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Steps of Customizing the Delaware Certificate Of Public Review November 2008 2009 Form

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noted excuse me.when you don't know these things hey you.don't study family you you did that's.what you fall back you fall behind so.I'm gonna get into this family because I.know you want me to uh dig into this as.of right now but we're gonna do this.here today family we going we're going.we're gonna get we're gonna get it right.here today friend yes sir.can y'all see that family please let me.know if you can definitely see that cuz.I want you to be able to see that well I.can blow it up a little more for you if.you can't see see it family let me bring.you down cuz I definitely want you to be.able to see that and clearly can you see.that fam.okay okay fan now home.okay family now 17 CFR 240 point 15 c2 -.12.it's called municipal securities.disclosure family.do you hear me this one is 17 CFR 240.point 15 C 2 - 12 municipal securities.disclosures do you have any family so.anytime family you hear me speaking.about certificate of participation we're.gonna I'm gonna break it down to you dad.are the certificate of participation it.deals with securities okay okay so we're.gonna read this right here and I want.you to understand under that right here.you'll notice that uh it has the codes.where say 240 point 50 C 2 - 12 it's a.municipal securities disclosure do you.hear that.municipal municipal you might have a.local municipality or you might have a.state municipality.these are municipal things that they're.dealing with which entails municipal.bonds municipal securities what was the.security a bond is a security our bond.is a security family I'm pretty sure all.the educated the ones who is educated.and enough to know that our bond is a.security our promise every note is a.security but we're going to talk about.here today dealing with these tickets.dealing with this child support and.things of that nature family we're gonna.talk here today about municipal.securities municipal bonds do you hear.me family.do you hear me but most of our family.we're gonna be talking about certificate.of participation and what that entails.so I'm gonna read this it's a for them.in every note it says for discussion of.disclose your obligations relating to.municipal securities disclose your.obligations that you hit a disclosure to.give to not hide to disclose information.that is given it is their obligations.related to municipal securities in.regards family this is not real good.it says to issuers brokers dealers.municipal securities dealers should.refer to securities acts released number.70 49 family will you get a chance you.all start looking these codes up release.number 70 49 security zigzix check and.exchange acts released number 30 30 33.741 fri - 42 march 9 1994 start looking.this stuff for family cuz i'm a help you.i'ma help bring you there this is not.the only thing that free inhabited acts.for now but i'm help trying to give you.a jewel this this right here I'm trying.to give you a joy that way we'll put.some fire under date under these people.because when you know this stuff it.makes it hard for them to deal with you.family I'm going to bring this.information so I say for a discussion of.the obligations of underwriters to have.a reasonable basis for recommending.municipal securities brokers dealers and.municipal security dealers should refer.to securities exist chains act number 26.100 September 22nd 1988.and securities exchange act released.number 269 85 to 28 1989 you see it says.a general as they means reasonably.designed to prevent fraudulent do you.hear this family deceptive or.manipulative practices it shall be.unlawful for any broker dealer or.municipal securities dealer hold on stop.right there municipal securities dealer.who you think who do you think that's a.municipal security dealer.yes for those who said it to themselves.course practice and firms yes the course.they are municipal security dealers.they're dealing with what securities now.check this out family I'm gonna read.that bracket right there you see their.bracket right there friend I'm gonna.start right there.that's where it says it says a.participating underwriter huh a.participating underwriter family litter.with sa certificates of participation.watch this man check it out a.participating on the writer when use in.connection with an offering to act as an.underwriter and a primary offering of.municipal securities with an aggregate.principal amount a million or more and.offering unless the participating on the.right it complies with the requirements.of these sections or is exempt from.provisions of this section do you hear.that we go we're gonna just read some of.it I'm not gonna go do all of it family.I want you when you get a chance look.this look this stuff up and start.reading this stuff and all this stuff.will come together so you Teresa you're.understanding the reason family why.you're asking for these things all this.stuff is still it becomes business and.you're the customer.cuter customer you are them you are the.property that they're making these funds.awful you are the one that they're.purchasing you're the one that they're.doing trading with your good name your.name.they don't business with you with your.good name that they're purchasing you.you've been purchased and you don't even.know yes you've been bought your body.your birth certificate you've been.traded against on this stock market yes.ma'am.read this stuff is all converse you.don't got to believe me but I'm putting.it to you in a