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youtube video

Find out How to Write Down the Bc Gaming Application

notes up guys Joey here I know it's beena while I'll go ahead and explain whyI've been gone so long I recently got anew apartment my first apartment this isit today we're gonna be building anothergaming PC the budget is $1,000 you'veread the title this is gonna be a fullguide so I'm gonna be showing youeverything you need to know if you'venever built a gaming PC you're in theright place everything from start tofinish so what are we gonna be coveringthis video what are you guys gonna belearning well first things first I'mgonna go over all the parts and why Ipicked them second we're gonna bebuilding the PC I'm gonna show you guyshow to build it step-by-step and thenthird we're gonna be playing games inreal time so yeah guys this is gonna bea pretty long video so I'm gonna goahead and jump right into it so firstthings first guys go ahead and get yourmotherboard and your CPU we have ourSATA cables see I'm sure to get thesetwo tools out your i/o shield and thisthis is pretty interesting I'll go overit later in the video we're gonna openup our I 580 600 K this is a six coreprocessor this CPU is clocked at 3.6gigahertz but it has a max turbo of 4.3gigahertz our CPU our i-5 we pay $239for it our motherboard we paid $104 forit as far as the chipset on ourmotherboard it's obviously the xethru 70chipset which allows us to overclock ourIntel CPUs this is a gigabytemotherboard it's one of the it's thebest seller on Amazon as far as budgetz3 70 motherboards go it's gonna get thejob done if you want to be a baller thenyou can pick up a motherboard from theSUSE ROG line they look a lot morepleasing in the aesthetics departmentbut yeah as far as III 70 motherboardsgo this is the best bang for your buckwhich is why I chose to go with this oneso here we have our i-5 and as you cansee in the bottom left hand corner wehave a little arrow you're gonna line upthat arrow with the arrow on themotherboard so see here's the arrow onthe CPU socket on the motherboard sowe're just gonna go ahead and pull thisto the right-hand side lift it up so I'mjust gonna go ahead and hold the CPUjust like this and I'm gonna slowlyplace it down and it should just go injust like that don't push the CPU downbecause you might bend the pins youshouldn't require any force on this itshould just fall in naturally and goahead and just put the little lever backdown pull it up a bit soyou could be able to push this under thescrew pull it down you should feel alittle bit of tension that's normal thetop lid will come off pull it to theright-hand side and pull it it underthis little thing and just let it go andtheir CPU install fairly simple processremember don't be scared of the tensionthat's normal you should feel a littlebit of tension okayso now our CPU obviously needs to becooled our theme of the build it's gonnabe well white and blue but it's gonnaI'm gonna stick the new Frozone funkopopin there so it's gonna look pretty coolit's gonna match the build how much didI pay for the CPU cooler this CPU coolerwas only 30 bucks ok guys so before weget into this go ahead and get all theparts that we're gonna need and all theparts we're not gonna need parts we'renot gonna need these are irrelevant forthe socket that we're installing so goahead and get rid of these parts theseare the parts that we're gonna be usingokay so I own assembled outside show youguys how to do it from scratch this partright here has a plastic coverdo not remove this this is gonna gounder the motherboard like this so firstthing you want to do is get these littlescrews and you're gonna want to put themin like that sideways you're gonna wantto put it on the closest circle not the1last circle and the last one in on the1closest circle now to secure these in go1in and put this rubber in just like that1on all sides11all right so how these screws is secured1we're gonna align it up with the four1dots on our motherboard I'm gonna do it1upside down to make life easier1okay should just fall into place1turn the motherboard around so now we're1gonna need these things put one right1here on all four of the screws just like1that this just slide right in real easy1okay so now next step we're gonna need1these two parts make sure they're facing1like this this way so this thing needs1to be sticking up not the other way1around so go ahead and line up the1middle hole of this thing with the screw1and do the same thing for the other one1so now we're going to be taking a look1at this part it has two sides this sides1gonna be facing the top make sure this1side is facing the bottom and