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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Illinois Freddie Mac Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Illinois Freddie Mac Form

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Check How to Enter the Illinois Freddie Mac Form

okay so good morning thank you for.tuning in to the final session.of our three-part series with illinois.realtors my name is marlena scott.we have some great discussions line up.for you today if you were able to attend.the first two sessions that we had.um you'll find that today will really.round out all of the great information.that we've been able to share.i have a couple of housekeeping items uh.the q.a chat feature will be live during this.session so make sure you place any.questions that you have.in the chat window make sure that it is.addressed to all panelists so we can see.all the questions due to time we may not.get to all of the questions but we want.you to make sure that.to know that we will follow up with you.after the latest webinar to.provide those answers for you so just a.little bit about my role.i am affordable lending business.development manager.i work with real estate professionals.across the country to educate.on freddie mac's affordable housing.solutions for loaded moderate income.as well as first time home buyers thanks.again for tuning in.so next slide please.thank you so the title of today's series.is staying home.in today's environment that means many.different things today we're going to.be talking about preserving home and.helping people get into home.it really does take a village and.freddie mac recognizes that.we created initiative early last year.called all for homes.which outlines the affordable ecosystem.that helps so many achieve.affordable and sustainable home.ownership there are many key players.as you can see on the screen within our.ecosystem.and you the realtor are really at the.center of it all what you do.interweaves into so many of the other.pieces of the ecosystem.all of you have a common goal which is.to help clients.achieve homeownership help your.communities increase home ownership.and you know as of the last several.years to help really.address and bridge those gaps that we.are seeing specifically in the minority.communities.you the realtor are the trusted advisor.and at times wearing many different hats.especially now many of you have probably.been confronted with the challenges.in your day-to-day work as your clients.past and presence are potentially.leaning on you.for additional information regarding.housing preservation resources.how to stay at home curious to how to.achieve homeownership in these.really different ever-changing.environments.so the information we plan to unpack.today will really help you leverage some.of those additional.local resources today we're going to be.hearing from subject matter experts at.the state housing finance agency.as well as local housing counselors to.discuss.their roles in this all for home.ecosystem.they will identify how they help clients.navigate these unchartered waters.solutions for bridging home ownership.gaps within the minority communities.and lower down payment solutions.available to help more.achieve homes next slide please.so with that i'd like to induce.introduce our first panel discussion.today.it will feature illinois housing.development authority managing directors.tara public.and our freddie mac housing finance.agency affordable lending manager.sam noel he's a subject matter expert in.this area as well.they both have a wealth of knowledge in.the industry and i want to thank you.both for joining sam i'll turn it over.to you.well good morning and marlene and thank.you for that i appreciate it.and it's exciting to be here today um.i am looking to see if uh.tara has uh put on her camera tower how.are you.good are you i'm doing fantastic.so yeah so i'm i'm excited about this.first part discussion and first of all.illinois realtors thank you for joining.in today.my name is sam noel as molina said i'm.with i'm an affordable lending manager.uh with a specialty with uh our housing.finance agencies and.and i have the pleasure of of being a.great partner with.the illinois housing development.authority so.tara thank you for being here and your.leadership.and what you do for the state of.illinois so i'd love to be able to just.start out with.a little bit terrible about you and.you're just uh briefly.uh just briefly your role at the agency.good morning again good morning so again.my name is tara pavlik i'm the managing.director.of the homeownership department at the.illinois housing development authority.ida.um we basically work with i see a bunch.of different sides of it but we have a.servicing.area we also have an origination we work.about 150 lenders across the state.um this year and i'm guessing a lot of.realtors are seeing this too.originations are going crazy people are.buying a lot of homes this year.but we usually help anywhere between six.to eight thousand families a year.purchase.their first home or a repeat home um.within our income and purchase price.limit so.it's really awesome to be able to see.and get some stories from people.um we work with a lot of housing.counseling agencies as well to make sure.that people before they buy their home.are prepared um to purchase their home.and know what to do when they're in.trouble.and know how to reach out so yeah.and i've been with you about 10 years so.that's awesome thank you you know i you.know you and i both know.the impact that housing finance agencies.make when it comes to affordable lending.and helping families create.sustainable home ownership so we're.going to take a deeper dive on that for.our.our friends our friends over at illinois.realtors today so they can get a.even deeper understanding of today so.i'm excited about this you ready to do.this.i'm ready awesome so let's take a look.let's take a nice look.so tara you know when i think about.you know when i think about you know.what is the value proposit.proposition of illinois housing and i.think about.all the great things that you do and you.help families get into homes.but if i'm the if i'm the realtor.you know i i want to make sure you get.me real clear and.comfortable in terms of using your.product and services.because you know this is the honest you.know a lot of times.these myths are still out there about oh.gosh it adds too long for the process.and you can't close on time and these.loans take you know.60 and 90 days to close and it sounds.great for the customer.but you know you know obviously i've got.to make a living and i just.it's just hard for me to do that kind of.business.um i know you know i'm not sure you know.i'd be curious to know.you know in terms of are the con you.know our rates.really that good and that different than.you know if i would just.go through a traditional mortgage sense.you know the down payment that make that.much of an impact.you know uh could they