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How to employ The Hubzone Form ?

James good morning everyone again I'm.Christina Jones I'm German specialist.with the North Cal PTA and so what.you're seeing here is our disclosure.slide that this is I'm current to the.best of our ability as of today.so let's look okay so let's look at our.agenda for today first we're going to.talk about general program overview.we're going to review the HUBZone rules.and changes there have been some recent.changes that are designed to make it.easier to get into the program.you know if of course if you qualify but.also to keep companies that are HUBZone.certified in the program so we'll talk.about the eligibility criteria or review.the HUBZone map and then move right into.the application and we'll look at the.application from the perspective that it.is now which is I have real screenshots.of what you would see if you apply for a.HUBZone certification as of today later.this year HUBZone will be moving like.the other programs women-owned small.business and 8a certification to certify.that sba.gov so but this is as of today.if you were ready to apply for house on.status so let's get into the program.overview what does HUBZone it stands for.historically underutilized business zone.the program was designed to increase.employment in areas where there's.underemployment and offer contract.opportunities to those companies located.in those areas who employ those who are.under employee so HUBZone areas are.typically areas of low median household.incomes high unemployment or both and so.just some facts about the program.currently there are approximately 6,000.plus firms that are certified in the.HUBZone program so that's pretty pretty.small number because we talking about.nationally only 6,000 firms but it has.uptick.since I lasted this presentation it was.5000 and then also just to know that.there are 22,000 hub zones across US and.US territories and in fiscal year 2018.there was nine point nine billion.dollars in federal procurement for.HUBZone certified firms supporting.roughly 2,000 jobs so again this is kind.of really sort of repetitive I just kind.of mentioned this but increasing on.employment opportunities stimulate.capital investment in these areas that.where there's high unemployment and.empower communities so HUBZone is.regulated by the far for those of you.who aren't familiar the Federal.Acquisition regulation or the Code of.Federal Regulations 13 CFR 126 point 101.and with any certification or any.government certification proposal or.anything your your responding to you.want to make sure that you are familiar.with the far regulation that's tied to.it so for this we're going to talk about.HUBZone specifically which this.regulation states that all federal.departments are agencies that employ one.or more contracting officers must abide.by the rules of the HUBZone program so.many states and counties have their own.similar programs but it's not the.federal HUBZone program a lot of times.they overlap as far as location so the.SBA regulates and implements the program.which means they are they make the.decision as far as who is certified or.not whether or not you qualify and they.also adjudicate protests so if there is.the protest of eligibility for a.contract award it goes through the SBA.as well to determine the decision on.that so some key program benefits 3% of.crime contract dollars are mandated for.award to HUBZone firms there are.contracts set aside so contracts that.are set aside only for those who are.certified by the SBA as a HUBZone firm.to bid on so it's not enough to simply.be in a HUBZone for instance the map.states that you're in a HUBZone but you.must be certified by the SBA as one and.you're also eligible for sole source.Awards.so contracts that are not competed where.you have an opportunity under the.HUBZone program to receive those awards.and for full and open for large business.there's a 10% price evaluation.preference applied if they're using a.HUBZone certified firm so the price will.be viewed as the price that they put in.and will be viewed as ten percent less.and there are some reserves for HUBZone.small business concerns that's what.SPC's are under multiple award contracts.so this is the where there are multiple.to say task orders under this contract.and there are some reserves that are set.aside set aside just as contract set.aside only for those owned certified.firms to bid apply same thing I think.that's the thing hand in there okay so.let's look at the rules and regulations.for part 19 subpart 1913 outlines the.specific rules and regs of the program.so these are the exact categories if you.were to look up this far regulation will.outline everything you need to know.about complying with and applying for.HUBZone certified as far as from a.regulatory standpoint so the program has.had some challenges in the past year and.which is why they've recently made some.changes and these are some three.categories and this slide actually I.took from the SBA's one of their.presentations which means these are the.three areas that they identified that.we're a challenge small businesses found.the program difficult instability.regarding geographic eligibility so.that's the maps that are constantly.changing I'm in a HUBZone today and then.you know months from now I'm not in a.HUBZone even though there is a.redesignation period but just the.constant changing maps