we're just1gonna tighten it with our fingers as far1as how tight you need to do it you can't1really over tighten it with your fingers1so as soon as your finger just starts1slipping off of the thing then that1means it's tight enough and go ahead and1do the same for all three remaining1sides alright guys so we're more than1halfway done this heatsink comes with1included thermal paste I'm not going to1be using the included thermal paste I'm1gonna be using Arctic silver 5 thermal1paste as far as all the parts using this1build that will be in clinked in the1video description so we're gonna need to1remove the middle fan in order to remove1the middle fan all you have to do is1push up on this and push up on the other1side and there the fan is now unclip and1you just simply take it out so go in and1take our final part and place it in the1middle of the heatsink so just like that1it's just sit right into place so now we1can go ahead and remove the protective1now we're going to put thermal paste1onto our CPU and you want to put like a1pea-sized amount right in the middle of1our CPU so I'm gonna go ahead and just1squeeze1and that should be enough that's like a1pea-sized try to not make it too messy1so I'm just gonna try to make sure it1doesn't come off okay there you go1now guys that's really messy I'm sure1you guys will do a better job than me1but that's fine1now I'm gonna slowly place it down make1sure it's aligned1I'm not gonna screw in one side1completely I'm gonna screw in one of the1sides just like halfway and then screw1the other side in half wait go ahead and1switch the motherboard over I am1applying quite a bit of force here guys1looks like the previous screw I screwed1in a little more than halfway and as far1as how tight you want to screw this1screw and pretty much when the1screwdriver stops turning and there it1stopped turning so I'm not gonna force1it anymore finish tightening the1opposite side all the way and there1doesn't turn anymore we're done with1that all right so now we want to go and1reinstall our fan and remove this fan1because it's blocking our RAM slots so1what Ram did we decide to go with well1we will have an a gigabyte kit two1sticks of four gigabytes the Rams rated1at two thousand six hundred sixty-six1megahertz1how much did we pay for this round kit1this round kit ran us a hundred and one1dollars we're gonna open up the gray1once open up this one and open up this1one and that's where we're gonna be1popping in our RAM it doesn't go in1either way it only goes in one way so1you can't put it in wrong so I'm gonna1go ahead and align the RAM stick in the1RAM slots and I'm gonna press down with1not too much force but it is gonna1require some force and then it should1just click right in both slots will lift1back into place we're gonna do the same2for the second stick of RAM I'll line it2into place and click down with force and2as you can see right here around Burley2fits this is low-profile round so if2you're gonna be using this heatsink make2sure you purchase low-profile round2because if not yeah it's probably not2gonna fit so it's looking real clean2right now we got the white on white so2we're done working on our motherboard2for now I'm gonna go ahead and take the2case out of its box so this is the n12101 and it's an ATX case as far as ATX2cases go this one's on the smaller side2of ATX cases you'll see what I'm talking2about2cable management in this case it's gonna2be a little bit more tedious than other2ATX cases but it's gonna be worth it2because it's a smaller size to take the2panel off it's really convenient you2simply just click out no tools required2and the lid pops right out this case2supports six fans and that's how we2picked up2six pence you don't necessarily need to2cop six fans I just did it because well2for the looks and of course more fans2does promote better air flow obviously2these fans cost seven dollars and2seventy five cents a pop so I bought six2so the total that I spent on fans was2forty seven dollars for these six fans2this case also has a dust filter on the2bottom now I've actually worked with2this case before so I already learned2the hard way that well cable management2is very tedious in this case as far as2it accessories that this case comes with2it's really unique2most cases don't come with these2accessories and they don't come packaged2in the manner that these came packaged2so you have your case manual don't2really need that GPU support bracket2we're not gonna be using that plenty of2zip ties for cable management so you2don't have to worry about buying2additional zip ties and the screws so as2you can see all the screws are packaged2separately most case manufacturers