legal way that is hidden.unbeknownst to you you just don't know.because family we don't study this stuff.because hey we don't know nothing about.this stuff but family mariebee.requirements one prior to the time the.participating underwriting bids for bids.for family purchases offers or sells.municipal securities and an offering the.participating underwriters shall obtain.and review an official statement that an.issuer of such security deems final as.of its date except for the omission of.no more than the following information :.the offering prices interest rates.selling compensation aggregate principal.aggregate principal amount principal.amount permit maturity delivery dates.any other terms of provisions required.by an issue of such securities to be.specific in a competitive be ratings.other terms of securities dependent on.such matters and the identity of the.underwriter.except in competitively bid offerings.from the time of the participating.underwriter has reached an understanding.with an issuer of municipal securities.that it will become the participating.underwriter and offering until a final.official statement is available the.participating on the writer shall send.no later than the next business day by.first-class mail other equally prompt.means to any potential any potential.customer or request a single copy of the.most recent preliminary official.statements if any so basically with this.is basically in telling is that this.participer tissa pating or participant.underwriter who is this who's the.participating underwriter family is what.we need to understand him who's this.participating on the Reiner who is there.or who's who's the one that's always.making orders or shall I say giving.orders and he signs things.who's this participating underwriter who.are they talking about yes it's the.judge ie the magistrate ha they are the.participating underwriters these are the.ones that's making sure you are the.surety to these alleged thanks to these.alleged bonds that they're about to.start our selling trading on the stock.market and making you the property's.assets Lee do you hear me fan yes so.we're not gonna go too far deep into.this family but I do want you to all.pull this up right here 17 CFR 240 done.doc PTC 2.12 Municipal Securities and.start reading this stuff right here so.that we can get our knowledge of.they give them giving us full disclosure.in regards to security security acts and.their release numbers or they publish.this stuff em they don't hide this the.fraud that they're doing it's just that.we so ignorant we don't study the.legality side you know of what's.actually going on it's here family we.need to study this but let's start.studying right now for you happily gonna.take you to what is this securities.municipal securities that they're.talking about in regards to family this.certificate of participation well family.free inhabitant we're gonna we're going.to define that give a definitive.definition of what that really is then.we're gonna go to the to the definition.and we're gonna give the breakdown in.regards to what that really means along.family okay can you see that family I'm.pretty sure I'm hoping you the family.can see where says right here.certificate of pistol participation.definition of certificate of.participation by Merriam Webster's so I.like going into Merriam's West Webster's.on a bridge on a bridge section I love.doing this I love the honor bridge.because see they give you the truth they.don't hide this back family so we're.gonna read this here family which states.a certificate a certificate issued by.some forms of investment trust huh.investment trust yes.it's a trust investment trust and who.was the trustees the courts the bank's.the judge yes evidencing a proportionate.equitable interest of the holder in.securities held by the issuing consumer.to number two definition right here.family a certificate of membership.pension plan issue by the trustee.trustee again who is the trustee the.judge the magistrate the banks in.regards to mortgage the home's child.support car loans student loans yes it's.a trust who's the trustees the school's.the banks who holds the policies as.issued by the issuing issuing company.you hear that.who holds the policies do you do you do.you see that word right there family do.you see that word right there family.right here.who holds the policies as issuing issue.by the issuing issue a insuring company.do you hit it policies now these.policies that's not long their policies.those are the things family we need to.start challenging but if when you start.notice note knowing and being talked.like friend happy to teach people about.certificate of participation and things.of that nature.your understand these policies what they.entails and things of that nature that.it's all this stuff is all fraud you're.being enslaved under your own ignorance.and you don't even know you don't even.know it family but we're gonna go on.little further family in regards to.these certificate of participation.family we're gonna we're gonna go on and.chop into this even even further family.because this is fun man we've been led.astray and don't even know it family.we're going down that rabbit hole right.now today family so I hope y'all can see.that family I hope you can see that very.clear family.hoping you can see that it says family.April participation certificate PC also.known as a certificate of participation.is a financial instrument a form of.financing used by once again family.municipal or government entities which.allows an individual to buy a share of.lease revenue of an agreement made by.these entities