of knowing.whether or not you're in a HUBZone made.the program a little difficult.number two the federal agencies are.failing to meet the three percent goal.in general I haven't seen in a very long.time if at all that the agencies have.met three percent goal for HUBZone so.they're trying to make some changes to.improve that to make sure that more.companies qualify and not only qualify.they stay certified in the program and.so we'll be talking about some of those.changes that they've made to make it.easier and then they said that the.communities have experienced mixed.results so it made it difficult for.instance with the hub zones constantly.changing for communities to actually.leverage and build upon the economic.development that the program provides.so there were some final rule changes.that I outlined here so these are some.things that again that will benefit or.help make it easier based on what I just.presented so hubs no Maps are currently.frozen until 2021.and then they will update every five.years instead of you know updating you.know yearly um the thirty five percent.rule is amended to state once an.employee qualifies under a specific.under under uninterrupted period of time.they remain qualified so these are.referred to as legacy employees so if.six months prior they were in the.HUBZone they were you know living in an.up some prior to the certification and.six months after the company has been.certified they are still living in that.location then if they move at that point.they will be considered a legacy and per.employee and still will be part of the.35% count and eligibility at time of.award so the company would need to be.certified recertified once per year and.if there is an award they would need to.be you know certified during that time.but not recertified every time there's a.new contract that's coming out and this.is a new one there's an incentive for.small businesses that purchase a.building or enter into a long-term lease.of ten years or more so with that they.will be eligible for remaining in the.program for up to ten years even if the.office location no longer qualifies as a.HUBZone so again these are rules that.are put in place to help to encourage.more companies to become HUBZone.certified and to keep companies.certified as hubzones so these are some.of the things that are also making it.easier providing faster certification.decisions so applications will be.processed within 60 days of a complete.submission so complete meaning the.initial evaluator has reviewed your.application and determined all the.documents are there and then assigned.you to an analyst so it's not from the.point that you submit the application.online so we'll be moving the.application process we'll be moving to.certified virus P gov later this year I.don't think they've announced a specific.date but if any of you are familiar the.8a program as well as the woman-owned.certification program are both on the.portal and it's pretty user friendly as.far as you can you know go in and out.upload documents and save them and then.come back and complete it later so.you're not able to do that under the.current HUBZone program which is still.on the old system but later this year.they will be moving the HUBZone program.over to that portal and this is another.thing that's pretty exciting and.expanding what they call early.engagement so the SBA will provide a be.providing more direct assistance to.supporting organizations like us P tech.also SP DC's that have government.contracting so that we can better assist.our clients and we can also after we.assist you for instance and determine.that your procurement ready we can send.an email to the HUBZone program and tell.them this this particular company was.reviewed by the peach Act and we've.determined that all the documents are.here to the best of our knowledge so.that will you know give them a sense of.comfort that things are in order and can.move your application along a little.quicker so that's something now hasn't.specifically expanded to all the pita.acts are not even our PTAC yet but is.something that's definitely coming soon.Oh clothing 19 adjustments so there was.a temporary suspension under Cova 19 of.annual recertification doesn't mean that.you can't recertify now but you will not.be decertified if you don't recertified.in 2020 and they will continue to.recognize the HUBZone status any student.employees that a HUBZone firm has so a.lot of school disney colleges those.areas are hub zones and so when.companies employees students from those.that live on the dorms for instance that.were required to move because of copán.19 they need the SBA has determined they.will continue to recognize those.students as part of the 35% of employees.I meet the HUBZone requirement um that's.the also tell working teleworking will.still be will be okay so your employees.that of course have to shelter in place.be teleworking and so the hub's not as.good the HUBZone will take an account.that they are requiring each other work.and under the köppen 19 adjustments and.and finally if the HUBZone may expedite.your application if you submit a.complete package and I want to really.stress complete so again an analyst has.reviewed it and determined that all the.documentation is there so that's one.piece and the second piece is that.you're indicating that you will respond.to a Kovac 19 solicitation so those two.things two things together may expedite.your