don't2do this surprisingly they should because2it makes it easier on the consumer as2far as navigating through the screws and2whatnot so first thing you want to do is2make sure you put all the motherboard2standoffs in the appropriate position to2support whatever motherboard it is you2chose to go with so taking a look at our2motherboard it has one two three four2five six seven2motherboard standoff slots and last2one's gonna go right here all the other2motherboard standoffs are already placed2in the appropriate position okay cool2we're now ready to screw on our2motherboard but we're not gonna do it2right this moment we want to have really2good cable management in this case so2unfortunately we have to kind of wait2till we screw in the motherboard okay so2I'm now gonna install the three bottom2fans alright so this thing went ahead2and fell I'm gonna leave it out of there2for now so as far as fan cable2management this is the only slot we have2if we don't use this slot then we're2gonna have to wire the fan cables all2the way over here and that's gonna look2messy so I'm gonna go in and place all2to be fans into the case as far as what2position I'm gonna place them in I'm2placing them in the position that makes2it easier for me to wire the cable2through this slot right here I haven't2screwed anything in yet and the2placement of the fan I place them down2like this because that way the key2just gonna pull an air from the bottom2and then it's gonna blow it out through2here and then it's gonna blow it out2through here2so for each fan you have to connect it2into a fan header on the motherboard2we're using a lot of fans for this build2six fans our motherboard doesn't have2six fan headers so we're gonna need to2use fan splitters this fan splitter is2gonna hook into one of the fan headers2and now we're gonna have two fan inputs3so each set of two fan splitters cost3six dollars sir for both of them it ran3as 12 dollars so the first fan splitter3we're gonna be hooking into the top-left3corner of our motherboard we're gonna be3hooking in two fan splitters in the very3bottom of the motherboard actually and3I'm gonna work in the fan splitter from3the hole that the fans went through just3lifting up the motherboard and working3it through just like that I'm gonna go3ahead and hold the motherboard from the3back of the case with my left hand and3I'm gonna use my right hand to plug in3the splitters so they're right next to3each other the two fan headers there is3one and then the second one so the fans3are aligned right there before we move3further along into the building process3I want to first tell you guys about the3remaining parts we chose to go with so3the graphics card is of course the gtx31060 this is the six gigabyte version as3far as how much we pay for it3we pay two hundred eighty-five dollars3for this GPU when cpus were really3inflated gtx 1060 s we're going for like3over $400 which is pretty crazy so yup3we got this one under 300 that's awesome3as far as our power supply we're going3with a 500 watt bronze rated semi3modular power supply so what a semi3modular even mean well allow me to show3you guys if it was fully modular this3power supply cable wouldn't also be3connected to it but since it's semi3modular only this cables gonna be3connected to it if the power supply3wasn't modular they would obviously all3be connected so why are modular power3supplies even cool well it's because it3helps out what far cable management3you're not necessarily gonna need to use3all the cables for your power supply so3if you don't need to use them you simply3don't plug it in which then allows more3room to cable manage your cables more3nicely we're gonna want to connect our3CPU power cable first before we screw in3our motherboard and here's our CPU power3cable so the site are gonna want to3place the power supply into the case is3what the fan facing down3put it all the way to the site so it's3gonna clip in from the top side so there3goes one side and it's now clicked in3now remember you don't necessarily have3to go through all this hassle you can3just wire the cables through here but3I'm trying to achieve the best possible3cable management setup with this case3it's very time-consuming but it's worth3it okay guys so now we just have to hook3up two more cables to our motherboard3for us to then finally be able to screw3in our motherboard into the case3so the first keyboard we're gonna be3hooking up is actually a case cable so3this cable is from the case obviously3I'm gonna go in and work it in from the3bottom from you know where all the other3cables went in through looks like I have3to move this fan over bits to get the3cable to fit