just get you know.somewhere money from somewhere else.does your down payment assistance really.make that part of the impact so.i say that tara because i know you hear.these things and you probably.heard these things since you've been.with the agency can you i've never heard.any of that never.ever never heard any of this so.talk to me if i'm if i'm if i'm an.illinois realtor.what's the value proposition in terms of.why i want to do business.with illinois housing would you help me.with that using those kind of bullet.points as a framework.yeah a couple of things so one thing is.we generally here too i'm sure.realtors have heard this as well you.know items out of money ida has not run.out of money we're not going to run out.of money we've got plenty of money.we're not we're a quasi state agency so.just because the state has one thing.is different we're not running out of.money we do change our programs that's.one.two and as we change programs we just.move money to new programs number two.is is that we do not look at any loans.until after they close.meaning ida doesn't hold up any loans we.don't hold up any processes we don't.hold up anything.we actually don't even look at loans.until after they're closed.and funded and the borrower's already in.the home um we do take reservations just.like any other lock.as far as our rates go what's really.interesting we're usually.like in the market maybe a quarter point.higher than market.but after covid hit like in march when a.bunch of lenders kind of went.and got all scared and nervous our rates.just went lower.um you know people want to purchase.loans.maximum time permitted for recording.your message if you are satisfied with.your message.press one to listen to your message.press two to erase and re-record.press three i don't know what that is.but i don't either so that was from are.you still there.you have reached the maximum time.permitted for recording your message.okay okay somebody yeah okay go ahead.continue please.sorry about that um so yeah our.our rates were actually lower than.market so we were sitting at 275 on fha.and around like three.three and a quarter unconventional which.is really good our down payment.assistance you know i've heard people.say well.we don't want borrowers to have no skin.in the game well if i'm a lender or a.bank do i want people to have the no.skin we do require everybody put a.thousand or one percent down.or do we want people to have reserves in.the bank so we have a lot of people that.use our down payment assistance.but you know in the counseling agencies.they'll probably tell you this too but.like.if you don't have reserves that's a.scarier thing than.you putting down that extra couple of.thousand dollars on the loan i mean.that's why ida is there we support low.to moderate income households to.purchase homes.um we do have a lot of borrowers that.still have money in the bank and.i love seeing that their risk of default.so much lower so for realtor's.perspective.for housing counseling agencies for fee.for freddie mac.you know to have that to have those.extra reserves in the bank is a really.big thing so.um processing an idle loan doesn't take.any more time it's six sheets of paper.we have our docs sets we actually.created a landing page.for item mortgage so that it was really.easy for lenders and realtors to go in.and get the information you want or need.we've got emails and phone numbers reach.out to us we're always available.so all the stories you've heard about.something slower with ida is not true.you know what i'm going to call you miss.i'm going to call you mrs mythbuster.after this.there you go.so i would like that actually so that's.perfect awesome no that that's great.because.uh it just sets the tone in terms of.really the impact you really make.without all the hiccups and hurdles.that a realtor may think uh tower that's.really the key.so thank you for clearing all that up i.appreciate it.no problem let's go ahead and take a.look.you on so i think this is a great.landscape uh from a national perspective.tara you and i.shared this slide before and.a lot of times um.real estate professionals may feel gosh.my borrowers are not going to qualify.for this.income because they either think they.make too less or.they make too much and.it just doesn't make sense for me.underserved and so.i just want to quickly highlight before.i turn over to utah that.you know on average you're talking about.57.000 you know 50 thousand thousand for.the household income.is the median income for single family.bars when it comes to hsa.i think that's phenomenal we know that's.higher in certain markets as well.in that first time home buyer range.we're looking at about 75k.and then just in general about 91k.but i'd love it for you to talk about.when you when you look at your household.income in the bar.that you're serving today talk a little.bit about.where your income stand and who's really.obtaining this loan.on all spectrums of the scale so would.you help us with that today.yeah so it's kind of funny um our.average household income is right at 57.000.so kind of funny we are actually right.there.um one some of the things that we've.recently changed and it did take us a.while to get it changed about two years.is that generally we always did um.uh like we would use household income of.all home buyers.with that lit or everybody that lived in.the household 18 and older and used.their income.about four months ago we were able to.get some um.a little bit more progressive in our way.of thinking in our way of underwriting.that you know what you may have.you know a husband and a wife that are.both working or you know a wife wife.husband husband that are both working.but then they're also paying out daycare.so it's not really.optically that it always works for us so.we were able to get the rules changed.and so now we.count qualifying income which is the.same as freddie mac uses.for your household income calculation.which kind of keeps us in line with the.market easier.um it helps realtors to be able to say.like hey this might be one of the.households that may work really well.in you know using some of these down.payment assistance programs so it used.to be that ida was really.you know hitting people for having dual.incomes in a household.so we were mostly working with single.households.or you know single people in households.and we're starting to see that shift a.little bit.so it'll be exciting to see in the next.year how that comes about.our average purchase price a year ago is.around 138.000. it has jumped up drastically about.20 thousand dollars in the last.six to nine months so we're around 150.000 as our average purchase price right.now.so um i think those numbers again we'll.wait to see kind of how they pan out in.the next 12 months because.some of our lenders are still thinking.we're using everybody's income to count.for households.um and some aren't but what we didn't.want to do is continue to.um negatively impact households with.dual income