application through the HUBZone.program to be certified so what are the.types of hub zones I have them all.listed here so one that sometimes people.ask questions about is the qualified.census tract this census tract is a.subdivision of counties that you know.may include just a few neighborhoods in.a city or in rural areas it may include.like several towns so Indian land of.course qualified base closures if the.base has been closed that's.automatically.Citadel HUBZone qualified disaster areas.of course for the disasters that we have.there always some new redesignation of.hub zones and something that's new that.began in 2020 our governor designated.areas as hub zones so they can petition.the SBA to designate a new hub zone and.it includes rural communities of $50,000.or less or overrun in 20% and.unemployment so so far I just heard from.the SBA yesterday that there hasn't been.any state that has petitioned the SBA.for this yet probably because they're.busy with over 19 but this is something.that they can do so again.although the maps will be frozen for.five years in the future there will.that's to help those who are already.certified but new areas can be.designated all the time and just.remember when a county or a track loses.its HUBZone qualification and is.redesignated for three years so that.stays in place so what that means is if.your area you know obviously it's no.longer economically depressed and you're.not you no longer consider a hub zone.then for the next three years you will.be for the program purposes considered a.hub site okay so here's the hub zone map.you can just search well there will be a.link at the end of the slide but you can.also just search SBA hub zone map and.this will come right up it's really user.friendly you can just put your address.in and see if your headquarters.qualifies as well as your employees at.35 percent you use or your employees.qualify as thirty five percent of them.is living in a HUBZone so remember the.map currently is frozen until 2021 and.you can also click on the link to that.map here as well on this slide.so let's talk a little bit more.specifically about eligibility.requirements first off you need to be.small by SBA standards meaning your next.codes your North American industry.classification system code should.indicate that you're small whether is by.sales revenue or by a number of.employees you must be owned and.controlled by at least 51% of your the.ownership must be with a US citizen or a.CDC in agriculture corporative or Indian.tribe your principal office must be.located in a desert designated HUBZone.so principal office meaning the location.were the greatest number of employees at.work at any one location so not.necessarily your headquarters what you.call your headquarters but winter you.know the greatest number of employees.were at least 35 percent of these.employees must reside in the HUBZone and.just note that there may be different.rules for tribal governments Alaska.Native corporations and so forth listed.here and this is a link to those.specific roles within the far so why the.declines not meeting a 35% employee.HUBZone residency requirement so maybe.someone in the past they you know you've.gotten just thirty five percent of your.employees to qualify and then someone.leaves our moves to another area and.that legacy employee rule that I.mentioned will help some with that as.far as if you again they're certified.excuse me living that HUBZone areas six.months prior to certification and six.months after but this is ongoing has.been one of the main reasons for four.declines also not meaning the principal.office requirement or not beating both.so again it's very important to count.your employees correctly and here is a.link directly to our scuse me I'll leave.a reference to the specific fire on that.because sometimes companies really get.confused about what an employee is.considered and as far as HUBZone is.concerned all individuals employed on a.full-time basis part time or other could.be considered an employee and so other.meaning they work at least a minimum of.40 hours per month and this would.include any employees that you obtained.from like a temporary agency a leasing.company possibly you know PEO those.would all be included if they meet the.minimum of 40 hours per month so we're.going to go through a few examples of.principal offices office example and a.couple of examples where I go through.here so company a our company Inc is a.small company that makes widgets their.headquarters is located in the urban.area that is not HUBZone according to.the map the two owners and an.administrative person spend the majority.of their hours there the company has a.manufacturing site across the street.located in the HUBZone the owners are.the admin all live in a HUBZone a few.miles away so there are six employees at.the manufacturing site there are nine.employees total just kind of skipping.ahead does this company meet the.principal office requirement and the.answer is yes so I just kind of just for.a visual to make this a little easier to.see you can see the principal office has.a given that's the hub as a designated.HUBZone and six of their employees out.of the nine working that HUBZone and.three work in the non hustle so the next.is a similar example I've put here for.you to you know look through at your.leisure and just you know again.determine why the company would not.would or not be in a principal