in there we're gonna hook3up our HD audio cable to our HD audio3input on the motherboard and like most3of the other cables it only goes in one3way3and there it goes in just like that so3what does that cable do on top of our3case right here pretty much we have a3headphone jack and a microphone jack3so that cable connects these inputs to3the motherboard so we could use them so3finally the last cable once again3another case cable it's this one right3here it's gonna say power switch and HDD3led what are these cables do well it's3what connects the power switch to the3motherboard so when you then click the3button the computer turns on I'm gonna3wire them through the same spot once3again so before we hook up those two3final cables to our motherboard3we're gonna need a first hook come up to3this little tool this tool is then gonna3hook up to our motherboard so I'm gonna3go ahead and open it by the way this3thing comes included with your3motherboard we're gonna be using the HDD4side and the PW side which is pretty4much power switch and it's gonna snap in4just like that as far as what way it4goes in it doesn't matter each way4you'll be fine I'm gonna turn it back4around alright so we have both plugged4in just like that4make sure the PW the power switch is4facing up just like this and we're gonna4hook it up right here okay guys so4remember the PW one has to be on top and4the HD one is on the bottom right there4I can now finally screw in our4motherboard into the case so I'm first4aligning the USB ports of the4motherboard with the back of the i/o4shield4you guys can't see it but make sure you4align it correctly so then you could4actually then push it in and our final4screw on the top left of the motherboard4I just need to hook up this fan splitter4to the CPU fan header on the motherboard4now I'm gonna wire our two fan cables to4the top and I'll leave that like that4for now so now we're gonna actually have4to flip over our case to screw in the4fans I'm gonna be using tape to just4secure the fan because if not they're4just gonna fall this will make life4easier for me you'll see what I'm4talking about I'm gonna use the included4silver screws to secure these fans all4right so I finished securing this family4fall the four screws I'm not gonna fully4tighten it yet first I'm gonna screw in4the rest of the fans and then once I4have them all laid out high I wanna then4I'll finally finish growing them in all4the way alright guys so this little fan4cables not fitting through the4motherboard I'm gonna unscrew the top4left but I'm just gonna push the4motherboard back a little bit with my4finger and try to make it squeeze4through mine re-secure that motherboard4screw see how you're able to measure the4height of the fan so yeah for our case4we're gonna have it on the very bottom4all our fans are installed now so these4are our power supply cables all the4cables are gonna be labeled as you can4see these two right here both labeled4SATA we're gonna be hooking up both of4these now the next cable we're gonna be4hooking in it's gonna be labeled VGA4this is the cable that's going to power4our graphics card so our final cables4labeled per if now for this build we4don't need it so we're not gonna bother4hooking this one in okay guys so I know4we have a lot of cables here I know it4could look a little intimidating it's4not we're gonna take it one cable at a4time so the biggest cable of them off4from the power supply that's gonna power4most of our motherboard is the 24 pin4cable I'm just gonna go ahead and wire4it to the front this is our USB 3.04cable I'm gonna wire this one also right4here right under the big one like that4now the cable that's going to power our4graphics card the VGA4a cable I'm gonna wire this cable4through the very bottom down here4okay guys so now we want to hook up this4big old cable it's gonna clip in like4the other cables this cable is gonna4require a bit of force so I have it in4the slot right now but it still needs to4be pushed anymore4so I'm gonna use my fingers and I'm4gonna put them on the back of the4motherboard and then use my thumb to4push it in so the motherboard won't Bend4when I'm applying force to it because4there is no screw support on this part4now to hook up our USB 3.0 cable that4hooks up right under it it only goes in4one way there you go that looks very4clean and our final cable is to power4our graphics card we'll save that for4the end okay so let's try to organize4these cables a bit remember we have case4cables we have the power supply cables4and that's really it so why don't we go4ahead and take care of our fans first4okay guys so let's start off with our4CPU fans so remember this fan