that are also paying out an.arm and a leg for daycare.i mean a house looks cheap in comparison.to daycare at this point right.i mean you can get for under a thousand.dollars a month with taxes and insurance.but try and get day care for three kids.for that so we've tried to work with.that a little bit and i think we'll see.over the next 12 months how that goes.but um yeah our average income.that lets me look it was 57 000 like.spot on.i just think that's shocking that across.the country that we're in line with that.so.chicago has actually become a little bit.more affordable in terms of.housing goes um taxes maybe not so much.but.housing i think that's that's huge and.you really you really dispelled another.mess right.um because a lot of times it is a.slippery slope between household.incoming qualifying incoming which one.so when you know when an illinois.realtor referred that to.one of your participating lenders we.want to make sure that they're.calculating it right because they want.them to qualify as best as possible.i appreciate you clearing that up.because it it can be confusing.yep for sure awesome so thank you for.that.let's go ahead and let's go ahead and.move on this is getting good.so you know what you know this is.you know when i look at this slide uh.this is a quarter called a national.scale.error and um you know it's.it i i step back and say you know.what what significant.income does you know.the impact that hs hfa's have made.as it relates to increasing minority.homeownership in this country.i think it's absolutely key and a lot of.people.don't realize when we're talking about.tools and resources.that on this slope.has generally been especially during.our or probably one of our darkest times.around that around the 2008-2000 noun.crisis.look in terms of how hfa's thrived in.that time.so i would love to be able to hear from.you from a local level tara.just the just the impact.that illinois housing has had as relates.to.increasing minority home ownership and.diversity.uh among your portfolio would you.expound on that a little bit please.yeah so you know i i think i saw this.from nick shaw.or something a similar type of graph and.what's really interesting.i do want to point this out is that if.for those of you who have been around in.this business maybe a little bit too.long self-included.um around 2004 there was a significant. shift.in the way that data was recorded on the.channel 3 application.and so it's interesting because you can.see these direct hits and i think 2008.or 2007 might have been the other one.right with the gfe.um so it's just interesting that at.those exact marks something changes and.then you can see again.2014 2015 when we had those trade.changes.and you just wonder like how is that.impacting like why.why are these point breaks of.application changes that affect this is.just interesting and i.just wanted to say that i don't have the.answer i don't really know.but it's just interesting that that's.where these two are colliding.um there has to be significance in there.and i just wonder what that is.um as far as ida is concerned um when.we're watching our originations we are.actually.for hispanic and latino we serve about.21.of our applications come in as hispanic.or latino compared against the state.average i believe please don't quote me.on these numbers.but like around 18 19 percent.identify ethnicity as um hispanic or.latino.and then for um african-american or.we have there at 21.6 percent.um actually let me pull that up hold on.don't don't use that number yet hold on.there's about 21.6 um in comparison to.the state.population of 16 we are continuing to.look at that.um to see better ways and more ways that.we can help.uh more communities.across the state sorry i just want to.pull this off to make sure i'm quoting.the right number.um sorry yeah we're at um.20.5 percent um for.black households and then for hispanic.and latino we were at 22.1.so we do we do serve higher than the.state population piece but i think.there's a lot more that goes into those.numbers.that we are continuing to look at and.dive into and find more ways.we want to find more ways to help more.um.qualified households become homeowners.and help them.in that process so we're definitely.looking at more ways to do that um.and some more programs and products and.stuff like that so we're continuing.we're always loving to hear feedback.so if somebody's got an idea or some way.they think that we could help better.like.send it to us i mean if there's a way we.can do it and it works and it makes.sense like we're all over it.so we love getting feedback so any ideas.people have we'd love to.continue to see it but i am liking to.see that the hfa's continue to.um serve more populations but again i.think that 30.number everyone would like to see that.number higher than that so.absolutely there's a lot of national.level on that too so.which is good yeah but based on your.numbers it just shows you that.you know you you guys are impacting that.within illinois uh kudos to you and your.team and.your participating lenders illinois.railways and others.to make minor and home ownership.possible uh for families of illinois so.thank you.yeah thank you.so let's take a last look you know so.i think this is really great because you.know.what a good way to end this sarah.because i think about.all these quick did you knows and the.impacts.that hfas and particularly.illinois and what you and your team do.and so we see these great numbers as it.relates to.you know you know on average you know.average purchase price.you know people don't think that average.first price we're helping families that.you know have a house almost a 230 000.everybody thinks that you know we're.doing homes at forty and fifty thousand.dollars right so.i'd love for you to put your perspective.a little bit on this we.can see at a glance what this is.at a state level you know i'd love for.you to help me.out you know tell us a little bit about.the impact.you're making on these percentages.and how you're helping home ownership.today.yeah so um i'm just going to start at.the top and kind of roll down except for.the number of single family loans.finance.um i said i'm still from the top down on.some of these.stats that you had so awesome.yeah so on the top one like i mentioned.ida does between six to eight thousand.loans a year.this one this year is just going crazy.we are.300 million ahead in reservations that.we were.at the same time last year and i'll be.interesting to hear filter organizations.um and for from everybody else too of.how they're coming up with that because.we're hearing different.we're hearing different you know pent up.demand.um you know we're hearing all sorts of.reasons as to why but i will be excited.in these presentations.to hear um some people coming up with.that.our average purchase price like i said.we're right around 150 000.mark um 99.9 percent of our borrowers.utilize us for our dpa.going back to if they don't have to.create