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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Grant Application Operation Up Form Online

CocoSign provides wings to your business by simplifying document workflow and optimizing business processes. Want to know more about the Grant Application Operation Up Form ? Read on to find out how to sign and fill your form quickly and easly.

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The Definite Guide to Grant Application Operation Up Form

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Check How to Enter the Grant Application Operation Up Form

.There are eight steps to submitting an NIH grant application using ASSIST..Find an opportunity,.make a submission plan,.initiate your application, .provide application access to appropriate team members,.enter your application data, .finalize your application and prepare for submission,.submit your application, .and finally track your application status through to eRA Commons. Let’s look at each step one-by-one..Step 1: Find an opportunity of interest. We post all funding opportunity announcements, often referred to as FOAs, .in the NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts and in Grants.gov..Each system has a robust search capability to help you quickly identify any opportunities in your area..Once you’ve found an interesting opportunity, read the entire text to understand all requirements and .to determine if it is a good fit for your proposed project. .A quick look at the table of contents shows the announcement contains a lot of important information. For the purposes of preparing and.submitting your application, pay special attention to Section IV. Application and Submission Information. .This section includes any FOA-specific information that would be different from the standard application guide instructions..In the section above the table of contents is a link to our application guide – which is actually a website. .On the How to Apply – Application Guide website you’ll find general application processing information, including guidance on .registration, formatting application attachments, page limits, and more. Links to standard application due dates, submission policies, and.other Resources. And form-by-form, field-by-field instructions essential to preparing a successful application..We have a general set of instructions appropriate for all programs..And filtered views which allow you to key in on the requirements of specific programs. .Step 2 is to make a submission plan. Verify all registrations are in place and active, including your organizations System for Award .Management or SAM credentials which require annual renewal..Identify team members and make sure everyone is aware of their roles, responsibilities and timelines..Step 3 is to login to ASSIST and initiate your application..In your FOA, right above the Table of Contents, you’ll find an Apply Online Using ASSIST button. .Which, as it implies, takes .you to ASSIST where you’ll login using your eRA Commons username and password. .The ASSIST welcome screen has two sections. .You can Search for in-progress applications..Or you can initiate an application by entering a valid FOA number and clicking Go..On the Initiate Application screen, provide the.the requested items, including, project title, .organization, and PD/PI information. Then click the Initiate Application button at the bottom of .the screen..Let’s get acclimated to the ASSIST screens. .ASSIST messages, like the Application Saved message seen here upon initiation, are .displayed at the top of the screen. .You’ll use the tabs across the screen to navigate between forms to do your data entry. Available ASSIST actions appear on the left. .Just below the screen name we provide tips and handy information, so pay attention to any text you see in that area..And, the orange question marks sprinkled on our screens bring you to the online help for using ASSIST. .Step 4 is to build your team. You already identified team members while planning in Step 2. .In this step you need to gather the eRA Commons usernames for anyone who will be working in ASSIST. And ensure everyone who .needs access to the application has it..ASSIST automatically provides application access to certain users..Anyone who logs into ASSIST with an eRA Commons account that has a Signing Official .or Administrative Official role has edit access to any ASSIST applications for their organization..The Project Directors/Principal Investigators for the application have edit access once you’ve edited the Sr/Key Person profile form to .include their eRA Commons credentials and select the PD/PI role. The person who initiated the application also has edit access..Signing Officials can add additional team members using the Manage Access action..They can change the current access privileges for a user..Or add additional users..Providing an eRA Commons Username and clicking Submit allows the Signing Official .to control their access level privileges, delegate .the ability to manage access, and delegate the ability to change application status..Step 5 is data entry. The form navigation tabs provide access to the data entry screens..Only one user can be editing any particular form in the application at a time. At the top of each screen, is an Edit button which allows you to .enter data for the chosen form. It also locks the form. Other users can view the form, but can’t edit the form until the Lock is released. .There are multiple Save buttons at the bottom of each data entry screen. Save and Keep Lock saves your data and continues to block other .users from editing the form. While, Save and Release Lock saves your data, but allows other users to access and edit the form..When you initiate your application you may not see all the forms you need in the navigation. For example, if working on an R01 application you.may need to add the appropriate budget form. Or, you may want to add an Assignment Request Form to provide an institute or study .section