splitter4was hooked up to our CPU input so it's5very important that you connect it with5the CPU fans which was two of them so5we're gonna do that first our CPU fans5are now connected and powered we have5two fans litters over here so I'll5connect this side fan to one of these5I'll connect one of the bottom three5fans to this one and we now have two5more fans on the bottom which Allah will5connect to these and our final two side5fans are gonna connect to these two fans5players down here and there we go all5our fans are now connected moving on to5the storage part of our build we're5gonna be using an SSD plus hard drive5combo that says these gonna be used to5install our operating system Windows 105and programs as says these are a lot of5faster than hard drives so when Windows510 is installed on an SSD your computer5is gonna start up a lot quicker compared5to as if you had your Windows 105operating system installed onto your5hard drive so this case supports two5SSDs in order to install our SSD you5simply unscrew it and then you secure5the SSD using the little screws that5came included with the case insert it in5and re secure SSD or hard drive is where5we're going to be installing only our5games because5these games are very large in size some5games are even over a hundred gigs it's5pretty crazy5so definitely gonna need a 2 terabyte5hard drive in 2018 a one terabyte hard5drive would also be good but you know5how much 1 terabyte hard drives are5there actually $50 this is only 7 more5dollars and you get a whole terabyte5extra so yeah definitely worth it to pay5the extra 7 dollars wouldn't you say so5I'm just gonna remove our drive cage5you're gonna want these points of the5hard drive to be facing the back side of5the case right here I'm gonna hold the5hard drive into place and just pull up5on the plastic it won't break and then5pull it up and over into the hard drive5and then just push down these four5little points and it should clip in just5like that you can then choose to screw5it in for more security as far as a hard5drive but you don't really need to I'm5gonna go ahead and do it why not you're5gonna use these big screws that came5with the case the same screws we use to5secure our motherboard into the case so5now we actually have to connect our5storage devices to the motherboard so it5can actually read the data that's when5the SATA cables come in I'm gonna use5the top ones because those are the ones5that are gonna be closest to this 45meter cable management and I'm gonna5just wire it to the backside of the case5so these are the inputs in the back of5the hard drive this is the SATA cable5it's gonna power it and this is the5other SATA cable it's gonna read the5data they're both called SATA one's5bigger than the other so I'm gonna hook5up one of the SATA cables to the hard5drive to read the data from it and then5I'm gonna get a SATA power cable from5the power supply to power on a hard5drive all right there so our hard drive5is now powered and connect it to the5motherboard we're gonna do the same5thing for our SSD it also has the same5inputs done now we have one more little5SATA cable hanging from our case this is5gonna be used to power the lights from5our case the case actually has LEDs5right here and I'm just gonna hook it up5to one of our power supply SATA cables5and there we pretty much completed all5the wiring for the necessary stuff now5I'm gonna be installing an RGB LED strip5to add lighting inside the case this is5totally optional you don't need to do5this so I have my RGB LED strip right5here this will be linked in the video5description in case you guys wanted5this into your build so the way I'm5gonna stick this thing in there is I'm5gonna have one of the strips in the5bottom and in order to make it fit5through there I have to first place it5on its side like that to make it squeeze6in through there once it squeezes in6through there I'm then gonna lie it flat6and this RGB strip is actually magnetic6and the other one we're just gonna place6along the side right here so as far as6how I'm gonna wire this I'm gonna6disconnect this and I'm gonna bring this6side through the back of the case on the6side of the hard drive cage it should6come out here it is and then hook it in6tuck this in and there you go that looks6really clean it's not visible which is6how I want it moving onto the backside6of our case we're gonna Canal gonna6power this line it up arrow to arrow and6it's powered through SATA so just plug6it into one of the SATA power cables6we'll plug it into this one right here6so as far as what this little box is6it's a controller and then this is the6remote so as you can see you can change6the colors and