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The Information Guidance for Ldss 4013a New York State Otda Ny

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now suddenly with entrance to her.cousins this stuff is moving forward.just sort of a you know an avalanche of.legislation was able to move forward.that we would not have moved forward you.know with a Republican state Senate or.with a Republican IDC.what does it take to get a more in-depth.look into the week's top local news.story the debrief brings you inside for.a one-on-one conversation with our.reporter every week right here right now.the debrief.brought to you by hackensack meridian.health visit our partners site NBC new.york.com slash health you to help you on.your health journey hackensack meridian.health life years ahead not everyone.gets to follow the comings and goings.and developments in Albany but there are.some new laws taking effect in the new.year so we spotted an article by will.Brett ermine from cranes New York which.kind of breaks down some of the.highlights for us we asked them to come.to the debrief podcast because that's.what we do we'll thanks for being here.thanks for having me really appreciate.it before we get to the specifics will I.know you cover politics for Crane's and.talking a little bit more about a.situation where we have a Democratic.governor or a Democratic Senate.Democratic assembly we hadn't had that.in prior administrations and how that.maybe you've shaped the activities of a.nominee it's been about ten years since.we had a Democratic Senate and frankly.it's been much lower than that is we had.a functional working Democratic State.Senate so that that's a massive change.really we've seen is in the past there.was some amount of triangulation went on.the Democratic assembly put up bills.then they sort of wound up being a sort.of mediated through the Republican state.Senate and the governor now what we.found the first time this past year.particularly you know around things.issues like the rent reforms but other.issues as well.you found a sort of an alliance of the.Democratic assembly with the Democratic.state Senate and Governor Cuomo was not.able to wield as much influence and he.sort of wound up having to sign some.things perhaps he might not have loved.to sign or perhaps would have been.hesitant to sign on under other.circumstances so.you know that is that's really been the.the big big difference we used to talk.we'll about the three men in the room.literally talking about the governor and.the Senate President and the House.Speaker well now we have Andrea.stewart-cousins as Senate so we know.it's not three men in a room but also.that dynamic just doesn't seem to be.like it used to.well sure I mean there was sort of a.situation I mean the governor was always.the strongest player in Albany.particularly Andrew Cuomo because he was.very close to the independent democratic.conference in the state Senate that had.a power-sharing agreement between 2012.and 2018 with the Republicans and of.course vote their way often yeah so you.know basically that that what really.more than the else that kept bills that.the Assembly passed and that the.mainstream Democratic congressman Senate.wanted to pass from ever getting to the.floor that is that's the power of the.majority right that's the power of the.majority leader you control what gets to.the floor and if it doesn't get it.doesn't matter what bill you put your.name on doesn't matter what how many.co-sponsors you got if it does not get.to the floor it doesn't go anywhere and.that's the big difference now suddenly.with entra stewart-cousins this stuff is.moving forward just sort of a you know.an avalanche of legislation was able to.move forward that we would not have.moved forward you know with a Republican.state Senate or with a Republican IDC.state Senate and you know the so the.dynamic is the governor is relatively.disempowered when you have the Assembly.Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader.on the same page pushing the same bills.the same agenda that that has been.really the most radical shift in the.dynamic in Albany all right so that's.good inside as we look at some of the.things you've highlighted in your.article so the things that our listeners.and our viewers here on YouTube can.expect in the new year one of the big.changes that we've talked about it here.on the podcast and in our newscast is.the change in cash bail take tickets.through sure effectively beginning in.January there will not be cash bail for.misdemeanors and for non-violent.felonies with some exceptions you know.carves out or Calvert's around sex.offenses domestic violence you know that.sort of thing witnessed temporary.tampering conspiracy to commit murder.you know so this could really some.people are saying could set free as much.as 40% of the city's pretrial detention.population of course this code size at.the same time with the city moving to.close Rikers Island you know it's it's.certainly accelerating some of the.mayor's timelines around sort of moving.people out of detention so this is going.to be radically different for that.industry on the other hand there has.been some findings like by comptroller.stringer that in fact that the if you're.a business owner in our audience at.cranes is predominantly people in the.business sector that that may work out.for you because frankly the the finding.of the comptroller was that having so.many people unable to make bail often.for minor offenses tragically in the.case for example of kalief Browder.somebody accused of stealing a backpack.that he was later on acquitted of you.know and stuck in detention for these.long periods of waiting because they.cannot pay bail you know that is a drag.on economic productivity that that is.the Comptroller's or argument you know.certainly if you are for example.somebody's running a business and for.whatever reason unfortunately one of.your employees is sort of picked up.cannot make bail that affects your.entire business model so I mean the.nettie there may be a net economic.benefit to this on the whole now we have.to see a lot of people who are skeptical.are you know worried that people who are.you know could be potentially dangerous.could be allowed back onto the streets.we've heard that from police.commissioner's absolute law enforcement.law enforcement I believe the.Westchester District Attorney has been.very loud on this position you know that.has not really borne out in other.jurisdictions that have sort of followed.this policy of course in New York City.everything's a bit different we of.course have a much greater density of.people so it really the people who are.gonna be most affected in the short term.are our bail bondsman right and for.everybody for everybody else there there.may