you see you getting this.information from no other than free and.happy and nobody teaching this do you.hear that family and don't let no troll.get on my forum on this video and tell.me that certificates did not point to it.just read fam because you got trolls who.are chasing me.because they don't want free and happy.to bring this information because see.people ain't teaching on this do your.heavy family don't let no troll tell you.and don't let no no municipal corporate.government agent tell you that there's.no such thing the validity in regards to.this information family I just now read.you the legal definition it says used by.municipal or government entities that's.not talking about their family hmm.inquiring minds love to know it yes it.is so don't let no troll tell you there.is no certificate of participation yes.it is it really is right here don't let.no agent corporate agent dine at these.courtrooms tell you when you demand it.for certificate of incorporation and.regards to child support huh this.doesn't exist try here it's a use by.municipal or government entities so.family don't let no trolls tell you this.do not exist it does free and happen and.bring it it says it is it.dear friend from a bond this is the.information that free inhabitant want to.teach haha see people don't ain't.bringing you this information now once.again friend for your happy to bring you.this information I'm teaching you family.did the family know that a certificate.of important participation is different.from a bond did y'all know that.yes family you're being enslaved by a.document right an instrument it takes.the place of a bond did y'all know that.family did y'all know that family home.often.yes I'm back family had to get the.little ones out of the way.yes family but yeah it takes the place.family it takes the place as a bar but.it's not a bun it says different from a.bond is you by these agencies since.participation certificates are secured.by lease revenues see they really slick.they found a way to get around to where.they don't want even operate all the.times up on the bus see people didn't.know that did Joe stop lying stop trying.to act like you knew that because you.didn't you didn't see everybody think.that you've been enslaved by just bonds.then promise every knows huh that's not.true yes they're enslaving you family by.these certificates of participation he.activates it acts as if simulate them.its acting as if it's a bond but it's.not but it's not and they're making.money off you did the family know that I.didn't think so.y'all don't know nothing about this say.nobody teaching this huh ain't nobody.teaching theirs don't let nobody come.out no and say oh yeah we know you're.lying you're lying and for the ones who.have why aren't you teaching on why are.you bringing this information out.because you can't teach on it you don't.know pretty much is what it's about.I've been know about this stuff years.ago and it's in my documents of me.demanding from these all I was demanding.them for a copy of this certificate of.participation along with the.anti-bribery statement and for a.registration statement man.these these corporal managers like a.head of faith running from me that was.the first thing they said sir dismissed.sir ma'am um ma'am I'm not here for that.sir dismiss you can go now you can go.sir you sorry I know my court meant my.mama could the court manager my boss.told me that you were asking for our.certificate of participation but I'm.telling you sir the district attorney.prosecutor talking about some sir you.could go ma'am I'm not here for that I'm.here for my documents that I demanded on.man it was trying to get me out that.courtroom so fast because we don't know.nothing about what such a certificate of.participation the court manager didn't.know nothing about of anti-bribery.stating he didn't know nothing about no.farm registration statement and this and.as I was teaching one ignorant or do who.has a channel who has a channel I can.teach your things that I knew 20 years.ago family free it happened it goes back.to 88 89 this when I started my journey.so you're no friend habitat ain't some.young some young chump.some young punk I've been there done.that.I've been wrangling with these people so.you know I'm not some some new dude just.around the but I've been doing this I've.been demanding for this stuff.they've been running from me cuz I've.been knew about this stuff I've been.doing all the ones who've known me in my.territory they know yeah yeah that joke.I said the ball with these people yes I.did.I'm the one that got these jokers now.you no longer can hack can pay cash do.the child support they got it you gotta.send it to the State Department now your. your funds every good that was cuz.of me that was cuz of me Maya my are.private.or my private process that I was doing.against them and I enough sue them for.for involuntary participate in his life.making them sign they cast these these.these are money orders and as well as.accepting cash by web affidavit and.participate in the slavery.you see I changed it I change the ball.with these with these people but this is.what I do because I've been there I've.done that I done tried it all until I.see what works and what don't work but I.know what but I know what works cuz I've.done and I'm explaining it to you right.now.so I say right here family municipal and.government entities used the this.instrument to circumvent restrictions.that might exist on the amount of the.debt in other forms they they able to.take on do you hear that family I'm.gonna read this again I'm a family I'm.gonna go back up to here