you could change the6brightness and the speed and different6effects and whatnot of your lights for6your case6and our GP behold our gtx 1066 gigabyte6taro ain't she beautiful6now with GPUs one of the ways that they6cut cost is by well not including a6backplate when you start approaching the6more enthusiasts range of graphics cards6such as a GTX 1080 Ti6pretty much all GJ X 1080 T eyes have6back plates but yeah with ten six these6there's some 1060 s that have back6plates but it's not the one we got so6we're gonna click in our GPU into this6slot on our motherboard we're gonna need6two slots for it so we're gonna unscrew6not the first one but the second and the6third ones just line it up with the slot6and you're gonna hear it click and now6just secure your GP okay so I'm gonna6position it so see how this is an eight6pin cable we're only gonna be needing6three for this graphics card if it was a6really beefy graphics card like a GTX61080 you didn't use more since it's only6a 10 60 we're only gonna be using six6pins I'm gonna go in and position like6that now I'm gonna be using a zip tie6right here so we're done with the front6nothing else we need to add everything6looks good and it looks really clean6well the funkopop we're gonna still6stick Frozone in there66good right okay looks like we're good to6go in order to stick them on there all6I'm gonna do is use this double-sided6tape man it is so awesome because when I6first start these builds you know I pick6out all the parts I add them all to my6Amazon cart and then I just picture in6my head how the parts will look but I6won't truly know how it looks till I6actually build it and I built it we've6built it and it's amazing it's better6than I pictured it so while I'm hooking6this up the final price of this build is6a thousand 46 dollars that's not6including the Frozone funkopop6and RGB LED kit but it is including the6fan extension cables even though we6ended up not even using them this is a6full guide I'm gonna hook it up to a6monitor so we could witness together if6it actually is alive cool okay so as you6can see reboot and select the proper6boot device so we're gonna boot Windows610 from this USB flash drive it's then6gonna install Windows 10 on to our SSD6I've already made a separate video on6how to create one of these step-by-step6that video will be linked in the video6description if you don't want to do that6they actually sell these with Windows 106already on it that's of course a bit6more pricier but if you want to install6Windows 10 for free look at the video6that I've linked in the video6description okay so I'm gonna go ahead6and turn off my computer now just click6it once and I'm gonna plug in the USB6flash drive so guys since the drives6hooked up to our PC don't have any6operating systems it should boot6directly to the USB flash drive without6us having to do anything I'm not going6to turn on our PC7all right we're in business and Club so7select your language English us next7install now so this is how we get7Windows 10 for free it says right here I7don't have a product key I'm gonna click7I don't have a product key if you do7have a product key go ahead and insert7it right here I don't have a product key7now we're gonna select a version of7Windows 10 that we want to install I7want to install Windows 10 Pro and I'll7select that one and then click Next7we're just gonna go ahead and pretend7like we read this and then I accept the7license terms next so custom install is7what we're going to want to select so7here's our drives right here we have our7two terabyte hard drive and right here7we have of course our SSD remember we7want to install Windows 10 on our SSD so7Windows couldn't boot up a lot quicker7so just click it once and we're gonna7click Next it's now going to start the7installation process so what it's doing7right now is it's copying over the files7from the US speak to our SSD remember7when we first entered it the USB Drive7and turn on the PC it booted us up to7the you know what language I want to7pick to install windows a lot of the7times when I'm building a PC if you7don't take off let us be when it's7restarting like it just did right now7it'll take you directly to where it was7and what that means is that the PC still7booting from the usb instead of the hard7drive so we're to have had to do to7solve that problem is turn off that7computer7disconnect the USB drive and now a boot7to where we want it to boot luckily a7booter to where we want it to boot what7I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna be7installing the graphics card drivers so7just type in g-force will take us to g47slash drivers I'm gonna click on the7GeForce experience