office.looking at in a HUBZone so let's move on.to a 35% residency requirements.requirement example so a company inc is.a small IT services.their headquarters is located in the.urban area does not HUBZone for into the.map the two owners and an admin support.person spend the majority of their work.hours there and then across the street.and a qualified census track is a.government facility or six Engineers.perform contracts specific work the.owners and the admin all live in a.HUBZone a few miles away there are six.employees at the government site one of.them is part-time and works only 20.hours every week which still if you look.at this with me the forty hours per week.requirement I mean per month requirement.so only one of the six employees who.works at the government site lives in on.its own so the answer is yes because.they still have 35% because they have.four people that still are in a HUBZone.so this example trainers Inc is a small.company it provides training services.there is one owner and two employees.everyone works from their home and.everyone who lives in the whole up zone.does this company meet the principal.office requirement and does this company.need thirty five percent requirement and.the answer is yes because they're all in.hub zones I think that one's a simple.one okay so let's talk about ownership.and control for a minute John Johnson is.a hundred percent owner of the firm Inc.the firm Inc.owns ABC LLC John Johnson is a US.citizen.ABC LLC applies for a HUBZone.certification do they meet the ownership.of a full-on in control requirement the.answer is no because the firm is.controlling ABC and ABC needs to own and.control itself okay so let's move into.the actual application so the most.successful firms you know applying for.up sign up zone plan for success so.first steps are do you qualify can you.maintain the principal office.requirement they're making a little bit.easier as far as attempt to obtain a.principal office.requirement will be accepted as long as.at least you're employing at least 20%.HUBZone residents so there are that's.another rule that's come into place to.help you maintain that principle office.requirement can you maintain the 35%.employee residency requirement actually.I want to actually correct that be.maintained or 35% employee residence.requirement that is the attempt to.maintain where it implies to employing.at least 20% of the HUBZone residents.have you gathered examine and gathered a.documentation required review the.HUBZone application guide so they'll.have something actually for quite a.while now does a really great job of.having a really complete application.guide as far as any questions also the.frequently asked questions are pretty.good and then finally they have once per.week they have a Q&A I think it's on.Thursdays now we're for an hour where.you can call in and ask questions.so until then most of the questions that.they're looking for really like.technical issues or general if it's.specific to an application like a status.or something like that they will ask you.to email them for status so in contact.us use your P check your local P tag for.a pre review of your documentation again.they're going to be implementing that.early engagement process where a P tag.that verifies that you have they have.reviewed your paperwork and everything.is order may streamline your application.and move it forward a little more.quickly so steps for certification step.1 review the frequently asked questions.and a HUBZone application kinda just.talked about gathered supporting.documentation always I always recommend.it with any certification to gather your.supporting documentation before you move.forward with the certification a lot of.the questions can be answered by.gathering documentation first.I'll review and ask any questions the.HUBZone office hours you can find that.on their side but like I said I believe.they're on Thursday there was a callin.fella member for that use the calculator.if there's especially if there's any.question as far as eligibility or.compliance to confirm that you meet the.minimum principal office and 35%.employer residence HUBZone residency and.once you've done that you can move into.the general login system so this is you.may be familiar with this but for those.who aren't is it's a little bit more.antiquated than the certified sba.gov.site is original site where 8a.certification was located as well you.can also currently access dynamic small.business search through general login.system so but we'll look we'll look at.that specifically in a moment you're Sam.also needs to be updated prior to you.starting any certification federal.certification and then you can complete.and submit the online HUBZone.application and submit your requested.supporting documentation within SBA's.require a deadline which is usually 10.days give you 10 days to submit for.instance like payroll information ok and.this is important that under this old.system again this will go away when the.process is mood to move to the new.portal but currently you need to.complete it in one setting one sitting.so you want to make sure that you have.everything gathered and you're able to.complete it otherwise you know if it.times out then you know that's it.you'll have to start it over so here's.what it looks like to register for a GL.GLS account so hopefully when you.receive these slides if you need.guidance.but of course us the P tech