six more pages of paperwork.lenders don't want to so pretty much.they're coming to us for dpa they're not.coming to us just for the first mortgage.um average amount of down payment.assistance we have a program that does.four percent up to six thousand.we're right at that six thousand because.of our average purchase price.um so the fact you know we just went to.board last week to get another 10.million dollars.for down payment assistance for our.program.which is great um borrowers below 100.ami ashley i'm gonna say ida is actually.72 percent but it's below speed.but it's below 80 ami so we are actually.serving a lower ami.with same percentages as the rest of the.country so.um yeah and so again the.percentage of loans made to minority.borrowers we're right around the 40.percent.mark at this point but again we're.continuing to dive into those numbers.to bring some clarity into there too.they're great numbers but we want to get.more.to see how we can help more um female.has a household so this is interesting.we have we've got about a 45 55 split.so we actually about 55 percent of our.borrowers the primary borrower is male.and 45 is female so i i think we're.actually ahead in illinois on that.so um yeah yes.yes.this is like great information and it's.nice to see how we compare.but i think good i think we've got some.great people in illinois and.it was great it would make an impact so.so tara tell me then you know obviously.the real just has heard some really good.stuff.they heard you you you went through all.the myths.and the reasons why you can do business.with you know.there's there's there's no hold up.there's no added time.their families will get these programs.and they will close in normal market.times.you've heard the great things about your.income.and and how you're helping families even.with those higher incomes which is.fantastic.how you're impacting minority home.ownership and then you just gave us.some great data at large in terms of.just how you're impacting.at the state level with these facts so.tara i just my last question i'll just.ask you is i know the realtors are.scratching your head say oh my gosh.if i'm not doing business today with you.how do i.start getting business how do i start.getting business overview so my.my bars my bars can get with your.lenders and get this down payment money.and get these really good rates tell me.how to do that today.so the first part is go to.itemmortgage.org.everything is on there our top lenders.are on there to reach out.we do trainings all the time so if.you've got a realtor group that you want.us to work with or to do a training we.can do.i mean right now we're doing zoom.trainings and teams training but we can.do training we can do flyers if there's.a you know a business or uh.um you know there's a lot of employers.looking for added benefits and if you're.one of those realtors that brings that.added benefit to those employers.that's another like little thing that.people are starting to do now.so we're getting called in to show up at.you know employers for meetings about.our down payment assistance to bring.people.to their companies even though it's free.it doesn't cost anybody anything to use.our stuff.um just stuff like that but first off.item mortgage.org reach out.um you can email us there's everybody's.phone numbers on there too we're.actually really easy to get a hold of.and reach so.um give a call you know that's great you.talked about trainings i thought about.our friends coming up here soon with.sandra with.uh you know our friends uh from.uh from with margaret and whatever so.that you know i know those are your.buddies.on the um on on the housing counseling.side so it's gonna be exciting to hear.from them in terms of.how you all work together as well uh so.i want to thank you for your time today.uh i know this was valuable.i believe i hope real uh illinois.realtors i hope you felt this was.valuable a part of it but.you want to see we're not dumb uh we.still got some good stuff.up so uh with that marlena i'm going to.turn it back to you that was awesome.thank you so much for the opportunity.thank you so much sammy and cara that.was amazing i do have one question that.came through the chat.so we know that there have been changes.and and different things.shifting um since the coven 19. um.what one realtor asked what do you do.if all of a sudden the lender has now.given information that the program is no.longer available should they reach out.to.ida directly um just to.make sure that they're not missing any.opportunities to get more people at home.due to the impact of the pandemic.yeah they can reach out they can reach.out directly to us or find another.fighter lender what sometimes happens.especially when people are freaked out.in that march april time period.um there were definitely some lenders.that put overlay on our program.even though we didn't increase our.overlays we didn't cut anything we.didn't change anything.we actually were there to support.lenders even more um.lenders who don't offer our program will.often say that ideas out of money.which isn't true again but they can.restart us directly and then we can.clarify that and then if they decide to.find another lender they can do that as.well.so unfortunately the rumors we can't.stop unless they reach out to us.directly and we'll always let them know.we're not out of money we're good and to.reach out to a different lender.okay great thank you so much and thank.you both again.learned a lot of great information uh.today and i appreciate your time.thank you all right so.speaking of ladies uh leading off where.tara and sammy left off we have three.ladies that are going to be joining us.um we have sandra heidinger who is an.affordable lending manager here at.freddie mac.as well as margaret wooten vice.president of chicago urban league.and deborah moore director of nhs.chicago.these women have a wealth of knowledge.and they also have known each other for.a long time.so sandra i will let you take it away.awesome thank you marlena and.i really want to take a moment to.thank these lovely ladies for sharing.their time with us.this morning and uh margaret.uh could you press on your camera button.so we can.see you see your beautiful face i see.deborah out there.can you see me now no no.okay i see you and then deborah.disappeared.are you guys playing peek-a-boo with me.