tab and go ahead and7download the GeForce experience program7I'll just save as and I'll save it to my7desktop we go to steam comm navigate7over here view desktop website install7steam it's awesome now and this one I'll7go ahead and just put I'll just plug run7is what I should really be doing selling7steam very simple process7what is the difference experience the7GeForce experience is the program from7Nvidia that automatically downloads all7the drivers you need for your graphics7card and theme is one of the many7programs slash platform whatever you7want to call it that allows you to7install games so Steam is for games like7duty and a lot of other games for7example for EA titles you download a7program called origin for Blizzard7titles for example like overwatch your7download Blizzard dotnet oh there we go7ok no driver found cool continue and7it's gonna download the latest driver7right away so yeah guys I don't want to7make this video longer than it has to be7so like I said origin for EA titles7Blizzard net for overwatch and stuff for7fortnight we wanted to download epic7games and those are the three other ones7that I'm gonna be downloading so I'm7gonna go ahead and download those and7install those so let's move on to our7drivers you don't have to update the7BIOS for your motherboard it's not7mandatory but I'm gonna show you how to7do it because I feel like it's my7responsibility when you update the BIOS7it may or may not improve system7stability best we're using Windows 10 647bit so our audio driver we will go ahead7and download this one America so I'm7just gonna save them all to my desktop7right now so that's our audio driver for7our chipset drivers I'm not gonna be7installing any chipset drivers you're7free to do so if you please I'm not7gonna install any LAN I am gonna install7the land driver that's important if you7want to connect to the internet using7the Ethernet port I will skip that7because I'm using Wi-Fi right now as far7as how I'm using Wi-Fi on this PC it's7because I'm hooked up a USB Wi-Fi8adapter that's will be linked in the8video description if you're interested8in it this is the SATA one we're not8going to use any of these either8I'm not downloading any VGA not gonna be8using that BIOS we aren't gonna download8The Bluest BIOS we're gonna be updating8our BIOS utilities we don't need any8utilities nope now the newest BIOS is8this one see how it goes by date so it's8the first one up here the f4 version so8go ahead and select where you're at I8selected America save as desktop all8right I'm gonna minimize this this is8still downloading once this is done8downloading and go then click install on8ill install so this is our audio driver8and this is our BIOS they're both zipped8so what do you have to do is right-click8with your mouse and put extract all and8then I'm gonna go out and strapped it to8the desktop8and it is now extracting I'm going to do8the same thing for the BIOS right click8extract all extract to the desktop so8they're not both extracting I'll go8ahead and exit that out this one's8almost done it's complete now we don't8need the zip files anymore I'm just8gonna dump on the recycle bin the8g-force program is already installed so8we don't need this anymore I'm gonna8dump alit I'm gonna dump it in the8recycle bin so yeah let's just8downloading the graphics card drivers so8I'm gonna go ahead and open up on run8the word BIOS and here's the file that8we need so we're gonna need to hook up a8USB and empty USB tour PC up over there8you go up pops up down here I'm gonna8click right here I'll just put yeah open8the files to open whatever8oh look as you can see I already have a8BIOS on here so yeah we're not gonna be8using that one so I'm just gonna delete8it okay now it's like I have an empty8USB flash right8so I'm gonna drag the BIOS file into the8USB flash drive just like that this is8how you install games from Steam I'm8gonna go to my games library here's all8the games I've purchased I'm gonna8install Rainbow six siege which is all8the way right here I'm gonna click8install oh wait but we can install it8yet because we're gonna install that8onto our hard drive so how do you8configure your PC to read your hard8drive because right now if we go to this8PC it doesn't show our hard drive it8only shows our USB flash drive where we8have our BIOS file and our SSD so what8we're gonna have to do for our hard8drive to show up is type in disk in the8search bar right here create and format8hard disk partitions want to click that8and now we're in this management and8right away it reads that we have a hard8drive that hasn't yet been well unable8so I'm just gonna leave this how it is8and click OK