counselors.can help you as well but if you were to.walk through this this will give you.screenshots of what you can expect when.you are registering for a GLS account.and also we'll be looking at what you.can expect when you're looking at the.actual application as well I.so you'll choose HUBZone and I think.you'll need to select the Duns number so.you'll need to actually I'm sorry attach.your business profile and so it should.be appear here in your business profile.box which will show like your company.name and then you'll enter the GLS and.system of course it gives you the.warning I'm about accessing a US.government site and then this slide.shows the applications that are.available for your company so here I.just assumed we have we have one.certification we're pursuing here which.is the only one we can pursue here at.the moment anyway which is hope some.because 8a again and women on how to.move to the other portal and now we're.going to enter the application so this.is as if you are in the application.right now so first step is to verify you.are in a HUBZone so you may say that.I've already done that with the HUBZone.map but they require me to do this in.the application just note that there are.some problems with in this system this.older system of stating you're not in a.HUBZone when the new map shows that you.are in a HUBZone so if that happens you.may need to email the help desk and let.them know show them that on the map you.are in a HUBZone and then they can walk.you through the process to fix that for.you.so if it says you're not in a HUBZone.but the other one says you are the new.map just know that there is a glitch.there okay so this is your last chance.to review your requirements before you.begin they're telling you to review this.now but I'm telling you to review this.before you know you move into the.application because you have a limited.time to complete it you want to have all.everything in order before you proceed.and then there will be 17 steps you'll.see like we're on step one that you'll.walk through in order to.get to the final submission page.so here's this dictionary the first.section of the application this is.determined determination of.qualification by geographical area and.then B will be your general business.information.and then it click doesn't seem to be.moving oh I guess it was slow.you see if I can go back.okay so Section C is ownership and.control determination and you'll find.this across any certification that you.need to own not only own but also.control the company 51 by 51% so this is.just verification of that the questions.that they ask here and then section D is.your required financial information and.E is verification of employment at 35.percent.section F is checking for affiliation so.if you are affiliated with another.company you know they may drag the.assets of that company into your.certification process so until your.assets in other words how much assets do.your your firm has if your firm you know.as under another company are using the.resources of another company capital.things of that nature then they may be.considered affiliated as one firm.and then here you are going to you've.completed your application they give you.an application number and so what.happens next is that the highest ranking.officer of the company will be sent an.email and asked to basically affirm and.sign authorize the application to move.forward so you know just be careful that.you list the right person in there.because sometimes I've seen this going a.circle because someone in the office is.working on it and they're trying to send.the application to the authorized person.in the 51% owner and it could cause a.problem because the way they enter the.email addresses so just know that that.person is the one that needs to.authorize it and the requested documents.that they will ask you for is documents.showing compliance with 35% employee.residency they wanted to show that.you're complying with the principal.office requirements and ownership and.control and then they will ask for some.financial documentation.and once they ask you for it you will.have 10 business days to submit those.required documents.you.okay so I just kind of covered this.applications not really active into the.height a firm's highest ranking officer.completes the verification set step.so if you determine that you're not.eligible and you may cancel or withdraw.the application and we applied when.you're ready.um and if your decline and you may seek.certification after 90 calendar days and.the data is decline.and I've mentioned this a few times but.yes the online application cannot be.saved it's completed in one setting um.but again like I said what later this.year it's gonna move to the new system.so at that time you'll follow the same.processes you do with 8:00 a.m. homing.Island where you can upload documents.come in and out and submit when you're.ready so let's look at some common.mistakes you're Sam and your dynamic.small business search and/or is not.updated so really your Sam registration.making sure that is active well you.won't be able to move forward you'll.know that it's not active because you.won't be able to move forward without an.active Sam registration so that's.important to make sure you have that in.place first the application times out so.each page must be completed within 60.minutes which is a long time but you.know shouldn't take you that long for.each page but