[Laughter].no because i don't know.oh goodness debra where did you go.um my channel is lauren ah.there we both are alrighty well again.i just want to thank both of these.beautiful ladies for taking the time.and sharing their expertise.with us this morning as you heard.marlena.at the very start talking about how it.really does take a village.to make home possible in our communities.right.these two ladies are definitely a part.of that village that makes it happen.uh with that i'd like to take a few.minutes at the start.for each of you to just introduce.yourselves.i mean uh marlene has done the initial.intro but.tell us about yourself your organization.and your role at your respective.companies.um deborah why don't we start with you.hi good morning thank you sandra.um i'm deborah moore i'm the director of.neighborhood.strategy at nhs chicago i've been with.the organization.over 20 years and in the housing.industry for over 30 years.and that's because i'm very very.passionate about home ownership.as a way of wealth creation and.neighborhood stability.neighborhood housing services of chicago.fondly known as.nhs is a non-profit neighborhood.revitalization organization.we were established in 1975 and have.been committed since then.in helping individuals and families.while strengthening neighborhoods.throughout chicago.and the south suburban cook county area.our mission is to create opportunities.for people to live in homes they can.afford.improve their lives especially their.financial situation.and strengthen the neighborhoods they.live in.now images does this in five ways.one we educate and prepare new.homeowners for success.two we lend to people to help them buy.fix and keep their homes three.we sustain home ownership through.foreclosure.intervention and services to lower.monthly.housing costs like your homeowner's.exemptions and.um cost comparison for.uh home insurance or.we preserve and rehab and invest in one.to four.unit vacant or deteriorated properties.and lastly we build powerful.enduring partnerships and speaking of.partnerships.nhs has a devoted partner with freddie.mac for over a decade.together we have working to strengthen.low and minor income households and.communities of color.across the chicagoland area one.is the freddie mac borrower help center.and that's to help individuals.strengthen their financial position.as they prepare for the homeownership.journey.the freddie mac block by block.initiative.is an innovative framework to strengthen.communities still struggling to recover.from the past economic housing crisis.and i'll go into a little more detail on.those initiatives a little bit later.but uh my work at nhs is around our.place.based initiatives we work in six.geographies in the city of chicago and.in the 34 municipalities.in the south suburbs we have a program.coordinator that works.in my department in each of those areas.to coordinate.and refer home by potential.to all of the services that they will.need to become.successful homebuyers thank you banjo.awesome thank you i mean i know you guys.do such fabulous work.i mean it's awesome i applaud you.margaret.tell us about you your organization.and your role okay well thank you sandra.good morning to everybody again my name.is margaret wooten.i am vice president of our housing and.financial empowerment center at the.chicago urban age.i've been with the urban league for 32.years.and um i'm very well acquainted of.course.uh with my colleague with deborah moore.and certainly with freddie mac.um at the early one our mission is to.uh we believe that a stronger.african-american makes a stronger.chicago.and so we set out to ensure that we're.providing.services to the african-american.community and people of color.communities that were strengthening.their ability to become homeowners.so that we are set up to pass on.legacies.like other nationalities do.um we are also a um ida.um participant we participate with.either our illinois housing development.authority.uh they partnered with us we partnered.with them as well as the city of chicago.delegate agency.and we are an affiliate of our national.urban league out of new york.um one of the other programs that i i.participated in is of course trading.where we have to take.luke's chicago program take new chicago.is a program where we connect.uh freddie lenders um with realtors and.the community.so we can provide more affordable tools.and access.to the mortgage shoes for the.african-american and people of color.community.um we offer all types of programming as.it relates to housing.uh the the main program uh that we.offer after certainly back up a little.bit at the urban week we actually have.five.centers of excellence and one of our.centers is our entrepreneurship center.i invite you guys to go to our website.and to look them up they are.a group of young people that are really.awesome.fostering young african-american and.people of color.into business real business people we.also have our center.for student development where we're.servicing young african-american.students.providing scholarships for them before.the pandemic we would take them.to china every year uh free of charge of.course.uh as well as our um.workforce development program where.we're offering.job training and have a hiring event on.site.uh we have our other program by uh.angela.hamilton runs that program and that's um.human technology program where we're.dealing with students dealing with their.social and emotional.journeys if i'm in um uh so that we can.make sure.they're um they're mentored and they can.go through the normal.as well as possible processes to further.their education.and also to provide assistance for them.to go to college.we provide homeownership as famous my.colleague deborah.has mentioned devin and i have worked.together for many years and that's how.we're able to work so well together.because we both do the same thing.so we don't compete we combine so we can.make sure we provide um.information to our community uh one of.our.uh most i would say our most let me just.say that.after building for the african-american.is huge.uh it's a key driver um for us to.stabilize ourselves.in the community as it relates to.homeownership many times.uh rents that we pay are way in excess.of what a.mortgage payment would be um and so we.want to educate.our community on how to become.homeowners and.so we provide first-time homebuyer.counseling after that.uh we provide financial empowerment.which is your credit and your budgeting.then after that we will provide 101..those are workshops so so then we get to.the one-on-one where we're looking at.you as an individual.how you look on paper how much you can.afford.based on your net we use your net not.your growth.um and we just basically look at you so.you'll have an understanding.a good understanding of um how much.money your household budget is.you're bringing in and how much home or.the mortgage.you can actually afford wow.hey the great work that you guys do as.well i mean.these two organizations i mean i may be.a little biased but i mean there's a lot.of great organizations here in these.areas.in the in the area but uh these.both of these ladies and their.organizations do such great work.uh so all right well i think.we've all heard about this little thing.that's kind of going around right now.this little thing called.covet yeah.you know and given all the work that you.guys have done.in past i'm sure you guys have had to.pivot.and it's like oh my god how am i going.to continue this work now.in this new environment everybody's got.to stay home but.if people are buying homes how do we.still.do what we