here it is our two terabyte8hard drive I'm gonna right-click this8area and I'm gonna put new simple volume8next next go ahead and choose a drive8letter for it I'm gonna choose G since8it's for games next doesn't really8matter what you pick as far as the title8performing a quick format is good8because it's a new Drive next finish and8it is unable there you go it just popped8up in this PC so now when we got out of8this PC our hard drive now shows up when8we can now8stall games go to our 2 terabyte hard8drive right click new folder and I'm8gonna type in well steam g-drive and8we're gonna install this theme folder8select and there we go Rainbow six once8onto our two terabyte hard drives theme8folder mm-hmm alright so that's done now8we're gonna restart our computer to8update our BIOS please be delete Oh8what's the lead isn't it yes it's delete8ok so yeah when you restart your PC just8make sure you keep pressing delete on8your keyboard to boot up to the BIOS you8know now it's gone what done oh there it8is so once I click help will then bring8it up and then I pick Q flash update8BIOS Wow my mouse why is the mouse9moving so slow alright9and since we only have our USB hooked up9in there it's only gonna have one file I9select it and now I click this arrow I9believe yes I do and there you go it's9birdie in the file so do I want it to9fast or intact9huh it gives us two options well I think9I want to do it intact yeah I want to do9it9yeah I wanted yeah it's fine I can wait9I just wanted to do a job correctly Oh9yep alright so it's updating the BIOS9now no way I don't believe it what was9that it did not update the BIOS that9quickly file oh yeah look current flash9bios version f49that's the bios we downloaded it9probably said that for before i started9doing it so yeah you guys would have9click this and it would take a while if9it's like an f3 or f2 or f1 bios but9this motherboard already came with the9news BIOS I guess that's why I just9skipped it and it was done really9quickly alright I'm gonna go back now so9now guys we're gonna now do our9overclocking I go to advanced frequency9settings yes so I'm gonna click CPU9upgrade and I'm gonna go to I 580 600 k94.7 gigahertz everyone should be able to9achieve that hopefully if not then you9couldn't go ahead and click the smaller9one so it looks like this is a preset9and it's automatically gonna then change9the settings to achieve this overclock9which is pretty neat so pretty much when9you're overclocking it means we're gonna9be changing two values this9speed at which our CPU runs and then the9voltage of the CPU so when you put your9CPU at a higher speed it's gonna need9more voltage so you will go ahead and9pick a speed that you want your CPU to9run it and then you're gonna have to be9testing that voltage just starting at a9low voltage and then working your way up9to the necessary voltage that it needs9in order to run at that speed that you9want it to run remember the higher your9voltage is the hotter your CPU runs9which means you're gonna get higher9temps and we don't want that this is9gonna be a very lazy one9I'm simply clicking this so yeah guys if9you want more details as far as9overclocking and go ahead and search up9YouTube for more in-depth overclocking9videos this video is already long as it9is so you know just kind of just9summarizing the stuff and whatnot okay9so that's done now I'm gonna click save9and exit now let's play some games but9first I gotta install the games and9that's gonna take forever so I'm gonna9leave the games downloading overnight9and I'm now gonna go to bed because the9time is check it out what's a real9person oh I survived the op shot I have9to get the kill now yes all right99kicking off the csgo max out settings91080p resolution what else9what are you serious9all right next area9oh I'm so lucky9oh you're done now you're done now a bot9is just like high as the kite cuz his9reaction time is slower than the turtle9no I'm not gonna get anyone9all right got the big ol Rock good we've9got this job team the job team keep it9up9yes99about99we went oh my are they gonna capture it9what what9play operates hi guys I'm playing9battlefield one ultra city of Pisa999Oh99yes99so yeah I'm still practicing building on9105 a fortnight like less than six hours9to be honest with you guys for the next10video I'm gonna give you guys a lot10better gameplay I need a pass this10fortnight man I suck at it10alright guys well I'm gonna wrap it up10right here if you want to stay alerted10as to when I post feature PC bill to go10in and turn on Bell notifications for10the channel but yeah guys thanks for10watching

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