just know that there is a.you know one time sitting to complete.this unable to access to general login.system so sometimes there's a problem.connecting the business profile but you.can email GLS use GLS at sba.gov with.any technical problems you're having and.you can also sign in to the weekly.meeting that the HUBZone certification.has on Thursdays.so we've kind of already discussed that.supporting documents not ready to be.submitted within the time frame so they.give you ten days to submit those.documents I've seen some companies.submit right outside of that and still.you know they continued with their.application but they reserve the right.basically after ten days to just you.know reject your application because you.didn't submit it with them at I pray and.let's see why is this enough oh okay.okay.so lack are insufficient supporting.documentation that covers the date of.verification is the number one reason.for certification delay so again this is.why I recommend that you assemble the.documentation before filing and make.sure you have everything in place and.your questions are answered or if.anything seems like it's not in.alignment with what you entered in the.application which you plan to enter in.the application you can correct it at.that point.so emails are sent from SBA letting you.know we've received your application and.also that we've assigned an analyst or.an or if we have any questions so please.check your spam for SBA's emails because.a lot of times they do go into spam even.when there's companies that are.certified and they were reminded about.renewing so just remember to check your.spam folder from tiny time make sure an.email has not been sent there so I.talked a little bit about affiliation.here's the rule that you can reference.and you can also like again like it.mentions here consult with us or reach.out to the HUBZone office about.affiliation if you're concerned about.being affiliated with another firm.so let's talk about how you can maintain.the certification so you must notify the.SBA if there's been any material change.that can affect your HUBZone status so.there's the you know changing your.ownership of course business structure.if you've changed from a sole.proprietorship to them you know an S.corp or something to that extent.changing your firm's principal office.and the change in the firm's 35% HUBZone.residency so I talked about this earlier.you must attempt to maintain and by.attempting to maintain is defined as.employing at least 20% of HUBZone.residents.now you want to recertify once per year.instead of every three years and so.that's M align it with the other.programs that are certifying once per.year it may seem like it's more.paperwork but it's actually easier for.you know I believe and also the SBA.believes for you to keep track every.year I have to certify HUBZone like I do.with my other certifications.and you should incorporate maintaining.HUBZone certification into the business.plan you know meaning maintaining the.location that's absorb.location as well as number of employees.so here's a first an overview of how the.government has done with HUBZone goals.so um the 2017 and the 2019 numbers.haven't come out yet so this is the.latest that I have as of today so the.2017 achievement was one point six six.five percent of the three percent goal.and for subcontracting is one point.three percent of a three percent go so.you see that there is a that was for.2017 and for 2018 it up ticked for both.to over two percent for HUBZone that was.a nine point nine billion dollars in.federal awards I mentioned way earlier.in the slides and then for.subcontracting it up ticked to one point.four percent so still below the three.percent goal well below and so hopefully.with these changes they will get closer.I'll hopefully meet the HUBZone goals.so here's where you can locate the.projects beta dot sam.gov single point.of entry for federal government.procurements over twenty five thousand.dollars so you should register for an.account for email alerts and so they can.notify you whenever there is a.opportunity USA spending you can conduct.some historical research of contracts.that have been awarded under HUBZone so.you can see you know who's spending with.house owner who has spent with HUBZone.and federal procurement data system is.also a repository of federal contract.awards and actually the point of entry.prior to the information pushing to USA.spending federal procurement data system.is the point of entry for the contract.awards and this information is recorded.in real time so you can see you know.again how has the government done who's.buying in HUBZone and also follow the.forecast to see are there any.opportunities are being forecast for.HUBZone firms I guess that was my next.bullet I'm so identify any agencies they.have upcoming HUBZone opportunities as.well.so here's our resources and tools slide.so I just kind of make give you a link.back to the different sections that I.discuss so you can easily find the.application the FAQ of course the.regulations the application and so forth.so this is for you to hopefully when you.receive the slides and make it easier.for you to just dig in and look at what.the requirements are and how to move.through the application but I also want.to stress that if you need assistance.with this you can if you're not a p-type.client you can become a p-type client.and we can assist you by again helping.you