at some.point.and so Utah's banks have developed.deferral programs to provide individuals.with the bridge.better economic times we're also.extending those same deferral programs.to businesses and we're providing them.access to federal stimulus designed to.keep you will employed in paid during.the next two months for details of the.financial resources available to you.tongs you can go to Utah bank if.everything works is designed and.everyone does their part we can get.through this.time well positioned for an economic.recovery here's what that means.first and foremost people need to follow.the health advice they're receiving and.stay at home this will minimize the.duration of this crisis second we want.to get relief where relief is needed if.people don't need relief please.don't pursue it these resources are.finite and if you and you will be taking.relief from someone who truly needs it.that's wrong and I'll remind everybody.that making any false claims to a bank.is a crime there will not be a lot of.sympathy for those who inappropriately.take advantage of this situation third.if you need assistance and receive it.it's incumbent upon you to extend or.even extend that forgiveness to others.we all have to work together for the.next couple of months to get through.this deferring your obligations during.the crisis but then demanding payment.from others is bad form if you've been.given leniency play it forward.that's the Utah way finally under no.circumstances will anyone from the.government or the bank's reach out to.you by phone or by email and ask you for.your personal information people calling.you or emailing you and asking for.personal information in return for.federal federal stimulus money or.criminals if you have any questions.please reach out to someone you trust.reach out to any bank ask a question we.don't want to see any victims of fraud.during this crisis working together we.can get through this as quickly as.possible in position our economy for a.strong recovery thank you for doing your.part and now I look forward to hearing.from an important community partner Tara.Rollins at the used Utah Housing.Coalition.tarah we can't hear you if you could.unmute yesterday's announcement was a.relief for countless tenants who have.been affected by a chronic virus from.the beginning Utah Housing Coalition is.the message has consistently been paid.your rent if you can and if you cannot.absolutely reach out to your landlord to.make arrangements and pay what you can.communication is key during the.stressful time for both tenants and.landlords for many of you who have been.affected by either loosing your job I.always cut or becoming sick you may have.never asked for help in the way of food.rental assistance or other programs that.may have your household during hard time.so where does one start dial 2-1-1 or.visit their website - and one utah org.this is a statewide information and.referral service there is a plethora of.programs that can help you and your.loved one stay safe can you home by.reaching out to these programs you'll be.able to free up money you would normally.spend on food utilities medical etc you.may also need help with other services.like domestic violence emergency daycare.or a a211 will help you navigate your.needs to be safe in your home if you.need help with your landlord or a tenant.contact the Utah Community Action.provide landlord tenant mediation can.help you work with landlords to develop.a payment plan establish a move-out.schedule or mediate evictions the key is.to begin the process yourself and start.the communication to see what your.options may be services can be access by.Collin 801 359 24 44.in addition Utah Community Action is one.of the many agencies that offer case.management services for temporary rental.assistance if you need legal help the.Utah State courts Self Help Center.provides free legal help to people who.do not have a lawyer services can be.accessed on the website UT courts gov.self help there are many legal clinics.also available that can answer legal.questions to assist with legalities of.agreements or stipulations if you should.have those questions any of these.services mentioned can be accessed by.dial 2-1-1 or access and their website.google is amazing the key for everyone.tenants and landlords alike communicate.options and alternatives document any.and all communications and lastly.cooperate with any and all provisions.that you make we're all in this together.we want everyone to be safe during this.uncharted time please maintain your.housing so you can stay home with your.loved ones thank you Thank You Tara and.thank you to Paul Mike and Howard as.well with the conclusion of Tara's.comments will now make the group.available for questions from the media.Kristina can you please open the floor.up so that we can take questions so I.see may be I think I just unmuted.everybody which maybe wasn't a good idea.feel free to mute yourself again Oh or.join in with a question we do first have.a question from Emily means @k pcw from.the chat and she said how do you prove.your finances have been negatively.impacted by codeine.oh I'll jump in on that this is my.Koster Miller I I think the language of.the order will say that that if a tenant.has lost their job or lost wages as a.result of : 19 then then they would be.protected by the evictions freeze and so.what I would anticipate what happened is.what happens most of the time where they.will have a good open line of.communication with their landlord their.landlord will say give me some.documentation that just shows that.you've lost your job or that you've.suffered lost wages as a result of.Kelvin 19 and will work with you to move.forward so I think it's as simple as.them just providing some basic.documentation that will show that to.their memory thank you Mike Christina.were a question from Facebook which.basically says it's really a question.about unemployment insurance and and.when the federal stimulus will be.implemented here in Utah just to really.briefly address that on Facebook.Services is awaiting federal so that.will be implemented and if you have.applied