preference. The Add Optional Form action provides a list of additional forms available in the opportunity’s application package. .Select a form in the dropdown list, click Submit,.and the form will then show in the navigation. Complete your application forms following all.guidance in the application guide, the funding opportunity announcement,.and in notices published in the NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts..Note that when instructions in the application guide and the FOA conflict, the FOA wins. And, when instructions in the FOA and a notice .conflict, the notice wins. Once you have completed the forms, use the Validate Application action to .check your application data against NIH business rules to identify errors and warnings..You need to correct all errors prior to submission. In fact, ASSIST will not let you submit until all errors are cleared. Review all .identified warnings, and based on your circumstances, decide if any action needs to be taken. Warnings do not prevent application .submission, but they’re there for a reason. So, take the time to consider them..Step 6 is to finalize your application and prepare for submission by previewing.your application and updating the submission status to Ready for Submission..The Preview Application action is available from the Summary tab. You have two options..You can view the last generated preview. Or, you can generate a new preview. The preview is exactly how your application would be.assembled upon submission, except for a few items in the footer like the Grants.gov tracking number and submission timestamp. .The application image does not include your cover letter, PHS Assignment Request Form, or appendix information. We .manage those documents separate from the application image provided to reviewers..When you are doing data entry, your application is in a Work in Progress status. Before you can .submit, you must update the status to Ready for Submission..Clicking the Update Submission Status link.displays a popup where you can select from a drop .down menu of available statuses and enter any comments you want to add to the status history..Before an application is changed to Ready for Submission status, ASSIST will run a final validation check against your application. .Hopefully, at this point, you already used Validate Application to identify errors and did whatever.clean up was needed. But, if you didn’t, you’ll be instructed to do so at this step..If no errors are found, the status is updated to Ready for Submission..Step 7 is submitting your application. Your error-free application must be submitted by 5 pm local time to be considered on time. .Please submit early to allow time to address any unforeseen issues. .And, by early I mean submitting days, not hours or minutes, before the deadline..To submit, you must be signed into ASSIST with a Signing Official eRA Commons account and your application must be in a Ready for .Submission status. If that criteria is met, the Submit button is active. .Applications are submitted from ASSIST to Grants.gov. After hitting Submit, you’re prompted for Grants.gov Authorized Organization .Representative or AOR credentials. AOR’s have signature authority in Grants.gov, like Signing Officials do in eRA Commons. Just two systems.with different names for that authority.The AOR credentials are passed on to Grants.gov and, if everything checks out, your application is sent, .a message to the effect appears at the top of the screen and the application status changes to Submitted. .Remember, I said there are 8 steps, not 7. You’re not done yet..The eighth, and final step in this process, is to track your submission. .Our eRA systems are constantly polling Grants.gov for submitted applications to process. .We take all your application forms and attachments and assemble them into an application image, in PDF format, complete with .headers, footers, a table of contents, and bookmarks. We post that assembled application image in the PD/PI’s eRA Commons account. .And, along the way, we send multiple notifications to the email addresses listed on the SF424 R&R form..On the Summary tab, right next to the Submitted status, is a View Submission Status Details link. That link brings you to the Status .Information screen. Use the Check for Status Updates button to refresh the displayed status. .You’ll see status for ASSIST, Grants.gov and NIH. It takes anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours to process .your application, so you may need to refresh the status a few times before all the information is available. .What you really want to see in a happy path submission is the seven-digit agency tracking number which indicates the processing is .complete and an application image is posted. The number links you directly to the eRA Commons Detailed Status screen for your .application. In the Other Relevant Documents section of the eRA Commons Status Information page, you’ll find your eApplication,.cover letter, PHS Assignment request form and appendices. The eApplication is the assembled application image reviewers and.staff will see - check it carefully. You have a two business day viewing window to check your .application before it automatically moves forward to NIH staff for further processing..Within that window, a Signing Official can Reject the application in eRA Commons. But, any subsequent corrective submissions must be .made before the deadline. Viewing your final assembled application image in eRA Commons is the most important step in the process. .Even if you Previewed the Application prior to submission, check it again. .It’s your responsibility to notify the eRA Service Desk, within the viewing window, of any assembly issues..If you can’t view it, we can’t review it!.That completes the eight steps of the submission process..If at any point you need assistance, the eRA Service Desk is there to help Monday through Friday from 7am to 8pm Eastern Time. .I hope you found this information helpful..Thanks for watching. .