review your paperwork and walking.you through any issues you may have with.whether or not determining qualification.or anything that comes up we're getting.certified.all right James I'm going to turn it.back over to you.you.James.okay well what I'll do is I'll just.before we go into questions I'll go.ahead and review this slide so these are.a couple of events of us coming up - the.first one is elevate your business with.CMOS California multiple award schedules.and that will be held on Wednesday June.3rd so if you're interested and getting.on a team a schedule or just learning.more about what that is and you can.attend that session on June 3rd and then.we'll have a webinar finding contracting.opportunities with Caltrans so if you.are interested in working with Caltrans.are currently working with Caltrans you.may be interested in this webinar on.Wednesday June 24th I can you guys hear.me now yes all right for some reason my.phone decided to drop the call so it's.practically getting back on calendar.maybe yeah just go check out our.calendar we keep it pretty updated so.you can find out whatever we've got.going on on there we also have events.from our partners that we think would be.useful for for anyone interested in.these topics as well so thanks and now.is the time for the Q&A as I mentioned.you there's two ways to enter your.questions the first is to enter it into.the chat window that is the most common.way but you are also welcome if you'd.like to unmute yourself and ask a brief.question and just to note if you can.keep your questions as specific as.possible not necessarily specific to.your individual business but just a.question that's not too general and and.we can get to it once you get to it and.we'll see what we can do so here we go.I'll start reading them out that work.for you Chris yeah all right.charlotta Carter asks I have a HUBZone.location that we are planning to open an.office for but it will lose its HUBZone.status at the end of 2021 how long will.I have to move to a new location it will.be designated for three years so if.you're certified prior to 2021.it'll be re-designated so that's the.time period you will have to move to a.new location.some people were having audio issues so.I'm having to sort through those yes we.will.as I mentioned we'll give you a copy of.the presentation slides as well as the.video the next day.charlotta has another question here with.so many businesses having to start over.how can a small business that is located.in a HUBZone re-engaged to work with the.government on contract in ground zero.I'm not really sure exactly how to.answer that other than if they're.restarting and pivoting into a new.industry trying to find out what.opportunities and doing that research.what's available currently what are.their bidding and then also what's.historically been bid and if you're in a.HUBZone and you can identify for.instance a opportunity of koba 19.opportunity that will move your.application along quicker as long as you.are the applicant the documents are.complete and you're considered.procurement ready and procurement ready.meaning you know we as a peacock or.whomever as a supporting agency of the.SBA has determined that you are you know.have the capital the resources and able.to bid so those are things and as far as.HUBZone that can move you help you move.along in the certification and also.possibly give you look.an opportunity again and the colvett.solicitations that are available.great thanks Christina.Maria Stalin Bauer has a question.look she revised it I'll read the.revised version I do not live in a.HUBZone but pay two individuals on 1099.that do live in a HUBZone do I qualify.they're working 40 hours or more per.month then yes you can count them as.employees so then more you know then you.would qualify because you would be.counting in as employees so I have.another question I'm kind of related to.that so if I found a bid in regards to.the Cova 19 and with that if I got that.bid I would be able to hire people in a.HUBZone area if I don't currently have.the actual employees on hand at this.point would that qualify me or what I.have to have them as actual because I.don't have the financials to back it up.as a payment right and you yourself.currently here is just you and then the.two 1099s correct that's correct.so it would be based the certification.would be based on that you know it.couldn't be based on if I get certified.and I will hire I don't have zone so.that would you know it would be based on.the three of you got it okay thank you.do we have other questions from our.participants here you can follow one.there from B dear it's not oh yes I.provide yeah BB r is asking I provide.accounting services but is there a.government contract for such type of.services there are there's not as many.that well financial services yes I find.a lot of firms that do that type of work.work with large Prime's like large.professional services firms like lose.Allen and.those types of companies that have huge.financial services contracts so there.are opportunities definitely all right.not seeing any more questions.once again you can unmute yourself and.ask a question aloud if your fingers are.tired or something yes I can I do.already certification I live while the.office is own but I'm IT so naturally we.work we look but I wanted to know two.questions one can I hire anyone that.lives in a HUBZone in the United States.yeah okay and