so that you can.understand what's actually going on it.is different from a bond issued by these.agencies since participation.certificates are secured by lease.revenue municipal and government.entities use this instrument to.circumvent restrictions that might exist.on the amount of debt these debts that.they're coming up with this certain.circumventing restrictions that might.exist on the amount of the debt and.other forms they able to take on yo they.circumventing a lot of stuff that we.don't know especially in regards to like.I say that might exist on the amount of.the debt yes we need to start literally.challenging that that these accounts.itself the nature in regards to these.accounts that's dealing with.participations.certificates wait we go behind the.counter why are we steady wearing about.promised a see what we see in front of.us and from what's coming out and.proceeding out of these criminals mouth.agents officers of these courts why are.we steady listening to what they say.family you got brothers and sisters.coming to me free of happening but.they're telling me they don't got this.they're telling me they don't got this.and you believe that family you believe.that I'm showing you that they're lying.to you they're lying to you these things.exist and you got a right to know about.them I just now proved it to you family.let me go back here I just proved it.till you got a right to know you see.right there family where says Municipal.Securities disclosure family I just.bought this knowledge to USA disclose.obligations they got to disclose this.information to you when you start acting.about these securities right here family.municipal securities this is what.they're dealing with municipal.securities family this is what they're.dealing with that I'm bringing this.information to you this is where they're.dealing with they're dealing with.certificates of participation.these are securities and you don't even.know family we don't even know we have.no clue that's why we have no clue.family but a marine or it says.participation certificates are also a.new form of credit instrument whereby.banks can raise funds huh.funds from other banks and other central.bank's approved finance so financial.institution to Easler liquidy huh family.this is not bonds they take a place of.bonds you thought they was use the bonds.all the time ha.never not not never but you thought they.did was just operating on just bonds no.do you hear with that say family in.separate participations and certificates.are also a new form of credit do you.hear that family what do banks operate.for yes Santa your family sad again will.you go buy a car what's the first thing.they actually when you go buy a home.what's the first thing they act for when.you want to do that debt student loan.what's the first thing they ask you for.or your parents designing and cosign it.for on behalf of on behalf of your.company sir how is your credit they say.protest participation certificate are.also a new form of credit instruments.whereby banks can raise funds you hear.that fen.howdy raising funds from other banks and.other central banks or proof financial.institution to easily either liquid or.liquidation host booster liquor you are.you are you're the slave they.liquidating you ha ha.you are the slave they're participating.in huh tell me that ain't slavery family.who teaching is nobody and nobody no.video bet not come out act are acting.like y'all y'all coming out on some.participation since your certificate of.participate.ain't nobody teaching this ain't saying.no video about it ain't never heard of.anybody after me it's coming from me.this information is coming through me.not it's not it's not that I'm bragging.about it no but you got squares that.love to try to act like they was the one.we talked this so they want to come they.want to come in the name of TJ.and they're going to use your.information so they taken they can.invest their enrichment off of you.because they think they got this the.remedy no yaar don't because you ain't.never done this you don't even know.nothing about it but I do but I do I've.done this is fact for those who know me.can make can can verify to this this is.facts I'm going to bring this.information this is facts I have the.documents I have my proof I'm shown it I.have all that don't nobody know about.this but family I'm giving you just one.jewel I'm gonna keep pass.

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  5. Open the document and choose the space you want to place your signatures.
  6. Write your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and send your Delaware Certificate Of Public Review November 2008 2009 Form .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Delaware Certificate Of Public Review November 2008 2009 Form on Android?

These days, Android gadgets are commonly used. Therefore, to assist its customers, CocoSign has developed the app for Android users. You can use the following intstructions to e-sign your Delaware Certificate Of Public Review November 2008 2009 Form from Android:

  1. Add the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Choose on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to place your electronic signatures.
  4. Select the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Generate your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and choose '✓'.
  7. Save changes and send the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Delaware Certificate Of Public Review November 2008 2009 Form with other people or upload it on the cloud.

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