do and do our outreach.you know and be successful at that.um ladies uh deborah.yeah so thanks um and um.it's good seeing you this morning good.to see you sweetheart.um you know this culvert 19 this.environment.um i i see it on both sides so i see.people who are still.um trying to pursue homeownership.they're still.um you know trying to do something i saw.in the checkbox a little earlier um.somebody had mentioned that they had a.client and the lender stopped working.with them so.but we don't have access to credit i.don't know how we continue to work we're.still.doing our home buying we're still doing.that virtually we're still doing.counseling over the telephone and over.zoom.uh just like that you got urban league.is doing so we're still.working with our customers but the.lenders access to the capital.is like paramount um so that's one of.the things that i see and then.on the other side i see you know.obviously the unemployment.and so with people um with either.shortened hours or declining wages.they're just kind of at a.place where they don't know what's.happening in the future and.we need to figure out how do we get them.over that hurdle how do we get them to.move forward because they're.they've seen the foreclosure crisis that.happened you know 10 years ago.and now and so people become a little.timid about home ownership so.that's what i'm saying like that and.of course knowing that homeownership is.such a great way to help build wealth i.mean.right and we want to keep that momentum.going so.it's like yeah i just gotta.keep getting to these folks margaret.your experiences well we're pretty much.the same.as uh devil uh is or was uh it was like.a.i felt like i had a a major heart attack.when it happened.i was like oh my god what's gonna happen.and uh.no one really expects it i never plan.for this to happen.i have a housing counseling emergency.plan that virtual everything is not in.it.and so i've learned a whole lot um.from this pandemic and i certainly am.going to pin a brand new.uh housing calculation when we're done.with this but we were just.thrust right into having to do.everything virtually.and as a nonprofit organization we.didn't necessarily have.all of the um the finances that if i may.that we need to provide that counseling.um the virtual accounting is not.inexpensive uh we still have to collect.documents.uh and we have to have the ability for.the client to.uh well we send them a document for them.to sign it and send it back to us.which is not free um so when we were.thrust into it i just started working.like okay this is it.you know like a mom does when when the.family's been.like i said let's go guys we gotta make.it happen.and it's pretty much what we did um so.now we're all working from home it's.like.we don't have well we never have nine to.five but we really don't have one now.um but we were able to keep our keep.connection with our clients.thank god for client management systems.because the uh.files may be at the office but we also.have access to electronic.valves and so we can reach everybody.from home.so we're able to keep the flow going um.we are having.actually a first-time homebuyer class.tonight virtual of course.awesome i just don't want that.information i can pour it on to you guys.but.uh we're still doing the same class we.were just doing it online.oh i'm sorry we're about to launch uh.with desi.one of the realtors that work with.freddie mac we're gonna i'm sorry she.works with.and we're about to launch um virtual.tours with her.so you know.i love tours because i want our people.to see the home.and feel it and you know and get excited.about home ownership.so desi is going to start doing virtual.tours.for our clients um so i'm looking.forward to that as well.and that's awesome i mean in this.environment i mean we've got to be.creative and how are we doing that and i.know that both of you.if you're gonna if anything can be done.i know you've got you too.will make it happen and like it's.awesome.so i know go ahead deborah i'm sorry.i was just gonna say another thing that.we uh were able to do.during covet because i even though we.were crazy busy as margaret is.explaining just trying to get everybody.to work from home.set up make sure we have the internet on.with some people we had to buy.internet for um we started working um.our home ownership department.i'm gonna start working on a student.loan um.class that we're going to be rolling out.virtual we figured this might be a good.time for people to start looking at.those student loans.how they can get those under control so.it is not become a barrier to their.affordability.and and that's that's that's awesome.because we know that.is sometimes those things that kind of.prohibit.people from being able to purchase and.some of that is just a matter of sitting.down with someone like yourselves.to just provide that education to help.them get through that piece.because part of that to your point is.keeping them from purchasing.and of course we want to encourage that.because we all know.i mean there is such a huge gap.in home ownership right right between.white home ownership and minority home.ownership.across across the country and as we look.at this i mean we.see these gaps uh i mean.white home ownership is around 70 to 73.percent right.like when we talk about minority home.ownership especially in the.african-american market.it's down about it's about a 30.gap right between that in the latino.market.it's around 25 and as we look at these.rates.of the gap in home ownership especially.in the african-american market.it's lower it's lower than.in you know in 1968 when the fair.housing act.was uh was created and.uh put into law so what it's.uh to prevent steering and redlining.and discrimination that sort of thing in.housing right.the housing the housing rate right now.the gap is lower now than it was in 1968.and that's a sad statement to hear and.sometimes you have to say that to put.the reality out there.and so what are some things that.you guys respectively are doing to try.to help.close that gap in homeownership.double i'm sorry i'm sorry margaret.either one i'm sorry whoever wants to go.first.i'll bow to my colleague.i just have three fundamental beliefs uh.first homeownership is still the primary.way to create wealth in the united.states we are never going to close the.racial wealth gap.which is um what i read in the article i.think the same article you're quoting.margaret was that it takes.eleven and a half households to equal.the wealth of one white household.yeah whatever that that has to change it.just has to change.uh secondly housing nonprofit.organizations like the chicago urban.league.and nhs can help eliminate the barriers.to creating homeownership but you gotta.come to us.you gotta come too and then we can help.you eliminate those barriers.and then lastly the housing stock in the.chicago.area are like diamonds in iraq we.have the most affordable stable housing.stock one.in our one to two units actually and uh.the