be a in terms of purely speaking.purely economically in that benefit.gotcha okay let's take a look at some of.the others plastic bag man I guess this.will start on March 1st but you know.listeners and and those.watching should be aware of it yeah.absolutely basically you need to start.bringing a reusable bag or if you're a.store owner you need to start stocking.up on usual bags now there is a.carve-out for people who are using.public assistance to buy their groceries.it's not clothing bags it's not the bags.that you put your vegetables polities.have this already yeah but in Suffolk.County definitely has New York City.repeatedly tried to put it into effect.and got sort of preempted by the state.again seeing the the changing dynamics.statewide on March 1st they try March.1st and in New York City in particular.there will be a surcharge 5 cent.surcharge on paper bags as well so.you've got really you're gonna need to.like I said bring bring that 3 in that.tote bag or buy one from your store and.be expecting to you know very a.reasonable bag another one that people.may or may not know about is marijuana.testing and employers right so beginning.in May under this is a city statute.businesses government agencies.nonprofits for the most part will no.longer be able to say if you want to.work here you want to you know come in.for an application well you've got to.take a marijuana test now there's.carve-outs for this because there were.concerns about danger construction.workers commercial drivers healthcare.certain health care and child care.health care child care because you know.yes they didn't there was a concern that.these be you know people could be.potentially under the weight influence.and endangering others and also I.believe if you have a federal contract.that says you must submit your employees.to a drug test they also are carved out.of it but otherwise you just simply can.no longer screen your employees for.marijuana use.which you know tends to linger in the.system for about 30 days I believe what.changed with discrimination and.harassment Albany passing a number of.reforms you say to make it oh yeah well.the for a long time the standard in the.human rights law around harassment.discrimination was that it was severe.had to be severe and pervasive that was.the the standard that you had to sort of.build up to and that and you know they.also had to illustrate that for example.your boss if you were claiming.harassment or discrimination by your.boss you the boss could not say well I.treat I treated that guy over there just.as badly that is no longer a defense.that they can they can.sort of takes shelter and nor can they.take shelter in there's a claim that.they attempted to correct these things.and that you know well I I set up a.program to correct this and the employee.failed to avail themselves of this.system that I created so that's a you.know that that means that yeah that is.going to be much easier for an employee.to you know sue their employer for.discrimination harassment and that means.that if the onus is on employers to make.sure they have their employees really.because if your employee your manager is.harassing one of his employees or his or.her employees and that employee you know.complains about it it falls back on the.employer for creating a hostile work.environment we want to point out also.the statute of limitations for sexual.harassment claims will stretch from one.year to three years starting in August.so that's something we should take note.absolutely this seems a little less.impactful on a number of us but zoned.carting you included yet zoned carting.has been this massive fight in the City.Council going for a number of years you.know there was a sort of sense that the.the sanitation industry in New York City.has been sort of the Wild West for.generations you have effectively if you.are a private operator private business.you don't rely on the department.sanitation to pick up your trash you.hire a zone you hire a cart or private.Carter you know for a number of years.these carting companies were controlled.by the Mafia that was well known that's.less of a problem than it was then it's.mafias nowhere near as dominant as it.used to be but you still had cases there.was a particularly tragic case I believe.in the Bronx you know sanitation worker.was killed on the job you have a sort of.rampant you have issues with injuries.you have also the fact that these often.these trucks are driving the dead of.night making sort of large circuitous.routes often not obeying the traffic.laws the idea was that a zoned carting.system would be more orderly it creates.effectively a franchise you sliced the.city up into a twenty slot into twenty.different zones there are 60 each zone.could have took the three Carter's and.basically these companies are gonna have.to bid to sort of service that area.and that is believe that will sort of.reduce you know there's some other.provisions in there that are designed to.sort of prop up health and safety.standards but it's just those ideas.you're going to sort of impose sort of a.order and rationality on the way that.these carding companies function gotcha.so a little bit more in the weeds.foremost but important especially when.it comes to oversight and we're still a.ways away from a mayoral election but we.would expect its start to heat up and.things taking shape as 2020 on right and.you're gonna see a certain sort of race.to get the endorsements from various.unions you know which are able to sort.of run not just get their members to the.polls but also to pay for what they call.independent expenditures or IES which.effectively means you might get a mailer.or a phone call or somebody might come.to your door and that person isn't being.paid by the campaign of this you know if.Cory Johnson or Scott stringer or Ruben.Diaz jr. or Eric Adams all these people.want to be mayor that person was paid.for by a union or in some cases it could.also be by another private interest.group but that's gonna be one of the.real contest is secured who's going to.secure these sort of Union endorsements.that will like I said sort of a lot of.them to mobilize voters and sort of get.their name their literature out there.we'll Brett Irvin you made it smarter.this time we're probably going to have.you back man I appreciate that thank you.very much that's what's coming in 2020.I'm your host David Nasser here coming.to you from our busy newsroom at 30 rock.when I think our producer Jesse Edwards.and Berkowitz.the NDC New York digital team Happy New.Year we'll check you next time happy LA.thank you for watching this video from.NBC 4 New York you can subscribe by.tapping the button below me and on the.left you can see our latest updates.investigations and digital exclusives.we'll see you next time.