for unemployment insurance and.those will be put into place retro.actively you don't have to do anything.else so to address that for Facebook any.other questions from the media you can.hop in and or post a question in chat.it's like Kyle Harvey I'm Kyle do you.want to ask that question or do you show.me to read that you can you go and ask.that I think we've got your mic okay.yeah um do you have any idea how many of.you tones will qualify for this under.the the terms that you've described well.any context I guess would be helpful for.how many people this will reach you know.Kyle I think at this time it's it's hard.to give you exact numbers on estimates.we know that.job losses have been quite rapid and.particularly targeting in certain.sectors and so we would encourage those.people particularly we know in retail.and hospitality sectors that have seen.this hit home earlier than others we.just want to reiterate that this help is.available to them so we can't really.provide exact numbers but the intent is.clear that those who need help we're.here to help them through this time.thanks Darren we have a question from.Emily means how will landlords pay their.mortgages if they're not receiving rent.is there any additional assistance from.the state that's it that's a good.question I think it's it's a thoughtful.question and there's a lot of different.programs out there folks to draw from.first of all most banks if their.mortgages with a bank or a depository.institution we have different programs.in place like I said and so they can get.relief there just from a three six month.standpoint but there are also a number.of programs small business programs to.where they can receive assistance from.the state but most of the programs are.federal programs and we're in the.process of rolling those out as well so.again there is relief for people at.every point in this in this chain of.reaction to the to the virus it's just.important that we focus that's that.relief where it what it's needed and I.think that goes to what Mike was saying.about rent if you've lost your job or.wages then there's relief available but.otherwise people should pay the rent so.that their landlord can pay their.mortgage and.and we can avoid any kind of credit or.liquidity issue Oh also Christina's.Micah's alright if I jump in on that as.well I think again the most important.point may be if there's any take away.from any of this discussion today it's.that the the nice thing that the.governor has done in this order is that.he has not absolved or eliminated.attendance responsibilities to pay rent.I think that's the single biggest.misunderstanding and and I've gotten.several hundred questions in the last 24.hours.about that and the questions are always.much like the one that was just asked.well if tenants don't have to pay their.rent what does that do to a landlord who.still has to pay a mortgage payment or.what does that do to a landlord who's.relying on that rental income as part of.their retirement or as part of their.income or they need it and so again we.just keep coming back to the point of.saying the order does not absolve the.tenants responsibility to pay rent so.the tenant should still pay their rent.and the landlord should still pay their.mortgage payment the order just says.that the tenant the landlord has to wait.six weeks in that very narrow scope of.of instances in order to file an.eviction that's it so we hope that the.vast majority will still pay their rent.and the vast majority of landlords will.still pay their mortgages Christina it.looks like Emily had a follow-up.question that the Utah leads together.plan puts the recovery phase many weeks.out more than 45 days if people are.still out of work what's the long-term.care plan for renters and the cares act.only provides a one-time twelve hundred.payment which is just one month's worth.of rent for some I would just begin by.correcting that to say that the cares.Act provides much more than just a.one-time payment and in fact the social.safety net has been bolstered.significantly in fact for four months.the cares Act will provide an extra six.hundred dollars in unemployment.assistance for an average worker that.will bring them up to about a hundred.percent of wages so the idea with the.order is to account for this gap in time.between when the.safety net can kick in for these folks.the idea is that the safety net can.carry them through the hardest period.and then as the economy recovers that.things will begin to stabilize as they.always do so I would just say that there.is a safety net there that's meant to.address this period beyond 45 days and.the cares Act goes a long way to.bolstering that safety net there's.another kind you want to go ahead and.question yeah just what a clarification.here so with the may rent also be due on.May 15th so folks essentially be paying.for for April and May by that date or is.the expectation that maybe rent is still.due on May 1st and the 15th is just you.know if you need to catch up.April yeah there's nothing in the order.that will change how rental agreements.are currently working so April rent is.due now May rent will be due on the.exact same day and it will still be.required to be paid at the exact same.time so nothing in the order will alter.existing rental agreements those will.all stay exactly the same this is Paul.Smith and I would just add that main.rent is something that there cannot be.an eviction on until May 16th again if.you've reached out and communicated with.your landlord so most people will pay my.rent if you can't work with your.landlord because on the 16th of May if.you haven't worked with them they can.begin eviction well Christina I know it.looks like we're right at 1 o'clock.perhaps we can make ourselves available.individually if there are any follow-up.questions please send them to Christina.Davis and then she can coordinate with.the rest of the group to answer any.other inquiries from the media with that.I think we're safe to conclude this zoom.call.thanks everybody for joining and look.forward to speaking soon thank you.

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