How to generate an electronic signature for the Grant Application Operation Up Form online

An all comprising solution for signing Grant Application Operation Up Form is something any business can benefit from. CocoSign has found a way to develop a easy, low-cost, and secure online software that you can use.

As long as you have your device and an efficient internet connection, you will have no problem esigning documents. These are the simple tips you need to follow to sign the Grant Application Operation Up Form :

  1. Discover the document you need to sign on your device and click 'Upload'.
  2. Select 'My signature'.
  3. There are three ways to generate your signature: you can draw it, type it, or upload it. Choose the one that you find most acceptable.
  4. Once you have generated the signature, click 'Ok'.
  5. Finish by selecting 'Done'.

Then you just need to sign your document and have it ready to be sent. The next step is up to you. You can send the form in an email.CocoSign makes all the aspects of signing an electronic document easy and beneficial.

You get many features like 'Add fields,' 'Merge documents,' 'Invite to sign,' and a few others, all meant to make it user-friendly and comprehensive.

The best thing about CocoSign is that it functions on all the devices you utilize, so you can depend on it and can sign electronic documents irrespective of the device you are utilizing.

How to create an electronic signature for the Grant Application Operation Up Form in Chrome

Chrome is probably the most welcome browser recently, and it's no wonder. It has all the features, integrations and extensions you can demand. It's extremely useful to have all the tools you use available, due to the browser extensions.

Hence, CocoSign has partnered with Chrome, so you can just go to the Web Store to get the extension. Then, you can sign your form directly in the browser. These are a few simple tips to lead you through the signing process:

  1. Discover the link to the document that needs to be signed, and select 'Open in CocoSign'.
  2. Use your registered account to log in.
  3. Discover the link to the document that needs to be signed, and select 'Open in CocoSign'.
  4. Direct to 'My signature' and generate your designed signature.
  5. Find the right position on the page, add the signature, and select 'Done'.

After following the above guide, you can either save the document or share it to as many recipients as you need.

You will find that CocoSign has made efforts to make your Chrome signing experience as pleasant and unworried as possible, by adding a wide range of handy features, like merging PDF files, adding multiple signers, and so on.

How to create an electronic signature for the Grant Application Operation Up Form in Gmail?

Email is the major way to send documents recently, and going paperless has a lot of advantages, speed being the main one. You can sign a document and have your partner receive it immediately.

Your email recipient is one click away. This simple process can be applied to any documents that needs a signature: contracts, tax forms, and all kinds of agreements or declarations.

The great thing about CocoSign is that it helps you sign electronically the Grant Application Operation Up Form in your Gmail, without having any other devices involved. You can do that using the CocoSign Chrome extension. There are only five simple tips you need to follow to sign your form right in your Gmail account:

  1. Find the CocoSign extension in the Chrome Web Store, and download it to your browser.
  2. Log into your Gmail account.
  3. Direct to the Inbox and find the email containing the paper you need to sign.
  4. On the sidebar, you will find the button 'Sign'; click it and generate your personalize e-signature.
  5. Once you select 'Done,' the signature will be completed, and the signed document will be automatically saved in a draft email generated by the CocoSign software.

Saving time was the primary concern behind the efforts made by CocoSign to develop a secure and safe software that can allow you to waive signing docs with pen.

Once you try the software, you will immediately become one of the many satisfied clients who are enjoying the advantages of e-signing their documents right from their Gmail account.

How to create an e-signature for the Grant Application Operation Up Form straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are so evolved recently, that you can utilize them for anything what you can do on your laptop and PC. That's why more and more people are finishing work task from these mobile devices, saving even more time.

It's also a huge benefit work from home. As long as your internet connection is stable, you can conduct your business from anywhere.

When you need to sign a Grant Application Operation Up Form , and you're not in the office, the CocoSign web application is the answer. Signing and sending a legally binding document will take seconds. Here is what you need to do to sign a document on your phone online:

  1. Use your browser to go to CocoSign and log in. If you don't already have an account, you need to register.
  2. Discover the document that needs to be signed on the device and open it.
  3. Open the document and go to the page to insert your esignature.
  4. Select on 'My Signature'.
  5. Create your designed signature, then download it on the page.
  6. Once you have done, go over it again, select 'Done'.

All these tips won't take long, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant benefit of CocoSign is that you can use it with with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal method, and it saves cost, it's safe.

How to create an e-signature for the Grant Application Operation Up Form on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iPhone is not at all hard. You can sign the Grant Application Operation Up Form on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will find the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to search CocoSign.

These are the tips you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Download the CocoSign app on your iOS device.
  2. With your email to generate an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Discover the PDF that needs to be signed on the iPhone or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Discover the place where you want to add the signature; select 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Put down your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

Once finished, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and send it by email. As long as you have a efficient internet connection, you can sign and send documents instantly.

How to create an electronic signature for the Grant Application Operation Up Form on Android?

iOS has lots of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most phone users have an Android operating system. To fulfill their needs, CocoSign has developed the software, especially for Android users.

You can get the app on Play Market, install it, and you can start signing documents. These are the tips to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Select on '+' to open the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Discover the place where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write your signature.
  4. Insert it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to save the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your clients instantly. CocoSign is the best way to sign many forms every day, all at a low price. It's time to forget all about physical signatures and keep it all electronic.

Grant Application Operation Up Form FAQs

Check the below common queries about Grant Application Operation Up Form . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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