then to what's the.difference between a 35% versus 20% of.your employees money yes 35% is required.to qualify for the program and once.you're in the program this is just.something to help you so they of course.they really want you to maintain 35%.employment of HUBZone residents but they.will accept an attempt to maintain that.35% and you're by attempting to maintain.their they view that define that as.employing at least 20% so no less than.20% at any time once you're certified.okay and and and and I can continue to.hire because it's based on project need.that you know with government contracts.sometimes especially college kids there.they live in different states we work.virtual so it doesn't matter as long as.they're in it doesn't matter if they say.if it's a different state from the Home.Office right it doesn't matter if it's a.different state from or they just have.to live the rule is that they must live.not in your HUBZone but just in a.HUBZone you know thank you thank you all.right sure.it has a question here she asks can your.principal office be a virtual office so.your principal office is where the.majority of your employees work so.usually not in a virtual offices where.they work so probably not but you know.that's the rule.hi that'd be a little bit more Pacific.mm-hmm yes I work from my home I do a.lot of consulting so I have an office in.my home so if I establish a virtual.office out of my home would that still.qualify if the virtual office is in a.HUBZone.so when you say virtual office will you.be going there every day or is it just.established for address only yeah most.of these are average for I guess like.they call coop offices like incubator.offices right and I've seen.advertisements for those so if I had one.of those what I qualify will have to.physically go there everyday well I'll.have an employee working there every day.you have an employee working there every.day no not yet no it's just me I'm just.by myself so I'm just trying to spread a.choice yeah it has to be where the.majority of and I'm just going to go.back to the rule because I can't I.you know the virtual office is a little.different but I'm just gonna say that.it's where the majority of your.employees work so if that is you then.you have to spend most of your time over.at this virtual office but if if.everyone works remotely because I have.to travel well I'm basically IT.everybody works from home anybody have a.laptops no I don't wanna take up too.much of your time.but if I'm working here at my home and I.have someone in a HUD zone working from.their home but I still want a virtual.office so I can have a good business.address or a co-working spot we can meet.up every non-endemic needed yeah but.Seth yeah I think that the best what you.said there is really the best strategy.as far as if you're gonna hire.employee hire employee that lives in a.HUBZone so they're living and working.from their HUBZone and then say for.instance there if there's just two of.you then and you're not living in a zone.and that's still you know 50 percent of.you live and work in a HUBZone right.because if there were two of you cuz you.get the better strategy as far as if.they're working from home based on where.they work versus a virtual office I see.okay thank you all right.minou sapa has a question asking are.there any services regarding IT services.the husband and I my husband a database.application specialist and is there any.ITT contract there's lots of contracts.become a PTAC client and we can help you.with conducting the research and show.you how to find the opportunities we can.also sign you up for a free big-match.service which will automatically send.you opportunities for federal state.local cities and counties video is.asking what if you don't have any.employees just yourself you are the.employee so as long as you live in a.HUBZone Benson is asking we are a.two-person LLC they're both owners and.employees that as recruiters all these.employees for all payroll purposes do we.qualify well I mean there was no mention.about the HUBZone being in the zone so.as long as there's two of you so just.look at if one of you is living and.working in a HUBZone that you're 54 you.know you're over 35% so I'm not sure.where your locations are but that's.really the factor that we need to look.at all right do we have any last brief.questions we're right at 11 now.a question the forty hours is it total.for the HUBZone or is it the forty hours.a month per employee yeah per employee.forty hours per month got it okay all.right um well let's go ahead and exit.this thank you for everyone for joining.and thanks so much to Christina Jones.for hosting we're cutting things off now.but I want to let you know that your and.I receive an email from us shortly this.email will have a link to a survey that.we'd really appreciate if you fill out.I'm just to let us know how we did and.this webinar it helps us stay funded and.keep improving our services and as I've.promised there'll be a recording of.today's webinar and the slides will be.posted as well this email will give you.a link where you'll be able to find.these resources no later than tomorrow.spoiler alert it's just on our website.NorCal picolo slash calendar so i'll.upload both of those there and then let.everyone know once that's completed um.thanks for joining our HUBZone webinar.and have a great rest of your day.

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