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Ldss 4013a New York State Otda Ny FAQs

Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding Ldss 4013a New York State Otda Ny . Let us know if you have any other confusion.

Need help? Contact support

Which forms do I need to fill in order to file New York state taxes?

You must determine your New York State residency status. You need to answer these questions: Did you live in an on-campus apartment or an apartment or house off-campus in New York State in 2012? Did you maintain, or rent, the on-campus apartment or off-campus residence for at least 11 months in 2012? Were you physically present in New York State for at least 183 days in 2012? If the answers to all three questions are "Yes", and you were not a full-time undergraduate student (which as an F-1 OPT I assume you were not), you are a New York State resident for tax purposes. Otherwise you are a nonresident. You file Form IT-201, http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/current_forms/it/it201_fill_in.pdf , if you are a resident of New York State, Form IT-203, http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/current_forms/it/it203_fill_in.pdf , if you are not.

Is it possible to run a NY LLC out of the New York State and even out of the US?

It is possible, but you’ll need business address. The question is why New York? If you’re planning on running international business maybe Nevada or DE will be better options

How do I report Form 1042 S for New York State Tax on their website https://tax.ny.gov/?

Just give a call to the Personal Income Tax Information Center at 518-457-5181. They will ask you to report it as W-2 and attach scanned copy of your 1042-S. They will also make a note about that is how they asked you to report it. So, dont just report 1042-S as W-2. Give them a call first.

I am applying for a job as Interaction Designer in New York, the company has an online form to fill out and they ask about my current salary, I am freelancing.. What should I fill in?

Varies. And explain you're currently freelancing. If you have a set per-hour rate you can share that. And tell them how many hours per month you get freelancing.

How to decide my bank name city and state if filling out a form, if the bank is a national bank?

If your bank is national but has a branch in your town/city you can enter your town/city as the bank's address. Your employer is not relying on the bank's address you enter on the form.

How do I fill out the SS-4 form for a new Delaware C-Corp to get an EIN?

You indicate this is a Delaware C Corp so check corporation and you will file Form 1120. Check that you are starting a new corporation. Date business started is the date you actually started the business. Typically you would look on the paperwork from Delaware and put the date of incorporation. December is the standard closing month for most corporations. Unless you have a significant business reason to pick a different month use Dec. If you plan to pay yourself wages put one. If you don't know put zero. Unless you are fairly sure you will owe payroll taxes the first year check that you will not have payroll or check that your liability will be less than $1,000. Anything else and the IRS will expect you to file quarterly payroll tax returns. Indicate the type of SaaS services you will offer.

Should a resident of New York register their business in Delaware? The business will operate in NY before rolling out to other states.

If you mean incorporate your company in the state of Delaware and then registering as a foreign entity in other states to allow you to do business as a Delaware entity in those states, then typically Delaware is by far the most popular choice as you are governed by the laws of the state in which you are incorporated in. Delaware is by far the most least expensive state to incorporate a business in and has the strongest corporate law structure. We are experts in Delaware Formations and helping you to register your business as a foreign entity in any state in the nation. For more information on t Continue Reading

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