two units allow.for income so our housing stock is.really.a great way to become a homeowner and a.small business owner.and i agree deborah um because um.it's really really important that i mean.we.we do acknowledge the disparities and.how we're affected disproportionately.uh i would invite you guys to our.website uh our research and policy.department just um.published a paper on the effects of.covet 19 on african americans.and it's not surprising everybody know.that we were affected a lot more.than any other race so it's not it.doesn't take rocket scientists and like.people always challenge you oh the.average american always saying they're.disney or that.well we have research so don't fight.with us fight with the research.um the research is there i invite you to.that.also while you're there um devon just.mentioned.that um back during the crisis more.african-american lost their homes than.any other.race any other ethnic um so that's why.nhs and the urban league are the.underground fighting.for our people we want to make sure that.we can get to you guys or you guys can.get to.us so we can educate you on the.different ways.um that you can just not just become a.homeowner but a sustainable.homeowner um it's important to know how.much you can afford.it's important to know what a good area.for your children to go to school.all these things are important so we.have research available without my going.into it i invite you to our webpage.chiu dot org and look at those.papers those fight papers don't be.shocked just read them.awesome awesome and you're wow.yeah so and it's great talking about.that housing stock.and trying to close that i mean.education is so.key and there's so many myths that are.out there right.so many people think oh i have to have.perfect credit uh to get in.you know or you know well my i'm not.sure what my fico score is.sit down and talk with someone because.we also know that.you know in the african-american market.it's markets especially.those fico scores tend to be a little.lower or they have thin.files that doesn't necessarily mean that.that is a.bad situation it's just where they're.getting their credit because if they're.going to get credit like at the payday.station on the corner.of that you know it's not giving them.any kind of credit building right to.increase that so again going.back to education and getting them.you know that space um.that is that is awesome um.so let's talk about some of the.resources that we have available that.you guys have available that these.that folks can reach out because i hear.that you know.you guys are doing a lot of the.homebuyer counseling.you're doing uh the prep work as well.not only the counseling but the.education that whole process.um and i heard you say that both i mean.you guys do.work with uh ida.providing that home buyer education and.those in their.in their space which is phenomenal.uh so that is a great three percent down.program right.right for those clients to be able to.get into.there's also you know we also have our.resources.that you guys do also our home buyer.education for home possible.right which is a fabulous tool as well.another three percent product or i know.with you and deborah we're talking about.those.two unit properties two three especially.in the one and two unit properties.uh we have our home possible that they.can utilize and get in.with only five percent down right.so to your point it's easing their path.to be able to get into a home.with only five percent down and have an.extra unit for.income producing again helping them.generate wealth right.i think that's absolutely phenomenal.um i know i'm talking here i mean to put.this back to you.tell me some resources okay we all three.could talk a lot.all day about all this stuff right so.let me throw it back to you guys because.this is all about you not me.uh talk to us about the resources that.you do have available and how people can.reach you.i mean granted we do have the websites.posted and we will be.sharing this so they can reach out to.you respect you know each of your.agencies.but tell me talk to me about what you've.got to help in this space.and how how is it great for a realtor a.realtor or realtor that happens to be on.this line.how should they work with you.either one debra devil margaret whoever.yeah um so you know.chicago urban league is a great.organization and we we both.did uh quality housing counseling and we.built.financial preparedness and um.nhs launched a financial fresh start.workshop.and so what we found is that as we were.really helping people through the.home buyers education really everybody.wasn't really.ready for home buyers that they really.needed a fresh start they needed to work.on their credit they needed to work on.their budgeting and they needed to work.on.saving some money so um really trying to.help people get prepared.even before they wake up in the morning.and say oh.buy a house today it's like no let's.look and see where you are.let's give you an action plan to see.exactly how you can get.to become mortgage ready we'll work with.you along that.path and then you can say we'll buy a.house.um the thing that i've noticed the.second thing is i will say is that down.payment.assistance um nhs provides a variety of.different.administers a variety of different um.down payment assistance programs.basically they uh these are the banks.like we've done at the wells fargo.program we've done.fifth third we've done the city of.chicago.um administering that down payment.and that helps i see that help people.move from.hesitancy and getting off the fence.because.as someone said earlier having that.down payment is important and it helps.them get.into the house and get into it more.affordably and then the money that they.have saved they're able to use that as.reserves.in case something happens down the line.so in that way we're really helping to.create sustainability in home ownership.we're just not trying to get a person in.to stay in for a year and then not care.we need you know home ownership is.changing our neighborhoods right they.make them more stable so it's really.it's two things it's very dual so i i.think the down payment assistance i.think the realtors knowing that.um we offer these programs and we can.help their.uh their buyers um become.you know is this key.after the same way basically um the one.thing that we do.as does my colleague at nhs is we.we partner with the the various lenders.that come into our community.um because at the urban league we don't.allow lenders to come into our.communities and not do business.in our community uh once you open up.shop there.i either i personally or someone has.ever every will visit you.so we can see how we can partner because.we need you to know.that if you're going to take money from.our community.we also want you to put money back into.our community.and so we partnered with most of the.major lenders i can't think of one that.we do not partner with.and of course uh chandra that's under.our take through chicago program.that's how we're able to partner with.those lenders.and um the lenders know that the purpose.of us.partnering with them is so they can um.uh.present some products for the low to.moderate income.via african-american people of color um.neo program won't do we need specialized.programs because again.we are disproportionately affected with.income.credit scores uh and a whole a whole lot.of other areas.so we need to make sure that we're not.just partnering with um.the lenders but that we have a.relationship with them so it's not.transactional don't think you can give.us a check and then we're going to.do anything with you or allow you to do.anything in community.that's not going to happen we will work.together so our relationship.is very not very much not transactional.although.we do need to check but it won't be just.transaction we want you to.invest in our community because that's.what we live that's where our.people live and i can i can tell you.that as it relates to home ownership too.i even had some awesome programs of a.down payment.and closing costs for first-time.homebuyers and.um i think that the one thing that that.deborah and i do is to make sure that we.bring these programs to the forefront.so when you come to us and you're um.thinking that um.you don't have money for this you don't.have money for that but we can point you.in a direction.uh to lenders who are going to treat you.fairly and direct you to the down.payment closing college program.and that is fabulous and that is such a.great way to wrap.all of this up because that's the one.thing that's so important to have that.trusted advisor.to speak with and to work with knowing.that the real estate professionals.can refer and they know that they are in.good hands with you guys.i want to thank you yup and i want to.thank you ladies so very much for.joining us.and uh marlena let me turn it back to.you.yes so thank you so much margaret and.deborah for joining us today.i do have two questions before we go.into our resources.um does the chicago urban league have.any volunteer needs or opportunities for.realtors to get involved in home buyer.education or other efforts.so i would like to speak to that person.one-on-one.because even though we do there are some.expectations that we do have because we.want to.we're going to provide excellent.services and i'm sure the realtors are.ready for that because that's what our.realtors do.they provide excellent services i would.i would like to connect with that person.one-on-one.okay perfect well we can send over that.information other.contact information um and then one last.question.uh do you guys have chapters or partners.in the georgia area.uh i know and that's the reference to.the both right.yes i know our lenders most of our.lenders right denver have uh offices all.over the place correct.several are they talking about the.non-profit.yeah yeah and the urban league has.affiliates all over the place so there.are.different affiliates in georgia as uh in.many other states.okay perfect and likewise for deborah.right.yes they're absolutely through.neighborworks america.uh you don't have nhs's or other names.but they're non-profit.housing organizations throughout the.country it's about 232.entities yeah great well thank you so.much i know we're right at.the top of the hour so i just want to.finish up very quickly and then i have.young who is going to close us out.but i want to thank you again ladies we.appreciate your time.i hope that everyone walked away with.some information today.it's really important to know what's.available in your local community.so that you can continue to grow your.business as well as be a resource to.your community.um so thank you again for attending to.the next slide i just want to remind you.because we are still going through.an active uh pandemic and we know that.there are still hardships that are being.faced in.in the community from either your past.clients um or even current uh people.that you come in contact with so we.came up with a interactive initiative.called hashtag help search here.this really is a great interactive tool.to send clients to that will help them.identify.exactly what options or solutions are.available to fit their specific needs.regarding any hardship how you can.utilize this in your day-to-day business.is to understand what actually is.available the options.uh that is available to your to the.community so that you can.continue to be that trusted advisor next.slide.and then finally if you are not already.signed up please go ahead and sign up.for our real estate professional.resource center.freddie mac has actually created this.designed to help real estate.professionals grow in your business.stay ahead of the curve with all the.latest and greatest information.get the information regarding any.insights that can better help you.uh with your uh business as well as to.stay.up on all of the trends to sign up to.receive any news or information.today i'm going to turn it over to young.very quickly to go ahead and close this.out but thank you illinois realtors for.your partnership.we appreciate all of this and we look.forward to working with you again soon.marlena um i also would like to thank.all of our panelists today.for sharing uh these great resources.with us.and and to freddie mac for partnering.with illinois realtors.uh on this webinar series uh as marlena.mentioned earlier this is the.uh third webinar in a three-part series.so if any of our uh attendees were.unable to.to view the first two they are on our.website so please.uh visit our website.illinoisrealtors.org we've got.recordings there of the first two the.third one will go up as well.um and then we'll have some resources.there posted.for you too um with that uh we'll close.out the webinar.thanks again to our panelists and to our.realtor members for attending.uh and freddie mac for uh partnering.with us on this.um with that i'll just say stay safe and.stay healthy everyone goodbye.

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Illinois Freddie Mac Form FAQs

Check the below common queries about Illinois Freddie Mac Form . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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How much did we pay to bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?

As of December, 2015, Fannie Mae has paid back $143 billion out of the $116 billion it was given, while Freddie Mac paid back $96.5 billion out of the $71.3 billion it received:Fannie Mae | Eye on the Bailout | ProPublica Freddie Mac | Eye on the Bailout | ProPublica Overall, Fannie and Freddie have given the U.S. Department of Treasury a profit of $52.2 billion or 28% over 8 years, which is 3.6% per year. Since the Treasury hasn't disbursed money to either entity in a while but continues to receive large dividends, the profit margin is only bound to go up.

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

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